Perfect feuds from beginning to end

Aside from Flair vs Funk in 1989, what other feuds have just been perfect from beginning to end? Seems so many just end up living way past their expiration date.

​Jerry Lawler was the master of the short-form subject in Memphis.  Heel comes in, gets some shine on Lawler, Lawler regroups and beats them with a fireball or whatever and sends them packing for the next territory.  No fuss, no muss.  
Warrior v. Savage had a terrific story progression in 91.  And one of the greatest payoffs of any wrestling storyline, ever!

Mr. Perfect

Hi Scott,
Is it safe to say that Curt Hennig in 1990 was the best wrestler in the world?
​Ric Flair and his multiple ****+ matches with Lex Luger strongly disagree with that.  I'd even say that Ted Dibiase was a better wrestler in 1990, so Hennig wasn't even the best in the WWF that year.  So no, not safe at all.  ​

The Perfect End to the Perfect Tournament

New Japan’s G1 Climax Tournament has come and gone, leaving behind an indelible mark on the sport of Pro Wrestling, and setting the bar higher than it’s ever been set in the history of the business. After 3 weeks of nothing but pure classics like Tanahashi/Shibata, Styles/Suzuki, and Honma/Shibata to name a few, all good things must come to an eventual end.

Yes, the Main Event from just a few, mere hours ago. The winner of Block A: “The King of Strong Style” Shinsuke Nakamura vs. The winner of Block B: “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada. Two members of the same crew, CHAOS. Two men who have teamed up in tag action almost 30 times this year alone. Two of the three biggest stars in the company, and two of the five best wrestlers in the world.

It’s the single biggest match they could possibly book, a match we swore they wouldn’t pull the trigger on, and yet here it is. Early word is that this shattered all iPPV records with a 6-figure buyrate. Short story long, here it is: OKADA vs. NAKAMURA

Kazuchika Okada vs. Shinsuke Nakamura by DrunksukeMuraco

MOTD: Mr Perfect vs Shawn Michaels At Stars & Stripes Forever 91

Here’s a Mr. Perfect vs. Shawn Michaels match that’s pretty obscure.

Taped 3/11/91, aired on the Prime Time Wrestling “Road to WrestleMania VII: Stars And Stripes Forever” special on 3/17/91. 

Hennig was on a major roll at this point, no doubt.  Shawn was no slouch himself.  Had the Summerslam 93 match even been this good, people wouldn’t have been so pissed about it, I think. 

5 shows that would make the WWE network perfect

Hell, they're getting my money anyway but here are my 5 suggestions for the new network. From airing Georgia Championship Wrestling/WCW/WCW Saturday night episodes at 6:05 on Saturdays to "DDP Sober House," 

Jesus, is this WWE Network e-mails day or something?  Where's all the Daniel Bryan talk?  
I'm all about video game countdown shows on YouTube, and WWE's website geeks usually do an awesome job on them as it is.  

Mr Perfect




If Warrior didn’t leave before Survivor Series 1992, when was Mr Perfect supposed to come back?

He wasn’t.  Hennig basically thought he was done and his return was a pretty desperate move by Vince to save the main event.  To the Observer-Mobile!
“While that match sounds hot as far as work quality, Hennig’s back is certainly a question mark and Flair’s doctor told him at least six weeks off just three weeks ago so he’s a question. You’ve got to figure they’ll probably both come through as far as a great performance on this show. Then you’ve got to ask at what cost? Hennig had a super match with Bret Hart at a Summer Slam when he was nowhere near 100 percent and after being out a few months with a bad back. But the end result of that super match and all those guts was being out of action for 15 months, and what would have been many months longer had the situation within the promotion not become so desperate. The Hennig turn on Prime Time was seen by very few because that’s the lowest rated show the promotion has. The Fox special, plugging Warrior to be there, was seen by very many in comparison. This is really a test of doing a PPV show where everything originally planned out had to be thrown out. It should be noted the Hart-Michaels match was not in the original plans since the original plans had Flair as champion through this show. In fact, the cable ads that were still running as of this weekend still listed Flair as WWF champion.”
Also, Wrestlemania 9, was Papa Shango going to feud with Warrior, then what was Sid going to do? Hogan was leaving, correct? Savage was with Flair?

