NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #7

July 31, 2002
Your hosts are Mike Tenay, Don West, and Ed Ferrara
NWA-TNA X Division Championship Match
AJ Styles (Champion) w/Jerry Lynn vs. “Prime Time” Elix Skipper

Lynn is on commentary. Skipper jumps AJ from behind. AJ fights back then sends Skipper down with a spinning heel kick. He gets a spinning neckbreaker and a clothesline. The two switch go-behinds and that ends with AJ chopping Skipper in the corner. Monnsault kick by AJ and he clotheslines Skipper down and gets two. Dropkick by AJ  and the two reverse some more go behinds until Skipper gets a German Suplex. He beats on AJ and gets a mule kick. He charges but AJ gets a superkick. AJ kicks him down but gets caught with a back suplex. Lynn is putting me to sleep on commentary as Skipper is beating on AJ. Gutwrench gets two. AJ fights back but Skipper catches his foot and shoves him down. Skipper gets a few elbow drops and gets two. Skipper drapes AJ over the apron and beats on his neck. AJ falls on the floor but reverses an Irish whip, sending Skipper into the apron. Back in, Skipper beats on AJ and gets a double underhook suplex and rolls through with a dragon sleeper. AJ goes for a hurricarana but Skipper counters that into a powerbomb, getting two. Cradle gets two and Skipper continues to work on the neck. AJ manages to block a Northern Lights Suplex and locks on a front facelock. Not the smoothest sequence. They get back up and struggle with AJ hitting an inverted DDT. AJ tries a senton and misses but takes Skipper and himself over the ropes with a body scissors. Skipper ducks an Asai Moonsault and then a few clothesline before kicknig AJ. He goes in the ring and then hits a slingshot corkscrew plancha and the crowd wakes up. Back inside, AJ blocks the Play of the Day and turns it into a Styles Clash but Skipper counters that with a rollup. Skipper goes for a double springboard but gets dropkicked off by AJ. That wasn’t even close to connecting but Skipper had to sell. AJ goes up top and gets the Spiral Tap for the win (12:37) **1/4.
Thoughts: Disappointing match. On commentary, Lynn kept putting over the fast-paced style of the X-Division and the match was not like that at all. The two, especially AJ, were having an off night. Skipper working on the neck to set up his finisher made sense but AJ wasn’t selling it very well.
Announcers plug Ricky Steamboat returning and state how he has called Malice and Shamrock, along with others last wee. States that Shamrock now has the belt that Malice stole last week. Ferrara says that Jarrett has guts for not conforming to Steamboat. Tenay says that Steamboat has lifted Jarrett’s 60 day suspension at the request of Scott Hall.
Monty Brown’s music hits and comes out as Skipper is walking up the aisle. He beats the crap out of him as revenge for Skipper setting up Brown to get attacked by The Truth last week.
Jeff Jarrett comes to the ring with a burlap sack, with what appears to be a person inside. He cuts the promo with Skipper still on the ground withering in pain. He mentions how he did not show up to the meeting but says he will now abide to what Behrens said about starting at bottom and working way to the top. He unties the sack, revealing midget wrestler Todd Stone tied up and gagged. Jarrett says he will cripple a midget on PPV. He hits a piledriver and a “mini-stroke.”  He asks for old women in the back to fight but Puppet the Psycho Dwarf comes out upset and Jarrett says that tonight, he is the “Dwarf Destroyer.” Puppet responds by calling him “slapnuts” and then pulls out a gun. Yes, a midget waving a gun live on PPV. Security comes in the ring and that allows Jarrett to hit him from behind with a chair several times. Steamboat comes out, flanked by Don Harris and Bob Armstrong, and says that he will not be like Jim Miller or Bill Behrens. Jarrett offers a deal in which he will fight Steamboat and if he loses, he will be suspended but if he wins, he will get a title shot. Steamboat goes in the ring but Scott Hall sneaks in from behind and beats Jarrett. Security runs out to restrain Jarrett as Hall pulls out a stretcher that looks like it was used as a prop on the set of “MASH” and says that tonight, Jarrett will go out on a stretcher. Words cant describe how bad this entire segment played out.    
Goldylocks is with Sonny Siaki. Siaki refers to himself in the third person. He tells Goldylocks not to check out his ass without his permission, which causes Goldylocks to crack up a bit. She is just awful in her role. He then says he gave Estrada and Yang the night off because everyone wants to see him. The gimmick is fine but Siaki just doesn’t have good promo skills. He has a good look and isn’t a bad worker but he really can’t deliver on the mic.
Slash w/James Mitchell vs. Sonny Siaki
Siaki ducks a clothesline and poses but then gets backed into the corner and stomped repeatedly. Mitchell joins the announcer’s table and places down a box, which he states is the “Blood of the Audad.” Siaki gets two off of a flipping legdrop. Slash tries a sunsetflip powerbomb to the floor but Siaki counters that with a hurricarana. He whips Slash into the guardrail and then backdrops him onto the floor. He rolls him back in and gets a tope con hilo for two. Slash ducks a clothesline and gets the Eye of the Hurricane for two. He beats on Siaki and then gauges his eyes. Helicopter slam by Slash gets two as Mitchell says that the New Church will be making an example out of Siaki tonight. Mitchell leaves the booth and Slash locks Siaki in the Cobra Clutch. Slash breaks that with a legsweep for two. Siaki charges at Slash but gets booted. Both men then climb to the top but end up getting crotched. Slash misses a swanton and both men are down. Siaki sends him down with a discus punch. Pumphandle suplex gets two for Siaki. Snap suplex by Siaki and he heads up top but misses the senton. Mitchell distracts the ref and Slash puts a hood over Siaki’s head and hits a neckbreaker for the pin (7:37)*1/2. After the match, Mitchell brings the Blood of the Audad andsays it can be used to anoint or desecrate.  He then dabs it on his finger and paints it on Siaki’s face. Don Harris comes in and powerbombs Slash. Malice runs out and the two have words.
Thoughts: Another attempt at trying to get over the New Church as a major heel stable. Match was fine and it was the first time that a member of the New Church has won a match. I have no idea what happened to Tempest as he was nowhere to be seen.
Goldylocks with Steamboat. She is wearing a new shirt, which is an anti-Dupp shirt. She asks him about the chaos in TNA. Steamboat says that he will serve the NWA law written by the forefathers. He calls out Malice and Jarrett and says he will serve the law. Steamboat gets annoyed that Goldylocks compared him to Bill Behrens and walked away, with Bruce of the Rainbow Express chasing after him.
The Truth comes out. He sees the TNA dancer, who is black, in the cage. Mind you this girl has not been shown at all in TNA before tonight. Truth tells her that “they” have her dancing like an animal and that she is being exposed for money. He mocks her and says that she is nothing more than a “two dollar ho.” Truth gets slapped and tries to go into the cage with her but Monty Brown comes out and beats him up all over the crowd. Truth eventually gets the upper hand and beats Brown with a 2×4. Security checks on Brown as there is a loud “TNA” chant. Decent segment. It got over Killings as a heel and furthered the feud with Brown.
Steamboat is now in the ring. He calls out the Truth and says that he has his attention. He asks Truth to come out and ask about “them.” Steamboat asks if “them” is about skin color or authority. Truth says that Steamboat is not part of “them.” He gives proof of that by stating how Steamboat was treated as a second class citizen in the WWF because he only got the Intercontinental Belt and was not given a shot at the World title. Truth says Steamboat can change all of this injustice by giving him a title shot. Steamobat then agrees and Truth is ecstatic and starts to rap one of his songs. It was kinda strange that Steamboat just called out the Truth after he was in the previous segment. Also, having Steamboat, who was supposed to bring authority to TNA, caved into a heel’s demand quite easily.
Malice w/James Mitchell vs. Apolo
They take turns beating on each other for a bit. Apolo then fucks up a top rope hurricarana big time. He clotheslines Malice ot the outside and follows out with a suicide dive. Apolo is then backdropped outside but lands on his feet. He drags Malice out and chops him a few times. Malice reverses an Irish whip and sends Apolo into the post. He rams him into the post again. He beats on Malice some more outside of the ring. Apolo then sends Malice into the guardrail and does it again. More chops by Malice. Apolo tries a rana but Malice counters into a powerbomb, getting two. Apolo is bleeding from his forehead and Malice tries to open the cut. He places Apolo up top and gets a superplex for two. A Slam followed by a middle rope legdrop gets two. Malice catches Apolo’s foot but Apolo manages a rollup for two. Malice catches Apolo but gets caught with a DDT. Apolo then gets a superkick for the win (6:31)  ¾*. After the match, Malice chokeslams the ref. He then attempts to chokeslam Apolo but Don Harris runs in for the save. Slash comes in and puts the hood on Harris before getting the neckbreaker. Mitchell in with the Blood of the Audad and smears it on Harris’s face.
Thoughts: They spend all of this time trying to make Malice seem like a big monster yet he hasn’t won a single match yet. He is 0-4 in TNA so far at this point. The match wasn’t that good. Apolo tried to wrestle an X-Division style match and did not do a good job at all with those types of moves. Plus, Malice isn’t a good worker to begin with. This Blood of the Audad stuff is corny though, especially from a stable that never seems to be able to win anything.
Don West brings out Miss TNA, Taylor Vaughn. Bruce comes out and says he was inspired by the Truth and is sick of being treated like a second class citizen. He challenges Taylor for the Miss TNA title. She accepts by hitting Bruce with a low blow.
Miss TNA Crown
Taylor Vaughn (Champion) vs. Bruce
Vaughn takes off her shoes and throwsthem at Bruce. Suplex by Vaughn gets two. Slam gets two. She charges at Bruce and they roll around on the mat for a bit. Bruce slams her down then pulls her up by the hair. He puts her in an abdominal stretch then hits a slam. Vaughn rolls out of the way from a top rope legdrop. Bruce then catches her in a tilt-a-whirl facebuster for the win (2:07) ¼*. The ref places the tiara and sash on Bruce as he is emotional. Tenay wonders if Lenny is proud or jealous.
Thoughts: This was a waste. No one cared about the Miss TNA Title to begin with and adding Bruce to the mix just makes everyone else wish that it was kept away.
Goldy with Low Ki, who is doing pull-ups. He reiterates to her that he does his talking in the ring and heasds to the ring for his match.
Low Ki vs. Jerry Lynn w/AJ Styles
AJ joins the booth. They lock up a few times then do some matwork, which featured a lot of over-choreographed rehearsals. Both men struggle to get an advantage as they do some more counters. They both work the arm until Lynn gets an enziguiri. He rams Ki in the corner but gets elbowed off of a charge. Ki botches a rana then gets caught in an over-exaggerated tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Lynn, which gets two. AJ is putting me to sleep on the mic at this point, talking about how he is learning from Lynn. Ki kicks down Lynn and the crowd chants his name. Ki works the neck then slugs away on Lynn. Slam by Ki is followed by an elbow drop, which gets two. Ki gets a figure-four headlock as AJ talks some more. Lynn manages a small package for two but Ki goes back on offense. Ki locks on the Bite of the dragon and Lynn is down. The crowd just loves Low Ki. Lynn manages a legdrop after dodging a shoulderblock. Spinning Gory Bomb gets two. Lynn tries the cradle piledriver but Ki turns it into an armbreaker mid move. Lynn escapes and hits a gordbuster for two. Ki bounces off the ropes and comes back with an elbow. Dropkick by Ki. The two trade shots until Low Ki kills him with a springboard kick. Spilt screen shows Styles on commentary as Lynn is getting kicked to death. West says he can feel the kicks from where he is sitting. Ki tries a Tidal Crush but gets caught with a powerbomb. Ki gets a small package for two then applies the Dragon Clutch. Lynn reverses and gets a tornado DDT for two. West is selling this show like it’s a Mickey Mantle gem-mint 10 rookie card. Ki with a Koppu Kick an signals for the Ki Crusher 99. AJ  is on the apron and hits Lynn with an enziguiri. Ki with the Ki Crusher but refs calls for the DQ (14:10) **3/4. AJ gets in Lynn’s face but Ki interferes and kicks AJ and knocks him out of the ring.  Tenay says that Ki is angry because AJ cost him a chance to move up in the X-Division rankings.
Thoughts: Match started to get good near the end. The beginning was boring and just felt rehearsed. The DQ ending was lame as the Tag Champs are back fighting with each other. Still, it was easily the best match on the show.
Goldylocks approaches Don Harris, who is wiping the blood off of his face. He wants to know what she’s expecting, a “wrasslin’ promo.” He says he will go to Steamboat and ask for a First Blood match against Malice next week. West nearly shits his pants with excitement then struggles to explain the rules of the match.
Disco Inferno comes out to his set for the debut of “Jive Talking.” He hints that he might be taking over for Oprah. Disco says that he will find a dumb whore to become the first Miss Jive Talking He brings out Goldylocks as his guest, who he calls a “hot sexy dumb bitch.” Goldy grabs the mic and his angry at being insulted. She wants to talk about her music career. She compares herself to a female Kid Rock. She names her songs, including “Bitch Don’t cry,” which Disco jokes that it sounds like her autobiography. I’ll admit that got a brief chuckle out of me as Disco’s delivery made it funny. Disco wants her to show her breasts to the world because that is all she is good for. Goldy wants him to show his “hairy-ass balls.” Goldy walks away but Disco says she has no talent and couldn’t show off her skills because she didn’t bring her knee pads. Goldy hits Disco From behind but Paulina from Tough Enough Season One (That is how she was identified by Tenay) chokes her out from behind then helps up Disco. What an awful segment and a sad attempt at edgy humor.
West says it will be the best show ever next week. West is in full-out Shop At Home Network mode here and he is in all his glory. He mentions the matches: Low Ki vs. Jerry Lynn vs. AJ Styles for the X Division Title. Don Haris vs. Malice in a First Blood match. Ron “The Truth” Killings vs. Ken Shamrock for the NWA-TNA Heavyweight Championship. He finishes by plugging the merchandise.
Scott Hall vs. Jeff Jarrett
Hall meets Jarrett in the aisle and attacks him. Hall drags him around the ring and throws him on the announcers table, eventually slamming his head. Lots of punching by Hall. In the ring, Jarrett slugs away but gets dropped. Hall catches Jarrett and hits a fallaway slam and Jarrett rolls to the floor. He heads up the ramp but Hall chases after him. Backstage, Hall punches him around and rams him into the door. Jarrett breaks a table over his back but Hall continues to beat him. Hall is completely blown up at this point. They head into the crowd as Jarrett takes the advantage. Hall then gets in some chairshots. They make there way back to the ring and Hall gets his stretcher. Baseball slide by Jarrett and he hits him with the strectcher. Hall can’t even sell properly at this point. Back in the ring, Jarrett sends Hall into the stretcher that is wedged between the turnbuckles. He does it a few more times. Jarrett opens the stretcher and places it in the corner as a mild “Go Scott Hall” chant beaks out. Hall reverses a whip and sends Jarrett into he stretcher and does it again. He drops Jarrett with a discus punch that showed a lot of light. Hall with some stretcher shots and wedges the stretcher in the corner and drops Jarrett throat first. Hall gets the Razor’s Edge but The Truth drags the ref out of the ring before the three count. Axe kick to Hall and he places Jarrett on top, but it gets two. Monty Brown runs out and takes out Truth. Jerry Lynn runs in and hits a splash on Jarrett and places Hall on top but that only gets two. AJ runs out and takes out Lynn. He goes up top but Don Harris comes in and takes him out. The New Church then jumps Harris. Back in the ring, the two collide and both men are down again. Both men just beat the ten count and Hall fires away. Discus punch by Hall and he grabs the stretcher but Jarrett ducks and the refs gets taken out. Jarrett hits Hall and grabs a chair. Steamboat runs out and tends to the ref. Hall grabs the chair but Steamboat stops him. Jarrett then takes it and hits Hall and the ref wakes up and Jarrett gets the pin as Steamboat is shocked (12:04) -*. Jarrett puts Hall on the stretcher as the show goes off air.  
Thoughts: What a terrible main event. First, Hall was in no condition to perform out there. All of the run-ins and brawling could not mask that. Second, the run-ins were tiresome and the ending with Steamboat was lame. The guy talks about restoring order and lets Jarrett win the match in that fashion while standing around like a dope.
Final Thoughts: Another terrible show. Bad wrestling with and awful segments and equally bad angles. Watching this makes it embarrassing to be a wrestling fan. There were far too many non-wrestling segments crammed into this show. They spend time building up a stable that does nothing but lose matches and Steamboat, the face who is supposed to bring honor and tradition as well as stabilize the insanity, favors the heels and looks like a chump. The World Title is useless as Shamrock once again is not on the show.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #6

July 24, 2002
Live from the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville, TN
Your announcers are Mike Tenay, Don West, and Ed Ferrara.

