Racist Hulk Hogan promo

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I'm a little surprised that someone A). Decided to give him those lines, and B). Decided to let this go to air. 
​Well there you go, you can add "being a racist" to "holding people back" and "refusing to do jobs" on Hogan's list of career accomplishments now.  ​

Rare (non) Mountie promo

I Am….Jacques Rougeau! Promo (1992)

Thought you may get a kick out of this. A "Jacques Rougeau" promo for a match in Ottawa in November 1992 (which didn't happen because Rougeau quit well before then), with the Mountie moniker excised after the RCMP got involved.

Did you have any recollection of these promos? I don't know the time-frame between when he had to go by Rougeau exclusively in Canada and when he left, but it couldn't have been long.

Weird, I have no memory of this.  I thought he just disappeared after the Summerslam period.  Could have been that he was only doing local shots around Ontario and Quebec, because he certainly wasn't out as Rougeau in my neck of the woods at that time.  

Promo of the day

Never saw this before. Awesome. Most simple thing in the world – two wrestlers deciding to see who is best. Too bad it never happened.


​Putting '85 WCW TV up against anything from today is like bringing a sledgehammer to a water balloon fight.  Was there any more awesome promo than Flair at this point?  He gives off both the aura of a mega-star World champion and also an empty braggart.  
And Flair/Magnum totally happened, but not at Starrcade or anything.  They had a pretty good match on the NWA/AWA joint card and a few house show matches. 

Promo of the Day: Midnight Express vs Frank and Jesse James

Came across this on You Tube.  Dennis Condrey asking Jim Cornette " Do you know who this is" while in an arm bar was great. Whatever became of the mysterious James brothers?

They changed their name to the Armstrong Brothers?  We will literally never have a way to find out who were under the masks anyway, so it's kind of a moot point.  I mean, the detective work needed to penetrate those disguises would bankrupt Scotland Yard.  

Promo of the Day

I have selected this promo only due to the fact that it needs to be seen to be believed. From Memphis, Randy Savage and David Schultz cut a promo on Jerry Lawler. Schultz’s part is probably the most politically incorrect wrestling promo of all time. Take a look at the shirt he is wearing too. If the WWE ever got rights to this promotion, this promo will never be seen on the network. Ever.

A GOOD promo, somewhat unscripted, THIS YEAR, in WWE….?!

Yep, you read it, folks.

Check out possibly one of the only positives to come out of the WWE App, and that’s slightly looser promos, and viola – you get Dolph Ziggler having a meltdown and cutting one helluva scathing promo.