Quick and Easy Blog Question

Hi Scott,
  On a scale of 1 to 10, how likely do you think it is that the following will turn up in NXT at some point, either as quick one-off appearances, or in a more involved role?   And (on the same scale) how much would you want them to be involved there?

Daniels Kazarian Styles Samoa Joe John Morrison Bully/Bubba Ray Shelton Benjamin   And do you think the WWE will try to get any more big Japanese names into NXT – someone like Nakamura, for example?  

​That's neither a quick nor easy question.  That's multiple questions with multiple parts.  Just saying.
​Daniels:  1.  Too old for developmental, makes more money on the indies and has no shot of making the main roster anyway.

Kaz:  1.  Same answer.
Styles:  1.  They already offered him a deal and he turned it down for New Japan.  
Samoa Joe:  10.  Coming in July.
JoMo:  5.  He'll probably end up coming right back to the RAW roster when he returns, but I could see him doing a one-shot at some point.
Bully Ray:  1. Not worth it to him when he could be promoting his own stuff or whatever.  
Shelton:  10.  He's already there as "Angelo Dawkins".  Duh.
Nakamura is too old for them I'm pretty sure, but they've openly made a play for Okada and will probably end up getting him at some point.  

Quick note for mobile users

I've disabled the mobile version of the site due to issues with Adsense not liking where Blogger places certain links, which is kind of ludicrous because they're both the same company.  But that's Google for you.  Anyway, the only change most people should notice is that you'll get the full desktop version on your phone, but then if you're too much of a caveman to not have a phone that can handle it you're probably Brock Lesnar anyway.
Carry on.

quick book plug

Dear Scott,
I'm a long time reader of your blog and even bought some of your books ("Tonight in this very ring…" remains on of my favorites to this day). I've studied literature in Germany and wrote my master-thesis about Pro-Wrestling (it's medial structure, it's cultural history and the art of storytelling in Professional Wrestling and so on…). Meanwhile I've puplished it as a book, you can find it here: http://www.tectum-verlag.de/wrestling-als-sports-entertainment.html Even if the book is mostly written in german language (except some of the quotes out of the wrestling business, of course), it's maybe interesting for all the german speaking readers of your blog.
It should also be available on Amazon worldwide, as paperback or in digital form. Thank you very much and keep up your good work!
Best wishes,

I feel like running the TV scripts through Google Translate to German and then back again could only help the continuity somehow.  

Two quick questions

Hi Scott,

blah, blah, big fan, blah, blah….

Two questions are:

1) What is the highest star rating you've given to a Jake Roberts match (that wasn't Royal Rumble 92)?

2) What is your favourite match that ended with a disqualification?



​1.  Pretty sure I had all the matches he had with Randy Savage in the ***1/2 range.  Either that or one of the Ricky Steamboat series would be the highest.
2.  Shawn v. Mankind, of course.​

Quick Tags

This doesn't come up in matches a whole lot but it's always bugged me. 

I watched Starrcade ’83 on The Network and saw the Sullivan/Lewin v. Weaver/McGhee tag match, and Sullivan’s team was making quick tags throughout the match. I remember watching teams do that in AWA squash matches, but I didn’t question it since the dominant team could do whatever it wanted. The announcers would sell it as quick team work, and Caudle sold this one as always keeping a fresh man in the ring. I can see a quick tag sequence, but it always seemed counter-intuitive to me when they did it throughout the match. And it didn't seem to generate heat, either.

Aren't they handicapping their momentum with all the tags or creating openings for the opponent to break that momentum? And aren't they expending some energy jumping in and out of the ring that much? I could see a point if they wanted to execute a chain of moves that the alternating members are good at. But not when they’re just maintaining a headlock or an arm twist.

The match did give me one good idea for it, though: a clever deception tactic. They could sneak in some phantom tags or just confuse the opponent or ref.

Do you know the point behind that?

I always liked that aspect, because at least it kept the match moving and kinetic.  And I would agree with Caudle — that way you always have a fresh man in there and your opponent never has a chance to adjust to your hold and break free.  I'm gonna let it stand for now.

Quick Note

The spambots are getting completely out of hand lately, so I changed the Disqus settings to "verified e-mail only" which should hopefully curtail it.  This also means that you need be a verified user and not a joke poster with a fake address, but then that's no big loss either.  We'll see how this goes.  

Quick Hit Questions

1.    Will Sting headline the WWE Hall of Fame at some point?  My thought process is that Vince probably legitimately thinks nobody knows who Sting is, not only because he's old but primarily because he never performed for WWE, therefore he's not an adequate headliner.  I don't think (no research done here) the headliner has ever been someone who never performed for Vince or his dad.  So, my guess would be no.

2.    If WWE signed a talent like Eric Young or Bobby Roode, would they first be sent to NXT?  My guess is yes, as their name recognition alone would not draw any new eyes to WWE programming, or so the WWE higher-ups would believe.  They would be seen as guys who need to be re-packaged and re-trained for WWE TV.