The show opens up with Jarrett standing in the ring with a chair. Two security guards come in and get destroyed. Jarrett gets on the mic and promises that the next two hours are going to be “raw violence.” He promises that “Bodies will be lying everywhere unless Shamrock comes out and hands him the title, which he states is rightfully his. Jarrett re-iterates that Shamrock needs to give him his title. Camera shows Shamrock tossing around security in the back. Bob Armstrong and Don Harris then step aside and let Shamrock go to the ring. He runs into a guy who is absolutely jacked (Tenay tells us that he is named Ian Harrison) and tells him to guard the door, telling him that no gets in and no one gets out. Shamrock then shoves a piece of wood between the handles and storms off. Back in the ring, Behrens tells Jarrett to shut-up and that he is suspended for 60 days. He gives Jarrett an ultimatum but Jarrett responds by hitting him with the chair. I support that decision. Shamrock runs out and takes out Jarrett. Apolo and Monty Brown run out to break up the melee. They hold Shamrock back but Jarrett hits him with a chair. Now Brian Lawler and K-Krush run out to protect Jarrett as Ferrara declares the security-less TNA the “Wild West.” Tenay questions whether or not Shamrock has a concussion. Probably the best main-event segment done by TNA at this point, which isn’t saying much. The intrigue as to what will happen without security present was a decent idea. The only real negative about the segment was how poor the production values were and how small the arena looked. The lighting was terrible and they had some audio problems at the beginning too.
The announcers run down the card. Matches include Sabu vs. Shamrock for the title in a ladders or submission match and AJ Styles & Jerry Lynn vs. The Flying Elvises for the tag-titles.
Amazing Red vs. Low Ki
This is the TNA debut for Red, who is just 20 years old at this point. Funny how there was no mention about both men being billed from Brooklyn. Ki starts off with a kick. Red gets an armdrag and sends Ki outside with a dropkick. Red puts on the brakes then gets a rana off of the apron. Loud TNA chant by the crowd. Back in the ring, Ki misses a charge and Red dropkicks him into the corner, getting two. Ki eats boot off of a charge and Red jumps off the top rope getting a neckbreaker for two. Ki blocks a rana and kills Red with a Koppu kick, sending him to the floor. Ki with a slam and elbow drop, for two as Tenay mentions that Ki chose his name from the Blackstreet song “No Diggity.” Never would have guessed that. Springboard kick gets two. Ki rolls through a double underhook suplex and locks in the Dragon Wing. Red gets chopped in the corner but gets out. He climbs up top but is knocked down and Ki gets a hanging dragon sleeper as the crowd is chanting his name loudly. Ki beats the crap out of Red and backs him into the corner. Red pushes off the ropes and kicks Ki in the head. Ki shoves Red back into the corner and then blocks his kicks in rapid succession and caps off this great sequence with a kick that sends Red’s bandana flying off. Ki goes for a kick but Red with the sweep and the standing shooting star press for two. Code Red (sunsetflip bomb) gets two. Ki catches Red in a tilt-a-whirl but Red manages to turn that into a tornado DDT. Ki blocks a second DDT attempt and charges at Red with Palm thrusts. He charges at Red, who rolls away and then lands a beautiful spin kick, which gets two. Another fantastic sequence and these guys have tremendous chemistry. Red tries the Infra-Red (Corkscrew moonsault) but Ki moves out of the way. Ki with the Tidal Crush and then the Ki Crusher for the win (7:27) ***1/4. Ferrara gives Red “mad props” as the fans are on their feet.
Thoughts: Excellent debut for Red. He looked great and the fans reacted positively towards him. Looks like TNA found a keeper. Ki is very much over with the TNA crowd, actually he might be the most over worker that they have, and the whole match was a pleasure to watch. The X Division is clearly the best thing that TNA had going at this point.   
Jeff Jarrett attempts to get past Harrison as he wants to find Shamrock. He won’t budge and Jarrett refers to him as “Joe Steroids” a few times and walks away. Not much of a segment
The Hotshots are in the ring as Cassidy O’Reilly takes the mic to state “we are pricks, we are proud, we are protruding” before grabbing their crotches. That was pathetic. Chris Harris and James Storm head out and we are shown a pre-recorded interview between the two conducted by Goldylocks. It is revealed that the Hotshots were the ones who attacked the two during the Tag-Team Tournament a few weeks ago. Storm does a stereotypical goofy, smiling cowboy routine until he is cut off by Harris who tells him to cut out the “buckaroo bullshit.” He tells Storm that his gimmick sucks and to get rid of the cap guns and says no one cares about “this Stan Hansen crap.” In this segment, Harris was the one who can off looking like a star and watching this live, I would probably have not believed that Storm would be where he is today and that Harris would have turned into a fat whale that is basically out of wrestling.
The Hotshots vs. Chris Harris & James Storm
This match starts with all four men brawling on the ramp. Back in the ring, Storm takes down O’Reilly with a shoulderblock then catches him with a spinebuster after a reversal sequence. Harris tags in, unbeknownst to O’Reilly, and is taken down with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Harris then spears Stevens. O’Reilly rakes the eyes and tags Stevens. Harris quickly beats him up and gets a delayed vertical suplex for two. Overhead belly-to-belly and tag to Storm. O’Reilly runs into the ring and immediately knocks him off the apron. He goes outside and slams him onto the guardrail before rolling him back inside as Stevens gets two. Dropkick gets two. They get some double team moves, including the Sureshot (double basement dropkick) that gets two. Storm fights back but gets hit with a jumping back elbow. Split-legged moonsault get two. Tag to Stevens and they get the Hotshot Drop. Stevens heads up top and misses a moonsault but the spot is fucked up as Storm was supposed to roll out of the way and he ends up clearly getting hit with and both men are down. Storm eventually tags and beats the piss out Stevens. Thesz press to O’Reilly. Hotshots get the advantage but Harris takes them down with a double clothesline. Storm with a reverse tornado DDT to O’Reilly and Harris gets a Northern lights suplex to Stevens to the win ( 5:17) *1/2. After the match, the Hotshots attack Storm and Harris. They use a superkick/German suplex combo and Stevens completely whiffs on the first attempt but its sold anyway. They take the cap guns that belonged to Storm and whip them.
Thoughts: The match fell apart at the end. Before that, it was a basic tag match. The Hotshots, particulary Chase Stevens, did not look very good at all. These two had little chemistry out there. The announcers spent a lot of time on commentary referring to Storm & Harris as TNA’s “odd couple” and bringing up their bad luck so far in the promotion. The one positive about this was that TNA was actually trying to establish the tag-division, instead of throwing a bunch of random guys thrown together.    
Camera cuts to Goldylocks who is backstage with Ken Shamrock and a trainer. Shamrock is getting examined and then comes out of his daze and pins the trainer against the wall demanding Jarrett. Bad acting by Shamrock and a corny segment overall.
Apolo vs. Brian Lawler
Tenay plugs Apolo as a six-time IWA champion and how he is unbeaten in TNA singles competition. Yeah, he is 1-0. Crowd with a “Jerry’s Kid” chant directed at Lawler. Apolo works the arm but Lawler gets a slam. Apolo with a shoulderblock then a double underhook suplex. Lawler snaps his chain and slams it against the canvas out of frustration. He backs Apolo in the corner and lands a few shots but jaws with the fans and gets hit. Apolo catches him with a sitout spinebuster, getting two. Apolo charges but eats a boot as the announcers debate over who should be the #1 contender to Shamrock’s title. Lawler chokes out Apolo with his necklace before dropping it down his own pants. Lawler continues to pose to the crowd. Apolo blocks a suplex and hits one of his own but misses a splash. Missile dropkick by Lawler and he once again plays to the crowd before making the cover. Chinlock applied by Lawler as the “Jerry’s Kid” chant is brought back. Apolo gets out of the hold and the two duck each others clothesline attempts. Lawler thinks he ducked an attack by Apolo then gets clotheslined down. Apolo with a slam and a legdrop, which gets two. Apolo catches Lawler with a superkick and struggles to get him into position for the TKO before Lawler counters with an inverted DDT. Lawler is shown bleeding from the mouth then gets up and dances around for a while. Neckbreaker by Lawler and  he poses then dances backwards until he backs into Apolo, who rolls him up for the win (7:01) *1/2. After the match, Lawler is in a state of shock. He heads down to the announcers table and eventually chokes West as Tenay is screaming for Lawler to stop. Ferrara, Tenay, and Tiny the Bellkeeper get him to stop.
Thoughts: Match itself was mediocre. They spent a lot of commentary building up Apolo as next in line for the belt and he won using a rollup after his opponent was playing to the crowd, which was a waste. Lawler’s playing to the crowd worked fairly well here but he does it to the point of overkill and that won’t work every night.  
Video recap of K-Krush choking out people with his belt.
Krush comes out and says he is now known as “The Truth.” States that “they” gave him the “K-Krush” name. He says he will not abide by what “they” want him to do as a few in the crowd chant “anarchy.” He compares himself to the ones that have been kept down by “they” like Allen Iverson (He was wearing his jersey), Mike Tyson, Ray Lewis and even OJ Simpson. Monty Brown comes out and mockingly says “poor oppressed one” before saying that he has had enough of the Truth. He tells Truth that he is a two-time AFC champion and that he has left football on his own to make his opportunity in TNA. States that “They” helped him create that opportunity and that The Truth can’t walk the walk and might not be all that. Truth says he has no problem with Brown then calls him an “Uncle Tom” as the two go at it. Brown gets the advantage and caps it off with the Alphabomb. Decent segment as both men are good on the mic and it makes for a nice singles feud.
Video recap of the AJ Styles / Jerry Lynn feud.
Tenay interviews AJ and Lynn in a pre-taped bit. Styles says that he wants to be just like Lynn and states he respects Lynn and his attempts to educate him. Lynn says how ten years ago he was in AJ’s shoes and appreciates the fact that AJ realizes what it takes to succeed in wrestling. Lynn promises the fans that they will see him and AJ work on the same page tonight. A segment showing that AJ and Lynn are on the same page for once and it worked okay I guess. Although, it is transparent that something will happen that changes this feeling.
NWA-TNA Tag –Team Championship Match
AJ Styles & Jerry Lynn (Champions) vs. Jorge Estrada & Jimmy Yang w/Sonny Siaki
Siaki joins in on commentary and refers to himself in the third person. I can barely hear him and I think it is a combination of poor audio and the fact he is not a good talker. His voice is monotone. Lynn and Estrada starts things off. Lynn gets an armdrag and they then trade hammerlocks. Sideslam by Estrada is followed by some Elvis poses. Estrada lands on his feet in a lionsault attempt but gets caught with the Gory Special. Estrada escapes and hits a rana as Siaki mentions how he taught the Elvises everything that he knows. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors by Lynn and a tag to AJ and they do some double team stuff. AJ and Estrada duck a bunch of moves before AJ nearly rips off Estrada’s head with a spinning heel kick. Estrada floats over in the corner and catches AJ with a headscissor takedown. Slam and a tag to Yang, who dodges a dropkick and stomps on AJ capped off by a crappy attempt at an Elvis pose. AJ with a rana from his back but Yang regains control with a side headlock. AJ knocks him down and a tag to Lynn. Snapmare is followed by a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, which gets two. Tag to AJ who gets a headscissors off of a tombstone attempt. AJ leaps to the top off of an Irish whip and comes back with a crossbody but Yang drops to one knee, catching AJ. That looked cool. Yang distracts the ref after cheap-shotting Lynn as Estrada attempts to work on AJ outside. AJ sends Estrada to the railing but Siaki leaves the booth and clotheslines AJ off camera before rolling him back into the ring. Side legsweep by Yang into an armbar. Moonsault kick by Yang and tag to Estrada, who gets a snap suplex for two. Kneedrop gets two. Side Effect gets two. Tag to Yang who hangs AJ across the ropes on a front suplex and does it again, getting two. Tag to Estrada, who gets a springboard moonsault for two. AJ manages a small package but gets stomped immediately afterwards. Spinebuster by Estrada gets two. Estrada with a suplex and tag to Yang, who comes in with a tope con hilo, getting two. Yang locks AJ in the abdominal stretch as Siaki talks himself up. AJ breaks the hold and gets the Phenomenon as both men are down. AJ is close to making the tag as Estrada runs in and knocks Lynn off of the apron. Tag to Estrada and he chokes out AJ with his foot. Estrada holds the rope on AJ’s dropkick attempt and covers, getting two. Tag to Yang, who kicks AJ while he is down. AJ fights back and kills him with a kick as both men are down. Yang’s nose is just pouring out blood. Tag to Lynn and he goes nuts. Yang breaks up a pin attempt by Lynn then gets dropkicked to the floor and Lynn follows up that with a slingshot plancha. Estrada then hits Lynn with an Asai Moonsault. AJ attempts a corkscrew placnha but Siaki shoves his team out of the way and AJ ends up hitting Lynn. Lynn is busted open. The Elvises hit a beautiful looking flying legdrop/splash combo as Lynn is wearing a crimson mask. Double muscle buster to AJ as Lynn is struggling to get on his feet. AJ fights back and knocks down Yang. Lynn is on the apron and gets the guillotine leg drop to Estrada and follows that with a slingshot plancha for the win as AJ was on top attempting to go for the Spiral Tap (16:20) ***1/2. AJ leaves the ring upset that Lynn stole the pin.
Thoughts: Really good match. This was about two things. First, to further along the feud between Lynn and Styles and second, attempting to elevate Siaki. The AJ/Lynn stuff is still intriguing but Siaki is just not a top guy. He did not impress on commentary as he speaks in a monotone voice and that doesn’t make for a main event act, especially when your gimmick is constantly taking about yourself  
Disco Inferno is show sitting on a couch. He says that he is world famous and builds up his career, stating he gave Goldberg his first ever loss and retired Joey Maggs, before stating he beat Barry Horowitz sixteen times. He then says that he is in this “hicktown” to pass on his wisdom. Calls AJ a “glorified professional somersault artist” and promises to teach Jeff Jarrett and the entire state of Tennessee to speak English. He plugs his “Jive Talkin’” segment for next week and that he will provide a ray of hope for a better tomorrow. A waste of time with a few shoot comments tossed out, which means it was probably written by Russo.
Shamrock goes to Harrison, looking for Jarrett, who hasn’t seen him. He storms off looking for him. 
Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger vs. Monty Brown & Elix Skipper
Skipper offers Diamond a handshake and gets slapped. Skipper with a spin kick and the two trade shots. Skipper gets two off of a rana. Cradle gets two. Swinger charges and is clotheslined by Brown. Double dropkick to Diamond and Skipper goes to work on the back. Swinger with a clothesline on the apron and tags in. Double team move gets two. Legsweep gets two. Skipper dodges a crossbody by using the matrix but Diamond tags in and hammers away. Rolling suplexes by Diamond followed by a gordbuster for two. Swinger tags and they double team Skipper some more. Skipper avoids a charge and Diamond accidentally clotheslines his own partner. Skipper with a Northern Lights Suplex as both men are down. Brown tags in as the crowd is silent. Powerslam to Diamond and he then presses Swinger onto Diamond, getting two. All four men in the ring and the heels hit Skipper with a double flapjack. Brown fights off an Irish whip and Skipper trips up Swinger outside as Brown catches Diamond and hits the Alphabomb for the win (5:35) *1/4. Skipper then bails as The Truth runs in a chokes out Brown as the announcers scream how Skipper set up Brown
Thoughts: Match was nothing special at all. Brown barely did anything as that was for the best. This really was to further along the feud between Brown and The Truth. Simon and Swinger’s TNA debut was lackluster.
Goldylocks is with the Dupps. Stan makes crude comments and Bo is upset that they don’t have any matches. Bo asks where Fluff is as Stan calls him a retard for leaving him with Pop Dupp, who apparently takes a lot of Viagra and fucks goats. Stan informs Bo that in the “wrasslin” business, all you have to do for a match is to bump into someone and issue a challenge. Bo bumps into Ian Harrison, who leaves his post for the match.
Borash is in the ring as the Dupps come out, to his surprise. They tell him that Bo’s opponent is “Some big musclehead guy from the back.” Tenay reminds everyone that his name is Ian Harrison.
Bo Dupp w/Stan Dupp vs. Ian Harrison
Bo with kicks in the corner as Stan joins the announcers table. Harrison throws some knees and tosses him out of the corner. Sitout slam gets two as the crowd starts a “USA” chant. Bo floats over on a suplex attempt but gets booted as Stan can’t distinguish between the letter “X” and the Union Jack on Harrison’s tights. Bo comes back with a shoulderblock then sends him down with a big boot. Splash gets two. Harrison gets a back suplex for two. Harrison tries a press slam but cant get him up and just slams him down. Harrison with thrusts in the corner and it looks like we are watching in slow motion. He catches Bo with a powerslam and Stan fucks up his cue to run in for the DQ so the ref has to hang his hand in the air and wait for Stand to run in the ring. (2:58) ¼*. Harrison beats on Stan and takes the piece of wood out of Bo’s hand and breaks it over his knee as the Dupps run away scared.
Thoughts: If this was an attempt to get Harrison over, it was a huge failure. Besides the fact that he is slow and clumsy in the ring, it seemed like Tenay was the only person that knew his name. Also, Bo wasn’t the best worker for Harrison as he didn’t sell well and took him down rather easily. Stan Dupp on commentary as the idiot redneck was brutal. Not funny at all. For some reason, he was doing a Crocodile Hunter impersonation because he thought Harrison was from Australia. I’m surprised he actually became decent as Trevor Murdoch in the WWE because he sucked in every aspect while in TNA.
Jarrett is out back and unlocks the door holding back security since Harrison was not there any longer. He walks in as several security guys are standing around and then gets attacked by Shamrock. Security and Apolo break it up and they hold Jarrett back as Don Harris tells Shamrock to take care of business.
Video recap of last week’s #1 contender match between Sabu and Malice.
NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Ladder or Submission Match
Ken Shamrock (Champion) vs. Sabu
Shamrock lands a few knees to the gut then misses a charge. Sabu tries a kick but Shamrock catches his foot then punches him down. Shamrock tries to turn Sabu over for an ankle lock but he reaches the ropes. Sabu manages a rollup and tries for a leglock but Shamrock quickly counters that with an anklelock as Tenay informs us that security has gotten “fed up” and has left the building. Shamrock with a few kicks and then goes for a chinlock. Sabu gets a clothesline and goes for an armbar but Shamrock reverses that into a leglock. Tenay breaks the news that Ricky Steamboat will be here next and will have “full authority” of the show. Sabu hits an ugly looking springboard leg lariat and follws that with a slingshot flip legdrop but briefly goes for the cover like an idiot before getting Shamrock in an armbar. Shamrock easily breaks the hold and whips Sabu in the corner and connects with a spinning heel kick. He drops Sabu with a punch and Sabu rolls outside and grabs the ladder. Shamrock baseball slides it into Sabu’s face and drags him up the ramp. He tosses Sabu into the dancer’s cage then they make the way back to the ring. Sabu throws Shamrock against the guardrail. He gets a table from underneath the ring and places Shamrock on top. He brings a chair in the ring but crashes through the table in a double springboard senton attempt, causing a huge gash on his back. A “Holy Shit” chant breaks out. In the ring, Shamrock goes up the ladder as Sabu slowly makes it to his feet. Shamrock holds the belt for at least 45 seconds but is unable to unhook it and the lights go off. When they re-appear, Malice is in the ring and chokeslams Shamrock off of the ladder. Malice then unhooks the belt in all of two seconds as the show ends (9:32) *1/4.
Thoughts: Bad match. The style clash was too much to overcome and the formula of getting a submission, breaking the hold, and locking up again was repetitive and boring. Sabu doing a matwork-based match is not something that anyone wants to see. Also, the ending was so awful. There was no point to having a non-finish given the stipulation. Plus, Malice has already been pinned twice by Shamrock and once by Sabu and hasn’t even won a match so why would anyone buy him as a threat? Where was the New Church? Also, Jarrett stated that he wouldn’t leave the show unless he had the belt so I wonder what happened to him?
Final Thoughts: Well, there were a few positives. First, they actually attempted to establish the singles and tag-team ranks. Amazing Red had a great debut and the tag-match was fun. Besides that, the no security theme got lame at the end and the World Title means absolutely nothing at this point. They have no talent at all on the face side. The production values were the worst they have been as the lighting was almost non-existent. Overall, this was an improvement over the past two shows and a step in the right direction but they need to do a better job at executing and getting talented heavyweights, especially on the face side.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #5

