New Japan piece at Paste Magazine


Hi. Paste Magazine ran a piece about New Japan today. Your readers might dig it.

Hey, wait a minute, I'm not gonna get a picture of Minoru Suzuki showing his ass like Kim Kardashian here, am I?  I mean, sure I'm curious and a little turned on by the thought, but some warning first would be nice.  
Wait, did I think that or type it?  

New PTB piece: “As The Shield Turns”

I rarely write about specific wrestling angles, but this one made me scrap what I had planned after Payback (I don’t even remember what it was at this point). Anyway, be sure to catch the potential spoiler for my possible next article that, if I write it, might get certain sections of smarkdom to break out the pitchforks on me.

Terrific Masked Man piece on Randy Orton

I’m sure this will engender some interesting discussion, if it hasn’t  already in a threadjack somewhere. Personally, I think he’s 100 percent correct. I’ve admittedly never been as down on Orton as some of you- never a big fan, either- but he’s killing it in this role. I wrote shortly after his heel turn that he was the perfect avatar for the Authority in that storyline, but it’s pretty obvious he’s a lot more than that now.