Pedigree Of A Champion


I know that not everyone is on board with the push Roman Reigns is receiving, but I think there's something most may not be aware of. "The Powerhouse" has a championship pedigree unmatched by any WWE Superstar in history. His father is Sika, one half of the WWE Hall Of Fame tag team The Wild Samoans and a three time tag team champion. His brother Rosey also wrestled for the WWE and is a former tag team champion. As a member of the fabled Anoa'i family, the greatness in his bloodlines doesn't stop there. His cousins include former WWE Champion Yokozuna, Rikishi, Umaga, current tag team champs Jimmy & Jey Uso, and of course The Rock.

I'm sure there's lots I've left off here, but hopefully I've gotten the point across and the BOD audience can finally get behind "The Big Dog" with the rest of the WWE Universe.

​Wait a minute, I Googled this Umaga guy and he apparently died…of DRUGS.  That's not exactly the image I want of my WWE World Heavyweight Champion ™ and role model to children around the world.  What if some kid discovers this and then thinks that it's OK to eat marijuana?  FUCK ROMAN REIGNS.​