July 17, 2002
Replay of Jeff Jarrett’s actions from last week.
Footage of Goldylocks chasing after Ken Shamrock earlier in the week to get an interview. He yells “Back off, bitch!” at her then yells about how he wants everyone else to back off. The top face is now calling the female interviewer a bitch.  
Live from the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville, TN


Your announcers are Mike Tenay, Don West,and Ed Ferrara.
Jeff Jarrett is shown brawling with Hall in the back. The announcers mention how he has a #1 contender ladder match with Malice coming out as security is holding the two back. As security is dragging Jarrett out of the arena, Bill Behrens yells to Jarrett that he has forfeited his match which angers Jarrett some more.
Announcers are asking what will happen now as the New Church heads down to the ring. Mitchell grabs the mic and says with deep regret that Jarrett will not be able to bleed tonight. He says Malice is extending an offer to anyone in the arena who wants a match. The lights go out and when they turn back on, Sabu is standing in the ring. 
#1 Contender Match for the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Malice w/James Mitchell vs. Sabu
The two trade shots in the corner. Malice eats boot on a charge and Sabu gets a tornado DDT. Sabu then hits a springboard leg lariat. Sabu fires away but runs into an elbow. Malice takes off his vest and drops some elbows. He slams Sabu and Tempest tosses him a chair. He motions towards Sabu, who takes him down with a baseball slide. Sabu tosses the chair at Malice but gets caught after a springboard crossbody attempt off the chair and hit with a backbreaker. Malice gets a suplex and a legdrop as Tempest wedges the chair between the turnbuckles. Sabu gets rammed into the chair headfirst and Tempest is yelling in Sabu’s ear while he is on the mat. Malice gets a few chops but then gets sent to the floor after a charge in an ugly looking spot. I don’t know what the fuck they were going for there. Malice fucks around with the ladder for a long time and Sabu dropkicks the ladder into his face in the most telegraphed spot of the night. Sabu then uses the chair in a double springboard axehandle to Malice. He hits Malice with a leg lariat off the steps and knocks down Tempest as well. Slash and Mitchell scurry away as Sabu reaches under the ring for a table. Malice gets up and drags him around before throwing him onto the ladder, which was lying across the guardrail and the ring. He does it again before rolling Sabu into the ring. Sabu is bleeding from a cut near his nose. Malice puts the ladder in the corner and whips Sabu into it, following that up with a charge. Then, in a cool spot, Malcie picks up the ladder, with Sabu between him and the ladder, and slams him down. Malice hits him with a chair and holds the ladder until Sabu gets a springboard leg lariat. That looked quite shitty. Sabu places the ladder across Malice and hits a senton. He uses the ladder to head up top but gets powerbombed off. Malice then hits an overhead suplex, tossing Sabu onto the ladder in the process. Malice with a big boot and then tries to grab the contract but Sabu climbs to the top turnbuckle and dropkicks him off. Malice misses a charge and runs into the ladder, allowing to Sabu to hit another springboard leg lariat off of a chair. Sabu climbs up top and pushes the ladder onto Malice and follows that with an Arabian Facebuster. Tempest roughs up Sabu as the ref is distracted by Mitchell. However, that didn’t stop Sabu from climbing up the ladder. He gets yanked off with one hand though. Sabu then comes back with a few weak chairshots before getting caught with a spinebuster. Malice heads up top but Sabu shoves him off the ladder, causing him to land on a table outside of the ring. Sabu then climbs up top and grabs the clipboard for the win (13:20) *1/2. Tempest and Slash immediately attack Sabu. Malice comes back in and beats on him some more before chokeslamming Sabu off of the apron and through the table. Malcie then takes some of Sabu’s blood and rubs it in his hands.
Thoughts: The match itself was a mess. Sabu hit less than half of his spots and the two had very little chemistry. At least the effort was there. Once again, the New Church loses. They spend all of this time trying to build up Malice, who has already been pinned three times and yet to win a match. Hell, no one in the New Church has one a match so far. I will say that Sabu is far from the worst they could have used in this spot though. The fans liked Sabu a lot.
Camera cuts to Jarrett, who is still outside of the building. Behrens yells at him to leave, calling him a bastard in the process.  Furthering along the Jarrett is unstable angle.
AJ Styles heads to the ring and grabs the mic from Jeremy Borash. He gets cut off by Jerry Lynn, who tells him to shut up. Lynn says he has been wrestling for 14 years, not for three like AJ. He says AJ ain’t shit until he pays his dues. Says he let him be is tag partner and will not let him steal the glory. Lynn tells Styles that he will follow his lead for now on. Lynn turns around and is jumped by AJ, capped off with a Styles Clash. Well, at least the AJ/Lynn dynamic is interesting
Goldylocks shows the recap of Francine and Jasmin St. Claire from last week. She goes to interview Jasmin in the locker room but she is jumped by Franicne and tossed into the shower. Francine turns out the water as Jasmin is laying on the ground withering in pain half naked.   
K-Krush heads to the ring. He wants everyone watching to look at him. Says he looks and sounds like a star at all times. Says he even smells like a star but asks why he isn’t the biggest damn star in the business. Says they put him in the ring with a NASCAR driver athen asks why did the WWF/WWE let him go? Says its all because they were afraid K-Krush would become something that would scare them and someone they would have to promote. Closes by stating he will take what is supposed to be is. Krush was the best promo guy they had at this point. This wasn’t bad at all.
K-Krush vs. Norman Smiley
K-Krush attacks Smiley before the bell. Smiley reverses an Irish whip and gets a hiptoss. The Big Wiggle is followed by a wind-up slam. Smiley catches Krush in a wheelbarrow and spanks his bottom before getting the slam, which gets two. Smiley gets a few European uppercuts in the corner but eventually gets caught with a kick, which gets two. He covers him again for two. He beats on Smiley in the corner before choking him out with his feet. Smiley eats boot off of a charge but comes back with a crappy waistlock suplex as both men are down. Smiley gets up and knocks him down a few times with some basic offense before getting caught with the Truth conviction for the pin (3:20) ½*. After the match, Krush whips Smiley with his belt and chokes him out until his wife, a large middle-aged woman makes the save but gets choked herself. It crystal clear that Krush is barely grabbing her shoulder.
Thoughts: This was ridiculous. They build up K-Krush with the promo before the match and they have Smiley essentially dominate the match. If you are trying to build up a heel, they shouldn’t be selling for all of Smiley’s comedy spots. The part with Smiley’s wife at the end seemed pointless.
Goldylocks walks by Puppet, who is in a trash can and appears to be masturbating. He asks Goldylocks if she wants some “porridge” and says he is suffering  from PMS (Pissed Midget Syndrome) and says the only cure is to beat some midget ass. He promises to show her his “cobra.” She walks away in disgust as the Dupps are playing spin the bottle. Stan says that Goldylocks as some pretty lips, but does not mean the ones on her face. An instant “Wrestlecrap” sequence if there ever was one.
Flying Elvises vs. Elix Skipper & Christopher Daniels
Yang is still not here. All four men bawl to start and Daniels and Estrada get dumped. Skipper then hits Estrada with a somersault plancha. Siaki takes out Skipper as Estrada hits Daniels with a facebuster and the two go at it outside. In the ring, Siaki with a Samoan Drop for two. Tag to Estrada who gets a running shooting star press for two. Siaki joins the announcers booth and puts himself over on commentary as Estrada gets a double underhook suplex for two. Finally, Siaki heads back to the ring and tags into the match. Siaki with a few kicks and gets a backbreaker for two. He tags Estrada, who hits a split-legged moonsault for two. Estarda with a cutter-type move but Daniels breaks up the pin attempt. Siaki continues on commentary. Skipper lands on the apron off of a backdrop. Estrada charges but Skipper flips back in and hits a clothesline. Both men are down as Siaki heads back to the ring. Both men tag as Daniels runs wild. As he is hitting Estrada with a bulldog, he uses the other arm to clothesline Siaki. Estrada hits Daniels with a backdrop suplex but Skipper springboards off of the back of Daniels then off of Estrada’s shoulders before hitting Siaki with a hurricarana. That looked decent. Daniels with a spinout powerbomb on Estrada, which gets two. Siaki trips up Daniels, allowing Estrada to hit a top rope legdrop, which gets two. Siaki tags in and chops Daniels in the corner. A comeback attempt by Daniels is stopped with a knee by Siaki. Skipper gets knocked off of the apron and the ref pushes him back into his corner. Estrada tags in but poses a bit too long and gets hit with an enziguiri. Both men are down and then tag out. Skipper runs wild on the Elvises.  He sends Estrada outside with a crappy looking spinkick then hits Siaki with a belly to belly suplex. Estrada breaks up a pin attempt off of a double underhook suplex then tags back in. Estrada with a facebuster then a springbard into a rolling senton gets two. That did not look as intended. Daniels tags in after a comeback by Skipper and gets a STO. Daniels gets the BME but Siaki breaks up the pin attempt at two. Siaki tags but gets caught with a legsweep and tags Skipper. Missile dropkick gets two. Siaki with a pumphandle toss and Daniels breaks that up. Siaki and Daniels spill over the ropes. Estrada reverses the Play of the Day but Skipper lands on his feet after a German suplex and then hits the Play of the Day. He goes for the pin but the ref is paying attention to the action outside. He goes over to the ref but Siaki slides in and gets the Siakialypse for the pin (9:47) **1/2. After the match, the Elvises pose in the ring as the Dupps run out. Siaki bails but Estrada is unaware and gets beat with wooden boards by each member.
Thoughts: The match started to pick up at the end but the main focus was one Siaki trying to get himself over. I can’t say that it was a success. At least it was an attempt to elevate someone.
Teo is shown in the cage with one of the dancers.
Goldylocks gets insulted by K-Krush  before he is attacked by Scott Hall. So, faces and heels all threat Goldylocks like shit.
Hardcore Midgets Match
Meatball vs. Puppet the Psycho Dwarf
Puppet smashes Meatball with a trash can as he was looking down and follows that with a Russian leg sweep onto the can. Puppet then gets two off of an eye rake from a boot. Meatball catches the trashcan then has it dropkicked into his face. Meatball reverses an Irish whip and it sends Puppet outside. He follows that with a double axehandle off of the apron. He then slams him onto the ramp. He uses a cartwheel into an elbow drop. He tosses Puppet near a shopping cart filled with groceries and the hits him in the face with a pie and some spray cheese. He tosses a tomato at him but Puppet ends up hitting him with a low blow. Puppet drops a bag of flour onto the back of Meatball’s neck before breaking a watermelon over his head. Puppet tosses him down the ramp and hits him with a trashcan lid. He dropkicks the chair into his face and tosses him into the stairs.  A Tornado DDT off of the steps gets two. Both men are on the apron and in an incredibly contrived spot, Puppet has Meatball laying across the bottom rope and he just rests his arms and head on the chair, allowing Puppet to get a top rope leg drop. Puppet then places the chair across of Meatball and gets a top rope splash for the win (6:12) ¾*.  Teo is then shown removing the dancers top and running out of the cage.
Thoughts: Mildly entertaining for what it was. It could have benefited from being shorter though. The part with Teo I could have done without.
Jasmin St. Claire vs. Francine
Jasmin enters wearing her shower sandals, wet t-shirt and no bra. They do some hairpulling and Jasmin rips off Francine’s top. Francine then tackles Jasmin and yanks off her shorts. She pulls off her belt and starts whipping Jasmin until the Blue Meanie runs in and DDT’s Francine. Ferrara is outraged and heads to the ring. Meanie carries Jasmin ot the bac and the crowd boos. Francine is stretchered out as Ferrara looks on in concern. The bell never rang. Another segment that was pointless.
A video package featuring the finishing moves of Low Ki and AJ Styles. A nice, little segment that makes the match and X-Division title important.
X-Division Championship Match
Low Ki vs. AJ Styles (Champion)

