Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Another Monday night is upon us and while I admit to be more interested in the choice for late-night Network watching from the thread posters (two suggestions: Halloween Havoc 1990 or Wrestlemania XIX) we are on the road to Wrestlemania.

One thing that’s caught my attention in the recent threads is the thought of Daniel Bryan turning heel. Some seem to think it would be the worst idea ever and others think it would be very good.

My thoughts are it’s time for Bryan to turn. He’s clearly over as a face but for me the whole act and the “Yes Movement” is starting to show signs of age to me as a viewer and I’d rather it be cut off too early than too late. You can only be the plucky underdog for so long.

But Bryan as a clean shaven wrestling and stretching machine pissing on the fans for letting him down and booing his beautiful wife is kind of interesting. From a health standpoint I think being a heel will allow him to greater utilize his mat skills and save him from taking some of the big bumps we’ve seen in the past few weeks. I think he’s a tremendous heel, he can cut strong heel promos and I think he’s a smart enough worker to figure out how to get heel heat and not become a heel that gets over like a face to the crowd.

That’s me.



8 NBA (Chicago-Memphis looks good), 5 NHL

Conference Championship week continues in college ball.

New episodes of The Bachelor, 2 Broke Girls, The Voice, The First 48, American Dad, Better Call Saul etc. etc.

Season Premiere of Bates Motel too!

Keep it clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

The road to Wrestlemania continues tonight. I know I’m jacked! Should we have another “RAW Reunion” show before the day?

Anyway despite the apathy that some of us have for the top of the card, I’m hopeful they can get the ball rolling on the rest of these matches soon enough.
As for TV

5 NBA Games, 3 NHL…remember to check the trade deadline in the NHL to make sure the team you support hasn’t been completely dismantled.

The Bachelor, The Voice, Gotham, Better Call Saul…all new episodes tonight!

Keep it clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

No need to take up too much space because I don’t want Disqus to take too long loading up the comments complaining about Roman Reigns.

TV Tonight:


The Voice season premiere.

The Bachelor is on.

We’ve got a TCM showing of 1977 Best Picture winner Annie Hall and HBO America has the Oscar-winning documentary, CitizenFour, on tonight

8 NBA Games tonight with the Bulls-Bucks and Memphis-Clippers being games of interest. 2 NHL Games with the Ducks-Red Wings being a nice late game.

New Better Call Saul, Gotham, 2 Broke Girls, etc. etc.

So just keep it clean.

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’ Doomers!

Hope you all had fine weekends. This is being posted early so I have barely had time to check TV. I wanted to go into a thought about how the Bret-Austin match at Wrestlemania 13 saved Wrestlemania…and not in the sense that Wrestlemania was on its death bed but when I look at Wrestlemania XI, XII and 13 they were just so…ordinary. They didn’t do much to really make them feel special.

Well from the Austin glass-breaking entrance (which was originally used for Diesel in Wrestlemania XI) to the classic match…it seemed like that match gave Wrestlemania its mojo back and while they were a few years from going to stadium shows at least the card itself, the production, the set, the pagentry felt like Wrestlemania again. When I watched Wrestlemania 13, I was watching a wrestling PPV, when I watched Wrestlemania XIV, I was watching a PPV event. Big difference.

Speaking of PPVs, one is coming in less that a week…hopefully watching NXT will have motivated those guys but I doubt it.

Also trying to get through the Jericho-Michaels podcast and about a 1/4 of the way through. Jericho is ending his winter swing of house shows and it made me think what if a bunch of guys that hated creative decided to go the same route so like Jericho, Batista, RVD, a few others would just do house shows and all of a sudden some markets would be clamoring for the house shows over the live TV.

