NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #27

January 15, 2003
A black-and-white video recap of the Jarrett/Russo feud is shown.
Show opens with Tenay interviewing Vince Russo in a pre-taped segment. Tenay asks him what his job is as a TV writer. Russo replies that it is to make sure “eyeballs are watching the TV.” He does whatever is necessary to make sure ratings are strong. Tenay then asks Russo are writers to blame for the show when it fails and Russo agrees then says if Tenay was in charge, we would have a two-hour long wrestling match and would be thrown off the air . Russo says that wrestling needs to evolve and that Tenay will understand that one day. Tenay asks about his failure in WCW.
Russo questions how he could kill the company in just nine months. Tenay mentions all the talent and Russo says how come they had to bring him in if they had all this talent. He responds by saying how the product was in the “shitter” and that the eyeballs were not watching. They then intensify their argument as Tenay brings up the cruiserweights and Russo’s decision to build the division around Evan Karageis, Ed Ferrara, and Madusa. Russo replies by stating how Americans do not want Lucha Libre and that they should go to Japan or Mexico for that. He tells Tenay that he doesn’t mean shit. Tenay brings up how he ruined the WCW Heavyweight Title by giving it to David Arquette and Russo says that he saw the photo of that the next day in “USA Today” and that wouldn’t have happened if DDP won the belt. Tenay asks how Nitro lost to WWF the next week 7.4 to 2.4 and Russo swears some more, completely avoiding the question. They talk about the present and more or less argue about the same things they have been for the past several weeks. Russo says building has been packed and they have been turning away hundreds since he came to TNA. Russo tells Tenay is his doing this for his own good. Russo says that he has two boys at home who he wants to make a living in “this business” and he has to save it for them. He tells Tenay to kiss his “big ass” before storming off. A lot of talking here and this all seem scripted, though you can tell that Tenay and Russo really do not seem to care much for each other.
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
Tenay and West attempt to run down the show but the music for SEX hits and they come to the ring. Russo tells Tenay that he brought his “soapbox” as the camera shows an soapbox in the ring, that actually has the word “soapbox” written on the side.. Russo says that this is all about him and Jarrett and names off Tenay, Dusty, and the Road Warriors and says if they all want to get involved, then get involved. He says they are not the nWo then makes a plea saying how there are millions around the world who believe in Russo and SEX and asks for everyone to step up and join or forever hold your peace. Percy Pringle comes out and waddles to the ring. Percy says he is the only person in the building who knows the real Vince Russo. In fact, he knows him longer than anyone in this business. Percy makes fun of him for his reporter days and says he “snaked” his way to the top. Percy says he has been part of some of the best entertainment “this business” has ever seen. Percy then says that Russo might be right and extends his hand. Russo confirms if Percy wants to be part of the family as Percy still wants that handshake. Russo says that Percy is no different from Jarrett or the Undertaker then calls Percy a “fat piece of shit” for talking about him behind his back and Percy slaps him. SEX then beats down Percy and hits him with the soapbox as Russo tells us this segment was brought to us by SEX as the camera shows Percy bleeding profusely from the forehead. All of a sudden, Jorge Estrada runs in but he gets destroyed as Russo yells at Tenay, asking if he is watching this as they put Estrada through the table. Jarrett runs in with a chair and security as SEX clears the ring. Twenty minutes into the show and we have already had two lengthy Russo segments.
Tenay informs us that Amazing Red is stuck in Japan and that Jorge Estrada was supposed to take his place against Sonny Siaki. However, Estrada is hurt and they will find a replacement for him later on tonight. West runs down the rest of the show:
AMW vs. Quiet Storm
Jarrett & Road Warriors vs. XXX
NWA-TNA Tag Title Match
Divine Storm w/Trinity vs. America’s Most Wanted
Divine Storm attack the champs from behind. Harris hits Quiet Storm with a clothesline then backdrops him onto his own partner. He elevates Storm onto both guys and beats on QS in the ring. They knock Devine off the apron and hit QS with a double clothesline. Fans cheer for AMW as Trinity grabs the leg of Storm, allowing QS to hit a clothesline. Devine tags and hits a snap suplex for two. Back elbow smash gets two. Tag to QS and he tosses Storm to the floor. Trinity runs off the apron and hits Storm with a rana. Harris is getting fed up as QS hits Storm with a tornado DDT, getting two. He goes up top but misses a senton and both men are down. Hot tag to Harris and he destroys both men. Powerslam on Devine gets two. They set up QS for the Death Sentence but Trinity runs in for the low blow and Devine knocks Harris off the top. QS covers Storm but only gets two. AMW is on the floor and QS hits them with a somersault senton then Devine takes them out with a running flip dive before Trinity takes them out with a moonsault from the top rope. In the ring, QS places Storm on the top rope and takes him off with a stunner, getting two. Devine charges at Storm but gets backdropped to the floor and AMW hits QS with the Death Sentence for the win (7:08) **.
Thoughts: Decent action, although this was more like a collection of moves rather than a wrestling match. QS is really small, he could probably wrestle as a mini in Mexico. It looks a bit silly to see him Irish whip Harris, who might be a foot taller than him. AMW are firing on all cylinders where as Divine Storm is just the backdrop for Trinity.
Video package on AJ Styles, focusing on him wanting a shot at the Heavyweight Title and his recent attacks on Jarrett.
AJ comes to the ring and tells the crowd he is no longer with Mortimer Plumtree and not affiliated with Vince Russo. He says he is his own man then gets interrupted by Ron Killings, which angers AJ. Killings says that AJ must be “out his damn mind” and that he is still wet behind the ears, stating that his breath still smells like “Similac.” What an insult. He says he has to get past the “Suntan Superman” if he wants a shot at the title. They then trade punches as the ref signals for the bell. 
AJ Styles vs. Ron “The Truth” Killings
Killings hits a hiptoss and an armdrag before sending AJ out of the ring with a dropkick. Killings gets a sunsetflip for two. AJ dropkicks the Truth as he comes down and hits the kip-up rana. Tenay says that Australia will broadcast TNA starting next week. AJ gets a dropkick for two. Truth comes back with a Downward Spiral but AJ catches him with a spinkick. AJ grabs a headlock then sends him to the mat. He hits a swanton then gets a walking delayed vertical suplex for two. AJ backs Truth in the corner and chops him hard. He then kills him with a corner clothesline but Truth pulls up on a dropkick. Truth gets a Oklahoma Roll for two but walks into a clothesline from AJ and does the 180 oversell. Truth escapes from a Muta Lock and headbutts AJ in the groin. Killings eats boot on a charge then ducks the discus clothesline and hits a spinning back suplex, with a majority of AJ’s weight landing on him. Truth hits a few punches. Flying forearm gets two. He heads up top but AJ cuts him off. He climbs up and they fight over a superplex and that ends with the Truth getting a Super Gordbuster! Mortimer Plumtree then runs in and distracts the ref and that allows David Flair to run in and hit Killings with his burlap sack and he puts AJ on top of him and the ref turns around and counts to three (8:09) **1/2.
Thoughts: Good action, although it was at a slower pace than these two usually wrestle. Makes sense to have AJ win, seeing as they are building him up as a Heavyweight contender. I feel for Killings, as he has been floundering since dropping the title to Jarrett two months ago.Looks like they are doing an angle with Flair and is burlap sack. No one cares at all about David Flair. He never gets a reaction from the crowd. Plus, he is one of the worst wrestlers in the promotion.
The camera immediately cuts out back to Goldylocks, who is with Jarrett and the Road Warriors. Jarrett calls AJ a punk and Animal calls him a baby. Hawk tells Russo that he is done and lets out the “What a Rush” line.
The camera then immediately cuts back to the ring as AJ yells at Tenay that he beat “him.” He demands a title shot and wants Tenay to use his power to get a shot. He tells him to ask Bob Armstrong as AJ says he will not leave until he gets a shot at Jarrett. He shoves Tiny the Bell Keeper off of his chair and brings it in the ring. All of a sudden, a voice is heard yelling at AJ and it turns out to be Larry Zbyszko. He tells AJ that he is cutting into his interview time as a “Larry” chant breaks out. Larry tells us the biggest fool of all is the man who fools himself. He says that he wants to cut his wrists after listening to Russo, comparing him to a cancerous cell. He orders AJ to shut up and says he will never make the grade if he sells his soul. Larry says he fought for his image for 29 years, despite people trying to steal it and lie about him. He asks AJ some questions then orders him to shut up as he speaks. He tells AJ to pay his dues as AJ replies by saying he should beat him in a match then slaps Larry. Security runs out to separate both men. I really did not care for this segment. Having AJ, the most exciting new star in the promotion, get punked by a man in his 50’s, does him no favors. Also, Zbyszko is nowhere near enough of a big name to give anyone a rub in 2002.
Video recap of the confrontation last week between Desire and Goldylocks and Athena. Goldylocks suffered a legit concussion from getting tossed to the floor.
Desire vs. April Hunter
April is back for the first time since losing to Bruce during his Miss TNA phase . Desire attacks April as she enters the ring. She tosses her outside as Athena runs over to console her. In the ring, they trade chops until April hits a tilt-a-whirl headscisors. Sideslam gets two. In an awful looking spot, April is whipped into the corner and floats over with Desire about ten feet behind her, then backs up into a poor excuse of a dropkick. Desire’s pants are falling down a bit but she hits an enziguri, getting two. April hits a back elbow smash and a clothesline before hitting a suplex. Slam by April as Tenay tells us that Dusty trained Desire. April climbs up top but Siaki cuts her off. Desire attempts to leap to the top but falls off as a “you fucked up” chant breaks out then she hits a nice looking top rope rana for the win (2:58) DUD. After the match, Desire attacks April but Athena runs in for the save. Desire gains the advantage then rips off Athena’s shirt. She then tries to rip off her pants as Athena puts up a fight. Siaki signals for Desire to stop and she leaves.
Thoughts: Awful match. It is easy to see why the WWE gave up on Desire as she is just horrible in the ring. She should have tried to keep it basic instead of doing the spots that they did. April tried and looks like someone who TNA should be focusing on if they want to start a women’s division.
Goldylocks is in the parking lot, expecting Dusty Rhodes. A masked man in a pickup truck gets out and it is Mr. Wrestling IV. Oh great, we are back to the mystery masked man angle again.
Video recap of Mike Sanders debut last week. Sanders is then introduced to the ring and he asks for the mic. He says that it seems like the people still love him but he is here for one reason only, to support what Vince Russo stands for. He says he will be scouting talent for Vince and he will make the decision as to whether or not he will keep them. Sanders says that there is problem with philosophy between the legends and that evolution is the solution. Jerry Lynn comes out for his match with Sanders and says he agrees with Zbyszko in that its done with tradition. He tells Sanders he does his talking in the ring and calls him a bitch before tossing him from the apron, back into the ring. Neither guy really impressed on the mic here.
Mike Sanders vs. Jerry Lynn
Lynn beats on Sanders then hits a bulldog for two. Sanders gets tossed to the floor then sent into the guardrail from a baseball slide. Lynn hits his apron leg drop then gets two off a slingshot splash. Lynn beats on Sanders in the corner as Don Harris distracts Lynn. Sanders hits a stun gun then a leg lariat for two. He chokes out Lynn for a bit then hammers away. Lynn comes back with a rollup and a crucifix but Sanders pokes the eye. He hits a pumphandle toss that gets two. Lynn gets a snapmare and kicks Lynn hard in the chest. He puts on a chinlock for a bit until Lynn escapes. He yanks down Lynn by the hair but misses a moonsault. They slug it out until Lynn hits a few running elbow smashes in the corner. Rebound clothesline gets two. He hits a crossbody but Harris yanks the ref out of the ring and kills him with the big boot. Lynn hits a DDT but the ref is out. Sanders gets a low blow then hits a neckbreaker as a second ref runs in but Lynn kicks out at two. He places Lynn up top but he fights out and takes Sanders down with a powerbomb. Harris pulls out the ref again and sets him up for the powerbomb but Dusty Rhodes comes out and hits a few bionic elbows. In the ring, Lynn escapes from a Fireman’s carry and hits the TKO as the first ref slides in and counts to three (7:48) **.
Thoughts: Match was fairly decent. Sanders does a good job of selling but his offense is rough looking. I didn’t mind the interference here to be honest.
Immediately after the match, Dusty shakes Lynn’s hand as he exits the ring. A loud “Dusty” chant breaks out as Dusty asks Russo if they are “crossed” with each other. He mentions 35 years ago he drove by a building that read “Pro Wrestling at 8pm” on the marquee, not a midget beating off in a trashcan at 8pm. He says we cannot lose tradition and brings up a story of sitting in a shitty hotel drinking his last beer with the NWA title in his bag. That is apparently how he knew that wrestling was real. BG James looks from the apron. He then brings up the midget in the trash can thing again and again as a comparison against tradition. Dusty says the guys on “Monday” and in the “industry” have a choice to make an impact. Russo then comes through the crowd and stands on the announcers table. He says he wants to look him into the eye. He says he was never thanked by making his son into a star, stating he created Goldust. Russo says that Dusty gave him goosebumps last week as he grew up idolizing him and Ric Flair, as Dusty tells him he has that half right. Russo then says his priorities changed after working in the wrestling business and he wanted to slap his birthmark off of his gut. Russo then makes Dusty an offer that he cannot refuse. He tells him to put on his gear and he will get “his shit” and make the 6 man tag an 8 man match. Dusty says he does not need gear to whip his ass as Russo tells Dusty that if SEX wins the match, next week all titles are on the line and he gets to pick the challengers. He tells Dusty to be aware before he beats off in a trashcan. West tries his best to sell this segment. The crowd loved Dusty but we have already had way too much Russo on this show. Dusty mentioning the midget whacking off in a trash can over and over again grew old and when you add the fact that Russo was not even the person who came up with that segment, it makes the segment seem even worse than it was.
Jason Cross vs. David Young
Young slams Cross to the mat and they do counters until Cross hits a rana. He sends Young to the floor with a spinning leg lariat then flies out with a twisting somersault tope. Young blocks a tornado DDT then suplexes Cross against the apron. In the ring, Young covers and gets two. Clothesline gets two. They completely botch a backslide spot then Cross hits the Roll of the Dice. Somersault leg drop gets two. Cross lands on his feet after a German Suplex attempt but walks into a swinging facebuster. Cross dodges a corner charge as Bob Armstrong is walking towards the announcers table. Cross sells the arm as he hits one of the best looking Swanton Bomb’s I have ever seen. That only gets two as Bob tells us that Siaki will defend against Kash tonight. Also, Kash has an equalizer for Desire. He then tells us that he has accepted Russo’s offer. Cross takes Young off the top rope with a neckbreaker. He goes up top but misses the Crossfire and Young hits him with the spinebuster for the pin (5:20) *1/2.
Thoughts: These guys just didn’t click at all in the ring. They did bust out a few nice moves but that was about it. The Swanton Bomb by Cross was a thing of beauty.
After the match, BG is arguing with his dad as Scott Armstrong gets between the two. Back in the ring, Konnan is seen beating the shit out of Young and Cross with a kendo stick. NWA Nashville promoter Bert Prentice is in the ring ordering Konnan to leave. He leaves as security and police escort him out of the building. Just like that, Konnan is back in TNA. He was part of the debut show during the “Gauntlet for the Gold” segment.
NWA-TNA X Division Championship Match
Sonny Siaki (Champion) w/Desire vs. Kid Kash w/Trinity
Kash and Trinity run into the ring and everyone brawls. Kash and Trinity hit dual dropkicks as Siaki and Desire clear the ring. Siaki re-enters then rolls back out after getting hit with a pair of dropkicks. Kash slides out but Siaki catches him and stun guns him on the guardrail. He beats on Kash for a bit until Kash reverses an Irish whip, sending Siaki into the guardrail. In the ring, Kash gets a guillotine leg drop for two. Siaki sends Kash into the corner with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Siaki eats boot on a charge and Kash hits a moonsault. Bankroll gets two. Siaki hits Kash with a Fire Thunder Driver and that only gets two. Kash hits a double springboard rana then a tornado DDT but that only gets two as Desire breaks up the pin. Kash floats over on a backslide but Desire hooks Kash’s leg and Siaki hits the Siakalypse for the win (4:50) **. After the match, Trinity and Desire have a catfight in the ring and Trinity hits a tornado DDT.
Thoughts: Short match but it was all action. I still have no idea if Kash is a face or a heel at this point. It seems to change week to week. This match also looks to have set up a Desire vs. Trinity feud.
West and Tenay run down next week’s show:
Roddy Piper via satellite
AJ Styles vs. Larry Zbyszko
XXX & Vince Russo vs. Jeff Jarrett & Dusty Rhodes & Road Warriors
Russo is wearing a track suit and a hockey helmet. Dusty grabs the mic and tells him that this is not a “hockey thing” and to “get on with it.” Daniels and Jarrett start things out. Ki and Skipper distract Jarrett, allowing Daniels to attack. Russo is standing on the floor as Jarrett makes a comeback. Ki tags in as does Animal. Ki gets tossed across the ring but comes back with a kick and a front facelock. Animal tosses Ki again but misses a charge in the corner. Animal catches Ki off a springboard kick attempt and flattens him with a sitout powerbomb. He kicks Ki as Daniels distracts the ref, allowing Skipper to land a running knee strike. Ki makes the tag to Skipper and they double team Animal until he hit them both with a double suplex. Hawk tags in and hits a fistdrop from the top rope. He takes Skipper down with a big boot and then connects on a dropkick, getting two. Skipper uses the Matrix to dodge an attack but Hawk no-sells a bunch of forearm shots and hits a clothesline. Hakw hits a gutwrench and tags Jarrett. Skipper attacks Jarrett and Russo gets in a few cheapshots. Jarrett fights back and knocks Ki and Daniels off the apron. He goes after Russo but gets attacked by Daniels. Ki and Daniels rough him up before rolling him back in the ring. Tag to Daniels and they hit a double front suplex, getting two. Daniels kicks Jarrett in the corner as Dusty and the Road Warriors complain to the ref, allowing XXX to destroy Jarrett. Ki puts Jarrett in a front facelock as Jarrett picks him up, moving closer to his corner. Daniels distracts the ref and Jarrett tags Animal, but it gets cut off. Russo has his mouth piece in now as Skipper is neutralizing Jarrett in the corner. Jarrett fights back but misses a dropkick and XX goes back on the attack. Jarrett gets a small package and the ref is distracted and only gets two. Daniels and Ki get a nice double team move where Daniels held up Jarrett and Ki hit a springboard kick, which was then turned into a Boston Crab. Hawk breaks up a pin attempt as the crowd chants for Dusty. Daniels catches off the ropes and they counter each other moves until they clothesline each other. Hot tag to Dusty and he takes out XXX with the bionic elbow. Russo jumps of f the apron as the Warriors and Dusty are taking care of XXX. All of a sudden, Mr. Wrestling IV enters the ring and hits Dusty with a chain and Russo puts Skipper on top for the win (11:41) **3/4. After the match, Mr. Wrestling IV joins Russo in the ring and unmasks, revealing himself to be Nikita Koloff as no one cares. Tenay does his best Don West impression to sell this segment but it really failed.
Thoughts: The match was much better than I thought it would be. They were smart to keep Dusty and Russo out of it until the end. Also, having Jarrett play the face-in-peril role was smart. XXX are all good workers so it was a fine match that got better as the match went along. Now that Russo won, the stipulation of him getting to pick all of the challengers to the titles is in play next week. That is at least intriguing. However, revealing Mr. Wrestling IV to be Nikita Koloff makes zero sense. Why is he aligned with SEX? Also, why should I even care to find out next week? Bringing back people to play off a feud from over a decade ago is pathetic.  
Final Thoughts: If you are a fan of Russo and his “shoot” comments, this was the show for you. If not, this show was torturous. They were a couple decent matches but all of this talking  for a show that cost $9.95 is inexcusable. SEX needs to have a star in order to be successful. They do not have someone even close to carry that role. They are wasting too much time bringing back guys who peaked in the 1980’s. Try focusing on talent that can lead you into the future. I’ll be back next week, which was a lot more memorable than this show.  

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #26

January 8, 2003



The show starts off with a black-and-white recap recapping
Vince Russo’s debut on TNA and the emergence of SEX, along with his feud
against Jarrett. It’s a lengthy video, lasting several minutes. It did a fine
job of helping the viewer catch-up on the product though.



Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay

Mike Tenay is in the ring, with Jerry Lynn, Ron Killings,
and America’s
Most Wanted. He also has old-timers Sara Lee, Corsica Joe, and promoter Eddie
Marlin, who is the grandfather of Jeff Jarrett, stand outside of the ring. He
introduces us to our “future,” two of the security guys, Rick Santel and Chris
Vaughn. It is laughable to think that those two would be future prospects. He
introduces us to the men in the ring, calling Lynn and AMW the MVP’s of their
divisions. Tenay wants to see the progression of wrestling and re-tells a story
of how in a production meeting while in WCW, he was sitting next to Bobby
Heenan and listened to Russo say how he can make anyone a wrestler, naming off
Judy Bagwell and David Arquette. He pleads with the wrestling fans to go on
nwatna.com and support them in ridding Russo from the company. Music hits and
Russo comes out through the crowd with SEX. A “Russo sucks” chant breaks out
and he tells them that he loves them too. Russo says he will not rant and rave
then says his own music played because he has friends in management. Russo
tells Tenay he will stick his foot up his “Eddie Munster ass” and yells that he
is here to save “this business.” Tenay asks why the business is down and Russo
says its because people like Tenay are allowed to run their mouths. That does not
seem like a legitimate reason t me. He says when he was in charge, ratings were
at an all-time high. He says no one walked into “this shithole” until he came
here as the crowd starts another Russo sucks chant. He asks Lynn how will he take care of his daughter
when wrestling goes under. He asks Storm if he will go back to “shoveling cow
shit in Texas”
when the business goes under in six months. He calls Harris a “fruitcake” and
says he will probably model men’s underwear before sarcastically asking
Killings if he will rap his way to the top before saying African-American
rappers are a dime a dozen and half of them suck anyway. He calls Santel and
Vaughn “jackoffs” and calls the old-timers “dinosaurs”. He tries to be funny
with insults but he has a subpar delivery and the material is lame. It comes
across as a sad attempt to appear edgy. Sara Lee comes in and slaps Russo, who
grabs her and a brawl ensues. SEX quickly gains the advantage until Jarrett and
the Road Warriors run out and clear the ring. SEX retreats through the crowd. The
storyline makes sense and Tenay showed a lot of emotion here but Russo’s
insults are really pathetic.



The camera shows Desire tossing two of the TNA dancers out
of the locker room and SEX takes over the women’s locker room.



EZ Money & Kid
Kash vs. Tony Mamaluke & David Young


The new TNA logo is shown at the entrance ramp. It is much
improved. Tenay brings up the rivalry between Money and Kash in ECW. Young and
Mamaluke attack their opponents before the bell. Kash and Money quickly gain
the advantage. Kash and Mamaluke are now in the ring. Kash gets an armdrag then
slides underneath Young and pulls him off the apron. He slingshots out and hits
Young with a rana as Money clotheslines Mamaluke. Kash and Money hits some
really sloppy looking double-team moves on Mamaluke, including an embarrassing
spot where they hook Mamaluke’s leg and try to flip him over but completely
fail. Money catches Mamaluke with a spinning wheel kick for two. He hits a
crappy looking running blockbuster for two. Tag to Kash and he gets an assisted
DDT for two. Mamaluke makes a blind tag to Young and he catches Kash with a
swinging facebuster. Young looks intense as West puts him over as being a new
person since coming back to TNA. He spears Kash and tags Mamaluke. They hit a
drop toehold/running necksnap combo which gets two. Mamaluke eats boot on a
charge and Kash comes back with a senton for two. Kash runs into clothesline
and that gets two. Tag to Young and he kicks Kash in the face before hitting a
backbreaker. He gets Kash in a bearhug as Tenay is still putting over Santel
and Vaughn as the future of this business. Mamaluke tags and tries a hug but
Kash tags to Money. He hits a standing moonsault on both men and the crowd
stays silent. That will happen when you haven’t established Kash or Money as a
face or heel. All four men are brawling as Kash and Mamaluke climb up opposite
turnbuckles and leap, only to have their opponents sidestep the attacks. EZ
catches Young with a superkick and goes up top and gets a frog splash, getting
two as Mamaluke breaks it up. Kash hits Young with a double springboard rana
and gets two off a tornado DDT. Young catches Kash with a sitout powerbomb and
EZ breaks that up. Mamaluke hits Kash with a back suplex and EZ tries for the
Money Clip but is caught by Young but dropped as they blew the spot. Young
whips EZ then catches him with a spinebuster for the win (7:42) *.


Thoughts: Suprisingly bad match. Everyone was screwing up
left and right. Young came out looking okay but the sloppy action hurt the
match. Also hurting the match was the crowd, which was completely dead by the
end of this match. It doesn’t help that TNA has yet to establish Kash, Money,
or Mamaluke as a heel or face.



Immediately after the match, Low Ki, Christopher Daniels and
Elix Skipper run in and destroy everyone. Skipper gets on the mic, runs down
TNA for not wanting to give them contracts or plane tickets. He says the best
part about SEX is XXX, which is the name for this trio. He says there is no X
Division without them and offers a choice, either you are with them or against
them and declares the arena as his house. Jeff Jarrett runs in and clears the
ring. He runs them down and says that he will face each one of them one-on-one
tonight in three separate matches. XXX accepts the challenge. Jarrett says
after he beats them, he wants Russo to come out so he can put him through a
table. He tells Skipper that this is not his house. The segment was fine and it
does continue the feud.



Goldylocks is with Bob Armstrong. She asks him about Russo
getting more power and Armstrong says he needs to hit a grand slam. Lynn and
Killings tell Armstrong they will make a stand as Bob gets on the phone and
tells the person that they will be getting picked up as the announcers
speculate as to who will be coming.



X Division
Championship Match

Jason Cross vs. Sonny
Siaki (Champion) w/Desire


This gets the boxing style ring introductions. Siaki shoves
Cross to the mat off a lockup. They engage in a lengthy reversal sequence that
ends with Cross getting a few rollups. They stand off and the crowd is
virtually silent. Siaki punches Cross but gets caught with a rana. Cross gets
two off a leg lariat as West puts over Cross for winning the ten man gauntlet
and drawing the first spot. Cross sends Siaki to the floor and hits him with a
twisting plancha. Siaki rolls in the ring and Desire pulls Cross’s leg on a
springboard attempt. The camera misses some of the action and Tenay tells us
that Siaki hit Cross with a low blow. Siaki chops Cross hard in the corner.
Cross fights back but Siaki gets a knee. Siaki charges and gets hit with a knee
but Siaki send Cross in the corner with an overhead suplex, getting two. Cross
comes back with a rollup then sends him to the floor with an enziguiri. He hits
Siaki with a slingshot flip dive but Desire runs over and clotheslines him down.
That actually looked good, believe it or not. Siaki swings Cross into the steps
then rolls him back in the ring and covers, getting two. They fight over a
backslide and Cross hits a DDT as both men are down. Cross is up first and
fires away. He reverses a hiptoss attempt with a bulldog, getting two. Siaki
gets him in a pumphandle but turns it into a Fire Thunder Driver as Cross gets
his leg on the ropes. Siaki tries for the Siakalypse but Cross shoves him away,
into the ref. Cross hits a brainbuster then he climbs up top and gets a
beautiful looking Crossfire. The ref is still down and Desire crotches Cross
against the post. Siaki rolls up Cross for the win (8:10) **1/4.


Thoughts: Some really nice moves took place in the match.
However, these two did not have much chemistry together and the match was flat.
Siaki is still not getting over, despite a new valet and the X Division belt.
It really doesn’t even make sense for him to wrestle in the X Division to begin
with, seeing as they had nothing in the heavyweight division and he is better
in the ring than most of the wash-ups on the roster.



Immediately after the match, Bob Armstrong comes out and
orders Desire to the back and demands the match be re-started. Russo comes out
to tell Armstrong that they aren’t “starting shit” as BG and Don Harris come in
the ring. Russo says the people are her to see SEX and calls Cross a “punk”
saying that he is in no condition to start a match as Harris and BG kick his
ass. Russo and Armstrong argue some more until Russo says he will let Bob’s son
do his work for him. Before an answer is given, Lynn and Killings run out and beat on Harris
and BG. Armstrong orders for the bell to ring as this is now a match.



BG James & Don
Harris vs. Jerry Lynn & Ron “The Truth” Killings


Lynn hammers away on BG as
Killings flies over the top rope and hits Harris with a sweet tope con hilo. BG gets backdropped
onto the apron and Lynn
hits his leg drop. Lynn
then hits him with a pescado then we see Harris toss Killings into the
guardrail. Lynn
ducks a chairshot from BG and kicks it in his face. Harris beats on Killings in
the crowd as Lynn and BG slug it out in the ring. BG hiits some dancing punches
but Lynn ducks
and gets a crossbody for two. The camera is showing the action everywhere,
making it a bit distracting, as Lynn
gets two off a bulldog. Harris cimbs on the apron and pulls Lynn down by his hair, allowing BG to get
some mounted punches. Harris chokes out Lynn
behind the ref’s back and tags. Big boot and Harris taunts the crowd. He beats
on Lynn in the corner until Lynn comes back with a reverse rollup in a
clunky looking spot. Lynn
runs into another boot and tag to BG. Double elbow smash gets two. Lynn reverses a double
suplex into a DDT and makes the tag to Killings. He runs wild until Harris cuts
him off. Killings takes him down with a leg lariat and hits BG with a scissor
kick. Gordbuster by Killings and he goes up top. He hits a 450 knee smash as he
completely overshot BG but someone in street clothes runs in and attacks
Killings for the DQ (6:29) ½*. It turns out to be Mike Sanders from WCW.
Security runs out to stop the assault as Russo is seen in the crowd, flanked by
Low Ki and Daniels. Sanders smiles as security checks on Lynn and Killings. 


Thoughts: The match was nothing and featured the typical TNA
tag match formula where you start by brawling outside of the ring for a few
minutes before entering the ring.



Tenay in a pre-taped interview is with Percy Pringle. He
looks to weigh about 400 lbs. He talks about watching shows as a kid and
putting up the ring. They talk about his start in Florida
then his first major gig in Texas
with Rick Rude. He stayed in World Class for 6 years and e talks about his 12
years in the WWF. Percy says it was mostly good and brings up him being a road
agent and working with talent development. Tenay brings up his managing of the
Undertaker before the Sports Entertainment vs. Traditional Wrestling. Percy
says he has no opinion and is not sure. He says he was at ringside because he
wanted to be. Tenay asks if Percy will be managing in TNA and he replies by
saying he is not on board…yet. I can’t imagine anyone being in suspense for
this land monster to make a decision about joining TNA. Without the Undertaker,
he would have probably been phased out in the mid-90’s.



Tag-Team Championship

Most Wanted vs. New
Church (Champions) w/
James Mitchell & Belladonna


This is billed as the final showdown between both teams and
Tenay says that the NWA will not allow a rematch clause. AMW cleans house to
start and destroys the New Church outside the ring. Both teams go at it for a
while then Slash suplexes Storm on the exposed concrete. Lee hits Harris with a
chair off camera and they brawl up the ramp. Slash hits Storm with a Michinoku
Driver then rolls him in the ring as Harris gets shoved into the steps.
Helicopter Slam by Slash gets two. Tag to Lee and he gets a big boot and hits
Harris, who was standing outside the ring. Lee hits a bunch of punches that
showed a lot of air and stomps him in the corner. Tag to Slash and he gets two
off of a clip. He bites Storm’s forehead then stops a brief comeback with a
DDT. Lee tags back in and hits three elbow drops before tagging Slash and
hitting a double elbow smash. Slash grabs a headlock as the crowd chants for
Storm. He catches Slash with a kick and hits an enziguiri, knocking Slash into
the ref. He tags Harris but the ref turns around and stops him, as he never saw
the tag. As the ref is dealing with Harris, Storm gets tossed to the floor and
Lee hits him with the title belt. He rolls him back in and Slash beats him in
the corner. Lee tags and grabs a chinlock. New Church try a double suplex but
Storm counters with a DDT and finally makes the tag. Harris goes nuts and
clotheslines Lee out of the ring. Slash hits him with a neckbreaker but gets
nailed with a super kick from Storm. Harris covers and gets two as Slash gets
some powder in his hands. He accidentally throws it in the face of Lee and
Harris spears him, getting two. Storm and Slash do an Irish Whip sequence,
ending with Storm dodging a dropkick and locking on the Sharpshooter. Mitchell
breaks that up with the spike and Slash whips Stmr with the belt. Harris takes
the belt and whips Slash but Lee wraps his belt around his fist and hits
Harris, getting two. Storm takes down Slash with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors
but Lee catches him with the Tombstone, getting two as Harris breaks that up.
He tries a tombstone on Harris but he reverses, nearly dropping him in the
process, and hits it for two. Slash catapults Storm into the corner and into a
chair and that gets two. Storm kicks Slash and hits a jawbreaker. He gets Slash
up for the Death Sentence and Harris knocks Mitchell off the apron before
hitting the move, getting the win and the belts (14:15) **3/4


Thoughts: It picked up a lot at the end but the first half
was the same as every other match these two teams have had. Storm did a great
job playing the face-in-peril role



Immediately after the match, the camera cuts backstage to
Goldylocks. She is with Bob Armstrong, who says he does not have time for her. Good
thing they cut off AMW celebrating for this informative segment.



Curt Hennig comes out for an interview before his match,
wearing jeans and a muscle shirt. He says he is sick of people talking about
why he got fired. He then says he has a saying in the wrestling business and he
spoofs the old Mastercard commercials. His saying is: “Paying your dues in the
wrestling business, $141 million, being the greatest athlete in Professional
Wrestling, $67 million, and taking down Brock Lesnar at 35,000 feet, priceless.”
Hennig comes across as pathetic and bitter with his Lesnar stuff. He points at
the axe handle on a pole and says he will make history tonight by wrestling
Flair. He says that it’s in Flair’s blood to “not show” and says he ran his dad
out of the WWF as Flair runs in from behind carrying a burlap sack but misses
an attack.



Axe Handle on a Pole

Curt Hennig vs. David


Hennig lands some shots in the corner. Flair rolls outside
and Hennig removes his shirt and delivers more chops. Flair tries to fight back
and cant even get into the right position and the whole sequence looked like
amateur hour. Hennig goes into the ring and tries to climb but looks either too
drunk or uncomfortable, pausing forever. Flair tries to stop him but gets
shoved to the floor. Flair reaches in the sack as Hennig tries to climb and
cuts him off. He gets a snapmare and a necksnap. Flapjack by Flair, who
delivers some stomps then yells “Who’s Mr. Perfect” and when a fan replied that
he was, Flair came back with “I’m David Flair.” That was a bit funny, actually
Flair climbs but Hennig takes him down with an electric chair drop. Chris
Vaughn is called in by Hennig and climbs up and gets the handle. Hennig takes
it and shoves Vaughn to the floor for reasons I cannot comprehend as the ref
rings the bell, with Hennig declared the winner (2:39) -**. Hennig celebrates
and looks gassed. Flair runs in and hits him with the sack. He chokes him out
on the mat until a few refs runs in to break up the action. Flair takes the
sack and leaves through the crowd. Hennig tosses the handle to the refs and


Thoughts: Flair is absolutely awful as a pro wrestler and
Hennig was just an embarrassment at this point. Sadly, this is the last PPV
match for Curt as he passed away a month after this show.



Goldy tries to interview Flair, who blew her off. She
expresses her frustrations of not being able to get an interview from anyone as
Desire comes out of the locker room, telling her to stay away from her “boys.”
Goldy gets defensive and Desire slams her down and start choking her. Athena
runs out and goes after Desire as Siaki comes out and pulls away Desire. Looks
like we are getting a feud between Desire and Athena.



Don West sells next week’s show. He nearly has a heart
attack when announcing that the Amazing Red will take on Siaki for the X
Division belt as the camera then shows Mike Sanders make his way through the
crowd to the announcers table. He grabs the mic from Tenay and calls him a
“piece of shit.” He grabs his shirt and calls his interviews “bullshit” and
that he will offer Tenay and chance to interview Vince Russo one-on-one next
week and swears a few more times before leaving. Tenay looks pissed off and
intense, promising to interview Russo next week. I couldn’t stand Sanders here.
Just a lot of swearing and he came across as a bad actor. I have no idea why
people were actually excited for him when he appeared in TNA as he was okay on
the mic in WCW but he sucked as a wrestler.  



“Fallen Angel”
Christopher Daniels vs. Jeff Jarrett


Jarrett pulls up on a dropkick and slingshots Daniels to the
floor. He re-enters and beats on Jarrett. He hits a leg lariat and poses as
Tenay puts over Jarrett’s international matches. Daniels gets in some kicks and
floats over on a suplex attempt and hits a neckbreaker. He stomps Jarrett and
chokes him out in the corner. Jarrett baseball slides under Daniels and hits a
clothesline. He takes Daniels down and puts on the Figure Four but its quickly
reversed. Jarrett grabs the ropes and Daniels hammers away. He hits a
jawbreaker then an enziguiri and gets two. Kneedrop then a necksnap gets two.
Slingshot leg drop gets two. Jarrett ducks a clothesline and fights back but
gets caught in a STO. Jarrett rolls away from the BME then gets his knee up on a
charge before hitting Daniels with the Stroke (4:45) *1/2.


Thoughts: Fine for what it was. With Jarrett wrestling three
straight matches, he isn’t going to go all out in the first one.



“Primetime” Elix
Skipper vs. Jeff Jarrett


Skipper runs right in immediately after the match. He beats
on Jarrett as BG James joins the booth. He tells West that he sucks as Skipper continue
his assault. Skipper trips up Jarrett and hits a twisting slingshot splash
before tossing him to the floor. BG tells West and Tenay in scathing fashion
that they have the chemistry of a “third grade chemist” as Skipper tries the
spot where you run and flip over the ropes, landing on the apron and lands on
his neck. He rolls out and beats on Jarrett then they go through the crowd.
Skipper kicks him in the face and slams his head off a chair. Jarrett fights
back and hits Skipper with a chair. They go through the crowd as Skipper hits a
spin kick as BG annoys on commentary. Back in the ring, Skipper locks on a
sleeper. Eventually, Jarrett fights out and beats on Skipper. The crowd is dead
as Skipper hits a German Suplex. Low Ki comes on the apron but accidentally
hits Skipper with a springboard clothesline and Jarrett tosses Ki before
covering, getting the win (5:56) *1/4.


Thoughts: Not a good match. Skipper had a rough time and nothing
he did looked crisp.



Low Ki vs. Jeff


Ki slides in and chokes out Jarrett with his foot as Scott
Armstrong escorts Daniels and Skipper away. Jarrett fights back but Ki blocks
the Stroke with a kick. Twisting elbow drop gets two then he goes for the
figure-four necklock as BG continues to ramble on commentary. Ki beats on
Jarrett in the corner then puts on a headlock, using the ropes for leverage as
Tenay asks BG how he could turn his back on his father. Jarrett fights out as
it appears that BGs mic goes out. Jarrett blocks the hanging Dragon attempt and
takes Ki outside. He whips him into the guardrail then off of the announcers
table repeatedly. Ki hits a low low and then a chairshot on Jarrett. Ki
slingshots in and puts the Dragon Clutch on Jarrett. He breaks and Ki connects
with several kicks and knee strikes. Jarrett catches Ki’s leg and tries for the
figure four but Ki blocks that. Jarrett gets a low kick and then a backdrop. He
knocks the returning Daniels and Skipper off of the apron but is caught with a
basement dropkick by Ki. The ref deals with Skipper and Jarrett goes low then
hits the Stroke. Jarrett covers but Daniels and Skipper run in and the ref
rings the bell for the DQ (6:51) **1/4. XXX continues to beat on Jarrett until
the Road Warriors run in for the save. They hit Daniels with the Doomsday
Device but AJ Styles runs in and attacks the Road Warriors. SEX runs out and they
assault Jarrett and the Road Warriors. Russo comes out and congratulates AJ
with BG, but he blows them off and walks away, pissing off BG. They grab a
table and hold Jarrett down as XXX are on the same turnbuckle but Dusty Rhodes
comes out and hits a few bionic elbows as SEX retreats and the show goes off
the air.


Thoughts: Easily the best match of the three but once again,
this was designed to further along the SEX vs. “Traditonal Wrestling” feud. It
really seemed to get going before the DQ ending. In regards to Dusty as the big
surprise, the crowd loved it but it doesn’t feel like it is helpful in the long
run. With AJ interfering and blowing off SEX, it seems like he will eventually
get a shot against Jarrett for the title down the road.



