Ring of Honor: Tradition Continues October 16th, 2003

October 16, 2003

From Michaels 8th Avenue in Glen Burnie, MD

Your hosts are Ray Murrow and Chris Levy

The show starts with Gary Michael Cappetta welcoming the crowd to Ring of Honor and bringing up how Ron Simmons won the WCW title here. Prince Nana interrupts and says that its been almost two years and he has yet to receive a title shot. The crowd chants “we don’t care” as Nana goes on and on about the crowd lacking respect until Samoa Joe interrupts. Nana then gets in his face and demands a title shot right now! Joe then calmly gives him his title shot before attacking him.

RoH World Title Match
Prince Nana vs. Samoa Joe (Champion)

Joe beats on Nana for a minute. Nana fights back and hits a corner splash but takes too long and gets hit with an enziguiri. Joe then follows with an overhead suplex before applying the Coquina Clutch for the win (0:57) 1/4*. After the match, Joe grabs the mic and welcomes the crowd to RoH and promises to make some memories tonight as we will see amazing high-flyers and technicians then will see him choke out Jay Briscoe, who is now in the ring. Jay is then held back by his brother as they build tension for the main event.

Thoughts: Decent way to kick off the show and get the crowd going. Nana was entertaining as a bottom of the card guy at least.

Colt Cabana is behind the desk as he tells us his show, “Good Times, Great Memories” which he got the chance to do after beating Rob Feinstein in a game of dreidel. He welcomes the Backseat Boyz, who light up cigarettes in lieu of the “No Smoking” sign. They put them out as they say it wont bring them down. Cabana makes a lame Backstreet Boys joke as Acid puts over how many titles they have won all over the country. Cabana then asks them if they ever got “chubbed up” from the women in the stands sticking dollar bills down their pants as they said it happens. If you think Cabana is funny, you’d probably like this but everyone else would think that it sucked.

Scramble Match
Ring Crew Express vs. Josh Daniels & Danny Doring vs. Slyk Wagner Brown & Sonjay Dutt vs. The Rottweilers w/ Julius Smokes

The Rottweilers consist of Slugger & Grim Reefer. This is the RoH debuts for Daniels, Doring, Dutt, and Reefer. Match starts with Doring and Marcos doing some chain wrestling as CM Punk joins on commentary. Marcos comes back with a hurricarana and an enziguiri before running into a clothesline. Daniels and Dunn are in now as the announcers talk up Daniels, who never ended up amounting to anything. He overpowers Dunn, who proceeds to hit the slowest victory roll in history. Dutt and Reefer are in now and do a bunch of standing switches at rapid speed. They are going way too fast for their own good in here. Dutt made his TNA the day before this show. Slugger as Brown comes in and chops away but runs into a shoulderblock. Slugger is terrible in the ring by the way. He stomps Brown in the corner but walks around and lets Brown hit him with a missile dropkick. Marcos tags in and hits the Sliced Bread #2 on Slugger, which looked ridiculous. Why let him get hit with that in his first match. The match breaks down as they hit all sorts of stuff, including a ropewalk swanton from Reefer. Dutt hits him with a Phoenix Splash as the crowd goes nuts but Daniels hits him with a German suplex. The match breaks down again as Dunn tries to face off against Slugger but gets booted down. Reefer then hits Dunn with a frog splash and Slugger hits the Bodybag for the win (8:05) **.

Thoughts: Not that bad. It was designed to put over the Rottweilers. I do think they should have made Slugger look a lot more dominant though as all his mystique was gone once he got taken down by one of the Ring Crew Express goofs. Dutt looked okay in his RoH debut and Daniels was a guy trying to wrestle like Chris Benoit but didnt show much. All Doring did here was collect a paycheck.

Field of Honor Tournament
Block A
Matt Stryker vs. Chris Sabin

Match starts with both guys doing some matwork as Punk still wants to know who took out Lucy at the Wrath of the Racket show then talks about his match with AJ Styles tonight. They end in a standoff and are met with a light applause. They go back and forth again until Stryker lights up Sabin with chops in the corner. Sabin fights back after a floatover then gets two with an enziguiri. Sabin hits more kicks but gets caught with a powerslam coming off of the top rope and his fortunate not to have been killed. That was fucking scary. Stryker works a surfboard then turns it into a back suplex for two. He hits a powerbomb that looked terrible for two. Sabin comes back with a few flying kicks but Stryker comes back with a neckbreaker for two. These two are not on the same page at all in this match. They trade chops until Sabin hits a springboard DDT for a nearfall. He heads back up top but Stryker climbs up and hits an overheard suplex for two. After another sloppy reversal sequence, Sabin gets two with a rollup. Stryker fights back and tries a Death Valley Driver that Sabin tries to turn into a crucifix but Stryker rolls through it and nearly drops him before getting up and hitting the DVD, dropping Sabin right on his face, for the win (10:03) *1/2. Sabin is pouring blood out of a cut near his eye as the ref is screaming for a towel.

Thoughts: An extremely disappointing match. These two were off all night and Styker almost killed Sabin on more than one occasion. A pretty embarrassing match as part of a tournament celebrating “pure” wrestling.

After the match, we see Sabin and Stryker in the back. Stryker says all he was trying to do was win as Sabin says its just part of the game and not to worry as he is pissesd about losing. He didn’t seem to thrilled about the cut either.

Field of Honor
Block B
Colt Cabana vs. BJ Whitmer

The crowd is all over Cabana, who responds by taunting. The crowd then calls Cabana a “homo” as he stalls to start the match. Punk talks about breaking into the business with Cabana and sometimes you don’t pick your friends and as a result he is stuck with Cabana. Punk also makes fun of Whitmer as their side feud continues. Whitmer catches Cabana with a leg lariat for two the works the arm as Punk makes fun of him for that. Cabana then trips over Whitmer after he dropped down as the fans chant “you fucked up.” Cabana yells at the fans as he is now pissed off. Back inside, Whitmer gets two with a Northern lights suplex as Punk talks about having a few leads on who attacked Lucy. Cabana fights back as Punk compares him to Mr. Wrestling II. He hits a double knee smash in the corner for two. Snap suplex gets two. He then hits a butt smash for two and follows that with an iron claw,something the announcers say doesn’t work as Whitmer fights out then catches Cabana with an overhead suplex as both men are down. Whitmer gets up and hits an Exploder for two. They have a reversal sequence that ends with Cabana nearly killing Whitmer with a back suplex for a nearfall then shortly after that he gets the win wit a bridging rollup (11:30) **.

Thoughts: Not much to this match as well. Cabana did this as a comedy match and it came off like a WWE house show comedy match at times. The highlight of this match was Punk on commentary. He was great here.

Backstage, Cabana tells us that was serious as he can do it all, stressing how he is 2-0 and is all serious in the ring.

AJ Styles is giving pointers to Jimmy Rave. He is a little hard on him as he wants him to take advantage of things.

RoH Tag Team Title Match
Izzy & Dixie w/ Special K vs. Backseat Boyz (Champions)

The Backseat Boyz start off hitting some double-team moves. Acid beats on Izzy then gets the crowd going but ends up getting tossed off of the top rope. Kashmere dumps Dixie then gets caught with a wheelbarrow slam/leg drop combo onto the floor. Ouch. Acid is in the ring fighting off both guys but that doesnt last as the Special K guys are in control. Punk leaves to get ready for his upcoming match against AJ Styles as Dixie gets a nearfall with a suplex. Acid fights back but Kashmere is still out on the floor as he looks for a tag. Izzy hits an inverted hurricarana then a snap suplex as Kashmere has now finally made his way onto the apron. Acid dodges a double-team attack and comes back with a Yakuza kick before finally making the tag. Kashmere cleans house as Becky Bayless is distracting the ref so the Special K goofs on the outside can try an interfere but that fails. Backseat Boys hit Izzy with the Dream Sequence then they hit Dixie with the T-Gimmick. They cover but Lit pulls out the referee and Acid chases Dixie around but gets hit with the belt by Izzy. Dixie covers but only gets two so he then hits a gordbuster as Izzy follows with a springboard 450 splash for the win and the titles (8:44) **. As the lights are off for Special K’s celebration, Loc runs into the ring but gets jumped by the rest of Special K until Julius Smokes and the Rottweilers make the save. Levy tells is that DeVito was working overtime and could not be here tonight. Kashmere was also seen walking away, leaving his partner behind.

Thoughts: The story of Kashmere getting taken out early on was good but Special K was far too weak of a team to be holding the belts. I swear to god Dixie had to have been blowing someone to get his spot because he is one of the worst wrestlers in the company. He is terrible at everything. The run-ins at the end were okay but it highlighted the lack of depth in the tag division more than anything else.

Punk comes out and tells the crowd that prescription drug use is on the rise but will not make fun of them for that or their failures. He then tells us that he is straight edge, which also means he is better than you.

CM Punk vs. AJ Styles

Both guys start by jockeying for position as Levy goes over the Code of Honor. They continue to trade holds on the mat as Samoa Joe has joined on commentary. Levy asks Joe about Jay Briscoe as he tells us everyone knows he will choke him out. Back to the match as both men continue to go back and forth as Joe leaves. AJ grabs a side headlock for a bit until Punk catches him with a back suplex. Punk attacks the neck but runs into a dropkick as both men are down. AJ gets two with a knee drop but gets caught with a drop toehold as he charged into the corner. Punk chops away then almost gets caught with the Styles Clash. AJ lands on his feet after a counter then drills Punk with an enziguiri that sends him outside. AJ tries for a moonsault off of the apron but Punk sidesteps that then rams Styles into the guardrail a couple of times. Back inside, Punk gets a nearfall with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He hits a delayed vertical suplex then targets the back some more. AJ fights back with a moonsault kick but Punk takes him down and stretches him out. Punk gets a few more nearfalls, growing increasingly frustrated. He tries a spilt-legged moonsault after taunting the crowd but AJ gets his knees up as both men are down. They exchange chops then fight over a suplex until AJ hits a cradle back suplex for two. Punk slips out of a pumphandle then hits a legsweep DDT for two. They now fight up top as Punk hits a sunset powerbomb for two. Punk taunts the crowd then ends up getting hit with a discus clothesline. AJ tries for a super Styles Clash but Punk escapes. Punk tries for a shining wizard but AJ catches him then turns that into the Styles Clash for the win (18:44) ****.

Thoughts: Awesome match. Both guys were superb ad really laid into each other as well. Easily the best match on the show.

Cappetta is with the Backseat Boyz, who are not happy after losing the belts. Acid finally speaks and says he cant believe they lost to Special K as Kashmere gets pissed and walks off.

We see the Special K party in the hotel room as Lit is hurling in the bathroom with the others making fun of him.

Field of Honor
Block B
Jimmy Rave vs. Dan Maff w/ Allison Danger

A light “welcome back” chant breaks out for Maff. Rave offers a handshake but gets booted in the gut. Rave comes back with a pair of armdrags but gets hit with a backdrop driver and rolls outside. Maff follows him out and attacks the back and rams him into the guardrail a few times. Punk rejoins on commentary and tells us that he is still better than AJ due to the fact that he is straight edge. Rave fights back with after dropkicking Maff off of the apron then follows with a flying knee smash. Rave complains to the ref then Maff gets up and hits a clothesline after a Burning Hammer attempt failed. Maff hits the cannonball in the corner as Punk makes fun of Danger’s hair. Rave comes back with a crossface off of a tilt-a-whirl but Maff power out then hits the Burning Hammer for the win (6:50) *1/4.

Thoughts: Nothing more than a glorified squash. Rave’s losing streak continues as they try an re-establish Maff back into the Field of Honor tournament after getting knocked out cold by Low Ki. I dont think this match accomplished a whole lot for him in that regard.

Backstage, AJ shares his disappointment with Rave for not listening to him. AJ says he is knows what he is doing and that he needs to stay on the attack as Rave looks disappointed.

Maff tells us that Cabana and Whitmer are next as he will win the Field of Honor. He then tells Low Ki he is standing tall after taking his best shot as he walks over yelling “bitch.”

Dan McDevitt from Maryland Championship Wrestling comes out to thank the fans. He also tells them that a lot of independent promoters tried to run here and it was not until Rob Feinstein called from RoH that he decided to let them fill the spot vacated. He then talks about the Shane Shamrock Memorial Cup and that RoH will be hosting the 6th Annual version of that as the crowd applauds.

Justin Credible vs. Raven 

Raven roughs up Credible to start as he rams him against the guardrail. They head back inside where Credible escapes from a DDT then takes a breather. Credible now beats on Raven in the corner then takes him outside with a drop toehold. Credible beats on Raven outside then heads back in where he works the leg. Credible works a figure-four that Raven breaks then crotches himself against the post when Raven moved out of the way. Raven fights back with a pair of clotheslines and a kneelift. Bulldog gets two. Raven pulls up as to not hit the ref then moves away as Credible takes the ref out with a super kick. Credible hits Raven low then grabs a chair but that backfires as Raven takes him down then hits the Evenflow DDT for the win (7:56) *1/2.

Thoughts: Not the best effort from these two, especially by Credible. Raven’s feud with Punk has cooled off considerably and he had nothing else going on here besides that. This was Raven’s second to last match with the company.

John Walters vs. Mark Briscoe vs. Homicide w/ Julius Smokes vs. Xavier

Typical back-and-forth action early on in this match. Xavier taunted Walters a bit but nothing else notable so far. The crowd is into Homicide more than anyone else. The action is fine but these four-way matches are all really wrestled the same way so it all comes off as old hat at this point. They work a contrived spot where Walters grabs Briscoe in a single leg crab and Xavier in a stretch while Homicide runs the ropes sevearl times before breaking that up with a dropkick. Walters then messes up another trainwreck spot after mistiming a springboard. Walters and Xavier trade chops but Homicide clears the ring and takes Walters out with a tope con hilo. Briscoe climbs up top and hits a shooting star press that drew a lot of “holy shit” chants. Xavier tries an Arabian Press but overshot the move. Walters teases a dive then Xavier snaps his neck off of the rope. Xavier rolls through a 450 then Homicide hits a draping DDT on Walters for a nearfall. Now everyone breaks up pinfalls after big moves until uses an eye poke before hitting Walters with the Kiss Your X Goodbye for the win (16:41) ***.

Thoughts: Good action but it didnt really resemble a match. It was a ton of cool moves done well and entertaining but these matches have been done so many times here that I cannot get to excited over this stuff anymore.

Jim Cornette tells us he is coming back to RoH on November 1st.

RoH World Title Match
Jay Briscoe vs. Samoa Joe (Champion)

Match starts with Joe grounding Jay on the mat. Jay tries to keep up and is able to grab a front facelock. Mark is now out at ringside to support his brother as Joe is in control. Joe now uses a Boston Crab but Jay reaches the ropes. Joe facewashes Jay in the corner but takes his time as Jay comes back with a Yakuza kick. Joe is now outside as Jay takes him out with a plancha. He sends Joe into the guardrail. Back inside, Jay gets a bit more offense in before he gets caught with an uranage. Joe takes Jay outside and connects with the ole kick. Back inside, Joe locks on the STF. He then uses a rolling cradle that gets two. Jay then blocks a strike and hits a back suplex as both men are down. Jay fights back with a DDT then climbs up top and hits a leg drop for a nearfall. Jay fights out of an abdominal stretch and lifts up Joe for a Death Valley Driver for two as the crowd is now solidly behind Jay. He now tries for the Jaydriller but Joe blocks it and tries for the Coquina Clutch. Jay bites out of that but Joe hits a Dragon Suplex. Joe slaps and kicks Jay repeatedly before hitting the Island Driver but Jay kicks out of that as the fans go nuts. Joe then turns Jay inside out with a lariat and gets the win (15:03) ***1/4. After the match, Joe crouches over Jay and shakes his hand while slapping him in the face. Mark comes in and is pissed but Joe takes him down with an enziguiri then puts him in the Coquina Clutch. Joe leaves then the Briscoes eventually get up and receive a standing ovation from the crowd.

Thoughts: Fun match that told a good story of Jay not backing down from the monster Joe, giving him everything he had. I did think the finish was weak though as a lariat getting the pin after everything else came off weak. But if the goal was to establish the Briscoes as threats, it was accomplished.

Christopher Daniels tells us that another show has passed and the Prophecy are still in the middle of things. He switches attention to Joe and says just because his first title shot did not go as planned doesnt mean he will not fulfill his destiny of being the RoH Champion. Daniels now tells Steve Corino he was surprised when he wished him luck in his title match then tells a story of a man who found a frozen snake and took care of it only to get bit and killed by it at the end. He then tells Punk that he doesnt appreciate being accused of attacking Lucy and the next time he steps in his face he better bring more than loud talk. This still continues as Daniels alerts RoH that they are not so big until he makes an appearance so they can sell their tapes. This promo went on for too long but it did show how RoH had a number of ways to go in building up feuds.

John Walters tells us that Xavier has cheated him out of two matches and that this injustice will be taken care of as next time they face he will throw respect out the door and will be there for a fight. Promos are certainly not Walters’ strong suit.

Trent Acid then tries to stop Kashmere from leaving but it fails as Kashmere says that he needs some time. This story line was really rushed.

Xavier tells Walters that he hears him crying and a win is a win. He also tells him that he can have another battle but in a tag match as he will find a partner.

The Briscoes tells Joe he can hit them as hard as they want but they will hit him back harder and assure him the war has just begun.

Final Thoughts: This show was average. It had some good matches, some bad matches and a bit too much filler. The Field of Honor stuff came off poorly and the Tag Team Division is a joke but they did build up a few people and seem to have many directions to head in when building new top feuds. Joe is great as the champ and Punk was entertaining all around here. RoH is still trying to build up compelling feuds as they close out the year and they are getting closer.

Here is my schedule for the next several days:

Sunday: WWF Superstars of Wrestling 8/22/87
Tuesday: WWF Wrestling Challenge 8/23/87
Thursday: Highspots Shoot Interview with Brickhouse Brown
Friday: WWF Sam Houston Coliseum 8/28/87 (Paul Boesch Retirement Show)
Saturday: Brickhouse TV: Season 1, Episode 1

Thunder – October 28, 1999

October 28, 1999
Cox Arena, San Diego, California
Larry Zbyszko, Mike Tenay
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
company has been turned upside down in the last week and a half as
suddenly there’s a World Title tournament for the vacant belt,
wrestling doesn’t matter, and the Filthy Animals are ALL OVER THE
PLACE. Now to be fair that means Torrie on TV a lot more so maybe
this isn’t all bad. Heaven help us with whatever Thunder is going to
become. Let’s get to it.

Guerrera vs. Evan Karagias
is a rematch from when Bret interrupted their match on Nitro a few
weeks back. Evan misses an early dropkick and gets headscissored
down but Juvy stops to pose. He spends too long though and gets sent
into the buckle so Evan can hammer away in the corner. A spinwheel
kick drops Evan but he reverses a suplex into one of his own.
They’re starting to pick things up a bit. Juvy nails a dropkick and
a headbutt before yelling at the fans…..and here’s Sid so never
actually doesn’t destroy them and lets Juvy leave. He says he’s
undefeated and has proof that Goldberg didn’t beat him. Sid throws
out an open challenge to anyone in the back and Juvy comes back in to
sit on the ropes. Thankfully that’s just a red herring as Benoit
comes out to accept the challenge. Sid promises to cripple Benoit
tonight and chokeslam the cruiserweights to restore our faith in him.
announcers chatter about Benoit.
Maestro is in the back and talks about being the star of the show.
This character is as much of a disaster as Berlyn.
Guerrero is looking for Goldberg because he wants TV time.
Iaukea vs. The Maestro
grief end this show already. Iaukea dropkicks Maestro as he turns
around so Maestro points a finger at him. THE DEVASTATION! We get
into some basic stuff with both guys trading wristlocks until Maestro
slugs him into the corner. A whip sends Prince across the ring and
Maestro follows him up with even more punches. Prince chops and
backdrops for two but eats a knee lift and gets caught in an STF (the
Encore) for the submission. Short, bad and the Maestro vs. Prince
Iaukea. I think that sums the whole thing up.
recap of the Revolution vs. the Filthy Animals with Torrie being
kidnapped on Monday.
Saturn/Dean Malenko vs. Silver King/El Dandy
says Asya is keeping Torrie wherever the Revolution wants her.
Malenko threatens to break Benoit’s legs on Monday in their
tournament match. The Revolution throws their victims to the floor
but Silver King comes back in for something like a running DDT to
Saturn. Dandy comes in for a double drop toehold and a double kick
to the chest to keep Saturn in trouble.
to King but Dean offers a distraction and Saturn kicks Silver in the
face. It’s off to Dean for a basement dropkick and a lot of
spitting, setting up Saturn’s top rope knee. The Revolution takes
King outside for some choking before a suplex/high cross body combo
gets two. King gets in a few shots for the tag to Dandy for a
missile dropkick to Dean. A plancha takes Saturn down as well
(barely touching him but the dive looked good) but Dean nails Dandy
with a chair, setting up the Cloverleaf for the win.
D+. Another squash here and a
bit better performance from the luchadors than I was expecting. That
being said, we’re two days into the Revolution vs. Animals feud and
I’m already sick of both teams. Neither is likeable in the slightest
and the Revolution has gone completely against their original idea.
This was acceptable but at
least it didn’t involve the Animals.
searches for Goldberg.
recap of Nitro. This felt like filler.
Heat is ready for Curly Bill tonight but Chavo interrupts to talk
about looking for Goldberg.
Revolution gets in a car.
Bill says there are no problems in the Rednecks and he needs to go
back and tend to the moose on his ranch. Gene doesn’t think ranches
have moose and Curly goes off on him about being the real cowboy
here. Ok that wasn’t bad.
Ray vs. Curly Bill
Stevie jumps him at the bell and stomps away in the corner as Booker
is on commentary, talking about facing Jeff Jarrett in the
tournament. Stevie misses a middle rope elbow but no sells Curly’s
shoulders and kicks him in the face. They head outside with Curly
going face first onto the announcers’ table (Booker: “ARE YOU OK?”,
followed by a right hand to the face). Back in and Stevie gets two
off a side slam but the referee gets bumped. Dear goodness enough
with that nonsense. Curly hits him with the boot but Booker comes in
for a hard Harlem side kick, setting up the Slap Jack for the pin.
D-. This
ref bump stuff has to stop. There’s one on almost every show now and
they’re not even in the main events. This was a three and a half
minute squash but the squasher needed a ref bump to win. That
doesn’t make sense and misses the entire point of basic wrestling
Guerrero vs. Steven Regal/Chris Adams/Dave Taylor
the match, all of the Animals talk about wanting to do various things
to the Revolution, including playing them like marks. Rey jumps in
on the announcers’ table to talk about the Revolution. Taylor goes
right after Eddie to start and avoids an early dropkick before taking
Eddie down with European uppercuts and a basement dropkick of his
to Adams, who gets caught by a rolling clothesline from a crotch
grabbing (his own at least) Konnan. As Rey tries to get money out of
Zbyzsko, Konnan jumps over Adams in the corner but eats a European
uppercut from Regal. Off to Kidman who sends Regal into the ropes,
nearly knocking Adams off by mistake. Kidman throws Regal down but
charges into a hot shot to change control again.
Brits start stomping away until Kidman blocks a powerbomb. Konnan,
ever adherent to the rules, comes in to nail Adams without tagging.
Kidman charges into Regal’s elbow in the corner and it’s off to
Adams, who goes up and tries…..something resembling a Superman
Punch but crashes down. The hot tag brings in Guerrero to clean
house as everything breaks down. Eddie hits a quick suplex on Taylor
and a big frog splash is enough for the pin.
C. Not the worst match in the
world, Filthy Animals annoyance aside. They’re
just unlikeable people who ramble on with lingo that ranges from
sounding stupid to making no sense while seemingly want to rape every
member of the Revolution. Somehow, one of the most likeable
wrestlers of all time in Rey Mysterio is associated with this group
and WCW seems to think the fans will find them to be the good guys.
and the Filthy Animals steal the losers’ robes for good measure.
is on the phone, saying he’s going to get himself over since Goldberg
isn’t here to do it for him. Wrestlers using this lingo today would
appeal to an extremely niche audience. In 1999, this might as well
be Martian.
speaks English to say that his master plan is in effect and we will
all serve him one day. His plan is to lose to Brad Armstrong?
Guerrero Jr. vs. Lash Leroux
says he’s going to win the tournament and be the younger World
Champion ever. I think Giant still has his beat even if he wins.
Chavo comes out and reminds us that he’s looking for Goldberg for no
apparent reason. Lash goes right after him to start and does his
splits but misses a clothesline, allowing Chavo to hook a
belly to back gets two for Chavo and he slugs away in the corner.
Lash jawbreaks out of a chinlock and gets two of his own off a
supelx. That goes nowhere so Chavo takes him into the corner for a
stomping but gets forearmed in the head, setting up a chinlock. We
get a very sudden BORING chant which almost feels piped in.
would ask why a company would do that, but this is one of the least
stupid things WCW has done in recent weeks. More really basic stuff
changes control a few times until Chavo gets a positive reaction and
a near fall off a dropkick. Guerrero scores with a clothesline and
some chops in the corner, only to get caught in Whiplash for the pin
out of nowhere.
D+. So Chavo wants to find
Goldberg, gets cheered by the fans and then loses to Lash Leroux.
Somehow they’ve managed to fit that much plot into about 75 minutes
after Chavo having almost nothing to do for weeks. If they could
find a happy middle ground, I’d be curious to see where some of these
ideas went. As it is, I barely remember them by the end of the show
because of how fast they come and go.
records Buff Bagwell and Scotty Riggs talking about the finish of a
match. I think I know where this is going and I can feel the
headache coming.
Miller, flanked by three women, gets out of a white limo. So he’s
the Godfather now? I’ve heard worse ideas.
vs. Jerry Flynn
cut the cord already. During the entrances, we hear that WCW is
filming a movie in Los Angeles. My goodness it’s Ready to Rumble
time isn’t it? Berlyn goes right at him and hits a kind of floatover
DDT before cranking on a wristlock. Shouldn’t that be the other way
around? They trade kicks before Berlyn sends him into the ropes for
a kick to the face, a nipup and another dropkick for the best looking
sequence he’s done in years.
kicks to Jerry set up a belly to back but Flynn avoids a charge
against the ropes. Jerry fires off his usual array of strikes but
throws in some right hands to show his versatility. The Bodyguard
intercepts Jimmy Hart (who is the face here anyway?) and nails Flynn
for missing a charge, giving Berlyn an easy victory.
D. He’s evil, German and
apparently athletic when he wants to be. This character is dead in
the water though and they need to find something else for him to do.
That’s one area where Russo truly was excellent: finding a new
character for someone. The words “creative has nothing for you”
do not exist on his watch. The gimmick might be insane and
ridiculous, but he would have something.
is still looking for Goldberg but finds Sid instead. “YOU WANT TV
TIME?” A chokeslam leaves Chavo on a cart, end scene.
Ernest Miller with the three good looking women. After telling the
rednecks to sit down, he informs us that he’ll be in the tournament
on Monday against doctor’s orders. THIS warranted coming to the ring
and talking?
thinks Sid is running his mouth too much. I’d say it’s more that
he’s wrestling too much but that’s just me. Benoit isn’t done with
Malenko either.
Riggs vs. Buff Bagwell
things never change. We recap Buff’s kayfabe murdering story about
not wanting to job ever again because he doesn’t care for the Powers
That Be. This would be the REAL part in the middle of all the fake
stuff you’re seeing. I have no idea if Bagwell is a face or a heel
here and I think that’s the point. Riggs doesn’t have the mirror
anymore. They trade full nelsons to start until Buff breaks out and
just stands in the corner.
promises us eight more tournament matches on Monday. Be still my
beating heart. Riggs gets taken down in a headlock but walks into a
dropkick to send him into the ropes for more staring. Some leg work
keeps Bagwell down and a high cross body gets two. Riggs looks
stunned because, I kid you not, that was supposed to be the finish.
The referee yells at Bagwell but he small packages Riggs for the pin
with the referee slowly counting it. Bagwell’s music doesn’t play
F. “Come see Buff Bagwell!
He’s bored and not trying because he doesn’t agree to our scripted
finishes! By paying us your money, you’ll get to see him stand
around and not care and barely put any effort into his matches!”
Vince Russo was paid to think of this idea and then asked you to pay
money to watch it play out on pay per view. Russo somehow convinced
people he was a genius by doing this. Maybe he’s smarter than we all
are and we just can’t keep up with him.
Benoit vs. Sid Vicious
gentle? Sid shoves him
around to start and fires off some kicks to the ribs (Daniel Bryan
has nothing to worry about) followed
by a right hand to the jaw. Benoit
comes back with strikes of his own and a middle
rope dropkick for two but
the kickout sends him flying out to the floor. Back
in and Benoit flashes back to Fall Brawl by going after the leg. Why
he thinks Sid will sell now is anyone’s guess.
few cannonballs down onto the leg look to set up the Figure Four but
Sid kicks him right back to the floor. This time the big man follows
him out and drops Benoit across the barricade before
taking him back in for choking, choking, forearms to the chest and
more choking.
comeback is stopped cold by a big boot and we hit the camel clutch so
Sid can rest after his hard day in the ring. A
few slams get two each on Benoit but he pops up and grabs a German
suplex. The Swan Dive misses but Sid is too spent to follow up,
allowing Benoit to slap on the Crossface. You know Sid isn’t tapping
though so here are Saturn and Malenko for the DQ.
D+. So to clarity, Benoit is
now the guy that puts up a good fight against the bigger names but is
never allowed to be on their level. Thanks for wasting our time with
the Bret tribute match and the US Title reigns, because it’s pretty
clear that none of it means anything just a few weeks later.
powerbombs everyone to make it clear that no one is on his level.
The Filthy Animals run out to beat up the pieces of the Revolution to
end the show.
D. I
can’t believe I’m saying this but Nitro was more entertaining than
this. Thunder continues to be almost nothing beyond average and
makes us sit through a ref bump in a Curly Bill vs. Stevie Ray match.
The wrestling is bad, the
stories range from nonsensical to previews for a Nitro way too
complicated to keep track of. Yet somehow, I’d take this over the
recent episodes. At least this is so insane that it’s fascinating to
watch in a way while the
recent ones were a way to cure my sleepless nights.

