For my first post on the new blog, I’d like to dust off a popular old chestnut: the Question of the Day!

In honor of the New Horizons satellite,  which flew nearly 5 billion km to change our image of Pluto from that of a blurry dot to “Lord of the Underworld With a Big Heart”:

What is the Greatest Scientific Accomplishment in the History of Mankind?

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QOTD (Digest) #75 – Snacks

We all love candy so this one should be interesting

Question of the day….this one came to me yesterday as I was in Wal-Mart picking up medicine……

(Sidenote: Random rant time…..I’m there to pick up meds – being treated for a possible appendicitis….when I spent all day trying to remember where I heard the term “burst appendix”….random things that cross a wrestling junkie’s mind. Oh yeah….it was Dino Bravo, which was his reason given for missing the Crockett cup in 1986 (I think)….my guess is that was probably kayfabed…..ok where was I?….)

….so the QOTD is a Hypothetical one:

You’re in Wal-Mart in line, and you want to get something off that ridiculous smorgasboard of candy items they have right before you check out. What candy are you purchasing? For argument’s sake, we’ll make this 2 purchases….one from each category – Chocolate and Non-Chocolate?

I’ll be back this weekend once the drugs wear off.

QOTD #74 – Hot TV Show Moms

Today’s Question of the Day: For today’s question, I channel my inner teenage soul……..of all the TV show MILF moms in your lifetime, who did you find to be the hottest?

Yesterday’s Question of the day had to do with the biggest ECW title changes……

The inspiration behind this question, of course, was the Dog Collar match between The Pitbulls and Raven/Richards. However, the biggest ECW Title change definitely had to be the main event of Barely Legal.

Sure, there were other more memorable changes, and definitely better matches, but to me there was only one option here: send the crowd home happy. The Ultimate hero/comeback story would be 50+ year old Terry Funk winning the 3 way, and then fighting off a young(-er) Raven to bring home the gold. The image of Terry Funk ending the PPV a bloody mess, celebrating becoming the World champion again is an underrated landmark moment in the history of ECW.

QOTD #70 – TV Champions

Question of the day: In the history of Professional Wrestling – all promotions included (WCW, NWA, Mid-South, ECW, World Class, TNA, SMW, etc.) who do you consider the greatest all-time TV Champions? (If you are up to it, give me a top 4)

Yesterday’s QOTD: If Vince McMahon were to name a new General Manager of RAW (which at
some point, I am sure he will), who would be your first choice?

TheOriginalDonald had an interesting choice…..
“Jerry Jones”

As any Dallas Cowboys fan will tell you: sure road to mediocrity and failure. I can tell you this: Jerry Jones as RAW GM = the best scenario possible…..for TNA/Impact

“Hulk Hogan in a suit and a doo-rag”

fg76….call me crazy, but I think this one has a realistic shot at happening


**** no….didnt we do that with the computer?

Some of the more insightful responses…….

“If they have to have one, they should just do the Foley bit again, but
use someone like Edge or Punk in the role. They have to do their
entertainment bits…might as well be a GM making matches with jokes
thrown in.”

“Ernest Miller.”

IF THEY MUST have one, Foley or The Cat would be good in the role

“Jack Tunney. He’s not able to appear on WWE programming anymore, so
therefore he would never come out and cut a 10-20 minute promo, create
stupid stipulations midmatch, or do other things to generally piss off
the audience.”

“If they must find a reason to justify supporting Ric Flair, I wouldn’t
mind him as a GM if he played it seriously instead of dancing around
like a fool. But in the Jack Tunney role where he shows up to make
decisions/announcements and doesn’t have an agenda against anyone.”

If the WWE were really listening to their fans, sounds like they are over the whole heel authority commish role being a big factor (Can you imagine an NFL weekend where Roger Goodell was on the TV talking for more time than actual games were being played?)

I think Magoonie NOT Teddy Belmont summed it up nicely….

“I’m thinking nobody, no GM. Move HHH and Steph away from the authority
figure storyline. Then no authority figures. Maybe if there’s a big
decision to be made, trot Vince out to make the decision then leave
(kinda like Bret/Luger and Gorilla). Just go back to I hate you, you
hate me lets fight.”

The great referees/officials in any Combat sport work best….when they are not even noticed.


Question of the Day: If Vince McMahon were to name a new General Manager of RAW (which at some point, I am sure he will), who would be your first choice?

Previous QOTDs………
In lieu of the fact that I have been on vacation the last few days or so, I will do a quick catch-up session and chime in with my 1.57 cents (for those of you who think my opinion worth less than 2 cents) in regards to the QOTDs.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Kurt Angle?

As much as I dug the 3 Is character, the Wrestlemania match with HBK, the craziness that has ensued with TNA from the drugs, stalking (btw, on a personal note, props for banging the black chick), I have 3 images/moments from the career of Kurt Angle are burned into my brain (among the many below)…..

From the aborted run in 2001 with Stone Cold Steve Austin…about :50 into this clip where Angle is singing to Vince McMahon….comedy gold (the funniest moment in the early years of Smackdown)….that moment where Angle forgets the words and ad-libs (“….I got Olympic Gold!”)

“The billion dollar princess has become the dairy queen!!!!!!!!!”

and of course, the match that everybody loves – including most of the bloggers.

the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Jake The Snake Roberts?

DEFINITELY this one……Hardcore if I ever saw it. (Taylor legit needed 10 stitches afterward)
Back when an angle being perfectly executed meant the difference in getting over successfully as a heel and….well….The Miz, nobody could do it like The Snake. Even ahead of the Steamboat SNME angle, because of the pure viciousness, and the fact that Taylor legit was injured.

In honor of “Labor Day” (being celebrated in america), and celebrating the day off – 3 questions:

a) What is the greatest job you’ve ever had (not considering salary, or course)?

