What the World Was Watching: WWF Wrestling Challenge – April 29, 1990

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan call today’s action, still taped from Syracuse, New York.

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What the World Was Watching: WWF Prime Time Wrestling “The Ultimate Challenge Special” – March 25, 1990

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan host tonight’s show, which aired on USA Network on March 25.  Instead of doing the show from the studio, though, they are on location from the Sparkles Nightclub in the CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The matches on this broadcast were taped in San Francisco, California on March 7 as part of the Wrestling Challenge tapings that took place in the same location.

Heenan is anxious about being in CN Tower, telling Monsoon that the building is swaying.  They renew their gag about Heenan needing tickets for WrestleMania VI and when Monsoons says he has secured them, Heenan demands to know if they are in the front row.  Monsoon asks Heenan why he agreed to have the Colossal Connection face the Rockers a week before WrestleMania.  Heenan responds that he arranged the match because Andre the Giant wanted to send a message to the Hart Foundation.

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What the World Was Watching: WWF Wrestling Challenge – March 18, 1990

Tony Schiavone and Gorilla Monsoon do commentary for today’s show, which concludes the tapings in Tucson, Arizona.

The broadcast starts by re-airing Demolition’s squash from Prime Time Wrestling.

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Shawn Michaels vs. Max Moon (and other Dream Matches)

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Welcome to more Dream Matches! This time with my new obsession: random forgotten characters! All of this is readily available on YouTube.

So the accepted story with Max Moon goes as follows: Lucha superstar Konnan was brought in to the WWF by Vince McMahon in hopes of playing this futuristic spaceman superhero-type character. He spends a bajillion dollars on the suit, including gauntlets that fire streamers and a steam-shooting rocket pack to “jump” up the ring steps. But then Konnan, owing to his success in Mexico (where he was actually on a soap opera, plus was selling out major shows) and the fact that the suit took a ton of effort, was like “fuck this” and bailed, never even making TV with the gear. Vince was furious and left with this wildly expensive ridiculous suit, at which point Paul Diamond, probably about to be cut as his “Kato” persona was now a complete jobber act, made one of the smartest observations in history: “Hey, I bet I could fit in that suit”. And so suddenly Diamond is now repackaged as this new character, adding about 4-5 months of WWF paydays to his career until they cut him loose for real. Diamond explains some of it, here.

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SummerSlam Showdown 1991 (Dragon/Tornado/Bulldog vs. All Three Orient Express)

“You know the Texas Tornado’s the only guy I know who can hide his own Easter eggs?”.
-Bobby Heenan on Kerry Von Erich

* Did you ever know that the Orient Express once had ALL THREE members fighting in a match at the same time? I sure didn’t! Yet here it is tonight! I’m oddly more excited for that than anything else on here- another prelude to a big PPV, in this case being SummerSlam ’91. Also up: Hulk Hogan vs. Sgt. Slaughter for the WWF Title! Hawk vs. Brian Knobbs! Bret Hart vs. The Barbarian! Virgil versus a mystery man of Ted DiBiase’s choosing!

Vince makes a timely Annette Funnicello reference (who in their target audience would get THAT?) and Bobby Heenan’s in a ridiculous early ’90s “beach bum” get-up. Some douchebag fan has a whistle and they blow that sucker REPEATEDLY at certain points during the show.

WCW vs WWF: The Nasty Boys | WrestleZone Forums

The Nasty Boys: The Rocksteady & Bebop of the wrestling industry.

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