Punjabi Prison


I'm watching No Mercy 2007 on the network and am astonished by the idea of the "Punjabi Prison" match. Did WWE really have such high hopes for Great Khali that they created an entire trademark match for him? And, if that was the case, why the hell did they create a match like that? Building the cage must have been expensive, but there's also the fact that it works against any of Khali's "strengths" because he's not really capable of making a quick escape from it. Plus, you can't SEE through it! I've never seen a gimmick match that looks worse on television. Was there some backstage explanation for the idea?

​They just really, REALLY, loved Great Khali and thought they had big money in him.  You see, he's even bigger than the Big Show!  How could they lose?  ​

If Vince Goes To Prison…

You may have already answered this before, but let's say Vince does go to prison for steroid distribution… who runs the WWF in his absence, especially if it's a long-term absence like 5 or 10 years? Pat Patterson? J.J. Dillon? Does Shane have any input even then? As mentioned, there were so many holes in the case that it would have been highly unlikely Vince goes away, but it's a very interesting "what if?" scenario.


There was actually a plan in place for Jerry Jarrett of all people to run the company in Vince's absence.  I presume because he was a tightwad and understood weekly booking.  

From Prison to Promise

> Just a surprisingly great and refreshing book. Warning: There is not much in the way of wrestling here. But it is an absolute must read. Booker T's journey is just amazing, from statistic of the streets to statistic of HHH at WrestleMania. Sorry, that was harsh. ALL HAIL KING BOOKAH! 
> http://marianosaves.wordpress.com/2013/03/23/full-book-review-booker-t-from-prison-to-promise-life-before-the-squared-circle/