New from Place to Be Nation

Hi Scott,
Thanks, as always, for your support of The Place to Be Podcast.  We had some cool things from the last week we wanted to share with the blog.
Our PTBN staff series "The Five Count" debuted with a look at The Most Wasted WWE Title Reigns:
We have Instant Reaction for The Best in the World ROH iPPV from last night:
We looked back and evaluated all the Kings of the Ring:
Our MMA team interviewed Stipe Miocic after his UFC 161 win:
We also have this cool GrappleTalk Rewind Podcast that is going through all the UFC events (similar to what you did years back – only in audio form):
This week we have a big retrospective lined up to coincide with the War Games DVD release on Tuesday, plus our standard podcasts and show reviews.  Thanks again for your support.

New from Place to Be Nation

Hi Scott,
We wanted to pass on some of the exciting things happening over at Place to Be Nation for the blog.
Tonight we'll live blog WWE Payback here:
We also have a feature up on the Three Stages of Hell, including commentary on the main event of tonight's show:
All the recent Place to Be Podcasts plus podcasts on vintage NWA, UFC and sports in general (including one from The Kings of Sport with Court Bauer) are right on our site for streaming:
We have weekly recaps of all the material posted on Place to Be Nation:
Thanks again for your support of our site!

Place to be plug

> Andrew Riche 1:57pm Jun 2
> Hey, Scott, you might remember me from your older blog on livejournal, but I just started working with Scott Criscuolo and Justin Rozzero on a site called The Place To Be Nation about pop culture, sports, wrestling, comics, music, and the whole lot. I am going to primarily do sports and some movie related articles and I did one about the night Austin wrestled Dude Love at Over the Edge, which was on the same night the Bulls played the Pacers in Game 7 of the Eastern Finals. I think you would enjoy it. They will post it either tonight or tomorrow.
> Http:// I am of course a big fan of the Place To Be podcast and I'm glad they finally have a website for it.

Daniel Bryan All Over The Place

A year or so after the 18 second debacle, Daniel Bryan is still super over and in a position where he could (arguably) be propelled to Cena-like levels of superstardom, as evidenced by the affable way in which he presents himself during promotional interviews, the Make a Wish thing he did for that kid with cancer, and his general clean cut and hard working attitude. Not to mention the fact he has everyone from the 5 year old kids to the 30+ year old smarks chanting his name. I like many others are dreading a potential heel turn, so my question for you is do you think a heel turn would work right now for Bryan? Surely (as seen with CM Punk) the crowd will still cheer for him. Where do you think this is headed and are you as confident as other Bryan fans are that he can become an even bigger star than what he is now. Thanks Well…hang on, I’ve got another call. Hey Scott, got some questions for you. After turning almost everything WWE gave him into gold and showing more personality than many could hope to have, how high do you think Daniel Bryan is gonna go in WWE? And with all the responses he’s been getting for a solid year, why hasn’t WWE bet on him more seriously? After all, isn’t that what Triple H said to CM Punk that he needed to do: win “them” over? Isn’t that what saved John Cena? Is it safe to say, then, that the problem is still the size?
I’d like your thoughts on all this and thank you for all your work!
I think they have confidence in Bryan to a certain level, but they just have the size fetish that won’t let them accept someone that small at a top level.   That being said, I think the Kane alliance is fine for him, because Kane is a guy who gets protection all the time, and by staying associated with him that kind of puts Bryan on that higher level automatically.  Plus Bryan is an increasingly connected guy who is a reliable merch seller and a noted super-clean non-drug user who top guys like to work with.  That usually adds up to an eventual re-push when someone inevitably gets injured or fucks up or both. As to the first question, I don’t think they’d be dumb enough to turn him given the monster reactions he gets.  Plus they can always put him with Punk again when he comes back and reverse the dynamic from last year. 

Big Brother – Is Dan Gheesling playing for second place?

Hi Scott,
What a crazy last half this season of Big Brother has been.  I was really curious what your thoughts were regarding the latest back stab by Dan and his chances of winning.  Will a shell shocked Shane enter the jury house and only stir up the bitterness towards Dan?  I am a huge fan of Dan but I'm worried now that he cannot beat either Danielle or Ian.  Danielle looks to have Frank, Shane, and Jenn locked up as votes and that leaves Britney, Ashley, Ian, and Joe where she'd only need one of those.  Dan vs Ian it looks like Ian would have Britney (Coach loyalty?) Frank, Ashley, Shane and possibly a bitter Danielle — Could Danielle even vote for Dan after he lied to her 100 times and then got her voted out? With the up coming HOH, it almost feels like Dan has to lose on purpose so he won't have to cast the final vote and lose a jury vote. I think ultimately, Dan has no shot vs Ian, and can only barely beat Danielle depending on bitterness of the jury – Thoughts? Danielle's amazing jaw drop face =D

I think Dan would destroy Danielle in a jury vote, like not even close.  Everyone knows she's his puppet at this point.   I think Ian definitely beats Dan, though, although even if Dan only gets second he's still getting the $25000 from the online poll so he'll make out well either way.  And yeah, Danielle would still vote for Dan, because he's probably already used the DAN MIST on her and convinced her that voting out Shane was for her benefit.  Honestly I'm fine with any of the three winning it, they all deserve to be there and they all played a great social game.  Ian will be back for the inevitable All Stars 2 next year even if he doesn't win this, and I'm sure Frank will too if WWE doesn't sign him to a developmental deal.  
And not to spoil anything, but it doesn't appear like Dan's in the comp throwing mood now.