Final Thoughts: The main storyline is at least coherent. Also, the production values are much improved.
However, SEX doesn’t have a star to carry the group and just about every match
has them running in and interfering. The wrestling this week was not that good either as a lot of the guys had off nights in the ring.
They ended the New Church/AMW feud so AMW will have to find new opponents. They
seem to have broken AJ away from Plumtree and the X Division and with the Road
Warriors and Dusty, they are bringing in stars from the 80’s to fight for
traditional wrestling.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #25

December 18, 2002
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
They run down the show as Tenay talks about the 53 year history of the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. They show video of Jarrett defending the belt all around the world as well as Jeremy Borash interviewing Jarrett. I assume this was an attempt to put over the importance of the belt but it didn’t really work here and the production values of the piece were terrible.


The camera’s cut out back as Goldylocks tries to interview Hennig in the parking lot. He blows her off and heads to the ring. As she was trying to talk to him, you could hear the echo and it was annoying. Hennig goes into the ring and yanks the mic from Borash. He is pissed at Russo for costing him the title last week. He then says that he ran out of beer on the bus but he has Brock Lesnar buying him some more at the liquor store. Jesus Christ, let it go Curt. He says he will use his body to tie Russo up in a knot. He then uses mouse terminology to describe Russo, who he also refers to as “just a fan.” Russo then appears from the crowd, flanked by the Harris Brothers. Curt chases after them but gets jumped by Low Ki, Christopher Daniels, and Elix Skipper. They beat on Hennig as BG James steals the headset from West and pretends to be Jim Ross on commentary, using his signature lines and screaming “Stone Cold Wins” repeatedly. The Harris Brothers cut down the TNA banners as Russo welcomes Hennig to Sports Entertainment Extreme. Security runs in and protects Hennig. Russo jumps on the announcers table and screams in the face of Tenay. Ki yells at Hennig then says “screw the gauntlet” before taking off in the crowd as Tenay and West try to piece together why the X Division guys, who were billed before the show as taking part in the X Division Gauntlet match, aligned with Russo. Decent segment to put over SEX and the addition of the new guys at least gives them some fresh blood.
The camera shows the TNA Dancer as Tenay and West are trying to regain composure. They then show Goldylocks backstage with Bob Armstrong. AJ Styles walks by and Armstrong says he is not welcome in the NWA lockeroom. AJ says he never stated that he was aligned with Russo and did his talking in the ring, like Bob has advocated in the past. AJ says he will be all over Jarrett until he gets a shot at his title. Another solid segment, putting over AJ as a heavyweight championship contender. Being that AJ has clearly been the breakout star of TNA, he should be in the title mix.
10-Man X Division Gauntlet for the Gold
The rules for this are a man enters every 90 seconds and the last two left will have a singles match to determine a winner. Eliminations occur only by pinfall or submission. #1 is Jason Cross and #2 is the Amazing Red. West doesn’t waste any time declaring is love for Red. The camera cuts to the locker room as Jarrett is beating the piss out of AJ Styles, with Mortimer Plumtree in the background pleading for him to stop. Handshake to start and Tenay tells us that Low Ki, Daniels, and Skipper have withdrawn from the gauntlet and will be replaced by the SAT’s and Ace Steel. Talk about a drop in quality. These two engage in a typical, fast-paced X division trade off sequence. Red gets his Red Star Press and clotheslines Cross to the floor. #3 is Tony Mamaluke and he immediately goes after Red. He hits a DDT then a shinbreaker on Cross. He puts him in the Sicilian Crab but Cross reaches the ropes. Mamaluke puts the move back on then breaks. He clotheslines Red then hits a jawbreaker on Cross. #4 is Jimmy Rave and he goes after Mamaluke. Red goes after Rave and they engage in a sloppy sequence ending with Rave hitting a facebuster as Red went for the Infrared. Mamaluke knocks Cross to the floor but Rave rolls him up for two. Cross and Red brawl on the floor as Mamaluke beats on Rave. #5 is Shark Boy and he assists with the Tower of Doom spot on Mamaluke and Rave. He hits Cross with a neckbreaker and the crowd is into Shark Boy. Top rope bulldog on Rave gets two as Plumtree joins the announcers table, stating how there is a problem in TNA and that AJ is not returning his calls. The camera goes split screen as not much is happening. #6 is Kid Kash and he goes after everyone in the ring. He catches Shark Boy with a powerslam, getting two. #7 is Ace Steel and he nails Rave with a missile dropkick. Way too much going on here. Rave rolls up Mamaluke for the first elimination. Shark Boy then eliminates Rave with the DSD and Kash eliminates him with the brainbuster. #8 is Jose Maximo and he hits a crossbody on Kash for two. #9 is Joel Maximo and everyone is on the floor slugging it out. Plumtree finally storms off after declaring tha the X Division is his life. The Maximos and Red brawl with Steel for a bit then Kash hits Red with a chair as #10 is David Young. He flattens Red with a sitout powerbomb then hits the SAT with a back suplex. Young looks good as he is destroying everyone until he nearly kills himself when he overshoots a quebrada onto Steel and the SAT’s. Steel then tries to kill himself with a double springboard plancha. Cross hits a tremendous twisting somersault plancha and Red almost tops that with a running flip dive before Kash finishes this car wreck spot off with a double springboard somersault plancha. In the ring, Kash hits Young with a missile dropkick for two. Kash hits a Rana and a tornado DDT for two. Kash shoves the ref as the camera shows the brawling outside of the ring. More brawling takes place as we see Kash crashing into the guardrail. In the ring, the SAT’s hits a double team DDT on Young and Red gets the Infrared for the elimination. Steel reverses a superplex by Jose into a tornado DDT for the pin. Joel then rolls up Steel for the elimination. Kash clotheslines Joel for two. Kash counters a running powerbomb from Joel into a rana for the elimination. Red and Kash double team Cross before fighting each other. They do some nice stuff and Red kills him with an enziguiri but Kash is able to reach the ropes on the pin attempt. Red climbs up top but Kash runs up and delivers a super powerslam. Cross breaks up that pin attempt as West is dumbfounded by that. Say what you want about West but he always called out illogical spots and brought up past shows. Cross hits a super rana on Kash, who then gets hit with a swinging DDT for the elimination, leaving Cross and Red as the last two participants. Cross hits a brainbuster then hits the Crossfire (just barely) for the win (22:09) **3/4.
Thoughts: Long match that was dull in the middle but it came together nicely at the end. It featured some nice moves too. Cross winning was fine, always good to see a young guy with talent get a chance, but why the hell did he lose to Mamaluke last week if he was going to win this match. I would have loved to see Ki, Daniels, and Skipper here though. The match quality, which was fine without them, would have been improved.
Tenay says he has just received word that Bob Armstrong will add Jerry Lynn to the X Division title match between Siaki and EZ Money, because Armstrong felt he got screwed last week. Also, New Church vs. Harris Brothers vs. America’s Most Wanted will take place tonight.
Russo and SEX enter the ring. Russo says he has one question on his mind. That question is that thousands of people tune into PPV to laugh at the TNA product and crowd, stating that New Yorkers find this funny. Whatever, New Yorkers probably find Russo funny as well. He says he could make a million bucks if he was a dentist here in Nashville. He introduces Low Ki, stating that NWA was not booking him because he wouldn’t commit to a 52-week schedule. Ki alledgedly called Russo, who says that SEX is his home. He introduces Daniels, saying he read about him on the internet for two years and that NWA wouldn’t use him because the plane ticket from California cost too much. Russo says he will buy him a plane. Skipper is introduced and Russo says he has a soft spot for him as for some reason the camera zooms in on his abs. Is Bill Behrens on camera duty tonight? Skipper says TNA wouldn’t offer him enough money and Russo says he will get him paid and laid twice a day. Russo then tells a “fat wench” in the crowd that she needs to get laid herself. He turns to BG James and tells him he will kick his dad’s ass. Finally, he turns to the Harris Brothers and doesn’t want to be let down. He then tells Jarrett to bring his “hillbilly, hick ass” out to the ring as Jarrett’s music hits. Russo demands an answer as Jarrett enters the ring. He tells Russo that he has sat back for three weeks listening to him run his mouth but now it is his turn to listen. He tells us who Vince Russo really is, a magazine writer who has no business in the ring. He says that Russo disrespects the business because he hates it and he tells stories of the past. Jarrett says in 1993, Vince was happy like a boy to interview him. Jarrett says that he protected him from Shawn Michaels, telling Harris and James that they were fully aware of this. He says in WCW, Goldberg and Scott Steiner wanted to kick his ass but he still protected Vince. Jarrett runs down his own “Sport Entertainment” moments, beating up old women and celebrities, sounding shameful that he engaged in these events. Jarrett tells Russo he disrespected everything he stood for by attacking his father then says if it wasn’t for Professional Wrestling, he would still be in New York selling televisions. Russo then asks him where his balls are and he is now a daddy’s boy. Russo says the wrestlers in the back have no respect for him and he is a laughing stock but he can change that. He asks Jarrett if he is with him or without him and Jarrett reveals he never was with him or will ever be with him then attacks SEX before fleeing the ring. He grabs a chair from the crowd and takes out everyone with a chair until SEX catches up and stomps him. Tenay pleads for help as everyone hits their finishers on Jarrett. Finally, security runs out and SEX clears the ring. Russo arrogantly lays across the announcers table and drinks a bottle of water before dumping it over the table. I didn’t mind the beginning of the segment, it re-introduced Daniels, Ki, and Skipper and gave some insight as to why they have been away from TNA, but the Jarrett/Russo part just went over everyone’s heads. Plus, no one cares about the Russo/Jarrett relationship in 1993 WWF.
New Church w/James Mitchell & Belladonna vs.  America’s Most Wanted vs. Harris Brothers
Slash attacks Storm to start. Storm comes back with a somersault senton but gets hits with the Eye of the Hurricane, which is broken up by Don. The camera shows Percy Pringle, looking fatter than ever, sitting on the ramp. Seriously, he looks to have gained a 100 lbs since leaving the WWE. Storm hits a Russian Leg Sweep and tags out. AMW gets the atomic drop/superkick combo on Slash but Ron breaks up that pin attempt. Slash comes back with a clothesline and tags Lee. Big boot gets two from Lee. Suplex gets two. Press slam from Lee and he chokes out Chris against the ropes. Chris comes back with a Thesz Press and a clothesline. Crossbody block gets two and Storm tags. They double team the New Church but get clotheslined down by the Harris Brothers. Everyone then brawls outside of the ring and its difficult to keep track of what is going on as the camera switches focus constantly. Chris and Don go at it in the ring then AMW beat on the Harris Brothers until the tables are turned. They hit a double chokeslam then the H Bomb on Wildcat. Belladonna (and her beautiful ass) jump on the apron as does James Mitchell. Athena then runs into the ring and hits Ron with a low blow. The Road Warriors then run into the ring and clean house, to the fans delight. Doomsday Device on Slash and they take out Ron. The leave the ring and Wildcat climbs on top of Ron for the win (7:37) *.
Thoughts: Match wasn’t much at all but this was designed to introduce the Road Warriors into TNA. The crowd went nuts when they appeared so the segment worked. Speaking of the match, AMW continues to shine and Slash can work but the rest was basic brawling.
Goldylocks tries to catch up with the Road Warriors. They yell about Russo and Animal tells Russo that this was their sports entertainment. Goldy then walks by the locker room where Bob Armstrong is telling several X Division guys about excluding Russo and the rest of SEX from TNA. He tells him to give them the best they got and it must be a team effort if SEX is to be stopped.
Video recap of the Siaki/Lynn saga.
X Division Title Match
EZ Money vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Sonny Siaki (Champion)
This gets the boxing style ring introductions. Siaki gets knocked down and EZ and Lynn trade off moves before ending in a standoff. They duck a clothesline attempt from Siaki, who boots Lynn when he ducks his head. EZ hits Siaki with a facebreaker and a neckbreaker but Lynn breaks up the pin attempt. He takes down EZ with a tilt-a-whirl headscissor then with a rollup after a superkick from Siaki to EZ. Siaki breaks up the pin. Siaki then alley-oops Lynn to EZ and Lynn tries to take him down with a rana but EZ spears Siaki for two. Siaki gets the pumphandle drop on Lynn for two. EZ beats on Siaki in the corner setting up for his running basement dropkick. He eats boot after charging towards Lynn as the camera shows WWA owner Andrew McManus (and his insanely gorgeous wife) in the crowd. Lynn springs off the back of Siaki to deliver a tornado DDT, which gets two. Siaki dodges Lynn’s apron legdrop but gets stunned by Lynn. EZ gets backdropped and Lands on Siaki then Lynn takes them out with a somersault senton. Back in the ring, everyone is laid out after getting clotheslined. Siaki and Lynn get up first and Lynn counters a Samoan Drop attempt with a DDT. EZ hits Lynn with the Money Bag as Siaki breaks that up and hits EZ with an overhead bell-to-belly and that gets two. EZ and Lynn hit the 3D on Siaki and Lynn covers for two. Lynn hits EZ with the Cradle Piledriver but Siaki pulls the ref away and the mystery girl from last week is on the apron, distracting Lynn. She removes her coat then Siaki clotheslines him to the floor. EZ tries a suplex but Siaki blocks that and hits the Siakalypse for the win (7:45) **1/2. After the match, the woman hugs Russo, who goes into the ring. Russo tells Siaki that it was always about Sonny for him and that he is the elite athlete in this business. He wants him to represent SEX and tells him no one has what he has at his age. Russo says his gift is the woman, who he calls Desire and says she has tits and ass, everything that Sports Entertainment is about. Russo then quotes Tony Montana as Lynn attacks Siaki. Desire clips Lynn and Siaki stomps him as Russo yells at Lynn, calling him a “professional wrestler.” Sonny walks off with Desire and Russo.
Thoughts: Solid match. The focus of this was on Siaki joining SEX. This is another push for Siaki, who has failed to get over with the fans as part of the Elvises then as a solo act who broke away. They just wouldn’t give up on this guy. Looking back, if they started this guy off in a regular tag-team or with a manager, he would have done a lot better in the long run. His doesn’t show any personality in interviews and is just a somewhat decent worker with a good look. I cant blame Siaki as TNA put him in a position to fail. He wasn’t ready to be a major player in a national promotion.
Street Fight
Ron “The Truth” Killings vs. BG James
Killings raps about SEX but gets attacked by James. BG mocks Killings dance but eats a leg lariat. Flying forearm by Killings and he goes after BG, who is walking up the ramp. Axe Kick gets two. Killings takes BG off the stage with a bulldog onto the dancers stage. BG hits him with a trashcan for two. He hits him again then powerbombs him through the table and that gets two. He hits Truth with a tray and a caution sign. He picks up some porcelain item that broke when Truth kicked him. Truth nails BG with a shovel but gets attacked by Elix Skipper. Low Ki and Christopher Daniels are out as well and BG covers for the win (4:35) ¼*.
Thoughts: Match was not good. It came across as a basic WWE Hardcore Match. BG can barely move around at this point and the feud between these two as done nothing to help either guy, especially Killings who has been stuck in neutral since losing the title. As we see a short time later, this match was really designed to introduce the main event.
Immediately after the pinfall, Bob Armstrong comes out and is sick of SEX then says he has three men who stepped up tonight and challenges Russo for three of his men to fight. The SAT’s and Amazing Red enter the ring then Ki, Daniels, and Skipper run in and we have an impromptu match.
Spanish Announce Team & Amazing Red vs. Low Ki & Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper
All six men brawl in the ring to start things off. The SEX members gain the advantage. Ki hits Joel with a springboard knee smash. Joel then dropkicks him off the top rope and onto the floor. Jose and Skipper trade off stuff then Daniels joins in. Jose takes out Skipper with a tope and Red hits a springboard rana on Ki in the ring. They triple-team Ki in the corner then do some elaborate triple-team stuff, even if it was obviously choreographed. The crowd goes nuts as Red dropkicks Ki for two. Jose tags but Ki counters a tornado DDT with an inverted atomic drop and tags Daniels. Jose beats on him in the corner and tags Red. Double dropkick gets two. Ki gets a few kicks for two. Joel tags and gets a powerslam that Ki breaks up at two. Daniels gets backdropped to the floor then Skipper enters. Guess this is under Lucha rules. The SAT have Skipper in a camel clutch submission move as Red hits a running basement dropkick in a sweet looking spot. The SAT hit Ki with a double bulldog and that gets two. Red tags and gets a missile dropkick for two. Skipper knees Red from the apron then Daniels taunts the SAT’s as Skipper beats on Red behind the ref’s back. Skipper beats on Red in the ring and makes a bunch of covers but can’t pin Red. Skipper hits a bunch of knee strikes as the crowd starts a “SAT” chant. The heels distract the ref to beat on Red and West is sad that Low Ki joined Russo. Ki tags and legdrops Red but Jose breaks up the pin. Daniels tags and Red gets him in a small package but the ref is distracted. Delayed vertical suplex by Daniels is followed by a split-legged moonsault and that gets two. Skipper is in and stretches Red, who manages to escape. Skipper cuts off Red and Ki tags. West makes another good point how Red had been in the ring for over thirty minutes tonight when you count the Gauntlet. Red gets a DDT but Ki cuts off the tag. Ki gets him up for the Ki Crusher but Red counters with a headscissor takeover. Crowd is chanting for Red then he comes back with the Code Red and Skipper breaks that up at two. Red tags both SAT’s and they run wild. The whole match breaks down for a bit. Jose hits Skipper with a tornado DDT but Daniels breaks up the pin and hits a STO before the hitting the BME. Joel makes the save and nearly kills Daniels with the Maximo Impact (Backdrop Driver). Skipper breaks up the pin and hits a brainbuster, getting two. Red is laying in the corner and gets booted out by Ki. Skipper takes out Joel with a twisting pescado and Jose clears the ring. He tags Red then Ki rolls into the ring. Red beats the piss out of Ki and the crowd is loving this match. Ki reverses the Code Red and flips him over then hits a backbreaker. He misses the Phoenix Splash but dodges the Infrared. Ki covers for two as we see the brawling at ringside. Red escapes the Ki Crusher and gets two off a rollup as we see Don West screaming “Go Red Go” on top off the announcers table. Ki hits a dropkick and we see the brawling outside of the ring. Daniels is in for Ki and Red snaps of a rana, getting two. Daniels fights back and hits the Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Ki tags back in but accidentally hits Daniels with a Yakuza Kick and Red rolls him up for two. Ki gets a clothesline as Joel is beating on Daniels. Cartwheel kick gets two. They are still brawling on the floor as Ki covers and Red kicks out again. West continues to lead the chant then Red hits a spinkick and the 718, which West calls a 719. Red then hits a springboard swinging DDT and that only gets two. Red Star Press gets two. Skipper comes in and hits a gutwrench and rolls Ki on top but Red still kicks out. Ki gets him up once again for the Ki Crusher but red fights it off. The SAT’s attempt the Spanish Fly but Daniels and Skipper stop that from happening and also duck crossbody blocks. They hit the SAT’s with their finishers and kick them out of the ring as Red climbs up top. He tries for a super hurricarana but Ki blocks that. They fight it out on top and Ki puts Red on his shoulders then hits a Super Ki Crusher! Ki sells like he is in a world of pain himself then rolls on top of Red for the pin (21:03) ****1/4.
Thoughts: Tremendous match. All six guys busted their ass and the crowd was going nuts. Even in defeat, Red got over from this match. His great selling helped a lot, as did Don West, who always puts him over on commentary. I thought it was a really smart move on TNA’s part to have West, arguably one of the greatest pitchmen of his time, to help push a new star on commentary. Hell, he even led the crowd in a chant while announcing the match. A fantastic main event.
Immediately after the match, Russo and BG James run into the ring. Russo says he will answer the greatest question in the history of professional “Wrasslin.” He says the reason tables are under the ring are because wrestlers put them there. The Harris’ grab the tables as he insults Red and says he has dropped bigger turds than him. They put him and the SAT’s on the table and Daniels climbs up top but Curt Hennig runs out. Hennig fights them off with a belt but is outnumbered. All of a sudden, a man in jeans and a shirt enters the ring with an axe. It turns out to be David Flair, who is sporting darker hair than before, as well as a lot of Ecko Unlimited clothing. He hits Hennig and puts on the figure four leglock and Russo orders SEX to break his leg. Jarrett then runs out with a steel chair and cleans house. He hits Low Ki with the stroke and hits Flair before putting him in the figure four. Hennig cant fight off the rest of SEX and AJ Styles runs in and beats on Jarrett. They set up Jarrett on the table with Daniels and Skipper diving off together crashing through Jarrett. Russo takes the axe and walks over to the TNA logo at the top of the entrance ramp and destroys the set as the show goes off the air with Russo telling us that the show was brought to the viewers by SEX.  
Final Thoughts: A solid show from TNA. There was nothing embarrassing and the main event was great. A lot of X Division action here and they made SEX seem a little bit more than a group of WWE castoffs and washups. No one cared (or ever did) about David Flair, but Ki, Daniels, and Skipper give them good workers to a group that didn’t have any. They managed to get the Amazing Red over as a star too. Also, they appear to be building towards an AJ/Jarrett match, which will actually provide Jarrett with a decent opponent. Next show will be the first of 2003.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #24

11, 2002


A black-and-white video recap of  last week’s show. Thankfully, they cut out
the Owen Hart stuff. It goes on for a few minutes.


Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay


Tenay starts by stating how all 3 title
belts are on the line tonight.


Cross vs. Tony Mamaluke


Tenay mentions how Cross wrestled on
last week’s Xpolsion show and puts over his finisher, the Crossfire (Shooting
Star Leg Drop). Speaking of Cross, he looks like a smaller version of AJ
Styles. The two trade off a few moves until Cross knocks him off the apron. He
then flies out and hits a corkscrew plancha, which looked very nice. Mamaluke
shoves Cross against the railing and rolls him into the ring. He beats on Cross
until he misses a baseball slide. They trade go-behinds ending with Cross
hitting a brainbuster, getting two. Cross misses a somersault leg drop and
Mamaluke goes to work on the leg. Cross get a quick rollup but gets caught with
a German suplex. Cross gets a rollup off a shinbreaker attempt but Mamaluke
goes back to work on the leg. Mamaluke misses a corner splash and Cross hits a
corkscrew neckbreaker. He motions for the Crossfire but Mamaluke shoves the ref
into the ropes, cutting off Cross. He punches Cross but he ends up putting
Mamaluke in a double underhook then flips over hitting an Impaler. That’s a
cool move which could get over as a finisher today. Cross climbs up top and
hits the Crossfire but continues to sell the injured leg. Mamaluke everntually
gets up and hits the Dragon Screw and makes Cross tap out to the Sicilian Crab
(6:29) **1/4.


Thoughts: I have no clue as to why you
would debut someone and put over their finisher only to have them lose cleanly
to friggin’ Tony Mamaluke, who hasn’t won a single match in TNA. The match was
good and Cross showed a lot of potential. The Crossfire is a sweet move too.


After the match, BG James comes out
flanked by the Harris Twins. He lays Jarrett’s guitar on the announcers table
and orders Tenay and West to “guard it with their lives” as Jarrett will need
it for his match tonight. The Harris’ then destroy Cross and Mamaluke. BG grabs
the mic and says Russo is not here tonight because he is scouting for more
members to join SEX. BG puts over Russo for forming D-X and says this is all
for the good of the business as the crowd starts chanting that BG and Russo
suck. Bob Armstrong then comes out and cannot believe BG shook off his family
tradition to join Russo. He asks why BG went to Russo and he comes back by
saying that Russo led him to the top and keeps on saying “Daddy” sarcastically.
Bob brings out Ron Killings, who is wearing a 12 foot long chain and says a
chair will be attached and the match will take place tonight. Bob then tells
the Harris’ that he would love to knock them on their asses but they will
wrestle against the New Church tonight and if they choose not to wrestle, they
are finished. Ron says he doesn’t give a shit as long as the titles are on the
line. So, they get rewarded with a title shot. How the hell is that considered
punishment? BG then goes after Killings and the Harris’ join only to have the
New Church come out and brawl with them. Security and referees break up the
melee. This segment failed to make anyone care about feud.


Tenay puts over Jarrett in his recent
tour with WWA, stating how he defended the title against the likes of Sting,
Lex Luger, and Nathan Jones.


West and Tenay run down the show:


Quiet Storm vs. America’s Most Wanted

Amazing Red vs. AJ Styles

Sonny Siaki vs. Jerry Lynn for the X
Division Title

Curt Hennig vs. Jeff Jarrett for the
NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Title


Goldylocks is with Jorge Estrada, who is
distraught. Goldy jokes around that he has seemed to have “lost his smile.” He
brings up Sikai burning the Elvis costume and Yang being too busy in Japan, not
returning his phone calls. He also brings up Priscilla walking off with Brian
Lawler and Goldy asks if this is the end of the Elvises. Jorge just walks away
without speaking. Looks like they are going to move Estrada’s character in
another direction. Either way, he still sucks.


Kash vs. Jorge Estrada


Estrada comes out with his Elvis gear.
They do a fast-paced sequence to start, which wasn’t all that impressive before
they trade off armdrags. Estrada couldn’t even do that right as he nearly snaps
his arm in half. Kash works the arm as Tenay and West discuss the X Division
competitors. Estrada knocks Kash off the apron and hits a quebrada, whacking
his head off the ground in the process. Estrada rolls Kash back in the ring but
runs into a boot in the corner. Kash gets two off a somersault senton.
Faceplant gets two. They engage in an awkward Irish whip sequence that ends
with Kash getting a scoop slam. Estrada comes back with a drop toehold and a
springboard leg drop. He hits the All Shook Up and gets two, nearly breaking
Kash’s neck in the process. In all honestly, I’m pretty sure that Estrada
knocked himself silly on the quebrada as he looks absolutely lost out there.
Kash comes back with a missile dropkick and a tornado DDT, which gets two. They
trade chops for a bit then Kash hits the Money Drop (Brainbuster on the knee)
for the win (5:15) ½*.


Thoughts: Bad match, due to Estrada.
Kash looked pissed off and paced the ring after winning the match before
storming off to the locker room. Like I said earlier, Estrada porbably knocked
himself silly one the quebrada but he also has a reputation of being a sloppy



Goldylocks is out back with Bob and
Scott Armstrong. Bob walks away after getting off the phone. Nothing much
happened here.



Most Wanted vs. Divine Storm w/Trinity


Quiet Storm are riding a two-week long
winning streak. Harris and Devine trade off working the arm to start. Harris
gets a shoulderblock and brushes off a dropkick attempt. Harris then takes his
head off with a clothesline as both men tag out. James and QS do a fast paced
sequence that sees James snap off a rana. They height difference is really
notable here as QS looks like a midget wrestler. Storm gets an enziguiri but is
shortly tossed over the ropes. He manages to skin the cat and get back in as QS
falls to the outside after missing a dropkick. Devine gets backdropped onto his
own partner and AMW take them out with planchas. Trinity then takes out AMW
with a moonsault block from the top rope. Back in the ring, AMW double team QS,
to the delight of the crowd. Storm hits a delayed vertical suplex on QS for
two. Harris tags but Devine interfers and tags in afterwards. Harris blocks a
tilt-a-whirl but gets caught in a side Russian leg sweep. Divine Storm
neutralizes Harris by making quick tags. QS goes up top but Harris shoves him
to the floor He spears Devine and Storm tags. He runs wild for a bit. AMW hits
an H Bomb on QS for two. Storm catches Devine with a tilt-a-whirl slam for two.
AMW sets up Devine for the Death Sentence but QS distracts the ref and Trinity hits
Storm with the low blow then Devine rolls him up for the win (6:55) **.


Thoughts: Solid match. Divine Storm gets
the cheap win, which is all they should get against AMW, advancing up the tag
division ranks. Despite the win, it is clear that Trinity is the focus of the
team. She is also about 100x more interesting than either Storm or Devine.


Tenay says that the last PPV of the year
will be next week as they are pre-empted for Christmas and NYD. They will be
back live on January 8.


Goldylocks is backstage with BG and
Scott Armstrong. Scott mentions about helping him growing up and BG is having
none of that, stating he made his own way. This is just continuation of the
feud between the Armstrong’s. No one cares, by he way.


Video recap of AJ Styles taking out
Amazing Red last week before the double elimination match.



Styles w/Mortimer Plumtree vs. Amazing Red


Red ambushes Styles from behind. Red
hits a spinkick then the 718. He dropkicks AJ to the floor but gets caught
attempting a pescado and AJ hits a backbreaker from the powerbomb position.
Back in the ring, Red fights back but eats a discus clothesline. AJ puts on a
chinlock for a bit as the crowd starts chanting for Red. They engage in a sweet
reversal sequence that ends with AJ blocking a tornado DDT attempt with a Northern
Lights suplex, which gets two. Another cover gets two. AJ tosses Red to the
floor and distracts the ref, allowing Plumtree to land some kicks. Red gets
rolled back in and AJ covers for two. Red manages to take down Plumtree with a
baseball slide into a tilt-a-whirl headscissor in a mistimed spot but AJ ducks
out and attacks him. AJ turns the steps on its side and eventually hotshots
Red. AJ goes back in and taunts the crowd before covering Red. Senton with an
arrogant cover gets two. Red catches AJ with a rana for two but is caught with
an inverted DDT shortly afterwards. AJ puts on the Death Lock with a bridge. He
breaks after a few minutes then covers, getting two. Red comes back and gets
the Code Red for two. Red beats on AJ in the corner but runs into a boot.
Sitout powerbomb by AJ gets two. He goes up top but Red cuts him off. They
fight up top and Red escapes from the Styles Clash and lands a kick. He goes
back up top and they fight some more until Red takes off AJ with a super
hurricarana, which AJ sells by using a 450 bump to the mat, and Red quickly
covers for the win (12:05) ***1/4. Tenay and West put this over as a huge upset
as the crowd pops for the finish.


Thoughts: Good match, although their
match from several weeks ago was better. This match had a slower pace but AJ is
playing the heel role well and Red is good at selling so it worked well. Red is
over with the crowd and Don West, who was essentially his cheerleader on



Tag Team Title Match

Church w/James Mitchell & Belladonna (Champions) vs. Harris Brothers


The Harris’ make their way to the ring
through the crowd, without entrance music. AJ Styles and Mortimer Plumtree join
the booth and claims that Red cheated in their match as the two teams brawl
inside of the ring. Plumtree calls this a scandal and an outrage as the teams
continue to brawl. The Harris brothers take the advantage as they brawl outside
of the ring and into the stands. This is all just really basic stuff by the
way. Styles and Plumtree continue to babble as the Harris’ hit a double suplex
on Lee, which is identified as a “powerbomb” by Don West. He is short on
knowledge but high on enthusiasm. He is the Brian Fellows of Pro Wrestling
color commentators. Styles and Plumtree walk away as the match breaks down in
the ring. The New Church gains the upper hand. BG James then comes into the
ring with a steel chair and hits Slash, allowing Don Harris to cover for the
win (4:16) DUD. Percy Pringle then comes to the ring and tells the ref what
happened and he reverses he decision so the New Church retains. James Mitchell
goes into the ring and tells his men and the Harris’ to place the blame on
Pringle, as he had no business getting involved in the match. The Harris’ go
after Pringle but AMW comes out in street clothes and lays them out with


Thoughts: The commentary from Styles and
Plumtree was featured more than the match itself. The entire segment was one
sloppy clusterfuck. I have no idea where they are going with Pringle. Speaking
of the match, it was all punching and kicking and very bland.


Video Recap of the Sonny Siaki/Jerry
Lynn feud.


Tenay is with Siaki in a pre-taped
interview. He brings up Lynn talking out lack of respect as Siaki says that it
is out with the old and in with the new. Also, he will win the X Division



X Division Title Match

Siaki vs. Jerry Lynn (Champion)


This gets the Boxing match-style ring
introductions. The two lockup then trade stuff on the mat. Lynn gets a
shoulderblock and a crucifix. Drop toehold by Lynn and he gets the La Magistral
for two. Lynn goes to work on the arm until Siaki backs him in the corner.
Siaki cheapshots Lynn then tosses him to the floor. Lynn ducks a baseball slide
then dropkicks Siaki off the apron as a “Jerry” chant breaks out. They brawl
outside of the ring, with Lynn getting the upper hand. Back inside, Lynn gets a
slingshot leg drop and that gets two. Siaki blocks a suplex then blocks a
reverse rollup before hot-shotting Lynn. He stomps on Lynn and hits a
clothesline. Lynn gets a cradle but Siaki hits a low blow after shoving the ref
and gets two off a superkick. Lynn gets tossed to the floor and Siaki beats on
him for a bit before rolling back inside to break the count. Lynn fights back
and reverses a piledriver attempt with a back drop. Siaki then regains the
upperhand and rolls Lynn back inside for two.  Lynn gets an inverted DDT and both men are
down. They slug it out and Lynn hits a few clotheslines. Sitout powerbomb gets
two. Tornado DDT gets two. Siaki hits the Samoan Pop for two. Lynn tries a
reverse rollup and runs over the ref in the process. He hits the Cradle
Piledriver as the ref slowly recovers and counts to two. Sideslam by Lynn and
he heads up top but some woman yanks his leg and he falls. She winks at Siaki
as she backs up the ramp and Siaki hits the Siakalypse for the win (11:57)
**1/2. Siaki celebrates in the ring.


Thoughts: Decent match, although I’m not
sure about Siaki winning the title. He has failed to get over despite being
shoved down the throats of the fans, and doesn’t really wrestle the X Division
style. Looks like they are pairing him up with a female in another attempt to
elevate him. The mystery woman was Kim Nielsen, who was released from WWE
developmental a few months before this show. She is better known as being on
the show “The Biggest Loser” where she was a runner up last year. She looked
gorgeous here by the way.



and Chains Match

“The Truth” Killings vs. BG James


BG also makes his way to the ring
through the crowd, without theme music. Not a bad idea, actually for a supposed
rebel faction. Killings attacks BG with a flying forearm before the match. The
ref locks them in and the match begins. BG lands a few shots and takes too long
with the chair, allowing Killings to hit a missile dropkick. Scissor kick onto
the chair gets two. Killings misses a moonsault, landing on the chair and BG
goes on offense. He does a dance as Killings is on the floor but he yanks the
chain and they get detached. Killings runs in and covers then hits the Truth
Conviction on the chair for the win (4:01) ¼*. After the macth, Killings looks
to inflict more damage but Bob Armstrong runs in and BG inadvertently hits him
with the chair as BG is in disbelief and leaves ringside. TNA officials check
on Bob.


Thoughts: The match itself was short and
the chain coming off came across as being low-rent. The whole Armstrong angle
was very corny too. This stuff just plain sucks.


Tenay promises an interview with Percy
Pringle next week the West runs down the rest of the card:


New Church vs. AMW vs. Harris Brothers

Sonny Siaki vs. EZ Money for the X
Division Title

10 man X Division Gauntlet match for the
#1 contender spot.


Video recap of the Curt Hennig / Jeff
Jarrett feud.


Tenay in a pre-recorded interview with
Jeff Jarrett. Jeff puts over the tradition of the NWA for a bit. Tenay brings
up Sean Waltman’s issues with Vince Russo and Jeff says to not appear here is a
cop out as Russo does not sign his checks. Tenay asks about Roddy Piper and his
comments about Owen Hart. Jarrett says that he will not discuss the death of
Owen on a wrestling show and that no one is responsible for his death. Tenay
asks Jarrett point blank if he is with Russo or against him. Jarrett doesn’t
give an answer then says that he will answer Russo face-to-face like a man when
the time is right. More drama with Jarrett and Russo.



World Heavyweight Champion Match

Hennig vs. Jeff Jarrett (Champion)


Hennig comes out with horrible theme
music, wearing a black hoodie. This also gets the boxing style ring
introductions.  The two lockup and Hennig
reaches the ropes but Jarrett won’t break the hold as the ref has to step in
and break it apart. Hennig chops Jarrett in the corner but he comes back with a
hiptoss and a dropkick. They go outside and Jarrett gets in a few chairshots.
He chokes Hennig against the guardrail then motions to the guitar but
rolls Hennig into the ring instead. Hennig catches a kick from Jarrett and goes
to work on the leg. The crowd is pro Jarrett as he attempts to fight out of a
lengthy Indian Deathlock spot. Jarrett gets a pair of atomic drops and an
enziguri as both men are down. He slingshots Hennig into the corner then rams
his head into the exposed turnbuckle after accidentally knocking out the
referee. Jarrett grabs the guitar but puts it back down and goes back into the
ring. He attempts the Stroke but Hennig gets a low blow. Vince Russo runs in
and smashed Hennig with the guitar and Jarrett rolls on top for the win (8:09)
¾*. After the match, Russo hands Jarrett the belt then AJ Styles runs in and
attacks Jarrett as the show goes off the air.


Thoughts: The match was really dull and
Hennig barely did anything. He was blown up a few minutes into the match.
Jarrett carried everything here as we still do not know about his allegiance
with Russo. Having AJ attack Jarrett isn’t a bad idea if it leads to a feud with
Jarrett. Plus, it will actually give Jarrett an opponent who can work.



Final Thoughts: The Armstrong and SEX
stuff just sucks the life out of everything. Also, the lack of depth is
glaring. Still, it was much better than last week ad it didn’t feature anything
that was downright offensive. We had a few decent matches and a title change
but the Jarrett/Russo storyline continues to drag out without any payoff. Next
week will feature the last TNA show of 2002 but don’t worry as I will review
all of 2003 and 2004.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #23

December 4, 2002


They show us what takes place after the show went off the
air last week. Killings and Russo are rolling around the ring brawling as the
Harris Brothers break it up. They push Russo around a bit and drag him away as
Russo is dropping F-Bombs. Jarrett was standing in the ring, not saying a word.


Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay.


The bagpipes play and Roddy Piper eventually comes out. He
signals for the music to be cut off and grabs the mic. He is accompanied by a
young guy with a “Hot Rod” shirt. Tenay mentions how he is on a book tour as
Piper introduces himself to the crowd. He says TNA is the last place that Russo
not killed. Piper says Russo grew up to be a 300lbs “hump of thing”
dreaming to become a wrestler. Piper said he failed but became a sports
entertainer. Piper says that he will kill the dreams of the younger wrestlers
in the locker room. The crowd chants as he shows a photo of himself as a young
wrestler from his book. He tells Russo he will “shoot” and says that Russo is
the Bin Laden of pro wrestling, not the anti-Christ as he claimed last week. He
then brings up how Russo was responsible for Owen Hart’s death. Yes, he really
said that. He says that he is Owen’s cousin (They are both Canadian and Piper
was trained by Stu but they were not blood related) and that goes over the
heads of the audience. He takes off his coat as the crowd chants. He has ten
dead wrestlers listed on his back and a black armband. He says unless you’re
idea of a good time is a 325 lbs Samoan in a thong rubbing his ass on someone’s
face, then Russo must be stopped.  He
calls out Russo, who sneaks in from behind. Russo backs into the corner and
Piper asks him if he killed Owen Hart. He then asks him how he bankrupted WCW
so quickly and Russo stick up for himself and orders Piper away. Piper won’t
back down and this goes on too long and is getting into some really
uncomfortable territory. Piper says that he sent Russo a tape to turn around
WCW then tells him that he is killing wrestling and needs to go away. The
Harris Twins come out and tell Russo to leave. Piper teases him as the Harris’
hold him back. Piper says the shoot interview is coming Friday night and leaves
the ring. Piper was unscripted here and had to deliver a formal apology after the
show as these comments were not cleared by TNA management. This entire segment
just left a really bad taste in your mouth. 



West runs down tonight’s show:


Amazing Red vs. Kid Kash vs. EZ Money vs. AJ Styles in a
double elimination match

Spanish Announce Team vs. Divine Storm



Tenay says that the planned Lynn
vs. Siaki match is postponed due to Lynn
suffering an injury. The crowd is starting a “Russo Sucks” chant.



Spanish Announce Team
vs. Divine Storm w/Trinity


Jose and Quiet Storm start off trading some unimpressive
looking stuff as Tenay puts over Trinity’s work as a stuntwoman. Storm and Jose
then engage in an over-choreographed spot where they both try the same move on
each other and miss. Devine and Storm tag in and trade off some stuff until Jose
grabs the advantage with an ugly looking rana. He gets in some shots and they
do a rollup reversal that leads with Divine going over the ropes. Jose gets
elevated by Joel and hits Divine with a somersault tope. Storm flip dives onto
the SAT’s then Trinity hits a moonsault onto Joel. In the ring, the SAT’s
double team Devine. The SAT’s then do a double submission hold onto Quiet Storm
in a contrived looking spot that has the fans applauding. Joel chops Devine as
Tenay is still in shock over Piper. Slingshot legdrop by Jose gets two. Devine
comes back with a baseball slide and hits a Fisherman’s Neckbreaker for two.
Storm tags and he and Joel end up colliding nutsack-first when they attempt to
dropkick each other. Never seen that one before. Joel hits Storm with a missile
dropkick. He gets two off a powerslam on Devine. Storm lands on his feet off a
German suplex attempt but gets caught in the Maximo Overdrive (Backbreaker into
a Pedigree) which is broken up by Devine. He hits Joel with a DVD that Jose
breaks up. Storm runs into the elbow of Jose but catches him and hits the Storm
Cradle Driver and gets two after Joel breaks that up. Storm heads up top but
the SAT’s cut him off. They set up for the Spanish Fly but Trinity knocks Jose
off and Devine rolls him up for the win (7:33) *1/4.


