A good introduction to pro-wrestling for kids?

Hey Scott,

I have a 4 year old son who I want to eventually bring into wrestling fandom with me, I think he'll love it. I'm of the mindset that I'll probably start showing him some stuff when he's around 7, but we'll see how it goes. Just wondering A) what you think is an appropriate age to bring kids into watching wrestling and B) what are some good feuds, eras or even specific shows that a young kid in particular would find fun and a good introduction to this crazy thing we watch so much.

​Their Saturday morning show was actually a really good, kid-friendly show for introducing it.  Basically I've found though that kids either get it or they don't.  NXT is also totally fine for kids most of the time and has lots of colorful characters.  ​

Why I Still Watch Pro-Wrestling

> Hey Scott,
> With Money in the Bank hype surrounding Temple's campus, I've been receiving the incessant stream of questions regarding why I still watch "that fake shit." Every wrestling fan has had to deal with this judgement their entire lives and I tried my best to explain once and for all to these critics. Fight the power!
> http://temple-news.com/arts/2013/07/13/corrigan-why-i-still-watch-pro-wrestling/
> John Corrigan
> Jim Cornette famously said you should just mock something they love, such as their ugly children or spouse.

A bit of shameless self promotion…..

If any of you are in the New Orleans area or just visiting for it, I’ll be having a table set up at Wizard World’s Comic Con on Nov 30 to Dec 2. I don’t have anything to sell other that promoting my show. At the table I’ll have a Retron 3 hooked up with Pro Wrestling on NES and Royal Royal Rumble for SNES.  Stop on by and play some old school games and chat about wrestling or movies or what have you.  Besides the Pro Wrestling tournament, I’m going to be doing random drawings where people will win other prizes, but for now this is the one thing I have set in stone. Hope to see some of you there!