​1.  Yeah, I'm pretty sure he's gonna be the headliner next year.  While he never performed in WWE, he's been all over the WCW stuff they've been pumping out for years now.  That should be enough to justify it.
2.  Yes, they would, which is why they're never going to sign.  There's no real motivation for a 30-something guy from TNA to go through developmental for years instead of making that money on the indy scene and controlling their own merchandise instead.  I think Punk is gonna be the last high-level indy guy you see taking that shot, as WWE has OODLES of guys in Florida they can train to be whatever they want.  ​

Quick Thought

While working on the Clash 8 repost tonight, I had a quick thought that I wanted to share because NO ONE had mentioned it up until now:  Why didn't they do a video package or even a mention leading up to the Brock-Undertaker match, or even the followup to it, where Paul Heyman mentions that he's the one who brought Undertaker into the wrestling business in the first place as Mean Mark Callous and he's been waiting to unleash this ultimate revenge for getting fired as his manager all these years?  It would have been easy heat and reasoning and a neat callback to boot.  They could show the footage of young Mean Mark and then bring it full circle with Heyman breaking his streak years later.  I await my kudos from Paul on Twitter.

A Quick Daniel Bryan Idea

Okay, I just thought of a brilliant idea that would make WWE ridiculous amounts of money:
Selling pairs of Daniel Bryan foam fingers for "YES!" chants.

I am legitimately shocked that no one in marketed has attempted that one yet.  An arena full of foam fingers would look crazy on TV, and as noted, make them a shitload of money.  

Quick Note

Someone in the comments pointed out that Norton Security is blocking the site for "pornography", and I've noticed that the stuff in the live threads has been getting much more adult than Google Adsense typically puts up with, so I'm disabling pictures in the comments until further notice.  I'd really rather not jeopardize my relationship with Google over pictures of Divas, so hopefully this heads anything off at the pass.  
Thanks for your understanding.

Quick Question

My next Kindle book is going to be a compilation of all 30 Coliseum Video rants, but I’m wondering two things before I start putting it together: 1)  Would you prefer the original material archived as it was presented, or with Scott Sez comments added to it?  2)  If I did go through and add the 2013 updates to everything, would that justify an increased price to you? 

Quick Question

Hi Scott,

I'm not really into wrestling nowadays, but I still buy Wrestlemania most years and check your blog for news now and again. 

I know it's a really blunt question, but is John Cena going to beat The Rock clean at Wrestlemania? Obviously it's never 100%, but is that likely? I ask, because it's £15 over here in the UK and I'll buy something better with my cash if that's the case. I simply don't want to see a character I've never really liked go clean over one of my all-time top three favourite wrestlers.

Also, while I'm here, what movies and TV shows have you really liked over the past couple of years? I used to really like your thoughts on 24, Friends, Family Guy, etc. but you don't seem to blog as much about this stuff anymore.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure Cena is getting his win back at Wrestlemania, sorry.
TV-wise, I'm halfway into season four of Buffy on Netflix, and I'm also starting Community and laughing my ass off. My DVR schedule generally has Parks & Recreation, Big Bang Theory, Don't Trust the B—, New Girl (my current favorite show on TV) and the annoying awesome Vampire Diaries.  KLAUS~!  

Quick question

Hey, Scott.  I'm a fan of TNA, in part due to the idea that competition breeds better wrestling programming (a sentiment I know you've expressed before).  This summer TNA really was putting out a quality product, and I think for the most part most of their stuff is enjoyable.  Which brings me to Aces and 8's.  You've been killing this angle for a while, and as much as I want it to work, I have to concede, it doesn't.  Rather than concentrate on what they could have done I was wondering what could be done.  My challenge to you is to book TNA out of this mess and salvage the angle; is there a way?  

Nope.  They need to have Sting or whoever run through these goofs at the next available PPV, unmask them all, and then have them ride off into the sunset.  The entire group has been comprised of hasbeens or jobbers thus far, and there's no one on the horizon (D-Lo, Brisco, Garrett) who is going to redeem this thing and make people take them seriously.  Especially since they lose every match.  I know TNA has a hard-on for decompressed storytelling and making sure they do EVERY BEAT of their storyline exactly when they planned it, but it's time for some damage control with this shit.  Have Dixie just fire them all and go scorched earth with it.

Quick Randoms


Some random questions for you…

1. Was Scott Norton ever a target for Vince & the WWF?  He seems like the kind of power dude they love.  He looked like a legit tough guy, had a good heelish look, and had the lumbering, roided power offense Vince loved in the 90s.

Good question.  He could have had Norton any time he wanted when the AWA was on their deathbed, so I'm presuming that there wasn't any interest in him.  