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Monday Nitro – October 25, 1999

Nitro #211
October 25, 1999
America West Arena, Phoenix, Arizona
Bobby Heenan, Tony Schiavone
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
finally past Halloween Havoc and as usual with pay per views, a lot
has changed. First up would seem to be Goldberg coming out as both
United States and World Champion, but only the former is for sure.
After Hogan laid down against Sting for no apparent reason, Goldberg
beat the champ in an open challenge, which may or may not be for the
title. Tonight we should find out what’s going on so let’s get to

paintless Sting is walking through the back (I’m been skipping a lot
of these segments as they’re literally just people walking) and
shouting for JJ Dillon while throwing things all over the place.
heads to the ring and calls out JJ Dillon, because last night he
issued a challenge for a fight, not a title match. Dillon comes out
and Sting repeats most of what he already said but throws in that he
was trying to bail them out of a bad situation with Hogan. Why do I
have a bad feeling that’s the extent of Hogan information tonight?.
The title was never on the line, so Sting wants his belt back. JJ
agrees that the title wasn’t on the line, because WCW never
sanctioned that match. Therefore, the title is vacant due to Sting
attacking the referee after the match.
come on. That’s some very convenient enforcing of the rules given
what half the roster gets away with on a regular basis. Also ignore
the fact that it wasn’t even in a match so why should it have any
impact on th…..never mind. I’m staying out of the quicksand that
is WCW/Russo logic. There’s going to be a 32 man tournament and
Sting can be a participant. That earns Dillon a beating until
Goldberg comes out for the save.
are the brackets.
Bam Bigelow
Dallas Page
sure we’ll see the other half later, because I’m sure it’s completely
prepared at this point. Also Madusa is now a man? JJ specifically
said 32 MAN tournament.
Outsiders are here with a cooler but Mike Graham comes up and tells
them they have to wrestle tonight. Nash’s retirement isn’t addressed
because that’s in the old regime or something.
Smiley says last night’s match was amusing and thinks Bigelow is
tough. Oh and he likes to dance. If Russo being in charge means
more short interviews for people who don’t often get TV time, maybe
he’s not all bad.
World Title Tournament First Round: Norman Smiley vs. Bam Bam Bigelow
is terrified so Bigelow decides this is going to be a hardcore match.
Bigelow throws in weapons as Norman hides behind the referee, only
to get hit in the head with a broom. He puts the trashcan on
Norman’s head but Norman kind of headbutts him and falls with a low
blow ala Sting. It’s time to dance before Norman quickly covers
Bigelow for the pin. This was a mess and didn’t even break ninety
and Nash are in the back and Nash says he can’t work. Hall says he
can’t comment until the top of the hour. He won’t listen to Mike
Graham either.
of the Filthy Animals vs. Ric Flair.
are the Filthy Animals with Torrie sporting a shiny silver outfit
that Kidman really seems to enjoy. Eddie talks about how WCW will
never be able to break the team up. Now Ric Flair has been coming
after them, so look at this tape to see what happened. The video
show Ric being dragged away to what looks like the desert and being
buried in sand. Egads this is really happening.
says Flair is done and Harlem Heat is next. Mysterio cuts him off
from swearing and gives the mic to Konnan for some bad catchphrases,
one of which involves the Filthy Animals being in heat. Cue Malenko
and Saturn to destroy the Animals, but Torrie runs off, only to get
caught by Shane Douglas and Asya. Well they tried to murder Flair so
I’m not sure I can sympathize with them when one of their members is
Hennig doesn’t like the Powers that Be and if he gets pinned he’s
fired. Why you ask? The better question is why would you ask “why
you ask?” You should know by now that you’re never getting a clear
answer to most of the logical questions this show brings up.
Outsiders drink coffee, potentially to sober Hall up.
Hennig vs. Lash Leroux
Hennig gets pinned he’s fired. Hennig hammers away in the corner to
start and hiptosses Lash across the ring for two. Disco Inferno
comes out to praise Lash on commentary but gets interrupted by Curt
ramming Lash into the table. They head back inside with Hennig
getting two off a knee lift as this is a total squash so far, meaning
you can expect a swerve soon. Lash comes back with some right hands
and dropkicks before loading up Whiplash, only to have Hennig hit the
referee for the DQ. Well he didn’t get pinned.
lays out Lash and Disco with a chair.
Filthy Animals are looking for Torrie.
limping Bret Hart arrives.
are the Nitro Girls for the Nitro Girls search stuff but Jeff Jarrett
comes out to interrupt. Jeff threatens to stroke each one of them
and says this tournament is a big work. See, he’s the next champion
and if Luger disagrees, he can take the Lex Express out of town.
Amazingly enough, no one responds to the five year old reference. Oh
and he didn’t hit Elizabeth last week. Their big plan to get Jarrett
over as a heel is to break up the Nitro Girls stuff? He’ll be out
popping Goldberg in two weeks at this rate.
says the war with Goldberg is far from over.
World Title Tournament First Round: Perry Saturn vs. Eddie Guerrero
threatens to make Torrie disappear if the Animals interfere. The
Animals leave but Eddie jumps him from behind for the early
advantage. He goes after the leg as the fans are entirely behind
him, because I guess they see kidnapping Torrie as a good thing.
Guerrero uses his wrist tape to tie the leg to the ropes for some
hard kicks but Saturn quickly rips it off.
hot shot and gutbuster change control though and Saturn cranks on an
abdominal stretch. Eddie’s ribs are draped over the top rope before
they head outside with Saturn whipping him into the barricade.
They’re flying through this as you can almost feel the shenanigans
coming. Cue David Flair with a crowbar to nail Eddie in the ribs,
setting up the Rings of Saturn to give Saturn the win.
C. That’s the match of the
night isn’t it? At the end of the day, you need more than four
minutes to get anything special going and even guys like Saturn and
Guerrero can only only do so much. The David Flair stuff makes sense
as he would be upset at Torrie and doesn’t want her to be rescued,
but it’s another case of throwing so much into one show that you
can’t process it all.
runs from the invading Animals.
and Nash don’t want to fight so they come up with ways of shutting
down the show. Nash’s
best idea: strip naked in the ring.
Revolution has Torrie held hostage in a secret location. Does anyone
ever think of just flagging down the cameraman and asking where they
just came from? Malenko
walks out of the room but Benoit jumps him behind and lays wastes to
him, clearly swearing without being censored.
are the Outsiders, potentially for stripping. Hall does the Survey
and says they’ve been partying in Vegas, but had to come here for the
real party. Nash says no
one is going to tell them what to do, but Goldberg pops up to
threaten them with violence later in the night. The Outsiders jumped
Goldberg before the Sid match last night so we have Goldberg’s next
feud. We don’t have an explanation for Nash’s retirement before
forgotten but you can’t have everything. Or anything around here
these days actually.
are Randy Savage and Gorgeous George, clad in sparkly red attire
because it makes George look good and Savage look…..well like
Savage actually. Savage
says it’s been awhile but Russo and the rest of the vultures in the
back aren’t going to see him hang himself on live TV. However,
George is right when she says he’s well hung.
can’t kill off the Macho Man like
you did Hogan and Flair. The
yellow and red and Space Mountain have played themselves out but
Savage is still legit. It’s
time that he passes the torch to the next superstar to win World
Titles, set ratings records
and be even better than he was. I
don’t think he would be seen for another six months.
Animals find the Revolution’s dressing room (hint: it was labeled
REVOLUTION) but there’s no Torrie.
Revolution tries to get Malenko to chill.
World Title Tournament First Round: Madusa vs. ???
it’s Meng. I’m assuming there’s a joke here that I’m not smart
enough to get. Madusa fires off punches and kicks which are sold as
well as an air conditioner at the North Pole. Meng goes after her
but stops to look at her chest, earning him an eye poke. So this is
a comedy match? Some choking and a missile dropkick have no effect
on Meng so she jumps on his back, gets flipped over and the Tongan
Death Grip is good for the win.
Karagias of all people comes out to check on Madusa, but Dean Malenko
comes out to challenge Benoit to a last man standing match tonight.
There’s no connection between Malenko and Karagias. Russo just
doesn’t know what it means to wait a second.
is taping up.
Hennig and Brad Armstrong are backstage. Brad has been told to leave
until he finds a personality and the Powers that Be suggest he call
his little brother. I’m getting a headache and we’re not even
halfway done with this mess.
has his leg looked at.
World Title Tournament First Round: Total Package vs. Rick Steiner
keep up the short trend here. We get the full monty of WCW’s bad
production here as Tony asks for stills of Bret vs. Lex, has to stall
for about 45 seconds before they come up, has to ignore Rick
Steiner’s music starting and stopping during the stills, and then we
miss the opening of the match because of Benoit vs. Steiner stills.
I mean dude, even TNA has their stuff together better than this.
hammers on him to start with his usual array of kicks and forearms as
Jarrett comes out to do commentary. Steiner fights back and sends
Luger into the buckle as Jeff talks about how he didn’t attack Liz
last week because he isn’t that kind of a man. Tony brings up the
WWF but Jeff says these are different days. Jeff goes after Liz but
Luger makes a save, only to have Jarrett’s guitar shot hit Steiner by
mistake. Liz freaks out so Luger checks on her, only to drop her so
he can beat the ten count back in to win another short (sweet) match.
This would be about three weeks’ worth of story crammed into a few
isn’t happy.
threatens to hurt the Revolution if they harm Torrie and also speaks
on cheese.
tapes his hands.
World Title Tournament First Round: Konnan vs. Kidman
for a stable battle. Konnan takes over quickly and snapmares Kidman
down, setting up a basement dropkick. That’s not cool with Kidman
and they slug it out until Konnan hits the rolling clothesline. The
X Factor is countered with a BK Bomb for two but the referee is
bumped, as per Russo requirement. Cue Harlem Heat to lay out both
guys with finishers, though Stevie doesn’t actually go off his feet
on the Slap Jack. Mysterio and Guerrero try to make a save but
Kidman rolls over onto Konnan to advance. This looked like a back
door out of having partners fight, but more than likely Russo had no
idea what he booked.
has to calm Konnan and Kidman down post match. Konnan agrees and
wants a Tag Team Title shot tonight against “these two mark punk
Outsiders are wondering who they’ll be facing in their big, and I’m
sure totally serious, match. Maybe the Bushwhackers or the
look back at Bagwell being annoyed at having to job last week.
Seriously, that appears to be the story they’re going with.
Bagwell for a chat. He’s going to start breaking all the rules and
doesn’t care about all the sacred things in this business. Last week
was the last time he’ll do a job (oh here we go) for the two idiots
in the back writing this nonsense. Cue the Harris Brothers in the
soon to be named Creative Control gimmick to beat Bagwell down. This
would be the worked part after the real stuff you heard from Buff.
There are a lot of problems with this, but if you don’t know what a
job is in wrestling terms, doesn’t it sound like Bagwell just quit?
Malenko vs. Chris Benoit
man standing for reasons that aren’t really explained and
both guys are
in street clothes. They
slug it out to start and tumble out to the floor with Benoit being
sent into the barricade over and over. That
goes nowhere so they get back inside, only to have Benoit crotch
Malenko against the post. That’s not something Benoit would normally
chops away in the corner before a belly to back suplex sends Malenko
down. They’re both up at six so Benoit rolls some Germans, only to
get kicked low. Dean tosses
him over the top and out to the floor for
more whips into the barricade. Back
in and Benoit suplexes him down again for a short count before a
double clothesline puts both guys down but only Benoit beats the
C-. This is Vince Russo in a
nutshell: a last man standing match announced with maybe half an hour
notice that gets seven minutes and ends with a clothesline because we
need to get on to all the other AMAZING things he has planned for us,
like three minute nothing matches. How did adding a gimmick to this
match help? Benoit and Malenko can have a good match with each other
in their sleep but they have to add in a last man standing gimmick
for the sake of adding one in, thereby making it look like a less
important gimmick going forward. Well done in just seven minutes.
match the Filthy Animals come out but Douglas (with his arm in a
cast) and Saturn show up on stage with Asya holding Torrie. Shane
babbles about hurting Torrie and Dean is allowed to leave. The
Animals chase after him and get to the parking lot where both groups
speed away. I guess this is action adventure or something? Also,
no explanation for why Malenko did what he did last night. I’m not
expecting any reason after this point.
World Title Tournament First Round: Sting vs. Brian Knobs
ball bat shots to the chest for the pin
in thirteen seconds. Yeah
that’s going to keep Sting a heel. To
recap, the brackets said Sting vs. Knobbs, Tony said Sting vs.
Morrus, Sting actually fought Knobbs. Conclusion:
Tony Schiavone is incompetent.
Outsiders talk strategy for later.
Hart has a hairline fracture but is going to fight Goldberg anyway.
Team Titles: Harlem Heat vs. Kidman/Konnan
Heat is defending. Stevie
hammers Konnan down to start and stomps Kidman on the apron. All
hail King Stevie. More
pounding ensues until Konnan clotheslines both champs down for a
breather. Off to Kidman but he eats a clothesline as well to give
Stevie control again. It’s
quickly back to Konnan with Booker taking over with right hands and a
side slam. The champs start
double teaming Konnan as
I guess they’re heels tonight, despite the fans being all over the
Animals earlier in the night.
knees him down and cranks on an armbar. Back
to Booker who misses the ax kick, allowing the hot tag to Kidman. A
quick Dudley Dog staggers Booker but Stevie comes back in to set up a
Hart Attack with a Harlem Side Kick instead of a clothesline. Konnan
gets back up and goes after Booker, allowing Kidman to load up
another Dudley Dog, only to have Stevie counter with a bridging belly
to back suplex, but Kidman raises his shoulder for the pin and the
D+. Well
that happened. Was there any reason to not just give Kidman and
Konnan the belts last night? Other than a “shocking” title
change that is? The match was nothing to see, again mainly due to
time, even though this was one of the longer matches of the night at
just over five minutes. Sign
of the Russo times: that’s the third title change, not counting the
belts being vacated, in eight days.
says he’s always been brutal and the match with Sid was just showing
that side.
World Title Tournament First Round: Diamond Dallas Page vs. David
grabs the mic and starts up the catchphrases in that great acting
voice of hers. Page wants Flair out of the ring and grabs him by the
neck before kissing him on the cheek. He
makes the mistake of turning his back on the crazy man though,
allowing David to get in some crowbar shots. Kimberly gets in to
call David off and he leaves as Page is looked at by medics. No
vs. ???
Outsiders are in street clothes. Cue
the Harris Brothers…..who step aside so a bunch of porn chicks can
come out, one of which
appears to be smuggling basketballs in her shirt. The
bell rings and my goodness they’re actually doing this. Tony:
“The Powers that Be are looking for ratings and they’re going to
get them!”
starts with the blonde but doesn’t know where to put his hands. She
headlocks him into her chest and this is dying before my eyes. More
“comedy” ensues and Hall does the Flair Flop, earning him a
spank. The fans clap for
the hot tag and Nash is all fired up for the other blonde. He
gets the laughably enhanced brunette but both Outsiders lay down for
a double pin. You think I’m rating this?
comes out to clean house before the brunette can take her top off.
Title/WCW World Title Tournament First Round: Goldberg vs. Bret Hart
is for Goldberg’s US Title for no apparent reason. Bret
limps down to the ring because of the leg injury over the last few
weeks. Goldberg takes him
into the corner and gives a clean break. Instead
it’s the gorilla press into a powerslam to plant Bret but Goldberg
doesn’t want to follow up.
leg lock has Bret in trouble but he’s right next to the ropes. Bret
gets dropped again as this is coming off like an angle instead of a
match. Goldberg stomps away
in the corner and pulls Bret out by the leg. Another
leg lock makes Bret scream so Goldberg lets go and demands that the
referee stop it. Bret says keep going so Goldberg throws him back
to the mat.
charges into the good foot in the corner and Bret puts on a sleeper.
That goes as well as you
would expect with Goldberg throwing Bret onto the referee. Hart
is thrown outside so cue the
Outsiders and Sid (in his gear due to reasons of insanity) to
lay Goldberg out. Somehow
the referee looks at this and doesn’t call for a DQ, allowing Bret to
crawl back inside for the pin, even though Goldberg was sitting up
when Hart got back in.
D+. This was kind of a mess but
not as bad as it could have been, again due to having more time
(nearly EIGHT minutes!).
However, it does make the events of last night seem like a big waste
of time. Was there any reason to have Luger make Bret give up if
Bret is winning the US Title here? Or to have Goldberg win two
titles in one night and then lose both twenty four hours later? What
a mess, but this was one of the less messy messes of the night.
Also, this is another
potential Starrcade main event thrown away for free on TV. Yeah
there would be a rematch, but this wasn’t really making me want to
see them again.
are the updated brackets for the first half of the tournament.
Dallas Page/David Flair (no winner so it’s not clear)
a glorious set of options.
F. When the best things
I can think of on a show are Torrie and Kimberly looking good, you
can tell it’s been a waste of three hours. The
title matches ranged from a
series of quick ways out of having a match to adding angles to
matches so Russo can cram every single thing he can think of into the
show. It’s been said that
Russo wants nothing to do with wrestling and that was never more
clear than here.
thing he does love though is the Filthy Animals, who were all over
this show. Their story made
sense for the most part, but it’s very clear that the audience is
already having problems with who they’re supposed to cheer for.
That’s the shades of gray idea that Russo likes to use, which still
doesn’t seem to work 90% of the time.
was a huge mess with WAY too much stuff going on to keep track of
anything. I watched this show over the span of about twenty four
hours and I’m struggling to remember half of what happened on it.
None of the things you see
has the chance to stick with you because they have to get on to the
next idea. There was a line from HHH when he was on Austin’s podcast
that would really serve Russo well: there’s always next week. It’s
ok to let something play out on one show and do something next week
(or on Thunder to make that show actually mean something for a
the thing: yeah the WWF is pretty lame right now with all the sports
entertainment nonsense, at least it made sense and had the charisma
to carry things through. This
show feels like someone watched Raw and said “I CAN DO THAT!” and
got a job running a wrestling comp……oh dear goodness that’s
pretty much what happened isn’t it? Maybe this is Russo getting his
first ideas out of the way early and it’ll get better later, but for
now though, the Russo Era is terrifying.
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Thunder – October 21, 1999

Date: October 14, 1999
Location: Riverside
Centroplex, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Attendance: 4,941
Scott Hudson, Larry Zbyszko
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
this is the second half of a taping and they’ve taken Nash off
commentary to make this far less entertaining than last week’s show.
It’s also the go home show for Halloween Havoc but this was taped
before Russo turned the promotion upside down this past Monday.
Let’s get to it.

Apparently Nash scared
Tenay off this week.
Norman Smiley vs.
The Maestro
delay the start so Maestro can pose a bit before getting to some
amateur stuff. Maestro is a somewhat bigger guy but still moves
well. His movement isn’t quite as good as Norman’s wiggling, though
unfortunately there isn’t much here about Norman’s screaming gimmick.
A European uppercut staggers Maestro but he takes Smiley down by the
The grappling doesn’t
work so Maestro hits a side slam and cranks on a chinlock. This is
the match that’s supposed to make me stick around for the rest of the
show. More right hands have Smiley in some trouble but he blocks two
sunset flip attempts. Back up and Smiley goes to the arm before
hitting the swinging slam, setting up the dance. A brawl on the
floor goes nowhere so Maestro tries and fails at an implant DDT,
allowing Norman to slip on Norman’s Conquest for the win.
I like Norman but maybe the screaming thing was good for him. The
problem is that he’s just a guy in trunks doing moves to someone and
that’s really not a good way to get people to notice you. The
dancing and accent are only going to get you so far, as is good
amateur skill. Maestro has potential to be a low level comedy
character but I’m terrified of what’s coming when Russo gets hold of
Lash Leroux vs. Disco
Inferno video.
Horace vs. MVP
would be Dale Torborg. Horace powers him into the corner to start
and drives some shoulders into the ribs. MVP gets run over a few
times so he opts for dropkicks, despite being a pretty tall guy who
wouldn’t usually throw dropkicks. They head outside with MVP
hammering away and whipping Horace into the barricade.
in and Horace knees him right back to the floor as this is already
going nowhere. An elbow drop gets two for Horace and he sends Horace
into the steps to keep this moving at such a high rate of speed. A
suplex and backbreaker get two each for Horace but he misses a charge
into the corner. MVP comes back with a suplex and punches followed
by a clothesline for two. Horace shrugs it off and hits a Samoan
drop for the pin.
This show is basically a collection of dark matches. There’s nothing
to most of these matches and there’s no reason for me to want to see
the majority of them, but we’re stuck sitting through them week after
week. It’s clear that this show is nothing more than a dumping
ground for the people that WCW doesn’t want to put on Nitro. The
fact that this is going head to head with Smackdown is yet another
reason why it was clear WCW had no chance against the WWF.
on Page vs. Flair on Sunday.
Curly Bill vs. Lash
refers to the NWO as defunct. Sweet goodness it took long enough.
Curly starts fast by just kicking him in the face, once regularly and
a second time to stop a charge in the corner. They head outside with
Bill sending him into the steps for a move far too common around here
these days. A Stunner across the top rope and a swinging neckbreaker
have Lash in trouble.
trade chops with Lash getting the worse of it, followed by a running
knee from Curly. Slam, chinlock, slam, fans sit
up smoking in the supernatural darkness of cold-water flats floating
across the tops of cities contemplating jazz out of their boredom
from this match. Lash fights up with his usual stuff but can’t hit
Whiplash. Curly comes back with a Fujiwara armbar but Lash is next
to the ropes. In a bookend to the match, Curly charges into raised
boots just like Lash did and Whiplash is good for the pin.
D. Virgil is getting six
minutes on TV and is dominating about two thirds of the match and is
up against a guy who will be getting a title shot on Sunday. Lash is
nothing great in the ring but he’s good enough to survive being the
challenger of the month to Disco Inferno. I’ll stay away from a rant
about Disco being Cruiserweight Champion at this point because Lash
has this odd likability about him and I find it hard to complain
about his matches. Also was there any reason to have him not beat a
cruiserweight here?
Report. Whoever this schmuck is has nothing on Lee Marshall.
First Family wants a title shot at Halloween Havoc. Don’t they
already have one?
Heat vs. Steve Regal/Dave Taylor
entrance for Harlem Heat as they lost the titles on Monday in a
non-built match, so I’m assuming this is non-title.. Regal and
Booker trade arm work to start until a forearm staggers the
Englishman. Off to Ray for another elbow, which freaks Regal out,
sending him over to the corner for a tag. It seems that we’re in a
comedy match.
comes in and gets hit in the face a lot but he uppercuts Booker to
the floor for some European uppercuts from Finlay. Regal has settled
down enough to work over Booker in the corner, only to miss a charge
and get caught in a Rock Bottom. They stretch things out a bit by
having Finlay pull Stevie off the apron, only to have the tag made
just a few seconds later. Stevie comes in and cleans house, only to
have the First Family come in for the DQ.
Regal tried but even his magic can’t save a match that ends with
Knobbs and Morrus running in for a DQ. Hopefully Russo gets rid of
these two schmucks but for some reason I don’t think even he can
overcome the powers of nepotism or the urge to give someone a
juvenile name.
Heat cleans house post match.
Video on Sid.
Video on Goldberg vs.
Video on Goldberg. My
goodness cancel this show already.
Video on Berlyn vs.
Kendall Windham vs.
Brad Armstrong
hammers away to start like the big goon that he is but Brad comes
back with some armdrags and right hands in the corner. They trade
arm work because we haven’t seen that enough lately. Curly offers a
cheap shot from the floor and rakes Brad’s back to validate his
paycheck. Back in and Kendall mixes it up with a chinlock, slam and
second chinlock to kill off ninety seconds.
fights up with a variety of shots to the face, followed by a
powerslam for two. Curly offers a distraction so Kendall can hit
Brad low. That doesn’t seem to do much so Kendall shoves Brad into
the referee. For the love of all things good and holy this match
needed a ref bump??? A boot shot goes bad and Brad’s Russian
legsweep is good for the pin.
Good grief just let them wrestler. Or actually wait don’t let them
wrestler as I can’t handle two Redneck matches in one night. This is
another bad match on a bad show which is a lame duck episode anyway
and the last dying breath of the old regime before Russo and pal come
in to destroy the house. That being said, END THIS SHOW ALREADY.
Havoc card.
Guerrera/Silver King vs. Blitzkrieg/Kaz Hayashi
you need a filler, call Silver King. Juvy and Blitzkrieg start
things off with some posing before Blitzkrieg nails some kicks to
send Juvy over for a tag. For some reason the teams switch corners
on the apron. Somehow that’s the least illogical thing on this show
so far. King misses a running dropkick in the corner and gets
cradled for two.
gets right back into things by launching Blitzkrieg into the air for
a crash before stopping to do a dance. He’s no Norman Smiley. Juvy
and Kaz come in with Guerrera mocking a bow to Hayashi before kicking
him down. They trade strikes until Juvy DDTs him down and hammers
away in the corner. There’s the crotch chop and it’s back to Silver
King who gets caught in a spinebuster from Blitzkrieg. This is an
incredibly fast paced match so far.
dropkicks his partner by mistake and Silver King adds an enziguri but
still can’t make the hot tag. An airplane spin into a faceplant
finally allows the hot tag to Juvy, who comes in with a springboard
double crossbody as everything breaks down. Blitzkrieg avoids a dive
and hooks a chinlock for a well earned breather.
take a break and come back with Juvy in a Hart Attack with Kaz
playing Bret and nailing a missile dropkick. The tribute to 80s tag
teams continues with Blitzkrieg playing Ax to Kaz’s Smash, if Ax
could hit a springboard legdrop that is. A standing corkscrew splash
gets two on Guerrera but he comes back with a running kick to the
face. Silver King kicks Blitzkrieg in the back but it’s still not
enough for the hot tag.
some double teaming has him in trouble, Juvy bulldogs both heels (I
think?) down and makes the hot tag. It’s off to Silver King with a
double missile dropkick but Blitzkrieg sunset flips him for two.
Juvy springboards in again to cross body Blitzkrieg down and the
referee just counts the cover anyway. Hayashi moonsaults down onto
Juvy as Silver King electric chairs Blitzkrieg for good measure.
King adds a double jump moonsault but Kaz makes a diving save. Kaz
dropkicks Silver King and Blitzkrieg to the floor, only to walk into
the Juvy Driver for the pin.
This match was WAY too good for this show. It’s nothing they haven’t
done before a million times but my goodness they were moving around
in there. It helps that it’s on one of the worst shows I’ve seen in
years so the expectations were really low coming in. Fun stuff here
though and the only thing worth seeing on the show.
Rick Steiner vs. La
babbles to start before taking La Parka’s head off with a
Steinerline. La Parka gets in a single hiptoss before Steiner
suplexes him down and whips him into the barricade. Rick’s reward
for “wrestling” this way? A TV Title shot this Sunday. A
release German suplex gets two back inside, followed by another belly
to belly and the Steiner Bulldog for the pin. I’m so glad they had
La Parka win on Monday so this could happen on Thursday.
of Benoit winning the TV Title for some reason.
Hogan vs. Sting video.
Highlight video from
Nitro. This was like three minutes long but the show still didn’t
make sense.
Video on Luger vs.
Package vs. Buff Bagwell
entrance for Buff, but to be fair he lost to La Parka on Monday.
Hudson talks up that loss though, meaning the commentary was recorded
later, likely due to the threat of Nash. In another casualty of the
taped schedule, Bagwell is his normal self here instead of being
uninterested like he was on Nitro. Luger hammers on his back to
start but gets dropkicked out to the floor as things settle down.
The announcers try to play it up as Bagwell getting a wakeup call on
Monday, even though I’d assume he’s back to not caring on Monday.
tries to get back in but gets sent right back to the floor for
another beating from Bagwell. Elizabeth offers a distraction so
Luger can nail Buff in the back of the head before sending him into
the steps for good measure. Now it’s into the barricade before Luger
slowly stomps away. Back in and Luger stomps in the corner, where
you can see some of the mat coming up. Bagwell comes back by ramming
him into the buckle pad over and over, only to get run over by a
clothesline. Viva el chinlock for a bit before Buff makes his
clothesline based comeback. Liz crotches him on top though and the
Rack ends this.
So Bagwell’s rebound from the loss on Monday is to lose in a
glorified squash here as the continuity gets all screwed up. Luger
looked better here than he has in a long time, but to be fair that
really isn’t saying much. I saw these two wrestle enough in
1997/1998 that I never thought I’d want to see them again, and it
turns out I’m right. Oh and no mention whatsoever of Liz being
guitared on Monday. Because, you know, it hadn’t happened yet.
I wonder if I can get watching this show covered under my insurance
plan. It has to be worthy of some hospitalization. I wanted to give
it the lowest passing grade possible due to that tag match but my
goodness this was horrible. It’s literally the last TV show (aside
from Saturday Night which meant jack by this point) from this booking
era and it shows horribly. As bad as Thunder has been over the
years, this is one of the worst episodes they’ve ever put on and
that’s saying quite a bit.
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Monday Nitro – October 18, 2015