Anyway TV tonight


Top 25 BKB: Kansas vs. West Virginia for the dudes and Duke vs. ND for the gals

8 NHL Games including my Lightning on the road against the Kings

New Gotham, New Better Caul Saul


Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Hope you all had a good weekend and are ready to deal with the grinds of the week. As an additional contribution to the site I did a review of the Legends of Wrestling Roundtable that was dedicated to Black History Month (Called The Soul of Wrestling) and it was even better than I remembered. I will throw that up on the site later tonight or in the morning.

As for TV tonight:

RAW in its three-hour glory

9 NBA games with the Clippers-Mavericks looking good. NHL has five games.

Biggest CBK game appears to be 1 vs. 2 between South Carolina and UConn women

New Gotham, Jane the Virgin and part two of Better Call Saul.

Come out swinging and keep it clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Hope you all had a great week/weekend. Those that watched the Super Bowl were treated to quite a game. Exciting, a little controversial…all good things. I thought Katy Perry was all right. Not my cup of tea in terms of music but she appears to be a good performer and with all the dancing sharks and robotic tiger and fireworks and stuff…it was certainly different.

Anyway back to bitching about Roman Reigns right?

Tonight on TV


8 NBA Games (Hawks at Pelicans is the biggie, they are going for like 18-19 straight right?)

3 NHL Games

Virginia-UNC and Iowa State-Kansas are your NCAA men’s top 15 battles tonight

New Gotham, Jane the Virgin, Blacklist, etc. etc.

Keep it clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’ Doom!

#Snowmageddon2015 claims another one!

Well not here in Florida where I’m currently shivering with these temperatures in the low 60s. Thank god for the sunshine.

Rumble last night. First and foremost the title 3-way was tremendous stuff. All three guys brought their best games and really tried to tear the house down. Seeing a Phoenix Splash for the first time was pretty incredible too. I enjoyed pretty much every aspect of that match, especially the way Rollins and Cena resorted to doing anything possible to stop Brock. It was great action and a fun story of survival.

The Rumble itself…all right I’m in the crowd that is fine with Reigns winning. The execution of the win was atrocious. Between the Rock save and the return of Rusev (it was cute when Santino did it but it shouldn’t be something tried every couple of years) everything felt flat. A classic case of doing too much when they just should have stuck with him winning in the most logical way they could. Yes the fans were going to be upset if Bryan didn’t win. Fans have had their favorites lose Rumbles in the past. And running in a town like Philly is always a little unpredictable so you can’t necessarily cater to that crowd’s wants and needs because like some e-mailer suggested they might have been cool with Zack Ryder winning.

There were good things in the Rumble. The Bubba Ray/R-Truth stuff was fun. I thought Bray Wyatt worked his ass off as the iron man and they completely botched what should have been a significant elimination.

The bad is far more numerous. Again no issue with Reigns winning or Bryan being eliminated but being dumped at the halfway mark was stupid. Pat Patterson tried booking it with Hogan in 1989 and saw the match energy drain and never made the same mistake again with a dominate fan favorite. Even if Bryan isn’t winning, his elimination has to be significant and someone has to be in a position to get serious heel heat off of it. In my opinion they gave Kane and Big Show the spot that Rusev should have been in. We’ll do a quick rebook to draw out my thoughts:

Final Eight: Bryan, Wyatt, Rusev, Ziggler, Kane, Big Show, Ambrose, Reigns

Ziggler enters number 30 and hits his big moves, gets stopped by Kane on a chokeslam attempt, kicks him low and hits the fameasser. Kane gets up staggers to the ropes and is eliminated on a Dolph super kick. Down to seven.

Wyatt and Reigns are fighting in a corner over an elimination. Ambrose and Bryan are working on Big Show. Rusev knocks down Dolph with a closeline. Ambrose and Bryan get Show off his feet and Ambrose goes for Dirty Deeds and gets eliminated when Show blocks it and flips him over his shoulder. Bryan starts a kick combo on Show, ducks a knockout punch and kicks him in the face to send him staggering to the ropes. Bryan hits the running knee to eliminate show and turns into kick by Rusev that sends him to a shocking elimination.