Salary notwithstanding, definitely my college job: the after hours (Midnight-4 AM) front desk guy……at an all-girls college dorm….No further explanation needed.

b) What was the worst job you’ve ever had?

Telemarketing. Nothing like getting hung up on 80 times in 4-5 hours to really emphasize how crappy the real world can be

c) When celebrating holidays (or other occasions), just out of curiosity, what is your favorite “go-to drink”?

Besides “Alpha Punch” (my fraternity drink), definitely the old Vodka + Cranberry juice. In terms of beer, Bud Light, and (a sleeper) Shiner Bock – I highly recommend it. Good beer.

How would the next 25 years (1988-2013) in the career of Bruiser Brody have unfolded

Remember back in about 1993 when ECW was fighting for survival, and the transition period where Eddie Gilbert was on the way out, and Paul E. was taking over? The period where the vets (Snuka, Sullivan, Abby, Sheik, etc.) were brought in one after another? I remember Stan Hansen working a few gigs as well…..that seemed like a fit made for Brody. I don’t think he’d fit the late 90s Corporate Structure (Stop and envision Vince McMahon pitching a gimmick to Bruiser Brody……or saying “Hey – we’d like to change your name to ‘Crysty McStiff’ or some shit like that…..yea – me either). I think a prolonged Japan run, but in reading his autobiography, he was quite astute with his money, and probably would have been in a position to retire before Vince owned everything, so probably not all THAT different with the end of the territories (and his bargaining power). Lots of dream matches would have been possible that weren’t before on the Indy Circuit (Brody vs. Cactus Jack? Brody vs. Sabu? How bout Brody vs. Brock Lesnar)

QOTD #67 (Digest) – Labor Day

Question of the Day: In honor of “Labor Day” (being celebrated in america), and celebrating the day off – 3 questions:

a) What is the greatest job you’ve ever had (not considering salary, or course)?

b) What was the worst job you’ve ever had?

c) When celebratingmholidays (or other occasions), just out of curiosity, what is your favorite “go-to drink”?

QOTD #66 (Digest) – Jake the Snake Roberts in Bad Shape

I just heard from a friend out in California, that Jake the Snake Roberts is in ICU in a Las Vegas Hospital with Double Pneumonia, and his Immune system has basically shut down. Just when he appeared to turn the corner on life. My prayers go out to his family and friends…..

Honestly, that news – though in wrestling is never really a shock anymore (sadly), kind of took the wind out of my sails in regards to writing a blog….I suppose with that in mind……the QOTD is what would you say would be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Jake The Snake Roberts?

QOTD #65 – Bruiser Brody

Today’s Question: Let’s say somehow, someway, on that day in July of 1988 in Puerto Rico, Bruiser Brody makes a full recovery from those stab wounds and is ready to go by the beginning of 1989….in 100 words or less, How would the next 25 years in the career of Bruiser Brody have unfolded?

Yesterday’s Question: Totally random and off the grid, but I’ve been trying to rack my brain to think of the best “White Meat Babyfaces” of all time….so as part of this, I ask the blog a 2-part question:

a) In the history of wrestling, who best exemplifies the term “white meat babyface”?

b) Who is the greatest wrestler of all-time to never have a run as a heel?
In my simple thinking mind, I never stopped to consider the prior era to the 80s, so I didn’t think Verne Gagne or Bruno Sammartino (sidenote: that guy would have made an AWESOME heel).

The wrestlers I heard mentioned (that really never have been heels – to my knowledge):

Verne Gagne, Bruno Sammartino, Magnum T.A., Ricky Steamboat, Rey Mysterio, Tito Santana. (I’d throw in Greg Gagne and Steve O as well – though they weren’t mentioned)

I was thinking Mr. Wrestling II, but he was a heel in Mid-South at the end (and a damn good one as well). John Cena and Dusty Rhodes were both heels at the very beginning of their careers.

Peyton Drinking: “Zack Gowen never had a run as a heel.”

  • Charismatic eNegro Jef Vinson: “I don’t think Zack Gowan has ever RAN.
  •  Being a not very good person overall sometimes, I found the exchange hilarious….and yes, Zack had a brief heel….uh…..”run” on Smackdown I believe

    As for the white meat babyface, clearly, the bloggers favored the same guys

    MrJustinB: “Wouldn’t the best white meat be the Gobbledegooker? Red Rooster?”

    As I said yesterday, with that logic, my vote would be for Porkchop Cash

    But seriously, my inspiration for the question stems from hearing it a lot on Stone Cold’s podcast. Though Hulk Hogan in the 80s was the most over face of all time (my opinion), I’ve heard the actual phrase “white meat babyface” used to describe Ricky Morton and Tommy Rich more than anybody.

    Devin beat me to it. I have to go with Ricky Morton. ”

    “Ricky Morton. Dude was over as hell in 86 and I’m not even sure why.”

    Devin, dude was about 150 lbs. and took a helluva ass kicking as the ultimate underdog…and the girls LOVED him! Plus he sold like nobody’s business. Especially against the Horsemen, or the Russians

    “Gotta be Steamboat- when Flair brings out a line of bimbos to walk him to the ring, and you respond with your wife and infant child in a dragon costume- you might be a uber baby face. I’m sure Mayberry was going wild for him.

    The funny thing is, because Steamboat was so good- nobody even gave him shit for being so over the top corny.”

    “Serious, I can’t even imagine Steamboat as a heel. Only a warped mind like Russo would do some dumb shit like that.”

    My guess is that Russo would have turned him heel, and turned him back face 2 weeks later….by having Little Ricky drop blood from the ceiling onto him, causing him to lose to Vince Russo himself…..or something asinine like that

    “Ricky Steamboat for both.”

    Okay, so pretty much everybody loves the dragon…..and why not? He was pretty awesome.