Thoughts: For two teams that supposedly had wrestled each
other numerous times, they showed nothing here. It didn’t help matters any that
this all seemed extremely choreographed. Also, Chris Divine is terrible. He
screws up a lot of stuff in the ring. Trinity is the main focus of Divine Storm
and her dives look good anyway but the team itself is rather unimpressive..



Ron Killings plugs the TNA Auction, stating how the chance
to manage him is at $1,000.



After Chris Harris comes into the ring for his match, Russo
comes in and tells Harris he has no problem with him and that he is here to
help. Russo brings up Piper, stating he is not stupid and will not get sued for
defamation of character. He tells Piper he will go straight to hell for
mentioning Owen Hart to sell his book. Russo tells the crowd the NWA does not
give a “Shit” about them because they are old. A “Russo Sucks” chant breaks out
and Russo threatens Jeremy Borash, who responds with a middle finger. Russo
says the crowd wants violence, blood, vulgar language, smut, nudity, and sex.
Russo says that today is the birth of Sports Enterainment Extreme. He says they
will appreciate him as they do not know what they want and he will give it to
them. He brings attention to all of the signs for Athena. He then asks why we
do not get to see Athena if signs are all over the place on a weekly basis. She
was the girl who would take the wrestlers jackets and costumes back to the
locker room Athena comes into the ring and is over with the crowd. Russo asks
Athena how she feels about the signs every week, but he cuts her off as the
crowd starts a “Show your tits” chants. Russo tells Athena to show her tits to
the crowd and she refuses. Russo says he sees bigger tits on Dusty Rhodes and
calls her a wench. Athena slaps him and Russo grabs her, calling her a whore.
Russo slaps her around lightly and the Harris Twins comes out and separate the
two. He calls the Harris’s “Glorified Bouncers” who are now office help. Russo
orders Ron to speak his mind, calling TNA a “piece of shit” company who is sick
of the “old man in his ivory tower” running the company. The Harris’s then hit
Athena with the H Bomb a few times until security clears the ring. This show
did not need another long-winded segment, especially one that showed a woman
getting bullied and destroyed.



Bob Armstrong is with the Harris’s backstage and they fight
over contract issues as they will face Jeff Jarrett & Ron Killings tonight.
Bob brings up the snake and the grass story and tells it in typical Southern
fashion as Ron calls it “NWA Bullshit.” There has already been way too much of
the Harris brothers tonight and the show isn’t even at the halfway point.



Chris Harris is yelling at Tenay and he also is sick of the “bullshit.”
Guess that it’s the word of the day. Tenay says that this is what Russo does as
the camera zooms in on his scowl.



“Wildcat” Chris
Harris vs. Brian Lee w/New Church


Per last week’s stipulations, the winner of this match will
be in the Bullrope match later on in the show with Father James Mitchell. Lee
and Harris brawl on the ramp when the lights come back. Lee suplexes Harris
then they brawl near the table Harris almost knocks down Tenay after lunging at
Lee. Harris with some really hard chops but Lee rolls him in the ring. Suplex
by Harris gets two. Lee regains control and drops a knee. Slash cheapshots
Harris as Lee chokes him out with his foot. 
 Lee hits a pair of awful looking
elbow drops and flips of James Storm, who came down to the ring. Lee goes up
top but misses a kneedrop. Thesz press by Harris and he follows that with a
clothesline. Bulldog by Harris and Belladonna and Mitchell jump on the apron.
Harris tries to hit Belladonna with the catatonic but Lee breaks that up with a
big boot, getting two. The ref is stil distracted and as Lee looks for the
spike, Harris hits him with a spear for the win (5:12) ½*.


Thoughts: Lee had a really bad match here. Speaking of Lee,
he seems to be getting skinnier by the week. So far it is Harris against
Mitchell in the Bullrope match.



Backstage, Killings is yelling at Bob Armstrong about
getting a shot at Russo. Armstrong says that the road to Russo is getting to
the Harris Boys and asks him to team with Jarrett against them tonight.



James Storm vs. Slash
w/New Church


The match starts when Slash runs into the ring and attacks
Storm. Storm gets an enziguiri then two off of a powerslam. Storm escapes from
the Helicopter Slam but runs into a boot. Slash stomps him in the corner and
hits a suplex, getting two. He gets a back elbow smash and tosses him to the
floor. Lee flings him into the guardrail. He rolls him back inside and Slash
covers, getting two. Storm escapes from a chinlock. He runs into an elbow but
breaks up an Eye of the Hurricane attempt and gets a superkick. After both men
are down, Storm gets tossed but skins the cat and comes back with flying
headscissors. Russian leg sweep gets two. Belladonna breaks up a swinging noose
attempt and distracts the ref, allowing Slash to throw Powder into the eyes of
Storm. Neckbreaker gets two as the New Church can’t believe that Storm has
kicked out. Slash rolls through a crossbody attempt getting two. Belladonna
slides a chair into the ring but Storm blocks a move and hits the Swinging
Noose on the chair, getting two. Lee tries to come in but Harris hits him with
a spear. Slash gets two off of a beltshot. Storm gets floatover and AMW gets
the Death Sentence behind the refs back and Storm covers getting the win.
(6:23) **1/4.


Thoughts: A good little match between the two. Slash is
easily the best worker of the New Church team. This feud is really the only one
of note going on right now.  AMW will
take on Mitchell in the Bullrope Match tonight and Mitchell doesn’t seem too



Tenay and West go over the rules for the Bullrope Match
between AMW and James Mitchell.



Jerry Lynn is plugging the TNA Auction to raise money for
Breast Cancer Awareness. You can win a date with him as his first wife died of
breast cancer and he would like to raise money for awareness. Poor guy.



Bob Armstrong is asking Killings and Jarrett to fight
together for the good of the company. Jarrett is still silent as no one knows
where he stands. He tells Killings to be ready for the fight of his life. The
whole angle about where Jarrett’s allegiance lies



Double Elimination

EZ Money vs. Kid Kash
vs. AJ Styles vs. Joel Maximo


Styles jumped Red from behind on the ramp and hits him with
the Styles Clash so Joel Maximo was named as a substitute. Joel and Kash start
off. They do some counters and Kash hits a springboard sunset flip then
baseball slides Joel to the floor. Kash slingshots out and hits a rana but AJ
nails him with a forearm. He rolls both men into the ring and Joel covers Kash,
getting two. Kash hits a gutbuster and stretches Joel out across his knees.
Moonsault block gets two. Joel comes back with a German suplex and gets the pin
(2:38). AJ comes in and roughs up Joel. He gets an enziguiri and goes for the
Styles Clash but Joel fights it off. AJ hits the Phenomenon and that gets two.
Joel lands on the apron off a backdrop but AJ blocks his sunset flip attempt
and hits the Kryptonite Krunch for the pin (4:10). EZ comes in and him and AJ
do an awesome reversal sequence that ends with EZ catching a spinning heel kick
attempt and turning it into a sitout powerbomb, getting two. German suplex by
EZ and Styles is in the corner. AJ escapes the running basement dropkick and EZ
falls to the floor. EZ flips into the ring but is met with a dropkick. EZ
blocks the Styles Clash and gets the Money in the Bank (Sunset Driver) for two.
I love that move. EZ then hits the Cha-ching for the pin (6:02). Kash runs in
and gets a few armdrags. EZ gets two off a spin kick then Kash comes back and
royally fucks up a double springboard rana. Bank Roll gets two. EZ catches Kash
in a wheelbarrow and hits a full nelson bomb, getting two. EZ looks tired out
there. He heads up top but is crotched by Kash, who also climbs up top. EZ goes
for a super powerbomb but Kash reverses that into a rana in midair and that
only gets two. Kash shoves the ref, who shoves him back. They go to a replay as
AJ kicks Kash as he comes off the ropes and EZ covers for the pin, eliminating
Kash (8:51). AJ shoves Joel off the apron and hits EZ with the Styles Clash for
the pin (9:01). Joel comes in and stomps AJ. He chops him against the ropes and
an Irish whip sequence ends with a nice looking dropkick from AJ. Brainbuster
gets two. AJ goes for the deathlock as the crowd starts a “Nerd” chant directed
towards Plumtree. AJ chops Joel hard in the corner as West is pissed that
Amazing Red is not in this match. Joel ducks a corner charge and hits a back
suplex, getting two. Joel gets tossed to the floor and Plumtree gets in a few
stomps. AJ beats on Joel outside of the ring and rolls him inside. Tope con Hilo gets two. They
engage in a chopping battle and Joel loses that. AJ gets caught in a sitout
powerbomb, which gets two. Suplex by Joel gets two. Figure Four necklock by
Joel as the announcers mention how EZ is getting a long rest. AJ comes back
with a spinning heel kick and that gets two. Facebuster gets two. Out of
nowhere, Joel fights back and turns a tilt-a-whirl into a rollup for the pin,
eliminating Styles (17:11). EZ comes in and they do a rollup reversal sequence.
Superkick by EZ gets two. Joel runs into a clothesline and EZ gets a frogsplash
from the top rope, getting two. Joel tosses EZ from the top rope and hits a
moonsault as the ref is busy with Styles and Plumtree. Basement dropkick by
Joel but AJ hits him on the back with a chair and that allows EZ to hit the EZ
Driver for the win (19:15) ***.


Thoughts: Good action, although it did drag a bit during the
lengthy Joel/AJ portion. They gave Joel a bit of a push here, letting him
eliminate AJ and last until the end. EZ winning seemed predictable at the end
and he looked fine. This should put him in the title hunt, although this was
not billed as a #1 contender’s match.



Producer Keith Mitchell and director Mike Miller plug the
TNA auction.



Tenay says that he has official word that Jarrett as agreed
to team up with Killings tonight. West says that it is fantastic. Sure, West isn’t
the greatest, but at least he is enthusiastic.



Goldylocks is with Sonny Siaki. He says that is doesn’t
matter when he faces Lynn,
as he is beating him for the X Division Title. Siaki is really not getting over
at all.



Tenay brings out Jerry Lynn. He says that he has a partially
torn pectoral muscle. The match against Siaki will take place next week. Lynn
says they have unfinished business as the camera shows the Harris brothers bringing
a table through the crowd into the ring. They have Bill Behrens on the table as
Lynn runs down.
They stop him and Ron powerbombs Lynn
through the table. Killings comes down and fights the Harris Brothers. This
fight goes on for a while and spills into the crowd. The Harris’ then
continuosly kick a chair into the face of Killings then drag him up the stairs
and toss him off the balcony and through a table. Trainers and security head
out to check on Killings.



Jeff Jarrett plugs his auction item that has you spend the
day with Jarrett at his lake house.




Goldylocks is out back with BG James and Bob Armstrong. Bob
asks BG to put aside his differences with Jarrett and fight against Russo. BG
calls him “dad” and goes to put on his gear. Looks like he will fill in for



Before the bullrope match, Mitchell comes out and says that
his personal physician, Jack Kevorkian, told him he has double pneumonia and
does not have medical clearance to go tonight but will have Belladonna fill in
tonight. Storm shoves Belladonna down and go towards Mitchell but get attacked
by Slash and Lee. They roll AMW back in the ring as Slash beats Storm with the
cowbell. The ref clears the ring of Lee and Slash as AMW are laid out. Mitchell
goes in the ring and says he is feeling a little bit better.



Bullrope Match

America’s Most Wanted vs. Belladonna


The bell rings with Mitchell putting the ropes on the wrists
of AMW. He chokes out Storm with the rope then gauges the eyes of Harris. He
beats on them with the cowbell then grabs the mic and invites Belladonna in the
ring to finish the job. Belladonna goes to the top rope but Harris yanks her
off and she goes flying, landing on her knee. That looked very painful. Storm
hits the Eight Second ride and AMW knock Slash and Lee off the apron. The crowd
is just about dead as Harris hits the Catatonic then they get the Death
Sentence for the win (4:22) DUD. AMW then chase Mitchell up the ramp.


Thoughts: Some bait-and-switch stuff here. The match sucked
and the crowd, which has been hot for this feud, was quiet during this segment.



West runs down next week’ show including:


Amazing Red vs. AJ Styles

Sonny Siaki vs. Jerry Lynn for the X Division Title

Curt Hennig vs. Jeff Jarrett for the TNA Heavyweight Title



Tenay in a pre-recorded interview with Curt Hennig. Curt
tells Tenay he is the greatest athlete to come from Minnesota. Tenay brings up Sports
Entertainment and asks his opinion about Russo. Curt says that Russo gave him a
chance in WCW but he put the belt on an actor. Curt says that Jarrett is good,
but not great and that he is great. Curt says that he is in the greatest shape
of his life and brings up how he took down Lesnar on the plane. He then says
that he is 35 years old and if he was a betting man, he would bet on himself. I
don’t even know why they bothered pushing Hennig again as he has been a huge
bust in TNA. Then again, the heavyweight division depth is extremely shallow.



BG’s music hits but he does not come out. The camera cuts to
the backstage area where BG is on the ground with a few chairs on top of him.



Harris Brothers vs.
Jeff Jarrett & BG James


The Harris’ attack Jarrett on the ramp. They beat on him
some more as the crowd starts chanting for Jarrett. He comes back with a few
chair shots but gets taken right back down. Ron tosses Jarrett into a row of
chairs then Don bounces one off of his head. Jarrett’s second comeback is stopped
short as they head towards the ring. They make it ringside and roll Jarrett
inside. Sideslam by Ron and Don gets the big boot. Jarrett escapes from an
H-Bomb attempt but runs into a double clothesline. Jarrett once again escapes
an H-Bomb attempt and hits a double clothesline. The Truth is hobbling down the
ramp with his ribs taped as Jarrett is using a chair on the Harris’. He gets
taken off the apron as Jarrett hits the Stroke on Don for the win (5:11) ¼*.
Jarrett tries to get Killings to come with him up the ramp as he is now asking
for a mic. Killings says he wants Russo out here “Right damnit now” then he
gets attacked by the Harris’. They bring him in the ring and hit the H-Bomb.
Tenay begs for help from the back as Russo hops the guardrail and goes into the
ring as Killings gets hit again with the H-Bomb. BG James runs out with a chair
and Russo goes to the corner. He helps up Killings then hits him with a chair
then catches Russo as he jumps into his arms. The camera then shows Percy
Pringle (Paul Bearer) on the ramp as West actually refers to him as “The Paul
Bearer.” Tenay is screaming as the show goes off the air.



Final Thoughts: This show was memorable for all of the wrong
reasons. The Piper interview was uncomfortable to watch. Also, the segments
with Athena and Belladonna getting beat up by men was a little much for one
show. The crowd did not react to those segments. Speaking of the crowd, you can
tell the crowd was burned out halfway through the show. There was way too much
of the Harris Brothers and a stable including them, Vince Russo, and BG James
as an nWo-style rip-off is just sad. The company has no direction other than
attempts at shock value. The Jarrett storyline just seems dumb. He doesn’t talk
when others ask him questions so I am supposed to be in suspense as to where
his allegiance lies? The X Division 4 way was good, which was easily the
highlight of this show.  





NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #22

November 27, 2002
Jeremy Borash is in the ring and introduces Goldylocks as the sings “God Bless America.”
Tenay runs down the card:
Ron Killings vs. Jeff Jarrett for the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Title
AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn for the X Division Title
Briscoe Brothers vs. Divine Storm w/Trinity

Tenay refers to the Briscoe’s as twins, which is false as Jay is a year older. Jay and Quiet Storm start thing off. They do a nice, fast-paced sequence that ends in a stand off. Both men tag out and Mark and Divine trade off moves. Dropkick by Mark then a dozen or so counters ends with Mark getting a Northern Lights Suplex for two. Jay makes the blind tag as Mark gets dumped by Divine. He does the Cactus Jack clothesline as both men fall to the floor. Mark goes back in and trade shots with Storm. The camera seems to have missed a cue as it ignores the action in the ring. Then, in a bad looking spot, Jay and Divine get knocked off the apron and Mark and Storm follow out with somersault planchas. Well, Divine was way out of position so Mark landed on his feet and hit him with a clothesline as a faint “You fucked up” chant breaks out. Trinity runs off the apron and takes Mark down with a rana. In the ring, Jay hits Storm with a gordbuster, getting two. Mark makes a blind tag then hits Storm with a springboard missile dropkick after he missed a clothesline. Mark hits a few European uppercurs then in another bad looking spot, goes for a discus Euro uppercut but Storm catches him in  a backslide position then hits a  sitout powerbomb, getting two. Both men tag out but the crowd is silent as they have yet to establish which team is the face. Mark and Divine trade punches then hits a terrible looking move, similar to that off a double pancake, as Divine fucks that up too. Storm fights off the Briscoes but gets drilled with a super kick from Jay. Mark then takes Storm off the top with a stunner and Divine breaks that move up. That looked sweet. Mark rolls outside and gets hits with a quebrada from Trinity, which draws a “Holy Shit”reaction from the crowd. Divine floats over Jay in the corner and attempts a headscissor takedown but it gets countered into a powerbomb. Jay hits the Crucible (Falcon Arrow) that is broken up by Storm. He trades stuff with Jay then hits the Storm Cradle Driver (Half-Nelson into a Michinoku Driver) for the win (6:09) *1/2.
Thoughts: Some nice stuff by the Briscoes, especially from Jay, but the match had a lot of miscommunication and no flow. It was a series of spots with some nice looking moves. Chris Divine is rather terrible as a worker. He messed up a lot here. After being most of the focus last week, Trinity only did her one move.

Tenay addresses the audience about how the past five months in TNA has been the most enjoyable of his career. He puts over TNA but says how he does not like what Vince Russo stands for, stating how he will not sit by and let Russo take over TNA with his “Sports Entertainment.” West chimes in and was unaware of the animosity between the two. Good stuff from Tenay as his dislike for Russo was known and I believe during this show he was not following a script and speaking his own thoughts, which makes it seem believable. Too bad WWE doesn’t follow that formula anymore.
Video Recap of last week’s title match between Jarrett and Killings.
Tenay is in the ring and calls down Jeff Jarrett for an interview. However, Vince Russo rolls in the ring as the lights go out and demands the music gets killed. He yells at Tenay and mentions how Tenay said he would quit if he came to TNA. A “Russo” chant breaks out from the crowd. Russo shows Tenay the door and tells him he can be replaced by a chimpanzee with more personality. He then suggests he goes home and pout like Sean Waltman. Tenay goes back to the booth as Russo introduces himself as the “Anti-Christ of professional wrestling.” He said that he kept a low profile but that he needed to come back before “this business” goes further down the shitter. He tells the production team that he will “slap the shit” out of anyone who cuts off his mic and talks about Jeff Jarrett. He tells us that he met Jarrett while he was doing a “bullshit” gimmick in the WWF and that he still befriended Jeff because he was genuine, unlike the others in the company. He then mentions how one night, that “piece of shit” Jarrett leaves out of nowhere to jump to WCW. The camera shows an intense-looking Tenay. Russo says he got Jarrett back to the WWF after he begged him. He says how a week after he left for WCW, Jarrett got beaten by Chyna and then calls him again, begging him to get into WCW. He says he made Jarrett the WCW champion as a “Hogan Sucks” chant breaks out. He thanks god that WCW got bought out. Jeff called him again and asked him for help making TNA cutting edge. Russo calls Jarrett a dope, stating that TNA meant “Tits and Ass” not “Total Nonstop Action.” He then says how Jarrett was led around by an “old, piece of shit” whose name he cannot mention because it makes him nautious. He then tells us how he came to TNA on his own as he was sick of waiting around. He says TNA and WWE suck and he is here to save the day. He will give Jarrett just one opportunity to join him as there will be a drastic change in TNA starting next week and he will help him win this week and demands an answer. He leaves the ring afterwards as Tenay tells us that Russo is everything that is wrong with wrestling today and rants about how he killed WCW. I will say this about Russo, he can deliver a good promo. Better than most wrestlers today. As an on-screen character, he is far from the worst and this entire segment was compelling. Tenay was also good in this, looking pissed off and showing emotion. It was probably his best performance in TNA.
Mortimer Plumtree is shown backstage. He mentions a Mike Moriarty, who won the TNA auction to manage a wrestler against Plumtree then a Mark Morano, who won the right to manage AJ Styles and says that $700 is not enough and demands no less than a $1,000. The first of many plugs for the silent auction tonight.
Video package of last week’s terrible Bruce/Lenny/Lawler/April/Goldylocks segment.
America’s Most Wanted vs. Hotshots
Storm beats on Stevens as Tenay still rants about Russo. Stevens hits a leg lariat after O’Reilly distracts Storm. Hotshots beat on Storm in the corner and hit a double slingshot suplex, getting two. O’Reilly chokes out Storm but gets caught attempting a handspring elbow smash and Storm hits an overhead belly-to-belly. Tag to Harris and he pounds on O’Reilly as Tenay plugs an interview with Dory Funk Jr. tonight. Harris clothesline the Hotshots but they pull down the rope and he falls outside. Stevens roughs him up outside and tosses him back in the ring. Storm breaks up a pin attempt after a double superkick. The Hotshots continue to neutralize Harris with double-team moves. Harris gets his knees up on a Lionsault attempt and Storm tags. He kills Stevens with a super kick then gets the Hanging Noose and Eight Second Ride on O’Reilly. Catatonic by Harris then they hit the Death Sentence. James Mitchell and Belladonna are on the ramp and AMW make their way towards them and they get counted out (5:17) *1/2. They grab Belladonna and roll her in the ring. They set her up for the Death Sentence but Mitchell runs around and distracts them, allowing Lee and Slash to run in for a sneak attack. Security runs in and breaks up the action. Bob Armstrong runs in and Tenay states how BG James will team up with Curt Hennig to face the New Church for the Tag-Titles next week. Tenay says he will address the situation with Sean Waltman later tonight.
Thoughts: Match was alright but this was all about furthering the AMW/New Church feud, which is really the only feud of note this company has going on right now.
Goldylocks is with Jeremy Borash as they do some lame comedy bit about the auction.
Goldylocks is with Dory Funk Jr. He is in front of Jarrett’s door and says he is unavailable as he is preparing for his match tonight. Goldy asks if he is managing Jeff, and he says is has a “vested interest” in this match. Dory was quite awful here and this whole segment was pointless.
NWA World Tag-Team Title Match
BG James & Curt Hennig vs. New Church (Champions)
Tenay informs us that Syxx Pac, who was billed last week as teaming with James tonight, did not appear due to Vince Russo. Mitchell talks about the battle for traditional wrestling vs. sports entertainment but he is just interested in evil and it will ensure the New Church victory as the crowd starts an “Evil” chant. Slash and Hennig start things off. Hennig gets a slap and a pair of atomic drops. Tag to BG and he lands a few clubbing forearms before Slash breaks up that with an eye rake. Tag to Lee and he chokes out BG. Lee no sells a few shots but gets taken down with a flying forearm. Slash goes flying out of the ring and BG gets a kneedrop for two. The faces then work over the legs of Lee, tagging in and out. They beat on Lee in the corner as the faces are pulling the hair. Lee then goes low on BG and tags Slash. He gets a back elbow smash and drops the knee before choking out BG. Jawbreaker by Slash and he tosses BG to the floor. Belladonna and Mitchell deliver a few cheap-shots. Lee then goes out and chokes him out with his foot. He rolls him back in and Slash goes back to work. BG makes a comeback but ducks his head and gets caught with a DDT. Lee tags and gets two off a knee drop. The New Church use illegal double team tactics behind the referee’s back. Slash gets BG in a Cobra Clutch for a while. BG is able to break but walks into a sleeper. BG breaks that up with a back suplex and both men are down. Hot tag to Hennig and he goes to work using basic offense. HE sets up Lee for the Hennig-plex but Slash breaks that up. He is then able to hit it on Slash as Lee breaks that up. The match breaks down and Lee takes down BG with a boot as he was going for the pumphandle on Slash. The ref counts to two but AMW run in and attack the New Church for the DQ (10:33) *1/4. AMW continues the assault until Hennig and BG break it up. They are pissed at AMW for costing them the match then they brawl for a bit. AMW runs after the New Church and they brawl on the ramp. New Church retreats as the camera shows BG and Curt pointing at AMW.
Thoughts: A slow, basic match. Hennig looked like he got himself into better shape but was still useless in the ring. BG is also in poor shape and he was only 33 years old at this point. He looks and wrestled like he was in his 40’s. Like the prior tag match, this was mostly about continuing the AMW/New Church feud, although they also had some tension between AMW and Curt/BG, as AMW cost them the match.
Don West and Mike Tenay are backstage. West plugs the silent auction in the most manic way possible, as Tenay tells him to slow down. West then goes back into overdrive. God bless Don West. Sure, he wasn’t the best but he never lacked enthusiasm.
Alyx Winters vs. EZ Money
Winters was trained by EZ. He is short with a slightly stocky build. Tenay tells us that he is a three year pro as EZ takes him down with a snapmare. Winters reverses an Irish Whip and takes EZ down with a side bulldog. He charges at EZ but gets booted and EZ then hops on the apron and hits the Money Clip, getting two. Standing Moonsault gets two. EZ pulls up on a dropkick then puts Winters in the pendulum swing. Winters attempts to float over EZ the corner but lands nutsack first onto the knee of EZ. Holy shit did that look painful. Running basement dropkick and Winters rolls to the floor. EZ rolls him back in the ring and Winters tries to make a comeback but gets hit with a move that looks like the Curtain Call but ends with a powerbomb. EZ breaks the count and waits for Witners to get up again before hitting him with the Cha-Ching for the win (3:19) ½*.
Thoughts: A squash match but Winters could bump like a pro. He looked a lot more polished than half of the roster, IMO. EZ looks to be getting a bit of a push and continues to look good in the ring.
Goldylocks is with Bruce, who is dressed in a baseball cap and a man’s shirt. He says since the shower with April, he is no longer Bruce, but Alan Funk. He says seeing Lawler treat her badly made him console her and it led to sexual tension. Goldylocks tries to be funny but fails miserably. Alan was not too impressive on the mic. A waste of time but the end of the “Bruce” character is a positive.
Crimson Dragon vs. Sonny Siaki
Siaki looks irritated as he heads to the ring. Dragon is wearing different attire, making it look like he is from Japan. Much better than the low budget stuff he wore last week. They start with a criss-cross spot that ends with a dropkick from Dragon. He walks into an armdrag from Siaki, who then works the arm. Dragon fucks up a Mexican armdrag and they trade off stuff before ending in a face-off. Dragon extends his hand but gets slapped. Siaki gets kicked off the apron and Dragon then dives through the ropes feet first to deliver some poor excuse of a clothesline. Back in the ring, Siaki bounces Dragon off the ropes with a drop toehold then tosses him to the floor with a pumphandle suplex. He slams Hamrick’s head off the table with a giant swing. He rams him into the steps then rolls him inside. He covers and gets two. Dragon gets caught with a kick coming off the ropes and Siaki hits a slingshot atomic drop. Dragon floats over and lands a few kicks. Siaki ducks a Yakuza kick and slaps the Dragon, who was out of position. He hits the suplex stunner then takes down Siaki with a Yakuza kick, getting two. He heads up top but Siaki knocks him down and gets a super belly-to-belly. Crowd starts a loud “TNA” chant and Siaki gets the Siakalypse for the win (5:17) ½*. After the match, Siaki takes the mic from Borash and says if the NWA does not want to give him decent opponents, he does not want to be here. He then states how he should only be in title matches and main events.
Thoughts: Dragon sucked, blowing a lot of spots and fucking up moves left and right. Siaki was just alright here and the post match speech from him is not going to get him over. Didn’t the Big Show do something similar to this at one point? The crowd only sees him as a “Rocky ripoff” at this point. He badly needs to go in another direction as he is almost getting go-away heat when he appears on TV.
Goldylocks is with April. She tries to say that Bruce/Alan is gay and she is faithful to Brian. April says the sounds jealous and Goldy walks off angry, stating she does not need this “bullshit.” Another horrible segment.
Brian Lawler is introduced to the crowd. He walks out looking sad. Lawler tells us that he gave everything she had to a female, then in a hilarious, tells some kid to “please shut up,” as the crowd laughs. He says that he was made to look a fool and runs down the men she was caught with and then had an affair with Goldylocks, which the crowd cheers. He says he hasn’t been able to sleep, eat, or drink and then announces that he is quitting the “wrestling business.” The crowd cheers that decision, as they should. He then does his overacting and makes a crying face as he calls April a “nymphomaniac” before walking away crying. West says this is the most bizarre thing he has seen. They cut back to Goldy, who is with Priscilla. She consoles him and they walk away with Lawler grabbing her ass. At this time, Jerry Lawler was dating Priscilla in real life. To recap, the son of a man in his 50’s, grabs the ass of his dad’s much younger girlfriend in a wrestling segment. That is the Lawler family for you. Any segment ending with Lawler promising to walk away is a positive in my book.
Video highlight package set to AJ Styles theme song.
Highlights from Last week’s Jerry Lynn/Amazing Red match.
NWA-TNA X Division Title Match
AJ Styles w/Mortimer Plumtree vs. Jerry Lynn (Champion)
Tenay says that if Styles wins, he will become the first ever three-time X Division champion. This company has been in existence for five months mind you. They do the boxing style introductions for this match. They start the match off by brawling. AJ gets an eye poke but taken over by Lynn. He gets a snapmare and dropkicks AJ in the back of his head. Crowd chants for Jerry as the two slug it out some more. Lynn picks us AJ and throws him outside. Plumtree attempts to drag Lynn out but gets kicked into AJ. Lynn goes out and slams AJ’s head off the apron before rolling him back inside. Plumtree holds Lynn and AJ knocks him to the floor. AJ lifts up the mat to set up for a piledriver but Lynn counters with a backdrop. AJ then DDT’s him on the floor and Plumtree busts open Lynn’s forehead with a foreign object. AJ rolls Lynn back in the ring and gets two. AJ works on the cut as Plumtree yells him instructions. Lynn fights back but gets tossed back to the floor. Plumtree gets a few more shots on Lynn before he goes inside. AJ goes up top but Lynn stops him. He goes up but falls on the apron. AJ tries a sunset powerbomb but Lynn stops that with a kick to the back of the head. AJ tries a rana off the apron but Lynn sends him into the guardrail. Lynn goes after Plumtree and AJ attacks from behind but gets tossed into the guardrail, again. Lynn rolls AJ back inside and punches away. Lynn ducks a quebrada and takes AJ’s head off with a clothesline. Flying back elbow smash gets two. Lynn charges but AJ uses his momentum to throw him to the floor. More cheapshots by Plumtree. AJ covers Lynn for two then reverses a tilt-a-whirl into an inverted DDT. That gets two as Plumtree yells at AJ how he needs the belt. Running Powerbomb by Lynn gets two. Suplex gets two. AJ ducks a clothesline and gets two off a sitout facebuster. He places Lynn up top for a superplex but Lynn reverses into a front suplex. Plumtree tosses AJ the knux and distracts the ref but Lynn grabs them and nails AJ for the win (12:29) **1/2.
Thoughts: Probably the worst AJ/Lynn match to date. Too much of this revolved around Plumtree. The match got repetitive at times and the crowd was basically quiet. These giys really need to move on to other feuds and TNA needs to bring in better guys for the X Division.
BG and Curt plug the auction items. Curt says no one can beat him in golf, playing off of his Mr. Perfect persona, and BG will go out to eat with you at Chuck E Cheese and demands coins for the video games. He was kind of funny here and I imagine if you wanted to play video games with him, just wait outside of the arena after the show and bring a few joints.
Don West does the rundown for next week’s show:
Spanish Announce Team vs. Divine Storm
Chris Harris vs. Brian Lee
James Storm vs. Slash, if AMW beats his opponents, he will face AMW in a bullrope match.
A double elimination match for the X Division Title featuring AJ Styles, Amazing Red, and Kid Kash among others.
Sonny Siaki vs. Jerry Lynn for the X Division Title
Mike Tenay in a pre-taped interview with Dory Funk Jr. Funk says the highlight of his life was winning the NWA Title. He plugs his school, the Funking Conservatory. He calls Gene Kiniski a “tough, son of a gun” who was a father-fgure towards him. He calls Jack Brisco an incredible athlete. The graphic reads “Jack Briscoe.” Calls Harley Race tough and a competitive man. Giant Baba, he calls, a great teacher. He then says the NWA-TNA World Championship match is the most prestigious title in wrestling. He says Vince Russo should stay out. Interview was alright I suppose in that it fit with the theme of Traditional Wrestling vs. Sports Entertainment theme of the night, but a vast majority of the viewers have no clue about Dory or the people he is talking about.
Killings kills some time by rapping in the ring.
NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Title Match
Ron “The Truth” Killings vs. Jeff Jarrett (Champion)
This match also gets the boxing-style ring introduction. Jarrett gets a mixed reaction from the crowd. Jarrett starts by getting a shoulderblock. They trade arm wringers until Killings gets a Thesz Press. Jarrett gets his feet up on a charging Killings and gets two off of a sunset flip. They then do a pinfall reversal sequence that ends with applause from the crowd. This has been paced wonderfully so far. Killings jacks Jarrett’s jaw but takes too long and Jarrett catches his foot on a scissor kick attempt and gets a figure four. Killings quickly reverses it and Jarrett rolls outside. Killings dances in the ring then hits Jarrett with a plancha. He chokes out Jarrett with a chain before rolling him back inside. Frog splash gets two. Killings floats over but Jarrett pulls up when Truth does his split and dropkicks him down. Killings catches Jarrett with a sleeper. Jarrett eventually fights out but gets caught with a sit-out powerbomb. Killings heads up top but Jarrett cuts him off. They slug it out and Jarrett hits him with a superplex as both men are down. Jarrett gets an enziguiri for two. Jarrett stops a backslide attempt with a low blow and gets two off of a small package. The ref yells at Jarrett for his low blow and Jarrett goes out and grabs a chair. He wedges it in the corner but Killings reverses and sends him into the chair. That gets two. The crowd is pro-Jarrett at this point. Jarrett rolls away from a moonsault then hits the Stroke but Killings is able to kick out. Jarrett removes a turnbuckle pad then goes outside after Killings. He tosses him into the crowd and they brawl. Jarrett places him on a table and climbs the tower. Killings gets up and climbs, hitting Jarrett with a low blow then they brawl some more before they both crash through the table. The ref counts in the ring and it ends in a double count-out. As soon as that happens, Bob Armstrong comes out and says that he, the crowd, and NWA wants to see a winner and orders the match to re-start. They brawl towards the ring and go inside. Killings catches Jarrett and hotshots him on the exposed buckle. That gets two. Jarrett blocks a suplex but Killings reverses a Stroke attempt and accidentally hits the ref as he lifts Jarrett for the Truth or Consequences. Vince Russo is shown holding a guitar and gives it to Jarrett. He motions to the crowd then smashes it on the post. Russo and Jarrett yell at reach other as Killings gets a quick rollup for two. Jarrett then hits Killings the three consecutive Strokes for the win (13:49) ***. After the match, Jarrett heads up the ramp as Russo grabs the mic and demands an answer. He tells Jarrett that next week is a new day and he can be with him or against him. Jarrett is about to give an answer then the shows goes off the air.
Thoughts: Match was going along well until the last few minutes. Killings and Jarrett have good chemistry in the ring. TNA teases us by cutting off the show when Jarrett is about to give his answer to Russo, which was supposed to happen at the end of this match.
Final Thoughts: Russo appearing made it a bit intriguing and he actually cut a decent promo. They also appeared to have written off the “Bruce” character and Brian Lawler, which is a plus. It almost seemed like a reset show in that regard. However, this company has nothing else going on right now besides a feud for the tag-titles. They have a depth problem, specifically in the heavyweight and X Division. The Traditional Wrestling vs. Sports Entertainment theme seemed fine but they spent more time putting over the silent auction than they did for that. Lastly, at the end of the day, it is still Vince Russo in charge of booking a wrestling company. A feud between him and Jarrett is not going to make this company a viable threat. Also, Jarrett seems like a face by default in all of this, yet has not turned face to the fans.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #21

November 20, 2002


Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay


West plugs tonight’s show. Amazing Red vs. Jerry Lynn for
the X Division title and Jeff Jarrett vs. Ron Killings for the NWA-TNA World
Heavyweight Championship

Tenay sits down with Killings in a pre-taped segment. He
mentions how Jarrett denied an interview, due to focusing. He brings up Mr.
Wrestling III and Killings states that he is no longer thinking about him. He
talks about how he overcame his struggles in life and how it helped him become
a champion. He also brings up how he and Jarrett are passionate and tonight, we
will figure out who will be paying the higher price. Really good interview from



Divine Storm
w/Trinity vs. EZ Money & Sonny Siaki


Divine Storm is the team of Chris Divine and Quiet Storm.
Tenay mentions how they have been together for over two years. They get
attacked as the match starts and the action spills outside. Money takes out his
own partner as well as Divine with a flying clothesline. Trinity then climbs up
top and takes everyone out with a moonsault. In the ring, Storm takes down
money with a rana and tags Divine. Siaki tags and gets rolled up for one.
Divine trips up Siaki but misses a slingshot splash. Missile dropkick by Divine
gets two. Siaki catches him with an overhead belly-to-belly getting two. Tag to
EZ, who stops a double team attack then places Divine Storm in the corner and
hits them with a running basement dropkick. Tag to Siaki and they hit Storm
with a double hiptoss then hold on and hit a swinging reverse flapjack. Quiet
Storm ducks outside and Siaki hits him with a pumphandle toss. Trinity runs off
the apron and hits Siaki with a rana but gets taken down by a clothesline from
EZ. In the ring, EZ hits a lifting Roll of the Dice then heads up top. Storm
shakes the ropes then takes off EZ with a stunner. Both men tag out and Divine
whiffs on a dropkick and barely connects on the second. He then hits Siaki with
a Death Valley Driver that EZ breaks up at two. EZ tries to interfere but Quiet
Storm stops that. Siaki then floats over on another DVD attempt and hits the
Siakalypse for the win (5:48) ¾*. 


Thoughts: Match wasn’t much at all. Divine Storm didn’t impress
in their debut but the focus of the team was on Trinity and her interfering in
the matches. She hit a few highspots that looked okay. Interesting to see EZ
team up with Siaki as he appeared to be portrayed as a face in his debut last
week. Speaking of Siaki, it appears that they have lost focus of him as he
wrestled a squash last week and was thrown in a tag-team for the opening match
this week.



Father James Mitchell comes out with Belladonna. He says the
entire wrestling world is taking notice of tonight’s Heavyweight Title match.
He then says that having just the tag-titles isn’t enough and that he has a
thrist for more. That thrist can only be quenched with blood and gold and says
his disciple will take control of the World Title.



Malice w/James
Mitchell & Belladonna vs. Kory Williams


Malice attacks Williams after the bell. He is wearing a vest
that reads “I Hate You.” He tosses him outside then into the guardrail a few
times. Williams is a nine year pro according to Tenay. Malice exposes the steel
buckles on his wristbands and punces Williams. He rolls Williams back in and he
lands a few shots before getting caught with a powerslam. Malice goes up top
and slips right after he jumps, dropping to the mat. That was quite
embarrassing. Williams is in shock and Malice takes him down then picks him
back up and hits the chokeslam for the win (1:58). After the match, Malice jaws
with the fans.


Thoughts: The slip-up by Malice was embarrassing and he
seemed legitimately pissed off after that occurred. This was his last match in
TNA and I remember a rumor that he lost it backstage and started destroying
stuff after this match.



Spanish Announce Team
vs. Harris Brothers


Jose takes out Ron with a plancha as they head towards the
ring. In the ring, Joel hits him with a missile dropkick. They brawl outside of
the ring and the Harris brothers take control. In the ring, Don gets a sideslam
on Joel as Tenay runs off all of the names the Harris Brothers have gone by in
the past. Don drops a few elbows and tosses Joel outside. He goes over the
guardrail again then tossed back into the ring. Ron beats on Joel and catches
him with a spinebuster. Jose comes in and hits Ron with a low blow then the
SAT’s hit Don with a terrible looking double dropkick. They get a double
bulldog then head up top and hit a moonsault/legdrop combo that gets one. Ron clotheslines
Joel to the floor. He hits a few corner clotheslines on Jose then tosses him to
the floor onto his brother. Ron motions to Don, who then charges and flies over
the ropes with a plancha. It wasn’t graceful but nice effort anyway. They show
a replay then back to the action as Joel misses a charge in the corner. Ron
then powerbombs Jose on his partner, barely making any contact. They pick up
Jose and hit the H Bomb for the win (6:06) ¼*.


Thoughts: These teams could not work with each other but the
SAT’s tried. This would put the Harris Brothers in line for a title shot.



