WWE Primer article

AV Club dipping their toes yet again. I am always afraid to read the comments on these things–just for my own aggravation, but they usually tend to be MOSTLY okay. 

Article is fine, (though Masked Man does this stuff way better). Not sure why they skewed so modern, instead of a blend of classic eras and now. But whatever. 


​Yeah, that's a decidedly modern look at the product.  I'd never recommend someone jump in too heavily right now because three hours is a HUGE commitment unless you're already invested.  I'd say NXT is a better starting place, personally.  Or even going back to 93 and watching the old RAWs in order, where you get the serialized aspect and can binge on it.
Although one of the best comments in that article was the guy who said that wrestling fandom is like being in an abusive relationship where every once in a while the abuser grabs you by the neck and yells WHY ARE YOU STILL HERE in your face, and even though you don't have a good answer you still stay anyway.  ​