The two start off by doing some matwork as a somber Ferrara describes Francine’s condition. Tenay plugs the X Division and it’s open door policy as a way to create new stars. They trade kicks until Low Ki takes him down and puts on a front facelock. Styles breaks but then gets beaten on in the corner. Low Ki tries a cartwheel kick but is dropkicked by Styles. Flipping senton by Styles gets two. Low Ki blocks an Irish whip and connects on a rolling wheel kick before knocking Styles onto the apron as Tenay mentions the winner of this match will be wrestling at an upcoming Ring of Honor show. Styles climbs up top but gets kicked off. He tries to suplex Ki outside but he lands on the apron. Styles takes him off with a discus clothesline but misses with an Asai moonsault. They beat on each other and Styles goes into the ring. He tries for a diving attack but is met with an enziguri as he is coming theough the middle rope. They brawl onto the apron until Low Ki gets the Dragon Clutch on Styles while he is hanging on the ropes. Ki locks Styles in the dragon sleeper until he reaches the ropes. Styles gets an inverted DDT, which gets two. Styles charges but is met with a super kick. Ki charges but is caught with a powerslam, which gets two. West states how kids should not try this at home. Brainbuster gets two. Styles misses a corner splash and Ki puts him on top. Styles blocks the superplex attempt but misses the Spiral Tap as Low Ki covers for two. Ki picks up Styles for the Ki Crusher but rams him in the corner instead. He then tries it again but Styles turns it into a DDT. Both men are down for a bit until Ki gets the advantage. He gets the cartwheel kick. He heads up top and tries a twisting senton but AJ catches him and turns it into the Styles Clash for the win (10:33) ***. As Styles heads up the ramp, Lynn spears him from behind. He drags Styles into the ring and beats the crap out of him. He pulls a ladder from underneath the apron and throws Styles into it. He beats on Styles and then the refs steps in and Lynn goes away, only to return and beat him some more. The crowd was chanting “Jerry” during parts of this segment.
Thoughts: Match was a bit disappointing, actually. Still it was easily the best match on the card.
Tenay runs down next week’s card and is interrupted with the news that the Sabu vs. Ken Shamrock match is a ladder and submissions match, meaning both men can win either way. Lynn & Styles defend the belts against unnamed opponents and some X Division action will take place too.
Lawler heads to the ring and grabs the mic. Addresses the crowd that he is no longer “Jerry’s Kid” as a dozen or so people were chanting that. He proceeds to give us some Jerry Lawler facts. They include that he has been married three times and all three times his wife was younger than Brian was. He also left a ticket for Lawler tonight but he no-showed because he hangs out as the local high school on Wednesday nights with a fistful of candy. He is about to give us a fact about Lawler, JR, and Vince McMahon until Hall’s music plays. He doesn’t come out at first and Lawler continues to speak, unaware that Hall snuck in behind him and refers to him as “last call Hall.” He continues to challenge the crowd as Hall is still behind him. This went on for far too long. The crowd was nowhere as interested in Lawler as
Brian Lawler vs. Scott Hall

Hall beats on Lawler and sends him over the ropes with a punch. He wails on Lawler and beats him up on the announcers table. He sends Lawler into the guardrail as West refers to this as “mass murder.” What the fuck? He tosses Lawler back into the ring but he escapes. Hall chases after him up the ramp and slugs him down. Lawler goes back towards the ring and ends up hitting Hall with a purse that he took from a fan in the front row. He rolls Hall in the ring and grows upset at the “Jerry’s Kid” chants. Lawler gets some mounted punches in the corner. He headbutts Hall in the groin and flips off the crowd before hitting a suplex for two. He whips Hall in the corner and for some reason the ref holds his own back in pain, like he was the one who took the brunt of the move. Lawler gets some thrusts in the corner and jaws some more with the crowd. He slides out of the ring and punches Hall and grabs the mic from Borash. He says everyone that says “Jerry’s Kid” to him can kiss his ass. Hall fights back but Lawler ducks a discus punch and hits a super kick. Lawler heads up top but takes too long and gets tossed off. Fallaway slam and the crowd is tiring. Super back suplex by Hall and he goes for the Razor’s edge. K-Krush comes in but Hall tosses him and hits the edge on Lawler for the win (8:48) ½*. K-Krush comes back in and Hall gets hit with low blows by Lawler. Krush whips Hall with his belt. Krush chokes out Hall with his belt as Lawler tosses the ref. Security comes in and gets Lawler and Krush out of the area. The EMT’s comes out to load Hall on the stretcher as another EMT comes out with a chair that turns out to be Jeff Jarrett. He beats everyone with a chair as the how goes off the air.
Thoughts: The match sucked and the crowd was quiet for a majority of this match, which was anything but total nonstop action. The Jarrett stuff was alright I guess but saying how he snuck into the arena as an EMT made zero sense at the EMT were just dressed in polo shirts and khakis. Jarrett even popped his collar and had wristbands.
Final Thoughts: Another terrible show. The attempts to be edgy with the swearing, sexual humor and catfight segment as well as everyone verbally abusing Goldylocks is akin to a 16 year old being edgy by smoking cigarettes and having two beers. It came off as a low rent ECW with more sports entertainment. The Lynn/Styles stuff and the X Division overall is the only positives out of this company. Their champion wasn’t even on the live show and has been a total bust.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #4

July 10, 2002
Live from the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, TN
Your announcers are Don West, Ed Ferrara, and Mike Tenay
Tenay plugs the NWA-TNA World Championship match, Ken Shamrock vs Takao Omori as well as the 6-man elimination match to determine the X-Division rankings
Recap of the Tag-Team Tournament from last week is shown.

Slash & Tempest w/James Mitchell vs. AJ Styles & Jerry Lynn
Tempest is Devon Storm. There was no explanation as to why he changed his name or joined the New Church other than Tenay stating how Mitchell is good at controlling the minds of others and that Storm wanted a new name. Lynn and Slash start things out. Lynn ducks a charge and gets in some shots. Slash comes back with a shoulderblock but misses an elbow drop. Lynn floats over Slash and gets an inverted DDT, which gets two. Lynn gets a facebuster after jumping on Slash’s shoulders, which gets two. Tag to AJ, and he gets a flipping senton after Lynn’s drop toehold, which gets two. Slash sneaks in a punch and tags Tempest. They do some matwork and Tempest ends that with a scoop slam. AJ kips right back up and gets a hurricarana. Tempest charges but gets taken down with an armdrag. Eniziguiri by AJ barely gets two. Tempest counters then slams AJ to the mat. He lays into AJ as the Mitchell nods his head in approval. Tempest charges but AJ gets a drop toehold, causing Tempest to slide out of the ring. That looked a bit ridiculous. AJ shows off his athleticism by faking a diving attack but Tempest gets a neckbreaker then a slingshot splash for two. They trade chops but AJ eats elbow after a charge. Tempest with a headscissor takedown off the top rope then follows that with a clothesline. The announcers talk about who could have attacked Storm & Harris last week as the two engage in another chopping battle. AJ lands on the apron after a backdrop and eventually comes back with a springboard dropkick. Slash comes in and AJ tosses them both in the corner and moonsaults off of Slash. Lynn comes in and they hit Tempest with a double clothesline then one to Slash, sending him over the ropes. AJ gets caught by both men after a running dive but Lynn follows with a flipping senton, sending everyone to the ground. Lynn backdrops Slash on the floor then Tempest pulls AJ off of the apron. Lynn legdrops Tempest who was standing on the apron, which allows AJ to get a springboard moonsault for two. Slash holds AJ’s leg as Tempest hits a Death Valley Driver, for two. Elbow smash from Tempest and the tag to Slash. They double team AJ in the corner. Slash gets a helicopter slam as West states how Slash is the scariest person he has ever seen. AJ shoves Tempest into his partner and eventually tags Lynn. Lynn clears house as Ferrara wonders why Tempest & Slash earned a title shot. I wonder that myself. Bulldog from Lynn gets two. He signals for the cradle piledriver but Tempest gets a low blow. Lynn is put on the top rope but shoves Tempest off and gets a splash for two. Lynn gets out of the Death Valley Driver in sloppy fashion and hits the cradle piledriver. He backdrops Slash to the outside as AJ tags himself in and gets the spiral Tap for the win (10:34) **3/4. After the match, Lynn is in a state of shock over AJ tagging himself into the match and walks up the ramp. West cannot undertand why Lynn is upset as AJ is left alone in the ring.
Thoughts: Decent action but this match had no flow at all. Just a bunch of moves and very little psychology. The fact that Slash & Tempest were the number one challengers to begin with seems idiotic. Hell, their own announcer questioned that as well. The storyline of Lynn walking out on AJ after he tagged himself in is interesting I guess as AJ did beat him for the X division championship two weeks ago but do we really want the first ever NWA-TNA Tag Champions feuding after their first title defense?
Tenay shows a video recap of Brian Christopher turning on Scott Hall last week and Jarrett destroying Hall afterwards. He states he will attempt to get Hall on the phone. Hall is on the phone, says he will come after K-Krush, Brian Christopher, and especially Jeff Jarrett, who he states will have something special for him.  Segment was fine for what it was.
Brian Christopher comes to the ring. He states there comes a time in your life when you make a transition from a child to an adult. He then goes on about being labeled as a child, specifically as Jerry Lawler’s son and how he has lived in life in his shadow. He then says bullshit to everyone who says he only got in the business because of his dad and then says “screw Jerry Lawler.” After jarring with the crowd, he says how Jerry was never a father but rather someone who was never there. He babbles on some more about his dad before stating he will now be known as “Brian Lawler.” So, to recap, he delivers a five minute long promo about how he hates his dad and lived under his shadow only to take his dad’s last name. Christopher did a fine job in his delivery but the material was just plain stupid.
Norman Smiley vs. Brian Christopher
Christopher attacks Smiley as soon as he gets in the ring then stomps on him in the corner. He slams Smiley down and draws jeers from the crowd. Neckbreaker is followed by more taunting the crowd. Smiley comes back with a few dropkicks and a shoulderblock. Wind-up slam by Smiley is followed by the Big Wiggle. Inverted atomic drop and a regular atomic drop is followed by some  humping. Christopher blocks an Irish whip and hits a DDT as the crowd stars a loud “Jerry’s Kid” chant. Lawler struts after a shoulder thrust in the corner and chokes out Smiley. Another shoulder thrust and more posing by Lawler. He tries again but misses a charge and Smiley hammers away. He knocks Lawler down with a headbutt and gets two off of a clothesline as Ferrara tells a lame joke about Smiley being tougher than a $40 steak, which West makes fun of in even lamer fashion. Lawler with a low blow on Smiley during some mounted punching. Lawler heads up top and teases putting on his glasses before hitting the Hip Hop Drop for the win (4:44) ½*. After the match, Lawler grabs the mic and tells Hall that he is on his list.
Thoughts: This went on for far too long. It should have been a two minute squash at most. The constant jarring with the crowd after every move by Christopher got old after a while. The Tennessee crowd bought into this stuff but outside of here, I can’t imagine this would be getting over too well.
Backstage, Bill Behrens tells Jarrett he does not have a title shot tonight as Goldylocks stands there doing nothing. You can hear James Mitchell berating his team behind closed doors and Jarrett walks away angrily, calling Behrens a “bitch.” More amateur hour sports entertainment from TNA.
They show a video recap of the feud between Hermie Sadler and K-Krush. Krush then comes ot the ring an insults Nashville, calling it “Trashville” then calls the crowd “assholes.” He riles up the crowd and issues threats. The swearing to seem edgy usually fails in TNA but Krush is a decent angry heel so it was okay.
K-Krush vs. Hermie Sadler
Sadler is accompanied by his pit crew. He is wearing shorts and a sleeveless shirt and looks about 5’7 and 155 lbs. They start by shoving and slapping before Krush gets a kick. He knocks Sadler into the ropes but misses a kick and crotches himself. Sadler pushes him over then delivers an extremely soft forearm off the apron. Fuck, that was embarrassing. Krush gets the advantage and holds Sadler by the neck. He presses him against the post but Sadler is able to duck a punch. Ferrara states that this match will be uglier than Mark Madden’s prom date. Back in the ring, Sadler gets some mounted punches and throws Krush on the mat, which gets two. Krush comes back and gets an axe kick before delivering a pelvic thrust to the crowd. He delivers a fingertip pin attempt for two. Suplex by Krush gets two. Krush gets into the ref’s face before getting a running powerslam, which gets two. Krush gets a figure-four leglock, which Sadler eventually reverses. Krush tries a hurricarana but Sadler counters with a powerbomb, which gets two. Krush whiffs on a dropkick  and Sadler  comes back with forearms. Krush takes him down then puts his feet on the ropes on a pin attempt for the win (5:06) -*. Krush delivers come cheap shots after the match and the ref sees this and overturns the decision.