Goldylocks is backstage with April. She asks her what she
was thinking showering with Bruce. She denies that took place, blaming a
production trick. She cries and Bruce comes out to console April. He tells
Goldy that he is gay as Lenny comes out, calling Bruce a phony. He says that
Bruce is as straight as an arrow and cannot be Miss TNA. He says he wants the
crown and the two go at it until Brian Lawler comes out and attacks Bruce. What
an awful angle.



BG James vs. Lenny Lane


Before the match, BG says that he is going to be politically
correct and that this wont be a “gay bashing,” but rather he was “just going to
beat the hell out of a faggot.” That gets a face reaction with this crowd.
Lenny stalls for a bit then they start reversing go-behinds. Clubbing forearms
by BG but Lane floats over and humps BG. He gets a side headlock then a
shoulderblock. Lane walks into a punch then jumps off the rope and poses. BG
knocks him down and stomps him in the corner. Dancing punches by BG but Lane
ducks a clothesline then gets an eye poke. He hits a moonsault block and makes
the cover by using the 69 position. He does that cover again and Bruce runsout
and attacks. He hits a slam then a piledriver. Lawler comes out and attacks
Bruce as the ref and James watch the fighting. April is crying for this to stop
outside of the ring. BG then covers Lane for the pin (2:56) DUD. After the
match, Goldylocks walks out and consoles April and they two end up holding
hands and walking to the back as Lawler is in the ring crying before running up
the ramp.


Thoughts: The match was terrible and there is too much going
on as Lenny is mad at Bruce, Lawler is mad at Bruce, April is sick of Lawler,
and Goldylocks appears to be a lesbian.



Jorge Estrada
w/Priscilla vs. Crimson Dragon vs. AJ Styles w/Mortimer Plumtree


The Crimson Dragon is Chris Hamrick. His outfit is low
budget to say the least. They start by missing elbow drops then trading
armdrags. Styles gets backdropped as Tenay goes on as to who is the Crimson
Dragon. They all trade off stuff until Crimson Dragon superkicks AJ as he was
holding Estrada in the inverted DDT position. Dragon then puts Estrada in a
death lock but picks up Styles and puts him between Estrada then puts him in a
dragon sleeper as he has Estrada in the Death Lock. It’s incredibly contrived
but creative nonetheless. He nearly whiffs on a clothesline and beats AJ in the
corner. Estrada powerbombs Dragon then picks him up as AJ hits a missile
dropkick. Estrada covers and gets two as AJ breaks that up. Estrada tries
another pin on Dragon but AJ breaks that up with a senton. AJ dropkicks Estrada
but Dragon hits him with a stunner and Estrada breaks that up. The crowd is
silent for this as Estrada powerbombs AJ for two. Dragon piledrives Estrada for
two. AJ covers Estrada and gets two. AJ beats on Dragon in the corner then
kicks down Estrada. AJ kills Dragon with a brainbuster but Estrada makes the
save at two. He beats on AJ but gets clotheslined. AJ dodges a charge from
Dragon but Estrada gets a backdrop off a Styles Clash attempt. AJ and Estrada
go at it after stomping Dragon. Estrada gets the boots up on a charging AJ. He
stops a tornado DDT then Dragon kicks Estrada off the top rope. Superkick to AJ
and Dragon brawls with Estrada on the floor. Estrada sends him into the
guardrail then AJ flings Estrada into the guardrail. Dragon tries a quebrada
but AJ yanks his legs and Dragon lands hard on the apron. That had to have
hurt. Estrada bulldogs Styles then rolls him in the ring for two. Estrada and AJ
clothesline each other as Dragon climbs up top and hits a double leg drop,
getting two on each man. Estrada gets Dragon with a reverse rollup then catches
a charging Styles with a Northern Lights Suplex, getting two. Estrada heads up
top but Dragon shakes the ropes. He hits the rana but AJ breaks up the pin.
Dragon crotches AJ  but AJ blocks the
rana and hits a super Styles Clash, landing on Estrada, and gets the win after
rolling up the Dragon (11:00) *1/2.


Thoughts: Match had no flow to it at all. Crimson Dragon’s
debut was mediocre and AJ wrestled down to his competition, looking like he couldn’t
care less at times. This also sets up yet another AJ/Lynn match for the X
Division Title.



Goldylocks is with America’s Most Wanted. She wants to
know their plan. Harris says that they will beat the hell out of James
Mitchell. They want the belts and respect. Storm says that the only way to kill
a snake is to cut off it’s head. He says that Mitchell is a snake and closes by
saying “sorry about your damn luck.”


Video of the New Church/AMW feud.



NWA-TNA Tag Team
Championship Match

Most Wanted vs. New
Church (Champions)
w/James Mitchell & Belladonna


All four men start by brawling outside of the ring. Brian
Lee is now going by the “Bulldozer” Brian Lee. Harris and Slash brawl on the
announcers table. Storm rolls Lee into the ring then suplexes Slash onto the
floor. In the ring, Harris hits Lee with a suplex. He ducks a clothesline but
Slash hits him in the back with a chair. Lee covers and gets two. Press slam by
Lee and he decks Storm. The New
Church double teams
Harris for a bit. He tries to take Slash over on a sunset flip but Slash blocks
that. He hits a Eye of the Hurricane for two. He and Harris trade chops into the
corner for a bit. Harris runs into a boot and Slash takes him down with a
clothesline and tags Lee. Both men then collide going for flying shoulder
tackles. Slash tags in first and drops an elbow, getting two. Lee chokes out
Harris behind the ref’s back then tags. Big boot gets two as Storm breaks that
up. He punches Harris a few times and tags Slash, who bites the forehead of
Harris. A “we want blood” chant starts up as Slash puts Harris up top. He
follows but Harris pushes him off and hits a flying clothesline. Both men are
down and hot tag to Storm. He destroys both men until he is hit with a double
headbutt. Storm sends Lee to the floor with a backdrop and smashes Slash
against the turnbuckle. He hits the Swinging Noose but Lee makes the save. They
try for the Death Sentence but Slash breaks that up. They do the stacked suplex
spot with Slash on Storm’s shoulders. Lee places Harris on his shoulders but
Storm shoves Slash off of the top rope and Harris gets two off of a victory
roll. Harris escapes from a tombstone piledriver attempt and Mitchell jumps on
the apron to distract the ref. Storm hits Lee with a chair and Harris gets a
spear but Lee kicks out at two. Harris clotheslines Lee to the floor but he
comes back in with the spike. Storm sees that and hits him with a superkick. He
grabs the spike and uses it on Lee as the ref rings the bell for the DQ (10:44)
**3/4. Belladonna jumps on Storm’s back and gets tossed off. Storm hits Lee
with the spike and Belladonna again jumps on his back but Storm hits the eight
second ride. AMW uses the spike on the New Church.
The referee trries to get the spike but Harris hits him with a catatonic,
drawing a huge reaction from the crowd. They go after Mitchell and security
comes in and gets destroyed by AMW. Mitchell escapes as the New Church
walks to the back.


Thoughts: Match was decent but the post match stuff was
awesome and by the end, the crowd, which was fairly quiet all night, was really
into AMW. This feud continues to shape up nicely.



Amazing Red video highlight package.


Pretaped interview with Mike Tenay. They talk about his
moves and Red sats that he wants to do stuff that fans haven’t seen before.
Says he was trained by Mikey Whipwreck and influenced by Hulk Hogan, Rey
Mysterio, and other “lightweights.” HE says the X Division gives him a chance
to show what he can do. He says he is nervous about facing Lynn. Red was
clearly nervous here and the interview did him no favors.



Goldylocks is with Jerry Lynn. She says she is looking
“totally forward” to this match. Lynn
compliments Red and says that he is earning the respect of his peers.



NWA-TNA X Division

Amazing Red vs. Jerry
Lynn (Champion)


Red starts by grabbing a reverse rollup then they do a
reversal sequence, ending in a stand off. Lynn gets a shoulderblock that leads
to another reversal sequence, ending with Red getting an armdrag. They nearly
blow a monkeyflip and Red covers for two. He lands on his feet after a German
Suplex then takes Lynn down with a rana. Lynn then catches him in a
tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, getting two. These guys aren’t on the same page.
Surfboard from Lynn as West and Tenay discuss strategy. Lynn drops an elbow but
Red recovers quickly with a tilt-a-whirl headscisssors then takes a charging
Lynn out of the ring with an enziguiri in a bad looking spot. Lynn dodges an
attack from Red, who held himself up. He leaps off the apron but Lynn catches
him and rams him into the apron. He tosses Red back in and beats on him for a
bit. Bow and Arrow lock from Lynn as he tries to ground Red. Red gets two off a
rollup but is immediately taken down with a clothesline. Red gets caught trying
to float over in the corner but is able to turn it into a DDT. He gets a bicycle
kick in the corner and Lynn rolls outside. Red runs and hits a beautiful
looking somersault senton, waking up the crowd in the process. Back inside, Red
gets backdropped but blew the landing on the apron spot. He rolls inside and
hits Lynn with the 718 (Mysterio’s 619) and gets caught attempting a springboard
rana but is able to turn that into the Code Red, getting two. West is doing a
hell of a job putting oer Red. Lynn is perched on top but Red hits him with a
spinkick. Lynn is able to roll through a super hurricarana, getting two. Lynn
signals for the cradle piledriver but Red blocks that. Red tries again to turn
it into the Code Red but Lynn spins him over and nearly breaks his neck with a
powerbomb. That only gets two and a “holy shit” chant from the crowd. Lynn
places Red on the top rope but gets shoved off. Red jumps and gets a DDT for
two. He goes up top again but Lynn stops him. Red tries to fight him off and
gets two off a rana. Red climbs up top again but gets cut off by Lynn, who then
hits the cradle piledriver off the second rope for the win (10:02) **3/4. After
the match, Lynn checks on Red and raises his hand in a show of respect.


Thoughts: These two couldn’t get on the same page. The match
got better at the end with the nearfalls but Lynn looked like he struggled to
keep up with Red’s fast-paced style. The crowd also seemed confused as for who
to cheer for, since both men are faces.



West hypes next week’s show which includes:


New Church vs. Curt Hennig & Syxx Pac for the Tag-Titles

Jerry Lynn vs. AJ Styles for the X Division Title

Brian Lawler vs. Bruce


West and Tenay then quickly shift to the title match,
specifically Mr. Wrestling III. They then show a video package of Ron Killings
and a separate one on Jeff Jarrett and his path to the NWA-TNA World
Heavyweight Title.



Tale of the Tape between Killings and Jarrett



Heavyweight Championship Match

Jeff Jarrett vs. Ron “The
Truth” Killings


Borash does the introduction similar to that of a boxing
match. Referee Scott Armstrong even explains the rules to both competitors. The
crowd seems split 50/50.  After a lockup,
Killings gets a shoulerblock then does a dance, to the delight of the crowd.
They lockup again and Truth gets a dropkick, prompting a “Truth” chant from the
crowd. They locup again and after a reversal, Truth hits a flying forearm.
Jarrett ducks outside to regroup as Tenay names off a dozen past NWA champions.
Truth taunts Jarrett with shoves but turns around and gets decked by Jarrett.
Dropkick by Jarrett and he attacks the Truth some more before strutting. Truth
breaks up a go-behind with a low blow and repeatedly hits Jarrett. Downward
Spiral from Killings, who then catches Jarrett on a float-over attempt and hits
the Pelvic thrust Powerslam for two. Jarrett fights back but Truth eventually
hits the scissor kick, getting two. Truth catches Jarrett’s foot and ducks his enziguiri attempt then locks on the Figure-Four. Jarrett
tries to overturn as the ref counts down his shoulders. They both struggle as
Jarrett reverses the move. Truth grabs the rope and Jarrett breaks. Jarrett
eats boot off of a charge but ducks a clothesline and hits a back suplex and
both men are down. They get up and Jarrett fires away. He catches Killings with
a powerbomb, getting two. Mounted punches by Jarrett in the corner and the
crowd chants along. The ref gets hit accidentally and Jarrett checks on him.
Truth grabs a steel chair but Jarrett takes it away and hits Killings. That
only gets two as the crowd wanted a three. He sets up for the Stroke but
Killings escapes and floats over a suplex attempt before hitting a gordbuster.
Jarrett gets his foot on the ropes and Killings heads up top. Jarrett hits the
ropes and the Truth falls. He then hits the Stroke but Killings kicks out.
Jarrett is beside himself as Killings rolls outside. Jarrett follows him out
but gets whipped into the post. Jarrett is busted open as the Truth hammers
away before tossing him into the crowd. They brawl throughout the crowd and Jarrett
gets a few chairshots. Killings then sets him up on a table and heads to the balcony.
He leaps off with a splash and crashes onto Jarrett. Both men are down as
Jarrett’s face is covered in blood. Truth crotches Jarrett with the rope as he
re-enters the ring. Killings busts open Jarrett some more then the two trade
punches. Jarrett ducks a flying forearm but it hits the ref, knocking him out
of the ring. Both men then collide and everyone is down. Mr. Wrestling III
comes from the crowd with a guitar. He goes over to each man but decides to hit
Killings and Jarrett falls on top of him as the ref then counts to three as Jarrett
is the new champion (17:36) ***3/4. Mr. Wrestling II looks on from ringside
then re-enters the ring. He is seen clapping then unmasks, revealing himself as
Vince Russo, causing Tenay to say “Oh shit, it’s Vince Russo.” Jarrett looks on in shock as the show goes off the air.


Thoughts: Very good match. The crowd was pulling for Jarrett
at the end. Even though his story of waiting months and dreaming of the title
since being a kid is something that wokrs for a face, it worked for the top
heel in the company. The crowd was pro-Jarrett at the end. Also, I loved the
presentation of this match as it came across as an important event. The ring
introduction was well-done. Their best attempt to elevate the title to date. The
ending with Russo is intriguing, even if you are not a fan of his.



Final Thoughts: The last few matches really made the show.
They actually made viewers intrigued to see next week’s show but there are
still some negatives. First, the X Division is starting to get stale with a
lack of new talent and the same matches over and over again. The
Lawler/Bruce/Lenny/April stuff is horrible and the overall depth of the
heavyweight division is lacking. It’s filled with washed-up WWE midcarders. Overall,
a decent show and the second hour was much better than the first.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #20

November 13, 2002
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
Goldylocks opens the show by singing the national anthem. She did a good job.
Tenay lets us know that Mr. Wrestling III has not contacted Tenay, so he never signed the Truth’s open contract
West and Tenay run down the card:
Amazing Red vs. Jimmy Yang
Brian Lawler & April vs. Jorge Estrada & Priscilla
Kid Kash vs. Jerry Lynn for the X Division Title
Syxx Pac vs. Jeff Jarrett in the semi-finals for the #1 contender spot

AJ Styles and Mortimer Plumtree come down to the ring. Crowd is rowdy, with a loud “You Suck” chant directed towards AJ. He grabs the mic, calling Tenay “Sugar tit,” then says how the match between Kid Kash vs. Jerry Lynn will not happen. He turns it over to Plumtree, who says that AJ had an automatic rematch clause. He suggests that Kid Kash go away because he doesn’t have a match tonight. Lynn comes down to the ring, thankfully with new theme music, and calls Plumtree “Mr. Nerd.” Lynn tries to be funny but he is not good at all on the mic. Anyway, he says unlike AJ, Kash earned his shot at the title tonight. He calls AJ a “Whiny ass biatch” and says that he went to TNA management and turned the match into a three-way. The three way should be decent but that segment was largely terrible.
Tenay tells us that 100% of the box office receipts will go to the
Tony Mamaluke vs. EZ Money
Tenay mentions how after WCW was sold, EZ Money was on the verge of breaking out. He looks in good shape here, as he was just released from the WWE several weeks before this match. EZ gets a monkeyflip but gets dumped outside when Mamaluke pulls down the ropes after a charge. Mamaluke takes EZ out with a tope. He climbs up top and flies off  but EZ meets him with a dropkick in midair. EZ stalls as Mamaluke regroups. He flips in and clotheslines Mamaluke. He drops Mamaluke from the press position and follows with a standing moonsault. Only his shins made contact on that move. A loud “TNA” chant breaks loose. They do a nice sequence that ends with Mamaluke locking in a Fujiwara Armbar. EZ makes the ropes but runs into a boot off a charge. Neckbreaker by Mamaluke, who then climbs up top and hits a Guillotine Leg Drop gets two. A reversal sequence ends with EZ getting a legdrop for two. Mamaluke escapes from the powerbomb position but EZ catches his foot then hits the Cha-Ching (Forward Reverse Suplex) for the win (4:51) *3/4.
Thoughts: Nice debut for EZ Money. I have no idea why he never got a chance in the WWE. He has the look that Vince likes and was good inside of the ring.  
Chris Vaughn vs. Sonny Siaki
Vaughn doesn’t even get an entrance. He is billed as 219lbs and might actually weigh 165 lbs. He walks into a clothesline from Siaki. He is able to get his foot up on a charge but Siaki quickly sends him in the corner with a belly-to-belly suplex. He hotshots Vaughn then gets a pumphandle throw, picking him up before the three count as the crowd is starting the “Rocky Ripoff” chant. He puts Vaughn in a tree of woe and hits a few shoulder thrusts. He hits a Samoan drop then a backbreaker before hitting three straight Siakalypses for the win (2:06)
Thoughts: A squash for Siaki, who was pissed after losing in the tournament last week. He looked good and they seem to be shaping up for him to feud with Lynn over the X Division title.
Pre-Taped interview with Goldylocks and Brian Lawler. Lawler says that his relationship is going great as we hear moaning from the female locker room. Lawler gets concerned and barges in on April, who is naked but lathered in soap as to not see her tits. She is mortifed and yells at him to leave and orders the cameras to go away. We then see Bruce peak his head out from the curtain as the segment ends. This was surprisingly decent for a comedy segment. Plus, April was hot.
Father James Mitchell is on the ramp as the arena goes dark. He mentions the argument between wrestling and sports entertainment, citing that the New Church is neither but rather evil. He then introduces us the newest face of evil, Belladonna. She comes out, then turns around and reveals her ass. It’s a fantastic ass I must say. He then reveals his “weapon of mass destruction” as Malice comes running out to the ring. Someone else is in the ring as the bell rings.
Kaos vs. Malice
This is the same Kaos who wrestled in WCW as part of the team “High Voltage.” He looks completely different here, wearing all black. He looks about a foot shorter than Malice too. Malice tosses Kaos to the floor then grabs a chair and bounces it off his head He slams him into the guardrail then over the steps. He rolls Kaos back in the ring, who then fires away. Malice no-sells all of them and takes him down with a clothesline. Backbreaker by Malice as an “Evil” chant breaks out. Belly-to-belly by Malice who follows that with a big boot. He signals for the chokeslam and hits it but doesn’t cover him. He lowers his knee pad and heads up top, dropping the knee for the win (2:57).
Thoughts: An impressive return to TNA by Malice. He was the biggest wrestler they had so he did come across as a monster instead of another guy like he would if he as in the WWE. Speaking of the WWE, I remember a rumor around this time that he had left TNA because he signed a developmental deal with WWE.
Jorge Estrada w/Priscilla vs. Brian Lawler w/April
Lawler also has new entrance music, which is much better. This was billed as a tag match but it is now a singles match between the men. Lawler asks for the mic before the match and stands on the announcers table. He demands to know why the crowd was laughing and snickering. Lawler ducks an attack and asks April for a kiss. Estrada attempts a double noggin knocker but Lawler escapes. He pulls up on a whip and backdrops Estrada to the floor but he lands on his feet and trips up Lawler. Estrada gets a legdrop from the top then throws some forearms. Estrada gets whipped into the ropes then ducks several chops and ends this nonsense with a shitty looking dropkick. Lawler counters a backslide and hits a neckbreaker and grabs a purse from April. He goes through the contents but Estrada kicks him then places the purse around Lawler’s neck. He hits a legdrop on Lawler. He then charges at Lawler but retreats towards April, acting as if she tripped him. Holy shit did this spot look terrible. Estrada grabs April by the hair then Priscilla slaps April. They catfight on the floor and that allows Lawler to get a low blow then a rollup for the win (3:20) DUD.
Thoughts: This match sucked. Estrada gets worse with each match too. The guy fucks up constantly. Lawler’s act is beyond stale at this point.
Goldylocks is with Jeff Jarrett. She brings up his match against Syxx Pac tonight as Jarrett says how he has been screwed by TNA since the beginning. He also says how Syxx Pac is not here tonight, suggesting that it might be due to a missed flight. We are getting some inside info here.
Jimmy Yang vs. Amazing Red
Yang has ditched the Elvis gear and is wearing black pants and a red “King’s Road” jacket. West and Tenay plug the AJ/Red match from two weeks ago as these guys do some matwork to start. Red gets a sloppy looking rana but comes back with a multiple twirling headscissor that draws a good reaction from the crowd. Yang catches Red off a baseball slide but that is turned into a headscissor, sending Yang crashing into the announcers table. Yang dropkicks Red off the apron and hits him with a quebrada. He rolls Red back inside and gets two. Moonsault kick by Yang who then gets some shoulder thrusts. Red comes back and locks on an armlock/bodyscissor combo off of a tilt-a-whirl. Yang breaks and has Red in the Styles Clash position then lowers Red down and he turns it into an STF in a cool sequence. Red reaches the ropes but Yang gets a spinning heel kick for two. Clothesline by Yang but Red gets a rollup for two. Yang kills Red with a spinning leg lariat, getting two. He puts Red in the figure-four necklock then breaks the hold so he can throw him outside. He sends Red into the rail then face first into the steps. A loud “Let’s go Red” chant breaks out as Yang beats on Red inside the ring. A weak looking clothesline by Yang who then places Red in the corner. He gets the hanging head scissors but gets dropkicked in midair after a springboard. They slug it out, ending with Red getting a spinkick. Bicycle kick by Red who then spikes Yang with a DDT, getting two. Red climbs up top but Yang knocks him down. He climbs up and they go at it until Red gets the Code Red off the top rope! That only gets two. Red goes off the top rope with a crossbody but Yang drops to one knee. Yang climbs up and misses the Yangtime and Red goes back up and hits the Infra-Red for the win (9:40) **1/2.
Thoughts: Decent match but it did drag at times when Yang was on offense. Red seems to be in line for a push within the X Division.  
Goldylocks is outback with BG James. She asks him what is going through his head and brings up his history with Jarrett and ends with his catchphrase. However, Jarrett comes out and offers a handshake. BG says he isn’t stupid as Jarrett once again wishes him luck for next week. He extends his hand and Jarrett attacks and gets restrained by security.
Spanish Announce Team vs. Rainbow Express
This is apparently part of a mini-tournament that will have the winner of this match face the winner of the Hotshots vs. Harris Twins match for the #1 contender spot. The Rainbow Express stall to start things off. Lenny leaps over Joel in a very effeminate way and gets tripped up. Bruce yanks the hair of Joel then Jose dropkicks Lenny into Bruce, knocking him off the apron. Jose ducks a clothesline and takes out Bruce with a suicide dive. Lenny then dives outside as Joel is back in the ring. Double team moves by the Rainbow Express then Lenny gets a weak splash as Bruce stands behind him, humping him in sync with the referee’s count. Lane spills outside as the SAT’s hit a top rope moonsault/legdrop combo on Bruce. Lenny breaks that up and dumps Jose. He slaps Joel on the top rope and nearly kills himself trying a rana. Tag to Bruce and he stomps Joel. He slams his face off the mat but misses a charge in the corner. Joel comes back with a missile dropkick. He tags Jose, who gets a crossbody on Lane. Leg Lariat by Jose but Bruce attacks him. Jose crotches Bruce and he falls in the tree of woe position. He sends Lenny into Bruce with a drop toehold and they drop into the 69 position as Jose pushes Bruce’s head into Lenny’s crotch. Facebuster by Bruce gets two. Joel whips Bruce against the ropes and he flies outside when Lenny pulls down the ropes. He necksnaps Joel and heads up top. Jose gets a dropkick and they hit the Spanish Fly for the win (7:19) *. Tenay says how Lane tried to hurt Bruce on purpose in order to be crowned Miss TNA.
Thoughts: A basic tag-match that was bogged down with the Rainbow Express and their homoerotic antics. At least the SAT’s went over, as they show some promise, even if Jose is really not a good worker.
Goldylocks is with Bullet Bob Armstrong. She says how Don Harris was fired as head of security but is still in the building. He says he is still able to wrestle and that he fined Harris but feels okay after last week’s attack.
Hotshots vs. Harris Brothers
Harris brothers jump the Hotshots to start things off as West’s mic is not working. Hotshots takes the advantage and attack Ron in the ring. They fuck up a double hiptoss spot as O’Reilly whiffed completely, getting two. Ron certainly didn’t help him out by tucking his arm to his side. Stevens lands a few shots but Don pulls him out and roughs him up a bit. He slides him back in as Ron hits a bunch of corner clotheslines. Don tags and boots Stevens. They double team Stevens in the corner before Ron gets a sideslam. O’Reilly breaks up the pin attempt. Stevens gets a boot up on a charge and hits Don with a shitty looking leg lariat before tagging out. O’Reilly hits a few clotheslines. Hotshots double dropkick Don and have the advantage. Don elbows O’Reilly off the apron and attempt the H Bomb on Stevens but he escapes and hits a springboard clothesline. He is quickly tossed outside as they catch O’Reilly with the H Bomb for the win (3:55) ¼*. After the match, they destroy the Hotshots.
Thoughts: The outcome was never in doubt but the Hotshots sold well for the Harris Brothers, who are terrible. Then again, its not like the Hotshots are a team that anyone would ever take seriously.
Tenay says that next week, the SAT’s will face the Harris Brothers in a #1 contender match.
BG James is in the ring. He wants Jarrett to pay attention. He then insults his own intelligence, which was kinda funny. He calls Jarrett a “low down piece of shit” and tells him to come to the ring, not wanting to wait until next week. Jarrett comes out that they have tonight off and will face off next week. Says it won’t happen tonight. BG says that the fact that Jarrett is a pussy was made official tonight. He calls his dad a pussy, even bringing up his mama. Jarrett has had enough and storms the ring. They are brawling ringside as the camera shows Bob Armstrong on the ramp. Shortly afterwards, the bell rings
#1 Contender’s match for the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship
BG James vs. Jeff Jarrett
BG hits Jarrett with a chair and they brawl into the crowd. Jarrett attacks him and hits him with a chair on the back. He uses a trashcan lid but BG fights back.  He pulls the lid away from Jarrett and grabs a trash barrel. He chases Jarrett up the steps and throws the barrel off Jarrett’s head. They brawl on the steps as the spotlight is used on them. They brawl up the bleachers and head down the stairs. Jarrett uses the lid a few times then stomps on BG. He clobbers BG with a trashcan as they head towards the ring. BG uses a chair as Jarrett is walking up the bleachers. BG gets a bunch of punches but Jarrett uses a chair and BG falls off the second level and through a table. Jarrett goes back into the ring as the ref counts. Jarrett counts along with the referee as James is down. This is quite possibly the slowest ten-count in the history of professional wrestling. He makes it in the ring and knocks down Jarrett but struggles to stand up. He tries the pumphandle but Jarrett escapes then hits the Stroke onto the chair for the win (7:17) *1/2.
Thoughts: The brawling was good for the first few minutes or so but it got really tiresome after that. Everyone knew Jarrett was going to win.
NWA-TNA Tag Team Title Match
New Church w/James Mitchell & Belladonna vs. America’s Most Wanted
AMW comes in from the crowd and attacks the New Church from behind. Harris takes out Lee with a plancha as all four men are know brawling outside of the ring. Harris bounces a chair off of Slash’s head. Mitchell and Belladonna run away from the action as we see Harris busting open Slash. Lee is beating on Storm as the camera focuses on Slash, who is on the ground. Mitchell tries to help up Slash as Storm is now bleeding. In the ring, Harris hits Lee with the Catatonic. He tries it on Slash but he counters that with a DDT. Lee busts open Harris and tosses him back inside. Helicopter Slam by Slash gets two. They neutralize Harris as Storm is shown on the apron, struggling to stand. Harris gets a spear on Lee. He tags Slash but he misses an attack and it allows Harris to tag Storm, who runs wild. Eight Second Ride gets two as Belladonna took a tag belt and placed it in the corner. She and Mitchell are on the apron distracting the ref. Lee puts Storm on his shoulders and Slash comes off top with a missile dropkick. Harris breaks up the pin attempt and clotheslines Lee to the floor. Slash eats boot off a charge and Storm his the swinging noose but the ref neglects to count and orders Mitchell to get off the apron. Slash with a belt shot to Storm but that only gets two. They do a reversal sequence that ends with Storm accidentally hitting the ref with a crossbody. Mitchell gives Lee a spike as AMW hits the Death Sentence but the ref is still out. Storm blocks the spike shot from Lee and Belladonna jumps on his back. Storm dumps her but Lee then hits him with the spike for the win and the titles (9:07) **1/2. After the match, Belladonna smears the blood of Slash onto her body.
Thoughts: The match itself was a bit all over the place but it was action-packed and entertaining. The ref bump was well done though. AMW suffered their first loss in TNA and it looks like they will be chasing after the titles.
Video highlights of last week’s X Division action.
NWA-TNA X Division Title Match
Kid Kash vs. AJ Styles w/Mortimer Plumtree vs. Jerry Lynn (Champion)
AJ whiffs on a double clothesline and gets taken out with a double dropkick. Lynn and Kash engage in some token X Division matwork but in a cool spot they both manage to send AJ back outside by using a double drop toehold. Lynn and Kash do some more reversals then have a stand off. They shake hands right before AJ flies across the ring with a double springboard clothesline. AJ and Lynn brawl outside for a bit. Kash tries a quebrada but Lynn pulls him off the apron. AJ and Lynn are in the ring as Plumtree distracts the ref, allowing AJ to get a low blow. Lynn tries a reverse rollup but Kash slingshots back in with a sunsetflip, as AJ goes flying before breaking up the pin. He goes after Kash but eats boot. Kash with a rana as we see a replay of the sunset flip spot. AJ tries the Phenomenon on Lynn but he counters with a stunner. Has brings up the pin and hits Lynn with a moonsault block and Lynn breaks up that. A “TNA” chant breaks out as AJ hits Lynn with a neckbreaker. AJ and Kash exchange chops until AJ kills him with an enziguiri. Kash pulls up on a dropkick and rolls up AJ for two. Kash snapmares AJ and chops Lynn in the corner. Lynn reverses but Kash rakes the eyes. Kash DDT’s AJ but gets kicked by Lynn. Tornado DDT by Lynn gets two as AJ breaks up that attempt. Plumtree pulls down the ropes on Lynn. Kash flies out with a double springboard crossbody then after a replay of that, AJ takes out both men with a springboard shooting star press! West then makes a joke about needing four screens to watch this match then breaks out in laughter. AJ beats Kash in the corner but gets flattened by a clothesline from Lynn. Kash and Lynn then clothesline each other as all three men are down. AJ gets caught with a TKO from Lynn but Kash breaks that up. Bankroll from Kash gets two. Kash blocks a Styles Clash but AJ turns it into the Kryptonite Krunch, getting two. Lynn clotheslines AJ as he was about to finish off Kash. Plumtree hooks Lynn’s leg then Kash backdrops AJ to the outside and onto Plumtree. In the ring, Lynn gets Kash and hits the cradle piledriver for the win (10:49) **3/4. Lynn celebrates with the belt for a while.
Thoughts: The match was fine but it was a bit disappointing. You had three of the better X Division wrestlers in this match and it was wrestled at a slower pace than the usual. The again, TNA has set some pretty high standards for three-way X Division matches with the Low Ki/Styles/Lynn matches. It is very, very tough to exceed those standards.
Jeremy Borash joins the announcers booth. He talks up the X Division as Bob Armstrong hands Don West the lineup for next week’s show. West is ecstatic and hypes it up.
AJ Styles vs. Crimson Dragon vs. Jorge Estrada
Harris Brothers vs. Spanish Announce Team
Jerry Lynn vs. Amazing Red for the X Division Title
Jeff Jarrett vs. Ron Killings for the Heavyweight Championship
Jeff Jarrett comes out with a microphone. He addresses Ron Killings, stating he is the first ever black NWA champion. He gives him credit for his accomplishments but says he has been screwed and held down by TNA, not getting a shot at the title. Jarrett mentions NWA title as a kid, with Flair, Jack Brisco, Funks, Sting and others. He says he went to wrestling matches and dreamed of being the NWA Champion. He says every place that he has been, he did his business in the ring. He closes by saying winning the belt is not his dream, but his destiny and promises that he will win the title next week. The promo was fine but a majority of what he said is something you would expect from a face, not the top heel in your company.
Final Thoughts: This show was fine. You had some decent matches and nothing came across as completely embarrassing. The have finally found a feud for the tag division and continue to build up the talent in the X Division. It was bit strange that there was only one brief mention about Mr. Wrestling III at the beginning of the show though. Next week has two title matches that look good on paper.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #19

November 6, 2002
Clips of the NWA 54th anniversary event in Corpus Christi, TX are shown. We see TNA superstars like Jorge Estrada and Ron Killings winning matches. They also keep zooming in on some goon with the NWA logo tattooed on his arm. Normally, I’d say someone would regret a decision like that, but if you saw this clown, its clear that he is quite proud of that tattoo.
Your Hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
West runs down the show, which will feature Curt Hennig vs. Jeff Jarrett. Plus, Brian Lawler vs. Syxx Pac in a 1st rd. match and AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn for the X Division championship.