    QOTD #64 (Digest) – White Meat Babyface

    Today’s Question: Totally random and off the grid, but I’ve been trying to rack my brain to think of the best “White Meat Babyfaces” of all time….so as part of this, I ask the blog a 2-part question:

    a) In the history of wrestling, who best exemplifies the term “white meat babyface”?

    b) Who is the greatest wrestler of all-time to never have a run as a heel?

    See you next time with the recaps.

    QOTD #63 – WCW Monday Nitro

    Today’s question: With the Monday Nitro series debuting on the Network, we will surely get sick of hearing each week being the “biggest moment/match/night/main event/….you get the picture in the history of WCW” from Tony Schiavone. So I ask – What episode of NITRO are you most looking forward to seeing on the Network?

    Yesterday’s question had to do with the biggest pops you as a fan had ever heard……tons of responses.

    Honorable mention:
    There were some moments that honestly, I had completely forgotten……such as a PERSONAL favorite – thanks Night81for the suggestion – the double People’s Elbow!

    Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania 18, Dean Malenko unmasking at Slamboree 98 as a luchador, Daniel Bryan in the cage against Bray Wyatt, and Goldberg suplexing Hogan were all mentioned by several, and all HUUUUUGE crowd pops.

    Admittedly, an ECW mark, I’d have to include the biggest pop in ECW history – Sandman returns

    The only thing even remotely in the ballpark I can think of is the night Cornette appeared in ECW Arena (pretty big pop when the lights came on and he was in the ring….but nowhere near this big).

    Back to Daniel Bryan, I’d say the high point of 2014 is Wrestlemania – although not so much for the pop itself, but I think for the visual of 70,000 people and that freakin “YES!” chant is an all-time great moment.

    Now for the Mt. Rushmore of HUGE pops (plus one)….or I guess my own personal Big Pop Hall of Fame

    12/27/98 – Mankind wins the title. That moment when the glass shatters.

    7/17/11 – Money in the Bank….when “This Fire Burns” hits the PA system (they milked it a bit beforehand)

    8/10/99 – Jericho debut on RAW. The rare moment when a WWE (or WCW) surprise more than lived up to the hype….and we know the moment when the name “JERICHO” was on the titantron

    3/29/97 – Hulk bodyslams Andre. For the sheer magnitude of the crowd….the biggest moment in the history of the business

    5/6/84 – Kerry Von Erich. Texas Stadium. 1984.
    One that I can’t believe NOBODY mentioned…..

    QOTD #62 – Pops

    Today’s Question: In the history of your fandom, what is the loudest pop you’ve ever heard/seen (on TV or in person) during a wrestling event?

    Yesterday’s Question: In this month’s 35th anniversary issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated, they ask several people what’s the best and worst thing about the business today as compared to 1979. Assuming everyone here wasnt a fan in 1979, we’ll say 1989 and ask the same question:

    a) How is the business better than 25 years ago?
    b) What is the worst thing about the wrestling business compared to 25 years ago?

    Chris B
    Better: By and large, wrestling is more respected then back then. Once they finally admitted that it was “fake” people began to actually be more impressed and show more appreciation for wrestling once we were over arguing whether its fake or not……

    Worse: Championships, they are nearly meaningless. In 1989 it meant something when Ultimate Warrior and Rick Rude feuded for the Intercontinental Title……Now? Titles are traded like nothing, and worst of all, champions are constantly losing meaningless TV matches to set up heatless feuds that mean nothing.

    I think a typical conversation with my dad accentuates whats wrong with the product…..usually, it starts with one of the 2 phrases “man you still witch that fake sh*t” – usually me chuckling because of Chris B’s first point…the other being “So HE’s the champ?…..oh when did he beat The Hulk?” That’s the thing. The hardcore fan still needs to appreciate it whether its “fake” (I always hate that word) or not, and the casual fan needs to have a reason to care…..I think Hulk Hogan or Ric Flair would reach more casual fans that The Miz or Eric Young (though Brock Lesnar as their champion works…in terms of legitimacy). Being “The Champ” meant something in 89. It doesn’t as much today.

    Jason Clark
    Better in 1989: the rosters. The WWF’s roster, in October 1989, had Hulk Hogan, Andre, Bret Hart, Savage, Jake the Snake, Demolition, Rick Rude, Ted Dibiase, The Rockers, the Brainbusters, Piper & Hennig. The NWA had Ric Flair, the Midnights, Lex Lugar, Sting, the Steiners, and Pillman.

    Worse in 89: the drugs (steroids), the drugs (coke), and the drugs (booze).

    Hard to top the overall talent level, and remember there were still territories like AWA & World Class as well.

    Better: no jobber matches (but some guys who are stars are actually jobbers) also better production values, and of course the #1 reason is the network (only $9.99).

    Worse: wwe monopoly, no tv shows to look forward to in their old time slots, no real reason for feuds, too many title changes, lack of good tag team wrestling, all my old favorites are retired (or dead).

    I think the lack of jobber matches – contrary to what a lot of bloggers believe – has hurt the business. How can a guy like Ryback stay over if he doesnt squash anybody every now and then? He hasnt won a match in months. Not every match, but a few here and there (and keep the matches short)

    Hold that 10 for Johnny B. Bad
    Favorite: Today’s product is can’t miss television. Great matches, interviews, and angles happen on a near week to week basis. In 1989, you could miss 3 months of non-Mania build tv, and not have nearly as much fun stuff to catch up on.

    What I like the least is the treatment of the mid-card singles champion. In 1989, the mid-card champ sat on top of the mid-card division. These days, it seems like a mid-card champ is instead positioned at the bottom of the world title division.

    Agree 100%. The I-C and US titles used to be great tools in preparation for world title runs. Now they just serve as props to go with action figures

    J.T. Murphy
    Best: In general, there are more and better talented workers all around the world.

