For the Blooooog – TNA Lockdown looks….pretty good. Wait. What?!

Hey Scott,

Big fan of the blog, blahtyblahblah.

I've only seen a handful of Impacts of the past couple of months and read the results here and there but taking a gander at the card for Lockdown and it actually looks really good:

Team Dixie vs Team MVP for control of TNA
Magnus vs Samoa Joe for the World Title
Kurt Angle vs EC3
James Storm vs Gunner
Madison Rayne vs Gail Kim for the Knockouts title
Mr Anderson vs Samuel Shaw
Bad Influence and Chris Sabin vs Great Muta, Sanada and Tigre Uno.

With the exception of the 6 man (which doesn't need a story just turn those guys loose), everything is the payoff to a storyline,  part of a character's development or plays into a story that will continue.

TNA always gets knocked for throwing stuff together haphazardly but all of this makes perfect sense.  It actually looks like something worth watching.


I have literally not given a second of thought to TNA since I stopped watching it last year.