 Video recap of the feud between Bruce and Priscilla for the Miss TNA crown.
Goldylocks is with the Rainbow Express, as Lenny Lane makes his return to NWA-TNA. Bruce asks the camera to pan down to his shoes and Goldy calls him a “bitch.” Bruce says that Lenny and him fought but have now made up and he made him runner up to Miss TNA, so if he cannot perform his duties, Lenny will get the crown.
Jorge Estrada w/Priscilla vs. Bruce w/Lenny Lane
Lenny is simulating oral sex on a banana as he walks Bruce to the ring. Bruce lands some forearms then gets two off a sunset flip. Estrada gets two off of a rollup and hits a few armdrags. He lands on his feet after a monkeyflip and gets a suplex for two. Priscilla is on the apron complaining to the ref as Estrada is on Bruce’s shoulders. Lane climbs the turnbuckle and hits a missile dropkick. The ref turns around and Bruce gets two with a homoerotic cover. Mounted punches by Bruce. Slam gets two. He covers again then throws him in the corner. Estrada floats over in the corner and Lenny is now on the apron. Estrada gets a reverse rollup and Lenny comes in the ring. Estrada hits him with a Northern Lights suplex while bridging Bruce, getting two. That looked cool. Bruce scratches the eyes and hits Estrada with forearms. Estrada comes back with a crossbody but gets hit with a back elbow smash. Estrada lands on the apron after a backdrop. Bruce tries a sunset bomb but Estrada counters with a terrible looking rana, almost breaking his own neck in the process. Bruce floats over on a suplex then gets two off a sunset flip. Estrada floats over and gets a back suplex for two. Bulldog by Estrada then he gets a few clotheslines. Backdrop and a slam as Estrada yells how he is going to Graceland. He then completely fucks up the Trip to Graceland, spilling into the ropes, then Bruce gets his knees up on the quebrada attempt. Bruce gets a tilt-a-whirl slam for two. Priscilla goes into the ring and kisses Bruce. He is yelling at her then gets dropkicked out of the ring. Lane chases Priscilla and Bruce joins. Estrada then takes them out with a pescado. Bruce chases Priscilla then slips on Lenny’s banana peel and gets counted out (8:48) ½*. Estrada puts the tiara and sash on Priscilla but the Miss TNA crown does not change hands because it was not an intentional disqualification. Just last week, Bob Armstrong came out and stated that titles can change hands during a count out.
Thoughts: No one cared about any of this. The Miss TNA angle is terrible in every single way. In regards to the match, Estrada was terrible, even sloppier than usual. He almost knocked himself out giving his opponent a hurricarana. These two do not work well togetehr at all.
Tenay mentions that the TNA website is undergoing renovations and will be back better than ever shortly.
Goldylocks is with Sonny Siaki. She asks him about his semi-final match against BG James tonight. He says that he is the past, present, and future of TNA, He refers to BG James as Goofy then tells everyone how Goldylocks bid in the silent auction to be his valet. Sonny says he will let Goldy feel his love after the match. Siaki showed a lot more confidence than usual here and gave one of his better promos. Still, it wont stop the “Rocky Ripoff” chants.
Before making his way to the ring, BG James comes out with a mic. He says that Siaki looks like he butt cheeks and rambles on, ending with his catchphrase
NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender Tournament
Sonny Siaki vs. BG James
Siaki attacks James and beats on him in the corner. He continues his beating until James ducks a clothesline and fires away. James gets a corner clothesline and kicks him in the corner. He works the arm then the two men trade punches. Siaki gets a single-leg takedown and works the leg for a while. James manages to get a small package but Siaki takes him down with a basement dropkick to the knee. Siaki gets an Indian Death Lock and goes back to beating on the leg. Siaki springs off the middle ropes and James pushes him to the floor with his feet. He goes outside and slams his head off the apron before rolling him into the ring. Siaki sweeps the leg. James fights him off but Siaki stops that. Corkscrew neckbreaker and Siaki heads to the top rope. Jerry Lynn comes out and Siaki is distracted. He jumps off, allowing James to get a flying forearm. Kneedrop gets two. James ducks a clothesline and gets the pumphandle drop for the win. (7:09) ¾*.
Thoughts: Match was nothing and the decision to have James go over Siaki doesn’t make much sense but it looks like they are going forward with continuing the feud between Siaki and Lynn. James is completely washed up and is in terrible shape, which is sad because he was only 33 years old at this point. 
Video Recap of the New Church destroying Chris Harris & James Storm. The song they are using his horrible but at least they have a decent tag-team feud.
Goldylocks is with Harris & Storm, who is pacing around angrily in the background. Harris yells at Goldy then tells the New Church he might go insane on them and will run evil all over their carcasses. Storm finally approaches and almost says his “buckaroo” line but stops and starts getting angry. Storm then drops the “Sorry about your damn luck” line for the first time to close the interview. Good promo work by the two, especially by Storm. They showed lots of intensity. Also, this is the first time that they have referred to themselves as “AMW.”
New Church comes out as James Mitchell grabs the mic. He tells Storm & Harris they haven’t learned their lesson and promises blood will be shed tonight.
NWA-TNA Tag-Team Championship Match
New Church w/James Mitchell vs. Chris Harris & James Storm (Champions)
AMW, still referred to as just Storm & Harris by Borash, charge the ring and take out the New Church. They brawl outside the ring for a while as Mitchell looks worried. Double clothesline on Lee then they roll Slash into the ring, who is pouring blood from his forehead. AMW gets a corner clothesline/superkick combo on Slash. Harris gets a top rope elbow then set up the move that would later be known as the Death Sentence. Lee pulls Storm out of the ring and beats on him. Lee beats on Harris as Mitchell carves up Storm’s forehead. In the ring, the New Church double-team Storm. Lee starts to work on the leg for a bit. A sideslam/top rope elbow drop combo by the New Church gets two. Slash misses a top rope move and Storm makes the tag. Harris runs wild on the New Church. He has Lee pinned but Mitchell is on the apron distracting the ref, allowing Slash to grab a chair and hit Harris no the head. Lee covers but only gets two. Lee tags Slash, who punches away. Lee then distracts the ref as Slash chokes Harris out on the ropes, which has both men screaming. Harris ducks a double-team and hits a double clothesline. Tag to Storm, who runs wild. All four men are brawling in the ring. Mitchell hands Lee a spike and he uses it on Harris. The ref sees this and rings the bell for the DQ (7:45) **1/4. Mitchell orders the New Church to go back in the ring and attack AMW. Security comes out and the New Church walks away. West refers to the New Church as “demons,” stating they are under the spell of James Mitchell.
Thoughts: Decent match while it lasted. The crowd was really into the match, especially so for AMW. This feud will continue and that is a good thing.
NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contender Tournament
Brian Lawler w/April vs. Syxx Pac
Lawler and April walk to the ring all over each other, appearing happy. He even wipes off her chair with his headband. Lawler sneak attacks Syxx on the ramp. He rolls him in the ring and tells April to look at him as he is holding Syxx’’s head up. He beats on Syxx in the corner then chokes him out. Syxx fights back but Lawler stops that with an eye rake. Neckbreaker and Lawler once again orders April to come over and slap Syxx. April refuses so Lawler ducks out and yells at her. Syxx kicks Lawler off the apron then hammers away. Lawler ducks a clothesline and picks up Syxx, ramming him crotch first into the rope. Lawler yells at the crowd before going back in the ring. A weak looking clothesline by Lawler and he heads up top. West declares that Lawler is Bipolar as Lawler misses the Hip Hop Drop. Syxx fires up and takes Lawler down with some spinning heel kicks.  Powerbomb by Syxx, then chokes him out in the corner. Bronco Buster and Syxx goes out towards April and kisses her. Lawler comes out and takes him out with a superkick. Lawler wipes the kiss off of April’s face and rolls Syxx back in the ring. He orders April up on the apron then calls her a “cunt.” You gotta be kidding me. As Lawler is distracted, Syxx gets the X Factor for the win (5:01) ¾*. After the match, Syxx grabs April and takes her in the ring. He then takes her outside as they walk up the ramp together. Lawler sees this and starts crying then getting angry. He holds his chest and fakes a heart attack. April is worried and breaks free from Syxx and runs to Lawler. Borash and the ref are also in the ring checking on April.
Thoughts: Match was nothing and the attempts to seem edgy with all of the constant swearing from Lawler did not work. They spent a lot of time trying to build up Lawler but the only reaction he gets from the crowd is the occasional “Jerry’s Kid” chants. The saga between April and Lawler continues. Syxx advances to face Jarrett next week in the semi-finals.
Mike Tenay in a pre-taped interview with Ron Killings. The Truth says that Tenay is the only person in TNA that he can trust. He says that Mr. Wrestling III has fooled him. He has a contract that he will give Tenay that he has already signed. He asks Mr. Wrestling III to find Tenay and sign the contract.
Jeff Jarrett comes down to the ring and asks Tenay to come into the ring. He tells him about the rumors about him being Mr. Wrestling III, then says that if he signs the contract, he will get the match. Jarrett looks at the contract then tears it up. He tells everyone that he was waited over twenty weeks for a title shot. He promises two weeks from tonight, he will walk out of the building as the new champion. So, getting denied a chance at the title for months by authority figures is now a heel storyline?
Elimination Tables Match
Kid Kash vs. Jose Maximo vs. Joel Maximo vs. Tony Mamaluke vs. Ace Steel w/Mortimer Plumtree
For some reason, the bell rings before Steel is introduced. He just runs into the ring fifteen seconds later and is introduced by Borash. Winner of this match faces the X Division Champion next week. Everyone then brawls with each other. Joel and Steel do some sloppy lucha stuff. Jose then takes out his brother and Ace Steel with a quebrada. Mamaluke then takes them out with a crossbody from the top rope as Kash takes everyone out with a beautiful looking double-springboard senton. In the ring, Kash takes down Steel with a springboard forearm. He runs into an elbow and Steel hits a suplex. Top rope dropkick by Steel, who then gets suplexed by Mamaluke. He puts Jose in an armbar but Joel breaks that up. Kash takes down Joel with a rana, who goes outside. He ducks a baseball slide by Kash and they do a nice little sequence that end with Kash getting powerbombed onto the floor. Ouch. The SAT’s set up Mamaluke for the Spanish Fly as Steel slides the table into the ring. Steel breaks that up for some reason and finishes putting the table into the ring. Mamaluke with a superplex to Jose then puts on a front face lock with body scissors. Mamaluke lays the table in the corner on the ropes and sets up Jose on the table in the ring. Steel and Mamaluke fight on the top rope as Steel takes him off with a Rydien Bomb. The table that was lying on the ropes in the corner falls off and Plumtree catches it and casually pushes it back where it was. The SAT’s place a table in the corner as Mamaluke DDT’s Steel through it in a sloppy looking spot (6:16). Thank god Steel was eliminated first. He sucks. Plumtree is upset. Mamaluke flies off the apron, over a table, and DDT’s Jose. Mamaluke grabs another table but Kash kicks him and places in on the table and Jose comes off the top and eliminates Mamaluke (8:15). In the ring, Joel hits a back suplex on Kash, who comes back with a brainbuster onto the knee. Kash and Joel slug it out and Kash hits him with the bankroll. The SAT’s regain control and set Kash up for a double powerbomb, but he rolls through that and takes them down with a double dropkick. Kash takes a table and positions it diagonally in front of the announcers table. Joel gets a wheelbarrow slam as an “SAT” chant breaks out. Jose repositions the table outside. Back in the ring, Kash takes the SAT’s and himself to the floor with a double clothesline. Kash bounces a chair off Joel’s face and places him on the table. He goes up top but Jose meets him. Kash then positions him for a rana and takes him off and he crashes through the table and onto his brother, eliminating both men (12:52) **.
Thoughts: A few nice spots but the first half of this match was unfocused and uneventful. Kash was easily the best worker out of the five in the match so its good that he went over. Steel is terrible but the SAT’s looked fairly decent this week, especially Joel. Mamaluke hit a few nice moves but he is rather bland and never sticks out in these multiple man X division matches.
Video recap of the Jarrett/Hennig feud.
Jarrett comes out to the ring. He says that no one has seen Hennig tonight and lets us know that the first time they wrestled in this business, he nearly took the AWA title from him at age 19. He says that he was a World Champion in WCW and multiple time Intercontinental Champion in the WWF. He orders the ref to ring the bell and award him the match.
Jeff Jarrett vs. Curt Hennig
Jarrett gets out of the ring after the bell rings and yells at Tenay. Hennig then comes out of the crowd wearing street clothes and attacks Hennig. They go in the ring and Hennig takes him out quickly. They go into the crowd as Hennig nails the ref. He chokes out Jarrett with his belt. Jarrett fights back, using a crutch from a spectator, but Hennig regains control and chokes away. The crowd is loving this as Hennig is now whipping him with the belt. More choking by Hennig but Jarrett escapes and they trade punches. Hennig grabs a chair and softly hits Jarrett on the back. The ref grabs the chair and Hennig slaps him down then nails him with a chair. They go back over the guard rail and into the ring. Hennig hits three Perfect-Plexes in a row, without using the bridge. Hennig grabs the belt as another ref runs into the ring, slides out and rings the bell as Hennig has been disqualified (4:32) ½*. Hennig is held back by security as Jarrett goes to the locker room. Bob Armstrong comes out and walks around for a bit, not saying a thing. Hennig holds up his belt before he exits.
Thoughts: A weak brawl that featured Jarrett working his ass off in selling for Hennig’s shitty offense. The crowd was into it though. I have no idea where this feud is going at this point.
West runs down next week’s card:
Kid Kash vs. the winner of AJ/Lynn
Jeff Jarrett vs. Syxx Pac in the tournament semi-finals
Brian Lawler & April vs. Jorge Estrada & Priscilla
Amazing Red vs. Jimmy Yang vs. Tony Mamaluke
Video recap of the AJ/Lynn feud. This was nicely done, easily the best TNA video package to date, with quotes from journalists like Alex Marvez, Dave Meltzer, and Buck Woodward that put over Lynn and Styles.
NWA-TNA X Division Championship Match
Jerry Lynn vs. AJ Styles (Champion) w/Mortimer Plumtree
AJ works the arm and gets an armdrag. They lockup again and Lynn gets a fireman’s carry. Lynn then takes down Styles with an armdrag as Tenay lets us know that EZ Money will debut next week. They do some matwork for a bit and Lynn grabs a standing side headlock. The crowd cheers both men as AJ reverses. They do some counters that ends with Lynn getting an armdrag. Tenay states how both men know each other moves as AJ gets a cheapshot in the corner. Lynn floats over and ducks an attack from AJ. He gets two off of a crossbody. AJ gets a legsweep for two. AJ taunts the crowd and walks into a clothesline. Lynn grabs a chinlock but AJ breaks that with an eye rake. Lynn then catches him a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, getting two as West demands a replay. Lynn puts AJ in a bow-and-arrow then stomps him down. AJ regains control but Lynn blocks a headscissor with a stungun, which gets two. Lynn chops AJ hard in the corner, causing AJ to scream. AJ lands on the apron after a  backdrop but Lynn knocks him off with a dropkick. Styles climbs the apron and is able to snap Lynn’s neck off the ropes. AJ goes back on the apron and dodges Lynn’s legdrop but gets taken down with a legsweep. Lynn goes outside and slams AJ’s head off the steps. In a cool spot, Lynn whips AJ towards the guardrail but AJ leaps over it then catches Lynn with a superkick as he tries to climb over. AJ wins a brawl with Lynn but gets kicked in the gut after spring-boarding off the guardrail. In the ring, they trade punches until Lynn knocks him through the ropes. AJ then sidesteps Lynn and tosses him to the floor. AJ distracts the ref as Plumtree stomps on Lynn. AJ takes Lynn off the apron with a baseball slide then hits him with a pescado. He rolls him back in and gets two. AJ sets up for a powerbomb but Lynn counters with a rana in mid-move. AJ backdrops Lynn after a piledriver attempt then takes him down with a clothesline. He goes for the Styles Clsah but cant get Lynn in place so he turns it into a Boston Crab. AJ then delivers from kicks as Lynn tells him to bring it some more. He ducks a kick then catches AJ and hits a facebuster. Plumtree is on the apron as AJ goes low then gets the Phenomenon for two. They show a replay of the Phenomenon as both men are down. AJ gets a moonsault kick in the corner but walks into a right hand. Lynn then flattens AJ with a sitout powerbomb but is unable to make the cover. Lynn gets a few clotheslines and beats on AJ in the corner. Lynn blocks a tornado DDT attempt and sends AJ into the corner with a Northern Lights Suplex. He makes the cover but only gets two. Plumtree is on the apron and Lynn knocks AJ into him. He hits AJ with the cradle piledriver but AJ kicks out at two. TKO gets two as Sonny Siaki pulls the ref out of the ring. Lynn yells at Siaki as Plumtree wedges a steel chair in the corner. Styles sends Lynn into the chair with a drop toehold and makes the cover but the ref is ordering Siaki to leave the ring. Plumtree throws the ref inside as AJ gets two. He picks up Lynn and hits the Styles Clash but Lynn kicks out of that. AJ goes up top but Lynn knocks him down. He climbs up and gets a superplex, getting two. They fight over a backslide but AJ gets him up and hits a facebuster from the splash mountain position, getting two. Lynn escapes from a powerbomb and they keep on countering tombstome piledriver attempts until Lynn hits one for the win (20:59) ***3/4. The show goes off the air as Lynn holds the belt.    
Thoughts: Very good match. The story that both men knew each other’s moves, ending with the veteran Lynn getting the upper hand, was well done. This match took a bit to get going but the nearfalls at the end were fantastic. The part with Siaki was meaningless but all signs point towards the Lynn/Siaki feud going on for the X Division title.
Final Thoughts: A decent show. Sure, the Miss TNA and Lawler stuff is crap, but they are building to a nice tag-feud between AMW and the New Church and also breathing some life into the heavyweight title scene. Also, looks like they have closed out the Lynn/Styles feud and seem focusing on others in the X Division. Hopefully, they bring in more talent.  

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #18

October 30. 2012
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
Tony Mamaluke vs. Kid Kash

 The show is starting with both of the men already in the ring. They trade off a bunch of stuff in typical X Division over-choreographed fashion that ends in a stand off, without any applause from the crowd. They trade off some more stuff, which is kinda sloppy, ending with a pinfall reversal sequence. Mamaluke ducks out and Kash hits him with a pescado. Back in the ring, Kash hits a corner clothesline but ends up hitting the turnbuckle when Mamaluke catches him with a drop toehold. Neckbreaker gets two. Mamaluke roughs up Kash as Tenay mentions how Mamaluke was trained by Dean Malenko. Kash fights back and gets a pumphandle backbreaker then applies an STF-like move until Mamaluke reaches the ropes. Kash gets knocked off the apron then Mamaluke takes him down with a baseball slide. He rolls him back in and gets two. Mamaluke roughs him up then throws him in the corner. He eats boot off a charge and Kash gets a moonsault block for two. Kash works the arm but Mamaluke counters into an ankle lock as the camera is on Kash’s face as he reaches for the ropes. After he escapes, he hits Mamaluke with a double springboard cross body, getting two. Clothesline gets two. Mamaluke then reverses a waist lock and kills him with a German Suplex. Both men are down for a while. Kash floats over on a suplex attempt and gets the Bank Roll for two. That is nasty looking move and should probably have been the finish. Mamaluke gets up, basically no-selling the move, and both men now engage in a chopping battle. Kash gets a backslide for two. Mamaluke tries one of his own but Kash counters and hits the Money Maker for the win (8:48) *1/4.
Thoughts: Not much to see here besides a few decent moves. There was no flow to the match. Also, the selling was basically non-existent. The crowd was silent for most of this and it doesn’t help when TNA flip-flops Kash between a face and heel. Also, no one cares about Mamaluke. He really isn’t that impressive anyway.
West and Tenay run down the show, featuring the first round of the tournament to determine the #1 Contender for the NWA-TNA Heavyweight Championship. Also, Ron Killings defends his title against Scott Hall. AJ Styles defends the X Division Title against the Amazing Red.
Mike Tenay interviews Scott Hall in a pre-taped bit. He mentions Hall’s past and how he never won the World Championship. Hall says he is glad to be in TNA and is attracted to the “Young Renegade” promotion going against the big promotions. TNA was the only place that would bother hiring him at this point. He brings up the prestige of the NWA title and mentions how there are young guys trying to make a name” and “old guys having fun.” He puts over Killings but then says that he is not quite as good as he thinks he is and the interview closes. Interview wasn’t special but Hall came off decently here. At least he appeared lucid, which is a plus for him anyway.
Killings comes out to the ring and raps. The crowd tells him that he sucks as Killings comes back and tells them that they swallow. He calls out Scott Hall, Curt Hennig, and Syxx Pac for “locker room politics” then downplays the rumor that Jeff Jarrett is Mr. Wrestling III. I’m guessing that was a vague internet rumor at the time because it hasn’t been hinted at on these shows. Killings then completely botches Hall’s “Don’t sing it, bring it” line as Hall comes out with a mic. He tells the Truth to stop messing with the fans and quit being Jeff Jarrett’s stooge. He tells him that Jarrett is playing him like one of “Ricky Riccardo’s bongo drums” then asks for a dose of the Truth. What is up with the dated pop-culture references? Anyway, this segment didn’t exactly make me excited to see this match.
NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Ron “The Truth” Killings (Champion) vs. Scott Hall
Hall throws his toothpick off the forehead of Killings, causing him to laugh. Hall takes down Killings and works the arm. He slaps the back of his head a few times to irritate the Truth. Hall puts him in the abdominal stretch as West and Tenay speculate as to who is Mr. Wrestling III. Hall goes back to the arm but Killings hits him in the face. Killings floats over Hall in the corner and comes back with a leg lariat. Killings then gets his the Pelvic Thrust Powerslam as the crowd starts cheering for Hall. Flying forearm gets two. West accidentally refers to Hall as “Ron Hall” as Killings gets the axe kick for two. Crowd starts with an “overrated” chant as Truth gets a top rope guillotine leg drop for two. Hall comes back but Killings kicks him after a back drop attempt and gets a Downward Spiral for two. Hall manages to duck a kick from Killings and Hall gets a chokeslam as both men are down. Hall comes back with the discus punch then catches him with the fallaway slam. He places Killings up top and hits the super back suplex. He signals for the edge but Mr. Wrestling III runs in the ring. Hall knocks him down and unmasks him but he is able to run away without revealing his identity and Killings hits Hall with the Truth Conviction for the win (6:47) *1/2. West believes he saw light colored hair, further adding to the speculation that he is Jeff Jarrett. It is completely obvious at the build and movements that this is not Jarrett.
Thoughts: Match was short but it was one of Hall’s better efforts in this company. At times, Hall even looked motivated. They are going to play up the Mr. Wrestling III storyline and
A video of the Curt Hennig/Jeff Jarrett feud plays but there are audio problems and they cut away from it after a little while. The feud has lasted a whole two weeks.A second attempt to run the video fails then Jarrett comes out. He says he will make this short and sweet. Jarrett promises to win the tournament and will beat the Truth to become champion. He then addresses Mr. Wrestling III situation and declares a bounty on his head, stating whether this is done privately or publically, he will pay. Hennig interrupts with his awful theme music. He says Jarrett is a “dumb” guy, sounding a bit buzzed. He then asks if he was the same guy who was “Double J” and “The Chosen One” before asking if he is “DDP.” What is the deal with the DDP stuff from Hennig? Did they have a beef? He then states how Jarrett and Mr. Wrestling III are never in the same place together before telling Jarrett that he will kick his ass.
Three-Way Dance
NWA-TNA World Tag Team Championship Match
Hotshots vs. Chris & Rick Michaels vs. Chris Harris & James Storm
Harris & Storm brawl with the Hotshots outside of the ring. They also have “AMW” on the back of their trunks. Rick & Chris Michaels then attack Harris & Storm as everyone gangs up on the tag champs. They beat on them for a while as the camera work is really bad, making it difficult to see what was going on. They finally get into the ring as Rick beats on Storm. He ducks his head and Storm drills him with a superkick. Harris comes in and runs wild on everyone. Storm joins in and they beat on the Hotshots. O’Reilly pulls Harris out of the ring as Chris hits Storm with a DDT. O’Reilly breaks up the pin, then brawls with Rick. Handspring elbow by O’Reilly and the Hotshots team up on Chris Michaels. Stevens knocks Rick off the apron with a punch that missed by a mile. Harris breaks up a pin attempt. Stevens then hits him with a frogsplash, getting two. The match breaks down again as Rick clears the ring of the Hotshots. He ducks a clothesline from Harris and hits him with the Double Shot as Chris Michaels drops the elbow from the top rope, getting two. Chris is unhappy about the count and Storm pushes him out of the ring. Rick and Storm brawl until Storm puts him in the veg-o-matic. Harris shoves O’Reilly off the top rope and hits the legdrop to get the win. This finisher by Harri & Storm would later be known as the Death Sentence (6:25) ¾*. Immediately after the match, the lights go out and when they come back on, Slash and Brian Lee are in the ring destroying everyone. The camera cuts to Father James Mitchell on the ramp as he orders his men to “take the garbage out.” Lee drags Storm up the ramp then suplexes him before choke-slamming him off the ramp. He then takes Harris to the back and places him on a table as Mitchell orders Slash to “sacrifice himself for the church” as he jumps off the balcony and crashes through Harris. That looked cool, even if it was a bit played out from ECW using it so often. Mitchell decides that it has been enough carnage for one night as he tells everyone the New Church are back in TNA and will do anything they want for as long as they want until he tells them to stop. He then doesn’t care about rules and regulations and he is the “Personal Messiah” off the New Church. Good promo by Mitchell and a very effective segment to get over the new tag-team of Lee & Slash. Looks like they are finally building towards an interesting tag feud.
Thoughts: The match was a mess but the post-match stuff was effective. Harris & Storm continue to look great though.
Mike Tenay in another pre-taped interview, this time with Bob Armstrong. Bob says there will be new officiating rules as if the champ gets counted out or disqualified, he will lose the title. Tenay then brings up those who criticize Bob about who gets title shots. Bob tells him that the best way to do this is a tournament. He named Don Harris the referee for these matches.
West runs down the first round matches:
Curt Hennig vs. Jeff Jarrett
Sonny Siaki vs. Jerry Lynn
Syxx-Pac vs. Brian Lawler
Ron Harris vs. BG James
Apparently, only three of these matches will take place tonight.
Ron Harris vs. BG James  
Ron’s brother, Don, is the referee. Tenay lets us know that Syxx-Pac vs. Brian Lawler will not take place tonight due to Syxx suffering from a hip injury. The two men lock up as Don breaks it up. Ron backs BG into the corner but Don breaks up as a closed fist was being used. He does the same to BG and Ron knocks him down. Harris drops a few elbows as the camera cuts to Jarrett and Hennig brawling backstage. We now have a split-screen as Hennig is bleeding from the head. Back to the match, BG gets a flying forearm then a kneedrop, getting two. We go backstage again as Hennig is getting his head looking up, acting dazed. BG fights out of a headlock. He gets his foot up on a charge and beats on Ron in the corner. He does mounted punches as Don pulls him off for using a closed fist. Bob Armstrong now comes out and we go split-screen again as a group of jobbers are holding back Jarrett from Hennig. Bob tells Don that he is doing a horrible job as the official as Don believes that to be “bullshit.” Bob orders Ron back to the ring and Don to the back. He and Don push each other then Don knocks him down with a punch. In the ring, BG rolls up Ron for the win (5:52) DUD. BG runs out and attends to his father.
Thoughts: This entire segment was a clusterfuck. The match was not the focus, not like it would have been good or anything, but the backstage stuff and stupid storyline about Don Harris being the referee for the tournament was thrown out after one match.
Recap of last week’s stuff between Jorge Estrada/Priscilla and Ace Steel/Mortimer Plumtree, setting up for a match.
As Estrada and Priscilla are in the ring, Mortimer takes the mic. He says that he would never fight a woman, because he is a man. He rambles on a bit before stating how he secured the services of someone proclaiming to be more woman than Priscilla as Miss TNA Bruce walks out.
Jorge Estrada & Priscilla vs. Ace Steel & Bruce
Estrada gets distracted by Plumtree, allowing Steel to attack. Bruce chases Priscilla around the ring but gets taken out with a suicide dive by Estrada. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors on Steel then he hiptosses Bruce. Steel blocks a rana and Bruce dropkicks Estrada from his shoulders, getting two. Scoop slam gets two. Estrada comes back with a crossbody but Bruce fights back. Steel tags and gets a delayed vertical suplex. The heels take turns beating on Estrada. He dodges a splash and tries to tag Priscilla, like that is going to do anything productive, but Plumtree pulls her off the apron. Estrada escapes a double team and hits Bruce with a poor excuse of a leg lariat. Steel checks on Bruce and in a very contrived spot, Estrada hits both men with a crossbody, getting two. Steel alley-oops Estrada but he takes out Bruce with a shoulderblock. Priscilla trips up Steel and Estrada gets the Trip to Graceland, getting two. Estrada fucked that move up completely. He sets up for a moonsault but Bruce shakes the ropes and Estrada falls to the mat. Steel hits the Twist of Cain then tags Bruce, who rolls him up for the win (5:53) DUD. After the match, Priscilla checks on Estrada as Plumtree gets on one knee and orders Steel to bring him Priscilla. He puts her over his knee and slaps her ass. They then stomp Estrada and clear the ring shortly afterwards.
Thoughts: Match was a waste of time and Estrada was the sloppiest he has been since joining TNA. Looks to be setting up for a feud between Bruce/Plumtree and Estrada/Priscilla.
Curt Hennig vs. Jeff Jarrett
Hennig stumbles out, all bandaged up and bloodied. Jarrett hits him with a chair from behind in the aisle and the bell rings. He rolls Hennig in the ring and taunts him before hitting the Stroke for the win (0:59). After the match, Jarrett comes in with a chair. One by one he destroys security. Jarrett then backs up Jeremy Borash and tells Hennig if he still going to kick his ass as Hennig is then helped to the back by security. 
Thoughts: I guess TNA didn’t want to take a chance on Hennig in the ring again. Speaking of Hennig, I can’t believe how disastrous his TNA run has been. He looks like he has been partying non-stop since the WWE fired him. In regards to this tournament, we have had two matches and they have both been meaningless.
Goldylocks is backstage with Jerry Lynn. He says he is focused on the tournament then again mentions how he has been “held down” and been victim of “backstage politics.” I like Lynn but it is ridiculous to hint that politics held him down from getting a world title shot in the WWF and WCW.
Video Recap of the Siaki/Lynn feud. The clips are shown with music being played.
Goldylocks is now backstage with Sonny Siaki, who is up close and personal with Goldy. He talks in the third person and says nothing of note.TNA is trying to make him into the Rock and its failing but you cant blame Siaki. He just doesn’t have the charisma to pull of this character.
Sonny Siaki vs. Jerry Lynn
Lockup to start as Lynn breaks cleanly. Siaki backs Lynn in the corner and hits a few shoulder-thrusts until Lynn fights back. He gets a Tilt-a-whirl headscissors then stomps Siaki in the corner. Top rope bulldog gets two. Siaki pulls up on an Irish whip and ducks out as the crowd goes into a loud “Rocky Ripoff” chant. Lynn boots him and takes him out with a running somersault plancha from the apron. Siaki reverses an Irish whip and sends Lynn into the guardrail. Lynn fights back and rams Siaki’s head off the steps. He rolls Siaki back in and gets two. Lynn charges but Siaki catches him with a stungun. Short-armed clothesline by Siaki as the crowd continues with the “Rocky Ripoff” chant. Legdrop gets two. Another pinfall gets two. Siaki chokes out Lynn with his foot as Tenay brings up how Siaki is smart by focusing on another bodypart besides the knee. Lynn floats over in the corner and gets a cradle for two. Siaki floats over on Lynn and gets an inverted DDT backbreaker before hitting the DDT. Siaki works on the neck for a bit. Lyn manages another rollup but Siaki hits him with a neckbreaker, getting two. Siaki goes back to the neck then chokes him out with his boot in the corner. Siaki applies a chinlock for a while. Suplex gets two. He heads up top but Lynn pops up and shakes the ropes. Lynn climbs up and hits a superplex but is in too much pain to attempt a pin. Both men trade punches until Lynn gets a backdrop. He hits a few clotheslines then gets a DDT for two. TKO gets two. He goes for the cradle piledriver but Siaki backdrops Lynn. Samoan Pop gets two. Lynn fights out of the Siakalypse but shoves Siaki into the ref. Siaki goes outside and brings in a chair. Siaki whiffs on a chairshot then gets the chair kicked into his face. Siaki floats over on a suplex attempt then DDT’s Lynn onto the chair. He wakes up the ref but only gets two. Siaki is pissed at the ref, allowing Lynn to get up. He charges at Siaki, who counters with a drop toehold then puts his feet on the ropes for leverage and gets the win (15:08) **1/2. After the match, Lynn beats on Siaki all over the ring and up the apron. He tosses Siaki off the ramp and into the guardrail in similar fashion as Siaki did to him a few weeks ago.
Thoughts: The match was fine, but did drag at times. The crowd was really ragging on Siaki here, who did nothing about that. He didn’t interact with the fans at all, basically ignoring them the whole time. At least we got a meaningful match from this tournament.
Recap of the Brian Lawler/Syxx Pac stuff from last week. This was shot in black-and-white with old-timey organ music playing. They were going for a comedy effect with some of the shots on Lawler but it didn’t work.
Goldylocks is with Brian Lawler and April. Lawler says the romance between Romeo & Juliet and Anthony & Cleopatra pail in comparison between the love he has with April. He runs down Syxx as April looks worried. This ends with Lawler kissing April. I gotta say, April was hot, but that is the only positive about this never-ending storyline.  
Lawler and April are now in the ring. He makes fun of the fans, until one pushes back. Lawler then slaps him and drags him over the guardrail. He beats on him until security shows up. Lawler then states how he had something to say but “assholes like that” are why they will not get to hear what he has to say then challenges the fans. The Lawler character is all over the place but I believe this was a segment to kill time as his match with Syxx Pac was delayed due to an injury.
NWA-TNA X Division Championship Match
Amazing Red vs. AJ Styles (Champion) w/Mortimer Plumtree
These two trade some stuff that ends with Styles nailing Red with a roundhouse kick. They then do a fantastic, fast-paces sequence moves that ends with Red connecting with a roundhouse kick. Red lands on his feet after a German Suplex then, in a perfectly timed spot, he dropkicks AJ out of the ring while he was attempting a springboard. Red puts on the brakes then kicks down AJ before going back into the ring. Red runs out and hits a beautiful somersault tope con hilo. Red then rolls him back in and gets two. AJ misses a charge and gets dropkicked in the back. He then picks up Red for a gutwrench but drops him with a cutter. Spinning neckbreaker by AJ is followed by a delayed brainbuster, getting two. Red tries for a Code Red but AJ is able to fight that off. AJ goes for a suplex but Red escapes and this time manages to get the Code Red, getting two. Red eats elbow off a charge and AJ gets the phenomenon, getting two. Red fights out of a headlock then manages to counter a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker into a tornado DDT. Incredible move. Styles picks up Red from the Styles Clash position and flattens him with a sitout powerbomb, getting two. AJ delivers a stiff kick to the back then after ducking a few clotheslines, nails him with a superkick. Red escapes from a front facelock as a “TNA” chant breaks out. AJ charges but eats boot then in one fluid motion, Red sweeps AJ and hits the Red Star Press, getting two. This match is awesome. Red tries a rana but AJ catches him and tries to set him up for the Styles Clash. Red escapes from that and takes him down with a rana, getting two. West is losing it on commentary, openly cheering for Red. AJ catches Red with a boot then catches him with a faceplant, getting two. Red eventually fights back and gets a roundhouse kick in the corner and takes him down with a spinkick, getting two. Plumtree distracts Red, who then walks into a clothesline. AJ goes for the Spiral tap but Red knocks him off the rope. AJ attempts the Styles Clash but Red escapes. Red takes him off the top turnbuckle with a rana but AJ rolls through and gets the win (12:38) ***3/4
Thoughts: Awesome match. This really elevated Red’s position in the company. He became a major player in the X Division tonight. He was great and has a fantastic chemistry with AJ. This match somewhat saved this show.
West runs down next week’s show:
X Division Tables Elimination match: SAT’s vs. Ace Steel vs. Kid Kash vs. Tony Mamaluke
Jorge Estrada vs. Bruce-If Estrada wins, Priscilla will become Miss TNA
AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn for the X Division Title (Again)
Jeff Jarrett vs. Curt Hennig (Again)
BG James vs. Sonny Siaki in the Heavyweight Title Tournament
Final Thoughts: The last two matches and the re-introduction of the New Church were the only good things about this show. I’m fine with the #1 contender tournament but the first two matches were a waste and the stipulation of Don Harris being the referee for the entire tournament didn’t even last one match. The Brian Lawler and Bruce segments are intolerable and the Mr. Wrestling III storyline is starting to really wear thin. Judging by the line-up for the following week’s show, it doesn’t look like a must-see event as you have more of the same. However, there was a power struggle behind the scenes as Panda Energy had bought a controlling share of the company right before this show. Vince Russo and Jerry Jarrett were at each others necks around this time.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #17

October 23. 2002
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
Elimination Match to Determine the #1 Contender for the X Division Title
Amazing Red vs. Kid Kash vs. Joel Maximo vs. Jose Maximo vs. Elix Skipper


Everyone attacks each other as Tenay explains how this match is under “Lucha Libre” rules, meaning that there are no tags and wrestlers can make saves. Why the hell would they do that in an elimination match? Everyone ends up outside and Red takes them out with a beautiful looking somersault plancha. Then in an unbelievably contrived looking spot, Jose hooks Red onto Joel as he has Kash in the Gory Special and then puts Red in the Camel’s Clutch. Skipper comes over and puts Jose into the clutch then breaks to hit everyone with a springboard dropkick. Well, that at least made for an interesting visual. Joel gets a really shitty looking headscissor takeover on Kash. He goes up top but Kash meets him with a dropkick in mid-air. He then flies to the outside and hits him with a springboard rana, almost killing himself in the process as Joel barely held him up for the move. Kash hits Joel with a jumping DDT from the table. Red and Joel slug it out in the ring. They then do a series of counters that ends with Jose catching him with a Rydien Bomb that Skipper breaks up at two, in an elimination match. Funny moment as a confused West asks for an explanation of the Lucha rules and Tenay starts improvising then just says this is a variation of Lucha. This company is priceless. Skipper kicks Jose, who was on the top rope, then gets the tight-rope walk rana for two. That was sweet! Skipper with a gutwrench then a double underhook suplex gets two as Red breaks that up. He sends Skipper out with a spinkickand fights with Kash. He goes up top but is met by Kash and powerslammed off the top. The SAT’s team up on Kash then Joel beats on his brother, Jose. DDT is broken up by Skipper and he hits the Play of the Day on Jose for the pin (7:41). Kash dropkicks Joel out of the ring and Skipper flies out with a twisting pescado. Back in, Skipper gets a headscissor takedown as West proclaims him as the favorite to win the match. Red then hits him with a spin kick then Joel gets a vetebreaker-type move for the pin (8:48). Dear god, they jobbed him out to one of the SAT’s. They go spilt-screen and Kash gets the Moneymaker on Joel for the pin (9:24). Kash and Red are left. Red with a spinkick for two. He runs into a boot and Kash comes off the top with a double springboard senton for two. They do a rollup reversal sequence that ends with Kash using a fisherman’s buster onto his knee for two. Ouch. Double springboard crossbody gets two. After a replay, we see them fight on the top rope that ends with Red elbowing Kash down then hitting the Infrared for the win (12:23) **1/4.
Thoughts: A few nice moves but the beginning was filled with blown and contrived spots. The SAT’s are really out of their league here by the way, especially Jose. The last few minutes were good and Kash was killing Red with all sorts of moves. I don’t mind Red winning and getting a shot at the belt but it seems like every title shot is earned in a multiple-man elimination match. How many of these have they had anyway? At least it can get the crowd going so putting it on first is a good idea.
Goldylocks is with Brian Lawler, who is peaking out the arena door, presumably looking for April. He says that he would like to talk later as he is under pressure. He is without a doubt the worst actor in this promotion.
Recap of Chris Harris & James Storm getting jumped by the Hotshots last week. This package has slightly better production values but still comes off as dated.
NWA-TNA Tag Team Title Match
The Hotshots vs. Chris Harris & James Storm (Champions)
Storm and Harris immediately charge the ring and beat on the Hotshots. They brawl outside where Storm uses his belt on O’Reilly. They continue to brawl around the ring for a while. Stevens gets caught with a powerbomb after jumping off of the guardrail in a very awkward looking spot. Harris tosses the timekeeper and takes the chair as he beats on O’Reilly. They eventually go into the ring as West calls this a “good old-fashioned beating.” I give West credit for trying to get everything over while being very enthusiastic. Harris gets tripped up by Stevens and the Hotshots are now on the attack. Stevens gets a suplex for two. They double-team Harris then knock Storm off the apron. O’Reilly gets a single-leg crab. Harris fights out and chops down O’Reilly but Stevens cuts off the tag attempt after tagging in himself. He goes for a float over in the corner but Harris was never there and gets hits with a spear. Harris tags in Storm and runs wild as West calls this one of the greatest tag matches he has ever seen. Its clear that he hasn’t seen a lot of tag matches himself. Storm hits O’Reilly with a drop toehold and he lands in the crotch of Stevens. Storm gets tossed out of the ring. Harris picks up O’Reilly for the catatonic but Stevens hits him with a superkick and O’Reilly falls on top, getting a two count. After some brawling, Harris sends Stevens to the floor and Storm hits the Eight Second Rule (Spinning Faceplant) for the win (7:22) **1/4
Thoughts: A decent match, although Harris & Storm were never really in any danger of losing. The Hotshots aren’t very good but this was the best they have looked in TNA. Harris & Storm are really coming together as a team.
Video recap of the Jerry Lynn and Sonny Siaki feud.
Goldylocks is backstage with Jerry Lynn. She brings up the fact that his knee isn’t at 100% and Lynn confirms that it is indeed still hurt, but it won’t stop him from wrestling tonight. He references his injury that occurred in the WWE, like anyone remembers. Mentioning this does nothing to dispute the fact that this company is a poor imitation of the WWE. He goes on about young wrestlers using him as a stepping stone and how that will not be happening tonight. As Lynn leaves, Lawler is looking right at the camera asking for April’s whereabouts. There has been way too much Lawler on these last few shows. The interview with Lynn was passable.
Grudge Match
Sonny Siaki vs. Jerry Lynn
Lynn comes out limping, selling his right knee. He drags Siaki out from the ring and starts slugging away. Siaki tries to go for the injured knee but Lynn shoves him off with his legs, causing Siaki to fly over the guardrail. Lynn leaps over the rail and hits Siaki with a forearm. He tosses Siaki back over and punches away. He rolls Siaki into the ring as the bell goes off, signaling the start of the match. Uh, okay. Lynn tries a slam but his knee goes out. Siaki works on the knee and uses a single-leg crab. Lynn eventually reaches the ropes as Siaki breaks the hold just before the five count. Siaki lands on the apron after a backdrop but Lynn dodges a shoulder thrust and comes down on the back of Siaki’s neck with a legdrop. Siaki is able to get up and wrap Lynn’s leg around the pole. Siaki heads back into the ring and hits Lynn with a kneebreaker. He tries another won but Lynn is able to counter with a sunset flip, getting two. Crucifix gets two. He whiffs on a clothesline and Siaki takes him down. He puts Lynn in a variation of the figure-four leglock. Lynn is able to break but Siaki kicks him back down. He puts him in a bow-and-arrow lock while putting pressure on the knee of Lynn. He starts beating on the knee, slamming it down repeatedly. He tries for a figure-four but Lynn kicks him into the turnbuckle then rolls him up and uses a bridge to get the win (5:48) **1/2. After the match, Siaki then attacks the knee and uses another single-leg crab as some referees run out and break up the melee. Lynn jumps over them and assaults Siaki, who ducks out. He walks up the ramp as Lynn is on the mat in pain, holding his knee.
Thoughts: Short, but a really good match. I wished they had given this five more minutes. Loved the psychology, which is lacking in a majority of TNA matches, even if the constant WWE injury references from Tenay got tiresome.
Video recap of the Curt Hennig and Ron Killings feud. Some feud this has been
BG James and Curt Hennig head out to the ring. Curt has the mic and says he has fought many of wrestlers around the world who try to be like Curt Hennig. He then laughs at “that one mark who tried to steal my hair,” then identifies him as Diamond Dallas Page. However, the biggest “Hennig Wannabe” of all-time is Jeff Jarrett. Is there a point to this promo? He then recalls a “few years ago” when Jarrett was a rookie and he kicked his ass all over the arena then brings up the “West Texas Rednecks” from WCW and just rambles on about his past in a manner that would make you think he had a few before coming out. He then talks about his physique, oblivious to the fact that he is a bloated mess, and orders the camera to do a close-up of his face as he tells everyone that he is the man who took down Brock Lesnar from 35,000 feet. The crowd cheers for that as he then challenges Jarrett for a match next week, once again mentioning how he took down Lesnar. Jarrett’s music hits but he doesn’t come out as Tenay tells us that Goldylocks is backstage. We see Jarrett telling Lawler that they need to go to the ring. Lawler tells him that he needs to stay backstage and wait for April. Jeff tells Lawler off and walks away. We go back to the ring as James cuts a promo on Lawler that is anything but memorable. A long segment that was filled with Hennig talking about what he did in his past, you know, when he still mattered. He came across as sad and broken down here, especially when you consider how awful he looks. His mentions of taking down Brock cant even help him now, seeing how he can barely move in his matches. Hennig’s TNA stay has been a disaster as no one cares about him anymore. 
Tenay plugs the D.C. Sniper reward fund auction.
Scott Hall’s music hits and Tenay and West appear surprised that he is back. They play up his absence as taking care of family issues. He grabs the mic and says he wasn’t supposed to be out until later but isn’t good at following rules. He says he is trying to be a good boy then completely stumbles over his next line. He calls out Jarrett and they start their match. Great, the last two interviews were conducted by people who are probably intoxicated and definitely past their primes.
Scott Hall vs. Jeff Jarrett
Hall knocks him down and Jarrett rolls out. Hall tosses him back in and beats on Jarrett. He chops him down in the corner and Jarrett ducks out again. Hall chases him around the ring then gets stomped as he re-enters. The crowd is loudly booing Jarrett. Hall catches him and hits the Last Call. Jarrett walks up the ramp but Hall follow him and they brawl into the stands. Hall throws a trashcan off Jarrett’s back, then Jarrett quickly returns the favor as Tenay babbles on about their IC Title reigns. It’s not 1995 anymore Tenay. Hall with a chairshot to the back and they brawl towards the ring. Hall rams Jarrett’s head off the announcers table before rolling him back in the ring. Kneelift by Hall but he gets backdropped to the outside after attempting the Razors Edge. Jarrett with a forearm to the back of Hall. Back in the ring, Jarrett beats on Hall for a while. Neckbreaker gets two. Jarrett jumps on the back of Hall and gets a sleeper. Hall drops down but eventually gets up. He fights out and chokeslams Jarrett as both men are down. Eventually, Jarrett climbs on top and gets two. Hall hits Jarrett a few times but ducks a clothesline and Jarrett hits the ref. As Hall checks on him, Jarrett gets a steelchair and hits Hall. Hennig runs out and decks Jarrett as the lights go out. Ron Killings shows up on the  screen and tells Hennig not to overlook him and that he will be “up his ass like a cold rectal thermometer.” The lights go back on and Hennig looks down at Jarrett as Lawler runs in and attacks. James comes right out and chases Lawler away. Jarrett tries the stroke on Hennig, but he blocks and hits a low blow. Hall gets the Razors Edge for the win (11:35) *1/2. Hennig and Hall briefly celebrate before exiting the ring.
Thoughts: Jarrett worked his ass off to hold this match together. The ending was incredibly lame though.
Brian Lawler vs. BG James
James gets clobbered as he runs into the ring. Lawler focuses on the crowd and goes flying out of the ring after James side-steps a charge. James crotches Lawler on the guardrail and bounces him up and down until Lawler breaks it up with an eye rake. He then grabs the mic and asks if anyone has seen April then hits James. He goes for a piledriver but James carelessly backdrops him and he lands on his head. He is lucky not to have broken his neck. James uses a really weak chairshot then follows Lawler around the ring. He throws him into the guardrail. He tries it again but Lawler reverses and sends him into the steps. He tries to wrestle a chair away from the same African-American lady that appeared on the first few shows. She gives that chair to James who hits Lawler. They go back into the ring and James gets his punches and a big boot. Lawler floats over on a pumphandle drop attempt and nails James with a superkick. Lawler goes up top but Syxx Pac and April are on the ramp and making out. He stays up there looking pissed then falls off, crotching himself, and James rolls him up for the win (4:40) DUD. After the match, Lawler is shown crying, displaying some more of his truly wretched acting ability.
Thoughts: A waste of time. Lawler’s stuff might work with the live crowd but that is about  it. His comically bad overacting is a huge turn-off. James has deteriorated and his just awful in the ring. His catchphrases and date references aren’t helping him either as the crowd is getting less and less into him each show. A Syxx Pac/Lawler feud doesn’t exactly generate excitement. 
Highlights of last week’s match between AJ Styles and Syxx Pac.
No DQ Match
X Division Championship
AJ Styles w/Mortimer Plumtree vs. Syxx Pac (Champion)
A sign in the crowd states how Syxx loves necrophilia, which is most likely a response to the Katie Vick incident that was shown on RAW the Monday before this show. Syxx insults Plumtree before the match, who gets irate. Plumtree is a run-of-the-mill heel manager. AJ mocks Syxx Pac but walks into a chop. They reverse go-behinds until Styles goes out of the ring. Syxx follows him out with a somersault plancha. Back in the ring, Syxx catches AJ with a spinning heel kick, getting two. Pancake by Syxx who then puts him in the surfboard. AJ floats over in the corner and takes Syxx out with a headsicssor takedown. AJ gets caught attempting a baseball slide and Syxx hotshots him on the guardrail. AJ ducks the stair toss from Syxx Pac. AJ alley-oops Syxx into the post then rolls him back into the ring. He goes up top and hits the Spiral Tap, getting two as Plumtree is furious, asking if the Armstrong’s need a remedial arithmetic class. Syxx fights out of a surfboard but AJ gets the Phenomenon, getting two. Syxx pulls up on AJ dropkick attempt and gets a few spinning heel kicks. He catches AJ in a powerbomb, getting two. He kicks him in the corner and then gets the Bronco Buster. He plays to the crowd while standing on the top rope and AJ powerbombs him, getting two. Syxx bridges out and hits the X Factor but Plumtree pulls out the ref after a two count. Syxx pulls up Plumtree and AJ accidentally hits him, allowing, Syxx to get a Northern Lights Suplex for two. He goes off the top but AJ goes behind at gets a German Suplex for two. Syxx rolls through a crossbody attempts and gets two. He tries a powerbomb but AJ slips out and goes for the Styles Clash. Syxx makes the ropes but Brian Lawler hits him with a waterbottle and AJ is able to hit the move and wins the title (8:59) ***1/4. Syxx goes up to AJ then raises his hand. Lawler sneaks in the ring and AJ slips him the belt as he nails Syxx.
Thoughts: Good match. Syxx was motivated tonight and he and AJ easily had the best match of the night. AJ retaining the title is a good thing as Syxx doesn’t need the belt. They further pushed a potential Lawler/Syxx feud.
Ace Steel vs. Jorge Estrada w/Priscilla
According to Tenay, Plumtree is celebrating with AJ and feels Estrada is beneath Steel, so he doesn’t need to be out there supporting his client. works the arm then grounds Estrada. The two then trade a bunch of counters until Steel gets a hiptoss. Estrada catches Steel and they fuck up a powerbomb spot as Steel can’t do anything correctly. When Estrada has to cover for your blown spots, it’s not good. Estrada with a headscissor takedown and Steel cant even bump correctly off of that. Suplex gets two. Steel catches Estrada and gets a sideslam for two as the crowd chants for Estrada. Steel gets a dropkick off the middle rope then tosses Estrada to the floor. He flies out with a suicide dive then tosses Prsicilla after they argue. Estrada tosses Steel against the apron and they perform an ugly spot that ended with Estrada getting a DDT. Back inside, Steel rolls away form a split-legged moonsault. Estrada fights back but Steel knocks him of the top rope. Superplex gets two. Estrada gets a few clotheslines then a dropkick. Steel catches him and goes for the Twist of Cain but Estrada slips out. Steel gets a pair of Northern Lights Suplexes but cant put him away. He bounces off the ropes but Priscilla grabs his leg and Estrada rolls him up for the win (6:25) ¾*. Plumtree runs out and yells at the ref and he and Priscilla get into a fight as Steel beat on Estrada.
Thoughts: Lots of blown spots, which was to be expected. Ace Steel is awful and I have no idea why TNA was trying to push this guy. He is a ten year pro who fucks up multiple moves per match. It seems like they are building towards Estrada/Priscilla vs. Steel/Plumtree match, which no one cares about.  
A scroll at the bottom shows some of the auction items, such as being Vince Russo’s assistant for the day or waterskiing with Jeff Jarrett.
Syxx Pac comes down to the ring. He says that AJ is a world-class wrestler and that he was too worried about screwing with Lawler and that cost him the title. He calls April a piece of ass then says we can settle this now, with the winner getting April. Lawler comes out, looking preoccupied. He says he doesn’t want April and that she is used. April comes out and tells Lawler she loves him and that Syxx forced him to do what he did. Lawler comes to the ring and beats on Syxx Pac. The refs break this up as April looks happy at the chaos she created. Looks like this focus of this feud will be on April has a troublemaker. Hey, at least it doesn’t involve Necrophilia.  
West runs down next week’s show which includes:
Jeff Jarrett vs. Curt Hennig
Amazing Red vs. AJ Styles for the X Division Title
Scott Hall vs. Ron Killings
Chris Harris & James Storm defend the Tag-Titles
NWA TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Ron Killings (Champion) vs. Curt Hennig
Hennig runs in and attacks Killings. He chops him in the corner and gets the necksnap. They go outside and Killings tosses him into the post. Hennig is already gassed. He beats the crap out of Hennig but misses an axe kick and crotches himself on the guardrail. Hennig beats Killings until he gets choked out by the camera cord. Killings taunts the crowd with pelvic thrusts then rolls Hennig into the ring. Killings gets a snapmare then hits a legdrop off the second rope, getting two. Axe kick and Killings taunts the crowd some more. Fistdrop from the second rope by the Truth and he backs him into the corner. Wheelbarrow slam gets two. Killings works Hennig over in the corner until he fights back. However Killings comes back with a flying forearm then flexes. Hennig reverses a stomp and puts on an ankle lock. Truth reaches the ropes but Hennig goes back on offense as the crowd is dying. Hennig goes low then hits a backdrop. Mr. Wrestling III runs in but Hennig beats on him then tries to unmask. Truth nails Hennig from behind with brass knuckles and gets the pin (8:29) ¼*.
Thoughts: Bad match and not at all passable for a main event. Hennig is even worse in the ring than Scott Hall at this point. Killings desperately needs someone to feud with because the World Title value is diminishing due to insufficient challengers.  
A promo airs reading that “Evil Returns” next week. The music they used sounded just like Malice’s.  
Final Thoughts: Although much better than the past two weeks, this show still needs some improvements. Hennig and Hall are not helping this company any with their performances. The veterans are phoning it in as a whole. Also, there was way too much Brian Lawler on this show. No need for that as his looking for April interfered in almost every segment. The X Division title match was really good and the Siaki/Lynn match was fun but everything else was unremarkable. At least they are building coherent storylines, even if they are not exciting.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #16

