New E-Book: NXT – The Full Sail Years Volume I


In today’s wrestling world, it’s very common to see the exact same formula over and over with very few changes. A lot of fans are looking for something fresh and it’s hard to find that anywhere. However, one place that you can find it is outside the top level. Down in Florida in the WWE developmental promotion, there is good, old fashioned, week to week wrestling and it’s some of the best stuff going today. I’m sure you’re familiar with names like Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Sami Zayn, Neville and Charlotte, but how did they get their starts down there?

In this book, I’ll be looking at every the first year and a half of NXT, starting with their arrival in Florida at Full Sail University and wrapping it up just before they head over to the WWE Network. NXT started fast and quickly became one of the best wrestling shows around and it will be interesting to see how they got to where they are now. As usual I’ll be providing play by play, context and analysis of every show.

The books runs over 400 pages on a Kindle and only costs $3.99, or the equivalent in other currencies. If you don’t have a Kindle or e-book reader, there are several FREE apps you can use to read it on pretty much any electronic device. You can find those from Amazon here.

You can pick up the book from Amazon here.

From the UK Amazon here.

From the Canadian Amazon here.

Or if you’re in another country with its own Amazon page, just search “NXT History” and my book will be the first thing that pop up.

Also you can still get any of my previous books on the WWE Championship, Monday Night Raw from 1998 and 2001, Monday Nitro from 1995-June 1998, In Your House, Summerslam, Starrcade, ECW Pay Per Views, Royal Rumble, Saturday Night’s Main Event, the WWF and WCW pay per views from 1998 and Clash of the Champions at my author’s page here.

I hope you like it and shoot me any questions you might have.


Plug Request For a Darling Little Project

Dear Dark Lord and Savior,
Been reading your stuff since you were in kindergarten. My friend and I are two ex indie workers and current comics who have a podcast that is dedicated to the worst moments, gimmicks and PPVs ever. Like the brilliant Wrestlecrap, but we spend more time dissecting them, and in podcast form. We were wondering if we could please get a plug in? You can even mention Kevin Owens in the response so you get more clicks. Thanks!

Kevin Owens isn't even that much of a ratings draw on the blog.  Roman Reigns is still the king of that, oddly enough.  

Non-Wrestling Podcast Plug

Hey boss.
Been a long time reader – think I got onboard around your awesome King Lear rant back in the day.
So I come knocking with hat in hand asking you to plug something that benefits you in… no way really.

We've started up a new podcast company called Tall Can Audio.  At launch we have 2 shows. Tall Can Sports which covers, if you can believe it, sports. The other is Audio Whiplash which covers whatever is topical at the time.

Today's TCS was a recap of the Memorial Cup and preview of the Stanley Cup Final while the most recent Audio Whiplash focused on the good and bad of live music.

We're based in Ottawa so you can expect a lot of hockey and Tragically Hip on these shows….

We can be found by:
Searching: Tall Can Audio on iTunes or your other podcast apps.
@TallCanAudio on Twitter or @TallCanSports if that's really all you're in to.
Tall Can Audio on Facebook.
Or if you are in to unimpressive websites that serve no purpose but to post the shows.

If you're still reading this… Thanks in a big bad way.

​Oddly enough, as a Canadian I was never really a fan of the Hip because they were horribly overplayed and drove me away after Road Apples.  However, after many years away from them, I've started listening to "Up To Here" again and holy shit is that a great record.  Once Gord went into a complete drug-fueled beat poetry meltdown in the later albums a lot of it became unlistenable for me (pretty much everything after "Locked in the Trunk of a Car" as far as radio singles go for me) but I can totally put the early stuff on my Google Play random playlist again and be fine with it now.  
And enjoy the plug.  ​

Samoa Joe article plug

> Striking while the iron's hot, pointing out some of the absurdities of Vince Russo's recent statements about star-making (shocking, I know), juxtaposing that with the debut of an ex-TNA guy who Russo let rot.
> Addendum question: Meltzer says Joe's maintaining his free agent status to work other indies (a la Rhyno and Kendrick), but WWE of course can take priority. Do you see an endgame where Joe is given a main roster deal sooner or later? Pretty sure that's where its headed, yup. 

