Wrestlemania XXXI Thread: The Pre-Show

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Well today is the day and this is clearly the Super Bowl, World Series, World Cup Finale (insert any other sports theme you like) of professional wrestling/sports entertainment. And like those events sometimes you don’t get the matchup you want but you can’t deny the success the name has regardless. As Gorilla Monsoon always said…”tonight history will be made.”

And Wrestlemania is also quite the boom for this board as traffic levels go from above average to extremely high during the course of the week.

I don’t know who will be writing reviews on the show…I know I’m not and you can all applaud for that.

Oh yeah the Pre-Show will be competing with the Duke-Gonzaga basketball game so you can all talk about that here too if you want.

I encourage discussion and would appreciate it if you kept it fairly clean.

Also, all Reddit spoilers will be deleted. Please do not spoil the show for those wanting to be surprised (This is Brian Bayless)

Wrestlemania XXX Thread: The Pre-Show

Howdy Blog O’ Doomers and Happy Wrestlemania!

For those of you with the network we’ll start today with a thread on the pre-show and you guys can probably throw your predictions in here as well.

My predictions are simple:

— Usos will win the tag title four way.

— Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale: If Brodus Clay is ready for his repackaging to be public I think he gets the win. I’d like to think that they will use this to give a guy new life so Brodus is my pick. If Bad News Barrett is entered he would be a sleeper.

— The Shield should defeat Kane/NAO in about six minutes and it should be decisive and showcase one of the hottest acts in the business.

— John Cena is going to beat Bray Wyatt in about 18-minute match and it’s going to go at least ***1/2. It’s a catch-22 here because Cena can definitely make good money with chasing Wyatt if he lays down here and if he does it would springboard Wyatt into that first contender spot for Daniel Bryan’s championship run. Best for business would be Bray winning but that’s my opinion and I think the machine disagrees because Cena is just their guy.

— The Undertaker goes to 22-0 at Wrestlemania. I mean this has been so poorly booked that having Brock get one over on Mr. McCool this past Monday seemed like such a waste.

— Diva Invitational….Hmmm if they are trying to re-focus that group on the workers again than Emma might win this. Otherwise it’ll be someone from the TV show, Summer Rae works for me.

— Daniel Bryan and HHH damn near go five stars. HHH finally has the guy that can work the memorable match he wants (since Wrestlemania XX doesn’t count anymore). HHH can be the power alpha dog and Bryan can play the underdog face role and it will be beautiful.

— And Bryan will roll his half-dead ass from that match and pull off an unthinkable victory with a rollup over Randy Orton. It won’t be the longest match because Batista would probably pass out with anything over 12 minutes.