October 16, 2002
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay.
A black-and-white video package recaps the past few weeks. This includes the feuds between Siaki/Estrada and Sadler/Bruce. Between the video and the generic rock music, this looked like production values from 1995 ECW.

Tenay and West plug Curt Hennig vs. Ron Killings for the World Heavyweight Championship. Also, AJ Styles vs. Syxx Pac for the X Division Title and Chris Michaels & Rick Michaels vs. Chris Harris & James Storm for the Tag-Team Titles.
Goldylocks is backstage with Jorge Estrada. She reminds him how Siaki left and Yang is in Japan as Syxx Pac is shown quietly leaving the locker room door. Jorge says that he has two new announcements.  First, he is back with Priscilla and second, is holding a tryout for new Elvises. Priscilla is a tall blond who I believed dated Jerry Lawler around this time. Brian Lawler interrupts, who asks for the whereabouts of April. He bullies her for a bit until leaving as Jorge resumes is interview, which is less than memorable. At the end, a door opens and its April, who quickly shuts the door The whole segment was a giant waste of time as no one cares about Estrada and the Lawler interruption, which I think was intended to show how anything can happen in TNA failed to connect as well. There is just too much going on in these segments.
David Young vs. Brian Lawler w/April
April comes out after Lawler, who is irate. He orders her to sit where he can see her at all times. Lawler flips off the crowd before entering the ring. Lawler jumps Young before the bell. He gets a back elbow smash then taunts the crowd. Young gets a hiptoss and armdrag as Tenay mentions how Young has ditched Bobcat since his return to TNA. Lawler gets clotheslined to the floor and does and falls face first into the crotch of April in a lame comedy spot.. He steals Tenay’s water then trips up while attempting to hop into the ring, audibly yelling “What the fuck!”. He yells at the ref for laughing as Young gets a rollup for two. Young gets a few atomic drops but runs into a superkick. Lawler gets a fist drop then takes Young down with a full nelson facebuster. Lawler continues to play to the crowd, who is yelling “Jerry’s Kid.” Lawler bullies the ref in between taunting the crowd and attacking Young. This shit is getting old. Lawler flips off the crowd before attempting a piledriver but Young picks up Lawler and slams him down . Young hits three rolling DDT’s, which only gets two. Slam by Young, who signals for a top rope move. Lawler rolls away from a moonsault and asks April for his goggles. He misses the Hip-Hop Drop and Young goes back up top but is distracted by April, who is waving at him, and that allows Lawler to climb up and get an inverted DDT for the win (5:51) ½*
Thoughts: Lawler’s character is trying to be a jealous psycho but he still uses the dopey dance moves he did in the WWF. The playing to the crowd is overkill. Young is an alright wrestler but is nothing more than a jobber. He has nothing about him that would warrant a push. You could say the same thing for Lawler too I suppose.
A video recap of the Sonny Siaki/Jerry Lynn feud. The music is extremely corny and this is the second video recap of a Sonny Siaki tonight and we are less than twenty minutes into this show..
Lynn comes out and addresses the crowd. He says that he takes responsibility of his injured knee but next week will not take any of what he does to Siaki. He says he has “heard his rap” before and is “Exactly what’s wrong with this business today.” Lynn says that Siaki needs him for a reality check, which will happen next week. Siaki calls out and speaks in the third person. He says that unlike you, Sonny Siaki will not be a midcarder for fifteen years. Sonny Siaki is life but Lynn says that after life is death and Siaki runs into the ring and they brawl. Siaki gets a Boston Crab as Ace Steel and Derek Wylde come out. They get tossed as Norman Smiley and David Young run out and hold back Siaki. Jorge Estrada runs out too. Don Harris and security come out along with security and struggle. Bob Armstrong and Bill Behrens now come out. Don pushes Siaki up the ramp. It wasn’t bad for a pull-apart brawl but when TNA does it multiple times each show, it gets old.
A pre-taped interview from Mike Tenay, who is with Syxx Pac. He starts by addressing him as Sean. He mentions his Global Wrestling Federation matches with Jerry Lynn, stating he was the X-Division before there was an X-Division. Sean, who seemed like he toked up five minutes before this interview, speaks of nWo and D-X but says that he is in TNA to wrestle, not to re-create those factions. Tenay brings up his remarks about Low-Ki and Sean admits that he is wrong, stating that he is one of the best in wrestling today. He also points out how he is not proud of how he won the X-Division belt last week (Then why the fuck didn’t you just enter the meatch when everyone else did) but he will give his best tonight. Most of this seemed to be hinting towards Syxx going back to a high-flying style of wrestling. Also, I have no idea how this is supposed to get people to cheer for him and make him a face.
Sonny Siaki vs. Jorge Estrada w/Priscilla
Jorge runs in the ring and takes Siaki down with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. After some back and forth stuff, Estrada hits Siaki on the back of the head with a springboard leg drop, getting two. Estrada dodges a charge and gets a split-legged moonsault for two. Siaki catches Estrada and tosses him to the floor with a belly-to-belly suplex. He then hits Estrada with a pumphandle suplex before tossing him into the steps. He rolls Estrada in the ring but misses a flipping leg drop but hits Estrada with a cutter for two. Estrada gets a foot up on a charge and gets a tornado DDT as both men are down. Dropkick by Estrada, who then gets a hurricarana. He hits the rolling fireman’s carry into the moonsault, which gets two. That is a sweet move, actually. Estrada bounces off the ropes but Siaki kills him with a clothesline, getting two. Estrada gets a side effect for two and both men are down. Siaki rolls outside as Estrada gets up top. Siaki pulls Priscilla in front of him as he jumps, causing Estrada to dodge her and miss. Siaki the rolls Estrada in the ring and gets the Money Clip, which is now called the Siakalypse, for the win (5:14) *1/2. Lynn runs out and beats the crap out of Siaki as we repeat the same exact sequence that happened just over ten minutes ago.
Thoughts: The match was short and meaningless, especially for the blow off of this feud, which has been building for several weeks. In regards to the end, it was the same exact brawl from just over ten minutes ago, down to the same wrestlers and security breaking it up. Speaking of which, why the hell is Ace Steel, a heel, helping the faces break up this match.
Derek Wylde vs. Ace Steel w/Mortimer Plumtree
Wylde is billed as 210 lbs. In reality, he might be 165 lbs. Steel comes out trying to look intense and runs the ropes when he enters the ring. Tenay tells us that he was trained by Harley Race.  Drop toehold by Steel then he talks with Plumtree. Wylde gets a hiptoss but Steel works the arm. Wylde gets a rana but runs into Steel. He gets a few armdrags but Steel powers out of a front facelock and places him on the apron. He gets a European uppercut and charges at Wylde, who counters with a rana that takes them out of the  ring in a terribly blown spot. Steel really seemed like he didn’t want to take that bump. Wylde gets a headscissor takedown and Steel, once again, seemed afraid to take the bump. He catches Wylde off the top rope and wedges him in the corner before getting a dropkick. Superplex by Steel and both men are down. Wylde ducks a clothesline but is met with a series of facecrushers before Steel gets the Twist of Cain (Gory Neckbreaker) for the win (3:52) ¼*.
Thoughts: Ace Steel sucks something terrible. He fucks up just about every other thing he does in the ring. I have no idea why they decided to give him a push over several other X Division wrestlers that they were using around this time. Wylde looks like a guy Ryback would be squashing in handicapped matches on Smackdown but at least he was solid in the ring.
BG James delivers a pre-match promo, addressing Bruce as a “Shemale” then tells Jarrett that he is going to go through him like butter and that Sadler will drive over Bruce, who James now refers to as a “homo.” Jarrett grabs the mic and congrats Hermie, stating he has been casted in the movie called “The Last and the Furious.” What a knee-slapper! This is lame, even for the low standards that BG James has set in his TNA run.
Bruce & Jeff Jarrett vs. BG James & Hermie Sadler
Jarrett knees James then punches away. Hiptoss by Jarrett but he gets hit with a flying forearm. Dropkick by James gets two. Jarrett pulls up on the ropes and tags Bruce, who comes in and does a series of homoerotic poses. Hermie tags and Bruce does some more homoerotic stuff. Armdrag by Bruce, but Hermie gets a hiptoss then stomps away. Tag to James and they do a comedy spot in which Sadler is on the ground behind Bruce, who falls when James backs him up. James has Bruce’s leg, then looks at his groin to see what was there. Apparently, he liked it because he sets up Bruce for a pumphandle but decides to hump him from behind. Well, who is the homo now BG? He stops when Bruce grinds him. What the fuck am I watching? Bruce stomps James. Tag to Jarrett, who gets an enziguiri for two. He chokes out James with the rope and the heels make quick tags. James fights back with punches after a bit and gets a kneedrop, which Bruce breaks up at two. Hermie comes in and gets a suplex. Bruce did all the work on that move. James and Jarrett fight up the ramp as Sadler gets two off of a backdrop. Brian Lawler is seen with a trashcan and hits James. Bruce backdrops Sadler but for some reason looks at the action on the ramp instead of focusing on the puny Sadler. Bruce tries a sunset flip but cannot get over the 155 lbs Sadler and decides to hump the air until Sadler grabs his legs and gets the cradle for the win (6:53) DUD. Bruce and Jarrett yell at the ref after the match as James is helped up by security. Jarrett yells at Bruce, who has on his Miss TNA gear, then knees him after a hug attempt before hitting the Stroke.
Thoughts: At least this should end the Sadler/Bruce feud. The match itself followed a really basic tag formula but between Sadler being a joke in the ring and lots of man humping and butt-shaking, it was embarrassing to watch.
Norman Smiley vs. Ron Harris
Tenay informs us that Harris is now focusing on his singles career. Good for him. West recalls the angle about his wife saving him from Killings a few months ago. Harris with a knee and some clubbing forearms. Smiley dances then gets a few armdrags. Smiley works a neck vise into an armbar. He floats over and lands a few chops before getting tossed. Smiley comes back with a dropkick to the knees but gets caught with a back elbow smash after attempting to hump Harris from behind. Lots of men-on-men humping tonight, for reasons that I cannot fathom. Harris pounds on Smiley then lands the big boot. He tosses Smiley outside then rolls him back inside. He gets an elbow smash but Smiley floats over and kicks the legs. Harris no-sells a few shots before Smiley finally takes him down with a clothesline. Wind-up slam by Norman, who then finally gets the Big Wiggle. Harris boots him down then hits a bunch of corner clotheslines. Sideslam gets two. He then hits the Cobra Slam for the win (4:48) ½*. After the match, he stomps on Smiley, who fights back. He knocks Harris down with a vicious punch then screams, like he did in WCW as Don Harris runs out and kicks him out. Ron shoves Don and the two get into a face-to-face argument.
Thoughts: Not too good but Norman tried. Looks like they are going to try the “Screaming” Norman character in TNA. The stuff between the Harris Brothers is going nowhere. Last week they looked to be on the same page but now they are not.
NWA-TNA Tag Team Championship Match
Chris Michaels & Rick Michaels vs. “Wildcat” Chris Harris & “Cowboy” James Storm
Storm fires off the cap guns before the match. Tenay, once again, plugs how Storm & Harris are undefeated in TNA. Storm and Rick do a bunch of counters that ends up with Rick going through the ropes for some reason in a terrible looking spot. No idea what happened and Rick went through after Storm countered a go-behind, hardly a move that would send you flying through the ropes. Chris is now in the ring but gets backdropped onto his partner on the floor. Harris comes in and assists Storm with a plancha. Harris takes them down with a pescado. Back inside, Harris beats on Chris then tags Storm. This makes no sense as Storm and Rick should still be the legal men. Rick drags Storm outside and rolls him back inside after a punch. He tags and they double team Storm. They use some quick tags to neutralize Storm. After a bit, Storm gets rana then fights off Rick to make the tag. Harris runs wild until he is hit from behind by Chris. Harris then bulldogs him down. Crossbody by Harris gets two. All four men are in the ring until Harris takes out Chris and himself with a clotheline. Storm hits the Hanging Noose but the ref is distracted and does not notice the pinfall. Chris Michaels climbs up and hits a leg drop. He places Rick on top and the ref turns around and counts, but it only gets two. They hold up Harris for a charging move, but Rick puts on the breaks as Harris escapes. However, Chris Michaels gets knocked off the apron. Rick walks into a superkick from Storm after hitting Harris with a facecrusher, that gets two. Storm gets knocked off the top rope and onto the floor. They then hit Harris with the Double Shot/Flying Elbow drop combo that gets two. Rick flies outside after Storm pulls down the ropes and Harris hits Chris with the Catatonic for the win. (6:45) *1/2. After the match, The Hotshots hit the ring and beat on Harris and Storm. Chris & Rick join in on the beatdown as well. It ends with the refs running out but they cannot get them to stop and it takes security to run out and stop this madness.
Thoughts: Match picked up a bit towards the end but they really struggled in the beginning. Chris & Rick and the Hotshots are certainly not anything special but seeing how pathetic the tag division is at this point, trying to get over lesser known teams isn’t a bad idea. I will say this though, Harris & Storm are really starting to gel as a team. They are far and away the best tag-team in this company and the crowd is starting to like them.
X Division Title Match
AJ Styles w/Mortimer Plumtree vs. Syxx Pac
Styles shocks us by coming out with Plumtree. Tenay continues to mention how Pac was in GWF ten years ago. No one cares, Mike. AJ kicks away Pac’s handshake attempt. Syxx then fakes a test of strength and delivers a crotch chop. Armdrag by AJ and Syxx gives him applause. They trade off working the arm until AJ gets another armdrag. They are establishing AJ as being younger and quicker than Syxx Pac, asif that was in question. They trade hammerlocks and Syxx gets the advantage. AJ gets a shoulderblock then snaps of a rana in a decent little sequence. Syxx chops away and lands a spin kick in the corner. Plumtree pulls AJ away from a Bronco Buster and they regroup on the floor. Back in, AJ gets taken down with an armdrag and ducks out again. Syxx delivers more chops to AJ once he re-enters the ring. AJ lands on the apron after a backdrop then pulls Syxx down and crotches him against the post. Chops from AJ who then mocks Syxx as he distracts the ref, allowing Plumtree to choke out Syxx. AJ works a chinlock as an “AJ Sucks” chants breaks out. They trade punches until AJ tosses Syxx outside. Plumtree delivers some cheap shots before AJ hits a beautiful looking somersault senton. Damn, that looked great. He cleared the ropes by a good margin. He rolls him in and gets two. AJ works another chinlock. Syxx escapes but AJ gets a legdrop to the back of the head. AJ heads up top but Syxx dodges the Spiral Tap and both men are down. Syxx gets up and lands a few spinning heel kicks, causing AJ to do the somersault sell. He jumps from the rop rope but his met with a dropkick into his gut. AJ mocks Syxx and tries a Bronco Buster but Syxx kicks him to the floor. He gets up top and hits AJ with a twisting senton. Back in, Syxx gets a Northern Lights Suplex for two. Syxx eats boot off a charge but ducks a clothesline, which his the ref. Syxx gets the X Factor but the ref is down. Plumtree is in but Syxx stares him down. The ref pops back up and yells at Syxx, who is hit from behind by AJ. Syxx gets some kicks and chokes out AJ with his boot. He gets the Bronco Buster and starts to punch away. The ref steps in and Syxx pushes him away, so he calls for the DQ (13:50) **3/4. Security comes in after Waltman knocks the ref off the apron. Plumtree jaws at Syxx from the floor and gets spit on, prompting him to go off and complain to Bill Behrens.
Thoughts: What a lame finish. They disqualified Syxx for basically doing the same stuff that Lawler did to the ref in the opening bout. The match itself was building up nicely after a slow start. It was clear that Syxx can no longer keep up with the high-flyers though. Easily the best match on the show.
Don West hypes next week’s card, including:
Sonny Siaki vs. Jerry Lynn
BG James vs. Brian Lawler
Harris & Storm defend the NWA-TNA Tag Titles
Jeff Jarrett, Syxx Pac and AJ Styles in action as well.
Mike Tenay in a pre-recorded interview with Curt Hennig. Tenay asks about the AWA, and they talk about how it was about the wrestling. Tenay asks about his debut last week and Hennig said he was surprised by the reaction. He gives Killings some compliments before saying that he has held belts in every territory he has been in and plans on holding one in TNA. A nothing segment.
Tale of the Tape between Hennig & Killings
Killings comes out for a promo and insults the TNA officials. He goes into the racism angle then states that he is not ducking the top contenders and Hennig’s blood will be on their hands, not his and he is the “Suntan Superman.” Hennig comes out with his microphone. He asks Killings if he has ever heard of respect. He sounds hammered. He tells Killings he can kiss is ass the heads to the ring.
NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Ron “The Truth” Killings (Champion) vs. Curt Hennig
They stall for a bit then lockup in the corner. The crowd starts the “overrated” chants towards Killings. Hennig grounds him with a front facelock and Killings eventually makes the ropes. They go outside but Killings backdrops him on the table. He beats on Hennig for a bit until he gets hit with a chair. Hennig is clearly going through the motions here, not giving a fuck about this match. After a few Hulk Hogan-style chairshots, Hennig tosses him back in the ring. Killings gets a few stomps then hits the pelvic-thrust slam. They show several wrestlers watching from the ramp as this match is dragging. Eye rake by Killings and he kicks out the knee of Hennig continuously. The crowd is dying, much like this match. Leg lariat by Killings but Hennig fights back. He gets a kneelift, with his leg barely lifting off the ground, then accidentally knocks the ref down after picking up Killings for a slam. For some reason, he goes for the Perfect Plex but Mr. Wrestling III runs out and attacks him. He even stomps on Killings for a bit until BG James and Syxx Pac run out and corner him until he escapes. That entire segment played out terribly by the way. Several wrestlers are now brawling in the ring, with neither of them being Killings or Hennig. The ref gets up as Behrens and Bob Arnstrong walk in the ring with security as everyone is brawling. The bell isn’t ringing and Armstrong clears the ring, calling for the match to re-start. Killings tosses the ref, which is apparently only a DQ if you are Syxx Pac. He then walks out and nails Borash and Armstrong and grabs a chair. Armstrong gets up quickly and delivers an ultimatum, go back into the ring or get counted out and lose the title. He goes back in but Jarrett runs out and hits Hennig with a low blow behind the referee’s back and Killings gets the pin (8:56) -*1/2. After the match, Killings raps for a bit until the show goes off the air.
Thoughts: Oh man, this was brutal. Not at all suitable for a main event, let alone a title match. Hennig was an embarrassment to wrestling in this match. He was bloated, seemingly intoxicated, and uninterested. I assume that TNA knew Hennig was in no shape to wrestle so they orchestrated all of this nonsense that took place to try to hide that fact. It didn’t work at all.
Final Thoughts: What a terrible show. The only thing that was above average was the Syxx Pac/AJ match. Just about every match ended with security running out and a pull-apart brawl. Also, they are pushing the likes of Brian Lawler, Ron Harris, Ace Steel and Hermie Sadler. They all suck. I don’t mind them trying to push talent like Sonny Siaki but its clear he is not at the level that warrants a main-event position. I understand them trying to bring in some names but its time to cut bait on Hennig. He is a mess. TNA is even shifting the focus of the X Division, the one highlight of the early shows, and shifting it to Syxx Pac.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #15

October 9, 2002
Your announcers are Don West and Mike Tenay. However the graphics state that it is Don West and Ed Ferrara.
Tenay lets West tell us how Chris Rock will be here tonight as well as Hermie Sadler. AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn in a ladder match for the X-Division. Also, 6 man grudge match featuring Syxx Pac & BG James and a surprise partner vs. Ron Killings, Jeff Jarrett, and Brian Lawler.

 Clip of the masked man attacking Ron Killings from last week
Ron Killings walks out unscheduled, as usual, and tells the crowd they should be booing their football team and cant think of which is worse, the Grizzlies or the Titans. He calls out “Team Derelicts” as the crowd starts up with the “overrated” chants. Killings yells at West, who then tells the Truth that he is not telling the truth at all. West orders the cameraman to show Killings attacking people last week. Killings refers to West as “Baseball Card Man” and says he will “Sammy Sosa his ass.” He threatens team derelicts once again but BG James and Syxx Pac interrupt. James is rhyming and it is terrible. All of a sudden, Curt Hennig walks out, looking completely bloated. He passed away about four months after this match and even here he looks like a heart attack waiting to happen.  He says nothing of note as Syxx babbles on afterwards. As they make their way to the ring, Lawler and Jarrett jumps them from behind. In the ring, the faces gain the advantage and clean house. James says lets fight right now and we have the match. A very long segment and its even worse when you factor in that just one of the people talking are actually decent on the mic.
Ron Killings & Jeff Jarrett & Brian Lawler vs. BG James & Syxx Pac & Curt Hennig
April comes down to the ring and Lawler orders her to sit down. Jarrett and James start off. Crowd wants Hennig and James tags out. Crowd is now taunting Lawler as Jarrett and Hennig jaw at each other. Hennig slaps him and Jarrett stalls. Lockup and Hennig grabs a side headlock. Shoulderblock by Hennig, who then takes Lawler and Killings off the apron. Jarrett gets some punches then slams Hennig down. Jarrett stumbles to the opposite corner and gets knocked down. Hennig with his running snapmare then weakly pushes Lawler and Killings off the apron as Jarrett rolls out. Hennig brings Jarrett back in and tags Syxx. He chops Jarrett but runs into an elbow. Lawler tags and taunts the crowd. Syxx ducks a crossbody but gets caught with a powerslam. Killings tags and slams Syxx. He misses a splash and James tags. He does his dancing punches but gets hit by Jarrett. James misses a clothesline and gets kicked. Axe kick by Killings gets two. Jarrett tags and roughs up James until he crotches himself (he clearly didn’t even come close to the ropes) but Lawler knocks down James behind the ref’s back and Jarrett tags Killings. Heels make quick tags and beat on James for a while. Crowd is all over Lawler with the “Jerry’s Kid” chants. James clotheslines Jarrett and both men are down. Tag to Syxx, who gets two spinning heel kicks on Jarrett that weren’t even close to making contact. Crossbody off the top rope gets two. Jarrett manages to get his foot up on the Bronco Buster and tags Killings. He gets a running powerslam and tags Lawler. Crowd is loudly behind Syxx Pac as the heels cheat behind the ref’s back. Gordbuster by Killings gets two as he threatens the ref afterwards. Lawler tags and works a chinlock. Syxx fights out and catches Lawler with a powerbomb. Hot tag to Hennig and he cleans house. I give the heels credit for their selling as Hennig was already gassed and could barely swing his arms. James chases Jarrett up the ramp with a chair. Lawler goes low on Hennig then flips off the crowd before landing the Hip-Hop Drop, which gets broken up by Syxx, who then gets the X Factor on Killings and Lawler breaks up that count by pulling the ref out of the ring. Lawler knocks down the ref then Syxx beats on him outside of the ring. The Masked Man comes out again, this time with “Mr. Wrestling III” on the back of his shirt and he powerboms Killings. Hennig comes in as the ref rolls in and gets the Perfect-Plex for the win ** (14:20).
Thoughts: The wrestling was passable and it looks as if Hennig will be the next challenger for Killings, which would freshen things up at least, but doesn’t look like it will make a good match as Hennig clearly looks unable to wrestle a solo match that lasts for than five minutes.
Backstage, BG James is unconscious as it looked like Jarrett hit him with a steel pipe. Jarrett himself is hurt as Goldylocks has no clue what took place.
Video Recap of the AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn ladder match that took place last week. 
Jeremy Borash brings out Jerry Lynn. He is pissed at Sonny Siaki and challenges him to a match next week. Siaki comes out and says that Lynn forgot one thing, that Sonny Siaki is life. He continues to talk in the third person and Lynn runs down the ramp and the two brawl. Siaki throws him off the stage into the guardrail and Lynn’s leg is through the guardrail. Tenay mentions that this was the same leg that he injured in the WWF. The medics come out and this goes on for a long time until he is put on a stretcher. It looks to set up for a Lynn/Siaki feud.
In a pre-taped interview earlier on today, Godylocks is with Syxx Pac. He brings her to the men’s locker room and he apologizes to Low Ki after belittling him last week. AJ interrupts and says he has beaten Low Ki four times already and that he should be his favorite wrestler. Both men call AJ a jerk as he walks away. Looks to setting up for a possible AJ/Syxx Pac feud down the line.
NWA-TNA Tag-Team Championship Match
Spanish Announce Team vs. “Cowboy” James Storm & “Wildcat” Chris Harris
Joel and Storm start off with a bunch of counters. Storm works on the arm for a bit until Joel comes back with an enziguiri. Baseball slide to the legs and he applies a death lock. Jose tags without Storm seeing and comes off top with a missile dropkick but gets speared by Harris. Jose then tries to climb up top but Harris shoves him off and he lands on his brother outside. Harris then follows out with a plancha. They double team Jose for a bit until Joel crotches Storm on the top rope and tags himself into the match. He hits Storm with a rolling slam that looked awkward. Storm tries a bulldog but Joel holds him up on the top rope and leans him back, allowing Jose to get a moonsault, which gets two. Storm gets Jose up in a fireman’s carry then turns in into a catatonic or sorts. Harris tags and it seems like the crowd is now rooting for the SAT’s. Powerslam by Harris gets two. Crowd getting behind Jose as James and Harris are now playing heels. Harris eats boot off of a charge and Jose gets a tornado DDT. Both men tag and Joel cleans house. Powerslam gets two. Moonsault gets two. Joel blocks the superkick but gets caught with one as he comes off the top rope. That gets two. Jose gets a suplex on Storm. Joel comes off top with a legdrop that gets two as Harris comes in after beating Jose. He catches Joel off top and gets the Catatonic but Jose breaks that up. Harris cllibs up top as the SAT’s tries the Spanish Fly. Storm dropkicks Jose to the floor. Joel is shoved off and the two hit him with a double uranage for the win (10:25) **1/2.
Thoughts: Decent match. The tag-team division is a joke at this point but this was the best match in quite some time. The SAT’s didn’t blow too many spots and Storm and Harris finally got opponents to work with that aren’t Ron Harris.
Goldylocks brings out Chris Rock, who gets a loud applause. He says that NWA-TNA is the best wrestling in the world and if you think it is fake, come on down and get your ass kicked. He leaves the ring and slaps hands with the crowd. That was the entire segment. He was a bigger star at that time than he is now and they should have hyped it up more than they did.
Tenay plugs the NWA 54th anniversary show in Corpus Cristi, TX
15 Minute Ironman Match
Kid Kash vs. Tony Mamaluke vs. Ace Steel vs. Low Ki
Whoever scores the most pinfalls in 15 minutes will be the winner. Mortimer Plumtree joins the announcer’s booth as the match starts. All four trade armdrags to start. They do a spot where Steel puts Ki in an armbar and Mamaluke puts one on Steel then Kash breaks that up with a springboard dropkick. It didn’t look that great. Steel and Kash trade reversals until Ki kicks Kash. Steel backdrops Kash who then takes Mamaluke down with a rana. He gets one on Low Ki but then completely botches a springboard attempt on Steel. Plumtree says that he is scouting the division as nothing much is going on in the ring. Ki an Steel fight outside until Kash breaks it up with a splash. Mamaluke then gets a somersault senton to knock everyone down. In a non-sensical spot, Kash and Ki stand on opposite sides of the ring and take each other in mid-air with springboard clotheslines. At least it looked decent. Mamaluke and Steel capitalize by hitting top rope moves on them and score pinfalls (4:31). Ki kicks Kash then gets hit from behind by Mamaluke. Crowd chants for Low Ki. Too much is going on right now, making it difficult to keep track of the match. Also, its dragging on without any remarkable spots or anything to keep you entertained.  Kash hits Mamaluke with a brainbuster for a pin (7:16) Steel fights out of a Ki Crusher. Steel almost drops Ki, who springboarded onto him, and Ki turns it into an armbreaker and Steel submits (8:15). Kash slams Mamaluke off the announcers table. In the ring, Ki hurts his ankle after landing on a leapfrog attempt. Kash and Mamaluke come back in the ring as Kash gets a quick rollup on Steel for two. Ki rolls up Steel for two. Kash powerbombs Mamaluke, getting two. Low Ki is selling the injury and the crowd won’t stop chanting for him. Kash tries a high-angle Boston Crab on Mamaluke but Steel breaks it up with a missile dropkick. Two minute warning as everyone is hurt. Kash and Ki have a chopping battle outside. Kash breaks up a leg lock by Mamaluke. Kash gets dumped by Mamaluke as Ki locks in the Hanging Dragon on Steel. He breaks the hold and in one of the worst timed finishes I have ever seen, Ki tries to suplex Steel back in the ring but the bell has rung, so everyone in the match pretends like it never rang and Mortimer Plumtree holds his leg, allowing Steel to fall on top and get the win (15:04) *1/2.
Thoughts: Wow, did this match disappoint or what. There was no flow and it just dragged on endlessly. The last two minutes were okay but the ending was fucking ridiculous.  Also, Ace Steel flat out sucked in this match. He was sloppy and was easily the worst wrestler in the entire match.  
Don West brings out Hermie Sadler. He will be driving the NWA-TNA car this weekend and talks about that when Bruce comes out to interrupt. He calls him “Sweets” and calls him a horrible driver, because he is always in his ring. He asks if he is a wrestler or race car driver. Hermie goes off until Jeff Jarrett comes out with a bunch of lame driving insults. Says he isn’t a wrestler, or even a driver. Says he has a problem with Sadler representing TNA, instead of a real NASCAR superstar. He says it is not personal but there are two facts at life, he sucks as a wrestler and a race car driver. Hermie insults him for not being a champion in a redneck way that the crowd understands and is upset about people essentially shitting on him. Bruce blows a kiss at him as Hermie asks if he will grow up to be a man or a woman. He runs in an attacks Bruce but Jarrett hits from behind and continues to beat him until BG James makes the save. He clears house and quotes Karen Carpenter and says his catchphrase (Get it, got it, good) as the segment ends. Just a terrible segment all around and it looks to set up a tag match that no one wants to see. The whole Bruce/Miss TNA angle is a giant waste of time. Also, BG James is delivering the worst promos of his career. The dated references are not helping either.  
Ron Harris & Sonny Siaki vs. Chris Michaels & Rick Michaels
Harris & Siaki attack from behind to start. This leaves Siaki and Rick in the ring. Siaki beats on him for a bit until Rick gets a hiptoss. He follows that with an armdrag and then a really shitty looking dropkick that gets two. Tag to Chris but he gets taken down with an uppercut and Harris tags into the match. Chris fights off and gets a missile dropkick and works the arm before tagging Rick. Harris immediately beats on him and throws him over the top rope. Siaki hits him on the floor before rolling him back into the ring. Suplex by Harris and he tags Siaki. Crowd is booing Siaki as he beats on Rick. They completely mistime a spot in which Rick ducks his head and Siaki hits him with an uppercut. Superkick gets two as Chris breaks up the pin. Rick manages to get a facebreaker and then a neckbreaker before tagging Chris. He knocks down his opponents until Harris drags him out of the ring. Siaki comes out and hits a release belly-to-belly suplex. He rolls him back in as Ron beats on Chris in the corner. He hits a few corner clotheslines and tags Siaki. Chris ducks a few clotheslines and hits a flying forearm as both men are down. Tag to Rick and no one in the crowd made a single noise. All four men are in the ring as Harris backdrops Chris to the floor. Siaki gets the Samoan Pop on Rick but Harris breaks up the pin by stopping the ref and wants Siaki to hold him up for the big boot. He accidentally hits Siaki and Rick rolls on top for the win (7:20) *1/4. After the match, Harris and Siaki argue then start fighting. Security comes in and Don Harris tosses Siaki around until he clears the ring. Don orders him to leave as Tenay questions if the Harris’s are up to something.
Thoughts: This was a glorified squash. The Michaels look, dressed, and wrestled like WCW Saturday Night jobbers. Rick was actually a tailor for the WWE several years ago but was let go for having inappropriate relations with a minor. The fact that the tag division revolves around Ron Harris finding a partner is probably the worst thing you can do for a promotion trying to establish themselves.
Bill Behrens is in the ring. He states that because Jerry Lynn was injured and out for tonight, he will compete or the X Division title when he is ready. Since Ace Steel won the Ironman match, he will face AJ in a ladder match for the title. Oh boy.  Low Ki comes out and is pissed at his decision. Mortimer Plumtree comes out with Ace Steel. He calls Low Ki a liar about his accusation of offering people money. He calls him a bunch of PG insults in a bit that Cena will probably rip-off next month. He says the whole world knows he made an ass of himself for fighting with Tammy Sytch. He is referring to an incident at an indy show in which Low Ki apparently took the seat of Tammy and refused to give it up, causing Tammy to hit him with her shoe and Ki throwing a chair in the direction of Tammy. Says he will never get a shot at the X Division Title. Ki calls him a nerd and says that he has a nerve as the crowd starts a “Nerd” chant. Says he hates outsiders in his business until Bob Armstrong comes out. He says this isn’t “Professional Talking” but rather professional wrestling. He orders Low Ki vs. Ace Steel tonight. I am starting to think that they ending of the Ironman match was not a botch and done on purpose
Ace Steel w/Mortimer Plumtree vs. Low Ki
Steel goes for the injured ankle as Ki tries to fight him off. Ki reaches the ropes but Steel wont break until Ki kicks him away. The crowd continues with the “Nerd” chant. Ki struggles to stand on the apron then Plumtree hits his ankle with a chair as Steel distracted the ref. Ki is rolling around in pain on the floor as Behrens and Armstrong come out. A bunch of X Division wrestlers comes out as the ref rules Low Ki wins by DQ (1:29) NR. Armstrong climbs into the ring and says the X division has been a “Clusterbomb” from the start and every X division wrestler in the building can join the ladder match tonight.
Ladder Match
X-Division Title
Ace Steel vs. Kid Kash vs. Joel Maximo vs. Jose Maximo vs. Tony Mamaluke vs. AJ Styles
Everyone starts by brawling. The Maximos duck out and grab ladders. Mamaluke runs out too but gets taken down by a double ladder shot. Kash and Steel then do stereo baseball slides into the Maximos. AJ then hits everyone with a beautiful SSP from the top rope. In the ring, AJ hits Jose with the Phenomenon then challenges Joel to leap from the top rope and throws a dropkick that missed by a mile. Kash rolls in and AJ hits him with a brainbuster. AJ then beats up Steel on the ramp. He slides a ladder into the ring as does Mamaluke. He sets it up but gets speared by Mamaluke. He climbs up but Joel dropkicks the ladder. Kash slingshots outside and hits Jose with a rana. Ace rams the ladder into AJ and places it in the corner. He puts AJ in a tree-of-woe on the ladder then gets a basement dropkick. Kash suplexes AJ then climbs up top and uses the ladder to slam into AJ, causing him to bleed. Kash places Joel on the ladder in a tree-of-woe and AJ runs full-speed, ramming the ladder into his mid-section. Steel climbs up top but Kash cuts him off and slams him off in a sloppy sequence. Ace Steel fucking blows and I have no clue as to why they decided to push him tonight. Kash tries to climb the ladder but Mamaluke shoves him off. Steel tosses AJ to the floor and Mamaluke climbs the ladder. Kash climbs too and kicks him off. He then flies off with a moonsault that barely connected with Steel and Joel. AJ tosses Joel then charges but gets hit with a ladder. Kash and the SAT’s brawl on the floor as Steel beats on Mamaluke, who is selling an arm injury. Styles and Kash then set up the ladders next to each other in the ring. Kash knocks off AJ but the SAT’s climb up too. He kicks off Joel and takes Jose down with a DDT. AJ climbs up top but Kash and Steel shove him off and he lands on the ref. Kash flies out and hits Jose with a plancha. AJ takes Jose down on the ladder. Mamaluke and Steel fight on top until Kash springboards in and dropkicks the ladder. Kash sits on the ladders until Joel suplexes him off. AJ takes Steel off with a vicious sunset bomb. Mamaluke tries to take down AJ with a DDT but gets tossed. AJ press slams Mamaluke to the floor, leaving just him and Kash in the ring. He puts him up top and gets a super brainbuster. He position the ladder and climbs until Syxx Pac runs out. He suplexes him off then climbs the ladder and gets the belt. (15:42) **1/2.
Thoughts: Sloppy at times but everyone busted their ass. However, the ending with Syxx Pac winning really made no sense. Why have him win by showing up and hitting one move? Just have him enter the match from the start. Plus, they are trying to establish him as a face against a heel AJ and they have him screw AJ out of the belt by using a heel tactic.
Don West runs down next week’s show in a few seconds before it goes off air:
AJ Styles vs. Syxx Pac in a ladder match
Chris Harris & James Storm vs. Chris Michaels & Rick Michaels for the tag-titles
Final Thoughts: This show sucked. They manage to cheapen the entire X-Division in one night. The tag-team division is extremely weak as well. The injury angles to Low Ki and Jerry Lynn took out two of the top three guys in the division and replaced them with losers like Ace Steel. They continued the Bruce/Hermie Sadler feud and are continuing the heatless Ron Harris angle of finding a tag partner. They brought in Curt Hennig, which I don’t have a problem with, but he was in no shape to wrestle and looked like his cardiovascular system was going to blow at any minute. The Mr. Wrestling III angle is a bit intriguing but everything else is either stale or no one cares.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #14