Thoughts: This match was an embarrassment. First, no one in the world would buy Sadler being able to beat up Killings. Secondly, Sadler was bad, even for a non-wrestler. He ran the ropes with his arms and hands looking glued to his sides. And last, having one of your top heels needing to cheat to beat a racecar driver is pathetic. It should be known that the WWE just used the same ending in the Tensai/Kidd match on RAW by overturning the decision after post-match cheap shots.
Takao Omori is shown doing squats as Alicia enters and collects her money. Waste of time, as usual, with the Alicia sgements.
Briscoe Brothers vs. The Hotshots
The hotshots are Cassidy O’Reilly and Chase Stevens, who was best known as teaming with Andy Douglas as “The Naturals.” The Briscoes are Mark and Jay and look to weigh about 300lbs combined. Mark and O’Reilly start and trade wristlocks. They do some counters on the mat and trade armdrags before tagging out. Jay gets some shots on Stevens but gets caught in a spinebuster. Mark apparently tagged in during that exchange and hits a crappy springboard missile dropkick that barely made any contact. Mark charges but gets tossed over the ring.  In the most telegraphed spot of the night, Jay gets thrown outside via double hiptoss. Hotshots fly outside then roll the Briscoes back in the ring. All four men are brawling as Malice comes out and kills everyone for the DQ (2:09) NR . James Mitchell, joined by Tempest & Slash, grabs the mic and states they will not leave until the blood of Ken Shamrock is on the hands of Malice. He gives him two options, come to the ring or stay in the back and be held responsible of the destruction of innocent victims. He gives him ten seconds to come out. They grab Tiny the Bellkeeper and Malice attempts to powerbomb him until Shamrock runs out. They try to chokeslam Shamrock but Omori comes out and rids the ring of the New Church along with Shamrock. The two then stare each other down.
Thoughts: The match was just a background to build up the New Church. In regards to the action, the Briscoes proved to not be ready for TV. They did not look very good at all. The Hotshots were okay in the ring though. I don’t mind them starting a stable but not having an explanation as to how it formed just seems stupid. The Malice and Shamrock stuff is boring too. They have fought twice and both times it was underwhelming. In regards to Omori and Shamrock, it really didn’t have any impact one way or another in hyping their upcoming match.
Goldylocks is with the Dupps and asks then about their match with the Flying Elvises. Goldylocks is disgusted by the antics of the Dupps as they continue to play off of every white trash stereotype imaginable. Bo then closes by stating “If it looks, smells , an feels like shit, don’t put it in your mouth because it is probably shit.”  Terrible.
The Dupps are supposed to come out but a different song keeps playing until Jasmin St. Claire comes out. Don West can barely keeps it in his pants and mentions how he borrowed one of her tapes from Ferrara. That is as disturbing as any commentary you will ever hear while watching pro wrestling.  Jasmin states she has been watching this show for 3 weeks and has been patiently waiting to see some “ass” and offers to show some real T & A. The males in the crowd go nuts as she has the ref get her a chair. She sits Borash down and gives him a lap dance.  Jasmin removes her panties and is about to show her tits until an agent runs in and covers her with his coat. Ferrara runs in and spears him but Jasmin is covered up and taken away.  A waste of time as no one cares about this whore.
The Dupps w/Fluff Dupp vs. Flying Elvises
Jimmy Yang is apparently in Japan this week so we get Sonny Siaki and Jorge Estrada. The Elvises go after the Dupps but Estrada gets backdropped to the outside. Stan hits a shitty looking spinebuster on Siaki then Bo splashes him. Mortimer Plumtree comes out and joins the announcers. Jorge and Bo are in the ring. Bo shoves down Estrada. Jorge showboats after kipping up and gets headbutted. Bo ducks a moonsault block but eats a superkick. Bo gets the advantage and tags Stan. They hit an inverted atomic drop/flying shoulder tackle combo. Jorge tries to float over in the corner bit gets caught with an Alabama Slam. Tag to Bo, who catches Siaki in a powerslam. For some reason, Stan comes in and the ref yells at him, allowing Siaki to get a swinging neckbreaker. Plumtree and the announcers speculate who attacked Storm & Harris last week as Plumtree thinks it is Lynn,because he had the most to gain out of the whole thing. Siaki with a split-legged moonsault but then gets hit with a spinbebuster.  Both men tag in and the Dupps clean house as Plumtree wonders why the Elvises were not in the X-Division mix last week.  Bo gets backdropped to the floor by Estrada, who follows with a plancha. Stan hits a full-nelson slam on Siaki. Siaki then reverses an Irish whip and gets a pumphandle drop as Estrada comes in with a springboard flipping senton for the win (5:02) *1/4.
Thoughts: Decent match. Estrada really stood out here. At least having two tag teams wrestling that have been together before in TNA  makes sense.
Camera cuts to Lynn and Styles beating the shit out of each other on the table and chairs in the back. Lynn then calls him a “glory hog” after a cradle piledriver onto a road case. Good brawl.
NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Takao Omori vs. Ken Shamrock (Champion)
They show the tale of the tape before the match, complete with strengths and weaknesses. This is the first time they have tried to make this belt seem prestigious. Harley Race is at ringside as the NWA representative. Shamrock throws some knees and kicks. He ducks a clothesline and hits a DDT, which gets two. Shamrock puts on the figure-four headlock as Tenay hypes the match as a big deal in Japan. Omori makes it to the ropes. Shamrock punches him back down and throws some kicks to the back. Shamrock punches away in the corner until Omori fights back. Spinning heel kick by Omori and he throws Shamrock in the corner. Dropkick by Omori is followed by a chinlock as Tenay puts over Omori’s big moves, the axe bomber and his kneedrop. A spin kick by Omori completely missed but Shamrock sold it anyway. He manages to duck another kick then goes to work on the knee in the corner. He punches him against the ropes and works the neck. Omori kicks Shamrock after he ducked his head and gets a crappy neckbreaker, which gets two. Full nelson slam and Omori goes up top. He misses the knee drop and sells the knee. Shamrock works the knee for a bit but walks into the axe bomber, which got two. Shamrock punches back and gets a dropkick. He puts Omori in a leg lock and he reaches the ropes after  a bit. Omori comes back with an elbow smash but cant get Shamrock up for a piledriver. Omori  fights back and gets a full nelson. Shamrock counters that with an ambar then into the ankle lock. Jeff Jarrett runs in and  lays out both men with a chair (7:42) *1/2 Harley Race comes in and takes an unprotected shot to the head. That is just stupid. Security gets destroyed by Jarrett.
Thoughts: Lots of miscommunication early but it started to get okay near the end. After all the time hyping this match during the show, they go ahead and make it all about Jarrett. Shamrock is the champ and is booked like a chump, once again.
Goldylocks is with Jerry Lynn and says the wants some answers as to why he attacked AJ. Lynn asks here if she wants some then says “open up and say ahh.” More attempts to seem edgy. Then, James Mitchcell and the New Church come out as Mitchcell asks Goldylocks to tell Jarrett to see him. After they leave, we hear someone making noises in the boiler room and Goldylocks opens the doors to find Bill Behrens tied up and gagged in his underwear with the letters “FU” written across his chest in red paint. As usual, Goldylocks just stands there and does nothing. This whole exchange was idiotic but a bit more tolerable as Behrens wasn’t speaking.
X-Division Rankings Match
Low Ki vs. Elix Skipper vs. Kid Romeo vs. Tony Mamaluke vs. “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn
The rules are that two men are in the ring at a time. If you are tagged, you must enter the match and once you are pinned, you are eliminated. Daniels and Romeo start things out. Romeo lands a few shots then they trade hammerlocks. A fast-paced sequence ends with Daniels ducking a spinning heel kick and both men standing off. Romeo tags in Skipper and he ends up nailing Daniels with a spinkick after another fast-paced sequence. Daniels slides under Skipper and hits him with a clothesline. Skipper backs Daniels into the corner, who tags in Mamaluke, unbeknownst to Skipper. Mamaluke and Daniels briefly double team Skipper. Mamaluke gets a jawbreaker then a northern lights suplex, which gets two. Mamaluke gets an  armbar off of a wheelbarrow and then an ugly looking rollup gets two. Mamaluke is not hitting his moves crisply tonight. He dropkicks Skipper low but gets hit with a springboard clothesline off of an Irish whip. Skipper tags in Lynn, who grabs a headlock. Mamaluke lands on his feet after a monkeyflip then gets an armdrag. He tries it again but Lynn gets a backbreaker. Lunn with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and a tag to Low Ki. He kills Mamaluke with some vicious kicks to the chest and head. He stomps on Mamaluke but gets shoved against the ropes. Mamaluke with a side suplex, which gets two. Double-armed jumping DDT into a submission hold. The hold breaks and Mamaluke slaps Romeo on the chest, which is sold as a tag by Ferrara. However, he goes across the ring and tags in Daniels. He beats on Low Ki in the corner. Sideslam gets two. Low Ki comes back with a rolling wheel kick and tags in Romeo. Daniels gets chopped hard but hits a leg lariat and tags in Lynn. They then trade Gory Special’s but it ends with Lynn getting a rollup for two. Romeo gets booted after a charge and Lynn gets a tornado DDT for two. Lynn tags Daniels who goes up top but misses a splash. Romeo tags in Lynn, who catches a charging Daniels but gets taken to the outside. Lynn dodges a baseball slide but gets rammed against the ring apron. Daniels with a split-legged moonsault block. Romeo follows that with a splash onto both men. Mamaluke gets a senton and Low-Ki and Skipper hit stereo somersault planchas. That looked impressive. In the ring, Lynn and Daniels go at each other. Lynn lands on the apron after a back drop and then gets a leg drop on Daniels. Lynn up top but Mamaluke crotches him and Lynn goes outside. Mamaluke hammers away on Daniels. He hits a gordbuster and a Russian Leg Sweep as Lynn gets counted out (10:37). Daniels with a jawbreaker and a tag to Skipper. They counter each other’s backslides but Skipper gets the Play of the Day for the pin (11:30). Low Ki enters and stomps on Skipper. Skipper falls outside after an Irish whip. Ki rolls him back in and counters the Play of the Day. Ki gets him up in a muscle buster and then rams him into the corner.  More kicks from Low Ki. In an amazing looking spot, Skipper ducks a springboard kick from Low Ki with the matrix and gets a belly-to-belly suplex. Missile dropkick sends Low Ki into the corner and he manages to tag Daniels. Skipper gets a double underhook suplex for two. Inverted suplex gets two. Daniels slams him to the mat. They do some counters but Daniels gets the Last Rites for the pin (14:55). Romeo comes in and gets a facbuster for two. Bulldog gets two as West proclaims that he would pay $100 to see this. Romeo dropkicks Low Ki off of the apron. Daniels crotches Romeo up top but Romeo gets a veterbreaker for the pin but the ref says foot was on the ropes. Low Ki tags and gets a springboard kick. Tidal Crush is followed by the Dragon Clutch as Romeo taps (17:03). Low Ki drags Daniels out from under the ropes for two. The two then trade chops in the corner. STO by Daniels as the crowd is getting into the match. Ki blocks the double springboard moonsault attempt but gets elbowed off the top while attempting the Dragon Clutch. Daniels then gets the double springboard moonsault for two. Low Ki floats over on as suplex and gets a rollup starting a reversal sequence. Low Ki blocks the Angel Wings and gets the Dragon Clutch. Daniels fights out and puts Low Ki up top. Fall from Grace gets two. Daniels complains to the refs. Low Ki counters a neckbreaker with a kick to the face and hits the Ki Crusher for the win as the fans go nuts (21:31) ***1/2. Siaki and Estrada run out and attack Low Ki from behind. Siaki goes to the announcers table and grabs the mic stating that if the NWA doesn’t want them involved in the X-Divison match, they will involve themselves. The rest of the competitors run off the Elvises.
Thoughts: Good match that got better towards the end. The Mamaluke dominated segment dragged as he was easily the least spectacular contestant in the match. The crowd is crazy for Low Ki at this point. Daniels, Skipper, and Romeo all made very good first impressions. Having the streamers go off again after the match shows that they actually are caring about the belt.
Tenay begins to run down next week’s card which has AJ Styles vs. Low Ki, Scott Hall vs. Brian Lawler, and Puppet the Psycho Dwarf vs. Meatball. All of a sudden, Jarrett comes out with a chair. He says screw the New Church and the NWA. States he will get a title shot. Says screw the Tennessee Titans, with several of them sitting in the front row. A few of the Titans come out and fight with Jarrett. The New Church come out and Jarrett fights off all of them with a chair. Malice then beats Jarrett around the arena with the announcers screaming as the show goes off of the air.

