Road to Wrestlemania RAW Open Thread

Tough night for the WWE as one of the most important RAWs in this cycle is going head-to-head with the Daytona 500. Not to stereotype fans but one would assume that the ratings will take a slight hit.

Couple other observations. I have a couple more Legends of Wrestling roundtables to review before doing the Wrestlemania project. I just got done watching the one on Southern wrestling, which is sort of an extension of the episode on territories but the footage of Bob Roop stretching the shit out of some guy at the Sportatorium was hilarious and worth looking up.

Otherwise I watched the Oscars in full last night and it’s just so funny how Stacy Keibler is known simply as “Stacy” in the Hollywood circle now. And of course she looked amazing in her Marchesa and with her beautiful smile. She’s come a long way from being the Duchess of Dudleyville.

At this rate she’ll be part of Wrestlemania XXX and we’ll hear about how the fucking Bella twins are pissed that she’s taking their spot.

But until then, enjoy the show and come on swinging but keep it clean!

Road to Wrestlemania RAW Open Thread

And we’re back. I didn’t do the 2010 Elimination Chambers because the WWE is protecting them like FBI files. Seriously they are letting at least two dozen full shows run on YouTube but try finding Part 3 of the RAW Elimination Chamber. Sucks because I was feeling the match too.

As for last night I thought both Chambers stuck around the ***1/2 area and the rest was crap. The Jericho stuff was a little strange but then I remember that the idea is to get CM Punk over as the best in the world since Jericho will be gone in a few months.

Jericho appears to be to Punk what…the Iron Sheik was to Sting in 1989. Fodder with a name. Only difference is we’ll get a 30-minute, ****1/2 classic match out of them in five weeks. I don’t mind it either because I’d like to see a dominant champion that defends his title and wins cleanly in great matches. Seriously what’s there to bitch about?

Anyway should be an eventful night as we’ve got a lot to get solved in the next few weeks. Come out swinging, keep it clean, yadda yadda yadda.