Smoky Mountain Wrestling TV – February 1st, 1992

Broadcast Date: February 1st, 1992
Taped: October 30th, 1991; Greenville, SC


– Salutations. Blogger Garth Holmberg, formerly and briefly known as Dino Bravo apologist “Dino Bravo is A-OK” here (I dropped the gimmick due to a lack of sincerity) to bring you the weekly content of Smoky Mountain Wrestling. I’ll be covering the entire run of episodes televised between February ’92 and November ’95, and as many of the large events as I can come across. Sit back and enjoy, professional wrestling the way it used to be, and the way you like it.

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All the Feds

> So I was reading about Dusty Rhodes. He worked AWA, NWA when it was still territories, WCW, WWF and E, ECW, wrestled some matches in ROH, TNA, and was an on-screen character in NXT….
> …is there anyone else who worked literally everywhere?

Jake Roberts? Certainly not to the extent of Dusty, though. Maybe Jim Cornette?

UWA- old-school e-wrestling

Hey, Scott. Earlier this year, you lent a plug to the UWA, an old-school e-wrestling fed. I joined because of that, and I’ve been having a lot of fun. Half a year later, it’s still going fairly strong, with about six or seven consistent participants, and events happening every week like clockwork. Think you can throw the link up on the Blog ‘o Doom once more, to see if we can get some more players in? Thanks!