Nitro #210
October 18, 1999
First Union Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Tony Schiavone, Bobby Heenan
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
the go home show for Halloween Havoc but more importantly, Russo and
Ferrara are officially in charge tonight. That’s going to lead to
some very rapid changes around here and that’s not a good sign before
the pay per view. In theory it would make sense to do Halloween
Havoc and then let them take over, but this is WCW after all. Let’s
get to it.

open with Sid arriving in a limo and wearing a suit, flanked by
attorneys. Oh yeah Russo is in charge.
Guerrera vs. Evan Karagias
gets dropped by a quick shoulder but scores with a dropkick and
clothesline to send Guerrera to the floor. Back in and Evan shrugs
off some chops but charges into a boot in the corner. They’re not
exactly cranking things up here. A headscissors and cross body get
two on Evan….and here’s Bret to get in the ring and just start
talking. The match just stops because….well why not?
says that he wasn’t allowed to have an interview tonight and he left
the WWF for two reasons. He’s here to fight Hogan and win the World
Title but WCW won’t let him do either of those things. This brings
out Sting to say Bret needs to join the real world. Juvy is just
walking around the ring as this goes on. They talk about being
screwed (censored) and Bret is offered a title shot tonight. Is
there a reason why Sting’s paint is already chipped off at the top
despite not having any physicality so far?
announcers talk about Russo and Ferrara being hired as writers.
Tonight: an evening gown match. So this is why we’ve had a
“division?” As in the three girls that have matches once a
is advised not to speak. Score one for Russo and Ferrara!
arrives. Why is wrestling so lenient about performers being late?
to Sid, who now talks about Goldberg breaking the stipulation of not
touching him before the match. Nothing here other than acknowledging
what happened last week.
vs. Disco Inferno
with Lash Leroux on commentary. Lash appearing offers a distraction
and Vampiro kicks him in the back of the head to take over. Another
kick to the chest drops Disco and it’s off to a shot of the
commentators. Back in and Vampiro gets one off a suplex but the
Chartbuster connects for our second fast ending of the night.
comes in and gives Disco Whiplash. That’s a very heelish move.
promises to Jackhammer Sid.
Rhodes video with him talking like Yoda.
refuses to perform in an evening gown match because it’s beneath her.
Girls search stuff and FINALLY Stacy Keibler shows up. However, Buff
Bagwell cuts them off and says the internet has been talking about
how he’s taking WCW to the top. See, he heard that Russo and Ferrara
were high on him during an internet interview. This is the kind of
breaking the fourth wall stuff that I can’t stand and Russo loves for
whatever reason, ignoring the fact that it’s almost never drawn a
dime. But hey, I’m sure he’ll have a 300 page book explaining why
this was SO hard on him.
has never had an evening gown match but she’s wrestled several
matches wearing an evening gown.
is looking for David Flair. I think we’re in the soap opera portion
of the show.
and Sid reiterate the same things they said earlier.
Team Titles: Harlem Heat vs. Rey Mysterio Jr./Kidman
Heat is defending and Booker is now in trunks. Stevie elbows Rey in
the face and throws him way into the air on a backdrop. Rey comes
back with the not yet named 619 but gets clotheslined out to the
floor for his efforts. Cue Kidman and Eddie arm in arm with Torrie
Wilson as it’s off to Konnan vs. Booker. Konnan scores with a quick
DDT and Mysterio adds a Lionsault. This is already the longest match
of the night at about two and a half minutes.
fights out of the Tequila Sunrise and Booker plants Konnan with a
Rock Bottom. Eddie and Kidman join commentary and brag about how hot
Torrie is. Well you can’t argue that. We see the First Family
watching in the back as Stevie bearhugs Konnan. Off to Booker for a
kick to the face and a double suplex for two, followed by an even
harder kick from Stevie. Well you can’t say they’re not thinking
along the same lines.
breaks up a cover off a powerslam and is promptly sent outside.
Everything breaks down and the commentators offer a distraction to
Booker, allowing Rey to hit the springboard seated senton on Stevie.
Konnan adds a trip and holds Ray’s legs for the pin and the titles.
D+. So we sat through weeks of
the First Family vs. Harlem Heat to give the Filthy Animals the
titles in an unannounced match that will probably be one of the
longest matches of the night? SWEET! It
may make have been several wasted weeks, but I’ll take Konnan and
Mysterio as champions any day, as Harlem Heat has just outlived most
of their usefulness. They’re still watchable and could be far worse,
but at least Konnan and Rey are some fresh blood.
sticks her chest out at David Flair and gives him her motel key
because Page is out of town
and she’s lonely.
Filthy Animals celebrate the win but the First Family comes up and
demands their title shot on Sunday.
Morrus vs. Meng
for a guy getting a title shot on Sunday (in theory) to get squashed.
Morrus hammers away but
stupidly tries a headbutt. Meng
rakes the eyes and no sells a spinwheel kick of all things before
chopping Morrus around like he’s nothing. A boxing match goes badly
for Morrus and here are the Outsiders through the crowd. Morrus
scores with a slam and hits a pair of top rope elbows but stops to
talk to Jimmy Hart, allowing Meng to no sell again and Death Grip
Morrus for the win. So long logic. It was nice knowing you. Well
at least it was years ago when WCW was actually logical but this is a
step down even for them.
are Sid and the lawyers, complete with a piece of paper. It’s the
contract for Halloween Havoc but Sid rips it to pieces after the
spear last week. Cue
Goldberg to clean house and spear an attorney, only to get kicked in
the head and powerbombed. The lawyer is up in about ten seconds as
Sid says he’ll see Goldberg at Halloween Havoc. Sid and company
leave so the Outsiders laugh at Goldberg, earning them punches to the
face. Just get them back in the ring already. The
Outsiders are ejected.
Hart promises to give Hogan a title shot if he wins tonight. Sting
comes in and jumps Bret but security breaks it up.
and Nash can’t get back in the building.
is looking for Sid.
vs. Rick Steiner
is a face here? Berlyn stomps away in the corner to start, already
with more offense than almost anyone else ever. A
big Steiner Line takes Berlyn down and Rick barks like a good dog.
Berlyn gets sent outside but
Brad Armstrong comes in for a distraction. The bodyguard swings a
chair and hits Rick (not clear who he was aiming for), giving Berlyn
the fluke pin.
beats up Armstrong post match and
takes him into the back.
Outsiders sneak in, high on cough syrup. Seriously.
is at the hotel and strips down to her lingerie, only to find Ric
instead of David. More hijinks later I’m sure.
runs into the Insane Clown Posse (dang it!) and beats them up for not
knowing where Sid is. Good Goldberg.
is worried about facing Goldberg.
starts packing while Mona gets ready for their match.
Flair vs. Kidman
is with Kidman and kisses him before the match. David charges right
at Kidman and is promptly beaten into the ground. A
HORRIBLE looking shoulder drops Kidman (imagine the way people would
bounce off Vader but with David running instead of someone running at
him) and a suplex gets two.
Kidman nails a dropkick and a middle rope legdrop. David fights up
but Torrie opens her rope to reveal some rather fetching lingerie of
her own, allowing Kidman to hit the BK Bomb and Shooting Star for the
Filthy Animals hit the ring and beat David up. They’re good guys you
Outsiders offer Gene cough syrup. If there’s a point to this I’m not
seeing it.
is back (about fifteen minutes at most after we saw him) and looking
for the Filthy Animals.
vs. Mona
gown match which Tony credits to the new creative team. This is a
New York evening gown match, whatever that means. Tony
tries to call this a Nitro moment, whatever that means. For some
reason I seem to be saying that far too often tonight. Mona
goes right for her to start and snaps off a suplex followed by a high
cross body.
hooks a suplex of her own and hammers away in the corner. A kick to
the head takes out the referee because a freaking evening gown match
needs a ref bump. Madusa
blasts Mona in the back with a chair but
goes after the announcers for no apparent reason, only to have Mona
rip her dress off. We’ll say that’s a win, even though Mona walks to
the back before we have a
yells about “everyone behind here” and tells them what they can
do. It’s censored but I think you can put the idea together
World Title: Sting vs. Bret Hart
is defending, six days before he defends against Hogan. For some
reason Bret comes from the side of the entrance instead of right down
the middle. During Sting’s entrance, we see a sign saying “Owen we
miss you.” My goodness it makes me sad to think about that Bret
vs. Benoit match after this mess tonight. Bret hammers away to start
and pounds the champ down in the corner before they’re quickly on the
floor. You expected a match to last long in the ring?
Bret as he takes Sting back inside and kicks him in the “lower
abdomen”. Sting avoids a charge in the corner and hits a Warrior
splash for two. Back to the floor for more brawling with Sting
choking with a cord. That’s one of the first heel things he’s done
since he turned over a month ago. Back in and another splash hits
Bret’s knees before a DDT gets two on the champ. A swinging
neckbreaker and suplex get two each for Bret but Sting comes back
with the Stinger Splash for no cover.
gets crotched against the post a few times (as usual the referee is
fine with this) and we hit the chinlock. A knee to the ribs stops
his comeback and the big elbow actually hits. I’m not sure how to
respond to that as I’m in total shock. Has that EVER hit? The
chinlockery continues before Sting misses a dropkick. Heenan thinks
both guys could go for their leg locks but Bret opts for a piledriver
and two instead.
the hold goes on but Sting gets over to the ropes. Back up and Sting
is limping, so Bret hammers on the lower back. What exactly does the
Sharpshooter hurt anyway? Sting gets in a shot to the face to get a
breather but the knee gives out on a suplex attempt. The champ
throws on a sleeper but Bret suplexes his way out.
Sting up first but his top rope splash hits knees. Cue Elizabeth as
Bret starts in on the five moves of doom. Now we have Luger with the
bat but Bret nails him coming in. The distraction (plus Liz on the
apron) has Bret in trouble and Luger nails him in the knee with the
bat, setting up the Scorpion to retain the title.
B. See,
this is called a wrestling match. You had two guys wrestling each
other (mostly) for about twelve minutes before the screwy shenanigans
began. Screwy shenanigan are fine, but let us have some wrestling to
get us there. Bret vs.
Sting could have been a major PPV headlining match, but instead let’s
just throw it away here with an hour and a half build. Such is life
in 1999.
yells at David for some reason but David says Kidman beat him up.
Papa Flair doesn’t buy it.
Outsiders have stolen the Villanos’
masks. Sure why not.
Parka vs. Buff Bagwell
is actually fallout from Thunder where these two teamed together for
no apparent reason. Literally, La Parka just ran out and helped
Bagwell and they teamed up in the main event that night. Buff walked
out on the match though and La Parka got beaten up instead. La
Parka now has chains on his outfit. You would think he would get a
push already, and somehow he’s more likely to under the new regime.
Buff walks out instead of
dancing so I guess he’s officially a heel. He
casually shoves La Parka away and they trade arm work.
playing up the idea that Buff’s heart isn’t in this.
Buff hiptosses him down and
stands in the corner. La
Parka hammers away in the corner but misses a running dropkick.
Bagwell gets all fired up but stops to pose, telling La Parka to
kick him in the head. La Parka does what Buff asks and gets the pin.
Oh yay. We’re SHOOTING again.
locker room celebrates Buff’s loss for no apparent reason.
gets on the mic and asks if Russo did a good job for him and wants to
know who else is going to beat him. Ah
so that’s what they were going with. I thought it might be something
a bit more interesting like Buff not needing to try because he was
the chosen one. Why do that when we can SHOOT though?
Jeff Jarrett runs out and
blasts Bagwell with the guitar in his big return after holding up
Vince McMahon for money (totally smart move at the time, but bad long
term) at last night’s
No Mercy PPV. Jeff asks how
he could be on a pay per view last night and here now. He has the
stroke and it’s right between his legs.
Outsiders can’t get past security and Nash vomits.
Guerrero vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr. vs. Perry Saturn
could be interesting and it’s under elimination rules. No one
actually gets an entrance though and the interest is already dying
down. Shane Douglas is on commentary. The relatives shake hands but
Eddie goes after Saturn. Chavo grabs a quick rollup for two but
Saturn starts suplexing Guerreros. A Lionsault gets two on Eddie and
Chavo’s cross body gets the same on Saturn.
suplexes his nephew to the floor but turns around for a superkick.
As you would expect, the announcers ignore the match to talk about
the Revolution and how awesome Shane is. Chavo stays on the floor as
Saturn beats up Eddie, only to go after the younger Guerrero for a
change. Eddie hits a big dive to take them both out and they fight
on the floor to fulfill the Russo requirement.
head back inside and go up top for a Tower of Doom, but Chavo flips
backwards instead of falling flat, landing on his head instead of his
back for a SCARY botch. Cue the Animals to yell at Douglas but
Saturn dives onto Kidman, only to hit the chair in Kidman’s hands.
Chavo throws Saturn back inside for a frog splash from Eddie for the
elimination, followed by a quick tornado DDT to give Chavo the win.
C. This was entertaining enough
(terrifying botch aside) but it was more background noise while Shane
furthered the feud with the Filthy Animals. Is the Revolution even a
thing anymore though? They seem to have split several times now,
meaning I’m sure there will be an even bigger swerve on Sunday.
Also, make sure to have Chavo, who isn’t even on the show Sunday, get
the win over the people in a story. Keep up that CRAZY booking
of Sid vs. Goldberg tonight.
Hogan vs. Norman Smiley
because that was big in the WWF at the time. Horace
jumps him in the aisle and makes Norman scream with the threat of a
trashcan shot. They get
inside where Norman stops a charge by kicking the can into Horace’s
face. More screaming ensues. Horace
hammers away a bit more but gets sent into the steps. That
goes nowhere as he hot shots Norman onto the barricade and takes him
back inside for a superplex. Now
Norman is crying. It’s
table time but Norman collapses, sending Horace charging through the
table instead, giving Norman
the pin.
D. Well that happened, and
unfortunately this is going to be what Norman is best remembered for.
Yeah he’s a talented wrestler and a solid trainer, but the thing
he’s most well known for is screaming and crying. Unfortunately this
is going to get even worse for him in coming months, but to be fair
it’s funny at times.
Ric Flair to yell about Eric Lindros and the Filthy Animals. He’s
been in this sport for a long time now and knows David can be great
if the Animals will just leave him alone. Cue
the Animals to beat up Ric, as well as David on a save attempt. The
Animals rip Ric’s clothes off and steal his jewelery because they’re
is out back with a guitar next to her head. I bet she did it.
Package vs. Goldberg
trunks say Team Obake on the back, which is apparently an MMA thing.
It’s a brawl in the aisle to start with Goldberg getting the better
of it, as you would expect. They head inside with Luger scoring with
some ax handles to the back but Goldberg no sells a suplex. A big
superkick drops Luger as this is starting to resemble a match.
Goldberg throws him over with a half butterfly suplex but misses the
spear in the corner. Luger keeps the offense going with a running
clothesline as I’m amazed that some of his matches with Flair were
only eleven years earlier.
elbow drop gets two but Goldberg nails a flying shoulder to take over
again. More heavy forearms have Luger in trouble but the referee
gets bumped because what would a wrestling match be without that?
Here are the high Outsiders again to keep up an unfunny angle
(security around here sucks) but Sting runs down with the bat to lay
out Goldberg. Cue a limping Bret to nail Sting with the bat but he
breaks it over the ring post. Bret and Sting get inside with Hart
putting on the Sharpshooter as I feel like I’m watching Raw.
Everything breaks down and it’s the spear and Jackhammer to end
D-. Luger is the definition of
a wrestler who has his position because he used to be good at this.
At least Hogan was easy to
hate. Luger on the other hand is just a guy with big muscles who
hits people in the back and occasionally uses a torture rack. The
cough syrup thing continues to be a waste of time but that’s the case
with a lot of Russo ideas. The
match was your usual bad brawling before we got to the angle for
another Russo signature.
promises that this is just the beginning to end the show.
D. Oh
sweet goodness we’re in for a long ride. You
can see Raw here but minus people like Rock, Austin, HHH, Edge and
Christian and the Hardys and with shorter matches and less logic than
the Corporate Ministry. I didn’t even mention the shots of people
walking in the back, which is a trend that continues to this day.
Why do I need to see someone walking through the back? Just say
what’s coming next and save some time.
is still in the transition phase between booking plans, but instead
of letting the transition happen naturally, the old stuff was ripped
up and put in its new pot. That makes for a very awkward show and
you can see the fans dying from exhaustion about an hour into the
show. I’ll give them this though: it was NOT boring. It didn’t make
sense half the time and felt like a parody of a bad wrestling company
than a show trying to compete, but it was not boring.
top of that, the pay per view was barely mentioned outside of Hogan
vs. Sid. I have almost no idea what the card is for Sunday, but I
have a feeling that’s universal in WCW. Finally,
What a bizarre show, but
it’s going to get much, much worse.

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Thunder – October 14, 1999

Date: October 14, 1999
Location: Riverside
Centroplex, Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Attendance: 4,941
Commentators: Kevin
Nash, Mike Tenay, Larry Zbyszko
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
Now we’re getting close
to the end of an era for WCW, and there’s something special on this
show. From what I understand, Kevin Nash is on his last night as the
booker and is going to be sitting in on commentary tonight. This
could range anywhere from absolutely hilarious to the biggest
disaster since…..well probably since Fall Brawl actually. Let’s
get to it.

Opening sequence.
At least the show is
live tonight so it only mostly sucks instead of completely sucking.
Tenay and Zbyszko don’t
have an explanation for why Nash is there. His justification: he’s
booked himself into a retirement angle so WCW is putting him in the
booth to recoup some of his money. He hasn’t seen Hall since Hall
left with two girls for sushi on Monday. Oh yeah this is going to be
REALLY good.
Sgt. Buddy Lee
Parker vs. Jim Duggan
the entrances, the announcers aren’t sure if Goldberg vs. Sid is
still on for Halloween Havoc. Normally the response would be “oh
of course it is” but this is WCW so you never can tell. It’s a
smart move to start this show with a former Mid-South star in Duggan.
The fans chant USA as Duggan shoots at Parker with the board. That
would be a different kind of shooting than Nash will likely be doing
tonight. A right hand knocks Parker out to the floor and the brawl
heads outside. Nash thinks Buddy should grab the board. That’s not
a bad idea actually.
Parker stomps away and
rakes the eyes back inside. He even avoids a charge in the corner
and we hit the chinlock. Nash: “Use the board!” Duggan fights
up with his wide variety of right hands, which thankfully are no
longer taped. The three point clothesline and the Old Glory knee
drop are enough for the pin. Nash: “Tenay where do you come up
with the names for these names?”
I’m not sure what else you would expect out of this match. Parker
was a jobber about ten years before this and is still at about the
same level here. There wasn’t much to see, or unfortunately hear, in
this one with the only funny line coming after the match with Nash
asking where the Old Glory name came from.
Lash Leroux vs. Al
sings Al Green songs and brings up the two of them being old tag
partners. More smart booking with Leroux in there, even though Nash
shows a strange obsession with his sideburns. Lash punches out of a
gorilla press and dances a bit before clotheslining Greene out to the
floor. Tenay brings up Leroux challenging for the Cruiserweight
Title at Halloween Havoc before Lash sends him into the buckle. Al
catches him out of the air in a powerslam for two but Lash shrugs it
off and hits Whiplash for the pin. Basically a squash and even Lash
points at his sideburns. Oh they’re shaped like L’s.
That’s…..well that’s something.
on the First Family vs. Harlem Heat. That’s something as well, but
it’s something very, very bad.
are Luger and Elizabeth with something to say. Tenay announces Buff
Bagwell vs. “The Package” next week like he’s announcing the main
event of Starrcade. Luger talks about being in this business for
thirteen years and thinks it’s ridiculous that they have to come to a
town like Baton Rouge. The fans will have to shut up if they want
him to talk. Nash: “He’s so smarmy!”
asks Elizabeth how many internet emails, cards…..and then he trails
off to yell at the fans about how awesome he is. Luger blames the
fans for the death of Lex Luger because his greatness won’t be
appreciated until he’s gone. Nash: “Does he use the Old Glory
torture rack?” No one sent him any cards while he was recovering
from his biceps injury because the fans want to climb over him to get
to the top.
Buff Bagwell who says he tried to get in touch with Luger while he
was on the shelf and Luger seems to have forgotten some of his
friends. Speaking of friends, what has been going on with Luger and
Sting? Bagwell followed the two of them down the roads and learned a
lot from them, but now they’ve turned their backs on everyone. Luger
thinks Bagwell should get on his hands and knees to thank him for
everything he’s done for Bagwell over the years. Cue Rick Steiner
(Nash: “Submarine attack!”) but, I kid you not, La Parka comes
out to make the save. Nash thinks Luger is terrified of skeletons.
on Kidman seeming to have hooked up with Torrie, who has blown David
Flair off. David hasn’t helped his case by getting beaten up by
Hennig and Curly Bill.
asks Nash about the girls that sit with Hall and Nash. Nash sings
about Torrie in response and asks where this week’s road report is.
Brian Knobbs/Hugh
Morrus vs. Scott Armstrong/Steve Armstrong
pounds Steve into the corner to start but walks into a nice dropkick.
It’s off to Morrus (kind of a noteworthy person at the time this is
being written. Five years from now, that likely won’t mean much) vs.
Steve with the Armstrong getting dropped on his face out of a gorilla
press. A double shoulder drops Steve as Nash brings up Bull Nakano
as Morrus’ hairdresser.
Hart’s distraction allows the First Family to get in some double
teaming. Can we get a look at the second family? They have to be
more interesting. Steve gets splashed in the corner a few times and
Morrus stomps away again. He misses a top rope elbow though and
Steve (who looks like a more muscular Lodi) makes the hot tag to
Scott. Everything breaks down and Knobbs runs Scott over, setting up
No Laughing Matter for the pin.
The Filthy Animals and the Revolution are busy fighting each other
but these guys are getting a pay per view title shot and a feud with
a top level team like Harlem Heat. That shows you the value of
having friends in high places, which doesn’t mean anything good for
the fans but it means great things for Knobbs.
match Knobbs says Harlem Heat are the “fruit booties” now, so
here come the champs to clean house. Nash: “That’s Wesley Snipes!
Nah it’s just Booker T.” Ray wants to fight the, and I quote,
“Doughnut eating, milk drinking fruit booties” right now. I
would ask what that means, but I don’t think I’m old enough to hear
the explanation.
recap Mysterio vs. Saturn, triggering the implosion of the
Revolution. Tenay suggests renaming Shane to Chain Douglas.
Actually I’ve heard worse ideas.
we get to the good stuff, as Nash has put together a video on Sid vs.
Goldberg, complete with an over the top NFL Films style narration.
Sid shouts about Goldberg not being able to touch him and how good it
will feel at Halloween Havoc. Nash: “We don’t know that yet
because we haven’t touched.”
look at Goldberg beating up Horace but Nash stops doing commentary to
celebrate making it onto the hard camera in the front row. Nash:
“Goldberg! A force! A bald man…..with a tattoo…..who has only
lost once……to Kevin Nash!” Tenay: “Did you ever work for NFL
Films?” Nash: “Goldberg, standing in the tundra of Lambeau
Field…..and here’s Sid. 6’10, 200….300….400…..no 597lbs of
menacing steel!”
is begging for Nash’s “water” as we see Steiner and Sid beating
up Van Hammer. Nash points out that the referee, while bald, is in
fact, not Goldberg. Nash wants to know why Rick Steiner is from
Detroit but talks like a southern redneck. We jump ahead to the main
event where Goldberg came out to fight Steiner and Sid. Nash:
“Goldberg ponders the situation, looks from side to side, walks
was one of the funniest and most entertaining things I’ve ever seen
on Thunder and I can’t imagine it being topped later on. Here’s the
key to comedy, especially in wrestling: you can’t script it down to
the letter. This was Nash riffing on a pretty basic recap package
and being entertaining because Kevin Nash is a funny guy and can turn
something simple into something funny. You can’t just hand someone a
script and tell them to do comedy.
Imagine someone like
Lance Storm trying to do this. It would bomb as he just doesn’t have
that kind of personality and probably wouldn’t be able to make it
funny. Great talkers can read the phone book and make if funny but
if you have someone not geared towards comedy reading material that
isn’t very funny, it’s usually going to fail miserably. This on the
other hand was hilarious and something that a written recap doesn’t
do justice.
Hogan vs. Brian Adams
don’t see this being as entertaining. Nash accuses Shane Douglas of
dragging Saturn down as the announcers are already ignoring the
match. Apparently Malenko and Benoit have taken a trip to Japan to
perform. Well that might be better for them instead of getting
beaten up by Sid and Steiner again. Adams hits his tilt-a-whirl
backbreaker as Nash finally starts talking about the match. Horace
fights back with a DDT and a low blow (Nash: “The Old Glory mule
kick!”) and they head outside.
thinks Luger is scared to come out here because of the skeletons on
Adams’ pants and promises to put a package together on Luger for next
week. Tenay: “Please not again.” I would say it has to be more
entertaining than this match, but so would a bad toe infection.
Horace scores with a backdrop but gets caught in a backbreaker. Nash
gives us some trivia: this was originally a hair vs. hair match.
With the fans dying in front of their eyes, Adams hits a horrible
looking piledriver for the pin.
You remember a few minutes ago when I talked about people needing to
stick to what they’re good at? I’d advise Horace to stick to
something other than wrestling as he really isn’t very talented in
that field. This is the kind of match that gives Thunder a bad
reputation. It was sloppy, ignored by the commentators and didn’t
need to exist. Adams would be better suited as a bodyguard for some
punk heel. Bad match if that wasn’t clear.
on Sting vs. Hogan.
Lash Leroux for a chat. Tenay: “He gets promo time as well!”
Leroux says people didn’t take him seriously when he got here, but a
Cajun knows how to add a little spice to things. All the Lash Lovers
are here and they’ll be in Lash Vegas to see him take the title.
Lash insists that he can dance but thankfully doesn’t demonstrate.
Nash: “If you can dance and play the accordion in Louisiana, you’re
going to get lucky tonight.” I’ve heard worse promos, though it
was pretty much one note.
vs. Brad Armstrong video. I really hope this winds up being revealed
as a big rib.
a commercial for WCW action figures, Nash wants to know why he’s
doing a job in the ad. I’m sure 99% of the fans had no idea what he
was talking about here but my goodness it’s making this easier to sit
Prince Iaukea vs.
would be the Column B to go with Nash’s Column A stuff. Tonight it’s
Steiner/Luger vs. Bagwell/La Parka. Nash: “GET OUT! NO WAY!”
That would again be Column B. Nash says it’s a result of half the
roster being gone today so they had to book this on the fly. Tenay:
“Welcome to this all shoot edition of Thunder.” Iaukea jumps
over the referee and dropkicks Berlyn down before hitting a Thesz
Press and right hands.
gets in some cheap shots to take over as Nash talks about a variety
wrestling show airing on TBS, hosted by himself and Hall. Saturday
Night Titans? He needs to move on because he’s too old to bump at
this point. Iaukea fights back but gets poked in the eye. Nash:
“Little shortcutsky there. Oh wait he’s German.
Achen-shortcutsken.” An Angle Slam is called a Samoan drop (Nash:
“Old Glory Samoan drop”) and gets two for Iaukea but Berlyn grabs
a quick suplex. The bodyguard gets in a cheap shot and Berlyn’s
neckbreaker is good for the pin.
Kevin Nash is carrying this show on his back and I’m having a great
time listening to him. The wrestling has ranged from bad to horrible
but he’s made the matches fly by with these jokes here and there.
Berlyn and Iaukea are nothing in the ring but the bodyguard continues
to look like a potential star. Or at least a very tall one.
on Meng, which I believe is the same one from Monday. Ignore the WCW
Hotline phone number, or at least the bottom half of it, appearing at
the top of the video.
Luther Biggs vs.
Nash is going to have a field day here. Larry is scared of seeing
the worst student if Biggs is the best. Nash compliments Meng’s
hair. That’s certainly in his ballpark. He also wonders why you
never see Meng and Barry White in the same place at the same time.
Meng jumps him to start and the beating is on in the corner. Biggs’
offense has almost no effect and the Death Grip ends this quick.
Stern tries to come in for a save but gets Death Gripped as well.
Nash: “You should know you’re never going to win after a sweet
video package like that.”
Perry Saturn vs. Rey
Mysterio Jr.
from Monday when Shane Douglas interfered. Mysterio now has some
cool rotating pyro. As the announcers talk about the Halloween Havoc
card, Nash brings up Mean Gene’s Burgers. I have to find one of
those places someday. Saturn takes him down and hammers away to
start before Rey flips out of a German suplex attempt.
gets launched face first onto the top turnbuckle but avoids a charge
and hits the Bronco Buster. Oh sorry the Rough Rider. Nash: “The
Old Glory Rough Rider!” Even Nash is cracking up at the running
joke. Saturn suplexes Rey with ease with a t-bone and a big belly to
belly. Nash: “That was a porterhouse!” Saturn cranks on the arm
as Nash talks about the Old Glory Living Legend.
up and Rey dropkicks the knee out, only to get caught in an overhead
belly to belly. Larry: “Old Glory suplex?” Nash correctly
identifies a full nelson and Larry is stunned. A rollup gets two for
Rey but he tries a headscissors out of the corner and gets dropped
face first on the mat. Rey’s top rope hurricanrana is countered with
a superbomb for two but his victory roll is enough for the pin out of
The match was decent enough but Nash’s commentary actually gets
distracting after a bit. It’s funny, but this was one of the only
decent matches all night and I was too busy chuckling at Nash’s lines
to get into it. Granted when you can make Tenay and Zbyszko
entertaining, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.
pulls out a chain, lays out Mysterio and throws the referee to the
floor. He adds in the Old Glory elbow drop and the Rings of Saturn
for good measure.
Steiner/Total Package vs. La Parka/Buff Bagwell
has to be a rib from Nash. I mean, it HAS to be. It’s a big brawl
on the floor to start with La Parka putting up a better fight against
Steiner than almost anyone else has in months. His reward is a hard
whip into the barricade but at least he tried. Steiner hammers away
on the floor as Bagwell chokes Luger against the barricade. They get
inside for the first time with Steiner nailing La Parka with the
chair. Nash: “And the Old Glory choke on the outside!”
We settle down to
Steiner vs. La Parka (which I believe is Spanish for “what the heck
am I doing here?”) with Rick cranking on the arm. Off to Luger for
a suplex for two but La Parka comes back with a middle rope dropkick.
Steiner shoves La Parka into the corner for the tag to Bagwell as
everything breaks down. La Parka gets in the way of a Blockbuster
attempt, so Bagwell gives him the Blockbuster instead, allowing
Steiner and Luger to stomp La Parka for…..the no contest to end the
Nash tried but was more subdued here and there was nothing he could
do with this one. The ending didn’t make sense but I’m sure this is
going to lead to something else next week. Now I never said it was
going to make sense or be connected to what we saw here but I’m sure
it’s going to lead somewhere.
This show was a blast. I know Kevin Nash gets a lot of flack from
fans, but he made this horrible show into something interesting and
entertaining for two hours. That alone makes him into something
better than most of the people on this show, who haven’t entertained
me that much over the last few months. This is another show that
barely matters as the writers are changing in the very near future,
so at least it was a fun show to go out on.
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Monday Nitro – October 11, 1999