Ziggler, Reigns, Wyatt and Rusev are your final four. They pair off in traditional face-heel sides with Ziggler and Wyatt fighting in one corner and Rusev-Reigns in the other. And from there I would probably have Wyatt eliminating Ziggler off a counter for the fameasser and doing a 2-on-1 short segment with some heel miscommunication, Reigns eliminates Wyatt first and Rusev last to win.

Is the crowd going to go apeshit crazy for Reigns? Probably not, but Rusev eliminating Bryan should have shifted a lot of heel heat on him and got the crowd eager to see him eliminated. Wyatt eliminating Ziggler should have shifted heat on him too. So Reigns looks more favorable in the end.

Maybe my biggest problem was beyond Reigns they had the chance to really cement Rusev as top heel too and they failed on that end. I thought Rusev really should have been the heel of that match, eliminating Bryan, dumping a couple other popular faces. He was the right guy to get that opportunity and they blew it there as well.

Maybe they should bring Patterson back in just to book this match. Or make the bookers watch the previous Rumbles.

Anyway TV tonight

RAW Live from Stamford Studios!

NHL still on All-Star Break, only 5 NBA games as two were postponed.

Australian Open tennis is getting to the Round of 16/quarterfinals.

Super Bowl coverage as the New England Deflatriots continue to proclaim innocence.

New Gotham, etc. etc.

Tonight’s Independent Lens documentary is on Sex Trafficking.

Enjoy and keep is somewhat clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Well it looks like we have a big go-home episode of RAW tonight in which they are rolling out guys that will not be participating in the upcoming Network special in order to draw numbers and help promote the Network special.

And we have a Super Bowl to eventually discuss. Way to defecate the bed Green Bay! (See, I’m keeping it clean!) I’m cool with Seattle but they are some whining, crying SOBs. Russell Wilson is probably still in a corner sobbing and some guy said “No one believed in us…”….really no one believed in the defending Super Bowl champions and No. 1 seed in the playoffs? And New England always has some silly controversy following them…I swear both of these teams might make me hate football in two weeks.

So anyway, tonight’s show might be worth checking out, if not I’ll just continue watching Royal Rumble 2001, I’m up to the Angle-HHH title match.

As for TV Tonight


12 NBA Games although with the American Holiday most have been played because Dr. Martin Luther King would have wanted it that way. Bulls-Cavaliers start in minutes!

6 NHL Games tonight because the Islanders already laid the smackdown on the Flyers

New Gotham, New Castle, The Larry Wilmore Show starts tonight at Colbert’s old time slot. Tonight’s Independent Lens documentary on TBS is about a young member of the U.S. military trying to report the war crimes of his old group and his efforts. Clint Eastwood would not approve.

Enjoy whatever you watch and keep it clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Well…like who gives a damn about RAW. It’s Ohio State-Oregon for the CFB Super Bowl bitches!!! Got Publix subs for the family so I’m ready to go. My dog in the fight (Florida State) got smacked two weeks ago by Oregon so I’m just hoping for an exciting, close game…

Fun times on the blog thread last night watching Rumble 2006. Watching pretty mediocre old PPVs are much more fun with you bunch of smart asses cracking on them.

Anyway what else is on TV:

CFB Super Bowl (Oregon vs. Ohio State)

4 NBA, 3 NHL

RAW is Bore with a bunch of names that won’t do shit for the ratings.

Not sure if anyone else is watching these Independent Lens docs on PBS but they are very good and the one tonight is on a guy who was in prison for robbing banks as a young man and is now filming his own documentary as an adult looking back on his mistakes. Some are hits and some are misses but I love documentaries so I’ll probably DVR it for a weekend watch.

Enjoy the night. Keep it clean.

