Playboy Ronnie Garvin
Who knew that Ronnie Garvin was such a beast!?  I've no problem with *this* guy being a World Champion…
  – Joe

Dude, I've been tracking down some stuff from Southeastern because the clips that Karl Stern plays in his shows sound awesome, and it's pretty crazy stuff.  There's a brilliant gimmick waiting to be stolen with Mr. Olympia, actually.  He's normally an Arn Anderson-style cheating heel named Jerry Stubbs, but he wanted to reform and be a babyface, so he started wearing a mask and calling himself Mr. Olympia, like a superhero idea.  So when he's wearing the mask he wrestles clean and scientific and acts like a babyface, but if he gets unmasked then he starts cheating and getting mean and vicious again.  That is AWESOME.  
Anyway, the thing with Ron Garvin is that by the time he got to the national stage with Crockett in the 80s, he was way past his prime. Definitely the 70s were his best times.  He was slugging it out with Andre the Giant in that clip!  You have to respect that a little.