    Worst: The WWE having a virtual monopoly means there are nowhere near as many main-event spots to go around as in the territory or Monday Night Wars eras, and thus it’s much easier for someone supremely talented to spend their career in midcard hell.
    Scott Malec
    Better than 25 years ago:

    Production values- obviously with the advent of HD, wrestling has never been clearer, sharper or brighter, especially with the insane lighting rigs of the WWE. But to me, all that lighting makes the product look more commercial and generic. I always liked the darkened arena looks of the territories and early WWF because it made things look more authentic. But most people aren’t me. (Among other things…..)

    Worse Than 25 Years Ago:

    Overexposure- While the WWF of 1989 had a similar amount of television time per week, it seems that today’s product seems to be way overexposed in comparison.

    Booking Style- The 50/50 booking of today’s WWE midcard is all that needs to be said here.

    Value of Championships- Speaking of champions, I was a huge fan of the secondary titles back in the day because they gave lower level talent a chance to shine and created more space at the top of the card. And they were contested hotly and treated with respect. Think of all the great matches and feuds over the Intercontinental and WCW/NWA U.S Titles. And now they’re almost all treated like props except the World Title.

    Say what you want about the WWE….their production values are second to none. The problem is that they are homogenized. Every show has the same look, same feel, etc. every week. Seen one you’ve seen them all

    WWE workrate is light years better now. It is also nice that they don’t treat us like we are stupid… meaning they admit a lot of it is scripted.

    In 1989 there were alternatives and JCP had some of the best matches in history… wish we had something like that today. Also storylines progressed more logically and over a longer period of time.

    We don’t get Flair and Steamboat in their primes very often though….but you are absolutely correct

    Adam “Colorado” Curry
    A: better production, or really better technology in general. Less shitty matches.

    B: the booking is total shit and everyone wrestles the same cookie cutter style. Shitty scriped pomos. Trying to be entertainment instead of wrestling.

    50/50 booking….kryptonite to a true wrestling fan.

    thebraziliankid  Adam “Colorado” Curry
    I forgot about the banning the Piledriver and some other moves, let them use, teach the guy when to do these moves.

    I long for the days where the piledriver in Memphis meant “Instant hospitilization” in the words of Jim Cornette

    Johnny Polo
    A) No more “enhancement matches”. I really disliked those. “His opponent, already in the ring, from somewhere, weighing in at something: John Jobber!”

    B) Titles mean nothing. Tag Team wrestling doesn’t even exist. The commentary is horrendous. Security confiscates signs in the crowd that Kevin Dunn doesn’t like. Everybody’s promos are scripted except for HHH, Cena, and Heyman.

    Vince Jordan
    Yeah but outside of those reigns you’ve mentioned, you are forgetting in the last 4 years there have been:

    WWE Champions: 19
    World Champions (WHC Retired): 15
    US Champions: 10
    IC Champions: 17
    Divas Champions: 12
    Tag Team Champions: 13

    and in TNA there have been:

    TNA Champions: 17
    X-Division Champions: 18
    Knockouts Champions: 17
    Tag Team Champions: 15

    Just look at all those numbers. Back in the late 1980’s and early to mid 1990’s, we were lucky to see maybe 3-4 TOTAL title changes (all belts changes combined) per year.

    Great point – usually followed by a huge celebration. I can still remember Nikita Koloff beating Tully Blanchard for the TV title setting off a locker-room emptying celebration – it was a big deal (The TV title…seriously). I couldnt imagine such a scene today..

    By the way, thanks for the numbers….drives the point home. I remember 1999 being particularly ridiculous with the title reigns as well

    Pro wrestling has lost its balls

    Has anyone checked Stephanie’s purse? They could be in there…

    If I had to guess, those belong to Triple H

    Better: WrestleMania. The interactivity with fellow fans. Having so much available to watch with the click of a mouse. Better overall athletes….

    Worse: Compelling mid-card story lines or lack thereof. Merchandise; there’s far more crap on WWE Shop than stuff you wanna buy. Authority figure story lines, they are way overdone now and I think most can agree a guy like President Jack Tunney making appearances only when necessary would be a great way to go about today’s WWE. The announcing, ugh.

    Kayfabe is basically dead (there’s still bullshitting, but nobody’s trying to pass it off as real, which was unacceptable even 25 years ago. Anyone who wasn’t an idiot had figured it out by then). The women are hotter. TV shows aren’t just 90% Jobber Matches. People brawl to a count-out in big matches less often. More people know how to do promos. Guys don’t just come in to feud with the Champ and then get eaten alive as badly. The overall match quality has never been better in North America. Fewer restholds and headlocks.

    Too much 50/50 booking and non-sustained pushes. A more homogenized style and visual appearance for wrestlers. Too many “Big matches” on TV, and the same old guys in the main event, making it boring and “seen it before” when they try to pull off Orton/Cena AGAIN. The top guys really don’t carry themselves like STARS as much anymore. Way too few Big Fat Heels. Royal Rumbles where there are 25 “big stars” getting pushes, so everyone clogs up the ring for 20 minutes each. A shittier tag division.

    Extant1979 – Ghetto Superstar
    Better: The internet. I have a place like this to hang out with wrestling fans and discuss the product.
    Worse: The internet. That same great place is full of judgmental assholes who are never EVER happy with anything.

    True…but we wouldn’t have this blog otherwise! The internet has taken away the element of surprise, and the possibility of a true loser leaves town match, but there are some good things too

    “Women wrestlers are actually hot now. That’s a big plus.”

    To further illustrate this point, stop and google Candi Devine, or Leilani Kai (2 of the best women wrestlers of the 80s)…..now google/compare with any combination of The Bellas, AJ Lee, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Lisa Varon, Alicia Fox, or Madison Rayne…..I’ll let you draw your own conclusions. Yikes. Fabulous Moolah would be laughed out of Vince’s office today!