Monday Nitro #209
Date: October 11, 1999
Location: Mississippi
Coast Coliseum, Biloxi, Mississippi
Attendance: 9,000
Commentators: Bobby
Heenan, Tony Schiavone
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
We’ve coming off a
genuinely great wrestling match last week and something tells me that
it’s going to go downhill from here. The main event is Benoit/Hart
teaming up against a team to be announced. Other than that, we might
get to see more car hijinks between Sid and Goldberg in the parking
lot. Let’s get to it.

We open with an In
Memory Of graphic for Gorilla Monsoon. That’s quite the tribute
considering he never wrestled there. Monsoon is still one of the
fondest remembered names ever in wrestling and it’s nice of them to
do this.
Benoit and Hart arrive
and are met by Luger and Elizabeth. The latter thinks we need
immigration and it seems Luger will be one of their opponents
Sid gets out of a cab.
go to Tony and Bobby, who have some kind words about Monsoon. Heenan
gives a very heartfelt tribute to his friend, saying that the pearly
gates of Heaven will now be known as the Gorilla Position. He has to
look down to hide his tears. That’s a very touching tribute.
Malenko asks Saturn
what happened last week. Saturn was there to stop Shane and attacked
Mysterio in self defense but Malenko doesn’t seem convinced.
Perry Saturn vs. Rey
Mysterio Jr.
apologizes to Mysterio but again, Rey doesn’t buy it. He armdrags
Saturn down off a handshake and we start fast. A headscissors and
dropkick send Saturn to the floor and Rey follows him out with a big
flip dive. He does that as well as anyone not named Guerrera that
I’ve ever seen. Back in and a hurricanrana is countered into a Liger
Bomb from Saturn, another move that never gets old. We hit an armbar
on Mysterio and go to a break. Saturn hits the springboard spinning
legdrop and a release belly to belly suplex to send Rey flying.
Mysterio avoids a
charge in the corner and hits the Bronco Buster but walks into a
reverse powerbomb to put him back down again. A legdrop misses
though and Mysterio springboards right onto Saturn’s shoulders but he
gets out of the Death Valley Driver. Back up again and they crotch
each other trying simultaneous dropkicks. That’s quite a painful
looking spot actually. Saturn gets up first and goes all the way to
the top but Rey pops up and hits a huge super hurricanrana. Cue
Douglas to attempt some interference but Malenko cuts him off. This
brings out Kidman for protection but he hits Saturn, drawing the DQ.
This wasn’t bad but and I could have gone for more of it. Saturn may
not have been a top star or anything, but he was capable of having an
entertaining match with the right opponent. Mysterio certainly fits
the bill too as he was busting out the high flying stuff.
Unfortunately, none of these guys have anything to fight over because
Benoit is suddenly in the main event scene (and it’s about time) but
the US Title is way out of reach, Disco Inferno is Cruiserweight
Champion, and the Tag Team Titles, which would fit this feud well,
are still being defended against the First Family. The action is
there, but the priorities aren’t.
wants a tag match later tonight, because setting it up for next week
would just be lunacy.
on Meng. He’s a monster you know.
Anderson and Ric Flair are watching the video with cans of Surge next
to them and Anderson brushing his teeth. They declare Meng the real
deal and that’s it. As usual, this was random and served no bearing
on the show otherwise.
Title: Disco Inferno vs. Kaz Hayashi
now wanting to be known as D.I., is defending. Kaz takes him down
with a flying headscissors so Disco comes back with right hands.
Those just earn him another headscissors and a dropkick as they’re
actually setting up a simple premise already. The champ bails to the
floor but takes a suicide dive. Somehow, his hair is still
in and Disco hits a good running clothesline (wow he can still his
arm out AND has perfect hair) followed by the middle rope forearm and
neckbreaker for two. Four moves of gloom maybe? A sunset flip
doesn’t get Kaz anywhere as Disco rakes the eyes and plants him with
a DDT. They head outside for nothing so Disco misses another
clothesline and gets caught in a hurricanrana. Kaz counters a
powerbomb into a sunset flip but walks into the Chartbuster to retain
the title.
This is similar to the old days of the NWA World Junior Heavyweight
Championship. Back at Starrcade 1984, the title was defended between
two guys very similar to Disco: people who may have been under the
weight limit but who wrestled like any average heavyweight. There’s
no reason to have a Cruiserweight division if the wrestlers aren’t
doing anything out of the ordinary. Kaz did some high flying but
it’s nowhere near enough to save a match like this.
Meng vs. Konnan
does his catchphrases and even a monster knows how stupid they sound.
He kicks Konnan down and no sells a faceplant (good stereotype)
before trying an early Death Grip. Instead he nails Konnan in the
back of the head and chokes away in the corner as this is full squash
mode. Meng no sells some clotheslines but actually does sell a
bulldog. That earns him another superkick and a lot of yelling.
Konnan tries a sunset flip out of the corner and gets caught in the
Death Grip for the win.
I dig Meng doing his monster stuff but it’s similar to Scott Norton:
you can only set this stuff up so many times before the effect wears
off, especially if Goldberg is going to be the one beating him later
on. Total squash here though and it’s nice to see Konnan getting
shut up for a change.
Berlyn and the
bodyguard jump Brad Armstrong but Brad steals Berlyn’s cane and
fights back. My goodness just let them fight tonight and get it over
with already.
and Nash come to their seats again and say they’re not coming back.
After wishing Dusty Rhodes a happy birthday, they’ll be back in July
2012 when he’s the right age for a WCW main event. Nash co-main
evented a WWE show in December 2011 and was in the 2014 Royal Rumble,
so somehow this isn’t too far off from the truth.
vs. Horace Hogan
stares Goldberg down during the entrance but Goldberg doesn’t do
anything. Did anyone check the parking lot though??? One thing I’ve
always wondered: why did someone as tough as Goldberg need a police
escort? Shouldn’t that be a heel thing? Horace actually comes out
second here for some reason. Heenan criticizes the term “uncrowned
champion”, despite referring to Andre as that back in the day.
Goldberg shoves Horace down with ease and hits the gorilla press
AA into a cross armbreaker has Horace in trouble but he makes the
ropes. Did Goldberg ever win a match with that hold? They head
outside with Goldberg being sent into the steps. Tony: “That could
have knocked him out!” Heenan: “It could have broke the steps!”
Horace gets two off a top rope splash but it’s spear and Jackhammer
for the fast pin to complete the squash.
brings out Hogan for a talk. Apparently the internet isn’t happy
with Hogan getting another title shot but the internet makes Hogan
sick. Red and Yellow will be running wild at Halloween Havoc. Yes
and the ratings will be running through the floor.
Sting vs. Hogan video.
Nitro Girls.
Torrie wipes lipstick
off Kidman’s face right in front of David Flair. Torrie: “Go talk
to your dad or something.”
Brian Knobbs vs.
Stevie Ray
including the seconds, have weapons here. Knobbs kicks Stevie in the
ribs to start but misses an early middle rope trashcan splash. A big
chair shot to the head knocks Knobbs silly but Stevie would rather
kick a trashcan on his head than cover him. Another kick to the head
puts Brian outside but Morrus gets in some shots to take over.
Thanks a lot Booker.
in and Knobbs hits his splash for two but Stevie hits him low to
block the Pit Stop. Then Stevie and Knobbs do the Charleston and
debate French literature. For all I know that’s what happens as the
camera stays on Hall and Nash for a good bit. Booker and Morrus get
in a fight at ringside as Stevie kicks a trashcan into Knobbs’ face
for two. Jimmy Hart sneaks in a trashcan shot of his own (with as
much impact as you would expect) to give Knobbs the pin.
Jimmy Hart just knocked a Tag Team Champion silly to give Brian
Knobbs a pin, furthering the feud before Knobbs and Morrus get a pay
per view title shot in less than two weeks. There comes a point
where there’s nothing left to do and WCW is reaching that point.
What are you supposed to do when this is the kind of nonsense you
have to deal with?
look at the Revolution’s issues from last week.
Shane Douglas to address his issues with the team. Shane calls out
the rest of the group to air their dirty laundry. He blames Malenko
for Saturn not getting a pin earlier tonight and wants to know why
Benoit is teaming with Hart tonight. Benoit: “If there was no Hart
Family, there would be no Crippler, and if there were no Crippler,
there would be no Revolution.” PREACH IT BROTHER!
He throws his
Revolution shirt at Douglas and leaves. Saturn goes off on Douglas
for setting up a tag match when Shane isn’t cleared to wrestle.
Malenko steps in and agrees to team with him tonight and says they’ll
get the Revolution back where it should be. Shane is left alone and
hopefully is thrown off the team for good, as he never should have
been a part of it in the first place.
Armstrong vs. La Parka
Parka does the Thinking Man pose on his chair. The mileage he’s
gotten out of that one simple idea is incredible. He spends too much
time dancing though and eats a clothesline as Armstrong starts fast.
The referee stops Brad in the corner though and La Parka gets in some
cheap shots to take over.
powerslam gets two on Brad and the masked man mostly hits a top rope
flip dive for two. Armstrong comes back with right hands but here’s
Berlyn. The referee gets bumped and the bodyguard lays out La Parka
with a chair. The distraction lets Berlyn hit his bad neckbreaker on
Armstrong, but Brad on top of La Parka for the pin.
STOP PUSHING THIS STUPID FEUD! Good freaking grief this thing is
getting more time than Goldberg vs. Sid and no one cares. It’s such
a lame feud between a lame character and a guy who really doesn’t
deserve a push like this at this point. You couldn’t have Eddie or
someone like that beat up Berlyn, just to give him something
interesting to do?
Hennig is talking to Torrie when David comes up. Hennig beats him
down for fun. Again, more stuff that could be used on more important
Smiley vs. Berlyn
promises to get jiggy with it. Somehow that line works. Berlyn
throws him down with a hiptoss to start as the USA chants begin,
presumably in support of the British wrestler. Eh no one ever said
Mississippi was brilliant. Norman speeds things up with a hiptoss of
his own and some clotheslines, sending Berlyn to the ropes to hide.
Unfortunately it doesn’t send him to the unemployment line where he
belongs, but it’s almost impossible to get fired from this company.
belly to back suplex plants Smiley but Berlyn does the “I’m diving
into your boot on purpose and there’s nothing else I could possibly
be doing up here” spot. The wind up slam plants Berlyn twice in a
row and it’s time to dance. You would think Berlyn would like that
spot but instead he hits a running knee to the chest and a
neckbreaker for the pin.
Berlyn isn’t very good and it’s becoming more and more obvious every
single week. I have no idea why they couldn’t just leave him as the
dancing heel, but I’d assume it’s because WCW doesn’t know how to do
something as simple as not screw up a simple character. Smiley
continues to be WAY too good for the role he’s in.
Ric Flair with something to say. He’ll be facing DDP at Halloween
Havoc but he wants to talk about “Mr. Perfect…..Curt Hennig.”
A challenge is issued for tonight, but as for Page, maybe Kimberly
Another week, another big enough match set up before it has the time
to build properly.
Malenko/Perry Saturn vs. Kidman/Rey Mysterio Jr.
Shane is at ringside. Malenko and Kidman get things going and head
to the mat with Malenko taking over. Dean throws him down and nails
a nice dropkick, followed by a leg lariat to send him outside. Now
the drama begins as Douglas goes after Kidman but Malenko makes the
save. Instead Dean tags Saturn in for a belly to belly, sending
Kidman right back to the floor. Douglas and Malenko argue over
attacking Kidman again, but Saturn uses the distraction to send
Kidman into the steps as we take a break.
comes in but charges into a powerbomb with Saturn adding a top rope
cross body for something like a Doomsday Device. Malenko isn’t cool
with Saturn coming in off the blind tag though and breaks up the
cover.. Mysterio moonsaults onto Saturn’s shoulder and sends him
into the buckle, setting up the Bronco Buster but Saturn raises his
boot for the stop. Incredibly fast pace so far. A belly to belly
gets two for Saturn and it’s back to Malenko.
sunset flip goes nowhere and Dean takes his head off with a
clothesline. Saturn tags himself back in and Dean isn’t cool with
that, allowing Rey to grab a rollup for two. Dean yells so Saturn
tags him back in on the chest. A big belly to back gets two for
Malenko and it’s back to Saturn for some arrogant walking around in
between offense. Saturn hits a spinning springboard forearm to the
head for two more before nailing Kidman on the apron.
always awesome gutbuster from Malenko sets up the Cloverleaf but
Saturn tags himself in while the hold is on. Saturn’s top rope elbow
scores but Malenko tags himself back in just like Saturn did. A
superplex plants Rey but Dean is so shaken up that he has to tag out.
Kidman comes back in and cleans house, including throwing Rey into
the air for a hurricanrana on Saturn. Everything breaks down and
Shane breaks up the Shooting Star, throwing Saturn the chain in the
process. A big knockout shot is enough to pin Kidman.
Fun match with a lot of story development in it, but that doesn’t
mean the story development is interesting. I’m really not a fan of
having the Revolution implode and fight each other, because it’s
going right back to the same idea that we’ve done for years now
without anyone getting up the ladder. Benoit is to an extent, but
everyone else is just stuck in the midcard while Sid powerbombs
people and Rick Steiner exists for reasons that aren’t exactly clear.
puts the Revolution shirt on, sees the replay of the ending, and
takes the shirt back off. He promises to be his own revolution from
now on.
US Title: Sid
Vicious vs. Van Hammer
is defending if that wasn’t really clear. He stomps Hammer in the
corner and stares at the fans for chanting Goldberg. Granted he
stares blankly most of the time so you can’t really tell if he’s
upset or not. Hammer trips him down and hits what looked like a low
blow. That goes nowhere so Sid chokes away in the corner and slowly
kicks again. We get a ref bump so Rick Steiner can come down for a
cheap shot on Hammer, setting up a double powerbomb for the pin.
Van Hammer vs. Sid needs a ref bump??? I’m not the biggest Goldberg
fan in the world but suggesting he and Sid are the same level is
ridiculous. Sid is a fun character but as soon as that bell rings,
all the fun goes away and it becomes clear that he should have
retired about seven years ago.
Mike Tenay joins the
commentary booth to talk about Bret vs. Benoit from last week.
Phantom of the Opera
Dustin Rhodes puts his hand on the kid’s window and the kid’s eyes
turn black. Of course they do.
Curt Hennig vs. Ric
when these two had a great match on Raw six and a half years ago?
Well now Virgil is in Hennig’s corner and is named Curly Bill.
Hennig dances around to start, earning him a slap in the face and a
loud WOO. That’s very violent behavior reminiscent of a father
wanting to avenge his son, who tried to destroy his life earlier in
the year but that’s beside the point. More chops have Curt in
trouble and they head outside. Hennig gets in some shots of his own
and scores with a suplex back inside as we take a break.
with Flair chopping Curly on the floor. Jack Brisco, Harley Race,
Dusty Rhodes, Sting, and CURLY! Hennig chops to take over and slams
Flair off the top, but Ric casually takes out the knee and puts on
the Figure Four. Hennig is right next to the ropes though so Flair
pokes him in the eye and nails a belly to back suplex. Both guys are
dazed but it’s Hennig up first and going after Flair’s knee. That
goes nowhere though and they trade chops in the corner again with
Hennig on the losing end.
Ric snaps Hennig’s neck
across the top rope and goes after CURLY again, allowing Hennig to
roll him up for two. That doesn’t work so Hennig puts his feet on
the ropes for two more. Curly even holds Hennig’s feet for some more
near falls. Somehow the referee, who is two feet away from Curly,
sees NONE OF THIS. David Flair comes out to take out Curly (for the
love of all things good and holy, do not let them have a match),
allowing Ric to roll Hennig up for the pin with his feet on the
Not a terrible match but you expect more out of these two.
Thankfully the Rednecks are becoming Curt and Pals instead of a
normal stable, which makes their matches a lot easier to sit through.
The Flairs being back together is a bit annoying but I’m much
happier with the regular Ric instead of the insane boss.
Total Package/Rick
Steiner vs. Chris Benoit/Bret Hart
when Luger came back to save Sting from the Steiners and a big tag
match was teased? Even better, remember their classic at the first
SuperBrawl? It’s a brawl to start as I’m assuming Benoit vs. Steiner
for the TV Title is happening at the pay per view. Hart beats up
Luger on the floor and chases Liz off before sending Lex into the
post. Rick has Benoit in trouble back in the ring and cranks on an
rams Luger into the apron as Benoit grabs the Crossface on Rick, only
to have Lex dive in for the save. Naturally Steiner no sells the
pain from the hold and suplexes Benoit, but Bret clotheslines both
Americans down to take over. Luger puts Bret in a full nelson so
Steiner can hammer away but Benoit makes a save. The Swan Dive
connects on Steiner but Sid comes in for the DQ.
Oh yeah Russo is starting to take over. This was your standard big
brawl main event disguised as a match that didn’t even get four
minutes from bell to bell. This match also exposes a major problem
in WCW: the main event heels are horrible. You have Steiner and Sid
who can’t do anything and Luger who can only do really basic power
stuff, combined with Sting who doesn’t act like a heel whatsoever.
Who am I supposed to boo without falling asleep?
racks Bret but Goldberg comes out for the save. Sid tells Goldberg
he can’t touch him or the match is off, so Goldberg spears him anyway
to end the show.
You can really taste the Russo effect, but it’s not in full force
yet. This is that weird transition stage where he’s trying to
breathe life into the stale angles WCW had going before he arrived
and it makes for a very awkward mix. There’s some fresh blood in the
stories, but the stories themselves are still pretty uninteresting.
The wrestling is also getting worse, which is another sign of the age
of Vinny Roo. Things will at least get more interesting once we hit
the full Russo effect, but until then we’re in for some dull stuff.
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Thunder – October 7, 1999

Date: October 7, 1999
Location: UTC Arena,
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Attendance: 2,411
Commentators: Mike
Tenay, Larry Zbyszko
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
Back to this disaster
again as it’s we’re still getting close to Halloween Havoc and the
question this week is what can Goldberg do to Sid’s car now.
Actually the question would be why is this the best they can come up
with. Russo and Ferrara aren’t in charge at this point, so this
might actually be the last taped event (save for Saturday Night with
its insane schedule but who cares about that show at this point?)
before they took over. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.
Dean Malenko vs.
Blitzkrieg has new
attire. This could be interesting, especially if Malenko stretches
him for doing too many ridiculous flips. Malenko easily takes him
down to start and they trade some hammerlocks. Dean slaps on a front
chancery followed by a quickly broken surfboard. Total wrestling
clinic from Malenko so far. Back up again and Blitzkrieg tries to
jump over Dean and gets dropped face first onto the mat for his
Dean stomps away in the
corner but Blitzkrieg gets up and does an unnecessary backflip out of
the corner, followed by a more necessary running dropkick in the same
corner. A moonsault sets up a chinlock on Dean but he pops back up
and drives a knee into the masked ribs. Well the ribs of the masked
man. No one would put a mask on the ribs, though I have seen a claw
onto the ribs.
Dean scores with a
suplex for some two counts before cranking on the knee like you would
expect from a submission specialist. Can you really call him that
when he only uses one hold 95% of the time? He stomps away at the
leg before hitting a nice gutbuster for two. Blitzkrieg doesn’t sell
the leg so Malenko suplexes him over the top and out to the floor as
the announcers talk about the Outsiders on Nitro.
Blitzkrieg sends him
into the barricade and hits a big twisting dive over the top for a
nice looking crash. Back in and the masked man slips, which is about
as good as we’re going to get for selling. Malenko plants him with a
top rope belly to back superplex, followed by a quick pinfall
reversal sequence. A wicked tiger bomb sets up the Cloverleaf to
give Malenko the win.
There’s something so fun about a technician like Malenko throwing
around a high flier like Blitzkrieg, especially when it seems like
Dean is annoyed at a lot of the no selling of the leg. I mean, the
guy can’t even limp a bit before he does the dives? Not a bad match
here, but it’s nice to see Dean win whenever he’s not losing to
people who don’t deserve the push they’re getting.
We run down the card
for Halloween Havoc. That show is going to hurt.
Quick look at Disco
Inferno winning the Cruiserweight Title again on Monday.
Cruiserweight Title:
Disco Inferno vs. Evan Karagias
Disco’s entrance is
edited out because he wasn’t Cruiserweight Champion when this was
taped. The champ cranks on the arm to start but Evan trips him up
and works on the arm as well. A pair of dropkicks send Disco to the
floor before he comes back in for another armbar. We could have had
Psychosis doing some nice dives or Malenko using 37 varieties of an
armbar, but instead we get Disco who uses a total of one kind.
Disco’s backdrop is
countered with a simple shove to the mat because this match can’t get
past second gear. Evan rains down right hands in the corner but gets
sent out to the floor. More whips into various steel objects get two
for the champ. Now we get to the interesting stretch of the match as
Disco suplexes Evan, then suplexes him again, then can’t hit the
third attempt.
A double clothesline
puts both guys down before Evan gets up with some right hands and a
slam. Evan goes to the apron for a springboard cross body for two
more, followed by a powerslam for the same. His attempt at a
headscissors is countered though and Disco hits the Last Dance to
The match isn’t bad from a technical standpoint but my goodness Disco
isn’t going to work in this spot. Yeah he can have some acceptable
matches, but after watching Malenko earlier tonight, it’s really hard
to sit through Inferno defending the title against someone like Evan
Just to show how dense
WCW is, they show Disco’s entrance after the match, showing that he
doesn’t have the belt and completely defeating the purpose of not
showing it in the first place.
Bret Hart is proud of
his match with Benoit on Monday.
Clip of Brad Armstrong
telling Berlyn to speak English in America. This is making me long
for the days of Jim Duggan vs. Boris Zhukov.
Brad Armstrong vs.
Chris Adams
England is evil now?
This would have been a very fun back in say….1987. The fans chant
USA as Adams takes him up against the ropes for a cheap shot. They
do it again but Armstrong ducks a second cheap shot. Score one for
the United States school system. An armdrag sends Adams to the floor
before he comes back in to trade wristlocks. Is there a ban on
working ANYTHING other than the arm, or did Blitzkrieg’s no selling
scare everyone off?
Adams throws him to the
floor and stomps away outside. Back in and Adams hits a top rope
clothesline, followed by a variety of suplexes. He misses a top rope
knee drop but avoids a charge and hits the superkick for two. Brad
avoids a charge of his own and hits the Russian (some American hero)
legsweep for the pin.
They expect to put Berlyn vs. Brad Armstrong on pay per view and have
people pay for it? That’s really the best lower card match they can
find? You know who won’t be on the card at Halloween Havoc? Dean
Malenko. Dump Berlyn and let Armstrong have a match against Dean if
nothing else. No it won’t be the interesting build in the world, but
at least the match will be entertaining. Armstrong is still decent
in the ring but my goodness they’re not giving him much to work with
at the pay per view. Adams is way past his prime here at 44 years
old but he still has a decent superkick.
TV Title: Chris
Benoit vs. Brian Knobbs
Benoit is defending
because Heaven help us if Knobbs ever got a singles title. Brian
talks trash on the floor as Jimmy Hart has to tell him to get in the
ring. This is like that angle where Bobby Heenan had to give Terry
Taylor specific instructions on everything to make him win but
without the angle part. He finally gets in and they shove each other
a bit before Benoit just fires off right hands, likely at frustration
for having to fight someone like Knobbs, and dropkicks him out to the
After about 45 seconds
of stalling and not even a single count from the referee, we actually
continue the match. Back in and Benoit blocks a charge by raising
his boots but runs into a powerslam. Some right hands send Brian
back to the floor but he blocks a baseball slide and throws Benoit
into the steps. They head into the crowd as referee Nick Patrick
argues with Jimmy Hart.
This show seems to be
in a ventriloquist convention as the fans sound like they’re going
nuts but they appear to just be sitting there. Amazing how Smackdown
and Thunder crowds always go that way. They fight up towards the
chairs (minus the fans in them) and we take a break. Back with
nothing having changed and no reason to believe the referee has even
started counting. If you want to have a hardcore match then have a
hardcore match. Just say that’s what it is so the fans don’t get
confused by the referee’s lack of actions.
They go back to
ringside with Benoit being sent into the steps twice in a row.
Knobbs chokes a lot and throws a chair at Benoit but the champ wins a
slugout and takes it back inside for a nice change of pace. The Swan
Dive misses though and Brian covers for two before using his usual
lame offense. Knobbs elbows out of a German suplex attempt but
Benoit goes into Wolverine mode and hits back to back Germans. Since
WE MUST PROTECT BRIAN KNOBBS, Jimmy Hart breaks it up at two and we
have a ref bump. Hart accidentally nails his man with the megaphone
though, allowing Benoit to hit the Swan Dive to retain.
Benoit is great, but there’s a firm limit to what he’s capable of
doing and we found it with this match. Who in the world can carry
Brian Knobbs to a ten minute match without the use of weapons for a
crutch? This is another case where there had to be someone else
capable of having a better match. Even Hugh Morrus would have been
miles ahead of Knobbs here, but Morrus isn’t friends with the right
people. Who was going to stick around with this show to see Brian
Knobbs get a title shot?
Lash Leroux vs.
Silver King
King grabs him to start
but gets taken down in an armbar. Some right hands and a clothesline
have King in trouble but he sees Lash duck his head and takes him
down with a tornado DDT for two. In a bad looking botch, Silver King
moonsaults onto Lash’s head for another near fall. Thankfully Lash
doesn’t seem to badly messed up but that looked scary.
Lash comes back with a
headscissors but his hurricanrana is countered into a good looking
superbomb. We hit the chinlock but King throws in some gnawing at
the head to keep it interesting. Lash fights to his feet and goes up
top, only to dive into a right hand to the ribs. After an
unnecessary trip to the floor, Lash escapes a powerbomb attempt and
hits Whiplash for the fast pin.
Not bad here but this was the lower end of the cruiserweight
division. Leroux wasn’t bad but he needed to do something besides
just be a Cajun. There wasn’t anything to this one other than Silver
King’s powerbomb and biting at Lash’s head. Why didn’t Silver King
win here again?
Bret still really liked
that match on Monday.
Death of Lex Luger
Maestro vs. Dale
Torborg is…..the love
child of Sting and Knuckleball Schwartz. Baseball jersey with MVP
written on the chest, baseball pants with pinstripes, and red and
black facepaint and gloves. There’s no other way to describe him.
Maestro armdrags him down a few times before cranking on the arm.
That’s not exactly how you want someone who looks like Torborg to
have their first match in a new gimmick. Torborg kicks him in the
back and drives in some elbows for good measure, only to get caught
in a belly to back suplex.
Something like Steve
Austin’s flip off elbow gets two for Maestro but a Rock Bottom gives
Torborg the quick pin. What an odd match and I’m assuming Maestro is
a good guy after the way he was going out there. Just bizarre though
as both guys were making their in ring debut (at least in these
characters as Torborg had a match on Nitro earlier in the year) and
Maestro went from a grand entrance to easily losing a match.
Road report. These
aren’t as good without Lee Marshall, and that’s REALLY not saying
Rey Mysterio
Jr./Kidman vs. Disorderly Conduct
Disorderly Conduct
cheat to start (well that certainly is disorderly) and get dropkicked
to the floor where the Animals hit stereo dives to take them down.
We settle down to Kidman beating up Mike in the ring. Tom comes in
and gets the same treatment, meaning Kidman is running out of tricks.
He gets a bit more complicated though by headscissorsing Mike and
headlocking Tom at the same time.
Rey comes in with a
Lionsault for two on Mike before it’s off to Tom who can’t powerbomb
Mysterio. Does being Kidman’s partner mean you get to share his
powers? Tom finally hits a kind of reverse powerbomb on Mysterio to
take over with a lot of stomping keeping him in trouble. An
Earthquake style powerslam plants Rey and we take a break. Back with
Tom tilt-a-whirl slamming Mysterio for two as the themed jobbers keep
up the double teaming. A top rope ax handle to the head gets two for
Mike distracts the
referee so Rey’s small package only gets two so it’s back to the
double teaming, including an ax handle to help Mike’s neckbreaker.
Off to the chinlockery portion of the match with Tom hooking two of
them in a row. That’s quite the feat. Back to Mike for a slam but
he misses a top rope elbow. The hot tag brings in Kidman for a BK
Bomb to Tom as everything breaks down. Kidman puts Tom up top and
launches Rey into the super hurricanrana (that always looks cool) for
the pin with Kidman baseball sliding Mike just in case.
Take two power heels and put them against two high flying good guys
and you’re almost always guaranteed to have a passable match. This
is a formula as old as professional wrestling itself and it will
still work to this day. Power vs. speed is one of the most basic
matchups you can see and Kidman and Mysterio were as good of a
combination as there was at this point.
From Monday, Bret Hart
talks about how special that match with Benoit was. You can see how
important this really is to him and it’s always good to see Hart a
happy man.
US Title: Stevie Ray
vs. Sid Vicious
It’s about time Sid
defended that thing. Believe it or not, this actually has a story
behind it as Sid and Steiner attacked Stevie a few weeks back so
Stevie wants revenge. That’s better continuity than WCW has shown in
months. Ray jumps him on the apron and clotheslines Sid out to the
A few whips send the
champ into the barricade and Stevie slams him down on the floor. I
don’t know what’s gotten into Sid recently but this is the second
match in a row where he’s actually sold something. Therefore, here’s
Rick Steiner to hammer Stevie from behind as referee Charles Robinson
stops to tie his shoes. Back in and Sid only gets two off Steiner’s
attack so he beats on Stevie to relieve that tension.
Ray comes back with
right hands but Steiner trips him up one more time and a legdrop to
the back of the head gets two for Sid. We hit the worst chinlock
ever (a record Sid breaks twice a week) as Sid LAYS DOWN while barely
cranking on Stevie’s neck. Stevie fights up but eats a forearm from
Steiner. Somehow he’s able to backdrop his way out of the powerbomb,
but the referee stops to tie his shoe for the second time. The
Steiner Bulldog and a double powerbomb is enough to make Sid 128-0,
after he was 120-0 on Nitro.
Maybe it’s the wrestling version of Stockholm Syndrome, but these Sid
disasters are starting to turn into something resembling tolerable.
No they’re not good matches or anything really resembling such, but
they’re at least they get in and get out without making things too
stupid. They have an idea now, even though it doesn’t seem likely to
go anywhere.
This is a tricky show to grade as the wrestling wasn’t the worst in
the world, but the lack of star power REALLY hurt things. I can
tolerate low name guys if the matches are really good, but that just
wasn’t the case here. You need someone to invest in and Brad
Armstrong just doesn’t fill that role for fighting a German who is
more annoying than bad.
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Monday Nitro – October 4, 1999

