PTBN Reaction Show: ROH Best In the World 2015…and more

Will and Dylan Hales (Wrestling Culture) discuss the latest PPV offering from ROH. We discuss the character work of Dalton Castle, the awesome year from Roderick Strong, the questionable booking of Moose and the advantages and disadvantages of making Jay Lethal your top title holder. We also discuss our disappointment in the tag title match. Where does Jay Briscoe go from here? All this and more!

PTBN Reaction Show: ROH Best In the World 2015

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Big Wrestling Week at PTBN

Hi Scott – wanted to highlight some cool pieces from the past week at Place to Be Nation.  We'll be having a live blog tonight for Night of Champions as well!
Our latest Five Count looks at our favorite United States Champions:
Justin gives his picks for Night of Champions:
With you taking time off from Raw, our Scott Criscuolo has the longest running "Scott's" Raw recap on the internet!
Our ode to Mid-South Wrestling made the Observer's daily update this week:
Dustin looks at forgettable WWE developmental talent:
Wrestling with the Past is a great new podcast at PTBN. #3 celebrates Bret Hart's career:
The Place to Be Podcast reviewed Fully Loaded 2000 (with VKM asking if Scott Keith is an AWA jobber?):
Where the Big Boys Play covered WrestleWar 1990 and the great Luger/Flair match:
Thanks again for sharing with your readers!