Sesame Street puppets as WWE Superstars

A heated BoD discussion as to whether Elmo is more like John Cena or The Rock got me to wondering if all of the major Sesame Street puppets have a WWE counterpart.  So far I got:

Elmo: John Cena or The Rock (good points made for both)
Big Bird: Hulk Hogan
Oscar: Stone Cold
Cookie Monster: Ryback
Grover: Jeff Hardy
Tully: Matt Hardy
Kermit: uh…drawing a big ol' blank here

Can you help a bored brother out?

I'm assuming by "Tully" you mean Telly Monster, and I can't agree with Matt Hardy.  Telly's a neurotic spazoid constantly seeking validation, probably closer to CM Punk or even Paul Heyman.  Cookie Monster as Ryback is perfect.  Grover would be closer to Santino for me, the guy who thinks of himself as a cool customer but who is really a big nerd.  Kermit's the neutral beloved straight man, which is obviously Jim Ross or Jerry Lawler.  
And you missed the most obvious gag of all:  The Count as a referee!