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

On the thread about the best Wrestlemania builds, I put in my vote for Wrestlemania III and mentioned Hogan and Piper having a “go home” promo where they sort of buried their own personal hatchet. As a promo it was nothing groundbreaking but it was very symbolic and as a young mark seeing the two mortal enemies bury the hatchet without some bullshit hug fest was great. Someone asked for the link to that promo and I found it.

BTW, Piper and Hogan did a bunch of coked-out market-based promos for tag matches in 1992 that are hilarious if you want to look those up.

And tonight’s TV schedule:


No Monday night Football so the NBA has 11 games with Houston-Chicago, Oklahoma City-Golden State and Washington-New Orleans leading the bunch.

One NHL Game: San Jose vs. Winnipeg (you idiot!)

Breaking Bad Mini Marathon on AMC!

New Episode of Gotham

Whatever else you want to watch!

My Rumble choice for tonight is…1998, Fairly run of the mill stuff but Rock does his best to hold things together until Austin enters and Marc Mero is funny in his Marvelous gimmick. Far too many members of Gang Warz though.

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

I’m doing this early because it’s date night, which turned into double date night and we’re going to the Leafs-Lightning hockey game. How romantic!

Anyway it’s the final RAW of 2014. I don’t know if these are special or not, I don’t remember any of them. So use the board to bitch about Roman Reigns’ push and how much he sucks and you hate him, etc. etc.

I want to do something leading up to the Rumble but we went through all the previous Rumbles last year. So any suggestions would be appreciated.

As for TV tonight beyond RAW

Three Bowl Games (Liberty Bowl should be over by the time this is posted but the Clemson-Oklahoma and Arkansas-Texas game sound like fun, non-offensive matchups)

Six NBA Games (Houston-Washington looks like the best)

A shit-ton of NHL Games, I think 11 (Go Lightning!)

As for some non-sports those of you that like old, classic movies might want to check out Houseboat on Turner Classic tonight. The plot is worthless but it’s Sophia Loren in the late 50s and she was very beautiful.

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Hoping all of you are having a Happy Holiday if you are celebrating. Not sure if RAW is live or in the can but the pre-Christmas one is usually fun and lighthearted.

Thankfully Royal Rumble season is nearly upon us.

Otherwise I have of lot of prepping to do for family. My excitement for this can’t be contained in this blog post.

So enjoy TV tonight, we’ve got RAW. Broncos-Bengals on the Monday Night Football Finale. 7 NBA games, 6 NHL clashes, 5 GOLDEN RINGS! (sorry had to do it.)

Enjoy and keep it clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Have a Christmas party to get dressed for so let’s make it quick.

Network Special was disappointing. The good wasn’t great, the bad was awful. It was just a big waste of time.

TV tonight.

MNF is Saints-Bears

Jericho and Lesnar are scheduled to appear on RAW

8 NBA games and 3 NHL games

Season Finale of The Voice.

Keep it clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Hope your day is going well. It’s pretty rainy and grey here so a nice night to make some chili or stew and lay under a blanket to read or watch some TV.

So I guess C.M. Punk signed with UFC. First I’m curious if Punk is a guy that can move buyrates and second I wonder how desperate Dana White is to get those buyrates.

Does Punk have any history as a fighter? I heard he does some BJJ but I don’t know. It’s not like the signing of Brock because Brock had some serious credibility based on his days as an All-American heavyweight wrestler.

Anyway I wish the guy well and I think it’s good on him for doing something he clearly wants to do and has a passion for. I’m sure he’s not going to be given the toughest competition to start but I’m not sure Punk is the big money-drawing star White think he’ll be.

Speaking of Lesnar, here’s a match of him back in the day with Shelton Benjamin as the Minnesota Stretching Crew.

TV Tonight is:

MNF is Packers-Falcons
It’s Slammys Night on RAW
7 NBA Games, Cavaliers are at Brooklyn
3 NHL Games, Pens-Rangers is the best bet there.

President Obama is on Colbert tonight.

