Obvious smark observation

Am I the only who notices that when Cena isn't on Raw, Raw is better, more fun with longer matches and more coherent stories.  Conversely, doesn't the new stip for the Cena/Authority make it obvious that  Cena is winning to "keep him strong for Brock"?  So basically Orton gets to come in as saving face, and Cena will conquer the authority and no one but Cena and Orton will get "over".  Yay product!

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Geez, where did this sudden anti-Cena backlash come from?  If they're not careful, people are gonna start booing the guy.  Maybe they should turn him heel?  

Wacky yet obvious theory!

Popular opinion has Daniel Bryan wrestling HHH to earn his way into the title match at Wrestlemania. I'm starting to think the real scenario will be close but reversed and oh so obvious,  Daniel Bryan will join the title match to make it a triple threat, but this will take place early in the card.  After he wins the title, he'll wrestle again in the MAIN MAIN event against HHH, where the King Of Kings wins the undisputed championship from the B+ player.  This works because the fans get what they want with him in the title match, and Daniel Bryan gets the rub of working with Helmsley to close the show.  Because HHH.

I will say that in all seriousness, WWE really dropped the ball by not acknowledging the subtext in the Authority angle and putting the belt on HHH.  Clearly the unspoken truth is that HHH (the character…?) feels that he is the only person qualified to carry that title, and without that payoff around, say, TLC or Rumble, the whole thing is lacking the proper gravitas.  The story as they were doing it should have been Orton can't beat Bryan and stay champion without HHH's help, HHH finally gets disgusted and rigs the game so that he ends up with the belt himself to show him what a real A+ player does, and then Daniel Bryan beats HHH to win the belt and get his ultimate revenge on everyone.  The sexual tension in the room between HHH and that belt is like David and Maddie on Moonlighting — you know they want each other but it's going to ruin everything if they do.  

Summerslam too obvious?

So the ending for the Bryan/Cena match at Summerslam seems to be set in stone. Bryan wins with the Small Package, then Orton comes out at Vince's command, RKO, 1 2 3, new champion Randy Orton. It would tell a good story, and the blowoff between Orton and Bryan would (hopefully) send Bryan to the Main Event for good this time.

Now the one thing with this is that it seems too obvious. And sometimes when match results get too obvious, Vince changes them. I.e Jeff Hardy's attacker, Chris Jericho winning the 2012 Royal Rumble, and I'm sure there's others that I'm forgetting at this point.

Any chance that Vince goes full retard and changes the finish on us?

Although Jericho would have made sense winning the '12 Rumble, it was planned to be Sheamus all along.  So that one doesn't really support your argument.  
Anyway, they have been plowing forward full steam ahead with the ABC booking as of late, and there's really no reason to change it up.  Especially if they can clean up on bookmakers dumb enough to take bets on it.  The reason it's obvious is because it makes SENSE.  They've even been doing foreshadowing with Vince's desire to screw both Cena & Bryan out of the title and his desire to find a champion like HHH but younger.  So no, I don't think they're messing with this one.  

The obvious scenario we are all overlooking

Everyone is talking about Orton cashing in at Summerslam against Bryan like it's a forgone conclusion…but I feel like we're missing the most obvious scenario of them all.  

Cena beats Bryan in a war, and Orton cashes on Cena…doesn't that really seem the most plausible of all of the scenarios?  It keeps Bryan hot, gives him a built in feud, and keeps Orton in the grey area of heel/face.  


No, because I honestly think they're pulling the trigger and making Bryan a member of the Tippy Top Guy Club out of necessity.  They NEED a new top guy and they've invested this much in him already, so they're gonna keep pushing until people see him at the CM Punk level for good.  And that means he beats John Cena to win the WWE title.  And then if Orton screws him out of the belt immediately afterwards, all the better.