Please plug my app… <3

Mr. Keith,

I have made a silly app and goofy YouTube video commercial for said app that I would very much like plugged on the BOD. I love the blog and visit it daily. Also I think you are awesome.

The app is a basic lantern…and that's it. Maybe a few people buy it for 99 cents and attend WWE Wrestlemania. Maybe these folks activate the app and wave it around when a certain wrestler is entering the arena. Maybe this app makes a few hundred bucks. It sounds cool to me.

Thank you for at least letting me waist some of your time.


I Need Your Help Please Mr. Keith

Hey Scott, super long time reader…

I was trading e-mails with someone I’m a big fan of on a radio show who thinks Shawn Michaels is… well, let’s just say heavily overrated. That’s another story in it’s entirety, however, one part of his opinion seemed insane to me… he claimed Shawn, unlike Flair, Bret, Bryan, etc., never carried a bad worker to a great match. Obviously this is insane, but I was wondering if you could please give me some of the best examples you could think of off the top of your head? Not asking for any deep contemplation or anything, of course.

I imagine this may seem unbelievably silly – and it probably is – but any help would be appreciated!

Thank you for phrasing it in a way where I can continue to bash Hogan and Reigns.  
Shawn carried Hogan's (literally) broken down ass in 2005, lock stock and barrel. As an alternative you could look at Tatanka at WM9.  Or Ken Shamrock in 97.  Or the best example, Kevin Nash at WM11.  During his prime you could basically throw him in there with ANYONE and Shawn would get himself over.   Doesn't mean it was effective for the other guy, but Shawn sure as shit made some terrible workers have great matches.  
And of course Daniel Bryan did the same for Roman Reigns this past week.  

RAW QOTD: Can’t Please Everyone

Right now, the Chicago Objectives list is out (see below).  We want CM Punk back.  And we want Daniel Bryan in the main event.

So what happens if you get CM Punk back and they put him in the main event instead of Daniel Bryan?  How would Chicago react to that?  How would you react to that?

Remember, if the Internet is to be believed, CM Punk left because he feels he deserves a main event opportunity and won’t get it.  So odds are if he’s coming back, it’s to be in the main event of WrestleMania.  And we all know he’d be there at Daniel Bryan’s expense.

(Interestingly, if the WWE canonizes this, they could possibly kill the hijacking.  “Oh, you want CM Punk back and you want Daniel Bryan in the main event?  CHOOSE.  Because you can’t have both.”)

So discuss.

Can We Talk About the AWA, Please?

Hey Scott,

So I know very little about the AWA and am curious. I know they were stuck in the past in the early 80's when Gagne refused to go with Hogan as "The Guy". But they lasted until 1990. I know there was a lot of bad shit like Greg Gagne and again, being stuck in the past, but they put the title on Rick Martel & Curt Hennig, were those good decisions for the time? After Hogan left & Vince raided them, was there ever a glimmer of hope there? Was there anything they could have done to survive into the 90's, whether it be push this guy or freshen up the product by going in this direction?

Oh, no, they were dead in the water like everyone else who wasn't national at that point.  Everything past Vince's initial raid of the promotion in the early 80s was just Bill slowly walking away after taking the five finger death punch.  I know we always simplify it to "Verne was old and wouldn't push Hogan and the Rockers derp derp derp" but really much bigger forces were aligning against everyone outside of WCW and the WWF anyway, so realistically everyone below that level either had to radically reinvent themselves or die off quickly.  Verne had a good promotional base to keep himself alive longer than he should have, plus the ESPN deal, but really once Hogan/Ventura/Mean Gene/Dr. D/Patera/Verne's caterer and parking valet all jumped in the same weekend, the war was over.  Verne didn't have the resources, TV deal, or PPV experience (duh) to even know how to compete with what was going to destroy him.  
Martel was a good try at the time because he was the closest thing they had to a potential crossover babyface star, but he was obviously too big for the promotion and was gonna get snapped up by the WWF no matter what.  Hennig was realistically the only guy who could get the title in 87 no matter how badly Verne still wanted old man Bockwinkel as his champion.  But again, anyone who was pretty good and achieved past a certain level was destined to be gone anyway.  Anyone who COULD have been a difference maker was gonna go, and anyone who wasn't gonna go (Jerry Lawler, Larry Z, Greg Gagne) either was someone who burned all their bridges or that fans wouldn't buy as champion.  It was literally no-win for the AWA.  Vince was fucking with him so badly by the end that he signed away Sgt. Slaughter, for god's sake!  
I don't think Verne HELPED himself with all his stupid booking cliches and short-sighted decisions, but it wasn't like he was gonna last past 1991 anyway.  