October 2, 2002
Your announcers are Don West and Mike Tenay

 BG James and Syxx Pac come to the ring. Crowd is chanting for them as James states how they came to take care of business and that they are wily veterans. He tells Jarrett and Lawler to bring Skipper then proceeds to make some Gilligan’s Island references. How timely. He then tells Killings that if he is the future of wrestling, then the future sure his grim and states how he is the past and the present. Syxx Pac gets the mic and says NWA is sending Low-Ki against Killings to do the job that they should be doing. He gives Ki a backhanded compliment by saying how he isn’t ready for the belt now but will be one day. James now has the mic and makes references to the theme song from “Cops” as Killings comes out. Crowd loudly chants “overrated” at Killings as he calls James and Syxx Pac yesterday’s news. Syxx gets angry and says it’s not 1967 and he isn’t Dolemite and calls Killings “boy” before Jarrett comes out. I’ve never been happier to see Jarrett. He wants to know where the third member of “Team Derelict” is tonight. James defends Hall from Jarrett’s accusations of Hall dealing with “personal demons” as Tenay tries to act surprised that Hall is absent tonight. Jarrett says tonight it will be a handicapped match as Lawler and Skipper attack James and Syxx from behind but get tossed quickly. What an awful, long-winded segment. The promo work from James and Syxx Pac was terrible with loads of dated and lame references. By the end, the crowd, which was hot at the beginning, really died down.
Tenay runs down the card, with Low Ki vs. Ron Killings for the World Title. Also, he says they will try to get Scott Hall on the phone.
Amazing Red vs. Shark Boy
Tenay states that Shark Boy is a “Cult Favorite.” Crowd starts a chant for him as the two trade stuff on the mat. Elix Skipper joins the booth and is upset that he has been taken out of the main event as Tenay breaks the news that it will be Lawler & Jarrett vs. Syxx Pac & BG James. Skipper hints at racism by TNA management. His voice is the exact opposite of intimidating. Back to the match, Shark Boy gets a neckbreaker for two as Mortimer Plumtree is shown yet again on the ramp taking notes. Red dumps Shark Boy and pulls up on a diving attack as Shark Boy ran back in the ring. Codebreaker-type move by Shark Boy then he gets a missile dropkick for two. Shark Boy presses Red and throws him out of the ring as Skipper is still whining on commentary. Pescado by Shark Boy then he suplexes Red on the floor. Shark Boy goes back in the ring and gets a flipping senton that barely connetcted. He accidentally hits the announcers table and Red runs out of the ring and hits a somersault plancha. Back in the ring, Shark Boy gets a Superplex for two. Red leaps from the top and gets a neckbreaker for two. Shark Boy then gets the Dead Sea Drop for two as Skipper promises that someone will feel his wrath tonight. Mounted punches in the corner by Shark Boy. He tries the DSD again but Red blocks that and gets an inverted DDT. He goes up top and hits a corkscrew moonsault then the Red Star Press for the win (6:52) *3/4. After the match, Skipper runs in and beats on Red. He then beats up a few security guards until Don Harris runs in and breaks it up.
Thoughts: These two didn’t work particularly well with each other. A lot of the focus of this match was on Skipper, who is really not good at talking. It seemed that they were setting him up for a future match with Red, which is a more suitable position on the card than the main event. 
Video Recap of last week’s match between Jerry Lynn and Ron Killings. They went back to color and ditched the black-and-white format for this package.
Goldylocks is with Low Ki. He first calls out Syxx Pac then says how Killings is jealous of the X Division and promises that he will win the belt. This is easily the best promo I’ve heard from Low Ki.  
Ron Killings comes out as we were supposed to have a tag match. More “overrated” chants by the crowd as he calls out Low Ki and says he gave him the title shot because he feels sorry for him. Says he will have to kill him to beat him and orders him to the ring as the match will apparently start now.
NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Ron Killings (Champion) vs. Low Ki
Killings boots Low Ki as he enters the ring. He beats him against the ropes until Ki makes the comeback. Ki with stiff kicks to the chest and the head, causing Killings to roll outside. He sends Ki into the guardrail then yells at the crowd. Killings beats on Ki until he makes a comeback. Ki attempts to leap from the guardrail but Killings sends him into the third row with a leg lariat. That looked sweet. They brawl into the crowd and end up just outside the ramp. Killings sends him into the corner then proceeds to ram the equipment case into him, hitting his shoulder. He rolls Ki back inside and pins him, getting two. He tries another pinfall but the ref catches his feet on the ropes. Axe kick by Killings as Plumtree is back on the ramp taking notes. Ki kicks out of a surfboard but Killings uses a death lock/half-nelson combo as the crowd is chanting for Low Ki. Ki fights back but Killings knocks him down. Ki ducks an attack and nails Killings with a Rolling Koppu Kick as both men are down. Ki covers and gets two. He sells the shoulder but kicks the crap out of Killings. STO by Killings and he uses a double underhook on Ki who is lying on the mat. Ki kicks out of  a few pin attempts then is hit with a running powerslam, which gets two. Killings misses a 450 from the top rope and Ki fights back. Springboard kick by Ki gets two. Forearm smash gets two. Ki is selling his arm and ribs. Killings catches his crossbody attempt but Ki’s momentum takes him near the ropes and he manages to get Killings in the Hanging Dragon. Ki signals for the Ki Crusher but Killings shoves him in the corner. He puts Ki up top and hits a Muscle Buster for two. He goes for the Truth of Consequences but Ki blocks that and applies the Dragon Clutch. Truth fights out and gets a flying forearm. He goes up top but Ki nails him with an enziguri. They both fight on the top rope but Killings hits Ki in the ribs and gets the Truth Conviction (Sitout Gordbuster) for the win (12:58) ***1/4. After the match, Killings asks for his music to be cut as someone wearing a white sweatshirt, sweatpants, and mask runs in and attacks Killings. He beats on him then ducks out and runs into the crowd.
Thoughts: Good match. Killings works a lot better with Low Ki than he did with Jerry Lynn. Ki got in a decent amount of offense too. As far as the guy doing the run-in, it was brief and the guy was not easily identifiable. It is a bit intriguing I guess.  
Spanish Announce Team vs. Flying Elvises
Tenay notes how Siaki leaving the Elvises is addition by subtraction. Estrada and Jose start things out. Jose gets a terrible looking hurricarana then a dropkick. Basement dropkick gets two. Estrada gets some sort of springboard move that looked botched for two. Yang tags and gets a lariat. Spinkick to Joel and some Elvis posing. A dropkick that basically missed gets two. Jose gets a rana on Yang and tags out. Joel with a belly-to-belly then a corner splash. Back suplex gets two. Yang comes back with a neckbreaker and tags Estrada. Neckbreaker gets two. Tope con hilo gets two. Yang tags in and gets a moonsault kick. Joel dodges an attack and the Maximos mess up a sandwich dropkick. These guys are not on the same page at all. Another ugly double team move as Jose came up way short on the baseball slide. Joel runs into an elbow and Yang gets a moonsault block for two. Neckbreaker by Yang and both men are down. Sonny Siaki is on the ramp as Yang gets an enziguiri. Joel gets a DDT and both men are down yet again. Both men tag as Estrada cleans house. Rolling Fireman’s Carry into the springboard moonsault gets two. TCB gets two. He goes up top but misses a legdrop. Joel knocks Yang out of the ring as Jose beats on Estrada. Estrada tries a sunsetflip and Yang springboards off the ropes with a clothesline, that gets two. Jose gets a German Suplex for two. Off camera, Joel tosses Yang over the guardrail. Siaki is now on the apron asking for a tag. Estrada looks puzzled and goes for the tag but Siaki pulls away. Joel puts Estrada on his shoulders as Jose jumps off the top rope with a DDT for the win in a move called the Maximo Explosion (8:48) *1/2.
Thoughts: Very disappointing match. Lots of missed spots and these guys didn’t work well with each other at all. Jose Maximo in particular looked terrible. This give the SAT’s a shot at the titles next week and continues the feud between Siaki and the Elvises, which really isn’t a bad feud.
Goldylocks is with Siaki but he gets jumped by Jerry Lynn. AJ breaks it up and holds Lynn, allowing Siaki to beat him up. Styles yells stop it the entire time and tells Siaki to break it up. He shoves Lynn into an equipment case as AJ shuts it and sits on top, telling Siaki that he was lucky Bob Armstrong wasn’t around to see that. AJ was trying to be funny and show some personality and he did okay.
Sonny Siaki vs. David Young
Young is back from a tour of Japan. He is without Bobcat and they are trying to sell him as being focused as a result. Siaki lands a few shots but Young comes back with an armdrag. Hiptoss then a backdrop as Siaki ducks out. He sidesteps a baseball slide but Young blocks a quebrada attempt and hits one of his own. He rolls Siaki back in and gets two. Young dodges a backdrop and gets a rana for two. He drops his head and Siaki gets an uppercut. Neckbreaker gets two. He covers again and gets two. Young is put into the tree of Woe and Siaki charges at him twice. He covers and Young reaches the ropes. Young fights back and gets two off of a Northern Lights Suplex but gets taken down with a clothesline. Flipping legdrop gets two. They trade chops then Siaki sends him into a corner with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Young breaks a hold and gets a spinebuster but doesn’t go for the pin. He misses a moonsault off the top rope and Siaki finishes with the Money Clip for the win (6:11) *3/4.
Thoughts: Match was fine for what it was but Young is nothing more than a jobber. He isn’t a bad worker but no one bought him as a threat.
Video package of last week’s Tag-Title match. The ominous tones made this seem ridiculous. It was a crappy seven minute long match, not a back-and-forth epic encounter.
Goldylocks is out back with Ron Harris and an unnamed man (Ashley Hudson) with a mustache holding a boomerang and Australian flag. He tells James Storm and Chris Harris that he has a bounty out on them and questions is brother for stepping in last week, breaking their pact. Goldylocks questions him and he calls her a bitch and heads to the ring.
NWA-TNA Tag-Team Championship Match
“Wildcat” Chris Harris & James Storm (Champions) vs. Ron Harris & Ashley Hudson
Crowd chants “USA” at Hudson. West states that Lee is not here because Ron blamed him for losing last week, citing a lack of focus. Storm and Hudson start out. Hudson slaps Storm then bails. Hudson runs around and hits Storm when he enters the ring. Storm fights back then gets a flying headscissors. Wildcat tags and they use some nice double-team moves on Hudson. He hits Ron Harris but Hudson hits him from behind. Ron tags and Wildcat gets a few armdrags. Storm comes off top with a missile dropkick and Harris gets a crossbody for two. Ron regains control and tags Hudson. He lands a few shots but gets hit with an inverted atomic drop and a spear. Storm tags and beats on Hudson. He goes up top but Ron shakes the rope and Hudson gets a Superplex as a result. Ron tags and stomps on Storm. He hits a bunch of clotheslines in the corner. The heels use a lot of quick tags until Hudson misses a splash off the second rope. He misses an elbow drop and both men tag out. Wildcat beats on both men. Catatonic on Hudson but Ron breaks up the pin. Hudson holds up Wildcat for Ron but he ducks and Hudson gets nailed with the big boot and Wildcat gets the pin as Ron is upset (7:03) ¾*. After the match, Hudson is upset and Ron hugs it out with him but then attacks from behind. He tosses Borash off of his chair and hits Wildcat with the chair. He takes out several security guards until his brother Don comes out. They stand off and Don knocks him down. Security holds back Wildcat and Storm as Ron leaves the ring.
Thoughts: Since winning the belts, Storm & Harris have won all of their matches by luck. Ron Harris really sucks and the angle of him trying to win the tag belts and the feud between his brother is way too much. TNA needs to not focus on him anymore. No one cares about the Harris Brothers.
Goldylocks is backstage with Jerry Lynn. She asks for an update as he is holding the back of his neck. Estrada asks Goldy to leave as he and Yang console him.
NWA-TNA X-Division Championship Ladder Match
AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn (Champion)
AJ hits Lynn immediately and works on the neck. Lynn fights back but is hit with a neckbreaker. AJ brings the ladder into the ring and lays Lynn on top. He gets a tope con hilo and taunts the crowd. He grabs a chair but Lynn kicks him off the apron. In a cool spot, Lynn dropkicks the ladder into the chair that AJ was holding. Lynn sets up the ladder but AJ stops him. Lynn then shoves the ladder on AJ and sets it up in the corner. AJ sends Lynn into the ladder. After a struggle, AJ gets a slam then climbs the ladder but takes too long and Lynn springboards off and powerbombs him. Mortimer Plumtree is back again scouting the X division as Lynn gets a discus clothesline. Lynn sets up the ladder between the top and middle rope but AJ catches him and dumps him on the ladder. As Lynn is laying across, AJ hits a springboard moonsault as a “Holy shit” chant breaks out. AJ climbs up the ladder and reaches for the belt but Lynn yanks him off with noe hand. That was a sick bump by AJ. Sonny Siaki is now watching from the ramp. Lynn charges at AJ with the ladder. Lynn attempts to climb the ladder but AJ hits him with a missile dropkick. Styles collapses the ladder and lays it across the guardrail and ring apron. Lynn lands on the apron following a backdrop and then suplexes AJ right on the ladder. Ouch. Lynn brings the ladder back into the ring and sets it up. AJ runs in and pushes the ladder but the referee got hit in the process and he is knocked out. Lynn blocks a chairshot and legdrops AJ onto the chair, busting open AJ. Lynn with mounted punches and he opens up the cut. West compares Lynn to Michael Jordan and Muhammed Ali for some reason as AJ tries to powerbomb Lynn off of the ladder. Lynn manages to counter it into a hurricarana then goes back to the ladder. He climbs but so does AJ and he gets a back suplex. Both men are climbing the opposite sides of the ladder and trade punches. Lynn then hits a swinging neckbreaker and both men are down. AJ climbs the turnbuckle while Lynn climbs the ladder and they both jump at each other but Lynn connects with a clothesline. Siaki interferes with Lynn but gets kicked down and Lynn hits him with a dive. AJ flies onto Lynn with a springboard somersault plancha. AJ then rolls back into the ring and grabs the belt for the win (17:27) ***3/4. Lynn then spears Siaki on the ramp but AJ hits him from behind. Siaki and AJ double-team Lynn and bring him into the ring. The Elvises, Spanish Announce Team, Shark Boy and Amazing Red clear the ring of the heels. Bob Armstrong then comes out and tells AJ that he might think that he can pull the wool over peoples eyes but says that he demands a rematch, another ladder match, for the belt but that Styles will be a contender as the belt goes back to Lynn. Styles and Siaki are pissed.
Thoughts: The match was really good with some cool spots but can’t these two have a match were there is a clear-cut winner? They even had a 2-out-of-3 falls match a few shows ago that ended in a draw. Really, these guys need to move on to feuds with other people.
West sells next week’s show including:
AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn in a ladder match
Chris Rock will appear and is filming a movie
Low Ki vs. Tony Mamaluke vs. Kid Kash vs. Ace Steel
Chris Harris & James Storm vs. Spanish Announce Team
“Legends” like Syxx Pac, Scott Hall, and Jeff Jarrett
Before the next match, James honors Scott Hall by saying “Hey, Yo” and then tells Jarrett and Lawler that paybacks are a bitch and he will make Jarrett is bitch. Syxx Pac says that he will keep banging April behind her back as long as he treats her like a bitch and if they win, he will let him watch. Good lord, who writes this shit.
Brian Lawler w/April & Jeff Jarrett vs. BG James & Syxx Pac
Lawler charges up the ramp at Syxx but gets knocked down. They brawl around the ring and James and Lawler are in the stands. The faces beats the heels with chairs on opposite sides of the arena. They are back at ringside and brawl some more. In the ring, Jarrett dropkicks Syxx. Spinkick by Syxx that made zero contact. Boot by Jarrett and tag to Lawler. Syxx floats over and gets a back suplex. Clothesline and tag to James. James bites the fingers and knocks down Lawler. He goes after Jarrett but Lawler comes back with a superkick. The camera shows April as Lawler bites the nose of James. The heels use quick tags and Lawler tells April to watch. James blocks a bulldog and both men are down. Both men tag and Syxx runs wild. He powerbombs Jarrett but Lawler breaks up the pin. All four men are now in the ring. Bronco Buster to Jarrett. X Factor on Lawler but the ref is preoccupied and doesn’t see the cover. Elix Skipper runs in and hits his own X Factor on Syxx. Lawler covers but only gets two. Skipper is up on the ring apron as Lawler and Jarrett beat on Syxx. James takes Skipper off as Jarrett has Syxx in the sleeper. He just beats the three count then escapes but is crotched on the ropes. Syxx with a double clothesline and tags James. Syxx dumps Jarrett and James hits Lawler with the pumphandle slam for the win (9:38) *1/2. After the match, Skipper and Jarrett jump the winners. Amazing Red runs in but Skipper beats him. The SAT’s run out and get the Spanish Fly on Skipper. More brawling outside of the ring. Jarrett brings chair and lays out James, Syxx, and the SAT’s. Killings runs out and hits Syxx with his belt. Skipper, Killings, Jarrett, and Lawler are left standing.
Thoughts: Not much of a main event at all. Also, the trend of run-in brawls for every main event is getting very tiresome. All of the post-match brawling means nothing when it happens all of the time. James can barely even wrestle at this point. He is bloated and can barely move. The crowd was fairly quiet throughout the match.
Final Thoughts: The show had two good matches and besides the promo work from James & Syxx Pac, there was nothing embarrassing on the show. The problem is that too much of the focus is on the WWE/WCW rejects. Hell, even the crowd is quiet for them. They cheer the most for Jerry Lynn, Harris & Storm, and Low Ki. You’d think that TNA would take note of that but they continue to showcase the veterans. No one wants to see Brian Lawler in the main event. No one wants the tag-division to revolve around Ron Harris. On the plus side, they are building logical feuds, even if they are not exciting, which is very much an improvement over the crap like the Dupps and Jive Talkin’ segments from a few months ago. Still, this show comes across as a third-rate WWE imitation.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #13


September 25, 2002


Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay


The director tells Tenay there is a melee outback as we see
Goldylocks run over where Sonny Siaki and Jerry Lynn are brawling all over the
backstage area as Lynn is pissed at Siaki for his interference in his match
last week. Security runs out and gets tossed until Don Harris breaks up the


Tenay and West run down the show, including AJ Styles vs.
Low Ki in a 2-out-of-3 falls match for the #1 contender spot in the X-Division.
Plus, Brian Lawler & Elix Skipper vs. Syxx Pac & Scott Hall and Chris
Harris & James Storm vs. Ron Harris & Brian Lee in a tables match for
the Tag-Team titles. Also, Jerry Lynn vs. Ron Killings for the X-Division Title
in a Lumberjacks Match as Killings apparently wants to destroy the X-Division.
I think Bruce Pritchard is going that route today. Finally, the main event is
Jeff Jarrett vs. BG James. Not exactly a thrilling match.

Amazing Red vs. Sonny


Siaki is no longer dressed in the Elvis attire and is wearing
black pants. Also, he is selling an arm injury from the backstage brawl. Red
hits Siaki with a senton as he approaches the ring. Red kicks him down then
hits a Shooting Star Press from the apron. He rolls him back in and gets two
but then gets caught with a flapjack/neckbreaker combo for two. Red dodges a
clothesline and hits a spinkick. He gets a dropkick in the corner but runs into
a clothesline. Siaki with a series of shoulder thrusts in the corner but Red is
able to dodge the last one and comes back with an inverted Tornado DDT for two.
Red charges but Siaki backdrops him outside. Siaki drops Red on the steps then
on the guardrail. Camera shows Mortimer Plumtree on the ramp, taking notes. In
the ring, Siaki catches Red with a belly-to-belly suplex, getting two. He pins
him again, getting two. Bearhug by Siaki then he chokes him out with his foot.
Red manages a kick then gets the Code Red, which gets him two. Siaki alley-oops
Red, who lands on the second rope and comes back with a jumping STO. Spin kick
gets two. Red goes up top but Siaki ducks the attack then hits the Money Clip
for the pin (7:22) **1/4. Jorge Estrada is standing on the ramp and tells Siaki
that before the show is over, he wants his Elvis gear, including his “Blue
Suede Shoes.”


Thoughts: Decent opening match. Siaki wrestled a power style
and it worked well with Red. This was mainly about the Siaki/Estrada feud,
which is now about the Elvis costume. I give credit to Estrada in trying to
sell the mannerisms and sayings but it’s a lost cause.


Again, the camera cuts out back. This time, Killings his
beating the crap out of the Amazing Red. He then goes to Goldylocks and yells
that he is going to get rid of the X-Division. He thinks that it lowers his


Video recap (shown in black-and-white) of Harris & Storm
winning the belts last week. I actually think the black-and-white stuff is a
nice touch. Much more interesting than anything else they have done at this


Tables Match

NWA-TNA Tag Team

Ron Harris &
Brian Lee vs. “Cowboy” James Storm & “Wildcat” Chris Harris (Champions)


Harris and Lee jump their opponents before the match. Lee
catches Wildcat in a powerslam then punches away. Wildcat gains the advantage
and punches Lee out of the ring. Ron charges in and gets backdropped to the
outside. Storm gets caught after attempting a pescado (he nearly came up short)
but Harris flies out and takes them all out. In the ring, Wildcat with an axe
handle to Ron but Lee interferes then Ron boots him down. Sideslam by Ron then
a tag to Lee. Ron brings the table into the ring and places it in the corner.
Storm comes in and breaks up a press slam attempt but gets tossed outside by
Ron. He picks up Wildcat and hits a powerslam instead of putting him through
the table. Suplex by Ron and he tags out. Lee drops a few elbows then yells at
the crowd. Slam by Lee as the table is just sitting there, getting ignored. Lee
misses a diving attack and it allows Storm to tag in. He beats on his opponents
and now it is a brawl. They take out Ron with a clothesline. Lee lands on the
apron after a backdrop and clotheslines both men down. Storm breaks up a suplex
attempt and then jumps off of Wildcat and hits a forarm, sending Lee through
the table (6:39) DUD. After the match, Ron Harris attacks and lays out
everyone, including security, until his brother Don comes out and pushes him.
They have a heated confrontation then Ron leaves.


Thoughts: This match sucked. The psychology around the table
was awful. They bring a table in the ring and leave it in the corner, ignoring
it like the fat chick at a middle school dance. Ron Harris is an awful worker
and apparently allergic to selling. In regards to the tag-champs, the announcers
kept referencing that they were lucky to have won last week. Way to bury the
champs.  The end looks like a potential
feud between the Harris brothers. I guess it’s a positive if it takes him out
of the tag-title mix.


In a pre-taped bit, Goldylocks interviews Bruce in the
parking lot. Sara the Ticket lady comes over upset at the fact that Bruce stole
her handicapped parking spot. She threatens to stick her umbrella up his ass
and he orders her to walked her “crippled ass” into a nursing home. He pushes
her and she slaps him back as onlookers, including Tiny the Bellkeeper, break
up the confrontation. The “edgy” humor just comes off as embarrassing.


Ron Killings enters the ring. Once again, he refers to the
city as “Trashville” and orders the crowd to shut up. He tells us about the rat
problem in the projects that he grew up in then asks the crowd how they would
react to having rats in their bed. He then talks about the growing prejudice in
NWA-TNA, stating how he hasn’t seen Ricky Steamboat since he got his title shot
and doesn’t have any merchandise or even a private dressing room, which is what
Ken Shamrock had. He also gets pissed that he has to fight an X-Division
wrestler surrounded by X-Division Lumberjacks. BG James interrupts and
apparently has his “posse” in his pants. He tells the Truth that he might be a
primadonna and reminisces about their time in the WWF, when he stood up for the
Truth after all the “boys in the back” complained about him. Truth then turns
the table and says that James was in trouble and found the “Suntan Superman” to
pick up his slack as the crowd is now starting the “What” act. After some more
trips down memory lane, Truth tells BG that as long as he is in the Asylum, he
is his “bitch.” BG then attacks the Truth, who rolls out of the ring. He then
tells the Truth that unlike Demi Moore or Tom Cruise, he can handle the Truth. Whoever
is responsible for James’s dialogue needs to be shot.


Goldylocks is with Brian Lawler and is girlfriend, April. He
says there are no issues and that she has been straightened out. April says
that she has found comfort and has put up his crap but Lawler cuts her off and
orders Goldylocks away. He then yells at April for talking about their
business. This Lawler stuff is intolerable.


2-out-of-3 Falls

Low Ki vs. AJ Styles


Winner of this match gets an X-Division title shot next week
and the loser falls out of the title picture. The two trade some moves on the
mat for a while to start things off. Ki escapes an arm wringer with a kick then
gets in some chops. He drops an elbow, getting two. AJ then gets some stiff
kicks to the chest and copies Ki’s mat slap before getting booted out of the
ring. Ki gets a running Koppu Kick from the apron. Back inside, Ki gets two and
gets in some more chops. He charges but AJ catches him, crotching him on the
ropes. Backbreaker then a gutbuster by AJ and he beats him in the corner.
Dropkick by AJ as the crowd tells him he sucks. AJ gets a chinlock but Ki
escapes then both men do the double clothesline spot. Flying forearm by Ki who
then gets a springboard kick. He locks on the Dragon Clutch as AJ tries for the
ropes. Ki turns it around and takes him away from the ropes as AJ taps (6:35).


Second Fall: AJ gets an eye rake then kicks him in the back.
Clothesline gets two. Delayed Vertical Suplex is followed by a kneedrop, which
gets two. Spinning heel kick by AJ who taunts the crowd. Enziguiri by AJ sends
Ki to the floor. AJ tries a baseball slide but Ki spins him around and kicks
him in the face, dropping AJ to the floor. Ki tries another Dragon Clutch but
AJ drops him on the ramp. He rolls Ki in and gets two. Both men are on top but
Ki knocks AJ off and then gets the Hanging Dragon. Ki blocks a powerbomb
attempt with a rana but AJ rolls through and gets the rollup for the pin


Third Fall: Ki kicks AJ out of the ring and follows him
outside. AJ catches the leg of Low Ki during a kick and slams it into the
guardrail. That was a cool spot. AJ goes to work on the leg. In the ring, AJ
places Ki up top. Ki tries a rana but AJ blocks that and gets a shinbreaker. AJ
goes back to the work on the leg. Ki manages to get a small package for two but
AJ goes right back to work on the leg. He tries a powerbomb but AJ turns it
into a rana, getting two. Ki tries a suplex but AJ picks him up and rams him in
the corner. Rollup by AJ gets two. He then picks him up for the Styles Clash
for the win (14:44) **3/4.


Thoughts: Disappointing match that featured a lot of
kicking. It featured a slow pace and basically no high-flying stuff. AJ is back
in the title picture, again.


Goldylocks is with Jeff Jarrett. She asks him about BG
James, Syxx Pac, and Scott Hall being in TNA making his life difficult,
especially when it comes to the TNA title. He tells her that she can sell hits
from the 70’s at 4am and that he is more focused than ever and the title will
be is but first he will eliminate his obstacles.




“Primetime” Elix
Skipper & Brian Lawler w/April vs. Syxx Pac & Scott Hall


No idea why Skipper is in this match. Disco Inferno was Lawler’s
partner last week in the Gauntlet match. He botches his backflip entrance.
Lawler covers up April with his jacket then pulls her very short skirt down in
an attempt to keep her covered. He then yells at her to sit down. Syxx and
Skipper start out and Syxx teases him with a test of strength, only to engage
in crotch chopping. Hall also does the same from the apron. They then dodge
each other’s kicks until Skipper finally connects, causing Lawler to go crazy
on the apron. Skipper wants Hall to tag in and he does. Now, Lawler wants in
and he tags. Hall tosses the toothpick at Lawler, who then runs out and yells
at April. Back in the ring, more stalling from Lawler who then again runs out
and now orders April to sit down. The overacting from Lawler is unbearable.
Skipper now tags himself in and Hall hammers away. A terrible looking chokeslam
by Hall gets two. He barely even got him in the air. Skipper slides outside and
he and Lawler crotch Hall with the ring post. Legdrop by Skipper gets two.
Lawler bites Hall behind the refs back then tags. He punches Hall in the corner
then charges with a shoulderblock, getting two. He tells April to watch as he
gets a suplex. Tag to Skipper, who gets an axehandle. He knocks Syxx off the
apron and after botching the spot the first time, Hall then catches Skipper and
hits a back suplex. Lawler runs outside when he sees Don West consoling April
and pushes him away. Syxx Pac tags in and catches Skipper with a kick.
Powerbomb by Syxx and he knocks Lawler off the apron. X Factor gets two as
Lawler breaks up the pin. Hall punches Lawler and he oversells dramatically as
he flies over the top rope. He then catches Skipper with a fallaway slam. Syxx
sets up for the Bronco Buster but Skipper moves away. Lawler jumps in and
attacks Hall as Syxx catches a leaping Skipper with the X Factor for the win
(9:09) ¾*. After the match, Jarrett hits Syxx Pac and Hall with the stroke.
Lawler and Skipper help out Jarrett until Don Harris and security run out to
stop the assault.


Thoughts: Lots of stalling in this match. Too much of it
revolved around the Lawler/April stuff. I thought it was a bit strange to see
Hall do a majority of the selling in this match.


Goldylocks is with AJ Styles, who is acting cocky. AJ says
he has a big mouth, is cocky, and the best Sports Entertainer in the business
today. He then claims to see a belt hanging from the ceiling, hinting that he
wants a ladder match next week for his title shot. He then gooses her before
walking away. At least they are trying to give AJ a gimmick but he was quite
bad on the mic when he first started.


Bruce walks to the ring. He says he almost bought into the
idea of women being treated equally as the crowd starts a loud “Faggot” chant.
He babbles on about being the only woman in TNA and calls Tenay’s wife
disgusting. Sara the Ticket Lady come out from the stands with a broom as Bruce
calls her an “old douchebag.” Borash, West, and Don Harris prevent Sara from
entering the ring. A complete waste of time and this Bruce stuff makes you embarrassed
to watch wrestling.


Kid Kash vs. Jorge


Lockup and then the two trade wristlocks. Estrada gets a
hiptoss then an armdrag. Again, Mortimer Plumtree is shown watching another X
Division match. Estrada then hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissor takedown before
sending Kash to the floor with a clothesline. Estrada with a suicide dive but
comes up way short, almost breaking his neck in the process. Kash goes on
offense then gets a double springboard senton. He tosses Estrada back in the
ring and gets two. Estrada gets two off of a hiptoss then a running shooting
star press for two. He heads up top but Kash shoves the ref against the ropes
and Estrada gets crotched. Kash snaps him off with a rana, getting two.
Pumphandle slam by Kash but he runs into an elbow. Estrada gets two off of a
split-legged moonsault. A chopping battle ensues until Kash gets an eye poke. DDT
by Kash gets two. He signals for a double springboard rana but Estrada catches
him with a powerbomb. He then hits the TCB (Springboard Somersault Senton) for
the win (6:04) *1/2. After the match, Estrada demands Siaki to turn in his Elvis
suit. Siaki comes out and says he never meant for this to turn out this way and
that he can have the suit back. He also says that he gave it the proper burial
and shows a video on the screen of Siaki tossing the suit into a flaming
barrel, calling it a “Hunka-Hunka burning crap.” Estrada is beside himself in
the ring.


Thoughts: Kash is one of the better workers in the company. For
some reason, he fli-flops between face and heel on a weekly basis. Estrada is
alright but can get really sloppy in the ring. He wasn’t very impressive here.
The Elvis suit stuff was really corny.


Another black-and-white video recap of last week. This time,
it’s the match of Lynn
vs. Killings in which Siaki turned his back on the X Division. Probably the
best video package from TNA at this point.


Lumberjack Match

NWA-TNA X-Division

Ron Killings vs.
Jerry Lynn (Champion)


All the X Division regulars, with the exception of Styles,
are the lumberjacks. Killings ducks out after Lynn connects on a few punches only
to get tossed back in by Low Ki. Snapmare by Lynn is followed by mounted
punches. Lynn then yells “Who the man!” before punching away. Top-rope bulldog
by Lynn and Truth ducks out. He gets tossed back in and Lynn gets two. Killings
shoves Lynn in the corner then hits a shoulder block from the top rope. Lynn
fights back but Killings takes him down with a clothesline. He tosses Lynn
outside and Kid Kash stomps away until Estrada and Amazing Red question his
antics. AJ is on the ramp with a ladder. Back in the ring, Killings hits a
backbreaker for two.  Powerslam gets two.
Loud “Jerry” chant breaks out as Lynn manages a brief comeback before getting
caught with a powerslam, which gets two. Killings gets a front facelock and
puts his feet on the ropes for leverage until the ref catches him. Hairpull by
Killings. Lynn floats over on a slam attempt an gets an inverted DDT. He fires
away on Killings and catches him with a powerbomb, getting two. He attempts a
German Suplex but Killings blocks it with a low blow. Red and Estrada complain
to the ref as Low Ki and Killings yell at each other. Lynn shoves Killings near
Ki, who snaps Truth’s neck off the ropes, allowing Lynn to hit the TKO for the
win (9:02) **1/4. After the match, Killings yells at ref Scott Armstrong,
blaming him for his loss.


Thoughts: Much better than their match from the previous
week but still disappointing. These two just don’t have good chemistry. Looks
like the Killings vs. X-Division feud will continue.


West sells next week’s show. AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn in a
ladder match for the X Division Championship. Ron Killings will wreak havoc on
the X Division. Where is Sonny Siaki going and Jeff Jarrett, Syxx Pac, and
Scott Hall will be here. Actually, one of those workers will in fact, not be
there. Can you guess who?


Jeff Jarrett vs. BG


James grabs the mic and promises Jarrett he will feel his “B
to the G” sting and uses his “Get it, got it, good” catchphrase. Oh my lord.
James with a punch then some dancing. Inverted atomic drop followed by a
kneedrop, which gets two. Enziguiri by Jarrett and he yells at the crowd. Dancing
punches by James and Jarrett goes outside. James hits Jarrett in the back with
a chair. He knocks Jarrett over the guardrail with a chairshot and they brawl
in the crowd. Jarrett lands several chairshots then tosses him back to the
mats. He delivers some more chairshots to the back then yells James catchphrase
towards Tenay. More chairshots by Jarrett and we experience some audio
problems. In the ring, Jarrett catches James with a sleeper. After a while, James
escapes and locks in his own sleeper hold but Jarrett counters that with a
backdrop suplex. BG gets a few shots and takes down Jarrett with a big boot.
Mounted punches in the corner by James and the ref goes down. Jarrett grabs a
chair and wedges it in the corner but James stops the attack and rams Jarrett into
the chair. Elix Skipper runs out but gets taken off the apron by James. Jarrett
tries a sunsetflip but James blocks it and gets two. Lawler runs on the apron
and holds James for Jarrett but he escapes and  James gets a rollup for two. As the ref is
distracted by Lawler and Skipper, Jarrett grabs a chair and hits James on the
head. He covers and gets two. James reverses a go-behind then hits the
Pumphandle slam and covers but Lawler and Skipper break it up and the ref
signals for the DQ (9:06) *3/4. Syxx Pac and Scott Hall run out for the save as
the crowd barely makes any noise. Killings then runs out and lays out the faces
with belt shots. Jarrett asks for the belt and hits James.


Thoughts: They really worked around the limitations of James,
who was blown up in seconds last week. Jarrett carried things to make it a passable
match but certainly not a decent main event or anything. There was no
explanation as to why Lawler was helping Jarrett, as there month long feud that
led to nothing has apparently been erased from history. This looks to set up a
6-man tag for next week but will that happen?


