Inside Scott’s (in)Box 3: Feud Blow Offs That Never Were.


What do you think are some of the best/worst feuds that never got a proper blow-off?  I will start the bidding with Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin (’97/’98)

I’ll see that bid and raise you Bret Hart vs. Tatanka  for least Native American person who talks like a Native American person. Seriously! Watch an interview with the guy!

If we’re being serious, I guess I’d imagine the NWO stuff in WCW is a big one. That just sort of petered out, right? It never had a big blow-off where WCW won?

A REAL Vince Vs. Eric Vs. Heyman feud
I think Eric Bischoff  vs. Vince was money waiting to happen but never really materialized in the proper way, though there was the “announce table near the entrance ramp” era.The ECW Reboot seemed like a great opportunity, but save for a shoot promo or two, it seemed that Vince – a guy happy to get his REAL ass kicked, was insecure about letting his precious WWE appear weak or vulnerable – perhaps due to possible stock implications.

Bret vs. Vince
Also not to turn this into a make fun of Bret Hart thread, but I really, really, really, really, really, really, fucking really, hated Bret vs. Vince at Wrestlemania. I may have told this story before but everyone I talked to that weekend was stoked for that match, based primarily on what Shawn was able to do in his ‘big return’ at Summer Slam. Bret was obviously going to be limited, but I guess I, and people not ‘in the know’, held out a sliver of hope that maybe Bret had a little magic left, but he didn’t. Bummer.

CM Punk vs. Mick Foley

I think Scott made a point about this one. They delivered a super heated segment, despite them not actually feuding and there being zero chance of them wrestling. It could have been a *great* match, and I bet Foley could have done some innovative ‘PG’ safe things, but as it stands all I remember is the awesome segment. I can’t even remember the PPV they were going for.