A Future Lesnar Program

Here’s a thought: What about Bray Wyatt as one of Brock Lesnar’s challengers?
Let’s fast forward to the holiday season. Lesnar and Paul Heyman are in the ring cutting a promo. Lights go out, lights go back on, and there’s the Wyatt Family surrounding them. I’m thinking the crowd goes haywire over that development.All three are big enough to hang with Lesnar. Wyatt is over despite the losses and would elevate to the next level with a good showing, as well as Harper and Rowen, who Lesnar would have to go through to get to Wyatt. I don’t think this would turn Lesnar face since he is generally unliked enough. Not saying Wyatt should win the title, but fresh faces are desperately needed and that feud would keep them occupied for a few months.And it would be something different and unexpected.

​Well, there's a million guys they could throw at Brock for short-term programs if he was going to be around for every PPV, but he's not.  As great as it would be for Brock to give the rub to the Sheamuses and Wyatts of the world, it's just not cost effective.  That's probably why they're saving him for guys on the level of the Rock or Cena.  Brock shouldn't be the guy to get someone to that level, he should be the one to monetize the guy once they're already there.  And Bray is not.​