Fwd: CM Punk/Ryback practice sessions?

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From: "chris phelan" Hey Scott, Unsure if this will spawn good discussion or not (can't see how it will), but my curiosity is getting the best of me. Assuming they're going out there and doing a 20-25 minute cell match, if you're CM Punk, are you panicking right now? You're basically going to have to carry a rookie in the main event. My overall question, is CM Punk and Ryback constantly going through the match nonstop every free moment they get, perfecting it? Or is Ryback going to completely follow Punk's lead during the match. Do pro wrestlers really "rehearse" (not counting house show matches) for bigtime gimmick matches like this? I can't seem to picture these two in an empty arena with the cell lowered on the ring, practicing their match over and over… although maybe they should…
Thanks! ———– Yup they really do rehearse, sometimes extensively, and I've heard Punk is stoked to do a Ric Flair carry job like an old school heel champ.

Punk/Ryback – Cena Heel Turn

Hey Scott,

Would a Cena heel turn on Ryback be a good way to spark some interest in Cena, keep Ryback strong and MAKE him in the process? I mean, obviously nothing is ever set in stone in terms of something getting over, but it just seems that if Cena screwed Ryback and shook hands with Punk and Heyman it would instantly make Ryback the number 1 babyface and could lead to Ryback "hunting" Cena down.

Of course, we've all thought about the Cena heel turn over and over and the odds of it happening are slim to none … but it would be different at least.

Plus, what's the best way to get the crowd to HATE Punk? Put him with a heel Cena. Now the kids hate him AND the marks hate him.

Food for thought.

– Randyback

Holy god dude, they are practically running panic drills because Cena can't make it to the PPV and they have no backup #2 babyface ready, and you think they're gonna turn him HEEL?  Now?  No way, man, if anything they're gonna push Cena even HARDER as a squeaky clean babyface because they think the Earth will fall into the sun if he doesn't main event every PPV, preferably while making Punk look like a doofus.  If anything, they'd turn Ryback heel to set him up for Undertaker, but the Cena turn ain't ever happening.  Sorry.