The WM 23 number

Hey Scott

How come Lashley v Umaga tends to get all the credit for WM 23’s monster number?

Doesn’t the main event usually get the bulk of the credit/blame for the buy rate? I know the Vince/Trump angle was heavily promoted, but do we know for sure that’s why people were buying the show, rather than for Cena/Michaels or Batista/Taker?


I think common sense would dictate that Trump drew the number, since he spiked ratings and was the primary focus of the buildup. Not to mention that Cena didn’t draw anything approaching that number on his own the year before or the year after and neither did Taker. Plus just from personal anecdotal evidence I bought 23 after months of ignoring the product completely and had friends who wanted to come over and watch the hair v. hair match, and these were people who were casual fans at best.

HHH needs to stop putting people over (also, the letter B)

So I was going to say that HHH probably should stop putting people over given it seems like more of a curse than a blessing in the long run…

Bryan – injured, might be career-ending

Batista – left early, never the same
Benjamin – nowhere
Benoit – …

Then I realized…forget all about that.  *All of these guys wrestling last names start with the letter B*.  Is it possible that only people with a B+ last name are under the HHH curse?

Have I blown the lid off of this conspiracy?


​So wait, when he's referring to Bryan as a "B+ player", it's really secret code for "I'm going to put you over and thus destroy your career in the long run"?  
MIND BLOWN.  Someone needs to make a Buzzfeed list about this right now!  ​

Kafabermetrics on HHH buying people

Maybe an interesting read for the Heavenly BOD-ies:
I think this comment section on this one could get rowdy.

Jesus fuck, are there actually people trying to do this sabermetrics bullshit with WRESTLING?  I can understand sucking the fun out of baseball because it's all based on stats and percentages as a part of the game, but wrestling is a WORKED SPORT.  The mind boggles.  

Were people really throwing trash in the ring when Hogan turned Heel

I was watching Bash '96 when Hulk Hogan went to the NWO. I noticed that, although there was a LOT of trash in the ring, I couldn't find one person actually throwing anything. In fact, it looks as though people were cheering when Hulk dropped the leg on Savage.

I may be way off base here but were people actually throwing trash in the ring or was it designed to look that way. I know you can't figure it out from the video but has anyone ever talked about this?

Of COURSE they were.  WCW was freaking about it for weeks afterwards, in fact, because they didn't want to get sued by anyone, and rightly so.  The garbage throwing was one of the craziest spontaneous fan reactions to an angle that I've ever seen, although thankfully now people don't get much crazier than chanting "Yes" at Daniel Bryan.  But yeah, totally real.’s Fifty Most Beautiful People List

A few days ago, released arguably its weirdest list ever, with "The 50 Most Beautiful People in Sports Entertainment", which ranks both women and men together. 

It's a gallery-style list, so for those who want to avoid clicking through the whole tiring thing:
50. Kaitlyn
49. CM Punk
48. Melina
47. Matt Striker
46. Dolph Ziggler
45. Molly Holly
44. Triple H
43. The Kat
42. Eric Bischoff
41. Mickie James
40. Stan Lane
39. Bella Twins
38. Jack Brisco
37. Ted DiBiase, Jr.
36. Kimberly Page
35. John Cena
34. Justin Gabriel
33. Jim Londos
32. Maria
31. Wade Barrett
30. Kelly Kelly
29. Magnum T.A.
28. Jeff Hardy
27. David Otunga
26. Lita
25. Chris Jericho
24. Kofi Kingston
23. Paul Roma
22. Candice Michelle
21. The Miz
20. Layla
19. Rick Rude
18. Alberto Del Rio
17. Shawn Michaels
16. Maryse
15. John Morrison
14. Sable
13. Rick Martel
12. Edge
11. Batista
10. Torrie Wilson
9. Cody Rhodes
8. Sunny
7. Ricky Steamboat
6. Stacy Kiebler
5. The Rock
4. Eve Torres
3. Trish Stratus
2. Randy Orton
1. Miss Elizabeth
So yeah…figured I'd forward the list for discussion, as I'm sure there are some who would take umbrage with the assertion that Randy Orton is more beautiful than Trish Stratus, or that HHH (schnozz and all) is more attractive than both Kaitlyn and Molly Holly. 
I've personally given up trying to explain the weirdness of  I think that in some ways the whole site is just a rib on everyone and WWE itself doesn't even care about it anymore.  

Also, any plans for a December Starrcade countdown? I imagine the 1997-99 shows are the origin of all WCW-related scorn. Either way, keep up the great work with the blog! 

I already did the Starrcade countdown last year on the blog, but I might repost the reposts to InsidePulse because I don't think I did them there.  


People Like Wrestling Show, Film At 11

Guess I'm gonna have to hurry up and do that review already.  Now if only they could remember how to do the whirlwind of media to build up PPVs, which actually generate MONEY for them.  But regardless, this site did record numbers yesterday for a RAW episode, so obviously the show was a huge deal.