Monday Nitro #208
Date: October 4, 1999
Kemper Arena, Kansas City, Missouri
Attendance: 6,942
Commentators: Tony
Schiavone, Bobby Heenan
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
We’re getting closer to
Halloween Havoc but tonight we take a detour into something that is
actually special. Less than five months earlier, Owen Hart passed
away in this same arena. His brother Bret wanted to do something
special for him, and that’s what we’re getting on this show. Let’s
get to it.

The announcers hype up
the main events, because those promises have held up so much
Rey Mysterio Jr. vs.
Dean Malenko
starts after a way too early break. Malenko quickly flips Mysterio
to the floor and grabs a legbar back inside. Rey pops to his feet
and speeds things WAY up for a nice counter sequence, capped off with
Malenko throwing him into the air but eating a dropkick on the way
back down. A hot shot is countered but Rey bounces backwards into a
hurricanrana for two. That was AWESOME and even Malenko has to give
Mysterio credit.
To change the subject a
bit, Tony casually mentions that Psychosis beat Lenny Lane for the
Cruiserweight Title over the weekend. That’s code for “it turns
out Turner Broadcasting didn’t like having a shock value gimmick like
over the top incestuous brothers on a show with falling ratings”.
The title match never happened of course but Psychosis does get to
defend tonight against Disco Inferno. Of course since this title
means nothing, it’s throw in as a sidebar in this match. You know,
the match that COULD BE FOR THE TITLE instead of just being part of
the Revolution vs. Filthy Animals feud over absolutely nothing.
to the match, Malenko gets two off a German suplex and cranks on the
leg. That goes nowhere so Dean is thrown to the floor for a big dive
from Rey. They head inside again and Rey loads up the yet to be
named West Coast Pop, only to have Malenko catch him in a kind of
powerbomb to set up the Cloverleaf.
Ropes are grabs and
Mysterio counters tilt-a-whirl slam into a kind of cross body. They
get back up and hit a double clothesline but Mysterio sells it more
like a Boss Man Slam for an odd looking crash. Cue Shane Douglas
with a chain but Saturn runs down and steals it from him. Saturn
stares Douglas down with the chain but hits Mysterio instead,
allowing Dean, who didn’t seem to see what happened, to put on the
Cloverleaf for the win.
Really good start to the match here until we had to get Shane Douglas
involved. It looks like the Revolution is starting to splinter,
which makes good enough sense given that they have nothing else going
for them. They have yet to recover from that disaster at Fall Brawl
so why not just turn them heel from the inside?
Dean sees the replay on
the screen and isn’t happy with Saturn.
Tony tells us about the
New Year’s Evil pay per view on December 27, which wasn’t on New
Year’s, wasn’t on New Year’s Eve, wasn’t evil and never wound up
Video on Bret, talking
about Owen and his death.
Cruiserweight Title:
Disco Inferno vs. Psychosis
brings up the hiring of Vince Russo and Ed Ferrara, who will be
chatting on WCW.com later this week. And so it begins. By it I mean
the bizarre choices, such as allowing fans to talk to writers. Why
would fans care about something like that? Picture this back in
1988: “Yes fans this coming Wednesday, you can call in and talk to
the booker!”
is defending after being awarded the title in a phantom title change
over the weekend. The new champ starts fast and knocks Disco out to
the floor with a baseball slide, setting up a big dive over the top.
Back in and Disco gets a boot up in the corner, followed by a
swinging neckbreaker for two.
know Disco isn’t smart enough to make that last though and charges
into an elbow from Psychosis. Well at least they’re consistent. A
top rope hurricanrana gets two for Psychosis but Disco pops back up,
only to dive into a spinwheel kick. The guillotine legdrop misses
and Disco hits the Chartbuster to win the title out of nowhere.
I’ll spare you the obvious question of why they even bothered with
Psychosis in the first place and get to the better question of why
Disco. He’s still a glorified comedy character whose best matches
usually get a response of “you know, he doesn’t suck as much as I
thought.” You have Kidman, Guerrera, Mysterio, Malenko and even
Psychosis to put the belt on but instead we get someone like Disco.
Oh and just after he
wins the title, we IMMEDIATELY cut to an ad for Mayhem.
Sid is on the phone. I
smell shenanigans.
Outsiders come down the stands with drinks in hand. This would be
Nash’s first appearance since August and Hall’s first since…..I
think March? Heenan asks where they’ve been and Hall says they’ve
been at the party down there. Nash is retired, which Hall describes
as “working a requirement angle”. They’ll be back and put the
band back together once the locker room is fun again. This comes off
as more of Russo’s “WE’RE SHOOTING” stuff that is interesting for
about five minutes and then turns into a big mess with the fans
asking “can’t we just watch wrestling?”
Vicious vs. Brian Adams
is out of the KISS gimmick but still has the Demon pants on. He
hammers Sid from behind to start and scores with a suplex. Naturally
Sid isn’t going to sell that so Adams clotheslines him over the top
and out to the floor. Back in and Sid ducks his head, allowing Adams
to hit a quick jumping piledriver. Of course Robinson can’t count
because Rick Steiner runs out and helps with the beating. Adams
fights Sid off and tilt-a-whirl slams Steiner, only to have Sid come
back in for a double powerbomb and a fast count. That makes Sid
120-0, though Adams got in WAY more offense than most people do
against Sid.
Jerry Flynn vs.
the entrances, we go split screen so Sid can rant about his car.
Flynn rakes the eyes to start and is promptly kicked right in the
face. A pumphandle slam drops Jerry again as the rest of the First
Family comes out for a distraction. Goldberg is knocked outside to
get beaten on for a bit (why isn’t this just a three on one handicap
match to make this move faster? Oh right: because WCW is stupid
enough to put Morrus and Knobbs in the Tag Team Title hunt instead of
ANYONE ELSE), including a whip into the steps.
Morrus adds an elbow
from the apron and even the referee can’t be bothered to care about
these two schmucks. The referee sends them to the back, allowing
Goldberg to counter a cross armbreaker and hit the two moves for the
win. You know, people remember these two fighting a lot but it
really didn’t happen all that often. They only fought four times on
Nitro in nearly two years, with a year and a half in between two of
them. Goldberg and Morrus had at least three matches so it’s not a
huge stretch.
Goldberg promises to
destroy Sid.
Brad Armstrong tells
Berlyn to speak English, end of scene.
Harlem Heat for a chat about their upcoming title defense against
Brian Knobbs and Hugh Morrus. There’s so much wrong with that idea
that I don’t even know where to start. The match is going to be on
like a pot of neckbone, but Booker has to stop for a Wolfpack chant.
He tells the Outsiders that they’re not getting the belts but the
First Family comes out for a brawl. Knobbs hits Booker in the head
with a chair and Morrus gets Stevie down for No Laughing Matter. The
First Family leaves with the belts. As usual, decent story,
completely wrong cast.
Nitro Girls search
time. Baltimore can’t get here soon enough.
Goldberg gets in his
car and leaves. I’m sure this won’t go badly for Sid whatsoever.
Benoit says he misses
Owen and brings up getting his start in Stampede Wrestling. They’re
really making this feel special tonight.
Brad Armstrong vs.
Curt Hennig
chops away in the corner but gets hiptossed and dropkicked out to the
floor. Back in and Hennig chops the skin off Brad’s chest but walks
into a pair of atomic drops. The Rednecks come in but eat right
hands, only to have the Germans come out for a distraction. The
bodyguard nails Brad in the back of the head, sending him right into
the HennigPlex for the pin. It really took FIVE PEOPLE to beat Brad
Armstrong? That’s seriously what we’re going with here?
The Germans beat
Armstrong up again post match.
Mysterio goes into the
showers to get Kidman for his match. Kidman comes out and Torrie
Wilson follows him. Rey looks impressed.
Sid gives the attendant
his car keys. Why the same attendant works in two different cities
isn’t explained.
Juventud Guerrera
vs. Kidman
another match that could be for the Cruiserweight Title. They trade
forearms to start until Kidman suplexes him down for two. A Stunner
on the top rope drops Kidman as the announcers talk about Kidman and
Torrie in the shower. Kidman suplexes Juvy to the floor and adds a
dropkick as he gets back inside. Juvy comes back with a DDT out of a
fireman’s carry and drops a People’s Elbow. I had forgotten about
the Juvy Rock phase. Juvy says he knows our role as we take a break.

Back with Kidman
charging into an elbow but snapping off a powerslam (very common move
no matter what size people are) for two. Juvy waves Psychosis down
but misses a plancha and takes Psychosis down instead of Kidman.
That’s fine with Kidman, who runs to the top and dives onto both
guys. This isn’t as good as it sounds though as they’re just doing
spots without the energy that made their old matches so good.
Back in again and
Kidman dropkicks him out of the air but Juvy counters a powerbomb
(double gimmick infringement!) into a Juvy Driver attempt, which is
countered into a suplex, which is countered into a bulldog from
Guerrera. The 450 misses and Kidman hits a Sky High but has to go
after Psychosis again. Cue Mysterio to argue with Psychosis, but the
distraction lets Juvy hit the Driver off the top for the pin.
This was more about advancing the feud between the Animals and the
loose stable of luchadors, which isn’t really going anywhere as
Psychosis isn’t quite the same level as the other three. Granted he
might have gotten closer to that spot had they just let him stay
Cruiserweight Champion but that might make too much sense.
Juvy and Psychosis get
beaten down post match.
Sid has his assistant
park his car in Goldberg’s parking space.
Bret Hart vs. Chris
Both are faces here and
Benoit’s TV Title isn’t on the line. Harley Race does the intros to
make this really special. Bret grabs a headlock to start before they
fight over a top wristlock. Hart holds the ropes to avoid a monkey
flip but Benoit nips up before Bret can do anything. Very technical
so far. Chris bridges out of a test of strength and wraps Bret’s
arms across his own throat to get a breather.
A hammerlock has Bret
on the mat and the fans chant for Owen. Off to a double arm crank on
Hart but Bret reverses into one of his own. Thankfully Bret is
actually holding Chris’ wrists unlike Scott Hall who would be
keeping himself in the hold whenever that was reversed. Benoit flips
out with a dropkick to the chest but gets caught in a Russian
legsweep to put him down again.
We hit the chinlock
from Hart followed by a hard knee to the ribs to drop Chris one more
time. A DDT sets up the middle rope elbow for two for Hart but Benoit
grabs a rollup for two. He doesn’t let go of the legs though and
turns it into a Boston crab. Bret is quickly in the ropes but gets
caught in a backbreaker for two as we take a break.
Back with Benoit
getting two off something we didn’t see but Bret comes back with
the headbutt to the lower abdomen. A snap suplex sets up a chinlock
by the Hitman as things settle down a bit. Another backbreaker puts
Benoit on the mat and Bret rams him into the apron. Back in and
Benoit spins out of another backbreaker and hits a jumping tombstone
for two. A northern lights suplex gets another two for Chris and he
fires off the headbutts.
Benoit stomps away in
the corner but Bret holds the ropes to avoid a dropkick and a few
elbows get two. Bret charges but his cross body hits the ropes to
send him outside. Chris hits a big dive through the ropes to put both
guys down and we take our second break. Back again with both guys
rolling each other up for two followed by Bret stomping away in the
corner. They trade rollups for two each again until Bret nails a
swinging neckbreaker.
A superplex puts Benoit
down but he counters the Sharpshooter into the Crossface but Bret is
right next to the ropes. Chris rolls some vertical suplexes and calls
for the Swan Dive. He goes to the furthest corner and nails the
headbutt for a slightly delayed two. The fans chant for Bret and he
comes back with an elbow to the jaw. A piledriver gets two on Benoit
as he puts his foot on the ropes.
Benoit gets to do
Bret’s chest first bump into the corner but comes out with some
hard chops. Bret tries a clothesline but gets caught in the Rolling
Germans. The Crossface is blocked and they go to the mat with Bret
maneuvering his legs so that he stands up in the Sharpshooter. The
fans freak out over that awesome trap by Bret and Benoit has to give
A. This was an excellent wrestling match. Bret worked over the back
to set up the Sharpshooter and Benoit tried everything he knew but at
the end of the day it was Bret winning with a counter to Benoit’s
best hold and a very smooth move into the Sharpshooter. That’s
exactly what it was supposed to be and it was more than an awesome
match. The crowd respected it too. This is the last great match that
WCW had and the last time Bret was actually motivated in a wrestling
ring. If you haven’t seen this one before, go check it out to see
what great wrestling can do.
Race gets in the ring
and everyone hugs and poses before walking out together.
calls out Flair and Hogan, who thankfully come out one at a time.
Hogan has to limp down because of the knee injury from last week.
They praise each other and my stomach is starting to churn. Hogan
says Flair is the best of all time and Flair wants to join
Hulkamania. Tonight, Hogan wants to see Flair style and profile.
It’s a bad sign when modern day TNA pays better attention to
character development and history than this company does.
Sid is in the empty
parking space. “I’ve got him now.”
Diamond Dallas Page
vs. Buff Bagwell
mocks Page’s catchphrases to start, saying he’s going to two time,
two time, two time beat Page down. Page charges right into a
clothesline to start and gets dropkicked out to the floor. Back in
and Page can’t hook a powerbomb but does kick Buff low to take over
again. A low elbow sets up a stomping in the corner and we hit the
chinlock. With his offense running low, Bagwell lands another
clothesline and his swinging neckbreaker. Page avoids the
Blockbuster though and floats over Bagwell into the Diamond Cutter
for the fast pin.
kid is looking at a window when a horse flies up. Dustin Rhodes is
dressed all in black and that’s it.
Hulk Hogan/Ric Flair
vs. Sting/Total Package
even has to acknowledge the fans cheering for Sting. Hogan has a big
brace on his knee but is fine from last week’s attack otherwise.
It’s a brawl to start with Sting and Hogan heading outside while the
others fight inside. Hogan is whipped into the barricade as Luger
and Flair fight outside.
Tony keeps calling
Total Package Luger because it’s such a stupid name change. I can’t
even say gimmick change because it’s literally the same guy with a
different name. Things settle down with Sting stomping on Flair in
the corner but missing a dropkick. As usual, there’s nothing about
Sting that would make you think he’s a heel. Sting slams him off the
top and it’s off to Luger for a powerslam.
Back to Sting for a
chinlock as the fans chant for Hogan. Notice how he keeps moving
around on the apron. This is something the bigger stars usually do
and you can see Cena do it today. You can do so much to keep a crowd
into things while standing on the apron. Pace up and down, reach for
tags, shout encouragement. Let the fans know that you CARE about
what’s going on at the moment.
Luger prevents a tag to
Hogan and Sting gorilla presses Flair down again. A running splash
hits knees though and it’s finally off to Hogan. We go old school
with right hands and a double noggin knocker, followed by a double
clothesline to put both villains down. Page runs in and gets sent
into Luger, who blindly Racks him. Hogan hits the big boot and
legdrop to pin Sting. Seeing him hug Flair is just wrong on so many
Standard main event tag here with the champ getting pinned to add to
the pay per view match’s build. This is wrestling booking 101, but
it’s still really uninteresting stuff. Seeing these four guys
fighting while I could be watching the rise of HHH and Rock near or
at his peak and the tag teams tearing the house down really doesn’t
appeal to me and that seemed to be the opinion of the masses.
Sid goes to his parking
space and finds his car crushed into a metal block. If this is
supposed to make me watch the match, go back to Charles Robinson
needing counting lessons.
By far and away the best show they’ve had in a long time, though most
of that is due to the awesome Bret vs. Benoit match. The rest of the
show certainly isn’t bad though as a lot of the bad matches were kept
short. The Sid vs. Goldberg battle of the garage stuff is getting
REALLY old just two weeks in. I’m actually not sure how Sid’s plan
made sense and I assure you it wasn’t much clearer on screen. I
guess it was supposed to be Goldberg’s car but someone made a switch?
This shouldn’t be so complicated. Anyway, best show in months if
not years here, but it feels like a one off improvement.
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WCW Monday Nitro: October 28, 1996

TimeandtheRani: It’s been said before, but Hogan was a disgrace as a performer at this time. A minus 2 star match with Randy Savage? That just shouldn’t be.
That’s right kids, we’re now knee deep in the era of “Hogan stalls for 45 minutes!” It’s the GOLDEN AGE OF WRESTLING! Embarrassing as last night’s main event was, it’s still a huge step up from where we were 6 months ago during the Doomsday Cage Match at Uncensored, so we’ll take the positives where we can get ‘em.
Stefonics: I remember thinking Piper showing up was super lame when it happened. I thought he was way past his prime back then and him wrestling at that point did nothing for me. Still love his interviews but had none desires to watch him wrestle. I felt those feeling again while reliving this show.
Well Piper was a little past his prime, at 42 years old. He probably felt a lot older, since he “retired” at Wrestlemania 3, all the way back in 1987. Other than the Goldust feud earlier that spring, he’d spent much of the previous 3 years serving as a part time announcer, and a part time WWF figure-head. The thing about Piper that you need to remember, is that WCW really had no credibility against the nWo. Every conceivable threat to their power had either been recruited to the group, neutered, or was sulking in his room that his friends don’t trust him anymore. Piper always had balls the size of watermelons, and would have no problem strutting into the nWo locker room and putting them in their place. Which is exactly what WCW was missing.
Cerebus: I remember liking this show a lot, but reading this makes me wonder WHY I liked it.
There were two things that stuck out to me about Halloween Havoc in particular. For starters, the undercard was straight up quality for the most part. Everyone, except for The Giant, seemed to put in a pretty good effort. The Faces of Fear continue to be the finest tag-team on the planet, Rey Jr and Dean Malenko showed us why the Cruiserweight division is the freshest breath of air since Mike Tenay replaced Chris Cruise, and even the Outsiders seemed to put in a good effort.
But it was all overshadowed by the crotch-rot of a main event. For the last month and a half, we’ve been subjected to this nonsense involving Elizabeth’s loyalties in a storyline that never made any sense to start with. Is she in love with Randy? Did she sign with Hulk Hogan? Why did any of this happen when last winter she was tossing Savage’s money into the crowd and having orgies in Ric Flair’s hotel room at night? And when push came to shove … it was completely ignored! So what’s the point of the regular TV shows if it’s all to be negated when the chips are down? Why DIDN’T Liz factor in to the finish somehow since they spent the month insinuating she would? The easy answer is Because WCW. The much deeper answers are left to Eric Bischoff, I suppose, who’d probably tell you it was the fault of Standards and Practices.
But we move forward, with hope. Hope for a better product. Hope for WCW, in the guise of Roddy Piper. Hope that the Faces of Fear are given free reign to tee off on the Outsiders. Hope that Liz is buried in the desert by the Filthy Animals. Yes, it’s time for WCW Monday Nitro!