    Truthfully, I think the golden age in terms of being a fan was about 1984-86 as the territories were still going pretty strong, and there were more options. 1989 was close enough to those years, but I think the downturn had already started a bit with the demise of the territories. 20 years from now, when the WWF is the only game in town, and all of the wrestlers, and all of the matches look the same, I have to wonder if we will look at the current era the same as we look back at the 80s today.

    QOTD #61 – Then vs. Now

    Today’s Question: In this month’s 35th anniversary issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated, they ask several people what’s the best and worst thing about the business today as compared to 1979. Assuming everyone here wasnt a fan in 1979, we’ll say 1989 and ask the same question:

    a) How is the business better than 25 years ago?
    b) What is the worst thing about the wrestling business compared to 25 years ago?

    Well seeing as though very few bloggers responded to yesterday’s (my bad….I suppose) no need to really recap there….see you tomorrow.

    QOTD #59: The Ice Bucket Challenge

    Today’s Question: With all of the craziness that has occurred surrounding the ALS Ice Bucket challenge, whose video has been the funniest thus far? (Feel free to provide links)

    Yesterday’s Question(s):

    With the news coming forth (today) that Spike TV has reached an agreement with TNA for the rest of 2014, if you are Dixie Carter, what do you do first to ensure the company actually makes it to 2015?

    A few of the answers followed a familiar pattern…….

     “No more Dixie on tv, re-sign Bully, focus on WRESTLING. A two hour wrestling program should show more than 30 minutes of actual wrestling. Bully and Hardy are ok, but quit focusing on the other WWE castoffs. Put on more indy style matches to bring in new viewers/channel surfers.”

    “The best thing Dixie Carter could do for TNA would be to quit and go completely off TV and just run the business and promotion side and stay out of all creative issues.”

    “if you are Dixie Carter, what do you do first to ensure the company actually makes it to 2015?”
    stop being dixie carter

    It’s pretty obvious what’s killing the momentum/credibility of Dixie Carter’s promotion: Dixie Carter!

    “Hire Vince Russo”

    Isn’t that what almost got them kicked off the Network?

    “And, apparently, sign Kwang?”

    What is the deal with Kwang?????

    “….Scotty Riggs”

    I thought we all got sick of “The Clap” 15 years ago?????

    I think the existing fans that connected with certain performers (AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels) have been turned off by the ridiculous WWE-lite booking (3-headed authority figure, show being 90% about the commissioner(s)/authority, bearded underdog emerging as champion, etc.) and they are going to need to actively reach those fans first. The 6-sided ring is a step in that direction, but now they need to get back some of that talent that can make a difference (Bully Ray, AJ, Daniels, Jay Lethal) and not bother with vets that wont (Sting, Hogan, Russo).

    There are a ton of free agents with name value that might come reasonably cheap (John Morrison, Melina, Shelton Benjamin, Charlie Hass). This show needs new talent, and new match-ups – badly.

    I would suggest a talent exchange with ROH, which is the closest thing we’ll have to the territories

    No more Dixie Carter…….and by all means, STAY AWAY FROM VINCE RUSSO!

    Question #2: Like many of you, I’m a HUGE fan of the RF Video Shoot Interviews (Highspots, KayfabeCommentaries, and all the rest as well) and all the Breaking Kayfabe/Face Off series as well. My question for today is – of all of the Shoot Interviews that you’ve seen,

    A favorite of everyone’s is the Hickerson-Condrey rib story (that is too sick to tell here) and the one where 2 indy wrestlers pranked Samoa Joe and barely escaped with their lives.

    My favorite shoot interview road stories pretty much all came from the Bill Alfonso Shoot Interview.

    This is the Barry Windham road story (not the RF shoot, but the same story he tells in that shoot) I referred to earlier.

    A couple more I would recommend are Jack Victory and Gary Hart. Both of those shoots were very awesome, as were the Jim Cornette shoots – especially the 2000 shoot.

    QOTD #57 – Shoot Interviews

    Today’s Question: Like many of you, I’m a HUGE fan of the RF Video Shoot Interviews (Highspots, KayfabeCommentaries, and all the rest as well) and all the Breaking Kayfabe/Face Off series as well. My question for today is – of all of the Shoot Interviews that you’ve seen,

    a) Which – in your opinion – would you recommend as being the best
    b) What is the funniest and or craziest rib/road story that you’ve heard told on any of these shoots?

    Yesterday’s Question: I’ll piggyback from a comment from yesterday and ask….how would you book Brock Lesnar (and the WWF World title) from now until Wrestlemania?

    I really dug the idea that was put forth where Jericho would taunt Brock (alright Brick Laser), and the “destroy Paul Heyman” idea as well. I also found it to be pretty interesting that sooooo many people are wanting to see Cesaro get pushed closer to the top – and yet they give us guys like The Miz.

     “I’d have him job constantly to roll-ups after different pay-per-view opponents’ have ringside distractions. Then, I’d job him out 4 months from now to Kofi Kingston.

    Oh…I’m sorry. I thought he won the Intercontinental Title.”

     Right….would fall in line perfectly with WWE booking as of late

    A point that was mentioned several times….
    “The simplest and best booking would be for Bryan to win the Rumble and beat Lesnar at WrestleMania”

     Perhaps thats one of the most logical from a booking standpoint, but there’s one problem, as pointed out: After dominating John Cena, who is going to buy Daniel Bryan (who is maybe 3/4 of Cena’s size – literally) forcing Brock Lesnar to tap out?????

    Personally, I think if you’re going to have someone beat Brock, go back to the last time: who was believable enough to get the job done? The Big Show. Problem? In 2014, who really wants to see Big Show as WWE Champion.

    Batista? Another WWE part-timer.

    There’s a couple of options here:

    Along the way, have Rollins get his ass handed to him by Ambrose to
    set up the upcoming storyline and  a ready-made challenger when he
    cashes in

    Sting & Undertaker vs. Wyatt Family for Wrestlemania…..Money!

