A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Smarks

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From: Matthew Graham
Date: Tue, Aug 20, 2013 at 11:37 PM
Subject: Great wrestling visuals (re: the rebirth of Brock Lesnar)

I just rewatched Summerslam and the greatest highlight for the match for me took place after Brock’s victory.

With Punk writhing in pain on the canvas, a spent Lesnar crawled over to the upper right corner not to aid Paul Heyman but to retrieve the folded steel chair that insured his victory. He held it up on its side and rested his forehead on the metal. The camera cuts back to show Punk clutching his leg, selling the damage done.

Then Dunn in the truck quickly cuts back to an extreme close up of Lesnar’s profile, head still digging into the steel chair…smiling like a gargoyle.

What a haunting, all-telling, terrific shot.

Got me thinking though. What do you think are some of the best visuals or shots since in the last thirty years of the business aside of Austin bleeding in the sharpshooter?

One shot that doesn’t get enough love is of Punk blowing a kiss at Vince before taking to the crowd with his newly won WWE title at MITB ’11.

You know, you may not think it doesn’t get any love, but try poking around a wrestling msg board, you’ll see it about 30 times in 2 posts.

For me, I love the shot of Vince looking over the apron, covered in blood from WMXIX.

As you mentioned, Stone Cold with the blood and such is probably the greatest of all time. Hell, it made it to a t-shirt. 

The Rock and The Bigger Picture?

Now that the rumors are swirling that Rock might have wrestled his last match it got me thinking about the "bigger picture" that Rock alluded to in interviews.

What was it really? Was it to simply "pass the torch" to Cena (one that many argue wasn't Rock's to pass anyway)? Or was it to boost business short term under the guise that it would reap benefits for the long term?

Lastly do you think that this last run soured people on The Rock because as you put it "people saw through what he was doing?"

Is this like gang up on the Rock day or something?  
I think the bigger picture was supposed to be boosting business by, as you noted, passing the torch to Cena, which is like Andre "passing the torch" to Hogan three years into his World title reign.  The torch was already taken long ago.  If anything, Rock passed the torch to Brock Lesnar in 2002, and then Brock pawned it to fund his lawsuit against WWE.  Credit to Rock for wanting to do the right thing, but if guys like him and Brock are just there to wrestle the Cenas and HHHs of the world, they probably shouldn't have bothered.