Final Thoughts: This show was pretty bad. The attempts to be edgy by having that skank Jasmin St. Claire dance along with lots of swearing and other harsh language only came off as embarrassing. Also, as if it wasn’t already clear before, this promotion was all about Jarrett. He dominated the show, despite not wrestling. They made a feeble attempt to elevate the World Heavyweight Title. At least the X-Division title is worth something as that division is the only true positive about the promotion. They need some faces on the heavyweight side as their top two, Shamrock and Hall, are washed up. Hell, they have their top heel faction feuding with their top heel. The Styles/Lynn storyline is the only one that is somewhat intriguing. Funny story about this show is that hours before the show was to go on live, Jerry Jarrett was informed by the PPV company that his shows had only done about 55,000 combined so far and that he would need about 170, 000 more to break even after being under the impression that he only needed 55,000 to break even. After their first few shows, its not hard to figure out why they were losing money.    

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #3

July 3, 2002
Live from the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, TN
Your hosts are Mike Tenay, Don West, and Ed Ferrara
The announcers plug the NWA-TNA Tag Team Championship Tournament and the main event, Scott Hall & Brian Christopher vs. Jeff Jarrett & K-Krush

NWA President Jim Miller comes out to make a special announcement. He presents a trophy to Tenay, welcoming TNA to the NWA. He then rambles on about his trip to Japan before revealing that Takao Omori will face the Champion next week.
NWA-TNA Tag-Team Championship Tournament Semi-Finals
Chris Harris & “Cowboy” James Storm vs. The Johnsons w/ Mortimer Plumtree
Plumtree has a pre-match promo in which he guarantees that his “Servants” will win the Tag-Team Championship. It was nothing special at all. Harris gets backed into the corner and hit with a double underhook suplex for two. Johnson #1 misses a corner splash and gets taken down with an armdrag. Thesz press by Harris and he tags Storm. Storm’s attempt at a hiptoss is blocked but he eventually comes back with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. He ducks his head after an Irish whip and gets hits with a swinging neckbreaker. Tag to Johnson #2 and they slam him down. Johnson #2 with a press slam as Plumtree yells at Storm. The Johnson’s make quick tags and continue to work on Storm. Crowd starts to get into the match as Storm gets his feet up as Johnson #2 comes off the middle ropes. Storm comes back with an inverted atomic drop and a superkick. Both men are down as Ferrara states how one of these could win the championship tonight. Good insight, Shitlocks. Both men tag out as Harris runs wild, but the Johnson’s eventually double team Harris. Storm clotheslines one of the Johnson’s over the ropes, taking himself out in the process. Harris with a spear to the remaining Johnson then gets caught after a crossbody attempt but Storm comes off the top rope with a missle dropkick and Harris gets the win (4:41) *1/2. After the match, Plumtree berates his team and pushes them, resulting in the Johnson’s shoving him down after teasing a chokeslam and walking out of the ring. The camera shows Plumtree crawling around and limping up the ramp, begging them to come back.
Thoughts: The match was fine and you could see that there was something special with Storm and Harris. They knew when to make the comeback and they always showed fire. The Johnson’s did some decent power stuff again too. The Plumtree angle after the match was meaningless, as this was the second and final appearance of the Johnson’s on NWA-TNA programming.
Scott Hall comes out and is interrupted immediately by Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett says how no one cares about Hall, then calls him a bitch. Hall states how Jarrett can’t back up his words and says “don’t sing it, bring it.” NWA President Jim Miller intervenes and says Jarrett will wait to fight Hall until the NWA decides. K-Krush ambushes Hall in the ring but ends up getting clotheslined out quickly. Segment wasn’t terrible but Miller is not someone who should be on TV.
Camera cuts backstage as Goldylocks is in the locker room where Harris and Stor ere ambushed and left bloodied as Bill Behrens yells for help. Goldylocks and Behrens cannot act at all.  
Anthony Ingram vs. Monty Brown
Before the match, Brown cuts a promo stating how he came to TNA for Ken Shamrock. Tenay mentions how Brown has been dominating the independent scene in Michigan. Ingram didn’t get a ring entrance and I have no clue as to who he is. Brown beats on Ingram once the bell rings. He gets an exploder then uses clubbing forearms. He catches Ingram and hits a powerslam. Brown signals for the Alpha Bomb (scoop powerbomb) and hits it for the win (1:32) NR.
Thoughts: Brown had a ton of charisma but was really green in the ring at this point. Also, he had on some crappy gear and was sporting cornrows. The announcers spent most of the time talking about the Tag-Title Tournament so this segment came off as filler.
Goldylocks is in the back looking for Jim Miller. The Hotshots walk by and state that they have not seen him. Puppet the Psycho Dwarf interrupts and cuts a promo. He wants to see midget blood and will not leave until he beats a midget. He named off celebs like Gary Coleman and Mini-Me as midgets that he would like to beat. Puppet really can cut a decent promo.
NWA-TNA Tag-Team Championship Tournament Semi-Finals
Rainbow Express w/Joel Gertner vs. Buff Bagwell & Apolo
Goldylocks interviews Bagwell and Apolo before the match. Bagwell acts selfish and guarantees a win. Nothing new from Buff here. Bruce and Buff start off the match. Buff gets a shoulderblock and a hiptoss before posing to the crowd. Bruce hits him from behind but then gets taken down by Buff. Buff with a Vaderbomb and more posing as Alicia is shown walking down the aisle. Tag to Lane who gives Buff the hand to the face routine. Buff follows with an eye poke as the camera shows Alicia getting money from Ferrara and checking it off in her black book. They show Apolo in the ring beating on the Rainbow Express. Spinebuster to Lane gets two. Apolo no-sells some chops and hits a scoop slam. Gertner hooks the leg of Apolo, allowing Lane to get a DDT. Tag to Bruce and he stomps down Apolo. They begin to double-team Apolo as Ferrara notices how West toned down the homophobia towards the Rainbow Express. Apolo catches Lane with a full nelson slam and both men are down. Both men tag out and the crowd is silent. Bagwell cleans house on the Rainbow Express. He blows a crossbody spot in which he was supposed to take out Lane and himself but they couldn’t get over the ropes. That looked terrible. Apolo kills Bruce with a superkick and gets the TKO. Lane attacks from behind then pulls down the tope rope when after Apolo charges after him. Buff comes him and hits the blockbuster on Bruce but decides to pose to the crowd, allowing Lane to hit a weak looking superkick for the win (5:48) ¾*. After the match, Buff is shown talking to himself as Ferrara goes to interview him. Buff states how he is not “Buff” but rather “Marcus.” Says no one “gave a shit” about him when he broke his neck and that being “Buff” got him beat by “two gay guys” tonight. He says he wants to go home and then gives away his top hat. West says how Buff sucked tonight as Ferrara says he was moved by his pain.
Thoughts: The match got really bad in the last minute but was passable overall. The story about Buff being a show-off costing him the match was fine but the post match stuff was a page out of WCW’s dying days. Thankfully, West toned down the homophobia when the Rainbow Express used their antics. The Alicia angle continues to be a giant waste of time. Exactly what is the payoff to that supposed to be anyway?
Ken Shamrock comes out and addresses Monty Brown’s challenge by stating how he is a joke. His promo was awful. He mentions is match against Malice as the crowd does the “What” chant routine. James Mitchell is shown in the balcony and tells Shamock to not worry about anyone else but Malice. The lights are out in the arena with the exception of the balcony. When they come back on, Shamrock is motionless on the mat with Malice standing over him. Segment was okay and furthered along the feud between Shamrock and The New Church.
Bill Behrens is on the phone panicking about the all of the chaos and the whereabouts of Jim Miller. Jerry Lynn asks him to find a partner to replace the injured Storm & Harris team. Behrens yells at him to go away and does the same to Goldylocks. More terrible acting from Behrens and Goldylocks.
Hardcore Midget Match
Puppet vs. Todd Stone
Puppet nails Stone with a kendo stick as he enters the ring. Puppet smashes him with a trashcan and takes him down with a clothesline. Some more trashcan shots are followed by a slam onto the can. He puts the can over Stone’s head and beats it with the kendo stick as West is laughing hysterically and enjoying himself way too much. Puppet then gets a TKO on the trash can for the win (1:54) ¼*. After the match, Puppet nails the ref with a kendo stick and hits Borash, Ferrara, and West before chasing the referee up the ramp.
Thoughts: Match was a total squash but fine for what it was. West was brutal on commentary as he was constantly laughing and expressing his love for Puppet. He was portrayed as a face announcer from the beginning yet he is homophobic and loves the heel midget wrestler. The commentary might be the worst thing about these shows so far.
Goldylocks is with Ken Shamrock and the medics and cannot get an update on his condition other than the fact his neck is hurt.
Recap of last week’s Miss TNA battle royal and the action between Francine and Taylor Vaughn.
Francine vs. Taylor Vaughn
Francine attacks Vaughn from behind with a leather belt. Vaughn then takes the belt from her and chokes her out. The referee attempts to take the belt but gets hit and ring the bell for the DQ. Ferrara comes to the ring to raise the hand of Francine and places his hand on her chest and eventually gets slapped and hit with the strap. 
Thoughts: A waste of time. No one cared about the females and the Ferrara and Francine stuff is getting old. They didn’t even ring the bell to start the match and the ref only decides to go for the DQ finish after he gets hit with the belt.
Borash introduces Hermie Sadler and his pit crew. K-Krush interrupts and states how he must have had his ass whooped a lot as a kid because he doesn’t listen. I like that line, actually. Sadler attacks K-Krush and then accepts a challenge next week for a match. I love K-Krush as an angry heel. He does a great job in that role. Having a lower tier NASCAR driver isn’t going to spark business though, even in the South.
NWA-TNA Championship
Malice w/James Mitchell vs. Ken Shamrock
Malice attacks Shamrock as he enters the ring. That is the theme of the night I guess. He works the neck and knocks Shamrock off the apron. He rolls Ken back in and works on the neck some more. He lifts Shamrock by the neck as he sits on the top rope. Leg drop gets two. Shamrock locks in an armbar as Malice tried a choke but the hold is broken up. Malice tosses Shamrock outside and drops the chain he had in his hand. He slams Shamrock’s head off of the announcers table and works the neck some more. Back in the ring, Shamrock gets a leg lock but Malice quickly reaches the ropes. Malice with a few back suplexes and locks on a neck vise. Shamrock blocks a suplex attempt and gets a snap suplex. Malice is up quickly but Shamrock with a kick and then a belly-to-belly suplex for the win (5:53) *1/2.
Thoughts: The match was going fine but the ending was abrupt and made no sense as Malice just no-sold a snap suplex seconds prior to getting pinned. Also, the belly-to-belly suplex as a finisher is weak. This made Malice seem like a loser as he could barely beat a guy he injured less than an hour ago. I don’t mind Shamrock but he was not a good choice as the first champion.
NWA-TNA X Division Championship
David Young w/Bobcat vs. AJ Styles (Champion)
Before the match, Tenay mentions how writer Alex Marvez wrote in his column about the X-Division match from last week being the best PPV match he has seen all year. Young attacks Styles before the match but eventually gets hit with a dropkick. Styles counters a full nelson slam with an armdrag. He gets another armdrag but Young runs him over with a shoulder block. Styles takes Young out of the ring with a hurricarana. He comes up way short on a somersault plancha and throws a forearm at Young. He rolls him the ring for two. Bobcat is shown speaking on a cellphone as Styles is backdropped on the apron. Styles tries a springboard but is shoved off and Young follows that with an Asai Moonsault. Young rolls him back in the ring and gets two. They slug it out and do a few reversals and counters before Young throws him in the corner with a northern lights suplex. Styles manages a crucifix for two. Rollup gets two. Young gets an enziguiri for two. Camera focuses on Bobcat as Young gets the figure-four headlock and then a powerslam for two. Brainbuster gets two. Young with a headlock but AJ breaks out and hits a superkick, which gets two. Styles gets the phemonenon for two. It was really sloppy looking. Bobcat waves to the camera as Young gets backdropped. Styles with some kicks and chops but Young gets a spinebuster as Styles tried to escape a full-nelson slam. Young places Styles on top for the Frankensteiner but gets caught mid-move and Styles turns it into a top-rope Styles Clash for the win (8:46) **1/2. After the match, Bobcat celebrates in the ring and raises Young’s hand, oblivious to the fact that her man lost.
Thoughts: Match was decent, but not great or anything. Not a whole lot of action here as Young wrestles more of a power style and there were too many restholds, especially for the X Division. AJ blew a few spots as well and was nowhere near as crisp as he was last week.
Tenay plugs next week’s matches including a 6-man elimination match that will determine the ranking order for the X Division including Low Ki, Jerry Lynn, Elix Skipper, Kid Romeo, Christopher Daniels, and Tony Mamaluke.
Goldylocks with the Rainbow Express and Joel Gertner. Lane tells her he knows a place that can fix her hair and Gertner does his schtick with Goldylocks, disgusting her in the process. Not a good segmemt and I like Gertner, who really should still have a job in wrestling today.
Borash introduces the opponents for the Rainbow Express, Jerry Lynn & AJ Styles.
NWA-TNA Tag Team Championship Tournament Finals
Rainbow Express w/Joel Gertner vs. AJ Styles & Jerry Lynn
Once again tonight, the heels stomp the faces as they enter the ring. Lynn tosses the Rainbow Express from the ring and hits them with a plancha. Styles then follows with a corkcscrew plancha. Back inside, Lane and Lynn trade reversals until Lynn gets a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Lynn with a drop toehold on a charging Lane, who hits the second turnbuckle. Bruce charges in and gets dropped face first into Lenny’s crotch. Lynn rams Bruce head into Lenny crotch. I’m surprised that West wasn’t losing his mind over this.  Lynn heads up top but Gertner grabs his leg, allowing Lane to get the advantage. Bruce tags in and stomps Lane. Lynn lands on the apron after a backdrop and hits a leg drop on Bruce, which gets two. Styles tags in and creams Bruce with a spinning heel kick, which gets two. Quick tag to Lynn who hammers away. Bruce eats boot on a charge in the corner and Lynn climbs up top for the bulldog and he pin is broken up by Lane. Bruce gets a low blow and makes the tag. Lynn gets a jawbreaker and then a rollup for two. Lane pulls on the ropes after a failed dropkick from Lynn and gets the Tiger Tamer until Styles breaks it up with a clothesline. Bruce comes in without tagging and the ref doesn’t notice. Slam by Bruce gets two. He stomps Lynn and tags Lane, who gets a delayed vertical suplex for two. The camera shows a worried Joel Gertner outside and AJ favoring his back. Bruce tags in but Lynn gets a sunset flip for two. Lynn counters a springboard sunsetflip with a sitdown splash but Bruce counters that with a rollup for two. Lynn with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors but that is countered into a sitout facebuster, which gets two. Bruce gets a chinlock as the crowd starts a lukewarm chant for Lynn. Bruce now has the headscissos locked in as the crowd is starting to come alive. Lynn escapes a powerbomb attempt twice and gets a rollup for two as Gertner distracted the referee. Lynn floats over Bruce and gets an inverted DDT as both men are down. They tag out and AJ beats on Lane. Hurricarana gets two. Superkick gets two. Lynn now stomps on Bruce. Lane catches AJ with a forward Russian Legsweep and Lynn breaks up the pin attempt. Lynn hits Lane with the cradle piledriver and takes out a charging Bruce with a hurricarana. Styles then goes up top and hits the Spiral Tap for the win (12:22) ***. The confetti drops from the ceiling as the two celebrate the title win.
Thoughts: Good match. Having Lynn and Styles team together is an interesting dynamic and it’s nice to see that they are pushing a young talent instead of an old WCW/WWE reject.
Camera cuts to the back as the security shows Jim Miller tied up and gagged on the floor. Goldylocks attempts to act shocked and appalled.
K-Krush & Jeff Jarrett vs. Brian Christopher & Scott Hall
All four men attack each other in the ring and take the action outside. They end up brawling in the crowd and all over the arena, with the faces getting the upper hand. Hall beats on Jarrett inside of the dancer’s cage. Back in the ring, Christopher backdrops K-Krush. He goes up top as Hall is beating Jarrett but misses the Hip-Hop Drop. Krush dumps Christopher but Hall is standing behind him and eventually gets a choke slam. Jarrett comes back in but Hall punches him down. Jarrett gets in a few shots before Hall tags Christopher, who comes in and gets some mounted punches in the corner. He misses a charge in the corner and tags Hall. Jarrett shoves Hall into the ropes, knocking Christopher off of the apron. K-Krush tags in and hits a missle dropkick. Flying forearm gets two. Tag to Jarrett who punches him down and jaws with the crowd. Neckbreaker gets two and Killings tags back in and hits a spinning heel kick. He yells at Christopher and tags Jarrett. Hall rolls through a crossbody and gets two. Jarrett quickly gains the advantage and locks in a sleeper hold. Hall reverses into one of his own but that is quickly broken up with a jawbreaker. Jarrett gets a back suplex and both men are down. Christopher prevents Jarrett’s tag from happening but Hall now has no one to tag. Killings tags in and gets an axe kick. Krush puts Hall in a chinlock then tells the crowd to “shut up.” Hall gets up and hits an electric chair drop as both men are down. Jarrett tags in but Hall hits both men with a double clothesline. Christopher rallies the crowd but pulls back his hand on the tag attempt and punches Hall. Jarrett charges but Hall counters with an atomic drop. He clears house on everyone, including Christopher. Razor’s Edge to K-Krush. The ref is down and Christopher breaks up the Razor’s edge. Jarrett with the stroke and Christopher goes up top with the Hip Hop Drop, allowing Jarrett to cover Hall for the win (11:41) **1/4. Jarrett grabs the mic and tells Hall that he “isn’t worth a shit” as K-Krush and Christopher hug in the background. He mentions beating Hall in 1995 and 1997 and running Hall out of WCW and he will do the same here. Jarrett beats Hall with the trophy. The refs signal for the EMT’s as they bring out the stretchers. Jarrett challenges everyone, including the Tennessee Titans offensive line, who are in the front row. Jarrett bring up how the WWE kicked Hall out of the nWo. Jarrett dumps Hall off the stretcher and states he will prove once and for all that he should have walked out of the first show as the World Championship. As Tenay runs down next week’s card, Jarrett continues to assault Hall as the show ends.
Thoughts: The match itself was decent enough. The Christopher heel turn is fine as he makes a far better heel than a face but he and K-Krush completely disappeared once the match ended and Jarrett took over. Plus, Krush and Christopher fought last week and the hug by the two signaled that this was planned all along, making the whole thing seem contrived. If you hated the fact that Jarrett dominated TNA during it’s early years, then you will probably not like this segment.
Final Thoughts: The first 75% of this show was painfully boring, burning out the crowd. The last three matches were decent enough though. However, the poor production values and horrible announcing really hurt the product. Also, the only heavyweight faces they have that are worth anything are Hall and Shamrock and they are not strong workers at this point in their careers. I do like that they have giving Styles a push though. Overall this show had less embarrassingly bad material but it still wasn’t very good.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #2

Recap of last week’s show, with 95% of it revolving around Jeff Jarrett. They also showed a few seconds of Shamrock winning the title.
Live from the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsvile, AL
Your hosts are Mike Tenay, Don West, and Ed Ferrara, who is still proudly sporting his shitlocks.