    (one guy’s opinion) I think the WWE would be better served bringing the
    MITB back to Wrestlemania instead of its own PPV……and I would
    probably put the I-C strap on Roman Reigns and give that title some
    credibility (when nobody is able to beat him). Not sure what I would do
    with Cena or Orton….

    a) Do a “Heyman has run amock” storyling, and have Brock demolish everyone in sight….Cena, Show, Bryan, etc. and have Triple H try to come out of retirement and face the beast at Royal Rumble. There he gets put out of his misery, and Batista comes back to avenge his friend – and then you have your Wrestlemania Main event with plenty of buildup.

     b) This is asking for a 3 way…..if you want Reigns or Bryan to be champion, a 3 way match with The Big Show, where it takes 2 guys, and a beating from a 450 pound monster to get the title off Brock, that way whomever you want to win can go ahead and defeat the Big Show

    ……but then again, either way, it becomes a moot point when Brock gets his payback the next night on RAW, and Seth Rollins pops up briefcase in hand……….

    QOTD #56: The (looong) Road to Wrestlemania

    Today’s Question: I’ll piggyback from a comment from yesterday and ask….how would you book Brock Lesnar (and the WWF World title) from now until Wrestlemania?

    Yesterday’s Question: I’ll keep it short and sweet…..What would you say is the high point, and what is the low point from the Summer Slam 2014 PPV Special Event?

    Going back to Friday, watching the SNMEs on the Network was the inspiration for the Opening Credits question last week…..the “Obsession” theme was one of my favorites, but eventually they switched music (the 2nd theme was almost as good)….anybody who knows the name of that one feel free to comment with the answer

    Anyway, other than SNME, mine is a toss-up between the old World Class house show that played in local markets (KTVT 11 Championship Sports – NOT the World Class syndicated show)

    And the old Mid-South theme

    As for yesterday, obviously, everyone thinks (as I do) that Lesnar demolishing Cena is a step in the right direction. A small sample of the comments….

    Devin Harris: “High point: Brock’s zombie situp. Brock tries to play the “too cool for
    school” deal but this guy cares about his ring work. The little details
    he adds to his character shows he is a guy isn’t just about collecting

    Jared Bellow: “High point: Lesnar destroying Cena to leave him lying in a heap.”

    Mike Mears: “High point- obviously the Lesnar/Cena slaughter. I don’t even know how
    to classify that match in terms of how good it was because it was so far
    outside the norm for a main event match. Not just by today’s “WWE main
    event style” standards. ….”

    cabspaintedyellow:”High point: Cena having only signed up for the Six Suplex Commitment, but forgetting to turn off Auto-Renewal.”

    As  for the low point, the Bellas angle left a pretty big stink on the show……personally, I’ve always hated when real-life siblings turn on each other. a) Its overdone, and b) We know its a work, but what person would beat up their twin and side with Stephanie? It’s kind of like Bill Watts said a while back….just because there were no Indians really killed in the movies doesn’t mean we want to see John Wayne ride off into the sunset with his arm around them either…anyways, tangent over. See you tomorrow with a new post.

    QOTD #53: Opening Theme Music

    Today’s Question: Completely random, and I’m pretty sure one that hasn’t been done already…..Of all of the wrestling TV shows in the history of the business, Which company/territory’s opening TV show theme/credits got you most excited to watch their TV show?

    Yesterday’s Question: Who would you put on your Mt. Rushmore of all time wrestling managers?

    Okay now, are we talking different styles for managers? If so good because thats how i would built my mount rushmore
    for the WWF -no one did it better with tag teams than Captain Lou Albano or Heenan for his work in two promotions (AWA and WWF).
    for one stable and the WCW/NWA: its got to be JJ Dillion- the horsemen would be the prototype for every super stable since, although I will concede and admit that Paul heyman could give JJ a run for his money
    For women managers and one of the best jobs of promotion of one client, lets give a spot to Elizabeth. Some nansayers are going to say Savage managed himself but I think Liz was brilliant in her WWF run eliciting sympathy while driving male fans to want to defend her against her lunatic of a boyfriend/husband. Runner up has to go to Jim Cornette for taking the midnight express team (all of versions except WWF) to the top and making them more than a team named after a 80s movie
    Last how about a manager that was a former wrestler, for this I would say Freddie Blassie, the dude legitimately scared me as a kid with his promos.

    A lot of thought into it….Capt. Lou, Liz, Cornette and Blassie…I think this may be the only person who didnt mention Bobby Heenan

    parallax1978: Heenan, Heyman, Bearer, Blassie

    4 of the best…..thats for sure

    Heenan: The best, without question, although if there were a question, it would be how much his commentary work influences our perception of Heenan as a manager. To me, the classic memory of Heenan is him tossing out some completely ridiculous comment and an annoyed Gorilla saying, “WILL YOU STOP?” That having been said, he was never afraid to show ass when the story dictated it – from the Warrior right on down to the Red Rooster – and he was a great mouthpiece for guys who weren’t great talkers on their own (Andre being the most obvious example. The other thing about Heenan was that even when he was paired up with a good promo guy – Perfect and Flair come to mind here – he was able to contribute without getting in the way.

    Cornette: I’m a bigger fan of Cornette when he’s shooting, but the fact remains that his fiery Southern preacher style, loud outfits, and goofy mannerisms made him a blast to watch.

    Heyman: The Dangerous Alliance is one of my favorite things that WCW ever did. His promos during the Invasion were one of the only good thing about the whole shebang. And of course, his current WWE run has been wonderful to watch.

    Jimmy Hart: The megaphone, the rapid-fire speech, those airbrushed jackets…you wanted to see him get clobbered, and that’s the defining characteristic of a successful heel manager.

    Devin Harris:
    Dillon – He was an actual manager. He didn’t order the Horsemen around, he just took care of their business affairs. That’s what an actual manager is supposed to do. He did it the best making sure they got the best deals and the best spots on the card.

