Possible Awesome Matches that ALMOST happened

Good evening Mr. Keith.  So I'm going through the RAWs on the network, from the beginning, and something came to mind that kind of ticked me off.  Events/angles unfolded that lead to a brighter road that didn't end up happening, but came very close .  Two instances:

Janetty & Kid win the tag-titles from the Quebecers, weeks before the Hart Brothers shot at Royal Rumble.  They lose them back before the PPV.  I know it was to show anything can happen on RAW, but c'mon, That match would have friggin Rocked at the Rumble, Owen still could have turned on Bret, and the Quebecers could have got their rematch at Mania, and we wouldn't have had to sit through Men on a Mission

Savage comes to the aid of someone in Backlunds chicken wing.  I think it was just an audience member, but watching I would have loved to have this lead to a match between the two.  Both slowly getting crazier and crazier.  Savage wouldn't even have to give up or job, just let Backlund snap to get him and the move over.  

I'm starting Nitro slowly so i haven't come across anything as of note yet, so what are your biggest instances of a Possible awesome match coming thiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to happening, but for whatever reason, didn't?  And for the sake of the discussion on the blog, Benoit/Punk does not count 

OK, I've been beating that drum for a while now, but I feel we need to build a time machine and make it happen at Starrcade 95.  
Also, the recently discussed heel Ramon v. Undertaker match at WM11 that was set up with vignettes that never aired probably could have saved that show to a certain degree.  Probably would have revived Hall's career too. 
I also feel like World champion Shawn defending against the former Kliq members in goodbye blowoffs (heel Kid, heel Ramon) would have been epic and could have carried them through the summer.  But then 96 sucked for a lot of reasons anyway.  

Possible Hell In A Cell “co-main event” finish?


I'm just sitting here wondering how difficult would it be for WWE to book a finish as shocking, as amazing and as remarkable as this:

Seth Rollins curb stomps Dean Ambrose's head on top of the cell, THROUGH THE ROOF and onto the mat? Rollins will obviously fall along with Ambrose into the ring!

I mean, calling the match off at that point by having the referee pull up the dreaded X sign, will not only look spectacular, but also protect both guys during the biggest push of their careers.

It's high time we get something great out of the whole Hell In A Cell deal that has stopped being destructive and career-threatening many years ago.

What do you think?

​So after months of bait-and-switch and cheap finishes they should blow it off with a non-finish in a supposed cage match to the death?  By ending the match with both guys too hurt to continue?
I'm not sure I agree 100% with your detective work there, Lou.   ​

My Duties Here are a Car Wreck [No Raw Rant Possible]

So after double-checking with Cox, I got informed (in a call back I just made) that a car crash took out their wires and they have crews working on it right now.  But they think it won’t be ready until tomorrow morning.  Darn.

So… this is where you come in.  Your choice, do I:

* Do this rant when the re-air comes on Saturday night, or
* Do a retro rant to make up for it?

In the meantime, I’m going to send a nasty letter to the cable company.

Possible Orton cash-in on Bryan

"And then if Orton screws him out of the belt immediately afterwards, all the better.  " Recently, while discussing the possibility of Orton's cash-in on Bryan, you said you believed WWE would go all the way with Bryan's push, cause they know they need a top guy. You even mentioned they want to put him at Punk's level. However, I'd like you to clarify, why do you think Orton screwing him over can help?

With the fans now completely on Bryan's side, fueled by VKM antics, shouldn't be the time to do the opposite? To give him a solid title reign with the WWE title, like they did with Punk? (of course I don't think they'll give a 400 days type of reign to Bryan, but you get my point)

I'd like you to clarify this, thank you!


ecause that's actual "We want this person to get his revenge on this other person" heat instead of their usual "go away heat" or token boos or "cool heel" heat where people actually like the character.  Just like Dolph got screwed out of the World title and now people actually WANT to see him chase the belt again and get his revenge.  It'll be all the more amplified because Bryan worked SO hard to get this far and he's such an underdog story and people are gonna be PISSED at Orton for unjustly stealing the belt from him and killing his title reign.  That's the heel turn they've been putting off for so long now and that's a real thing that people can relate to.  Bryan can always win it for real in a couple of months like Punk did, but honestly it's just as important to cement Orton as a top heel who people can HATE as it is making Bryan a top babyface, and really this accomplishes both things in one shot.