Question/Discussion for the Blog

Hey Scott,

Fan of the reviews and love the BoD, I was mulling over the issues of the current product in WWE and although the innovation of NXT and some recent A+ booking decisions, the product overall is largely stale. Even the most recent network specials of Elimination Chamber and Money in the Bank were a bit underwhelming in their marquee matches, in which the gimmick matches paled in comparison to other matches on the card (Cena/Owens at EC) (Rollins/Ambrose at MitB). This got me thinking, how long has it been since theyve hyped a new gimmick match? They seem to be in a bit of a creative drought in this regard seeing as how many of the matches that exist as ppv namesakes were all introduced within a span of several years. Other than gimmicks intended as once offs like the punjabi prison nightmare or bringing back things like strap matches, i think they could benefit from a introducing a new  format a la( survivor series of king of the ring) or match type through a network special. Thoughts?

​Yeah, "creative drought" is definitely one phrase that's apropos.  
And we have a wide variety of match types to choose from!  There's No Holds Barred, Street Fight OR Hardcore!  ​

​What they need is a true innovator like Dario Cueto, the man who invented ​BOTH the "All Night Long" and "Aztec Warfare" matches.  
Seriously though, yeah, it's time someone came up with something new and simple as a gimmick match and got it over, because I'm really tired of Last Man Standing or four corners strap matches as things I'm supposed to be excited to see.