Shameless Plug Request

Hey Scott, semi-frequent blog contributor, and long time fan here. I write for a geeky pop culture blog called Cultural Compulsive Disorder, and was wondering if you'd mind plugging the Best of SummerSlam  podcast we just did. I'll be your best friend!
​You sound like my daughter.  She offers EVERYONE "best friend" status.  It loses all meaning when you tell random kids on the playground that you'll be their best friend!  You have to earn that shit through years of emotional blackmail and mixtapes!  ​

A plug for a fellow Pulse writer?

Hi Scott, you've always been so kind about plugging my work in the past, and I was wondering if you would be so kind as to plug my latest venture – an e-book with reviews of the first year of shows from Dragon Gate USA and EVOLVE. This is content that can't be found anywhere else, so any help in getting the word out would be greatly appreciated.

The book can be purchased here –


Plug request…..

What's up, Scott?

Great job with the BoD, as always.  As a longtime reader (dating back to the Netcop days), I love what you've done re: diversifying the content and the contributing writers (….missives that no doubt relieve stress from your shoulders).   Your rants are still a must-read in any case, though.

You've helped me out in the past with a couple of on-site plugs, and was wondering if I could go to you for what could be a VERY location-specific plug.  

I'm based in Pittsburgh, PA, and in addition to the Major League Baseball team (the Pittsburgh Pirates), we also have an independent minor league team baseball about 30 minutes south of Downtown Pittsburgh…..The Washington Wild Things….home games in Consol Energy Park in Washington, PA).

This Friday (8/1), a good buddy of mine who owns a remodeling company, SDC Remodeling, is sponsoring an event at the Wild Things game featuring former ROH champ (and SDC Spokesman) Adam Cole.  Game time is 7 PM EST….Adam will be throwing out the first pitch, then setting up shop for a meet-and-greet (autographs, pictures…the usual).

Just throwing out there as something to do for anybody who is (A) a wrestling fan from the Pittsburgh area, or (B) a REALLY big Adam Cole fan from anywhere.  

(Again, Scott, I realize this is hyper-local, so if you feel this is TOO small-time for the blog, I understand completely.  Thanks in advance for any consideration you'd be able to provide)

-Darryl Grandy (posting occasionally on the blog as BoD-er "OSBL")

There's no such thing as too small-time for MY readership!

Cheap Plug.

Hey Scott, long time follower, first time sender. I was wondering if you would showcase this currently selling "Welcome to the BoD" T-Shirt based on the poster Abeyance1.

Thanks a lot and keep up the good work.

​Sure, although it kind of loses something without the proper capitalization on the shirt.  ​

Thanks and Last Shameless Plug

Hi Scott,
Thanks for the re-post of my wrestling figures on your blog, it is much appreciated. I hope I'm not pushing my luck, but I was hoping for one last post with links to each auction. Many thanks to you and your readers!
Bret Hart & Jim Neidhart the Hart Foundation w/ title belts:   Terry Funk w/ Branding Iron and Hat:  Hillbilly Jim w/ Hat:   Jake “The Snake” Roberts w/ Python Damien:   “Hot Rod” Rowdy Roddy Piper w/ Kilt:   Outback Jack w/ Hat:   Koko B. Ware w/ Frankie the Parrot:   Cowboy Bob Orton w/ Cowboy Hat:   Davey Boy Smith & Dynamite Kid British Bulldogs:   Captain Lou Albano & Bobby “The Brain” Heenan:   Kamala w/ Moon Belly:   Special Delivery Jones w/ Red Shirt:   B. Brian Blair & Jim Brunzell Killer Bees:

Shameless Plug / 80’s Wrestling Figures

Hi Scott,  

LONG time reader, first time writer. I was hoping I might get a shameless plug in on your blog. Not sure if you’re up to date on news in BC, but there has been an ongoing teacher strike since June. My wife and I are both educators and with no paycheques in over a month (and no end to the strike / lock-out in sight), I have decided to sell off some of my old LJN Wrestling Superstars figures on E-Bay to pay some bills and keep the kids fed! It’s nothing ground-breaking, but I do have some of the sought after and hard to find accessories (Jake Roberts with Damian, Terry Funk with hat and branding iron, Hart Foundation with title belts, Koko B. Ware with Frankie the Parrot, etc.) I have provided a link below to the Funk figure, the others can be found by clicking my username. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Ebook Plug 2: Running Back the Revenge of the Sequel’s Return: The Re-Reckoning

Hey Scott, Talbot from the blog here. Dunno if you remember, but you gave me a plug with my debut E-Book back in April, and it helped it reach all the way to #3 in its category on Amazon. So, you know, thanks for that. 

Anyways, I've got a new one out, and would be super grateful if you felt like giving it a plug. It's called Hungover & Handcuffed, and aspires to hardboiled, pulpy detective action in the tradition of Raymond Chandler and Black Mask Magazine. It has fuck-all to do with wrestling, but, uh… there's a serial killer who tortures people with a cheesegrater? There's a metaphor involving the phrase "deep throated a muppet?" There's.. violence, sarcasm, and explosions, mostly. At any rate, it's only 99 cents and has already reached #12 on the "Crime Fiction: Noir" charts, so people seem to like it.