We are LIVE in Phoenix, Arizona, and TONY SCHIAVONE is with LARRY ZBYSZKO wearing a Superman shirt. Larry drops his first “New World Odor”.
JUVENTUD GUERRERA vs. “LORD” STEVEN REGAL (for the WCW world television title)
Two pieces of good news here; firstly, Steven Regal was NOT killed by Ron Studd overseas unlike his rival Fit Finlay. Secondly, Juvi is back to getting title shots. Seriously, that’s all this guy does, is lose matches and get title shots. There’s the Cruiserweight title that he’s fought for on September 16September 21, and October 5, the tag-team titles on September 30, the Mexican heavyweight title on September 15, and now the TV title. Either he’s got some nude photos of Tony Schiavone he’s threatening to release, or he’s a regular at the Gold Club. This is Regal’s first title defense on TV since winning the belt from Luger on August 31, which kinda negates the purpose of having a “TV Title”. Meanwhile, the cameras pan all the way up to the top of the arena, and spot STING, sitting in a luxury box near the rafters. Sting, word to the wise, GET OVER IT. The NWO PROPAGANDA CREW start parading signs through the crowd, with SYXX welcoming us to nWo Nitro. He promises to take the Cruiserweight title, and urges Sting to make the right choice and join the nWo. Is there a match happening? Does it feature my main man Steven Regal? Apparently none of this matters. Well it does to me! I will not be denied my play by play! Juvi hits a dropkick and calls for the Firebird splash. Regal moves out of the way, and dances around in excitement for his brilliance. The Regal stretch ends things quickly at 3:21. *
TONY SCHIAVONE tries to get a word with Regal, but spends the first minute focusing on Sting, who gets irritated with the attention and walks away. Then, before we can hear from his Lordship, we take a commercial break. Go to hell, WCW.
You’ll note that Nick Patrick is not assigned to this match, which seems strange for a DDP appearance. Well, it’s because he’s sought legal advice from a lawyer, and we’ll hear from them later tonight. Page bitch slaps Enos so hard that the referee sells it too. Enos responds by taking Page out to the floor, where he proceeds to get the tables turned as Page whips him into the guardrail. Back in, Page hits a sitdown powerbomb for 2, and a pretty loud pop. Page, through his months long winning streak, is getting over. DDP heads to the top, and hits a clothesline, but everyone’s attention it turned because THE OUTSIDERS have appeared in the crowd. Matches don’t matter anymore! Enos hits an overhead belly to belly that doesn’t matter. The neckbreaker doesn’t matter. The legdrop especially doesn’t matter. This is made clear as we pan to the crowd a half dozen times as the Outsiders do such exciting things as holding up the tag-team titles, and stand there. Page is hit with a hot shot on the throat, and Enos hits a clothesline, which I’d be concerned about if any of it mattered. After a meaningless powerslam from Enos, Page reverses a fireman’s carry into a Diamond Cutter for the pin that doesn’t matter at 4:39. The Outsiders applaud DDP, telling us what we’ve all known for about 3 months, that Page is either an nWo recruit, or has been a member all along. No rating, because this didn’t matter.
JIM POWERS (with Teddy Long) vs. DEAN MALENKO (in a non-title match)
Despite what we were told in the previous segment, NICK PATRICK is refereeing this match. I hope his previous issues with Teddy Long don’t influence him to make bad decisions here. It’s also nice to see the WCW brass, in light of the fantastic Cruiserweight matches we’ve seen in recent history, are sending the champ out on his first night with the title to face a talentless juiced up monkey. I’m thinking I might be a little too cranky to be properly objective tonight. A little Meng and Barbarian would probably cure what ails me. AC GREEN sits in the front row wearing an nWo shirt. Tony blames this turn to the dark side on the lack of positive presence in his life, since Charles Barkley left him. Oh Jesus. Powers works a headlock for far too long. Long enough to give PSYCHOSIS time to appear at the top of the ramp, and threaten to kill Malenko. See, now THIS I approve of. New World Odor count hits 4. Malenko drives his knee into the midsection of Powers, but misses a blind charge on the follow through. Powers hits an atomic drop, and slams Malenko’s head into the buckle 10 times. It’s always 10. A clothesline gets 2. A punch to the noggin gets 2. A running knee sets up Powers to declare it’s over, and he hits a running powerslam getting … well, nothing, because Patrick is arguing with Teddy Long about the fact he isn’t making counts. Malenko then uses a reverse monkey flip to score the pin at 5:12. “Hotly contested!” declares Tony. *1/2
I don’t even know what to say about this. In fact, as much hate as I want to give this, your alternative is Billy Gunn against Freddie Joe Floyd. Morton hits a crossbody for 2. Jarrett comes back with a hot shot, and points to his head! He threatens to strut, but doesn’t follow through. A standing vertical suplex is followed by Morton’s head to the buckle. A crossbody off the top sees Morton roll through, and he scores a 2. Jarrett is pissed, and hits a hard swinging neckbreaker to set up the Figure Four … but Morton packages him for 2! A monkey flip from Morton gets 2. Jarett comes back with the single leg atomic drop, and is able to put on the Figure Four this time for the win at 3:43. **
THE GIANT appears in the crowd, threatening to huff and puff and blow Nitro down. Dear god, he’s not a man, he’s a wolf! Maybe John Tenta was wrong all this time! He says all the Horsemen are pathetic, because they fight scared. He promises Jarrett’s day is coming, and he will feel the chokeslam.
TONY SCHIAVONE wants to know how Jarrett feels about that? Jarrett tells the Giant to get down to the ring right now and they’ll finish matters. Jeff issues a challenge directly to Hulk Hogan, and urges WCW to unite. He says he’s got more wrestling in his blood than even Piper does, because he was born into the business. He vows WCW will be around for a long, long time. I don’t think he can be trusted.
I’m pretty sure I’ve had nightmares involving this specific match up. Rougeau demands respect be shown to Canada, as they butcher the National anthem. Voltage puts a stop to that, with dropkicks all around. NICK PATRICK is your referee. The countdown is displayed prominently, because hour #2 is about to kick off, and amongst FIREWORKS, we change things over to ERIC BISCHOFFMIKE TENAY, and “SOBER” BOBBY HEENAN. Bischoff gives us all the insider juice. Randy Savage, scheduled to be here, will not be. The Canadians hit Kaos with a double hotshot, and follow with Rougeau scoop slamming Ouellette onto Kenny. A double team Thesz press off the top sets up the Quebec Crash, but THE NASTY BOYS run in to destroy Voltage for a DQ at 4:46. * Saggs angrily stews about Hollywood Hogan turning on them, and insists they don’t need to belong to any group. Knobbs says they might not be liked or wanted, but they’re still NASTY! I wish they’d be nasty somewhere else.
Rey’s all fired up about the loss of the Cruiserweight title, and promises to get it back. Still, he takes time to pose for the crowd, and Graffiti attacks before the bell. A sitdown powerbomb gets 2. Rey fires back with a monkey flip, while Tenay actually has the stones to say Graffiti’s been opening eyes since his debut last week. Mike, I trusted you! Why do you lie? A springboard moonsault gets 2, and Rey follows by hitting a Frankensteiner that carries Graffiti to the floor. Graffiti whips Rey into the guardrail, and hits a running senton off the apron. Back in, Graffiti hits a legdrop with a lazy cover for 2. Rey takes him down with a dropkick, and finishes with the West Coast Pop at 3:25. Rey claims to be hurt … on the inside, without the belt. Oh god. Go see Sting, you two can dry each other’s tears. **
Back from a break, AC GREEN is getting into it with NICK PATRICK for some reason. Apparently Green’s way of antagonizing him is to scream “NWO BABY!” and points to the shirt he’s wearing. I fail to see WHY that would bother Patrick, but he’s all fired up.
Benoit’s a mess from last night, sporting taped ribs. Eddie is too, but he covers his with the singlet so it’s less obvious. I love that in professional wrestling you can have broken bones and torn ligaments, and the bookers decide “you’re good, get out there champ!” About 10 seconds into the match, MONGO MCMICHAEL and DEBRA MCMICHAEL appear on the entry way, to ensure there’s no more slip ups. Which leads to more distractions, as we cut away for JIMMY HART and KEVIN SULLIVAN. Sullivan promises that Woman will be the destruction of them both. Well, not BOTH of you. Benoit knees Eddie in the midsection, and they head to the floor. Little occurs, other than Mongo arguing with AC Green. Benoit applies an abdominal stretch, but Eddie shrugs him off. Chris doesn’t care, and starts chopping away at the injured ribs. Guerrero hits a European uppercut to try and gain control, but both guys knock each other out seconds later. Woman starts to distract Nick Patrick, allowing Mongo to slide in and hit Eddie in the ribs with the Haliburton, and Benoit gets the win at 8:24. So you have Benoit and Guerrero booked against each other, but you decide “you know what, I want you both to sell your ribs and move very slowly”. WCW! *1/2
TONY SCHIAVONE is joined by ALAN SHARPE, who is Nick Patrick’s attourney. Alan says that Nick Patrick has been nothing short of a hard working professional since day 1, and has been unfairly questioned about his behavior lately. Had Chris Jericho not assaulted Nick Patrick last night and further aggravated his neck, he would have been able to properly count during the main event. CHRIS JERICHO charges out, and screams that there’s nothing wrong with his neck, and further to that he’s a paid employee of the nWo. Alan asks Jericho if he has anger problems, but Jericho tells him to get the hell out of here. The lawyer continues to insist that maybe he needs counselling for his rage. TEDDY LONG wants a piece now, calling out both guys as scam artists. Alan is shocked that he’s being questioned like this in front of the world, and this is nothing short of slander. Before this can be settled, WCW quickly cues a commercial.
BOOKER T (with Sista Sherri) vs. LEX LUGER
Booker promises someone’s gonna get hurt. He’s always been my favorite OG. I don’t like his chances here, however. Before we get started, we check in with COLONEL ROBERT PARKER. He says there’s no problems with himself and Harlem Heat, and it’s impossible he was responsible for them losing the belts last night. He’s clearly sincere, he doesn’t even stop to mop his brow! Luger hiptosses Booker, and botches a gorilla press slam, changing it mid-move into a reverse atomic drop. A clothesline sends Booker to the floor, and he looks worse for wear already. He slowly gets back in the ring, looking completely discombobulated. Still, he’s able to dig deep and choke Luger out in the ropes. Luger comes back with a punch to the midsection, and a clothesline for 2. Booker rolls outside to try and find something, but he’s clearly pained. Bischoff gets cute regarding Piper now, by saying he’s pretty sure last night was a one-shot deal because Piper’s the WWF President last time he checked, and they all wish him the best. Luger runs Booker’s face across the ropes, but Booker manages a quick shot to get something going. However, he misses a kneedrop and Luger’s right back in charge as we hit commercial.
Upon return, Luger’s dropping elbows on Booker, and honestly I’m shocked he hasn’t won yet. Still, Booker gets in a kick and follows with the Axe Kick to take charge for the first time. A sidewalk slam sets up the Harlem Hangover, but Luger moves out of the way and preps the Rack. However, STING appearing in the crowd catches Luger’s eye, and Lex runs into the crowd to go talk to his buddy. However, Sting disappears behind the curtain before Luger can get there, as Lex is counted out at 9:09. ** Booker: “I told ya! I’m gonna hurt somebody!”
The Piper / Hogan confrontation from Havoc is aired in full.
HOLLYWOOD HOGANTHE GIANTVINCENT, and TED DIBIASE strut down to ringside, looking far too comfortable considering how he felt about Piper the night before. Hogan demands the lights be dimmed, and presented with only a Hollywood style spotlight. Hogan declares the nWo have officially conquered, and won the war. Concerning the “Nacho Man”, who’s watching from his hospital bed, he has mad respect for him for carrying all of WCW on his back last night, even if he couldn’t get the job done. “Don’t worry Macho Man, I’ll take real, real good care of Miss Elizabeth for you.” As far as Piper, he was happy to hear that Roddy told the world last night that he admired Hogan and couldn’t even lace up his boots before turning his skirt and running. DiBiase figures with the foundation of the nWo set while holding the World, US, and tag-team titles, that Hogan can now officially celebrate. And Hogan goes into all the old school poses, and shirt ripping with JUST enough snark to make it delicious. Bischoff’s had enough and orders the show off the air.
So what WAS the point of Roddy Piper appearing if he’s simply run back to the WWF to be president? Is Luger WCW’s only hope? Will Glacier ever come again?

Hopefully Saturday Night brings us clarity.

WCW Worldwide: October 27, 1996

Mark Sanchez? Kyle Orton?
Brandon Weeden? Either these are the names of some faceless WCW jobbers, or
I’ve stepped backwards in time into bad quarterback hell, and Michael Vick’s
smiling face is awaiting me at the doorstep. What the hell is happening here?
Oh, were you expecting a
pay-per-view? I’m sorry, we have one more show to slog through. I can’t just up
and ignore WCW Worldwide, what if something important were to happen? I think
it would be irresponsible of me to overlook the fact that at any moment on this
show, the nWo could attack, Randy Savage might make a major announcement, or
Harlem Heat might wrestle Rough and Ready for the 8th time in the
last 3 months.
But we’re actually joined
in progress!

KEVIN SULLIVAN and KONNAN (with Maxx and Jimmy
THE LEPRECHAUN is already gnawing at the jobbers when we arrive, while Sullivan’s
got the other one half way up the Disney staircase. Konnan hits Boone with
Splash Mountain, and sends him to the outside of the ring. Back in, he
powerbombs Boone a second time, getting the win with a tequila sunrise at 2:11. I do think Boone and Peterson
have potentially actually; but I want them to play up a hooker fetish and call
themselves “The Johns”. This could work. 1/2*
Our hosts are TONY SCHIAVONE and “SOBER” BOBBY HEENAN, reporting from the dark because it’s
Halloween. Heenan has a skeleton blow up doll, which he is using as imagery to
explain what Savage will do to Hogan. I appreciate using traditional literary
devices in ones televised commentary.
Tony declares Juvi one of
the top contenders to the Cruserweight title. How? All this guy gets is title
shots, but he never wins *anything*. I don’t expect this to get any better. NICK PATRICK is your referee, once
again without neck brace or evil goatee because nobody watches this show
anyway. The fans are promised free Disney memories in the form of Pluto buttons
if they chant for Eddie Guerrero, and they do so in earnest. Tony spends the
bulk of the match explaining that Guerrero is different than Guerrera, because
we’re all morons. Eddie hits a nice slingshot senton, before Juvi kills him
with a short clothesline. A top rope rana sets up a big legdrop, but he is NOT
Hulk Hogan, (nor Mexico’s Hulk Hogan), and it only gets 2. A springboard 360
corkscrew gets 2. Juvi won’t let up, now with a brainbuster, but Patrick counts
slowly for 2. Tony tries to explain the Nick Patrick thing, by saying he feels
better tonight and has decided to go without the neck brace. Juvi goes for a
swinging rana, but winds up smacking his head on the mat (which Eddie sells
anyway, cuz he’s a pro). Eddie finally cuts him off on the top rope, and nails
the superplex to set up the Frog Splash and score the win at 4:11. Great stuff. ***
Studd had better pray
that Fit Finlay doesn’t have any tough Irish family members willing to fight on
his behalf, because his arrogant continued flaunting of Finlay’s music which he
ripped off his dead body when he killed him on a European tour is downright
despicable. A big boot knocks down Steiner, but he comes right back with a chop
block to knock down the big man. The top rope bulldog hits, which I THOUGHT was
his move, but instead he follows with an exploding clothesline for the win at 1:29. It’s no worry to Studd, who goes
back to plotting the secret death of other European scrubs. Hey, has anyone
seen Steve Regal since he won the TV title? I don’t like this at all. DUD
DISCO INFERNO vs. REY MISTERIO JR. (in a non-title
Look, I’m not confused,
WCW is confused, and I just spell the names the way THEY spell the names.
Dollars to donuts says he gets his Y back at the PPV. It seems
counter-productive for Rey to be wrestling just hours before his big title
defense against Malenko, but that’s how they did it in the old days. 5 days a
week, twice on Saturdays, twice on Sundays, and 1 hour Broadway draws in every
stop around the horn. Of course, if this goes an hour it might be the funniest,
and most unbearable match of all time (through no fault of Rey Jr.) A swinging
neckbreaker gives Disco the advantage, and he dumps Rey to the outside giving
him ample room to shake his booty. Back in, Rey beats Disco in the ropes and
hits a guillotine legdrop with Disco hanging upside down – yikes. Disco is so
upset that he hits a powerbomb, and dances, causing Heenan to throw a fit. Then
he goes for the pin and PULLS REY UP. What the HELL man? This is the champion,
and he’s being made to look like a chump! Rey of COURSE comes back with a
springboard double leg dropkick, and finishes with the Frankensteiner at 3:14, but it doesn’t matter because he
should have lost to DISCO INFERNO on WCW WORLDWIDE. Just oh my Christ. **
I get the feeling there’s
a group of guys somewhere in a production truck who live to make themselves
laugh, and are in charge of music assignments, because Jerry Lynn is gifted the
same music they would one day recycle for Jerry Flynn. I’m on to you, WCW
G-show producers. NICK PATRICK is
once again your official. Tony talks about Benoit and his “long time tag-team
partner” Mongo. Just no. Benoit slams Lynn’s face into the ring post, and drags
him back to the middle of the ring. A clothesline with a little extra mustard
drop young Jerry, while Heenan suggests he go home and listen to his mother
Loretta’s CDs and stop wrestling. Benoit slams Lynn by the back of the head
(via a hairpull which Patrick sees, and warns Chris about). That seems to fire
the kid up, who hits a swinging rana. Benoit tries a short powerbomb, but Lynn
rolls through for 2. A second attempt at a Frankensteiner is swatted away, and
this time Benoit hits the powerbomb. The swandive is delivered, and Benoit gets
an easy win at 3:45. We’ve had some
quality stuff tonight. **1/2
WILDCAT WILLIE is marching to Malenko’s music on the spinning ring, which I likely
find far funnier than it actually is. This seems like far too big a match for
this lousy show, but then we might be seeing a tapering off of Jericho’s push
since he’s shown absolutely no personality to this point. Jericho sweeps out
Malenko’s legs, which just serves to annoy Dean. Malenko takes over with a
fireman’s carry, and starts working over Jericho’s arms. Tony laughably calls
these two a “couple of youngsters”, but he might be referring to Jericho and
referee Randy Eller. Jericho hits an enzuigiri and follows with a jumping spin
kick to send Malenko to the floor, where he worries about things like his
prostate and social security. Back in, he wraps Jericho in a surfboard, and
Chris screams for mercy. He won’t tap out, mostly because his arms are being
yanked out of their sockets. A side suplex drops Jericho on his head, but he
gets his foot on the ropes to save himself from the 3. Jericho mounts a small
comeback, but gets poked in the eyes, and locked in a reverse chinlock. Jericho
stands up with Malenko still hanging on, so Jericho falls backwards force a
break. Dean drops his knee on the back of Jericho’s thigh about 840 consecutive
times. A couple of corner clotheslines crosses Jericho’s eyes, but Malenko leaps
on the apron and Jericho decks him. He follows with a slingshot shoulderblock
to keep Dean on the outside. Malenko gets back in and hits Jericho with a
pretty vicious forearm smash right in the mush, but Jericho kicks out at 2.
Jericho throws a bunch of back elbows, and hits a spinning heel kick. A German
is held with a bridge, but Malenko barely escapes at 2! Things are moving fast
and furious, as Jericho goes for a dropkick, but he misses and Malenko tries
the Cloverleaf. Jericho packages him for 2! Off the top, Jericho hits a
crossbody, Malenko rolls through and holds the tights, and scores the victoryat
7:38. Oh … my … god, that was
freakin’ AWESOME. I can’t believe there’s probably only about 3 people who’ve
ever seen this, because they rocked the Casbah. ****
Next week, Dave Taylor is
here! Juventud Guerrera kicks at the can again! DDP and Eddie Guerrero also do
battle, so don’t bother ordering Halloween Havoc.
Back to the graveyard,
with one last chance to sell Halloween Havoc, Tony talks about … Elizabeth.
Heenan orders Savage to handle WCW business at Halloween Havoc and to stop
paying attention to her. I could NOT agree more.

And we’ll find out if he
does, next.

NXT – October 30, 2014

October 30, 2014
Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida
Albert, Renee Young, Rich
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
getting very close to the next big show and Sami’s road to the title
is on fire. Other than that the main story is Hideo Itami having to
face the Ascension on his own which hasn’t been working all that well
for him. Things are starting to pick back up around here and it’s
made things much easier to get through. Let’s get to it.

says he hasn’t won the big one yet but he’s still on the road to
redemption. Titus O’Neil comes in and says he’s the next challenger
on the way. They agree to a match, presumably tonight.
Team Battle Royal
Colin Cassady/Enzo Amore, Ascension, Tye Dillinger/Jason Jordan,
Buddy Murphy/Wesley Blake
get a title shot and if one member is out, the whole team is out.
the usual brawl to start with the Vaudevillains having to slide back
under the ropes early on. Dillinger
rips off a chop to Amore but Big Cass makes a save. We get back to
the brawling with Gotch saving himself over and over. There
aren’t any eliminations yet and we’re coming up on four minutes into
the match. Blake/Murphy
and Dillinger/Jordan are in trouble but the Ascension dumps all four
guys at once.
Vaudevillains bail to the floor, leaving Cassady and Amore to fight
the monsters. Enzo
jumps on Viktor’s back and hammers away, only to walk into an STO.
fights back as the Vaudevillains come back in. Well crawl to the
apron at least. Enzo and Cass are thrown into each other for an
elimination and here comes Hideo Itami to stand on the stage. The
distraction lets the Vaudevillains dump the Ascension for the
surprise win at 6:28.
Eh it’s a battle royal so what are you looking for here? The
Vaudevillains are the best option here as they’re over with the crowd
and a unique act so why not give them the shot? Itami helping is a
good idea and since it’s been awhile since the last distraction win,
the ending didn’t make me roll my eyes as much.
comes in after the match but gets laid out again. Konor tells him to
go back to Japan or they’ll send him back in a box.
vs. Carmella
line: “Bada bing, hottest chick in the ring.” A
quick rollup gets two on Emma but she drops down next to Carmella on
an Irish whip. Carmella
stomps away in the corner as the announcers suggest costumes for
Albert. She
stops to check her nails while choking Emma on the ropes (Albert:
“Renee are they real?” Renee: “Uhhhhh…….”) before
putting on a bodyscissors. Emma
blocks a kick and Carmella panics, allowing Emma to take over with
clotheslines, followed by the Dilemma. The Emma Sandwich gets two
but Carmella trips her up and puts on the crossface with her legs for
the submission at 4:57.
Not bad here with Carmella being another decent character to help
fill out the division. NXT’s women’s division is so much better than
WWE’s in terms of developing personalities for the girls. Yeah
Carmella’s character may be very stereotypical, but it’s unique for
the division and is something different than some chick that just
happens to wrestle.
Dempsey vs. Justin Gabriel
Dempsey didn’t cry at the end of Old Yeller. Dempsey
easily stomps away as someone tries to start a Sawyer Fulton chant
for some reason. A
side slam gets two on Justin and Bull just hammers on the head. We
hit the chinlock for
a bit before Justin counters into a reverse DDT. A moonsault gets
two for Justin but he dives into a backdrop, setting up a running
Vader body attack. Bull’s top rope headbutt gets the pin at 3:47.
I’m getting a Bam Bam Bigelow vibe from Dempsey minus a lot of the
high flying stuff. He’s not great in the ring but he plays the role
well enough and looks like a machine every time. He’ll be a good
dragon for someone like Sami to slay later on and that’s all he needs
to be.
says if Becky Lynch wants to bring Sasha, she’ll bring Charlotte.
Corbin vs. Tony Briggs
NXT crowd’s newest cool idea: counting the time before Corbin gets
the pin at 18 seconds with End of Days. He’s getting faster at it
says he isn’t leaving and will have a friend next week.
Louis vs. Sylvester LeFort
isn’t hiding the bald anymore and throws Sylvester down by the
throat. LeFort
tries to crawl away again but gets nailed with a clothesline. A
release Rock Bottom ends Sylvester at 1:26. Louis came off like a
killer here and
kept shouting YOU DID THIS TO ME.
O’Neil vs. Sami Zayn
throws him around to start but Zayn comes back with some chops. They
trade more chops in the corner until O’Neil plants him with a pair of
backbreakers. We take a break and come back with Sami caught in a
bearhug. Sami
gets choked in the corner as Titus mocks the OLE chant. More chops
have no effect on Titus as he just throws Sami down.
gets tossed to the floor but Titus lets him get back in, only to do
the same thing again. He
tries it again but Sami hangs on and comes back in with a high cross
body for two. A
big boot and over the shoulder backbreaker get the same for Titus as
frustration is starting to set in. Back
up and Sami grabs the exploder suplex in the corner followed by the
Helluva Kick for the pin out of nowhere at 11:30.
It’s still not a good match but this was miles better than their
first one because Sami got the win. Titus is still little more than
a musclehead but I liked his talking to make him seem all the more
arrogant. Nothing special here but it plays into the road to
redemption story and gave the fans something to cheer for.
match Tyler Breeze comes out and says hang on a second. Sami doesn’t
get a title shot for beating a couple of uggos. If he wants the
title shot, he has to beat the one person he’s never beat. Regal has
already made the match for next week.
This was all about moving the stories forward and the depth they’re
reaching is great. Sami having to go back and avenge each of his
losses is a great story and the rematch with Breeze could tear the
house down. By this point I’m sure you know who Itami’s friend is
going to be and the reaction is going to blow the roof off. Not a
great show this week but they have me wanting to see more. That’s
something I haven’t been able to say about WWE in a long time.
won a tag team battle royal last eliminating Ascension
b. Emma – Leg Crossface
Dempsey b. Justin Gabriel – Top rope headbutt
Corbin b. Tony Briggs – End of Days
Louis b. Sylvester LeFort – Release Rock Bottom
Zayn b. Titus O’Neil – Helluva Kick
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Impact Wrestling – October 29, 2014

Date: October 29, 2014
Sands Bethlehem Events Center, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
Mike Tenay, Taz
Reviewed by Tommy Hall

is a big show for TNA as we have Bobby Roode vs. Lashley for the
World Title and the two semi-finals matches in the tag team
tournament. TNA is capable of throwing a lot of good wrestling at us
and having a solid show when they cut out all the storyline nonsense.
Granted at this point they need to worry about having a place to air
their TV shows instead of what’s on them. Let’s get to it.

arrived earlier today. I wish regular companies praised you for
showing up for your job.
open with a recap of the first Lashley vs. Roode match. I’m not sure
what I think about Roode losing the first time and potentially
winning a rematch to even the series. There would be something to be
said about a guy rising to make two unbeatable forces.
Team Tournament Semi-Finals: Kenny King/MVP vs. Samoa Joe/Low Ki
and Ki get things going with a quick wrestling sequence on the mat
until Kenny sends him into the corner to take over. Ki
takes him into a corner of his own and snaps off a chop before they
circle each other again. Off
to Joe vs. MVP with the Samoan cranking on a hammerlock but MVP rolls
into a headlock to escape. Joe comes back with a legbar, sending MVP
running into the ropes.
gets another tag to face MVP but gets driven into the corner by King
to give the heels control. That
doesn’t last long though as a chop and snapmare get to for Ki and
it’s back to Joe for some right hands. MVP
pulls his partner to the floor for a breather so Low Ki just dives
onto both of them to take over again. Back
in and Ki kicks King in the chest for two but poses too long,
allowing MVP to nail him in the back of the head.
take a break and come back with MVP still in control without much
having changed. Back
to King for a spinning kick to the face and two with Joe making the
save. Ki
fights out of a double arm crank and hits a springboard spinning kick
to the face (hands) for two on MVP but King gets a tag to keep Joe
works on the arms again for a few seconds until Ki just nails both
guys with kicks and makes the hot tag. Joe
cleans house and King taps to the Clutch in front of the referee but
it doesn’t count for some reason. MVP makes the save as everything
breaks down. Ki
dives over the top onto MVP with a kick to the head, setting up the
Clutch on King for the submission at 15:20.
Nice match here but it never got to a level they were hoping for.
I’d assume we’re setting up Joe vs. Ki again because that’s almost
all the division is anymore. If nothing else we can always have a
six man elimination mess that proves nothing but somehow tells us the
division’s rankings before getting back to Joe vs. a challenger of
the month named Low Ki again.
recap Bram and Magnus attacking D-Von last week.
says Bram is just a punk. He likes a fight just as much as anyone
and has something up his sleeve for Magnus. D-Von’s phone rings and
his buddy is here.
on Roode vs. Lashley.
Bram who says he’s rewriting history. He’s going to destroy the
brotherhood of hardcore and nothing is going to stop him. D-Von and
Abyss’ time is up and it’s now Bram on top. He wants to call out his
brother Magnus and here’s the other Brit to join in the fun. Magnus
says they may not see eye to eye but they’re brothers due to the
blood they’ve spilled. They’ve been disturbing the peace since they
were kids and Bram’s potential can be unlimited.
is still the guy that broke the glass ceiling for the Brits and it’s
their time. Bram
says they’re going to make all the hardcore dinosaurs extinct but
here’s D-Von to interrupt. He
says the two guys in the ring are the only ones that believe
everything they’re saying. Now it’s time for D-Von’s backup and of
course it’s Tommy Dreamer. I mean, where would we be without Tommy
Dreamer in 2014? The brawl is on and the Americans clean house.
Taryn Terrell don’t like each other but they’ll work together against
the Beautiful People.
Boy is annoyed that some
interrupt his hot dog to request an autograph. Simon
Diamond comes in to yell at him and wants the REAL Shark Boy back.
Sharky says SHELL YEAH and leaves so a cameraman can ask Diamond if
that’s possible. Diamond: “Of course not!”
People vs. Madison Rayne/Taryn Terrell
and Madison get things going with a brief slugout until Taryn gets
two off a swinging neckbreaker. Some drop toeholds put the Beautiful
People down and a dropkick puts them down again. Terrell
knocks them outside but Madison goes to throw them back in instead of
tagging. She
also watches
Velvet trip Taryn to take over and
doesn’t seem to mind all that much.
comes back with a double clothesline but Rayne drops down again
instead of taking the tag. That’s
fine with Taryn as she
cross bodies both Beautiful People, only to have Madison come in
without a tag. She cleans house but nails Terrell and lays her out
with the Rayne Drop. Madison
walks out and the Beautiful People get the pin at 4:56.
This was more about building up Terrell as a giant killer who can
beat the Beautiful People by herself, but you can’t really have them
lose to a single girl who has her partner turn on her. Terrell could
be a big deal for the division if they give her the ball, even though
it’s only a matter of time before we get back into the same cycle
we’ve been stuck in for years on end.
on Lashley.
promises to call it down the middle.
Team Tournament Semi-Finals: Hardys vs. Ethan Carter III/Tyrus
and Ethan trade hands to the face to start before Carter takes him
down into the corner. It’s
quickly off to Jeff for a middle rope splash after Matt takes Ethan
down with a suplex. A
headscissors puts Carter down again and there’s Poetry in Motion,
followed by the Side Effect for two. Tyrus
gets the tag to clean house and Matt is in trouble. It’s
back to Carter to slam Matt face first into the mat before Tyrus
slaps on a nerve hold.
comes back in almost immediately with a chinlock of his own before
mocking Sting in the corner. Matt
kicks him away though and makes the hot tag to Jeff. The
more famous Hardy destroys Ethan with the usual as everything breaks
down. Tyrus comes in off the tag and nails a double clothesline,
only to miss a middle rope splash. The Twisting Stunner and Twist of
Fate set up the Swanton to give Matt the pin at 7:06.
This was fine with the power heel destroying the smaller guys but the
teamwork and experience coming back to win at the end of the day.
The Hardys are going to be in any major match like this because
they’re the Hardys and one of the best teams ever, so I’m not sure
what the benefit is to have Tyrus lose this early.
blames Tyrus for the loss.
Storm says the Revolution expands tonight.
is getting ready.
Revolution is in the ring and Storm says there’s always a calm before
the storm. TNA needs to listen to him: the storm is very close.
Sanada and Manik were lost on their own but now they preach his
gospel. They want another now and that man is Davey Richards. This
brings out Davey on his own (with no belt) but he isn’t all that
says Davey is in a great tag team, but he’s (Storm) been in several
great tag teams of his own. His partners let him down though, so
Davey needs to join the team so that will never happen. Cue Edwards
to say this isn’t something Davey should listen to because Storm is
out of his mind. Richards
takes the mic away and says he can speak for himself. Eddie
says Storm is crazy and wants to fight right now. He slaps James’
face and we have a match.
Storm vs. Eddie Edwards
nails a kick to the head to start but he stops to look at Davey,
allowing Storm to nail a running shot in the corner to take over.
hammers away with forearms but charges into a boot to the face. An
over the shoulder Stunner out of the corner gets two on James but he
comes back with a DDT to plant Edwards.
is looking conflicted as Storm stalks Edwards. A mic shot to
Edwards’ head misses and Eddie grabs a rollup for two. Edwards
dives on Storm as Manik goes over and whispers to Richards. That
earns Manik a baseball slide but Davey gets up to yell, allowing
James to hit the Last Call for the pin at 5:11.
This is an interesting story as there’s only so much left for the
Wolves to do in the division. They’ve dominated the whole thing all
year so what else do they have to prove? It’s better to build up
another story than to just have the same boring ideas that they’ve
done for years so at least it’s fresh.
World Title: Lashley vs. Bobby Roode
have a ton of time for this, Lashley
is defending and Kurt Angle is guest referee. MVP
and King are nowhere in sight.
powers Bobby into the corner to start and easily takes him down with
an amateur move. A
hard shoulder to the ribs has Roode in even more trouble but Bobby
comes back with a clothesline and tells Lashley to bring it on. The
champ is all fired up but his clothesline is countered into the
Crossface, sending Lashley out to the floor.
take a break and come back with Lashley
holding a reverse wasitlock until Bobby fights up with forearms. A
quick Blockbuster gets two but Roode charges into a spinning
spinebuster. Lashley
ducks another shot but clotheslines Angle (first time he’s meant
anything in the match) by mistake. The Roode Bomb is countered and
Lashley nails the spear with no one to count the pin. Another
spear hits Angle to knock him to the floor, allowing Roode to
enziguri Lashley to the floor.
follows and avoids a spear, sending a ring attendant flying. A
Roode Bomb on the ramp puts both guys down but there’s still no Angle
to count anything. Instead
Brian Hebner comes in to count the near fall and Bobby is frustrated.
Lashley hits Roode low and gets the belt but Hebner says no.
earns him a knockout clothesline, allowing Lashley to hit Roode with
the belt. Angle comes in to count two and
is finally back to his feet. The Roode Bomb is countered and Lashley
snaps Bobby’s throat across the top rope. Another
attempt is countered into a sunset flip attempt but Roode falls on
top for the pin and the title at 17:49.
The match got going near the middle but I really don’t see why Angle
needed to be out there. Any
regular referee could have played his role to the same degree but
maybe they’re setting up Lashley vs. Angle down the line? The
important part though is Roode being made into a bigger deal than he
was before, but now he needs to have a very solid title reign to make
it even better. TNA is really needing a top face and if Roode is
that guy then so be it.
announcers mention a rematch clause as the show ends.
TNA is actually starting to click, which means it must be time for a
disaster sooner than later. This episode was all about one match
which delivered so it’s almost an automatic success. The tournament
matches were good enough and the Revolution stuff continues to
intrigue me. Good show this week as TNA is starting to make things
interesting again.
Joe/Low Ki b. Kenny King/MVP – Koquina Clutch to King
People b. Madison Rayne/Taryn Terrell – Both Beautiful People
pinned Terrell after a Rayne Drop from Rayne
b. Ethan Carter III/Tyrus – Swanton Bomb to Tyrus
Storm b. Eddie Edwards – Last Call
Roode b. Lashley – Rollup
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WCW Saturday Night: October 26, 1996

