Story of TNA Making An Offer to CM Punk Disputed?

Mike Johnson from has this to say about the story of TNA making an offer to CM Punk from this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter

“For whatever reason, there have been several stories making the rounds about CM
Punk over the last several days. Since we have received so many emails about
them, I’ve asked around, and here is what we’ve found out.

Is CM Punk signing with TNA?
One story that began making the rounds yesterday, attributed to Dave Meltzer
of The Wrestling Observer (although I want to make it clear that I have
no idea whether Meltzer ever actually reported this) is that TNA made a big
money offer to Punk to come into the company and were turned down.
I reached out to several high level TNA sources last night and this morning,
I heard back from each as they were preparing to head to Japan. Each of them
said there was no truth to the story and one commented, “No offer was made,
officially or via an intermediary – no truth to that rumor.”
In asking a few friends that are close with Punk yesterday as well, all of
them scoffed at the idea Punk would ever want to return to wrestling, much less
for TNA.

Punk at OVW?
We’ve also been asked about stories that Punk was backstage over the weekend
for Ohio Valley Wrestling and that the locker room had been ordered not to speak
to him while he was in the locker room. While Punk was indeed at the show (he
arrived with Cliff Compton, a close friend), he was never in the locker room.
According to several OVW regulars who worked the show on Saturday, Punk arrived
early in the day and went right to OVW owner Danny Davis’ office. He was never
in the locker room. The wrestlers were somewhat aware he was there but there
were no explicit instructions made by anyone to leave Punk alone.

So, again, we are told there was nothing to this.”

Personally, seeing how TNA seemingly makes offers to anyone let go from the WWE and has recently lied about Vince Russo working for them, I can see TNA lying about this as well. And saying you doubt someone’s reporting without having read the full story it is petty, IMO.

So, what do you guys think?

Aj styles wwe contract offer

Hey Scott, Have you heard that wwe apparently offered AJ a deal with a downside that was 20% of his TNA contract? Do you think they did that to make a point about how much tna sucks or is that a accurate reflection of his market value? Would NJPW or AAA or cmll have any interest in him? Thanks

I'm gonna have to call shenanigans on that one, because AJ's contract was never actually expired and he re-signed for a short-term deal.  If WWE had offered him ANYTHING, then that would be contract tampering and TNA would have cause to sue their pants off.  Unless of course HHH just offered them a title shot at Randy Orton in exchange for dropping the lawsuit.  But that would be STUPID. Anyway, if true, yes that would be fair market value.  Styles is completely unproven on anything resembling a national stage and has never drawn money on top.  He's not getting any younger and would have to go through developmental for a year to learn the style, and by then he's pushing 40 and whatever small amount of name value he had from TNA is gone.  If AJ was gonna jump, the time was 5 or 6 years ago.  These days he's much better off taking indy bookings and possibly going to NJPW as you noted.