Tenay plugs Brian Christopher vs. K-Krush, with Hermie Sadler & Sterling Martin in Christopher’s corner. The also plug a “Double Main Event” with the X-Division Championship decided in a double elimination match and Scott Hall vs. Jeff Jarrett.
Jeff Jarrett comes down to the ring and demands that Hall, Keith, and Fargo get out here now as he wants the match to start immediately, prompting a surprised Tenay to state how this was supposed to be the main event.
Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Hall w/Jackie Fargo & Toby Keith
Jarrett clears the ring when the faces comes out and jaws with the crowd. Hall flicks his toothpick in Jarrett’s face and laughs hysterically, even throwing in a knee-slap. Hall as a happy-go-lucky babyface just doesn’t work. Crowd starts a “you suck” chant at Jarrett before he takes Hall down with an armdrag, prompting Jarrett to yell back “who sucks now”. Lots of stalling follows as Jarrett messes around with Hall. Hall lands a few punches and catches Jarrett for the fallaway slam. A clothesline sends Jarrett to the floor as Hall panders to the crowd. Jarrett gets dragged and pushed in the ring but Hall falls down allowing Jeff to take advantage. He hits a few dropkicks and beats on Hall in the corner. Hall attempts a comeback but Jarrett jumps on his back and gets him in a sleeper hold, prompting Ferrara to refer to him as a “thinking man’s wrestler.” After about a minute, Hall catches Jarrett in a sleeper but that is quickly reversed into a back suplex by Jarrett, knocking both men on the mat. Jarrett attempts a cover and gets two. Hall comes up swinging and hits a slo-mo discus punch. Clotheslines in the corner are followed by another clothesline, this time knocking Jarrett down in the middle of the ring for a two count. He gets Jarrett up for the Razor’s Edge but K-Krush comes in and pulls down Jarrett then punches Hall in the face, with the referee looking on at this the entire time. Fargo, after blowing his cue the first time, eventually hits K-Krush. Holy shit did that spot look bad. Brian Christopher comes and chases K-Krush away. Back in the ring, Jarrett slams Hall face first into the mat. He yells at Keith and gets Hall in position for the Stroke when Keith comes from behind and gives Jarrett the low-blow. Hall and Keith with a double face-first slam to the mat on Jarrett as the ref slides into the ring and counts to three, with Keith hovering right over him the entire time (7:00) *1/4. Ferrara calls this the “biggest load of crap” that he has ever seen and goes on about Jarrett getting screwed again.
Thoughts: This played out like a Nitro main-event from 1996, with tons of outside inteference. Hall and Jarrett could at least work the crowd, which was vocal throughout the match. With that said, the action was not much but you aren’t going to expect great work from Hall in 2002 to begin with. In regards to Hall, having him as a smiling babyface didn’t work for me at all. Jarrett as the company’s badass doesn’t work great, either. The outside interference was done horribly and it came off looking like a Chinese Fire Drill. It did pump up the crowd though.
Quick rundown of the Miss TNA Lingerie Battle Royal as Ferrara gushes all over Francine.
Cheex w/Brown Eyed Girl vs. Frank Parker
Cheex is a morbidly obese black guy with who has a low-rent costume and attempts to dance down the ramp. To put it bluntly, he is a fat fuck without a shred of charisma. He even appeared to get winded walking to the ring. He is best known as the guy who broke the ropes minutes before TNA’s first show. I have no clue as to who the Brown Eyed Girl is or the opponent, Frank Parker. Tenay mentions how Jimmy Valiant trained Parker and Gene & Ole Anderson trained Cheex as Ferrara goes off about not caring about yesterday’s news and states how he is still pissed at Jarrett getting screwed again. Back to the match, Parker tries some kicks and clotheslines to no effect. He gets slammed after failing to move Cheex in an Irish whip attempt. Tenay states how the NWA officials just made Hall & Christopher vs. Jarrett & K-Krush for next week as Alicia is shown walking past the ring. Cheex with a running butt smash, or an “ass blast” according to Don West while Ferrara tells an incredibly lame fat bastard joke regarding Cheex and Teo, the midget wrestler. Cheex is now completely gassed and Parker gets in a few shots after an eye poke. Alicia is harassing Jeremy Borash at ringside as a sloppy looking reversal sequence ends with Cheex blocking a sunset flip with a sitdown splash. Cheex then puts this thing out of its misery with another splash (2:08) DUD. Post match action sees Alicia collecting money from Borash, like she is some sort of pimp.
Thoughts: The match was horrendous, with Cheex seemingly exceeding his billed weight of 450 lbs. He couldn’t even get his feet off of the ground during his splash. Anyway, this entire segment was a platform for the announcers to plug upcoming matches and further along the Alicia bit, which still comes off as a waste of time. By the way, according to Tenay, this was supposed to be the opening match. At least it was short.
Tenay mentions that next week will feature a one night tournament to crown the TNA Tag-Team Champions, but that the Hall & Christopher vs. Jarrett & K-Krush match is not part of that.
Replay of last week when K-Krush got into it with Sterling Marlin & Hermie Sadler before getting chased off by Brian Christopher.
K-Krush vs. Brian Christopher w/ Sterling Marlin and Hermie Sadler
Killings attacks Christopher from behind, who was standing on the second rope, just as the bell sounds. He beats on him for a bit until Christopher manages to hit a neckbreaker after a leapfrog. Running bulldog from Christopher gets two. He tries hit again but ends up getting shoved and crotched on the second turnbuckle. Killings gets a vertical suplex for two as Ferrara rants about Sadler being a “twerp.” Killings with a leg lariat and then applies a chinlock. Christopher eventually breaks the hold and hulks up as he is hit by clubbing forearms to the back. Enzuigiri by Christopher, who then gets a stunner after K-Krush drops his head following an Irish whip. Christopher attempts mounted punches in the corner but K-Krush breaks that up with an inverted atomic drop. As the ref checks on Christopher, K-Krush attempts to climb the ropes as the racecar drivers stand on the apron and catch Krush in the ropes and move them up and down rapidly, crotching him.  He rolls back in the ring and eventually falls down in the corner near Christopher, who climbs up top and puts on his goggles before hitting the Hip Hop Drop (top-rope legdrop) for the win (4:47) *1/4.  Ferrara, doing a poor excuse of a poor excuse of a Jesse Ventura impression, states how he is now twice as mad at this injustice as he is with what happened to Jarrett.
Thoughts: Match wasn’t much other than an attempt to get over the fact that this featured NASCAR drivers. Killings showed some potential though as Christopher’s act, despite getting cheered here, was played out around this time.
Tenay states how the Rainbow Express will be here tonight and lists the competitors for the X Division match tonight: AJ Styles, Low Ki, Psychosis, and Jerry Lynn.
Jeremy Borash is in the ring to announce the competitors for the Miss TNA Lingerie Battle Royal. Borash announces Francine first, but Tyler comes out first and announces Tyler second and Francine comes out. The announcers state how he is distracted and he stops naming off the competitors. Another bush-league segment.
Miss TNA Lingerie Battle Royal
Here are the competitors: Francine, Tyler, Miss Joni, Shannon, Alexis Laree, Miss Sasha, Elektra, Taylor Vaughn, and Erin Bray. I have no idea what happened to Rebecca Briggs, who was brought out last week. The rules are that when the girl has her pajamas pulled off and is exposing her lingerie, she is eliminated. Since they couldn’t competently announce the girls, I have no idea as to who half of them are. Anyway, Tyler is eliminated first, courtesy of Elektra. Shannon eliminates Sasha. Erin is eliminated off-camera. Nothing going on at all, unless you are interested in the sexualized comments from Ferrara and West. Francine is tripled-teamed by Elektra, Shannon, and Joni and is eliminated. Joni gets eliminated by Shannon. Francine collaspes on the ground and is helped up by Ferrara, who places his hand on her breasts. She then takes off his belt and simulates giving oral sex but instead beats him with the belt. As that went on, Shannon and Alexis Laree were eliminated off-camera, leaving Elektra and Taylor Vaughn left. After about thirty seconds, Vaughn wins (4:41) -*. After the match, Francine hits Taylor from behind. That was another terribly timed spot as Francine was already going in the ring before Taylor turned her back. She was looking right at her. Anyway, Francine then takes off Taylor’s pajamas and whips her with the belt as the camera clearly shows the belt hitting Taylor’s pajamas that were tossed beside her.
Thoughts: A huge clusterfuck. I understand the T & A portion of the show but this was filled with skanks and the few non-skanky competitors weren’t shown for more than five seconds. Crowd was silent for a majority of this and West and Ferrara on commentary certainly didn’t help anything. Just about every single thing about this entire segment was executed terribly.
Goldylocks is backstage with Apolo. He barely gets out two words before he is interrupted by Bobcat and David Young. Bobcat gets into it with Goldylocks. Bobcat is alright in her role but Goldylocks is really bad as an interviewer.
Apolo vs. David Young w/Bobcat
Young grabs a side headlock off of a lockup. He shoulderblocks Apolo to no effect before getting caught in an ugly looking tilt-a-whirl slam. Apolo blocks a hiptoss and hits a double underhook suplex on Young, who immediately rolls outside. Bobcat is shown teasing Jeremy Borash as Apolo rolls Young back in the ring. Apolo chops the shit out of Young but misses a charge in the corner. Young grabs the advantage with some kicks as the camera is focused on Bobcat and Borash. Young grabs an armlcok but breaks the hold to focus on Bobcat and gets rolled up by Apolo for two. Young comes back with a clothesline then gets an enzuigiri for two. Suplex gets two. He gets a snapmare into a chinlock as the crowd starts a faint chant for Apolo. The hold is broken up and Apolo manages to get a tornado DDT by springboarding off of the middle rope. Young hits a spienbuster after dodging a charge but is distracted by Bobcat’s antics. He misses a moonsault and eats a superkick from Apolo, who then hits the TKO for the win (5:26) *1/2. After the match, Bobcat enters the ring and runs around as if Young was victorious.
Thoughts: Not a bad match, although Apolo is a bit clunky in the ring. Young is a solid worker though. They established the Bobcat character well, I thought. As a new company, you need to establish characters early and this was a start. Not perfect or anything, but okay.
In the ring, Joel Gertner comes out and shares a poem about himself. He then talks about his team, the Rainbow Express, and how he doesn’t care that they are gay. He also states that he doesn’t care what happens in their hotel room as long as they perform in the ring. The Rainbow Express come to the ring as Tenay states how they were too controversial for WCW and that original member Lodi, is out with an injury and Bruce has taken his place. The Dupps are scheduled for the match and their music plays but they do not come out. The camera cuts backstage to the Dupps and Goldylocks as Stan Dupp states how they are not going to wrestle “them alternative lifestyle boys” as James Storm and Chris Harris are walking into the arena in street clothes as they area approached by a panicked Bill Behrens, who asks them if they can wrestle tonight. The two accept the challenge as Behrens tells them that they don’t have time to put on their gear and to just take off their shirts and go to the ring. That whole exchange between Behrens and the future AMW came off as awkward and somewhat homoerotic.
Rainbow Express w/Joel Gertner vs. Chris Harris & James Storm
The Rainbow express immediately stomp on their opponents as soon as they hit the ring. Harris shortly sends Bruce to the floor with a clothesline as storm beats on Lenny. West goes on about how he saw Storm and Harris recently wrestle at some fair and states it was one of the best matches that he has ever seen. Storm gets elbow while charging at Lenny, who immediately hits a tornado DDT. Leg drop by Lenny and he then tags Bruce by kissing his hand which disgusts Don West. As Ferrara tries to calm down West, a sloppy exchange involving Bruce with a springboard sunset flip attempt that needed assistance from Lenny that got two. Harris runs in and gets a tilt-a-whirl headscissors on Lane, then gets reprimanded by the ref. The Rainbow express use some homoerotic double team moves on Storm, drawing some boos from the crowd. Lenny gets a suplex on Storm and crawls halfway across the ring to make the cover, which gets two. West continues to rant about his displeasure of the Rainbow Express’s mannerisms. Tag to Bruce who gets a scoop slam and lays into Storm before quickly tagging out. Lenny gets the Tigertamer (Jericho’s Liontamer) that Harris breaks up with a clothesline as West screams with joy. The crowd is just dead for all of this. Eventually, both men make the tag and Harris runs wild. Storm takes Bruce down off of the apron. Back in the ring, Lenny hotshots Harris as Ferrara and West continue to go at each other regarding the Rainbow Express. Harris rolls through a slam and gets two. Backslide gets two. Lenny with a reverse rollup on Harris but gets shoved and knocked into Bruce, who was re-entering the ring. Harris then gets a quick rollup on the stunned Lane for the win (4:47) ½*
Thoughts: Match wasn’t that good and the crowd was silent. The commentary was excruciatingly bad as the overly homophobic West made it unbearable. Ferrara as the guy questioning West on his displeasure for the act went nowhere.  As far as the Rainbow Express, the act might have been able to go somewhere if the performers were talented. Lenny and Bruce are nothing more than jobbers. They are medicore in the ring and it was a lame attempt to be controversial. It was the first time that Harris & Storm had teamed up in TNA, for what it’s worth.
Ricky Steamboat is in the ring, wearing a referee’s shirt. He then introduces NWA-TNA champion Ken Shamrock, as West yells with the same excitement as he did when he sold Joe Montana gem mint ten’s. Shamrock states how he will defend the belt with honor as West yells “you damn skippy.” Good lord has he been awful tonight. James Mitchell interrupts and insults the “crackers” in the crowd and dares Shamrock to defend the belt against one of his disciples. He brings out Slash as the crowd goes silent and Shamrock calls him a joke. As they go back and forth, Malice sneaks in the ring from behind and hits Shamrock with a chokeslam and maintains the hold. Steamboat unsuccessfully tries to pull Malice off as the security hits the ring. They make mall security look badass by comparision. After a minute, Malice breaks as he and the rest of the New Church laugh. The segment was alright and at least coherent with Malice wanting revenge after losing in the title match last week. Shamrock isn’t good with the mic but luckily Mitchell did most of the talking.
Highlights from last week’s six-man tag match, showcasing the X Division style. Tenay states how the Flying Elvises are pissed that they were not invited to this match.
Double Elimination Match for the NWA-TNA X Division Championship
AJ Styles vs. Psicosis vs. Low Ki vs. Jerry Lynn
The rules are that two men start off. Once one is pinned, they roll out and another comes in the ring. Once you are pinned twice, you are eliminated from the match. Styles and Psicosis start off the match. AJ with some chops but gets caught in a wheelbarrow slam. Psychosis with a monkey flip but Styles lands on his feet and hits a superkick, which gets two. Styles charges but gets elbowed and Psicosis comes back with a spinning heel kick that barely made any contact. He goes up top and the guillotine leg drop gets two. Styles manages to reverse an Irish whip and turns a hurricarana attempt into the styled Clash for the pinfall (2:02). Low Ki comes in and hits some stiff kicks. Then in an incredible spot, Styles kips up and gets a hurricarana on Low Ki. Damn, that looked great. Low Ki blocks a German suplex and kicks Styles in the back of the head. West compares Low Ki to Bruce Lee as he chops Styles in the corner. Styles manages to catch Low Ki on a monkey flip and attempts the Styles Clash. Low Ki escapes and kicks Styles in the head and tosses him high in the corner. Low Ki goes up top and gets the dragon sleeper and manages to hold on as they fall off the ropes. That spot looked really cool but I think they were lucky as Styles looked like he just dropped accidentally. Low Ki kicks Styles hard and goes up top. He lands on his feet after a twisting move and walks into a clothesline. Styles with a German suplex and rolls through that to hit a sitout facebuster for the pinfall (4:24). Jerry Lynn comes on and clotheslines Styles before hitting the cradle piledriver for the pinfall (4:44). Psicosis comes right in and hits a missle dropkick to the back of Lynn. He whips Lynn, who ducks a clothesine and gets a snapmare. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors to Psicosis and these two are working crisply at a lightning fast pace. West gushes about the match as Tenay mentions Lynn’s feud with the Lightning Kid (X-Pac) in the GWF. Psicosis takes Lynn outside with a hurricarana and flies on him with a somersault plancha. The crowd is loving this and West is losing his mind. Psicosis rolls Lynn back in the ring and gets a top rope spinning heel kick for two. Lynn gets an inverted DDT for two. Psicosis hangs on the ropes, causing Lynn to miss a dropkick. He heads up top but gets dropkicked in midair and Lynn gets the cradle piledriver for the pinfall, eliminating Psicosis (7:44). Low Ki is in next and beats on Lynn as West is selling this PPV hard. Lynn elbows Low Ki after a charge and goes up top but Low Ki hits a rolling kick. Ki with a Frankensteiner but Lynn rolls through that and gets two. Low Ki fires back with some stiff kicks until Lynn lands an enziguiri. Backdrop from Lynn is followed by a clothesline. Lynn tries for the cradle piledriver but Low Ki locks in an armbar. Lynn  eventually counters that with a powerbomb, which gets two. Low Ki blocks a suplex and gets Lynn up for the Ki Krusher but Lynn reverses that into a DDT. Lynn comes back with a short-armed clothesline the cradle piledriver for the win (12:04). Styles comes in and hits a discus clothesline for two. Lynn manages to counter a Styles Clash attempt into a hurricarana before walking into a spinning heel kick. Lynn catches Styles with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker then while on the apron, smashes AJ into the turnbuckle. Sunset flip attempt is blocked by AJ, who goes on the apron and gets a twisting slingshot splash for two. He moonsaults off of the chest of Lynn then runs into a boot. Lynn fires back with a DDT. A suplex reversal sequence ends with AJ getting a neckbreaker, which also gets two. Lynn manages to get a Liger Bomb for two. This match is just fantastic. Everyone is hitting their moves perfectly. Styles backdrops Lynn off of a piledriver attempt and hits the Styles Clash for the pinfall (16:04). Steamboat is now the referee. Both guys slug it out and then do a bunch of pinning reversal sequences. Double clothesline spot follows as West repeats “How can they go on!” AJ gets up first and dropkicks Lynn, who rolls out on the apron. Lynn catches AJ with a hangman’s neckbreaker then drag him outside. He whips AJ into the guardrail. AJ boots Lynn while on the apron and then hits the Phenomenon (moonsault /inverted DDT combo). He rolls Lynn in the ring and gets two. Lynn reverses a suplex and hits an inverted suplex, leaving Styles on the ropes and then delivers a DDT, which gets two. Lynn gets Styles up in the Vertebreaker position and spins around before Styles escapes. Styles tries a rana but Lynn catches and delivers a sitout facecrusher from the powerbomb position, which gets two. Damn, that’s a sweet move. The crowd is all over the nearfalls. Both men just beat the ten count as Styles escapes a powebomb and hits a neckbreaker from the fireman’s carry position, to get two. Lynn blocks a suplex attempt and gets a brainbuster for two. Lynn puts AJ in the sleeper hold, which is eventually boken up with a jawbreaker. AJ goes up top but is knocked down and Lynn gets a superplex for two as Tenay palys up how Lynn hurt himself on that move. He puts AJ up top but gets shoved off and AJ hits the Spiral Tap (corkscrew senton) for the win (25:56) ****1/2. Confetti comes down and fireworks are set off as Steamboat puts the belt into AJ’s hands. Tenay says how the future of wrestling has arrived and to remember the name, AJ Styles. They then recap the match by showing all of the pinfalls.
Thoughts: Incredible match. This was a great way to put over the X Division. Everyone looked good but the match really showcased everyone but Psicosis and even he did a great job. It also planted the seeds for a Lynn vs. Styles feud. They managed to make the X Division title a lot more prestigious than the heavyweight title. Go out of your way to see this match.
The announcers then hype the matches that are scheduled for next week:
Scott Hall & Brian Christopher vs. Jeff Jarrett & K-Krush
Ken Shamrock vs. Malice for the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship
NWA-TNA Tag Team Championship Tournament
Final Thoughts: This show was unremarkable until the main event, which is a must-see match. The worst thing about this show was the commentary. Ed Ferrara sucked and having him be upset when the heels lost yet get angry with West’s homophobia didn’t appear to make much sense. Speaking of West and the homophobia regarding the Rainbow Express, it was painful. Who the fuck thought that it was a good idea? Having him yell about the main event like he is selling an autographed John Olerud helmet is okay but everything else by him was pure shit. The X Division stuff is a start but the rest of the product comes off as low-rent.