2. Are there any guys you think should have been tag team partners (that could have actually happened, time-wise).  At a glance, Rick Martel & Paul Roma made sense to me as a pretty boy heel team ("Not in the face!").  Boss Man & Virgil teaming up against Money Inc., Nasty Boys, Disasters in '92 sounded logical to me at the time too.  The Crush/Adam Bomb 'New Demolition' thing could have been cool in '94 as well.  In '98, I loved the prospect of Benoit & Malenko vs. Jericho & Guerrero, when Dean & Jericho were feuding.  In 2000, a teaming of Saturn & Tazz could have been cool, especially with how deep the tag team ranks were that year.

I think Rick Rude and Randy Savage in 1989 would have been pretty awesome.

3. What one guy would you have liked to see absorbed during the WCW acquisition?  Several guys were left out; any glaring omissions?

AJ Styles.  He'd probably be a main eventer today for WWE if they had brought him in instead of cutting the contract loose and letting him go to TNA.  But really who knew that a random guy in the cruiserweight tag team division would turn out so awesome?

4. Was Hogan vs. Warrior II ever actually slated for a particular show (not the WCW version!)?

Wrestlemania VII.  It was pretty much planned from even before Warrior won the title in the first place.

5. What was Vince's fascination with Warrior?  For all the erratic behavior, contract/money demands, Vince had no problem getting rid of him a couple times, but he ends up back in '92 and '96.  For a guy who 'didn't draw' well enough to replace Hogan, what was the deal with WWF going back to him repeatedly?

He projected the air of a superstar and was juiced in as a main event guy. That's how it works.  

6. What ever happened to Dan Spivey?  Sid became a multi-time world champ in both promotions, but Spivey never really became anything.

Too many injuries, not dependable, wanted to work Japan.  Take your pick.  

7. In relation to the above question, is there an example of an established tag team having BOTH guys end up really successful?  One guy always ends up a bigger star (Hart Foundation, Rockers, Skyscrapers, Edge/Christian), but I guess the Hardys both did fine for themselves?

Yup, Hardys both did good, although Jeff is clearly the bigger star.  You could say Windham and Luger, I guess.  Dusty Rhodes and Dick Murdoch both did well for themselves.  

8. I remember it being mentioned in 2000 that, of the Radicalz, it was Perry Saturn the WWF really wanted to push.  Was that ever a 'thing'?  Benoit & Guerrero did well right out of the gate, but Saturn never really made it big.

I also recall hearing that they basically wanted Saturn and took the other three as bonuses.  

9. Along the lines of Saturn, are there any wrestlers you think were just best-suited for tag team work?

Jeff Hardy.  I'm glad he's doing well for himself, but every time he plays face in peril in a tag match it makes me wish he had stayed down that path instead.  

2 quick blog questions

1. What gimmick would you recycle that hasn't been done in a while?  For me, the Bad News Brown esque loner with no ring music might be pretty cool.

It's tough these days to just assign someone a random gimmick like in the old days, because now it's more about matching the personality with the person.  That being said, Sinister Clown is due for a comeback, and I'd like to see someone really run with a Rick Rude womanizing heel gimmick again.  

2. Who are the funniest wrestlers in history?  The Rock and Piper are great, but I don't think anyone can touch Jericho in his WCW run. 

Mick Foley always had a great sense of comic timing as well.  Colt Cabana is really entertaining on his podcast, although it doesn't always translate into the wrestling stuff.  

Fwd: A quick question about Liontamer and Walls of Jericho

———- Forwarded message —— Hey Scott, Long time fan, yada yada. I have a super quick question for you. I'm the global moderator of a pro wrestling forum. In a discussion, someone said that the Liontamer move (Walls of Jericho with a knee to the back of the opponent's head) will be on WWE '13. But a friend of mine said, "Liontamer and Walls of Jericho are the same moves. It was called Liontamer when Jericho was in WCW, but when he went to WWE, the move was named Walls of Jericho. In WWE, even when he put his knee to the back of his opponent's head, commentators called it WoJ (see NXT's debut episode). Liontamer name was not said in WWE, never."  But i was thinking that Walls of Jericho (a normal Boston crab) and Liontamer (Boston crab with a knee to the back of opponent's head) are different moves. So i made a quick search, but found out that even when Jericho applied the move with the knee to the head, commentators were calling it Walls of Jericho. So I agreed the way he told. But today, WWE.com had an article. Here's a picture of it: http://i.minus.com/jmWB3g9Z4EMGa.png It confirms my theory and says that Liontamer and WoJ are different moves. So, my question is, what do you (and the Smark community) think about it? ————————- The Walls is the lazy version of the Liontamer.

Quick note

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Quick Contest

You might notice the pageview counter at the bottom of the blog is sitting around 990,000 at the moment, which means that someone will be 1,000,000 by tonight sometime given normal traffic levels.  If you're that person, either send me a screenshot of it or just copy and paste and mail it to me when it happens, and I'll let YOU choose next month's 2012 Scott sez theme!  Granted I've got it narrowed down to 3 or 4 ideas and you'll have to pick from one of them, but the deciding vote will be yours.  

Of course, if someone hits it on the mobile site, that pretty much means they're hooped.  But I'm willing to take that chance.