Tizz Shizz Podcast Plug

Talkn'shop Movie review podcast #40. With The Young Bucks, AJ Styles, and Trent Barreta sitting in with the regular Hoots reviewing the Talk'nShop Movie, dropping April 6th. (Featuring my terrible voxer promo putting over the movie)
Here's a link to the pizz kizz:
Here's a link to the Talkn'Shop YouTube channel:
#talknshopmovie drops April 6th. It's free and hilarious and terrible.
Thank you, #smarkhoot
​OK then.​

Wrestlemania 31 review podcast (yep, it’s a plug request)


Long time reader of your various blogs and books, second time writer.  Yours is the only wrestling blog I read (yes, I am asking you for a favor, but that is true about BoD being my only online wrestling info source).  Anyway, we reviewed Wrestlemania 31 on the podcast "Don and his Amazing Friend" this week, and I personally invite you and your readers to listen.  We had a great time discussing the show.

D&AF is not normally a wrestling show – we dissect older genre movies – but wrestling always finds its way into the conversation.  The link to the show is pasted below, as is the Twitter handle.

By the way, I also watched the Macho Man doc last night, and I couldn't agree with you more about the awesome beginning, and then surprisingly lackluster coverage of his wrestling career.  That said, it is still worth the 90 minutes.



Twitter: @secretduck922

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Hamburger Ebook plug

Hey Scott,

I know this is a little off-brand for you, but you've plugged my burger-related projects before and I was hoping you would do again. Wrestling fans love burgers, right? Of course they do, everyone loves burgers. After years and years of abusing my body for my burger blog, I put all the data I've gathered into a burger tome ebook and published it on Amazon ( 

Thanks! Looking forward to a lot more Brock Tock (talk) in the coming year.


I also love burgers, but here in Canada BBQ season is only 2 weeks long and we don't have any of the good burger chains, so we have to make them out of weird stuff like bison up here.  
Brock of course makes his burgers out of the meat of the elephants that he clubs to death with great white sharks.  

Pro-Wrestlemania 31 article plug

Hey Scott,

I wrote my first pro wrestling article over at the entertainment blog I write for, and I decided to write about why Wrestlemania 31 might actually be a worthwhile show this year. It's probably not my best work, but I figured the WM conversation needed a positive argument or two, even if it reads as devil's advocacy. 

If you could help out with a plug, that'd be great. If not, no harm, no foul. Enjoy your Mania weekend!


Wait, Wrestlemania is this weekend?  I thought it was Fastlane.  

Please plug my app… <3

Mr. Keith,

I have made a silly app and goofy YouTube video commercial for said app that I would very much like plugged on the BOD. I love the blog and visit it daily. Also I think you are awesome.

The app is a basic lantern…and that's it. Maybe a few people buy it for 99 cents and attend WWE Wrestlemania. Maybe these folks activate the app and wave it around when a certain wrestler is entering the arena. Maybe this app makes a few hundred bucks. It sounds cool to me.

Thank you for at least letting me waist some of your time.


MMA Fight Week Preview (plea for a plug)

Hey Scott, you have helped me in the past when you linked my CM Punk article. I was wondering (if time permits) if you could do the same for my fight week preview. While this weekend is not going to move the needle, it is a stacked lineup. It's been a while since we've seen an event that is a real value as far as start to finish.

I personally find the fights (and the sport) more compelling when I take a little time to study the technical aspects. I've written this article to be a user friendly overview, but I've included links throughout that allow the reader to read more into the subject (articles written by people smarter than me).

I also write as a lifelong pro wrestling fan, and a consumer who understands that sometimes the UFC company line is bullshit.

If you give me a plug, I'd appreciate it. 

​I was actually debating whether to fling my $10 a month, monkey-poo style, at either NJ World or Fight Pass, and went with NJ because I just can't see myself sitting through prelims and at least NJ World gives you the whole show live.  
Anyway, yeah, I'm looking forward to Overeem v. Nelson, actually.  Also, Rousey's buyrate numbers keep going up, with Dave now saying they're above Silva v. Diaz, which would put it probably over 800,000 buys by my feeble maths.  Go Ronda!  ​

Comic plug

Hey Scott long time reader etc etc. Wondering if you could give a plug to a new comic website that focuses on the investing and speculation market. Even has a top ten like the old Wizard Magazine. Check it out
​I didn't even know there WAS still a speculation market.  I thought Warner and Disney pretty much considered the comic divisions to be throwaway IP development at this point. ​

CM Punk in the UFC: Sure, Why Not? (a plea for a plug)


This is my request for a plug for an article I wrote on CM Punk and UFC. I assert that this probably isn't the worst thing for all parties involved, and that MMA purists should not get their collective panties in a bunch. I also believe that Punk may have a better chance of winning a fight or two then we are giving him credit for.

CM Punk in the UFC: Sure, Why Not?