Papers, Please!

You wouldn't think a game about stamping passports with a basic EGA-ish graphics engine would be so gut-wrenching, but here you have it.  Amazingly, they've managed to take the most banal subject possible and turn it into something where you're actually feeling pressure, both to get the documents processed ASAP and feed your family, but also to find loopholes to help (or hinder as needed) people who might be killers or terrorists.  When the dancers come to you for help and you have to be like "Sorry, I'd love to detain your pimp for questioning, but he's got a valid permit and I need medicine for my sick son" it's actually pretty tough to deal with.    It's $10 and I don't know if it's been in a Humble Indie Bundle recently, but it's well worth the money.
Glory to Arstotszka.

War Games Please

I know its one of those IWC things like Cena turning, but wouldn't War Games being awesome to see soon, maybe for Survivor Series.

With the Rhodes family angle, it could be linked there w/ Bryan, Cody, Golddust and Big Show v. Orton and The Shield. Would 100% pay to see that.

We know.  Won't happen.

Translation please?

I need to brush up on my Warrior speak…  I think he's saying that even though it's cool now, it could come to murder between him and Vince!

I'm presuming that he was speaking metaphorically.  As in keeping the "edge" that the Bret-Vince feud lacked.  However, it could also be a literal hatchet that Warrior is planning to carry into WWE's offices and murder Vince. You just never know with that wacky guy.  

A plug please

———- Forwarded message ———-

Long time, first time,

I am getting ready to move across the country and getting rid of some stuff I no longer have a need for. 
Included in that is my collection of WWE/WWF DVDs, as well as a bunch of indy DVDs from the last few years.
Any chance for a plug? If it helps, the Maple Leafs suck.
Sorry, the answer we were looking for is "Blackhawks can die in a fire", but enjoy the plug.

Some help please…

Hey Scott,
I get bored and watch clips from Raw during the Attitude Era, but I'm in the dark on a lot of things that I simply can't remember. So hopefully you and the Doomers could help me out:
1. Why did Vince McMahon join The Union? All I know is that on the May 10, 1999 episode of Raw, he comes out with that group, sans tie (which was a nice touch), and he's talking about looking for the union label. Then Commissioner Shawn Michaels makes a bunch of matches, but I've been unable to figure out how they even got to that point.
2. The night after Backlash 2000, The Rock basically thanks Stone Cold for coming out and wiping everyone out with chairs and helping him win the title back, mentioning that he knew he'd keep his word. Did Austin make an appearance prior to Backlash? How did he wind up getting involved in this brouhaha?

Dude, I can barely even remember who the tag champions are these days, someone else is gonna have to field these ones.   


You da man, been reading you forever, all that good stuff.
1. What do you see for Ryback in these next upcoming months? They didn't even let him squash Jack Swagger, as if they need to protect that doofus's heat.

I see Ryback continuing to squash jobbers and low-level curtain jerkers.  Perhaps he'll get new airbrushed tights somewhere in there too.  

2. How can the WWE save Lesnar's run? Obviously he is still going to be over huge regardless of if he loses all four/five matches he is going to do in his run, but they flushed a lot of money down the toilet by not giving him the monster "path of destruction" push. Ahh, WWE egos.

I think WWE and the fanbase are just on different planets as far as what each side expects from the Lesnar return.  I honestly think WWE just wants to use him to put their own guys over in short-term programs and maybe pop a number against Undertaker at Wrestlemania, and that'll be that.  I still find it hilarious that Christopher Nolan figured out how to book a monster heel much better than WWE can these days, because I was sure as hell hoping Batman was going to kick the shit out of Bane by the end of that movie.  

3. What happens to Heath Slater after Raw 1000? I think he is hilarious, and he plays his character perfectly. The crowd loves to boo him, and you can tell Cole and Lawler love his segments where he gets his ass beat. They're laughing the entire time on commentary.

He becomes the opposite of Randy Orton?  He loses all the time and then gets fired for passing a drug test?  

4. What is your favorite food?

Vince's pain every time Linda loses an election.