Draw, pardner

The question about Savage’s drawing power got me thinking about who can legimately considered a draw… there are obvious ones like Hogan, Andre, Austin, Rock, Flair etc. Etc. But i was wondering your opinions on a few guys who have claimed to be draws or called so by others. I could list off many names but i picked these 10 1) LOD/Road Warriors HELL YEAH.  They were main eventers in the AWA and basically carried the entire promotion on their back for a while.  Everywhere they went, they boosted houses.  Until they got killed off in the 90s.  2) Vader
Yes in Japan, less so in WCW.  His main title run in 93 was not exactly a stellar time for the company.  3) Scott Hall in the Razor Ramon gimmick
He was never really in a position to draw on his own, but he did OK when he headlined WWF house shows against guys like Jarrett.  4) Dibiase Again, never really in a position to draw on his own, but his series against Hogan and then Savage in 88 did big business, and he headlined the C tour with Dusty for a good run as well.  So yeah, for a while there, I’d say so.  5) Sgt. Slaughter
Definitely in the 80s.  Both the feud with him and Kernodle against Steamboat/Youngblood and then the Sheik stuff in the WWF.  6) Mick Foley Not according to Tony Schiavone.  7) Demolition
Not really much in the way of evidence one way or another.  8) Sid
Nope, major bomb as champion and drew one of the smallest buyrates for Wrestlemania in history.  9) New Age Outlaws Never in a position to draw on their own, so it’s hard to say.  They did great ratings numbers, though.  10) Honky Tonk Man Yup.  Drew houses for months as champion.