Papers, Please!

You wouldn't think a game about stamping passports with a basic EGA-ish graphics engine would be so gut-wrenching, but here you have it.  Amazingly, they've managed to take the most banal subject possible and turn it into something where you're actually feeling pressure, both to get the documents processed ASAP and feed your family, but also to find loopholes to help (or hinder as needed) people who might be killers or terrorists.  When the dancers come to you for help and you have to be like "Sorry, I'd love to detain your pimp for questioning, but he's got a valid permit and I need medicine for my sick son" it's actually pretty tough to deal with.    It's $10 and I don't know if it's been in a Humble Indie Bundle recently, but it's well worth the money.
Glory to Arstotszka.