joedust writes: They really booked an angle
where Savage no-showed a match against a fat jobber to sell Halloween Havoc? Oh
I wouldn’t call Benoit a
fat … oh, you meant Road Block! How dare you. Road Block is one of the finest
wrestling specimens we’ve ever laid eyes on. Quite frankly, Randy Savage should
be thanking his fine judgment for having skipped this one. Earthquake’s attack
on Hogan in 1990 would have paled in comparison to what Road Block had in store
for Mach.
WaylonMercy2K4: Seriously, somebody won a
match with a vertical suplex in 1996? Did Southern States Wrestling travel back
in time and invade WCW Saturday Night?
I called it incorrectly.
It was in fact a vertical soufflé.
AdamDoling: Chris, I just want to echo the
sentiments of others and say that you do a really great job with these various
recaps. Although there have been a few people already to recap WCW shows from
this time period, I think your writing is among the most interesting in terms
of these recaps.
I actually went to your site and read every review
beginning with January ’96 until the present ones. Your sense of humor and wit
come through in your writing, and it makes me feel like I’m right back watching
these shows (especially your recaps of early NWO storyline).
Just wanted to say great job again and thanks for
taking the time to recap these shows. I truly think you do one of the best jobs
of capturing the moment with your recaps.
Let me assure you that
the entire reason I’ve been doing these has been a labour of love, but reading
comments like this really makes my day, even if AdamDoling is secretly my mother’s
online handle. Truthfully, I never wanted to become a WWE convert, but was
forced to grudgingly jump ship in 2000 due to the severe decline in quality
from a company I was once proud of. All these years later, I still have lots of
warm memories of WCW, and while some haven’t quite lived up to my expectations
(a lot of the nWo BOOKING has rubbed me the wrong way, WCW simply isn’t getting
a fair shake, and a lot of the long term problems with the uppercard they developed
were already apparent as early as these 1996 shows), there’s been a lot of surprises
(like suddenly being blessed with the fact the Faces of Fear were at one time
the best tag-team on the entire planet).
One thing I COULD do without
is being reminded about Liz/Hogan/Savage, because it’s 1996 and not 1989, but
hot damn we just whip that one out like an over enthusiastic dude at his first
porn audition. TONY SCHIAVONE and DUSTY RHODES are on it like buttah on
Big Bubber’s Thanksgiving table. You know where we WOULD have avoided this? WCW
Prime. I miss you already.

Sherri and Colonel Robert Parker) (in a non-title match)
No, I can’t take it
anymore! This is SETTLED! It was settled on July 15th! And August 3rd! And August 11th! And September 8th! And October 7th! And October 12th! Unless this is some sort of Best of 7 that
doesn’t end after 4 wins that WCW forgot to tell us about (and anything’s
possible with this company), there is literally no reason for these teams to
have fought 7 times in the last 100 days. NICK
is your referee, still in neck brace. I hope he’s undergoing regular
check-ups and some sort of therapy, because the length of this injury is
getting seriously troublesome and I’m concerned about his well-being. I love
that WCW declared that Harlem Heat wouldn’t defend their belts until Halloween
Havoc in an effort to keep the champs as fresh as possible, and then promptly
booked them in a non-stop series of non-title matches. Even Tony brings this
up, noting how great it is WCW is behind Harlem Heat. THIS IS WHY THE NWO IS
KILLING YOU. Mike Enos gives Booker a back breaker, and launches his with an
overhead belly to belly suplex. Booker comes right back with a Harlem sidekick,
and gets 2. Parker and Sherri share tender moments outside of the ring, while
Stevie hits a bicycle kick I think he went to the well a little early there,
because he’s officially out of moves. Thankfully, Booker’s a stud, and nails
the axe kick. Sidewalk slam sets up a second rope kneedrop, but Enos rolls
away. A powerslam is all Enos needs to tag in Slater, and he’s punching
everyone! Russian legsweep on Booker connects, but Parker’s all up in Patrick’s
business. Stevie can’t help matters, so now Sherri hits the ring and Patrick
runs the other way intentionally trying to keep his eyes averted from any
cheating at all. Slater chases Sherri to the outside, as this spills into the
ring Patrick has no choice but to throw it all out at 6:25, giving a DQ win to Rough & Ready. Holy hell, the
impossible has happened. We’ll need at least another 10 matches to determine
which team is better moving forward. Nick Patrick makes sure to tell all the
haters that he did the right thing. *1/2
TONY SCHIAVONE meets with the quartet of dysfunction in the back. Sherri screams
that they need to stay focused. Booker declares tomorrow night’s just business,
cuz they the meanest. Stevie tells everyone in an nWo shirt that they needs to
watch they stinky asses. Something tells me the nWo isn’t too concerned about a
team that can’t beat Blake Beverly.
RIP Jeff Jarrett, it’s
been an awful 2 weeks, we won’t miss you. Jarrett ducks a big meaty swing, and
hits a drop toe hold, making him STRUT. Road Block doesn’t take kindly to that,
and chokes a bitch. Somehow Jarrett gets out and faceplants the big man,
ordering the Giant to look. Road Block tries to sit on Jarrett, but misses.
Avalanche splash misses, and Jarrett hits a leaping clothesline off the second
rope. A series of leaping punches rocks Road Block, and a top rope crossbody
gets 2. Road Block throws an elbow to Jarrett’s face, and I wishfully hope for
an explosion on impact. The big man goes up – holy crap – and dives with a big
splash but he misses! Jarrett hits a suplex, and applies the Figure Four for
the win at 3:51. What the shit was
that? We’re seeing the greatest big man in wrestling history, and he’s jobbing
to Jeff Jarrett on the B-shows? Not impressed WCW, not one bit. **
TONY SCHIAVONE excitedly tells Jeff Jarrett he’s become something of a Giant
killer. Jeff says getting Flair’s personal endorsement made tomorrow’s match
the most important of his life, and after tomorrow everyone will know he’s the
smartest wrestler in the world. Even the canned heat is rightfully booing him
at this point.
Eddie takes down JL,
while Dusty starts imitating tomorrow’s announcement he can’t wait for, “THE
NEW WORLD TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS, RANDY SAVAGE!” That would cause a bit of a
re-shuffling of the card, and defeat the purpose of a “tag-team title”, but
what the hell, I’m on board. The lads brawl to the outside, where JL slams
Eddie spine first into the ring post. Back in, Eddie hits a tilt-a-whirl
backbreaker, so I guess that ring post did nothing to ruin his day. A European
uppercut floors JL, but he recovers enough to hit a desperation clothesline.
Both guys fight to the top rope, and Eddie wins that war with a superplex. Frog
Splash finishes at 4:52. *1/2
DEAN MALENKO (with Rey Mysterio Jr’s mask) vs.
Here’s another match
we’ve seen far too many times. NICK
referees, and is practically immobile at this point. Wright takes
the early advantage, but a slingshot splash is blocked with the knees, and
Malenko takes over. Deano puts on the Lasso from El Paso, and moves to a half
crab. The hold is released, and Malenko hits a standing vertical suplex for 2.
Powerbomb sets up a camel clutch, as Malenko’s desperately trying to cling to
his “man of a thousand holds” nickname. Side suplex gets 2. Wright fires
himself up at this point, and hammers in a series of European uppercuts, but he
is NOT Dave Taylor and he cannot finish. Malenko comes off the top, but Wright
rolls though. Nick Patrick is far too injured to count fast enough though, and
Malenko kicks out at about 8. The Oklahoma roll from Malenko is of no surprise
seconds later, and he wins at 4:52,
which seems to be the preferred match time tonight. **
TONY SCHIAVONE grabs Dean to talk about tomorrow night’s Cruiserweight title match.
Malenko wants no more hype or talking, just a match and a winner. He will not
leave empty handed.
I’m cool with this. Jimmy
clotheslines the Cheetah Iaukea, and hits a slingshot karate chop. A catapult
across the bottom rope should cut off a little circulation, but the Cheetah
comes back with a dropkick for 2. He misses a second attempt, and Graffiti hits
a senton off the top for the win at 2:42.
“First time at the pay windah!” Indeed. *
It’s the night of
rematches from hell tonight, as here’s another duo that never seems to click. NICK PATRICK is once again assigned to
this one. We start with a little mat wrestling, before Benoit changes things
with a dropkick to the back of the knee. He attacks like Jian Ghomeshi with a
hard-on, and tries to turn it into dust. Fans chant USA, as Benoit hits a
single leg atomic drop. Pittman turns the attack and puts on the Code Red, but
Patrick hurts his neck and can’t watch. Teddy Long takes off his jacket, having
just about enough of this stuff. Pittman releases the hold, and starts
screaming at Teddy he’s been in his way all along, and as Teddy plays innocent,
Benoit hits a Dragon Suplex for the super fast pin at 5:15. ** Teddy backs Patrick into the corner, and screams bloody
murder at him.
Benoit meets up with TONY SCHIAVONE to talk Dungeon of Doom.
Since Benoit joined the Horsemen, the Dungeon has tried to destroy them,
unsuccessfully. Horsemen are forever, and he’ll tell them how it is at
Halloween Havoc. He hopes Kevin Sullivan remembers how much pain he’s put him
through in the past. (Hah, just wait!)
Meanwhile, over nWo
Saturday Night, we move to the 3rd round of the tag-team tournament.
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 299 lbs.
Reach: 38”
Fist: 18”
Hometown: Robbinsdale,
Pro Record: 59-18
Peco Golden Grappler Tag
Team Winners
Boxing Champ of the Pipe
Fitters of Minnesota
Height: 6’4”
Weight: 225 lbs.
Reach: 37”
Fist: 17”
Hometown: Robbinsdale,
Pro Record: 29-6
Winner of Michigan’s Bob
Seger look-a-like contest 1978
Peco Golden Grappler Tag
Team Winners
Your ring announcer
tonight is NUMBER SIX. The masked DOCTOR X is still your referee.
Once again, Nash works
the commentary from the ring apron. Scott Hall hits a fallaway slam, or “SOS”,
as Nash yuks it up. Both guys tag out, as Hall takes over the stick. Nash
pounds away, while Hall talks about how crisp the Outsiders look heading into
their match with the Houston area hillbillies, Harlem Heat. Nash hits the sidewalk
slam, AKA “spinning jumping salto”. Back to Hall, who throws a number of knife
edges, follows with the “high body beale!” The Outsiders Edge finishes Bob
Seger off. The referee declares the Outsiders your victors, sounding much like
Nick Patrick but without the neck brace it’s clear he’s not.
Rage hits a whole lot of
moves on Meng, who just stands there laughing in his face! Voltage tries a
tag-team sunset flip, but Meng ducks the clothesline from Kaos. Unfortunately,
Kaos hits him on the other side, but that does little because Meng pops up and
slams Rage. In comes the Barbarian, who turns Rage’s springboard senton into a
powerbomb! A backbreaker sets up the clubberin’! Back to Meng, who hits a sunset
flip, but Rage punches out and tags in Kaos. However, Meng just powerbombs him
while Barbarian hits the Kick of Fear MID-MOVE for the super easy pin at 3:30. Barbarian beats up Rage some more
for the hell of it. **1/2
TONY SCHIAVONE meets with the Dungeon guys, against his will. Hart mocks Flair’s
dangling shoulder, with Anderson’s tied up with Luger. That leaves Benoit, and
Steve “I want to be a wrestler” McMichael against the Faces of Fear. Debra is
named the world’s oldest cheerleader (yes!), and Hart turns things over to
Meng. He says a lot of strong words that I will choose not to repeat, and
Barbarian tosses in a few wild and savage threats of his own. My wife is
concerned my love of these guys may have surpassed my feelings towards her; and
she might not be far off.
Closing the show, Tony
grabs ARN ANDERSON. Anderson
re-affirms Liz’s departure from the Horsemen for about the 8th week
in a row. He doesn’t know if Liz, Hogan, or the Horsemen drove Savage crazy, or
whether he’s just crazy, but he needs to deal with his life on a real personal
basis. Regarding Luger, he wants no excuses, and now it’s time for Lex to meet
his demon head on. He vows somebody’s gonna get hurt, and runs the knife across
his throat. There’s your final sell!

I guess that means Benoit
won’t be getting his rightful title shot. Shame on you, WCW.

WCW Monday Nitro: October 21, 1996

Upon the sight of a yellow and red clad Hogan, street lights and traffic signs spontaneously combust all over the place. Why? Because Monday Nitro is LIVE in Mankato, Minnesota (WHERE?!?).
TONY SCHIAVONE and LARRY ZBYSZKO handle hour #1 duties – just 6 days away from Halloween Havoc. Larry’s of the opinion that Liz is trying to ruin Savage’s life a second time, and suggests he not hand her his charge card. This ANGLE is ruining my life.

So apparently the BIG news of the night wasn’t worth being discussed over insipid goddamn Liz and Savage, which is that Sting is here and will be wrestling Mr. JL later tonight – his first appearance in like what, a month? Meanwhile, NUMBER SIX and NWO STING are hanging out with the fans underneath an nWo banner; Syxx equipped with a video camera. Tony speculates what he might be recording, but history suggests it’s probably Chyna’s unnaturally large “clit”. Your referee is a still injured NICK PATRICK. Eaton takes a dropkick to the face, and Jericho starts screaming “COME ON BAYBEEE!” at no one in particular. Eaton comes back with a botched powerslam, and straddles Jericho’s face like he’s a fetish friendly escort. Jericho escapes and hits a spinning heel kick, followed by a springboard dropkick. Eaton counters with a quick neckbreaker across the top rope. A slugfest breaks out between both guys, and they knock each other out. To the floor, Jericho slams Eaton’s face in the ring post, but then blind charges and hits himself. Eaton charges, and gets backdropped down the aisle, and Jericho rolls him back into the ring. Eaton nails a swinging neckbreaker, and heads to the top rope for the Alabama Jam – but Jericho cuts him off. Eaton fights him off, and drops a knee off the top for 2. Jericho comes back with a jump kick, and fires a missile dropkick off the top for the pinfall at 7:05. Eaton got wayyyyy too much offense here considering Jericho’s supposed to be fighting Syxx at Havoc. **1/2
TONY SCHIAVONE rushes down to ring side, and Jericho’s all fired up about his match with Syxx. He says the nWo has never been defeated, never tied, and that’s about to come crumbling down. COME ON BAYBEE. Ultra-babyface Jericho is such a wiener.
DEAN MALENKO (with Rey Mysterio Jr’s mask) vs. JIMMY GRAFFITI
The cancellation of Prime has shaken us all, I know, but there is no reason to book it on Nitro. Bobby Eaton? Jimmy Graffiti? COME ON BAYBEE! NO MORE JOBBERS! At least not on this show, I’m not calling for the end of them, I do need to decompress with the ridiculous gimmicks of yesteryear at least once or twice a week in an effort to white-wash Elizabeth’s crying out of my brain. Graffiti is the former Jimmy Del Rey of the Heavenly Bodies, which won’t add any credibility to this match, but at least you know. Graffiti plants Malenko with a DDT, and drops an elbow for 2. A sitdown powerbomb gets 2. Now a superkick, because this guy is gonna bust out EVERYONE’S finishers, and even THAT doesn’t get the job done. Malenko finally hits a drop toe hold sending Graffiti face first to the buckle. Our first “New World Odor” is dropped, along with Larry’s new HILARIOUS nickname for nWo Sting, which, and you’ll NEVER guess … is “STINK”. Because, it fits with NEW WORLD ODOR! You can’t write comedy like that kids. Larry Zbyszko was truly a velvet tongued legend of the mid 90’s. Somewhere in here Malenko tries for a Texas Cloverleaf, but Graffiti rolls through and almost gets a pin. They brawl out to the floor again, and eventually wind up on the top rope. Graffiti throws Malenko off, and goes for a missile dropkick. Malenko swats him in mid-air, and applies the Cloverleaf for the win at 6:40. Man oh man, they’re really letting the jobbers shine tonight – another reminder that everyone in WCW sucks and everyone in the nWo is unstoppable. **
If you believed that NICK PATRICK could ever stay away from a DDP match, you would be, and I say this respectfully, an idiot. There’s some strange little underbelly of a feud between Page and Patrick against Teddy Long that the announcers never talk about – even though it’s pretty much been a central theme on every B, C, D, and even the G shows. Page pancakes the Sarge, but Page is thrown off, onto Patrick, whose back immediately goes out. Pittman and Page head to the floor, where Pittman starts throwing Page shoulder first into the ring post. He starts Pitbulling Up – and locks a Code Red on Page in the middle of the ring. The PROBLEM is, that Patrick is busy sharing his finds at last week’s flea market in Hohenwald, Tennessee with Teddy Long, and doesn’t see Page tapping out violently. Pittman freaks out and gets all up in Patrick’s grill, which is all Page needs for the Diamond Cutter and another win at 2:55. If Page isn’t a member of the nWo, then may Roger Clemens grow a 3rd ear on his forehead. *
TONY SCHIAVONE demands answers from Nick Patrick about missing the Code Red. Patrick says if he missed anything it’s because Teddy Long can’t stay in his bloody corner and mind his own business. Tony mentions that for the second week in a row, the masked man on WCW Saturday Night is CLEARLY Nick Patrick. Patrick is offended since he’s in twice the shape that man is, and again accuses Randy Anderson of being the obvious perp.
Ron Studd is a mountain of charisma, balled up in a fury of head slaps. More disturbingly, it’s fairly clear he has murdered Fit Finlay. Finlay never willed his music to him, it was stolen and the body disposed, and I want Keith Morrison’s corpse to report on this immediately. However, a different white haired legend appears, in the form of RIC FLAIR. Studd takes a powder to give Flair room to strut. He asks Jarrett to strut along with him, which the fans boo vehemently because Jarrett has NO BUSINESS being a babyface. Flair shakes his hand as his personal endorsement in Jarrett’s war against the Giant. However, before that happens, Studd will NOT be denied, because this match is on like a steaming pot of neckbone. After some quick offense from the former Super Giant Ninja, Jarrett manages to soufflé the big man and lock on the Figure Four at 1:29. The fans rightly boo the shit out Jarrett, and WCW for insulting our intelligence. 1/2*
On the floor, TONY SCHIAVONE continues to pull double duty. Jarrett wants WCW to start being offensive instead of defensive. I’d argue they’re regularly offensive, but I don’t imagine that’s what he meant at all. Jarrett vows to lock that figure four on the Giant, and he won’t be chokeslammed. Flair re-appears now, admitting the nWo have been dirtier players than the Horsemen so far. Flair says he’ll be in Jarrett’s corner this Sunday, and the second he’s cleared to wrestle again, they’ll kick some nWo ass. THE GIANT stares on in the crowd, presumably disturbed at WCW’s quest to beat him up – a lowly ring announcer.
Of course, that symbolizes Hour #2 has started, because ERIC BISCHOFF’s hair takes over the screen. MIKE TENAY stares lovingly at his boss, while “SOBER” BOBBY HEENAN doesn’t play ball with anyone.
Heenan kills me by asking “WHAT IS THAT?!?” No, he is not talking about Lex Luger’s hypnotic pectoral region, but Road Block. Bischoff asks whether or not Luger can Rack this man, because apparently he’s never racked the Giant, no sir! Road Block gets clotheslined to the floor, and he RAGES. Luger is yanked out by the legs, and slammed into the ring steps, but he recovers. Back in the ring, Luger slams him far too easily, but misses the follow up elbowdrop. Road Block takes over, with a big fat avalanche. That just makes Luger roar like a lion on steroids, and he slams Road Block again. Luger goes for the Rack, but drops him back like a Samoan drop (likely by accident), and tries a second one – this time leading to a slam of some sort. Third try is good, and Road Block taps out at 3:48. This Road Block experiment was like the Hogan vs. Monster routine of the 90’s, on warp speed. 1/2*
THE AMERICAN MALES vs. HARLEM HEAT (with Sista Sherri and Colonel Robert Parker) (in a non-title match)
NICK PATRICK referees this one. Now, WCW has about 5-6 referees on the payroll at this point; do they have an absenteeism problem? Why is Nick Patrick refereeing so bloody much? Have they thought about implementing a Wellness Team, or offering them Employee Assistance? There’s no way a man as injured as Nick Patrick should be carrying about 50% of the work load. I’ll bet he’s even forced to set up the ring, and that’s a workers comp claim just waiting to happen. It’s good to see the Males have made up, and are no longer involved in a strange love triangle with Jim Powers. I was worried things might be weird between Riggs and Bagwell, but they seem to be alright. Bagwell backdrops Booker, and follows with a dropkick – and we’re off to commercial break.
Upon return, the fans are all into this one, chanting “NWO!” Booker tells them to shut up (you go Booker!), as Bagwell explodes out of the corner with a clothesline that turns Booker inside out. He POPS UP because he’s a MAN, and powerbombs Bagwell. THE OUTSIDERS are hanging out in the crowd now (with nose strips, hah!), while Bischoff says the latest rumors are that the nWo want to take over Nitro completely – but he’ll NEVER let that happen. I’m glad we have Eric defending the sanctity of this company, because otherwise we’d be in some serious trouble. Of course, had he just called the police about 6 months ago when Hall first jumped onto their private property, they might have saved themselves a whole lot of problems. Booker heads up for a missile dropkick – but Bagwell is ready and hits a dropkick of his own to stop it. Riggs enters, and is a ball o fire! Booker tries to take it to him, but he gets sent packing, and Stevie eats a double dropkick. Meanwhile, the Colonel and Sherri try to get involved, but they’re tossed off, but it gives Booker a chance to hit a Harlem Sidekick on Riggs. Bagwell thinks about trying to break up the count, but then decides to stand halfway between the ropes and the ring like an IDIOT and watches his partner get pinned at 9:34. The exciting news, is that for the 100th straight time this year, Harlem Heat have failed to break two stars. Congratulations are in order for Harlem Heat! *1/2
I really want to hate on WCW for trudging out another pair of jobbers, but all is forgiven because it gives the Faces of Fear some fresh meat to feast on, and I can really go for that. And PLEASE don’t tell me about the great long history of the Fantastics around the horn because I don’t really care. The jobber dorks manage to double team Meng, and I am NOT ok with this. Then Meng backdrops Fulton into the awaiting arms of Barbarian who powerbombs him in one sweet move. Go for a pin? Surely you jest. Not when you can hit a backbreaker! Tenay mentions we haven’t seen the Fantastics in years, and Bobby pipes in with “and we probably won’t see them again!”  Meng enters with a spike piledriver, and both members of the Fear hit duelling leaping headbutts. If that’s not enough, they pick Fulton up and hit a pair of headbutts again. Still, he manages to roll away and tags in Rogers who slips on his way up to the top rope. He recovers and hits Barbarian with a dick to the face. Both guys hit Barbarian with a double dropkick, but Meng saves. Rogers comes flying off the top with a crossbody, but Barbarian catches him with ease, and Meng finishes him with a Kick of Fear at 5:21. I feel like I should have liked this a lot more than I did. Maybe I’m cranky. *1/2
Back at the announce table, Bischoff apologizes for the 2903582097352348 time for ripping out Savage’s heart, and promises to never do anything like it again.
So WCW are a pile of liars as usual, promising the real Sting and delivering a big stinky nWo turd. And the worst part of this is, there’s no way they SHOULD be getting tricked with this stuff, because all it should take is a quick confirmation that “yep, the real dude is in the building and says he’ll be wrestling”. WCW books the matches for Christ sakes! THE NWO comes down to ringside through the crowd, led by Vincent. Sting hits a faceplant on JL, and follows with a powerslam. Stinger Splash sets up the Scorpion Deathlock, but STING actually shows up now!!! He’s got blank white facepaint like a mime, and is dressed in a black trench coat. He drops nWo Sting immediately with a Deathdrop, and follows with a Stinger Splash. nWo Sting is put in the Deathlock, as the entire nWo surrounds Sting. DiBiase welcomes the real Sting to their group, if he wants to. The nWo offers a family. Kevin Nash suggests he break on through to the other side. Hall says Sting has been carrying the WCW banner for 9 years, and has nothing to show for it. They knew their imposter would get to Sting, and they want him on their side. If he jumps, he’s nWo 4 life. Sting takes the stick now, and says if that’s their cheap imitation, they got what they paid for. “The only thing that’s for sure about Sting, is that nothing’s for sure.” He drops the mic, and walks off. The nWo celebrate, figuring they got him.
Savage emerges, and much like Sting, he’s dressed in all black from head to toe. ERIC BISCHOFF intercepts him in the aisle, and apologizes for putting him on the spot. However, now he has a NEW video.
From the set of the 3 Ninjas, HOLLYWOOD HOGAN talks smack to Macho. Hogan tells the director with his name on the film, he wants the nWo to take over the entire production. THE GIANT is taking over directing immediately, and the director is all too fast to agree. ELIZABETH is here, because she has a scene in the flick as well. Hogan tells her “come on, tell Macho you love him, make him really believe it, lead the lamb to slaughter!” Liz begs him to make it stop. Hogan tells her to do it right, and deliver Macho’s head on a silver platter. Liz tells Hogan she’s ruined his life for a second time, so Hogan orders her off the set. In Hogan’s trailer, he berates her for not delivering. Now, I want you to read this entire paragraph again, understanding Hogan is dressed like this:
Back to the arena, Savage stands silently for a moment, before finding his words. “Just occurred to me, how fragile friendships and relationships can be. And you Eric Bischoff, you and I both know how fragile business can be. Even marriage is fragile. But Hoke Kogan, life … is fragile.”
Fade to black.

Benoit wins by countout! Does this mean HE is now the number one contender? We’ll find out more on WCW Saturday Night.