Tryout: Brian Bayless Reviews NWA-TNA

June 19, 2002 Live from the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, AL Jeremy Borash is the ring announcer. Don West is announced first. Watching it live, I found it hilarious that the guy shilling sportscards on the “Shop At Home” network was on a wrestling show. Seriously, that show was the fucking funniest thing to watch late at night. You think he was apeshit in TNA then you haven’t seen him blow a gasket at opening up a pack of basketball cards to find a Chris Mullin rookie card. He does an alright job of pumping up the crowd though. Ed Ferrara is out next and billed as the “most influential man in wrestling.” Even more ridiculous than that is his hairstyle, which consists of awful looking dreadlocks. I’ll call them shitlocks. Anyway, he cuts a lame bit about being a fan of TNA but not necessarily a fan of Total Nonstop Action. The crowd doesn’t care about Ferrara. He then turns it over to Mike Tenay at the broadcast booth and refers to him as the “Professor of Vanilla.” Tenay puts over the history and tradition of the NWA. He goes on about respecting history and plugs the “Gauntlet for the Gold” tonight that will feature 20 wrestlers. He explains the rules, which is two wrestlers in the ring every 90 seconds and an opponent is eliminated when he goes over the top rope and on to the floor. Jeremy Borash is in the ring to announce the legends of the NWA. Harley Race is out first and looks decent all things considered. Dory Funk comes out and still looks like he can kick some ass, even at age 61 . Jackie Fargo is out next and Tenay brags about him being a first-ballot “Wrestling Observer Newsletter HOF” as Ferrara sarcastically pretends he has never heard of the publication. Bob Armstrong is out next to a decent reaction. Corsica Joe and Sara Lee are out next , looking ancient. At least Sara Lee seems to know where she is as Joe looks completely lost. Bill Behrens is out next. Exactly how is he a legend? Ricky Steamboat is out last and cuts a passionate but long-winded promo about the importance of the NWA title. He talks about his match with Flair in Chicago 89 to become champion and states the NWA belt means more to him than any other belt then proceeds to compare it to every other sport’s championship. He mentioned that the NWA representatives have picked 20 wrestlers for the Gauntlet and that he will be referee when the last two left. Jeff Jarrett comes out and Tenay is livid that he interrupted the festivities. Jarrett calls the gauntlet the biggest joke and runs down the legends while frequently stating how having a battle royal to determine the title is stupid. Fargo then incoherently cuts a promo, forgetting that you actually need to speak into the microphone. He makes Jarrett the 1st contender in the gauntlet, who states he doesn’t care and will win by kicking 19 other asses. Ken Shamrock comes out and also thinks the gauntlet is a dumb idea. Great, even the faces are shitting all over the idea of having a battle royal. He tells Jarrett that he can kick the other 18 asses in the gauntlet but not his. Shamrock is not that great of a promo guy and certainly wasn’t anything special here. Hall comes out from the crowd, who Tenay calls “Wrestling’s Real Outlaw.” Hall also agrees with the other two about the gauntlet being a dumb idea, but says its going to happen and to quit crying and focus on one person, Scott Hall. Jarrett disses everyone and says Fargo will regret his decision of making him #1. This whole segment was idiotic. It begins by promoting the tradition of the NWA and ends with the three top contestants stating the gauntlet, which is the main event and going to determine the NWA champion, was a dumb idea. No one came off looking good here. Backstage, Goldylocks interviews Puppet the Psycho dwarf. She is not good in her role at all. He says midgets are the true stars and came to TNA to see “midget blood.” At least Puppet can cut a halfway decent promo. Jarrett can be seen yelling about Fargo and kicking a barrel in the background. Cage dancers are shown before the competitors are announced. They look quite skanky. AJ Styles & Low Ki & Jerry Lynn vs Flying Elvises (Jorge Estrada, Sonny Siaki, Jimmy Yang) Before the match, the legends are shown backstage looking at the monitor. They show them looking proud at the faces and shaking their heads in disbelief at the Flying Elvises. Tenay plugs the X Division, stating there was no weight limit and mentions the round robin next week to crown the first ever X Division champion. The faces get attacked from behind to start but quickly gain the advantage and dump Siaki & Estrada, leaving Yang and Styles in the ring. AJ gets a powerslam and knocks Yang down with a chop. Yang then pancakes Styles and nails him with a leg lariat for two. Styles breaks up a suplex with a forearm and tags Lynn, who lands a few stomps. Lynn reverses an Irish whip and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Yang charges the corner and eats a boot from Lynn. Lynn gets a tornado DDT but Yang pops right up and hits an enziguri. He then gets a moonsault kick in the corner and tags Siaki. He misses a somersault leg drop and Lynn comes back with a tilt-a-whirl headscissor takeover. Bulldog off a wheelbarrow gets two for Lynn, who tags Low Ki. He lands some chops but Siaki quickly regains control and hits a spinning neckbreaker for two. Siaki misses a charge but ducks a kick and gets a backbreaker for two. Estrada tags in and gets a split-legged moonsault for two. He puts Low Ki on the top turnbuckle and gets a running neckbreaker. Running shooting star press gets two. Low Ki manages to dropkick the knees of Estrada and kicks the shit out of him. Both men make the tag and its now Styles and Yang. Styles gets a flying forearm, which Yang sells quite dramatically. Styles hits the phenomenon for two. Yang floats over on a german suplex attempt and kills Styles with a spinning heel kick, which gets two before Low Ki makes the save. Low Ki back drops Yang on the apron and takes him down with the tidal wave. Estrada comes in and hits a spinebuster on Low Ki and Lynn breaks up the pin attempt at two. He hits the cradle piledriver for two but is nailed from behind by Siaki, who gets a neckbreaker. Styles crushes Siaki with a kick. Yang comes in and Styles holds him up for Low Ki but he escapes and Styles eats the kick. Estrada comes off the top with a missle dropkick to the back of Low Ki and it allows Yang to go up and hit the Yangtime for the win (6:21). *** Thoughts: A spot-fest but a good way to showcase the idea of the X Division, which was plugged during the match as being “extreme.” All 6 men had a chance to shine and it made you intrigue to see what will happen next week. Hollywood vs Teo Hollywood nails Teo from behind and gets in some punches. Teo manages to duck a clothesline attempt and hit some really sloppy looking headscissor takedown. That looked awful. He gets Hollywood in the corner and pulls his shirt over his face before chopping his chest. Headbutt to the groin is followed by ten mounted punches in the corner capped off with pelvic thrusts to the face. The crowd loved that. Hollywood catches Teo in the corner and gets a Michinoku Driver for two, then yells at the ref for counting slowly. Teo manages a quick rollup for two but his immediately put back down by a clothesline. Hollywood goes to the top rope and gets a splash for two. Teo manages to gain the upper hand and hits a side Russian legsweep in another awful looking spot. He goes up top and overshoots the senton by a mile but Hollywood sells it anyway and Teo gets the win. (2:49) ¼* Thoughts: Even as a quick match, it was terrible. The crowd did enjoy the comedy spots so it served somewhat of a purpose. Don West and Ed Ferrara are in the ring to bring out the contestants for next week’s Miss TNA Lingerie Battle Royal. Francine is introduced first and the crowd reacts to her a bit. Miss Joni is out next to no reaction as she is a complete unknown. Shannon is out next as West screws up and mentions how she was known as Daffney in “ECW” before correcting himself. Alexis Laree (Mickie James before the cosmetic enhancement surgery) is out next to a decent little reaction. I should mention how the camera work is just awful here. They keep panning to the wrong girl as they are being introduced. Sasha is out next and I have no clue as to who she is either. Erin Bray is the next unknown to be announced. Elektra is next and gets a bit of a pop from the crowd. Taylor Vaughn is out next and actually looks like someone who could be a star, despite only having brief cups of coffee with WWE and WCW a few years prior. Rebecca Briggs is out next and I have no clue as to who she is either. Francine grabs the mic and calls West “pudgy” before running down her competition. Elektra steps up and mention how Francine bankrupted “another company” and that there is no “extreme” here. The two have a catfight and Elektra gets her shirt ripped off and gets covered up by West. Francine goes outside and mentions how she will be crowned “Miss TNA” after winning the battle royal. Between the shitty camerawork, the lackluster competitors, and the general overall presentation, the whole thing came off as third-rate garbage. I mean, compared to what the WWE Divas consisted of at this time, it was like night and day. Goldylocks interviews manager Mortimer Plumtree. He goes on about how his team, The Johnsons, does whatever he says. A generic promo that introduced the new team. Plumtree did fine in his role. The Johnsons w/Mortimer Plumtree vs Psychosis & “Cowboy” James Storm Before the match, Storm stands on the top rope and fires off cap guns, prompting Ferrara to mention how he thought cowboy gimmicks were outlawed in 1992. The Johnsons, named Richard & Rod, are the Shane Twins (Or the Gymini if anyone remembers that uneventful run in the WWE with Simon Dean) under masks and generic looking body full costumes. They are impossible to tell apart under the masks. Johnson #1 starts by booting Psychosis. Double underhook suplex get two. Snap suplex gets two. Psychosis ducks a chop and manages to get a spinning heel kick. The other Johnson comes in and gets nailed with an enziguri. Tag to Storm who hits Johnson #1 with a missle dropkick. The Johnson’s regroup outside as Alicia (Ryan Shamrock) comes down the ramp. The camera continues to focus on Alicia as Storm and one of the Johnson’s lock up as West and Ferrara make god-awful penis jokes. He takes Storm down with an armdrag and tosses him over the ropes, who skins the cat and stars firing away. He gets a bulldog and makes the tag to Psychosis. Basement dropkick on Johnson is followed by a few chops. Psychosis boucnes off the ropes but gets pulled down by the illegal man, allowing the Johnsons to hit a few double team moves. Psychosis gets beaten on for a while until he gets a facecrusher off of a powerbomb attempt. Both men make the tag and Storm is on fire. The crowd is completely silent during all of this. Storm manages to get a hurricarana and all four men are in the ring. The Johnsons hit stereo belly-to-belly overhead suplexes. That looked good, actually. Storm and one of the Johnson’s are left in the ring. Storm gets a roll-up but is tossed while attempting a tornado DDT. Plumtree distracts Storm by tripping him up, allowing one of the Johnson’s to hit the TKO for the win. (4:49) *1/4. Post match, referee Slick Johnson is stopped and harassed by Alicia as he walks up the ramp. After some pestering, he gives her a wad of cash. Thoughts: The Johnsons did some decent power stuff and Storm showed something here despite no one having a clue as to who he is. However, the ending was lame and the match itself was meaningless. The Alicia bit was a waste of time. Goldylocks interviews the Dupps backstage, who are drinking beer. The Dupps consist of Bo, Stan (later known as Trevor Murdoch in the WWE), and Fluff. Bill Behrens comes out and says how there is no “beer drinking” allowed in the locker room and that he does not want intoxicated wrestlers in the ring. He couldn’t have possibly sounded like a bigger dork in this segment. We learn that Bo and Stan share Fluff and goldilocks walks away, disgusted. Another bush-league segment. NASCAR drivers Hermie Sadler and Sterling Martin are in the ring. They go on about their upcoming races as K-Krush (Ron Killings) comes out and runs down the drivers for not being athlete’s like “his kind” are. He goes on for a bit and grabs Sadler until Brian Christopher comes in for the save. The drivers toss K-Krush out of the ring and Christopher issues a challenge for next week, stating how his kind will be there. He appears to be coked out of his mind. A stupid angle that hinted a racism while bringing in celebrities. Backstage, Jeff Jarrett is choking out Jackie Fargo until refs and officials make the save. The Dupps w/Fluff Dupp vs Christian York & Joey Matthews Fluff distracts York & Matthews, allowing the Dupps to get the advantage. They beat on Matthews for a bit until York gets back in the ring and hits a springboard dropkick on both Dupps. Double suplex on Bo. Stan gets a full nelson slam and tags in Bo, who boots down Matthews and hits a splash for two. Stan tags back in and lands a few chops before getting caught with a neckbreaker. Both men make the tag and York cleans house. Bo blocks a sunsetflip but misses a sitdown splash. York with mounted punches to Bo in the corner and hits a back elbow smash on Stan, who was trying to make the save. York with a fireman’s carry slam and he yells a lot before hitting a senton . Stan breaks up the pin attempt at two. Matthews comes back in the ring, only to go right back out as he takes out Stan and himself with a crossbody. York gets a tornado DDT on Bo and does some more posing and yelling. He comes off as incredibly annoying, not a good idea when you are the face. He goes up top and stands up there for way too long before Fluff crotches him and Bo gets the pin for the win. (3:39) ½* Thoughts: Bad match. The end looked terrible and there was no flow at all. Another meaningless tag match that the crowd sat through silently. 20 Man Gauntlet for the Gold Jeff Jarrett is #1 and Buff Bagwell comes out as #2, getting a nice pop from the crowd. He beats on Jarrett for a while and hits the blockbuster. He charges at Jarrett but ends up getting backdropped to the floor and eliminated. Lash Leroux enters at #3 and immediately gets destroyed. He is carrying about 30 lbs more in his gut than when he was last seen in WCW. Jarrett tosses him through the middle ropes and beats the shit out of him before throwing him back in the ring. He hits the stroke and tosses him over the top rope and on to the floor. Norman Smiley is #4 and the crowd reacts favorably towards him. He immediately is met by stomps. He tries the big wiggle but is clotheslined down. Smiley manages to get a scoop slam but plays to the crowd for a bit too long, allowing Jarrett to get a low blow. He hits the stroke and eliminates Norman by tossing him to the floor. Apolo enters at #5 and catches Jarrett with a spinebuster. He tosses Jarrett over the ropes, who manages to land on the apron. He comes back in and Apolo has him up for the press slam when entrant #6, K-Krush, comes in and breaks that up as the announcers go on about how stupid that was and hint at a possible allegiance between K-Krush and Jarrett as the two take turns beating on Apolo. Slash, with James Mitchell, enters at #7. Quite the different look than when he was Wolfie D. He does nothing of note and just blends in with everyone else. Del Rios is in at #8, looking like a Scott Steiner rip-off. He even has the Superman logo on the back of his trunks. He gets bitten by Slash and also does nothing of note. Justice (Abyss) enters at #9. He boots down Jarrett and Rios. Jarrett attempts to eliminate Apolo but falls short. Konnan enters at #10 and hits rolling clotheslines on everyone, capped off with a jumping armbreaker to Justice. He actually showed some fire here. Joel Gertner comes out and rhymes about himself before introducing Bruce of the Rainbow Express, who is led to the ring by Lenny Lane as entrant #11. He does nothing of note and blends right in with the rest of the dead weight. Rick Steiner comes in at #12 and clotheslines the shit out of everyone. He eliminates Slash with an overhead throw and Justice with a clothesline. Malice comes in at #13. He was the Wall in WCW and is noticeably lighter here. He chokeslams just about everyone then eliminates Bruce, K-Krush, Del Rios, and Konnan by tossing them over the top rope. Steiner charges at Malice and he gets backdropped to the floor. Scott Hall is #14 and gets a nice reaction. He hits the razor’s edge on Jarrett after cleaning house on everyone else. Country star Toby Keith comes out wearing a bandana and gets a good looking vertical suplex on Jarrett, then Hall joins him and they toss Jarrett over the top rope and on to the floor. Toby then casually leaves the ring. Apolo and Hall join up to beat on Mailce. “Wildcat” Chris Harris enters at #15, looking lean and in shape, basically the exact opposite of what he looks like now. He shows some fire but the crowd couldn’t care less. Vampire Warrior enters immediately after at #16. I guess the 90 second rule does not apply to him. He stomps on Apolo for a bit. Devon Storm is #17 and him and Harris take turns chopping each other. Hall begins to rest in the corner and then perches himself on the top turnbuckle. Way to collect a paycheck. Steve Corino is #18 and he teams up with Storm against Hall. Not a whole lot going until Ken Shamrock enters at #19. He kills everyone until he jumps at Malice, who catches him in mid-air and slams him down. Brian Christopher is #20. He immediately throws out Harris, Storm and the Vampire Warrior. He then eliminates Corino via clothesline before walking into a chokeslam by Malice. Shamrock, Malice, Hall, and Apolo all stare each other down until Shamrock runs over and tosses Christopher, eliminating him from the match. Apolo charges towards Malice and gets eliminated via backdrop. Hall attempts to get Malice up for the razor’s edge but gets backdropped and eliminated, leaving Malice and Shamrock as the last two contestants. (30:35) ** Thoughts: A dull battle royal. The competition was weak but the formula of the match seemingly consisted of a guy coming in, hitting a move, and then blending right in. The eliminations were not memorable and the confrontations were forgettable. Apolo came out of this looking somewhat decent but overall, a waste of time. NWA World Title Match Special Guest Referee Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat Malice vs Ken Shamrock Malice boots Shamrock and gets a sideslam for two. Vertical suplex gets two. Shamrock’s attempt at a sunsetflip is blocked but he manages to block a chokeslam with a cross armlock. Malice eventually makes it to the ropes. He makes a brief comeback with chops but misses a clothesline. Shamrock catches Malice’s foot and turns it into an anklelock. Malice makes it to the ropes as Shamrock and Steamobat argue about breaking he hold. Shamorck kicks Malice in the legs but gets booted down. Malice again tries for the chokeslam but Shamrock blocks that and hits a belly-to-belly suplex for the win. (6:22) *1/2. The camera cuts out back to show Fargo and Keith being held back from Jarrett by security. Jarrett makes his way down the ring and continues to bitch about the gauntlet being a ridiculous idea. He punches Armstrong, knocking him on the announcers table before Scott Hall runs for the save and brawls with Jarrett. Ferrara plugs Hall vs Jarrett for next week. Thoughts: What the fuck was that? The promotion debuts by having a champion win the title with a belly-to-belly suplex. Gimme a break. As for the match, it wasn’t good and you could actually hear Malice call a spot at one point. The end of the show focused on Jarrett, the heel, and him being screwed out of the title. Final Thoughts: A terrible start for NWA TNA. This did not come off as an alternative to the WWE as it was third-rate sports entertainment for Southern stereotypes. You had midgets, Country Music singers, NASCAR drivers, Elvis impersonators, rednecks, and a tag-team made to look like penises. The production values were subpar and the whole overall presentation of the product was poor. Hell, even the WWA shows at this time were better. Besides the opening match, there was nothing worth seeing.