Simple Question. I think. Plus a blog topic.

It seems like there's a lot of guys coming through NXT these days. But there's not a lot of room on the main roster for them to come up and take.

Which five guys would you take off the roster and why? (By either firing them or what have you. Letting Miz work for Stephanie in the charity division or whatever she does, for example.) and who would you replace them with from NXT? (They don't need to have the same type of role.)

​There's TONS of room on the main roster!  They have 5 hours of first run TV to fill every week, plus another 2 hours of C-shows.  It's just that they have expenses cut so far back that they can't splurge for enough guys to actually fill all the TV time without using Kane and Big Show 17 times per episode.  Just look at the Royal Rumble this year and how thin that was.  
That being said, I'd fire Dolph Ziggler because he's pretty much hit his ceiling and could use a tour of the indies to learn that WWE isn't the only option.  Get rid of Zack Ryder because they never use him anyway and he could make a better living on his own.  Get rid of the Ascension because DUH.  And I'd fire a Diva, say, Alicia Fox just because.  Replace them with Finn Balor, Kevin Owens, Enzo/Cass (only as a unit, however) and Sasha Banks, all of whom are beyond ready for the main roster.  ​

What haven’t you seen? Plus I call you out for killing ECW!

In this era of being able to see what you want, when you want, some 'Doomers might not know what it's like to read Scott talk about the Rocker's white tights being covered in blood and having to wait 3 years to watch the match (Shawn's first DVD was so great given the fact that it might have been the first "Hey, we OWN all of wrestling history DVD" DVDs).
Is there anything that you've heard of IN THIS BUSINESS that you've never seen that you want to? Being a former tape trader myself ('tween the ages of 12-18, seriously that Lucha on Galavision show bought me my first car!) I was privy to many ECT tapes with stuff like the Brody/Luger match, McMemphis,MutavsHase, assorted garbage wrestling, and my favorite tape-Eddie Gilbert's angles! Also, anything pre TNN ECW were big sellers (we tape traders are all to blame for ECW going under. You may not admit it to us, but how much money did you make of off ECW? I'd honestly say that I made around $300 net copying/trading/selling ECW stuff).

Now, aside from my question for you, can we have a copyright/youtube/google ad friendly thread where we can ask for rare clips/matches/angels and receive INSTANT gratification?
Oh man, Muta v. Hase was such great stuff.  Muta v. Liger was also amazing.  I miss comp tapes and WCW All Nighters.  The only stuff I haven't seen / can't easily access would be the stuff that doesn't exist anymore, like Sawyer v. Rich, or Bret v. Tom Magee, or Money Inc winning the tag titles from the LOD.  Really, if I suddenly decided I wanted to binge on Michinoku Pro or Muto's awesome 2001 run, there's tons of YouTubers or online DVD dealers who would hook me up.  
And I made way more than $300 off ECW.  You must not have been trying hard enough.

Cutting the Cable and Hulu Plus

OK, let's talk.
Kids are expensive and mine basically monopolizes the TV with Disney Junior all the time, so basically we've been paying $100 a month for cable service we don't use, with one exception.  I of course watch RAW and other wrestling content, but that's about the only thing that's not easily available to stream online, especially with allowing me to watch US content.  Now, WWE does the Hulu Plus thing, and honest to god I'm READY for a 90 minute edited version instead of the three-hour one, even though it'll mean doing the rant a day late from now on.  Plus I can also do Main Event and NXT and such.  However, even though I can watch Hulu with the playmo gateway, it won't let me sign up for Hulu Plus because I don't have a US credit card and my Paypal account is Canadian.  So I'm wondering if anyone knows if it's possible for someone in the US to gift me a Hulu Plus subscription?  I also found this site:  which should allow me to set it up by basically paying double, so that might be my best option.  
Anyway, anyone who can assist, thanks.  

Mid-Year Evaluations, S through Z plus Divas

Finishing off the rundown on everyone in WWE as of the first half of the year:

Santino Marella: I heard Santino has been debating giving up on wrestling to spend time with his family. He’s probably already peaked so he might as well. If he doesn’t though, he should really start doing the Cobra Clutch as a finish.