Smackdown – October 31, 2014

October 31, 2014
Toyota Center, Houston, Texas
Michael Cole, Tom Phillips
Reviewed by Tommy Hall
onto a new set of new stories for a change now with a focus on Cena
vs. the Authority and Ambrose vs. Wyatt. That isn’t the best pair of
stories in the world but we’re stuck with this until we get to the
Rumble and the wrestling actually matters to the company anymore.
It’s also Halloween so hopefully things aren’t all that campy
tonight. Let’s get to it.

open with….Vince. He tells us about the big news from the
conference call: November is a free month of the WWE Network (for new
subscribers), meaning Survivor Series is a free show. That’s quite
the incentive and the lack of a commitment should help them in the
long run.
(Summer Rae), Natalya (Queen of Hearts), Naomi (paratrooper), Summer
Rae (schoolgirl nerd), Layla (clown), Emma (Tarzan), Rosa Mendes
(zombie nurse), Cameron (cop), Alicia Fox (firewoman), Nikki Bella
in costumes of course and the winner gets a Divas Title shot so AJ is
on commentary. We
get a video from earlier today of Brie dressed as Daniel Bryan but
Nikki sending her to get her Louis Vaton bag in
San Antonio. Naomi
quickly kicks Rosa out to the floor and Natalya kicks out Summer (AJ:
“There goes the sexy D-Von Dudley.”).
gets tossed as well as Layla pulls the stuffing out Paige’s top.
earns her an elimination before Cameron and Naomi go out one after
another. We’re
down to Natalya, Paige, Nikki and Fox but Alicia quickly kicks
Natalya out. Fox dumps Paige but eliminates herself in the process,
giving Nikki the win at 2:43.
are Kane, Rollins and the Stooges for a chat. Kane
loves this time of year because he gets to torment little kids but
the fun keeps going into November with Survivor Series. Tonight
though it’s Ambrose vs. Cesaro in a Trick or Street Fight but Rollins
thinks Bray Wyatt might interrupt. If that happens though, Dean will
fall just like he did on Sunday inside the Cell. Rollins
laughs at the YOU SOLD OUT chants before taking the focus back to
Survivor Series. Who could Cena possibly get on his team? Who would
be willing to team with him against the Authority and risk their
careers in the process? Kane can think of one man so get out here
Dolph Ziggler.
vs. Dolph Ziggler
again. Ziggler
dropkicks the knee but the DDT is countered with Kane just throwing
Dolph down. A
clothesline gets two for Kane but Dolph avoids an elbow drop. Back
up and Kane uppercuts Dolph off the top and out to the floor as we
take a break. Back with Kane missing a big boot and taking a
Fameasser for two. Jamie
Noble gets on the apron for a distraction though, allowing the big
boot to connects for another two count. The
chokeslam is countered into a sunset flip just like Monday but Kane
pops up. Ziggler’s Stinger Splash is caught in the chokeslam for the
pin at 8:27.
Kane. Beat Dolph Ziggler. Clean. In 2014. I’m sure this has
nothing to do with Ziggler saying legends can’t just come in and get
handed big matches at Wrestlemania earlier this week. If that’s
true, and given the company’s track record it wouldn’t be all that
shocking, WWE needs to get over itself already.
match Kane hits
another chokeslam and makes
Ziggler vs. Rollins.
Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler
Stomp, 23 seconds.
Slater vs. Ryback
is a scarecrow. He
hammers away with right hands but loses his fake hand so it’s time
for air guitar. Ryback plants him with a spinebuster, setting up the
Meathook and Shell Shock for the pin at 1:28.
Exotic Express is looking for people to party with and find Goldust,
Stardust, Sin Cara as a Ninja Turtle and R-Truth as a ghost. Truth
asks what it’s like to have the Bunny upstage Rose all the time and
thinks Adam should have been the Bunny for Halloween. Rose laughs it
off so Truth gives him a rock. The Bunny hops around Rose and that’s
it. If there was a point here, I must not be smart enough to get it.
for MizTV with Miz
saying he may be available to join Team Cena. However that’s not
what we’re here to talk about. Instead, let’s focus on the special
guest tonight: Mark Henry. Miz
asks Mark what happened on Monday but Henry says it was exactly what
should have happened. Miz shows us a clip of Rusev making Show tap,
which Henry says was a result of Show trying to upstage him.
didn’t help Henry on Sunday and Mark
annoyed at the WHAT chants. Henry says Show has been acting like he
knows everything for months but he’s just a nosy guy with an
overactive pituitary gland. It’s all about strength but here’s Big
Show for
a brawl. They fight at ringside with Henry sending him into the post
and through the barricade.
recap the Authority vs. Cena on Monday.
vs. Los Matadores
the match the champs say they’d listen to offers from either team at
Survivor Series. So the Authority team might not be Authority
members? Fernando
works on Stardust’s arm to start and sends him over to Diego for a
dropkick. A
slingshot hilo gets two on Stardust but he comes back with a
springboard dropkick of his own. The
champs send Fernando to the floor and we take a break.
with Torito getting knocked off the apron but Fernando plants
Stardust, setting up the hot tag to Diego. A
hurricanrana sends Diego outside and the masked men hit a huge double
suicide dive. Stardust jumps backwards onto both guys before
throwing Torito inside. Torito
will have none of that though and dropkicks Stardust to the floor,
distracting Goldust long enough for Fernando to roll him up for the
pin at 7:24. That match needed a commercial?
Why do we have titles anymore? The only way they set up a title
match is to have the champion lose (or in this show’s case, lose
TWICE to set up a match where Ziggler is just a piece), meaning we
need a title match later where Los Matadores can lose. You
have a roster so full of people not working and you don’t have ANYONE
else for Los Matadores to beat to earn a shot?
This is getting old in a hurry.
vs. Great Khali
fans chant USA so I guess they’re neutral. Khali immediately chops
Rusev in the head so the Russian hammers away in the corner. Another
chop has the same result so Rusev kicks him in the face and Accolades
him for the submission at 47 seconds.
match Lana talks about new orders from Russia: crush the US Champion
give the title to Putin as a present.
This brings out Sheamus who says he’s been waiting on for a long
time. The challenge is accepted because Sheamus takes personal pride
in what this title represents. Sheamus comes to the ring and tries a
Brogue Kick, sending Rusev running. This
would be the most logical feud in the world at the moment and exactly
what they should have done. It
shouldn’t be surprising as Rusev’s story has been one of the few well
done thing in the WWE for months now.
Bray Wyatt for a chat. Today
is a special day because all of the people here get to pretend to be
something that they aren’t. Have
you ever wondered why costuming yourself makes you feel so
comfortable? Do you wear a mask to hide from the horrors of the
world? Or is it because everyone hates everything about you? You
can’t pretend forever though because tomorrow morning you’re just
another one of those anonymous souls.
Ambrose is different though because he never takes off his mask.
Ambrose is like Wyatt: a creature, an animal and a monster. Bray
understands what it felt like to have someone at a point like Rollins
had Ambrose on Sunday. He knows what that power feels like and it
makes you feel immortal. You
have the power to take everything away from someone and Dean can’t
just wash away his sins. They will stain him forever and she still
cries for him. Follow the buzzards.
Ambrose vs. Cesaro
fight. There
are a bunch of Halloween items at ringside, including
about twenty pumpkins inside the ring,
because we’ve got a theme match. Ambrose
brings out a candy corn themed kendo stick because even he can make
candy corn look cool. Dean
hammers away to start and drops Cesaro with a bulldog.
comes back with some kendo stick shots to the ribs and right hands to
the head followed by a big swing to the chest. More
stick shots have Dean in trouble but he blocks a big swing and
hammers away with right hands. Cesaro
comes right back with a tiger bomb for two followed
by more stick shots. He
piles up a bunch of pumpkins but can’t quite suplex Dean onto the
Dean sends him out to the floor, only to take some more stick shots.
dropkick destroys a bucket full of candy but Cesaro throws him over
the announcers’ table. Ambrose pops up with a stick of his own
before throwing him back inside for a backdrop on the pumpkins. They
head outside again with Cesaro nailing him out of the air with a
kendo stick.
head is shoved into a bucket of apples and water but he comes back
with a skeleton. Cesaro
grabs a chair but gets knocked onto a table with some broom shots. A
middle rope elbow with the broom sends Cesaro through the table on
the floor. They head back inside where Ambrose puts a pumpkin on
Cesaro’s head and Dirty Deeds is good for the pin at 7:18.
was your usual fun main event with all the weapons and props being
used in the right way. Ambrose getting a pin is a good thing and
makes him look stronger going into the PPV showdown with Wyatt. Bray
can get by on his talking alone and Dean can look good in matches
like this one.
Dirty Deeds ends the show.
Decent wrestling aside, this was one of the most frustrating shows I
can remember in along time. We had three losses for champions and
Kane of all people getting his win back instead of laying down like
he should be doing at this point. Hopefully the audience for this
show is so low that most people don’t watch and this doesn’t mean
much. This
is a decent show but it’s more frustrating than anything else.
Bella won a battle royal last eliminating Alicia Fox
b. Dolph Ziggler – Chokeslam
Rollins b. Dolph Ziggler – Curb Stomp
b. Heath Slater – Shell Shock
Matadores b. Stardust/Goldust – Rollup to Goldust
b. Great Khali – Accolade
Ambrose b. Cesaro – Dirty Deeds
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WCW Worldwide: October 20, 1996

It’s been a busy week and
I’ve fallen behind again, which is embarrassing considering this lineup of
wrestling that’s been waiting for me. Stars like Alex Wright, Madusa, and Ice
Train are here this week!
are your hosts; and apparently the line was building all day at Disney to see
WCW. This might in fact be true, I’ve been to Disney, and EVERYTHING has a
bloody line, even that traumatizing “It’s A Small World” ride through hell.

I don’t know how the ring
is going to contain itself from the charisma that’s just oozing out of these
guys. In fact, if any match was a threat to end with the lights going out,
followed by a Lantern hologram and attack from Charles Manson, this is probably
the one. Malenko hits a double underhook overhead suplex, and holds on to work
the arm. That doesn’t last long before Wright starts in with the European
uppercuts, followed by his transition move, the European uppercuts. A European
uppercut sets up a European uppercut, and Wright gets 2. In the corner, Wright
hits a European uppercut, before trying a spinning heel kick which seems silly
because it’s not a European uppercut. Wright goes up for a missile dropkick,
but Malenko throws the referee in the way, and when you’re talking about men
who would fall unconscious at a dance club from a twerk, you know that poor
Randy Eller must be on life support from that. After resuscitation, Eller
somehow remembers in his pre-coma state that Malenko scumbagged him, and gives
the win at Wright at 3:51. *
Heenan points out Powers
is in the best shape of his life, but I’m pretty sure Scott Hall eluded to the
same thing on Nitro a couple of weeks ago. Honestly, if he was in any better
shape, he’d probably explode; and then what? We’d be left with a row of Disney
onlookers covered in testosterone and rock hard man-boob. NICK PATRICK referees without his neck brace. Powers runs through
the type of offense that would make workers like the Renegade jealous, but it’s
all for naught. A swandive changes everything, and Benoit wins at 3:28. Heenan declares the Horsemen have
never had a bad member. Oy … vey. *1/2
Tony can’t help but crow
about Madusa championing the Women’s division since her arrival in WCW. Way to
go Madusa, you keep wrestling that one match every 3 months. Kai isn’t in great
shape here, looking less like a professional wrestler, and more like a new mom.
And, to be fair, a lot of new mom’s are sexy as all hell – but I wouldn’t
suggest throwing on a singlet and heading out to perform on a national
wrestling stage. Madusa takes this one quickly with a schoolboy at 2:31. Kai, still hormonal, attacks
Madusa after the match. AND SO IT BEGINS! 1/2*
Holy crap a fresh match
up for the R&R! And the Armstrongs are all over the heel act tonight, with
Steve strutting around the ring like he’s a late 70’s Memphis champion or
something. The fans are right riled up about this too for some reason, and I
can dig it. Morton hiptosses both Armstrongs around for awhile, while the fans
chant “ROCK AND ROLL” until they’re hoarse. Gibson starts working over the
Armstrongs, but a little cheating changes everything. Scott knocks Morton off
the apron, and keeps Gibson in the heel corner. What the hell is this? I don’t
think I’ve seen Gibson take a beating in his life, that’s not his role. Morton
gets the hot tag, and slams Armstrongs all over the place! A crossbody on Steve
gets the pin at 3:41. That wasn’t at
all what I expected. *1/2
This is your main event.
Heenan gives us a scoop on Long; that if you walk real close behind him, his
head smells like furniture polish. Train keeps DDP down in the corner, but that
doesn’t stop Page from hearing the jeers of the crowd, yelling at someone “SHUT
UP YOU FAT PIG!” Train wrings the arm, and a clothesline sends Page to the
floor. Train is a ball of energy tonight, and the fans are digging it, as Long
leads an “ICE! ICE! ICE!” chant. Page comes back with a necksnap over the top
rope, and takes over the offense with some stomping in the corner. A discus
clothesline gets 2. In a headlock, Train hulks up, and gets a sunset flip(!)
for 2. An explosive clothesline sets up the Train Wreck, but Page kicks out! Oh
god, NOW what can he do? An avalanche misses, and Page dives on top with his
feet on the ropes and scores the pin at 6:37?!?
A MISSED AVALANCHE??? This show, sometimes … *1/2

Next week, there’s no
stopping the star power. Juvi! Konnan! Rick Steiner! Kevin Sullivan! Until then

October Classics – Low Ki vs. Samoa Joe – ROH 10/5/02

Here’s something different for a change. This is from ROH’s Glory by Honor 2002. The venue for this was kind of jarring for me, as I usually don’t stray from big time WWE arenas. However, it’s an awesome match, and if you don’t check out indy feds too often, watch this and you’ll soon forget about the production values and small crowd.

October Classics: Barry Windham & Dustin Rhodes vs. Steve Williams & Steve Austin – Halloween Havoc ’92

Windham and Rhodes were the unified WCW/NWA World Tag Team Champions here. Dr. Death’s original partner was supposed to be the late Terry Gordy, but Gordy left WCW just before this show, as a sign of loyalty to All-Japan found Giant Baba; WCW had begun striking up a working relationship with All-Japan’s rival New Japan. Gordy’s replacement was Stunning Steve Austin, who would leave WCW a few years after this show, and would appear sporadically on the indepedent circuit before retiring. If I remember that correctly.

WCW Saturday Night: October 19, 1996

I met Mick Foley Friday night. If you’re here for the wrasslin’, you may want to skip me as I indulge in a little long-winded epilogue of the night.
This probably isn’t much of a surprise, seeing as how he was in Ottawa to do his comedy show and I live here. Wrestling fans sorta flock to wrestlers, it’s how we roll. My best friend was able to help organize an outing with a number of people from his office, and to spice things up we brought a number of non-wrestling fan wives along for the ride (including my own).
We were having a drink at the bar next to the venue before the show, when much to my surprise, in walks Mick Foley and Jason Sensation, and a small pile of merchandise that he was selling (and donating the proceeds to charity). I quickly took my place in line, with my wife, to meet the Hardcore Legend.

My wife, Emily, wasn’t much of a Mick Foley fan. She didn’t “get it”, and I understand. Mick is someone you had to have experienced in his prime. You have to be a wrestling fan to appreciate the sacrifices he made on his body that he made night after night that extend far beyond the Cell that everyone links him to. You had to have experienced Commissioner Mick Foley, the happy go lucky geek, who swung his gavel wildly while making decisions to screw with the heel contingency and keep things in order. His shenanigans with Edge and Christian. His love for children, and the passionate ways he tries to make everyone happy. She never saw this. She sees the old hobo who shows up once in a blue moon to rave like a lunatic, and hobble away. I knew if she met him, this would change. I hoped.
I got there first. I asked Mick to sign a well-thumbed paperback edition of Have a Nice Day. I actually had a first edition hard cover once upon a time, but it was lost in a flood years ago. This was the replacement, as getting the hard cover editions are challenging these days.
I told him that I appreciated all he’d given to the wrestling business, with the exception of that match with Heavy Metal Van Hammer. He chuckled and said “come on, that was a good one.” I shook my head. I told him he was an excellent writer, that I had read all 4 of his autobiographies, and that I hoped he would never stop.
Then came Emily. The line at this point extended out the door. She presented my old copy of “Hard Knocks & Cheap Pops”, the only Foley DVD I still own after having sold most of my stuff years ago. He signed the front. She told him that she had heard (via me) that he sometimes granted second wishes to children who had used their “Wish”, but were still suffering years later. My wife worked with disabled children as a teenager, and she still would if the chips had fallen a little differently with her career. Mick looked at her in the eye with all sincerity and asked “do you know someone who needs a second wish?” Emily admitted she didn’t, but that she thought the fact he did this unselfishly was wonderful. Mick said he used to work with an organization who did those on the side as kids can’t have a “Second Wish”. He completely ignored the fact there were dozens of fans who were wanting a picture with the Hardcore Legend, because he was now engaged in a real conversation about a topic he truly cared about.
She wound up buying every glossy picture on his table, and asked that he autograph them to me. We all had photos done, and he thanked my wife for having the talk with him. It re-affirmed my long-standing belief that Mick truly is one of the good guys in the business, not looking to take advantage of Mark Money. He cares about his fans, kids, Christmas (yesterday was Day #304 of the Foley Is Santa shirt tour), and is a great spirit. His comedy was excellent too, albeit in a wrestling niche (most of his jokes went over my wife’s head unfortunately).
He made a new fan last night. And he re-affirmed my fandom forever.
But enough about that. You’re here for the CYBORG FACTORY. Full edition tonight as the baseball season is just about over (fkn Yankees). DUSTY RHODES and TONY SCHIAVONE hype Halloween Havoc which is just a week away, and they’re worried about WCW because now Savage is an emotional wreck. Will he make it to the big show?
EDDIE GUERRERO has a message for DDP. When he won the Lord of the Ring, it was a big accomplishment (eep, set the bar a little higher, Barbarian nearly won the dang thing). But now he’s hurt his family, and he’s mad. Spitting mad!
Holy crap, Scotty Riggs still lives! I thought we’d lost him when Bagwell started to succumb to Jim Powers’ charm last month, but they’re back! Riggs sings his own theme music because he isn’t embarrassing enough already. NICK PATRICK is your referee, but DDP’s involved so that really should have gone without saying. Riggs gets a hiptoss, and he’s mighty proud of himself. Page elbows him in the face, and hits a swinging neckbreaker that’s got him all fired up. A pancake gets 2. Riggs manages to fight out of a headlock, and dropkicks Page to the floor. He’s right behind with a plancha, and a world of personal excitement! Back in, Riggs nails a double axehandle off the top, and a follow up super sunset flip gets 2! Tony: “Nick Patrick is still favoring his neck!” Dusty: “What neck?” Tony: “…the one on his head?” Before we can explore Dusty’s newfound interest in anatomy, a Diamond Cutter gets the pin at 3:14 despite the fact Riggs’ foot was under the rope. Page is so nWo at this point I’m surprised he isn’t painting himself black and white like Roddy Piper did that one unfortunate time. *
TONY SCHIAVONE stops Page in the back. Page brags about taking advantage of Riggs’ mistake, something that “seniorita” Eddie Guerrero knows all too well. If he was any kind of man, he’d have left the Clash of Champions with the ring months ago. He promises to play La Bamba with burrito boy’s head on the turnbuckles. Don’t be offended, this is nothing in 1996 pro-wrestling. Over on RAW they were openly encouraging the fans to chant a 6-letter f-word at Goldust that I can’t even type without getting uncomfortable.
DEAN MALENKO (with Rey Mysterio Jr’s mask) vs. ALEX WRIGHT
This is a return from the upset on Nitro a couple of weeks ago, which Tony declares “very important!” Wright hits a spinning heel kick, and works a hammerlock. Malenko comes back with a grapevine of the leg, and starts working over the knee. He crushes the bones into a fine powder, with a series of kneedrops and holds. They battle to the apron, and in the melee Wright gets a German suplex with a bridge for 2! A series of European uppercuts sets up a wobbly dropkick for 2. They start trading pin styles, before Malenko dropkicks Wright’s dropkick (yes!), and a double underhook pin gets the victory at 4:20. *1/2
TONY SCHIAVONE feels Deano’s on a roll going into Havoc. Malenko promises lightning won’t strike twice from Rey, and he just proved it by avenging previous losses this week, with Brad Armstrong and now Alex Wright.
Tradition and heritage – mark off your Jeff Jarrett buzzword Bingo cards! A hiptoss is enough to get Jarrett to start his Fargo strut. A drop toe hold sets Jarrett to dance on Armstrong’s back, but he struts one time too many and gets his ass kicked. Jarrett comes back with a sitdown powerbomb, and follows with a slingshot suplex – which is because he’s so SMART (which you can see when he POINTS TO HIS HEAD!). Armstrong sneaks in a backslide for 2, and he follows with a clothesline to hold the momentum. A powerslam and quick splash gets 2. Jarrett stops the comeback with a single leg atomic drop, and slaps on the Figure Four for the win at 3:33. Which dum-dum decided he’d be best served as a frickin’ BABYFACE? *
TONY SCHIAVONE cuts Jarrett off on his way to the Pay Windah. Jeff says he’s made an impact since he’s been here (no he hasn’t), and now he’s going to make the biggest impact of them all when he slaps a Figure Four on the Giant at Halloween Havoc. He vows to make the nWo respect him. He can’t wait to show the No Wrestling Organization what happens when you step in the ring with a real traditionalist. Shoot me.
MIKE ENOS and BUNKHOUSE BUCK (with Colonel Robert Parker) vs. THE FACES OF FEAR (with Jimmy Hart)
Dusty wonders why the heck Enos isn’t tagging with Dirty Dick, because they’ve become a “really great team” these last few months. Have they ever won a match? Enos has probably had enough of the losing and is looking to shake things up a little. Of course, trying this against the Faces of Fear who have LEGIT become a really great team these past few months is not a good place to start, unless of course you have already filled out a legal will (which is not hard to do in 1996 WCW, as every break features people so eager to prepare your will, that they appear to have rabies). There’s an interesting dynamic here with Parker, because Buck couldn’t be happier to see him, but Enos is so offended by his presence that Parker is chased to the back, defending himself with the cane. Meng starts beating down Buck. Buck tries to fight off Meng, but he gets powerslammed. NICK PATRICK is your referee, and despite his neck brace, will probably be in better shape than the impending losers when this is over. Everyone trades off, and Enos tries to suplex Barbarian. That goes nowhere, and he eats a bunch of elbows. A crossbody is stupidly attempted, and Enos winds up in Barbarian’s awaiting arms. Enos slips off and throws fists, that Barbarian doesn’t even react to. Enos takes a nasty looking powerbomb, and both members of Fear hit leaping headbutts simultaneous. Enos is saved at the last second by Buck. Barbarian gives Enos some chops that echo through the rafters, but misses a falling headbutt allowing Enos to tag out. Buck comes in with the clubberin’, and successfully gets a sunset flip for 1. Parker re-emerges with SISTA SHERRI in tow now. Meanwhile, everything breaks down, with Meng single handedly beating down everyone. Enos winds up on the floor, where Parker stomps the shit out of him. Back in the ring, a Kick of Fear finishes Buck at 4:28. ** I haven’t got the foggiest idea why Mike Enos thought this match was a good idea.
Starr isn’t wearing his construction dregs; Man Off Work? Is Kanyon picking up his slack? How does Mike Winner feel about this? Starr misses a blind charge and winds up getting schoolboyed for 2. A backslide gets 2. Starr winds up throwing Luger between the ropes to the floor, and when he tries to re-enter quickly, Starr kicks him on the apron. Starr slams him into the buckle, but that just seems to get him fired up, because he’s ROARING! Lex, you stud! A powerslam sets up the Rack, and a winner is Lex at 3:19. Not a good weekend for Starr, a big loss, and likely discipline from his superior for not finishing that tough measuring job. 1/2*
Backstage, TONY SCHIAVONE presumably wants to talk to Mark Starr about his current construction project. Unfortunately, he gets Luger instead. Luger says his back is feeling better than ever, and Arn Arnderson should ask Mark Starr about it. Is Mark Starr studying chiropractic work on the side? This is a fascinating man! Luger promises to Rack Anderson, AND hurt him.
Ron Studd gets interview time! This is the best Saturday night ever! He says Jeff Jarrett doesn’t know if he’s a country singer or a wrestler, but he knows what he is, and that’s a wrecking machine. “This Monday on Nitro, you’ll be SINGING THE BLUES!” I think I need to hear a lot more from Ron Studd. Specifically, why he’s no longer a Super Giant Ninja, and why he has clearly murdered Fit Finlay and stolen his music. We’ve got a clear mismatch here, but Benoit’s knocked off Studd a bunch of times, so Chavo has no excuses. Studd drops down to his knees to bring himself to Chavo’s level (he’s still taller), so Chavo leapfrogs him and dropkicks him in the back. Off the top, a crossbody gets a 2. Then it’s STUDD TIME – as he gives backbreakers galore, and pounds himself in the head! A standing vertical suplex gets the win at 2:02. Studd’s on a winning streak! If I were Jarrett, I’d think seriously about quitting WCW immediately. In fact, I encourage this. DUD
Meanwhile, over in nWo world, we’re now hosting an nWo Cruiserweight title tournament …
We have stats on Accabella! He’s 6’2”, 195 lbs, with a 33” reach. His left fist is 13 1/3”, while the right extends to 14 1/4″. From his hometown of “The Dark Side”, his pro record is an excellent 34-5. Other credentials include being the Dr. Donut Dozen Eating Champ (1987-1990), as well as the Winner of the “Mr. Shape” Contest in 1991 – Boise, Idaho. He threatens with his finisher, the Screaming Sleeper. Your ring announcers are THE OUTSIDERS, and the MASKED REFEREE is once again present, who is obviously NOT Nick Patrick. Syxx trades Wolfpac kisses with the Outsiders, before they take over commentary. Apparently the referee’s name is Dr. X. Accabella hits a “deep armdrag!” Nash encourages Syxx to use his girth advantage, but he’s busy being slammed into the turnbuckles. Syxx finally gives off a “belly to back soufflé”, before giving him the “car wreck” on the outside. He starts chopping Accabella, “simply tearing the skin away, like peeling an onion”. A quick legdrop sets up a “vertical soufflé”, and Hall starts asking Syxx to whip out a spin kick. Instead, he hits a dropkick in the corner that Hall calls the “buzzkiller”. Then he gives the spinning heel kick, and scores the pin at 4:06. This is shameless masturbatory stuff, but it cracks me up and is harmless in contrast to taking over the shows.
Oh hell, not this pairing again! They don’t mesh, stop it WCW! NICK PATRICK is assigned to this match. Pittman takes Benoit down, and howls to the stars. An overhead belly to belly launches Chris hard, and he falls to the floor. Back in, Pittman headbutts Benoit, and gives him the battering ram spear. Benoit tosses him to the floor, and attacks. Long wanders over, but one look from Benoit stops THAT plan. Some fan starts a USA chant, because Benoit is not yet hailing from Atlanta, Georgia. Pittman throws a few more battering ram spears, and both guys start trading chops. Pittman no sells because he’s a useless creep. Benoit whips Pittman to the buckle, and finishes with the swandive at 5:23. Nope, they’re still awkward ring-mates. *
TONY SCHIAVONE is with WOMAN and ARN ANDERSON. For the millionth week in a row, they confirm that Liz is no longer with them. Woman promises she can always be counted on. Over to Luger, Arn says he let everyone down, WCW, Sting, the Horsemen, everyone. At Havoc, he’s going to find out what makes the Horsemen so great.
Tony hypes Jericho’s match with Syxx at Halloween Havoc by talking incessantly about Miss Elizabeth. The guys trade hiptosses, and go for simultaneous dropkicks that miss, and Jericho gives them both a big ovation. Such a wiener. Bagwell issues a hiptoss, and puts on a hammerlock. Jericho comes back with a Lionsault onto a standing Bagwell, and gets 2. Up top, a missile dropkick is right on the money, but Bagwell kicks out at 2. Bagwell fires back with a dropkick to the “solar system” (thanks Dusty!), and a gutbuster has Bagwell clapping. Jericho comes back with a crossbody and gets the 3 at 3:33. Riggs applauds for both of them, which upsets Bagwell. It’s okay Marcus, you still have the Clap. *1/2
In the back, TONY SCHIAVONE stops Jericho. Chris reminds us that the nWo have never lost a match, but he promises to deliver the first chink in their invincible armour, and screams “COME ON BAYBEE!” I hate this version of Jericho with every fibre of my being; and the only chicken soup for the soul I can get out of this is the knowledge that Jericho himself does too.
Yessssss, the legendary Road Block!
Now this is a man! Savage has no hope in hell. In fact, RANDY ANDERSON hits the ring and informs the referee and Road Block that Savage is gone. Road Block: “What do you mean he left?!? I’ve been waiting my WHOLE CAREER for this! I WANT SOMEONE OUT HERE NOW!” When WCW fails to deliver, Road Block tears off into the back, and grabs the first person he sees.
He gives Wolfe a big powerslam, and orders him to stand up. Wolfe is dead, so he doesn’t. That just drives Road Block to do it two more times, and score the easy win at 0:37. Road Block demands Lex Luger now, and vows to show up at Nitro to fight everyone! *****

We end with Liz’s stupid video, and slow shots of Randy Savage crying. Can Halloween Havoc hurry up and be over so we can stop with this Liz crap? Thankfully Worldwide is up next and I’m pretty sure Liz isn’t contractually obligated to be there.