Marvel Puzzle Quest

I don't know whether to ask what took you so long or tell you what a mistake you've made. Game is ridiculously addictive. I've been playing for most of the last year, and I got bored with SuperCard after a few days.

You'll get plenty of shared rewards from me, although I don't play as much as I used to…new kid, new job, you know the drill. I will also offer advice if you want. A few tips to get you started:

– Don't bother with Bag-Man. He sucks. If you get a Bag-Man cover, sell it for Iso-8 and use it to level your other guys.

– As you get more three-star characters, you might want to ditch your one-stars to make room for new guys, but keep one or two to use in events where you need a one-star. I especially like Venom, because you can team him up with Classic Spider-Man and have them build on each other's powers.

– I never really liked using Sentry, so I got rid of him, but he seems to be everyone's favorite character in PvP events. Daken is another one that I was late to the party on.

– My favorite characters: In **, it's Original Black Widow, Classic Storm, Astonishing X-Men Wolverine, Marvel Now! Thor, Marvel Now! Magneto, Hawkeye and Ares. When you get to ***, Captain America gets to be a beast, Patch Wolverine is nasty, and Hulk is another mainstay. I also like some characters that a lot of other people don't: Spider-Man, Punisher and Grey Suit Black Widow come to mind.
Yeah, as soon as I gave up Candy Crush for good a few months ago, I knew one of these f------ games was going to entice me in again and ruin my life.  Simpsons and Family Guy are starting to get really tiresome so I was looking for something else simple and stupid and this seems to fit the bill.  But of course I linked to Facebook so as soon as I started playing I got a billion notifications and requests.  

Family Guy – The Quest For Stuff

Hi Scott,
 How have you enjoyed the new Family Guy app so far?  And have I failed as a parent when my 9 year old daughter asks me if I can make Bonnie ‘twerk it’? 

​I like it!  I actually find the mechanics to be Simpsons-like but different enough to where it feels fresh.  I had pretty much hit the wall of stuff to do in Tapped Out anyway, and having to unlock each character through a series of actions rather than just having them pop in is a cool idea.  It feels like it takes a long time to clear new land and costs a lot, but that seems to be a way to throttle back progress a bit and yet keep you coming back.   That being said, I'm playing it on IOS7 on an iPad4 and it's been great for me, but I've heard people with serious bug issues on Android.  And I've had some issues with it not connecting when I'm clearly on an internet connection.  But overall it's a fun time-waster so far.  
And yes, clearly you are a terrible person.  ​