Anyways, here's the link:

And the cover: 

Thanks in advance! 

PS: As a promotional tactic, there's also a free story about the main character available on my blog at

Double thanks! 

My Kingdom for a Plug!

Hi Scott,

PhilippeTCA from the blog here. I wondered if you do me the tremendous honor of plugging my very first Kindle e-book. A sci-fi epic called When the Ice Breaks. Here is the description as I wrote it for Amazon.

"Inspired by the saga of King Henry IV and V by William Shakespeare, this book is alive with escapades and action, comedy and tragedy and wonderful technology set around the many moons of Jupiter.
Eric Wen-Cai has a good life working for Captain Michael Miranda. The boisterous and often drunken captain has given Eric and the crew of the Archangel access to all of the temptations of youth one can find around the great gas giant.
However, Eric’s father is the King of Europa, and such a royal lineage does not come without a price to pay. When a rebellion is imminent, the king will do anything he can to make an ally of his wandering son."
The book is $2.99, though there are sales which knock it down and I believe it's actually free for people with Amazon Prime.


Thanks so much! Philippe

Shameless Plug: The Lapsed Fan Podcast

Hey Scott,
I am a big fan and have been following and rereading your rants for over a decade now.  I was wondering if you would mind posting a link promoting my new podcast:  THE LAPSED FAN on  My longtime friend Jack Encarnacao (of the Sherdog Radio Newtork) and I are sifting through the content on The WWE Network and reviewing old pay-per views and television broadcasts while adding our own unique viewpoints, memories, nostalgia and sense of humor to the business that was.  If anything, it promises to be a lot of fun reminiscing about the good old days.


JP Sarro

Plug Request

Hey Scott,

Brian Piccolo/foeaminute here – I have done the Legend's House recaps (all two of them).  A good friend and fellow stand up comic passed away this morning after battling cancer.  35 years old.  Anyway, I've put together a campaign where you can buy a shirt or just donate a couple dollars to his wife and kids to help with his medical bills that he unfortunately leaves behind.  If this isn't appropriate to share here, it's completely fine, but I'm just trying to figure out what I can do to help.

Here's the link, if it is fine:

Thank you, and do what you can to make today count.

Cheap Plug

Hey Scott been a fan for well over a decade now and glad you keep on keeping on.  If it would not be too much trouble can I get a plug for my friend’s Podcast/website that I help out with once in a while.  The site is not exclusively wrestling but the links below go to a couple of recent wrestling list. 

Hello! Wrestlemania weekend DVD plug!

Greetings Scott.

We're a Quebec-based indy wrestling group running for six years now, and we're trying to generate a little business with a Wrestlemania weekend sale and a plug sure would be appreciated if this reaches you in time. Thanks!
Some of our regulars have been Kevin Steen, Franky The Mobster (Maffew is a huge fan), Super Smash Bros and many from the Montreal area. Plus a lot of our Quebec talent is worth checking out! 
From April 4th to April 7th you will have the chance to buy 3 dvd and get 1 for free There will be a 5$ international shipping cost !!! Buy 3 DVD and get 1 free for 35$ !!!
All the info you need is up there.

What Culture Article Plug Request: Bold Predictions for WM 30

Hi Scott,
With WrestleMania a few days away, I wanted to offer up this article I posted to What Culture with some bold predictions for this Sunday. These aren't the typical "pick the winner" prediction, but some off-the-wall ideas that aren't out of the realm of possibility and could make WrestleMania that much more memorable. Would be interested what you or the rest of the BOD'ers think of them:
Scott Carlson

Plug Request

Hey Scott, Lawrence Talbot from the blog here. This has jack all to do with wrestling, but I figured it was worth a shot. My first e-book is currently sitting at 10th place on the Short Sci-Fi list on Amazon, and I'd love to push it a little higher. I think you and the blog might enjoy it, as I know you at least have an affection for classic pulp adventure; the book, called "Put the Sepia On," is a hardboiled detective story set in a cyperpunk dystopia with mutant biker gangs and crazy shrapnel weapons. If you like stories about tough, wiseass pulp heroes facing impossible situations, it'll be right up your alley. 

Anyways, figured it couldn't hurt task for a plug on the blog? Thanks in advance. 

Kindle books are indeed awesome.  Hope this helps.  

Can you plug this in the BOD?

Hey, my friend "jeter421" has a New 52 GL TPB for sale on her Can you advertise it for me, if you may?  There's also a lot of great items on her site, including some WWE DVDs and books!  Remember, the screen name is jeter421


Plug request: What Culture article on Attitude Era stars

Hi Scott,
Longtime reader, semi-infrequent poster (as Joe Boring). I wanted to share with you an article I wrote for What Culture about Attitude Era superstars who might be able to contribute to today's WWE (even if we're talking a couple appearances). If you have the chance to read it and think it's worth sharing with your readers, I'd really appreciate if you can plug it on your blog.
Thanks in advance, and if you have any thoughts about the list, I'd always love to hear them.
Scott Carlson