Seth Rollins: There is lots of potential for Rollins as a scuzzbucket rocker-trash heel post-Shield. I also want to see him get a singles squash match against a smaller opponent, Sin Cara or someone, so he can show off a few of the power moves he has in his quiver that he never gets to do anymore.

Sheamus: Everyone has Sheamus pegged as needing to be the next Cena or the next HHH, but I think if he’s the “next” anyone, its this: he’s a muscular, talented power wrestler who’s a HHH protege and has teamed with Orton, spends his time close to the top, and is a jovial babyface who turns vicious on occasion. He’s basically the new Batista. All he needs to do is make sure he doesn’t lose that spot to Ryback and he should be fine.

Sin Cara: No chance of recouping their investment here. The intentions with this guy were pure but he just didn’t translate. I gotta wonder if the money would be better for him headlining in Mexico as Mistico rather than doing job detail here.

Ted DiBiase: He was having some decent matches on Smackdown before that king hell injury kept him out so long. If they ever decide to give him another shot they should reboot the character as a rich sadist, akin to Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. That way his relatively flat demeanor could be taken as being cold and calculating rather than dull and lifeless.

Triple H: I’m torn on this concussion angle. Besides that I don’t think anything is worth having more McMahon family drama on TV, it is kind of bad timing to have one guy attempting to soldier through a fake concussion while you have your World champion out with a real one. On the other hand, I think making an angle out of it is their way of showing their commitment to the Nowinski thing by bringing the issue to the forefront on TV. (I also suspect HHH has some kind of unresolved issue with Nowinski related to the fact that Nowinski was a big blonde Kowalski student that HHH probably saw some of himself in and then Nowinski bailed on them and made the company look bad in the media). So you’ve got the question of how seriously they take the concussion issue pitted against HHH probably wanting to make himself look good. Either way I’m betting that the “no head moves” initiative on the Saturday Morning Slam show becomes standard operating procedure in the future.

Tyson Kidd: Like I said before, his team with Justin Gabriel should be rekindled and repackaged with something to make them a babyface blowjob team. But also I wonder: will the Divas show on E! actually show Tyson as Nattie’s real life boyfriend? You gotta think that the story of childhood sweethearts living their dreams together and trying to make it as a couple after all these years is natural drama, and it could do something for Tyson’s career. I’m interested to see how that plays out.

Undertaker: He looked healthy enough at Mania that he really should come back for Summerslam and give Punk his clean win back. After that I’m sure it’s just gonna be lather, rinse, repeat.

Wade Barrett: Either commit to him or don’t. At this point, all the main titles are held by uppercarders except his; and I think the idea might be closer to putting the IC title on someone like Bryan or Swagger than to try and elevate Barrett. I like Barrett’s Guy Ritchie British street tough vibe, but he might be better off regrouping. Also, pick a song and stick with it already.

William Regal: I get the feeling the two “I don’t want to be the guy who never made it like you” runs he had in NXT against Ambrose and Ohno were dry runs for repeating it on the main show at some point, maybe against Barrett.

Yoshi Tatsu: After all these years I’m still not sure I even know whether Tatsu can wrestle or not. As it is I tend to forget that he’s not actually Funaki.

Zack Ryder: More and more I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s less “they didn’t want to let Ryder get over” and more “Ryder just expected them to get behind him once the YouTube stuff caught on and never went the extra mile to get there.” Foley called out Ryder when he was on Nerdist for never making his case to Vince directly. When Santino got into the Smackdown Elimination Chamber that one time and got a US title run, that should’ve been Ryder, but obviously Santino was the one in Vince’s ear saying that should be his spot. People say Ryder should just quit and go to TNA, but I get the feeling he’s a dedicated WWE mark and would only ever want to be there. I really don’t know what else to make of him, it may just be too late.

The Divas: I address the Divas as a whole because at this point, their universe is about to be rebooted. Once the E! show happens, its going to change anything that exists as far as the current Divas are concerned (if the show is a hit and it lasts of course). The dramas from the Divas show are going to carry over to the actual division. It’s pretty clever actually, shows like Bad Girls Club and Real Housewives have the same kinds of dramas as WWE, but in a different format where they can have more time to grow their stories. In the end I think AJ and Kaitlin will just go on to be valets and the Divas title will be a reality show prop for the rest.

That’ll do it for this series, thanks for reading.