True A+ players

Scott, with the term "A+ Players" being tossed around as loosely as
spots in the WWE Hall of Fame, who would you say are the true A+
players of wrestling?

There have been a lot of A's, but in my mind, to be a true A+ player,
the ultimate wrestler (not the Ultimate Warrior) you have to truly
transform the industry as a whole, and raise wrestling to a level it
has never reached before.

The only two people that I believe have ever done that are Hulk Hogan
and Steve Austin.

Ric Flair?  Just carried on the legacy he inherited, and was never a
huge draw outside the Carolinas.

Bruno Sammartino?  Carried his company for over a decade, but couldn't
really expand them beyond being a profitable Northeastern promotion.

The Rock?  Gained mainstream fame after becoming a movie star, but
really didn't take wrestling to a higher level than Austin brought it.

Andre the Giant?  An attraction, a curiousty, a draw, but not a
gamechanger for any promotion.

Brock Lesnar?  Maybe could have been over time, but just didn't get there.

And I don't think that anybody else even deserves consideration for the title.

And of course, wrestling hasn't had an active A+ player for over a
decade…and probably never will again.

Your thoughts?

Wait, what?  The ROCK isn't an A+ player?  DO YOU NOT KNOW WHOSE BLOG THIS IS?!?