    Heenan- He was more like a pimp than a manager cause he bossed all his clients around. He never managed a world champion so points are deducted. Some of you will want to count Andre but I don’t. I want to say he was terrible at his job but he at least got his guys title shots.

    Cornette – Points deducted for being bankrolled by his mama but he took all three versions of the Express to the tag titles. Points deducted for never managing a singles champion. Yoko doesn’t count. That was Fuji.

    Race – Managed two world champions that had pretty long (for the time) title reigns. He did what a manager is supposed to do. He retired on top, unlike his in-ring career. Guy learns fast.

    I think someone mentioned it on the blog, but Heenan managing Nick Bockwinkel as AWA Champion for 5 years has to count

    Most evil Mount Rushmore ever – Paul Heyman, Bobby Heenan, Mr. Fuji and JJ Dillon. The image must, however, have Virgil standing behind them all as the bodyguard to the stars.

    Old School: Grand Wizard (or Eddie Creatchman)
    WWF: Heenan (or Jimmy Hart)
    NWA/WCW: Cornette (or J.J. Dillon)
    Other: Gary Hart (or Paul Heyman)

    The Fuj:


    Right now.

    Bobby Davis, Paul Heyman, Bobby Heenan, Jim Cornette

    Darren X:
    Jim Cornette – The greatest manager of all-time. He took a surefire gimmick (momma’s boy/wimp/rich kid who could fight his way out of a wet paper bag) and ran with it
    Bobby Heenan – The most talented overall of the managers, in that he could work damn good as well, and sell like nobody’s business
    Gary Hart – The ultimate shady, cut-throat mafioso type manager
    Paul E. Dangerously – So would this make me a Paul Heyman guy? Seriously, his work the last 2 1/2 years with CM Punk and Brock Lesnar has pretty much cemented his legacy. Tough to leave off Paul Ellering, Bill Alfonso, Jimmy Hart, and a few others, but there’s my four.

    The blog is on hiatus for a couple of days (I have to be in a wedding) but I will be back with a new topic on Monday

    QOTD #52: Mt. Rushmore

    Today’s Question:  This one comes directly from a conversation with one of my closest friends after watching the Heyman DVD – With all of the talk recently about Mt. Rushmores, who would you put as the 4 faces on your Mt. Rushmore of Wrestling Managers?

    Yesterday’s Question:  Sticking with the humor for one more day…..What were your funniest 3 (in order) “Chappelle Show” skits?

    This one got a ton of responses, with the expected ones being mentioned a lot. Some of the best comments……

    Elmo Machete: It’s not even really that funny, but I’ll always have a soft spot for the “Blackzilla” sketch because I lost my virginity with that on in the background. To a black girl, actually. That makes me part black, right?

    Adam “Colorado” Curry: Clayton Bigsby, Reparations, and the Niggar Family. HMs to Prince and the R. Kelly videos.

    Not from the show, but the whole thing about what white people eat (What the FUCK is juice?) from his stand-up might be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

    The “For what its worth” HBO special (or was it Showtime?). I would agree – his “grape drink” rant about the Sunny Delight commercials is probably as funny as anything on the show, but watch the skit below…..at about the 2:42 mark – when the kid says “O.J…..purple stuff…..we got Sunny D yeah!”…….

    The brother really did want that purple stuff!

    Lenny Vowels: “Buck Nasty, what can be said about your outfit that hasn’t been said about Afghanistan? It looks bombed out and depleted.”

    That skit isn’t even in my top 3, but that’s still my favorite line in the history of the show.

    There’s a section in the outtakes where Dave (as Silky Johnson) goes back and forth with Charlie Murphy and Patrice O’Neal worth the price of the DVD alone.

    Devin Harris:
    Everyone has already listed them all at this point so I won’t bother. A better question would be how did SNL miss out on this guy?

    Good question. Especially when they have had Kenan Thompson all these years

    I’m gonna go a little against the grain, and NOT mention Prince or Rick James – they were good, but I don’t think they were the best skits of the show. I’ll go with:

    1) Piss On You
    2) Pop Copy
    3) Wayne Brady

    … but it’s so hard to narrow it down. “Mad Real World” and “Clayton Bigsby” should be on there, too. Yes, my Top 3 should somehow encompass five entries.

    I also think that Lil Jon should give all of his money to Dave Chappelle. If it weren’t for Dave, nobody would give a fuck about Lil Jon.

    jobber123:Actual Rick James: Come on, what am I gonna do? Just all of a sudden jump up and grind my feet on somebody’s couch like its something to do? Come on. I’ve got a little more sense than that.
    Yeah, I remember grinding my feet on Eddies couch.

    Dave Chappelle actually made Rick James more relevant in the New Millenium than he ever could have possibly hoped – short of doing something stupid like a reality dating show with 20 skanks

    npavlou22:You’ll get a bunch that are all the same: Rick James, Wayne Brady, Racial Draft, Making the Band, because they are all awesome.
    But goddamn if Samuel Jackson Beer isn’t one of the funniest things I ever saw.

    I figured I’d make it a numbers game, and go on a 3-2-1 point system (3 for 1st, 2 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd, etc.). My 3 faves being 
    1. Rick James True Hollywood Stories – Maybe the funniest skit ever
    2. Clayton Bigsby – Dave made “Cunnilingus Rice” a household phrase. Nuff said.
    3.  The Mad Real World

    Based on that, I would say it evened out about like I thought
    1. Rick James – 32 points
    2. Prince – 21
    3. Clayton Bigsby – 15
    4. Player Hater’s Ball -7
    5. Wayne Brady – 5

    A lot of people liked the Racial Draft, and Keepin it Real goes wrong (surprised the Mad Real World didnt place! Whats up with that????) but overall, its just fun to remember how much people just really dug the show in general 10 years later.