If you plug this, thanks! 

​I think it's great that Punk is living out his dream, but he's not winning any fights. I'd be surprised if he makes it through a full training camp, in fact.  But he's got the money to do it, so why not?
More importantly, Jones-Cormier tonight.  OH YEAH.  ​

quick book plug

Dear Scott,
I'm a long time reader of your blog and even bought some of your books ("Tonight in this very ring…" remains on of my favorites to this day). I've studied literature in Germany and wrote my master-thesis about Pro-Wrestling (it's medial structure, it's cultural history and the art of storytelling in Professional Wrestling and so on…). Meanwhile I've puplished it as a book, you can find it here: Even if the book is mostly written in german language (except some of the quotes out of the wrestling business, of course), it's maybe interesting for all the german speaking readers of your blog.
It should also be available on Amazon worldwide, as paperback or in digital form. Thank you very much and keep up your good work!
Best wishes,

I feel like running the TV scripts through Google Translate to German and then back again could only help the continuity somehow.  

Podcast Plug.

Hey Scott thought you might see your way clear to plug the latest episode of the 2dcast over on which is a special episode where we invited various Irish media and Star Trek types to choose the greatest Trek OF ALL TIME!!!!!!

Was wondering if you had the chance which episode/movie would you choose as best?
​Best movie:  WRATH OF KHAN
Best episode:  I'll have to be predictable and say Yesterday's Enterprise, I'm afraid.  ​

Place To Be Plug

Hey Scott, I was wondering if my latest column on Place to Be Nation could receive a cheap-plug (insert Mick Foley thumbs up and wink) from you? Have a nice day.
Examining the WWE and the Road to Survivor Series

Two weeks ago, WWE announced their Network numbers, and to no shock, they were less-than-stellar. WWE then decided to disband the six-month commitment, a…
Preview by Yahoo

Birthday Plug?

Hey Scott, 

Talbot from the blog here, wondering if you'd give this podcast a plug? It's called Aliens Under the Vatican and I've been appearing on it semi-regularly as kind of a "technically not a cast member but there all the time/Steve Martin on SNL in the 70s" kinda capacity for a while now, but I didn't previously ask for a plug because it's not usually about wrestling…. but this week I figured I'd ask for two reasons: 

1) It's the host's birthday, and I'm too cheap to get him a real gift. 

2) The first twenty minutes or so of the episode are almost entirely about Jesse "The Body" Ventura, and the host's very good Jesse impression reappears throughout the rest of the episode. 

Other topics include dinosaurs, Bill & Ted, whether or not Harley Quinn is a juggalo, and one of the hosts doing everything he can to keep me from getting through a "Gotham" review. 

Thanks in advance! Hopefully you and/or the BoD can dig on our particular brand of nerdy anarchy. 

​The Flash is still killing it for me as far as superhero shows go.  I didn't even realize who Kaitlyn Snow was until I looked her up on Wikipedia and realized where it's going.  Stupid New 52 revamps.  ​

A worthwhile breast cancer month plug

Being that we've begun to be inundated with WWE and Komen's pinkwashing bullshit machine, I thought I'd try to get out a plug for a worthwhile charity that your readers might consider donating to.
The Breast Cancer Research Foundation has spent over 500 million dollars on research which has lead to new treatments for the disease. They spend 88 cents of every dollar donated directly on lifesaving research. And they don't have any John Cena merchandise. So they've got a lot going for them. You can do donate at if you all are so inclined.
​Yeah, it's not even just that Komen is a terrible charity for WWE to get in bed with​, it's the fact that they can't even do something charitable without being all LOOK AT US, WE'RE DOING CHARITY.  They can't just give money, they have to produce a bunch of cheesy pink t-shirts where they still keep 90% of the money from them and then force all the wrestlers, babyface or heel, to wear them on TV incessantly.  They have to produce TV spots about how they great they are for doing TV spots about breast cancer.  And they have to do this for another MONTH.  Bill Gates gives billions of dollars to charity and you barely ever hear about it, but WWE donates 10 cents per shitty t-shirt and suddenly they're Gandhi?  And that's not even to disparage the legitimate charity work that the company and people like Cena do behind the scenes, like the Make-A-Wish stuff, because it's great that they do, but SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT IT already.  This shit is even on their YouTube channel!  Do we now get a "Top 10 Most Courageous TV spots produced by WWE" list next on there or the Network, where they celebrate Titus O'Neil talking about his grandmother and Stephanie comparing the US government to terrorists?  
OK, I'm good for a while.