Best Wrestlemania matches at Paste Magazine


Would love for the blog regulars to come tell us how awful our picks are for this list of the best Wrestlemania matches. I lobbied hard for the WM 27 8-man but no dice.

​It's no Bret-Austin, but it's close.  No love for Lawler v. Cole either?  COME ON.​

New Japan piece at Paste Magazine


Hi. Paste Magazine ran a piece about New Japan today. Your readers might dig it.

Hey, wait a minute, I'm not gonna get a picture of Minoru Suzuki showing his ass like Kim Kardashian here, am I?  I mean, sure I'm curious and a little turned on by the thought, but some warning first would be nice.  
Wait, did I think that or type it?  

Paste Magazine’s list of the ten things you need to watch on the WWE Network



Over at Paste Magazine is a list of the ten things you should watch first on the WWE Network, written by myself and Robert Newsome, the editor of the Atomic Elbow wrestling fanzine. It'd be awesome if you could post a link at the Blog of Doom.

Sure, and I've love to check out the Network if their billing page would ever stop crashing this morning…