Keep it clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Happy December and I hope you are getting into the spirit of whatever you celebrate this time of year. We just got our Christmas trees yesterday. I love the smell of them. I hate the mess but I can put up with it for a month to wake up to that fresh pine smell.

Anyway everyone’s listened to the Punk-Cabana podcast and in reality I think it just confirms a lot of what you guys talk about on this thread. There’s a lack of direction, a lack of ideas and Vince/HHH are far more concerned with what they can do to keep Cena fresh than build the depth and interest of the roster. And when guys they don’t really give a shit about (Sandow, Cody, etc.) get over with silly stuff, they don’t want them to get too hot.

I agreed with Punk on the 2011 HHH stuff. It made no fucking sense for HHH to put himself over Punk when Punk was the top hottest guy in the promotion. It was stupid, it didn’t lead anywhere. And HHH left right after the couple of matches so what was the purpose?

That being said Punk appeared to be his own worst enemy from a health standpoint. I blame him for continuing to work in so much pain and with a serious staph infection. If he didn’t trust their doctors he could have went to his own. He should have told Vince he wasn’t going to work until he felt healthy. He let his ego get the best of him and I can’t blame Vince for taking advantage of that. Punk could have said no, he should have said no and taken the time off that he needed to. He had enough value long term to justify taking off from WM 29 to Summerslam if he needed that break. It’s his fault he didn’t stick to his guns. If he wanted to do what Harley Race did then that’s on him.

The rest of the stuff, from firing him on his wedding day, etc. etc. is the typical petty BS that goes on in volatile business relationships, especially one where the seeds of mistrust are planted early. Punk says he’s happy, he’s got his money and there will never be a working relationship again. The old-school fan in me says the latter is bullshit, but the person in me hopes he’s right. Surely New York has moved on because they got their own problems to worry about with Wrestlemania XXXI getting closer by the day and no real direction right now for a lot of guys.

Anyway, that’s all I got. TV for tonight:

MNF is Dolphins-Jets
Four NBA Games and Five NHL Games

A lot of shows are done until the new year but Colbert starts his three-week countdown before moving to take over Letterman’s gig.

Enjoy. Keep it Clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

What a great network special last night eh? It was pretty…blah for the most part although I liked the Bray-Ambrose match (hated the commentary) more than some people.

The story was clearly the last 20 minutes of the show. Dolph Ziggler gets it, he understands that the struggle is what draws the people in. The victory is the great feel good moment that makes us smile but it doesn’t mean anything without the struggle. He gave us the struggle, he gave us the fight. He wasn’t a plucky underdog trying to overcome the odds, he was a guy fighting for his “life” and just surviving long enough to last until the next move. That was what made Shawn Michaels such a great worker — that concern for the details leading up to the outcome. Even when Cena is faced with a real struggle people get behind him. Look at the first Brock match from Extreme Rules 2012. He wasn’t superhero guy, he was a guy getting his ass kicked trying to survive. I loved the whole sequence last night with the minor exception of everyone being laid out too long for the Sting-HHH stuff. Rollins should have tried to attack Sting and eventually take another Zig Zag. But I love the way Dolph sold the victory with the unbridled joy. I love the way he sold the beating with the referee helping him up the ramp. I even like the moment when Cena came out to hug him because it was a nice babyface moment. He wasn’t mugging for the camera, he didn’t do his stupid salute. He was congratulating and thanking his friend. It was one of the rare feel good moments of this rough year for the WWE.

And special props to Steph for actually SELLING the angle. I get that HHH is such an alpha male he has to be stoic and noble regardless of outcome so thank you Steph for having a human reaction and acting like someone that actually lost something they loved. She screamed, she cried, she panicked, she threw a tantrum, she hit every gambit of emotions from anger to shock to disbelief in 60 seconds. She’s definitely willing to act like a fool sometimes for the greater good.

As for TV tonight it’s a packed house.