    QOTD #51: More comedic genius

    Today’s Question: Sticking with the humor for one more day…..What were your funniest 3 (in order) “Chappelle Show” skits?

    Yesterday’s Question: With the untimely passing of Robin Williams, having met his untimely demise, today’s question is: Of all the comedians that are no longer with us, whose comedy do you consider the greatest?

    grizzlybear:Hicks, Pryor, Carlin.

    Reading down the thread there are lots of decent suggestions but those three were transformative comedians and should be remembered as much more than men who stood up and made you laugh.

    Sweet Lee:
    I wonder if the almighty will swing a trade…you give us Kinison back and we will gladly give you Dane Cook and Kevin Hart.

    I know I said this, and I mean absolutely no disrespect to Sam Kinison, but Dane Cook and Kevin Hart? Have you gone mad??????

    Hope someone already mentioned Patrice O’Neil. Dude was hilarious in standup, roasts, and as a regular on Opie and Anthony. Loved the guy. George Carlin’s early stuff is just amazing too.

    Oh, and as for comedians… I’ve never been huge into stand up, but anytime I watch Dave Chappelle I’m practically in tears (“bitch, I live in a fucking trash can!” *did* induce tears). Definitely my favorite, out of those I watched. I love Robin Williams and was CRUSHED by his passing, but for many other reasons – I’ve seen little of his stand up.

    I think I probably should have clarified what I meant by “Gone too soon”. Fortunately, Dave hasn’t gone anywhere but Africa, with his crazy ass (and if you like Chappelle, you’ll like tomorrow’s topic).

    While not my all-time favorite, Lenny Bruce should get some recognition. Like with Carlin, I don’t find myself laughing at his humor for minutes at a time but I feel incredibly educated by it. Bruce did a shitload for free speech in this country as far as entertainers are concerned.

    As for Carlin, the shelf-life for anyone in a mass-marketed medium is growing smaller by the day. With the overexposure of internet, social media, tabloids and television, the general public is growing tired of entertainers much more rapidly. That’s why I think a guy like Carlin will never come along again, who can evolve and adapt for over two generations.

    Pryor and Carlin are my all-time two favorites hands down. Pryor was the saddest since MS robbed him of the ability to do standup in his last days. Carlin was able to perform up until the week before he died.

    I was also a big fan of Robin Harris & Bernie Mac.. two Chicago comedians with the ability to make people laugh without even telling jokes. Very similar styles and even thought Bernie achieved greater success, they both died way too soon.

    Marv Cresto:
    For me this conversation begins and ends with Sam.

    The man was a lightning bolt wrapped in flesh, no one was as funny, as quick, or as surprising as Sam Kinison. “Go to where the food is” is one of the funniest bits of all time as far as I’m concerned. The tragedy is that when he was killed in a car wreck he had allegedly been sober for quite some time and was finally getting his life together, had he remained alive we never would have heard of Lewis Black.

    HM’s to Hedberg and especially Patrice O’Neal, there are hours and hours and hours of YouTube videos up of Patrice on the O&A show where he talks, by himself basically, for entire hours at a clip and it never for a second stops being uproariously funny.

    How ironic that he used to be a writer for RAW!

    The Polish Hammer:
    Another vote here for Bill Hicks. His stand-up special “Revelations” is still one of the top 3 stand-up performances of all time to me.
    (Insert mandatory rant hating Denis Leary for stealing his material)

    The Fuj:
    Who is no longer with us?

    Bernie Mac: The KING of Comedy.

    He was a fucking genius at observational humor. He could take anything and make it hilarious.

    I think to anybody who watched Def Comedy Jam in the 1990s, the clip below is the 3 of the funniest 6 minutes in the history of the show. Kick iiiiiit!

    Jared Bellow:
    Though I love Bill Hicks’ rants and how ahead of his time he was, even in his personal life (his story about being a 30 year old man checking out Sonic The Hedgehog and Porno from the video store putting him in the realm of a creep, now video games and porn are the mainstream) – as some have pointed out he was a bit more in the realm of a political performance artist than a comic. He sadly predicted our political and intellectual decline. The “readin'” bit pretty much sums it up.

    I would still say Richard Pryor is the best answer to this. He was “taken away” by his illness years before he died, and before that by a terrible, ill advised misadventure into mostly bad films. Pryor really got both down the soul bearing, personal side of comedy while being fucking hilarious. That he turned his very public incident with being caught on fire freebasing into one of the funniest routines of all time shows his depth and really exposes current comics outside of some of the more special
     talents like Louis CK and Patton Oswalt for how shallow they really are.

    Bill Hicks is getting a lot of love from the blog! I have to admit – despite being from the same hometown (Little Rock, Arkansas), I’m not all that familiar with his work. I didn’t know who he was until the Letterman controversy, but other than Richard Pryor, Bernie Mac,  or George Carlin, he – by far – got the most responses.

    Of course, the Godfather of Comedy hands down is Richard Pryor. No disrespect to Bernie Mac, Sam Kinison, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, or the very underrated Patrice O’Neal, but Richard Pryor is the greatest comedian of all-time.

    There’s a popular saying that I believe Richard Pryor is very fond of saying: every comedian is funny to mask the pain – he alludes to this briefly here. I can’t help but think of this idea continually as we get more and more details on Robin Williams death.

    One name I can’t leave without mentioning – a lot of people may not have heard of him, but I believe X-Man alluded to him: The guy who would have been the funniest comedian of the 1990s – by far was Robin Harris. It’s a shame he passed away in 1990 at 36 just when he was beginning to blow up.

    Robin Williams said recently when asked what he thinks heaven is like “I hope a lot of humor.” Hopefully, he’s contributing to that cause as we speak. Robin Harris, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Sam Kinison, Bernie Mac, Lenny Bruce, Freddie Prinze Sr. AND Robin Williams – 

    May they all rest in eternal peace.