Wrestlemania 8, you mean?  Yeah, you’d have Savage v. Flair, Warrior v. Papa Shango, and I presume Sid v. Undertaker because they were married on house shows after Wrestlemania. 

Mr Perfect vs Shawn Michaels At Stars & Stripes Forever 91

So, I know everybody shits on their Summerslam match, but this is a great little TV match as Shawn and Curt try to out-sell each other. It drags a little in the middle, but two ridiculous Shawn bumps and a pretty great ending sequence (if not a great ending) make it well worth watching… and it makes it all the weirder that their Summerslam match wasn’t better. 

Well, to be fair, everyone shits on their Summerslam match because the WWF themselves basically did everything short of literally going on TV and promising a ***** match and it was only **1/2 or so.  But yeah, I’ve seen this match and it was damn good, and they had one on Coliseum Video somewhere that was damn good as well, and to this day I can’t understand why they didn’t click. 

See also:  Rey Mysterio v. Eddie Guerrero at Wrestlemania 21.

Mr. Perfect

Just watched the Mr. Perfect/ Savage vs. Flair/Ramon match you posted the other day.  Got me to thinking about when Perfect left for WCW in what I think was early 1996.  At the time I think he was in of his Managerial stints.  When he jumped,(for what I assume was more money) he started to wrestle again and went on to a moderate amount of success with the Horseman angle and then the redneck thing.  If he stays in WWF does he meander around or is he able to be relevant in the beginnings of the attitude era like Bret and Shawn?

Well obviously the back problems were going to be a big concern no matter where he was.  Even around 91 his back was pretty much shot and by the time of his planned WWF comeback in 96 there was no way he was going to be able to wrestle at anywhere near the same level that he was used to.  The reason he started wrestling again in WCW is that they were basically able to compensate him enough to justify losing his VERY lucrative insurance settlement.  I think that his WCW matches showed that he wouldn't have been anything special in WWF during the Attitude era as a worker, although if you can name a better choice for Vince's corporate champion in 98 I will call you a lying son of a bitch to your face and deduct 1/2* from Bryan-Punk out of spite as well.  So I think, yeah, best case he gets a few big paydays with Austin, probably hurts his back again in the process, and calls it a career.  

Match of the Day: Bulldog v. Perfect

When I was a kid I had a Coliseum Video I bought at K-Mart called WWF Greatest Champions.  It was about 2 hours long and profiled ‘The Ultimate Warrior’, ‘The Hart Foundation’, ‘Mr.Perfect’ and ‘Hulk Hogan’.  After a few clips of famous matches, they would show a full length match showcasing a successful title defense by the respective champion(s).  Because Mr. Perfect was the only heel profiled, they showed a match against ‘The British Bulldog’ in which Perfect retained in controversial fashion (the faces that were profiled had matches in which they won clean).  I searched for it after seeing your “Match of the Day” segments on the blog (which are great BTW) and re-watched it.  Not as good as I remembered, but I thought that Bulldog and Perfect had CRAZY chemistry and could have made for an awesome program, and I was hoping you could post this as a future “Match of the Day”.  The match is pure fun from the initial test of strength that has Perfect quite audibly calling Bulldog a “sonuvabitch” to Bret Hart’s CLASSIC “oh-you’re-not-gonna-BELIEVE-this-shit” look to Bulldog after hearing Hebner’s excuse for DQ.  Thanks for any thought you give to posting this.

Perfect booking

  Hey Scott,
     Since there is so much incessant whining on this site I figured I would go the opposite direction and ask; what are some instances in which the booking and payoff of an angle are pretty much done to perfection? Just going off the top of my head I would list the following: The Triple H/Undertaker/Michaels Hell in the Cell Match, The Warrior vs Savage retirement match, and the Big Bossman vs the Mountie Jailhouse match. I had to list the last one because The Mountie totally had it coming and it was SO much fun to watch him get dragged out of the Garden and later in Jail. I'm sure I am leaving out a lot but like I said I just listed the first things that came to mind.

There might be less "whining" if WWE didn't suck so bad much of the time.  
As for the question, I would add Hogan v. Savage from Wrestlemania 4 to Wrestlemania 5 to that list, the Warrior win over Honky Tonk Man, Steamboat over Savage, the Austin v. Dude Love at Over the Edge 98, and Rock v. HHH at Backlash 2000.