Two MNF games: Jets-Bills on CBS for New York markets and Sunday ticket for everyone else.
Saints-Ravens on ESPN

Dancing with the Stars season finale

Gotham midseason finale

7 NBA games (Bulls-Jazz, Pacers-Mavericks, Hornets-Clippers look like good ones)

4 NHL games.

Keep it clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

It is rainy and nasty here, perfect night to make some chili and watch some TV.

Not a whole lot going on that I wanted to talk about. I listened to the JR podcast with J.J. Dillon and it’s a really good one because…no one is going to out talk J.J. Dillon and he was great. Basically said the original Horseman were the best because they were organically put together by the fans as he was just managing Tully at the time. And he said the Hall of Fame version was the unquestioned best in the ring because Windham was such a great talent.

I can get with that.

Anyway TV for tonight


Steelers-Oilers Titans on Monday night football

One NHL Game but Lightning-Rangers is a pretty one to have

Nine Games from the Association as the Sixers will try to break 50 against the Spurs.

ESPN starts it’s 24-hour tip-off of college basketball tonight on most of its networks. Not a CBK fan but I like a 7 a.m. basketball game as much as the next gal.

New Gotham, Castle, Blacklist, Dancing With the Stars, etc.

Enjoy and keep it clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!
Hope you have all had a good weekend and this post sees you well as we head into the holiday season.

My question today is simple as I’ve been re-watching some of the Legends Roundtables. In the nWo one Kevin Nash said that it was going to be either Hogan or Sting as the third man. So simple question, what if Hogan completely balks and Sting is forced to make the move. Does the angle get over as strongly? Does Sting play the Hogan role or does Nash become the “leader”? Where can the angle go from there — does the nWo still run roughshot over the promotion for a couple years or does it become a heel machine for Hogan/Savage to conquer?

Personally my only real impression of Sting as a heel was when he was muscle for Eddie Gilbert so I don’t know how well he could carry it off. Hogan was a heel early in his career and as we’ve all pointed out even in his days as the face of wrestling his actions were sometimes heel-ish. Plus he was kind of an egomaniac so it was a natural fit. Clearly the nWo doesn’t have the same legs with Sting. Hogan going heel was a big deal in the wrestling world. Even if you didn’t follow WCW you were going to hear about Hogan going heel and it would possibly make you tune in just to see how it worked. Sting going heel would be big in the WCW world but it wouldn’t have had that same across-the-board reaction.

Oddly enough maybe it saves WCW for a while longer because so much money and resources wouldn’t have been invested in the nWo thus forcing WCW to expand beyond its capabilities. And then again maybe the wrestling boom period doesn’t happen. Hard to say.

Anyway that’s all I got so TV tonight:


MNF (Carolina vs. Philly)

Only a couple NHL games and five NBA games but two are intriguing (New Orleans vs. Cleveland & San Antonio vs. L.A. Clippers)

New Gotham, Castle, Sleepy Hollow, Dancing with the Stars, etc. etc.

Daily Show as Bruce Springsteen on tonight if you are a fan.

Enjoy and come out swinging but try to keep it clean!

Monday Night Open Mic

Howdy Blog O’Doomers!

Not much to talk about today. With sadness I said goodbye to sunlight after 6 p.m. over the weekend and now I’m in one of those “Standard time” funks.

I caught the first episode of Lucha Underground and enjoyed it. Mark Burnett usually puts together good television so I will watch again.

We’re all just waiting for a new influx of NXT talent to come through now right?

And John Cena vs. The Authority. We we’re waiting for that one too.

BTW Cesaro is getting jobbed like a mofo right now? Who did he piss off? Serious question. I know why Dolph gets jobbed out, he pisses off the office all the time but Cesaro?

Anyway TV for the night


MNF (Giants vs.  Colts might be a nice scorefest)

Six NBA games and one NHL game tonight.

New Gotham, The Blacklist, etc. etc.

So enjoy the show and come out swinging but try to keep it clean.