Final Thoughts: A dull show overall. Besides the Bruce
stuff, nothing was truly horrible. However, they actually seem to be building
towards logical feuds, even if they aren’t very exciting. The thing is, there
are far too many WCW and WWF rejects in roles that are not suitable for them. I
like Skipper but in no way should he be near the top of the card. Lawler is
awful, like the Harris Brothers and Brian Lee. BG James and Scott Hall can
barely even wrestle at this point. Also, another AJ/Lynn match is a little
much, even if they have good chemistry.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #12

Just a quick note, I will be going on vacation for a week starting on Tuesday so unless I am able to write up reviews this weekend, there will not be any TNA or WWF stuff from me until for a little while.
September 18, 2002
Goldylocks is backstage and starts off by explaining the rules for the tag-team “Gauntlet for the Gold.” It’s a battle royal in which there is an entrant every 60 seconds and the last two men that are left will be joined by their partners for a tag match and the winner will be awarded the tag-team championships. Scott Hall joins Goldylocks and says he has a great partner, which is Sean Waltman. He quickly says hi before walking away with Hall. Waltman left the WWE just a few weeks before this aired so appearing on this PPV isn’t that bad of a score for NWA-TNA.
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay

 They run down the card, including Ron Killings vs. Jerry Lynn for the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship as West states how Lynn could be the first triple crown winner if he gets the belt. Also, Dustin Diamond (Screech from “Saved By The Bell”) has a special announcement as West jokes that he might be fighting the rest of the “Welcome Back Kotter” cast. Diamond had recently beat the shit out of actor Ron Palillo (Horshack from “Welcome Back Kotter) on “Celebrity Boxing” several months earlier.
Goldylocks in a pre-taped interview from earlier today is with Lawler in the parking lot. He is waiting for Jeff Jarrett. Lawler sees Jarrett and tries to attack but Jarrett stops him and says that he knows what this is about. He said he never touched his girlfriend April and that she is playing Lawler. He tells Lawler how he is the only one that he can trust. This feud has been terrible and no one cares at all.
Back in the arena, Jarrett’s music hits and he comes out. He says that he doesn’t want any more games or suspense and orders Bob Armstrong to come out with his masked surprise and if he doesn’t, he will go into the back and “beat the depends” off of him. He sure does make a for a witty heel. Jarrett heads back as a camera follows him but the Masked Bullet shows up and beats the piss out of Jarrett. They brawl back towards the ring. In the ring, The Masked Bullet does all of the Road Dogg’s mannerisms before grabbing the mic and saying “Oh, you didn’t know” before unmasking and revealing the Road Dogg, to the surprise of no one. He says seven years ago in Nashville, the Roadie walked out of the WWF with his supposed friend, Jeff Jarrett. He then says it was nearly career suicide but he kept going and joined D-X. After declaring that he will find a partner and enter the Gauntlet for the Gold,” he reveals that he will now go by “BG James” and that the “G” stands for “get it, got it, good.” James was really out of shape here but the crowd responded well towards him. Still, this is a feud that is only slightly better than Lawler/Jarrett, which apparently ended during a parking lot conversation.
Goldylocks is with Jorge Estrada & Sonny Siaki. She questions Siaki on his motives and he stops himself from speaking in the third person and puts over the Flying Elvises, stating how his time will come later. He comes off as insincere but Estrada seems to be believing him.  He then talks about the X-Division and that they should all support Jerry Lynn in his match against Killings tonight. Its pretty obvious that Siaki is gonig to interfere in that match.
Kid Kash vs. AJ Styles
Before the match, Styles grabs the mic and says the only thing supporting Lynn tonight will be his jockstrap. He then stumbles over his words before telling Lynn that their feud isn’t over yet. According to Tenay, Kash is the master of the hurricarana. The two start off by countering each other’s moves in the typical X-Division over-choreographed fashion. Tenay mentions that Low Ki is returning to NWA-TNA next week. Okay, he was gone from the last live show but has been appearing regulary. Kash dropkicks AJ off the apron then slingshots out and catches AJ with a rana. AJ kicks Kash and gets a moonsault block off of the apron. In the ring, AJ with a springboard missile dropkick that gets two. Kash catches AJ with a boot after a charge and gets a twisting senton for two. Kash with the high-angle Boston Crab then drops an elbow, for two. Kash blocks a spinning heel kick but AJ blocks the Moneymaker and drops Kash outside with a spinning neckbreaker. AJ runs off the apron and gets a tornado DDT. He rolls Kash in and gets two. Crowd is firmly behind Kash, who bounces AJ’s head off the turnbuckle with a headscissor takedown. German suplex gets two. AJ ducks a clothesline and gets a very sloppy Phenomenon for two. AJ beats on Kash but ducks his head and gets kicked. Kash with a double springboard hurricarana then gets a tornado DDT for two. AJ goes low with a dropkick then gets his kip-up into a rana for two. Discus clothesline gets two. They have a chopping battle that AJ wins. Dropkick to the back of Kash’s head gets two. AJ lands on the apron after a backdrop and springboards in but Kash dropkicks him right in the balls in mid-air. Holy shit did that look painful. Clothesline by Kash but misses a double springboard crossbody. AJ goes up top but Kash crotches him. Kash climbs up but AJ blocks the Frankensteiner and gets the Styles Clash from the second rope for the win (9:56) **1/4.
Thoughts: Some nice moves on display but there was no flow, or even any selling that occurred in this match. Kash looked fine but he seems to switch from face to heel each week. That is another problem TNA has, they have a roster full of tweeners.
Goldylocks is in the locker room with Buff Bagwell. He refers to himself as Buff, then changes his mind and says he is Marcus Bagwell. He asks for another chance and says that Marcus Bagwell started him in the business. BG James cut-ins and says that he knows of Bagwell and will give him a second chance by being his partner in the Tag Team Gauntlet, because he has received multiple chances as well. Bagwell accepts and they hug it out. Lame.
Jeremy Borash is on the entrance ramp and introduces Dustin Diamond. He asks him what he thinks of TNA. Diamond says it’s great in about several different ways. He brings up Celebrity Boxing and how he beat Ron Pollilo (Horshack from “Welcome Back Kotter.”) and asks if he will wrestle in TNA because of this. Diamond calls Borash a pip-squeak and Borash says that he should fight West, who says he gets paid to announce. West goes over to Tiny the Bell Keeper, a short, obese man and says that he should wrestle. West motivates him by asking if he wants to be a bellkeeper for the rest of his life. West was actually good in trying to convince Tiny that he should wrestle. Diamond says that he will beat Tiny and Borash asks for the boxing gloves as Tiny looks shocked. I’m pretty sure that no one cares to see this bout.
Goldylocks is with the Hotshots. They state how they gave up their spot in the Gauntlet to give the young teams a chance. Chase Stevens can’t cut a promo to save his life. Its not like O’Reilly is great or even good at them but Stevens makes him look like Ric Flair by comparision. Goldylocks then states how they were the tenth tanked team and booked into a three-way tag between Derek Wylde/Jimmy Rave & Ace Steel/CM Punk, so they couldn’t give up their spot. They leave and Disco Inferno comes in and asks her if she has seen Brian Lawler, referring to him as a puppet. He argues with Goldylocks and berates her before leaving. Two shitty segments that were rolled into one. Thanks, Russo.
Boxing Match
Tiny the Bell Keeper vs. Dustin Diamond
The rules are three one-minute rounds. West is the timekeeper. Diamond shoves Tiny before the bell. Tiny with a haymaker but Diamond ducks and hits him in the gut. He punches him again then sets him up for a overhand, which knocks him down. As the ref counts to five, Diamond’s music hits and the ref gets up to ten (0:36).
Thoughts: At least it was short. This had no appeal, even as a novelty attraction.
Derek Wylde & Jimmy Rave vs. Ace Steel & CM Punk vs. Hotshots
The loser from the match will be eliminated from the Gauntlet for the Gold. This is Punk’s TNA debut and he looks to weigh about 175 lbs here and is wearing shorts. West refers to him as a “possible X-Division player.” He starts off the match with Stevens and grabs a side headlock. He messes up a Mexican armdrag and Stevens backs him into the corner. Punk counters a slingshot and gets a crossbody block. Stevens fires away but Punk makers the tag after almost killing Stevens with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Steel with a delayed vertical suplex as Tenay mentioned how he trained Punk. Steel with chops then apparently tags Wylde, who tries a rana but gets caught by Stevens and powerbombed. Tag to O’Reilly and he runs into a very sloppy looking rana. Rave tags but gets taken down from behind by Stevens as he runs the ropes. Slam by O’Reilly then he follows with a springboard moonsault, getting two. Handspring back elbow smash by O’Reilly who poses then tags Stevens. They double-team Rave for a minute as a “Hotshots suck” chant breaks out. O’Reilly tags back and hits a delayed vertical suplex for two. Rave gets a small package for two but is clotheslined back down immediately. Slam but Rave gets the knees up on a moonsault. Rave manages a super kick as both men are down. Tag to Punk who almost whiffed completely on a springboard dropkick. He barely hit his ankles. Backbreaker by Punk but Stevens shoves his partner out of the way and gets a clothesline. The match breaks down as Steel is tossed to the floor. Rave is sent to the outside after a backdrop from O’Reilly, who misses a twisting pescado. Punk dives out and gets a swanton on O’Reilly. Wylde dives out with a twisting press but fell short and hit the floor hard. Stevens tries to dive out but gets clotheslined by Steel. He puts Stevens up in the Gory Special then turns into a neckbreaker for the win (7:10) *. The Hotshots are stunned then throw a temper tantrum in the ring.
Thoughts: Bad match. Most people, Punk included, didn’t seem like they even belonged wrestling on television. Those reading this are probably interested in how he did here but it was bad. I think he messed up more spots than anyone else in the match. Although, he was the most charismatic of the bunch. Lots of botched spots and sloppy sequences contaminated this match. Ace Steel probably stood out the most if I had to pick someone. Rave & Wylde were the two most generic indy wrestlers TNA has had on their shows at this point. This was also the last appearance of the Hotshots in TNA as O’Reilly quit a week or so due to travel issues. 
Goldylocks is out back with Chris Harris and James Storm. They say that tonight is their night and Harris says it doesn’t matter if Storm acts like a cowboy. He leaves and calls Storm “Buckeroo,” which makes him happy. Storm’s character here and the one from current TNA is like night and day.
Borash is in the ring and welcomes out Scott Hall and Syxx Pac, which is Waltman’s name in TNA. The usual catchphrases from Hall as he reminisces about first meeting Syxx Pac in 1993 and jokes about how he beat a jabroni named “Razor Ramon.” He says that Waltman makes him love wrestling and that he will “work for free” if he is in the ring. Waltman says the “bad shit” people have heard about him is probably true and that he is back to wrestling, no longer a sports entertainer. He then says the will probably get fired from TNA then they are jumped by Ron Harris and Brian Lee but gain the advantage and Hall hits Lee with the Razor’s Edge. The segment was designed to introduce Syxx Pac to TNA and did an alright job in doing so here.
Goldylocks is with Brian Lawler, who is pacing around frantically. She asks him about his girlfriend and Lawler asks where she is and forgets that the Gauntlet for the Gold is tonight before screaming at Goldylocks about this being a “life or death” situation. The Lawler stuff is horrible and no one cares at all.
Borash is in the ring and welcomes Hermie Sadler, who is wearing his Kangol backwards and sporting a goatee. He is interviewed by Tenay, who essentially kisses his ass about his involvement in NASCAR and praises is match against Killings a few months ago. Tenay then invites him to sit out for the next match
Bruce comes to the ring and Sadler says he doesn’t understand why Bruce beats up women. Bruce once again brings up Tenay and asks him about his wife, saying that he wants to kick her ass. Bruce challenges people from the crowd and calls out a blond lady as Borash has he sign a release. Bruce calls her a fat hog
Miss NWA-TNA Title and $5,000 Open Challenge
Bruce vs. ???
The blond doesn’t get a name. Bruce opens the ropes for her but immediately beats her down. Bruce gets a suplex and finishes by powerbombing the woman for the win (1:02). After the match, Sadler questions Bruce’s motives and runs in to save the woman from a beating. He hits Bruce with an inverted atomic drop.
Thoughts: Bruce being Miss TNA is another awful angle. No one cares and there isn’t any appeal to this at all. Also, adding Hermie Sadler to the mix isn’t going to help things either.
Goldylocks is with Jerry Lynn. She asks him about his title match with Killings. He says it is a great opportunity and goes on until Killings comes out and asks Lynn if he that is what he calls “Honky-Tonk.” Tells Lynn that he is the best and the belt means everything to him. He then tells Lynn he needs to commit a homicide if he wants to take the belt away from him. The best backstage segment of the night, not like that’s saying much.
NWA-TNA Tag-Team Gauntlet for the Gold
Brian Lawler is #1 and Tenay says that his partner is the Disco Inferno. James Storm is #2. Lawler crotches Storm as he comes in but plays to the crowd, allowing Storm to fight back. Suplex by Lawler and he backdrops Storm, who lands on the apron then hits Lawler with a missile dropkick. Joel Maximo is #3 and the crowd does a “S-A-T” chant. He and Storm try to take out Lawler. Derek Wylde is #4 and hits Joel with a springboard dropkick and a tilt-a-whirl headscissors before getting tossed over the top rope by Lawler. Joel gets eliminated by Lawler after eating a superkick. Storm tries the Hanging Noose but Lawler shoves him off top and he is eliminated. Lawler is in the ring by himself and dances around until Buff Bagwell enters at #5. Buff hits a few clotheslines and a neckbreaker, all in slow motion. He follows with some posing and yells in the camera then beats on Lawler in the corner as Kobain enters at #6. He clotheslines Bagwell then works on Lawler. Bagwell then hits Kobain and gets a backdrop. Lawler goes low on Bagwell and orders Kobain to attack then jumps him shortly afterwards. Ace Steel is #7 and works on Kobain. Lawler tries to eliminate Bagwell and bites his forehead and nose. Jorge Estrada is #8 and is met by Steel. Not a whole lot going on as Brian Lee is number #9 and beats on Steel. Still not much going on as Syxx Pac enters as #10. He kicks Kobain then beats on Lee. He looks good out here as he is going after everyone. He eliminates Kobain with a chop then gets the Bronco Buster on Lawler. CM Punk is #11 and his partner Ace Steel gets tossed over the top rope by Pac as soon as he enters the ring. Punk and Estrada go at it as does Lee and Bagwell. Jimmy Rave enters at #12 and takes down Punk with headscissors as he an Estrada double-team Punk, who Tenay is calling Ace Steel. Ron Harris enters at #13 and beats the piss out of Estrada and almost tosses him out but then does so with the help of Lee. Harris then throws Punk over the top rope as Lee does the same to Rave. Bagwell tries to charge at them but gets backdropped to the floor and eliminated. Syxx Pac then tosses Lawler from the top and to the floor just as BG James is announced as #14. He fights off Lee and Harris for a bit but gets beat on in the corner. Syxx stomps on Lee and tries to get him over the top rope. Jose Maximo is #15 and tries a crossbody but Harris catches him and tosses him over the top rope. Lee and Harris hit Pac with the H Bomb. They try it again but Pac gets a double clothesline. Lawler distracts Pac, allowing Harris and Lee to eliminate him. Slash is #16 and goes towards BG James. All three men beat on James as Sonny Siaki is #17. He gets a neckbreaker on Slash and stomps away. Disco Inferno is #18 and stalls on the apron before going after Siaki. Harris then beats on him as Slash works on Siaki in the corner. Scott Hall enters as #19 and goes after Lee then Harris. Lee is on the top rope then gets down. Hall backdrops Harris to the floor as #20 Chris Harris comes out and goes after Lee. Slash is eliminated off camera and Siaki is elminated by Disco after he side steps a charge. Boy, did that look lame. Hall and James beat on Disco. Hall tosses him but he lands on the apron only to get shoved off and eliminated. We are down to the final four: BG James, Scott Hall, Brian Lee and Chris Harris. James and Hall go to lockup but Lee runs over and eliminates both men, leaving he and Chris Harris as the last two men (23:00) **1/2.
Thoughts: Not that bad for a battle royal, actually. The action flowed nicely. Besides Bagwell, no one really embarrassed themselves either.
NWA-TNA Tag-Team Championship Match
Ron Harris & Brian Lee vs. Chris Harris & James Storm
Harris beats on Lee but his taken down by a big boot. Harris beats up Storm on the apron and his chokeslammed. Jarrett then runs out and attack BG James as the camera foucs on that for a bit. Both Harris and Lee beat on the Wildcat as Storm is crawling to the ring. Harris knees Storm off of the apron as Lee is now the legal man. Harris fires away but misses a charge and gets clotheslined, which gets two. Funny moment as West says how there are too many “Harris’s and James’s out here.” That is very true. Ron tags in and they get the H-Bomb on the Wildcat. Storm runs in and escapes the H-Bomb and runs wild until he is caught with the H-Bomb. Ron sets up a table and puts Storm on top. Lee tries to powerbomb Harris onto his partner but Harris counters with a rollup and gets the pin (4:57) ½*.
Thoughts: It’s nice to see that they put the belts on Storm & Harris here but they didn’t exactly make them look strong. Harris doesn’t care to sell for anything and the rollup win just screams that it was a fluke.
Tenay and West hype up Harris & Storm as the new tag-champs. Camera cuts to the locker room as BG James is bleeding profusely with a referee applying pressure with a towel and James’s father, Bob Armstrong, standing around.
Tale of the tape between Jerry Lynn and Ron Killings
NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Jerry Lynn vs. Ron “The Truth Killings (Champion)
Killings attacks Lynn before the bell. Back elbow smash by Killings and he yells at the crowd. Lynn ducks an attack in the corner and fires away. Tilt-a-whirl headscissors by Lynn and he beats on the Truth in the corner. Backbreaker gets two. Killings charges and Lynn sends him into the turnbuckle with a drop toehold. He then nails Truth in the nuts and apologizes but gets tossed outside shortly afterwards. Killings with a baseball slide then hotshots him off of the table. Lynn is busted open on his forehead and Truth goes on the attack. An awkward sequence leads to a sideslam by Killings, which gets two. Lynn is wearing a crimson mask at this point but manages to get a sunset flip. Killings goes back on the attack. Lynn gets hit with a leg lariat then is tossed outside.  Killings punches Lynn around but gets whipped into the guardrail. He then slams Lynn’s head off of the steps and opens up his forehead. Back in the ring, Killings stomps on Lynn then puts him in a surfboard. After switching go-behinds, they mess up a big boot spot and then repeat it, getting Killings a two count. Axe kick gets two. Lynn manages to get a cradle for two but gets clotheslined down by Killings. Lynn gets a crossbody for two then clotheslined down again as AJ Styles is standing ringside. Kid Kash, Flying Elvises and the SAT’s come down ringside as well, showing support to Lynn. Back suplex by Lynn and both men are down as the crowd is chanting loudly for Lynn. He gets a few clotheslines then a legsweep for two. He signals for the cradle piledriver but Killings counters with a backdrop. Lynn then counters a suplex attempt with a DDT as the ref is paying attention to the other wrestlers. He goes up top but gets crotched by Sonny Siaki and that allows Killings to get the consequences for the win (12:26) *3/4. The rest of the wrestlers chase Siaki up the ramp. Lynn is then helped to the back by the refs.
Thoughts: They tried, but the match just wasn’t very good. Lynn went all out but Killings isn’t very strong on offense and the two didn’t seem to be on the same page. I did like the idea of the other X-Division wrestlers coming out to show support and having Siaki turn on Lynn and the entire X-Division fits his character. A Lynn/Siaki feud is a lot more refreshing than another Styles/Lynn match.
West hypes next week: Jeff Jarrett vs. BG James, Syxx Pac vs. Brian Lawler, and the return of Low Ki. BG James comes out with a mic and blows off Killings, who attacks him as a result. Jarrett runs in to beat on James but Hall and Syxx Pac run out and beat on the heels to close the show.
Final Thoughts: The first half of this show was horrendous but the Gauntlet for the Gold was decent and at least the main event, while not good, wasn’t embarrassing. The angles of Bruce as Miss TNA and Lawler’s girlfriend are just horrible. Jarrett ended is month long feud with Lawler over a parking lot conversation then went right back into a feud with BG James. I mean, the Lawler stuff sucked but ending it the way they did made the whole thing seemed like an even bigger waste of time. The Russo stuff is just overwhelming. Cramming all sorts of shit into a backstage segment just makes it so you forget what happened 30 minutes ago. The budget cutbacks are also notable as there were a lot of indy wreslters that didn’t belong on TV at all.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #11

August 28, 2002
Goldylocks is talking to Brian Lawler in the parking lot. They make their way towards the arena as Lawler is about to reveal what Jarrett did to piss him off but Jarrett attacks him from behind and a mix of referees and officials break up the melee. Still no reveal as to what happened between the two.  
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay

 Kid Kash vs. Amazing Red
The two trade moves for a while and neither man can establish an advantage. Kash shoves Red in the corner, who comes back with a slap. Kash charges and gets caught in a drop toehold. They then do some over-choreographed stuff before trading armdrags. Red wants a test of strength but Kash replies with a middle finger. Red kicks and then punches away. He backdrops Kash, who lands on the apron, then knocks him to the floor. Red flies outside with a flipping senton. Kash reverses an Irish whip and sends Red into the guardrail then throws a chair at him. Back in, Kash gets a flying clothesline off the top rope for two. KOD (Elevated Boston Crab) by Kash is followed by an elbow drop for two. He pokes the eyes of Red in the corner but gets booted off of a charge. Red comes off top and lands on his feet in a mistimed spot before getting a rana for two. Spinning heel kick gets two. Red gets elbowed off a charge then Kash sits on the top rope and gets a clothesline on a leaping Red for two. Powerbomb by Kash but he gets caught with a sunset bomb for two. Spinkick by Red and then a jumping STO for two. They both climb up top and Kash gets a press slam for two. They then slap each other until Red kicks Kash repeatedly in the corner. Red misses a charge and crotches himself in the middle turnbuckle as Kash hits him with a slingshot legdrop for two. Double springboard crossbody gets two. Kash gets elbowed off of a charge and Red climbs up top. Kash shoves the ref against the ropes, crotching Red, and Kash picks him up and hits the Bankruptcy (muscle buster) for the win (9:25) **1/4. After the match, Red offers Kash a handshake but gets knocked down. The Maximos run out and eventually get the Spanish Fly on Kash.
Thoughts: A spotfest if there ever was one. There was no selling and just a series of highspots. Red tried too much and failed to connect on a few occasions. The beginning was far too over-choreographed . Kash looked good and was clearly the better worker here.
Goldylocks is with Sonny Siaki. She asks him about his upcoming match with Monty Borwn. Siaki proclaims that he is bigger than the Superbowl and continues to talk in the third person. Siaki and Goldylocks were better than usual here.
Sonny Siaki vs. Monty Brown
Before the match, Brown grabs the mic and tells Jarrett that he doesn’t need chairs and that he will “systematically” take him apart with his bare hands. Siaki backs Brown in the corner but Brown chops away. He stomps Siaki in the corner then tosses him outside. Brown charges but Siaki gets a drop toehold, sending him into the guardrail. Brown quickly regains the advantage and beats on Siaki for a while before rolling him back in the ring. Brown gets two off a pin. Sideslam gets two. Back elbow smash and a series off stomps by Brown leads to a few two counts. More chops by Brown and a corner splash as Brown measures Siaki. Double underhook suplex gets two. Vertical suplex gets two and Brown is getting frustrated. Brown drops Siaki with a punch then chops him some more. Chinlock by Brown that Siaki eventually breaks, only to get knocked back down. Brown drops his head and Siaki gets a DDT as both men lay down. Siaki is up first and stomps away. Clothesline gets two but Brown catches him and gets a fisherman’s suplex as both men are back down. They trade punches until Brown gets a double underhook suplex. Brown catches and nearly drops Siaki before getting a catatonic. He signals for the Alphabomb as Jarrett comes out. Siaki gets a low blow then rolls up Brown for the win (10:11) *1/4. Bob Armstrong and the Masked Bullet come out with security. Brown then beats on Jarrett and Lawler pops up from behind the guardrail and chokes out Jarrett with a belt. They brawl on the ramp until security breaks it up.
Thoughts: The match itself was not good. Brown had no business going ten minutes and Siaki is not experienced enough to carry him. Brown has a ton of charisma but besides his subpar ringwork, his attire needs improvement. It is worse than most indy wrestlers. The Jarrett and Lawler stuff after the match was tiresome as the feud is not progressing and there is very little suspense in building towards the reveal of Lawler’s anger.  
West and Tenay plug the Triple Ladder Match for the X-Division Title and a “special interview” with Brian Lawler conducted by Goldylocks. Cut backstage to Goldylocks with Slash. He has his brother, Kobain, who states that he overdoses on the sweet nectar of his pain. He’s wearing a white T-shirt and jeans. Cobain is better known as Flash Flanagan, who wrestled in OVW in the early 2000’s. Segment didn’t do anything to get you excited about these wrestlers.
Elimination Match
Backseat Boys vs. Slash & Kobain vs. Hotshots vs. Chris Harris & James Storm
Whoever scores the winning pinfall gets to be the final entrant in the Tag-Team Gauntlet for the Gold on the next live show. The Backseat Boys are Johnny Kashmere and the late Trent Acid. O’Reilly starts by chopping Kashmere but gets caught with a spinebuster. O’Reilly slaps Kashmere in the face and tags Acid. They counter each other’s moves then high five each other. They dropkick Slash off of the apron and things break down for a bit. Acid with a Yakuza kick on O’Reilly that missed by a mile. The Backseat Boyz double team the Hotshots as the others brawl outside. O’Reilly and Acid moonsault onto the others on the floor. Kashmere with a flipping senton and Stevens almost kills himself with a shooting star press onto everyone. In the ring, Stevens and Acid are the legal men. Acid beats on Stevens but he doesn’t see the tag between Stevens and Slash and gets hit with a neckbreaker for the pin, eliminating the Backseat Boys (4:12). Slash legdrops Stevens for two. Tag to Cobain and they double-team Stevens. Stevens fights back but Harris tags Kobain. He punches Stevens but O’Reilly interferes and he gets kicked down. Double dropkick by the Hotshots and Storm breaks up the pin. Another pin gets two. Chops from O’Reilly but Harris fights back and chops him down. O’Reilly goes low then gets a sitout slam. He tries a springboard moonsault but Harris gets his knees up. Lariat by Harris and tag to Kobain. Storm tags Kobain and goes up top but is inadvertently knocked of by O’Reilly. Storm blocks a Frankensteiner attempt then gets the Hanging Noose (Inverted Tornado DDT) for the pin, eliminating the Hotshots (7:53). Slash runs in and beats on Storm. Back elbow smash is followed by a helicopter slam, which gets two. Kobain tags and tosses Storm to the floor the hits him with a flipping senton. Slash rolls Storm back in and drops an elbow. Brian Lee and Ron Harris come down to the booth and state how its “bullshit” that they are not in this match. Both men are now down in the ring. Storm makes the tag and Harris goes nuts. Kobain accidentally elbow drops his own partner. Slash and Kobain try a double-team move but Storm breaks it up. Superkick by Storm and Harris covers and gets two. Storm blocks a tornado DDT attempt by Kobain then superkicks him off of the apron. Harris whips Slash into Storm but he blocks the Hanging Noose and gets a running neckbreaker for two. Ron and Lee leave the booth as Harris blocks a neckbreaker by Slash and gets the catatonic for the pin (12:49) **1/4. After the match, Lee and Ron Harris attack the winners and the rest of the teams in the match run in for a giant brawl that ends with Lee and Ron clearing the ring.
Thoughts:  Match was a mess but did flow nicely towards the end. It’s quite clear that Harris & Storm are the best tag-team in TNA. Also, the crowd is responding favorably towards them. The Backseat Boys didn’t stand out, nor did the Hotshots, but Slash & Kobain did a decent job and it helped that they had teamed before in the indies.   
Backstage, Bob Armstrong and Jarrett are arguing as Jarrett yells at him to get things in order. Jarrett says he deserves a title shot and that he will reveal the “Surprise” to the whole world then kick his ass after he is finished.
Bruce is in the ring as the crowd starts a “You’re a homo” chant. He says that everyone is jealous and that April Hunter will not take the crown.
Miss TNA Crown and $5,000 Prize
Bruce (Champion) vs. April Hunter
Bruce pushes April away but gets hit with a forearm. Armdrag and more chops by April. Headscissor takedown follows but Bruce gets a hangman’s drop and then slams her face off of the mat. Scoop slam and vertical suplex by Bruce as the crowd chants “homo.” April tries to fight back but Bruce knocks her down. Springboard sunset flip by Bruce gets one. Powerbomb by Bruce finishes the match (3:01) ¼*. After the match, Bruce tries to remove April’s top but Slyk Wagner Brown, April’s boyfriend, runs out and chases off Bruce.
Thoughts: April tried and the match wasn’t terrible but these segments are awful as a whole.  
Goldylocks is with Jimmy Yang and Jorge Estrada. She asks them about Sonny Siaki and he appears in street clothes. Siaki tells everyone that if you take your vitamins and say your prayers, you will prematurely lose your hair. That was a funny line but the whole segment was useless.
Spanish Announce Team vs. Flying Elvises
Tenay says that after the match, Lawler will reveal his problem with Jarrett. Joel and Estrada start off. They trade off a bunch of moves, some of them really sloppy looking, in another over-choreographed sequence. Joel grabs a headlock then a shoulderblock followed by an ugly looking rana. Estrada brushes off a dropkick but misses an elbow drop. He catches Joel with a powerslam for two. Yang runs in and kicks Jose and both of the SAT’s are standing outside and the Elvises then hit stereo quebradas. In the ring, Estrada with a rolling fireman’s carry into a springboard moonsault gets two. Tag to Yang, who gets a leg lariat for two. Moonsault kick then mounted punches before tagging Estrada. Elbow drop gets two. Estrada gets booted off of a charge then hit with an enziguiri. Joel with a missle dropkick and tag to Jose. He lands several punches then the SAT’s double team Estrada for a bit. Jose is in the ring and gets a basement dropkick for two. Estrada puts Jose on the top and gets a neckbreaker before tagging Yang. Legdrop gets two. Neckbreaker gets two. Yang gets the figure-four neck lock as the announcers plug the triple ladder match. Yang with a front facelock and tags Estrada. Tope con hilo gets two. Clothesline gets two. Slam and Estrada heads up top but gets kicked by Jose. He climbs up but Estrada fights him off and gets a neckbreaker as both men are down and then they tag out. Joel runs wild. He catches Yang in a double underhook suplex. They double-team Estrada but Yang takes them down with a double dropkick. Suplex to Joel gets two. Jose slams Yang and gets a top rope legdrop for two. Estrada with a DDT then a springboard senton for two. German suplex by Joel to Estrada gets two. Dragon suplex gets two. Jose up top and gets a missile dropkick on Estrada, who was grounded in a full nelson. Yang breaks up the double-team and gets a leg lariat. SAT crotch Yang and go for Spanish Fly but Siaki runs down and pulls them off and Yang hits the Yangtime on  Joel, who gets back up and goes up top but Yang picks him up and hits something resembling a neckbreaker for the pin (14:19) **3/4. Siaki heads up the ramp as the rest of the Elvises sit in the ring, looking confused as to what just happened.
Thoughts: Match started out terribly but it became pretty good until the messed up ending. As far as Siaki’s involvement, its unclear as to why he helped the out seeing how he is trying to break away from the group.
Goldylocks is in the ring awaiting Brian Lawler. She says that this is his chance to tel the public about his problems with Jarrett. Lawler asks Goldylocks what her name is then points out how she dresses like a “floosy” and a “two dollar whore” before telling her that this is a wrestling ring and its no place for a piece of trash like her and orders her out. She leaves and the crowd boos as he then insults the crowd and wants complete silence. He says he will give Jarrett five seconds to get into the ring. After counting to five, he doesn’t come out and attempts to say what happened until he is cut off by Killings. Says he was not home with a concussion, playing up when Lawler accidentally hit him with  a chair last week. Lawler is scared and tries to say it was an accident, even saying how they are “homies.” Lawler points to his girlfriend in the front row, a young attractive blond, then yells at the photographer before hopping over the rail and attacking him before taking his girlfriend up the ramp. What a waste of time as there are still no answers as to what happened between him and Jarrett.
Jeff Jarrett vs. The Masked Bullet
Jarret tosses him out of the ring and beats on him outside of the ring. He tosses him over the guarrail and repeatedly hits him with chairshots. He tosses him back over the guardrail then into the ring. Bullet is able to reverse an Irish whip then knocks Jarrett down. He drops the knee and gets an atomic drop. He tries for the pumphandle slam but Jarrett escapes and gets a low blow. Jarrett then pulls handcuffs out of his kneepad and cuffs him to the ropes and the match ends with a DQ (3:47) ¼*. He grabs the mic and says that he will reveal him to the world and grabs a chair. Bob Armstrong runs out and knocks down Jarrett to the reaction of no one. Jarrett then kills him with a chair and stomps away as the Masked Bullet remains cuffed. Bob is bleeding and Jarrett taunts the bullet as the crowd wants Jarrett to hit Armstrong again. He says he is kicked Bob’s ass and goes to unmask the Bullet until several security guards break it up.
Thoughts: The crowd was dead, except when they chanted for Jarrett to beat the shot out of Bob Armstrong. It’s quite obvious that the Masked Bullet is the Road Dogg, as he uses his signature moves. Hell, a fan chanted “Road Dogg” during parts of the match. He has gained a decent amount of weight since his last WWE run. To say the least.  
Don West plugs next week’s X-Division special then says that the Triple Ladder Match coming up next will be the best match he will ever see.
Highlights of last week’s 2-out-of-3 falls matches between AJ & Lynn.
NWA-TNA X Division Title
Triple Ladder Match
Jerry Lynn vs. AJ Styles vs. Low Ki (Champion)
Lynn and Ki trade chops in the ring as AJ ducks out and grabs the ladder. They realizes this and slide outside but AJ walks backwards and clotheslines Lynn with the ladder but then Ki kicks AJ. Ki beats on AJ in the ring. Lynn tries to enter but misses his apron legdrop. Ki with a springboard kick to AJ then goes towards Lynn. Lynn floats over on a suplex then ducks a kick before getting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Lynn then beats on AJ then puts Ki in a surfboard and AJ bulldogs Ki from that position. Lynn suplexes AJ then puts him in a Boston Crab. Ki gets up and kicks Lynn in the chest but he wont break the hold. Eventually, Lynn falls down and crowd chants for Ki. Ki with a rolling Koppu Kick to AJ. He puts AJ in the muscle buster postion and runs across the ring, ramming him into Lynn. Ki puts the ladder in the ring but AJ with a baseball slide kicks it in his face. AJ drapes the ladder across the rail and the ring apron then throws Lynn against the apron. Ki and AJ are on the ladder figting until Lynn joins them. He takes them off and all three men are on the floor. Lynn slides the ladder in the ring and prevents AJ from taking it away. Lynn sets up the ladder and tries to climb but is stopped by Ki. He tries to set up the ladder but gets hit by AJ. They brawl but that ends when Lynn knocks AJ down with a right. The ladder is lying against the ropes as Ki gets double-hiptossed. A nice reversal sequence ends with Lynn suplexing AJ against the ladder. Ki tries the Tidal Crush on Lynn but gets caught. Lynn attempts a running powerbomb but Ki snaps of a rana, sending Lynn into the ladder as the crowd is really getting into the match. Styles sets up the ladder and reaches the belt but Ki climbs and kicks him off as AJ is hanging by his feet. Ki is killing him with kicks to the chest and ends with a nasty kick to the head. Ki then climbs up but Lynn gets him from behind and takes him off with a back suplex. Styles beats on both men then climbs up the ladder. Ki stops him then both men fall off. Lynn climbs up but both men tip over the ladder. Ki tries to bring in another ladder but stops when AJ is about to climb. They trade kicks until AJ gets the Phenomenon. Lynn beats on AJ then catches Ki and powerbombs him. AJ grabs the second ladde and throws it in the ring, hitting Lynn in the face. AJ and Lynn fight as Ki brings in the third ladder. Ki climbs up the middle ladder, as all three are in a row. Everyone is now on the top of their ladders until Lynn falls. Ki puts AJ in the dragon sleeper until Lynn breaks that up. Ki’s ladder falls but he manages to keep his balance while bouncing it off the ropes and making it stand up right again. AJ gets shoved off and falls outside then Lynn pushes the ladder down completely. Ki and Lynn fight until Lynn hits Ki with eh cradle piledriver halfway up the ladder. Lynn then climbs up and wins the belt as the show goes off the air (19:57) ****. 
Thoughts: Not as good as the three-way from two weeks ago but a hell of a match. It progressed nicely and having Lynn win was good but hopefully it builds towards a feud between someone other than AJ.    
Final Thoughts: The Lawler/Jarrett feud is a waste and dominated the show. The triple ladder match was fantastic and Harris & Storm continue to impress but that is really the only positives from the show and the promotion in general right now. It comes across as second-rate and the fact that most of the crowd left (This was taped after last week’s show) really gave it a minor league feel. Next live show is on September 18th.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #10

August 21, 2002
Your hosts are Mike Tenay and Don West. Ed Ferrara is no longer with the company. I vaguely recall around this time that he left to pursue a job as an editor somewhere but TNA made a lot of budget cuts due to the lack of a financial backer and he was part of those cuts. During the show, you will notice worse production values and the absence of certain wrestlers and performers.

 Falls Count Anywhere
AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn
AJ tries a baseball slide but Lynn catches him and drops him on the guardrail. Lynn roughs up AJ and clotheslines him into the crowd. AJ comes back with a neckdrop and then a forearm for two. They trade chops around the ring for a bit. AJ charges but Lynn boots him and then crotches him on the guardrail. Lynn smashes his face off of a chair, getting two. They brawl into the crowd but the lighting makes it tough to see what is going on. They are now in the bleachers as AJ tosses Lynn through the railing and follows that with a senton, which gets two. AJ drags Lynn back towards the ring and throws him over the rail. Lynn fights back then pushes AJ off as he was trying a flying attack. Lyn suplexes him back onto the floor, getting two. They go back into the ring and Lynn counters the Phenomenon with a jawbreaker. He signals for the cradle piledriver but AJ counters with a facebuster and both men are down. AJ crawls over and gets two. Lynn counters a slingshot suplex with a neckbreaker, getting two. AJ gets a rana and both men fall to the floor. Styles gets two. They trade chops until Styles gets an enziguiri. They go up the ramp and Styles gets a slam and eggs on the crowd. He then walks into a spear from Lynn and then Lynn takes Styles off the stage with a bulldog into a platform. They go back onto the ramp and Lynn blocks the Styles Clash and gets a backdrop and follows that with the cradle piledriver for the win (9:54) **3/4
Thoughts: Decent match but due to the poor production values, you really couldn’t see much of anything when they brawled in the stands. The lighting was almost non-existent. These two aren’t brawlers but they worked around that well. Also, with two more matches coming up in the show, they weren’t going to put all their effort into the first match.
Goldylocks is with James Storm and Chris Harris. She talks about their match tonight against Ron Harris and Brian Lee. Harris cuts off Storm and asks him to stop is cowboy gimmick. Harris blames his gimmick as the reason they have not been wrestling recently. Ron and Lee walk in and make fun of Storm, who comes back with some more cowboy jargon. He then gets upset when they call him buckaroo, stating that only cowboys can use that word. Ron and Lee advise Chris to find another tag partner as Storm points out how they were “rude buckeroos.”  A segment devoted to another tag-team that doesn’t get along.
Ron Harris & Brian Lee vs. “Cowboy” James Storm & “Wildcat” Chris Harris
Tenay mentions that we could find out about the suspended NWA-TNA tag titles as soon as next week. Storm and Lee start things off. Lee is a lot lighter than usual here. Lee shoves Storm down a few times then beats on him in the corner. Storm dodges a charge and fires away. He blocks a hiptoss and hits a few flying forearms. Ron comes in and Wildcat knocks him out of the ring. Back inside the ring, both partners tag out. Wildcat gets a few arm drags and Ron rolls out of the ring. He goes back in and beats on Wildcat in the corner. He hits a bunch of clotheslines until Wildcat dodges one and then beats on both of his opponents. Ron charges and gets backdropped to the floor. Lee joins his partner as Storm hits them with a plancha, assisted by the Wildcat. Back in, Wildcat takes down Ron with headscissors but Lee hits him with a Tombstone Piledriver, getting two. Wildcat gets double-teamed for a while as Storm complains to the ref. Sideslam by Ron gets two. Tag to Lee and he grabs a chinlock after a few punches. Wildcat comes back with a Thesz Press but Lee gets a low blow then tosses him to the floor and throws some punches. Ron tags and gets a boot before tagging out. Lee with a one-handed cover, gets two. Wildcat comes back with a bulldog and makes the tag. Storm unloads on Ron and Lee. All four men are in the ring brawling as Storm and Wildcat clothesline Lee to the floor. An obviously planted fan taps Lee on the shoulders and he gets dragged over the rail and beaten up by Lee. Ron is distracted as Wildcat comes off top and drapes his throat on the ropes and Storm rolls him up for the win (8:56) *3/4. After the match, Ron gets Lee and they ambush Wildcat and Storm, hitting them with the H-Bomb. Borash is checking on the fan.
Thoughts: Harris & Storm really looked good here. They made the match better than it was. Lee and Harris aren’t good workers, Harris is terrible, but the future AMW carried things. The crowd was behind Storm and Harris too, which is always a good sign.   
Tenay and West run down the rest of the card, specifically the “surprise” for Jarrett and the Heavyweight Title bout.
Two-out-of-Three Falls
Sonny Siaki vs. Jimmy Yang w/Jose Estrada
On the ramp, Yang ducks a clothesline and gets a spinning heel kick that did not connect at all. Yang tosses Siaki against the guardrail and dances on the dancer’s platform. He beats on Siaki and grabs a fan’s “Yang Time” sign and puts it in his face. In the ring, a dropkick by Yang gets two. He gets some turnbuckle smashes then an elbow smash off of a charge. Hanging figure-four necklock by Yang then a springboard missile dropkick gets two. Yang goes for a chinlock as Tenay mentions how Yang will be wrestling on the same Japan card as Bill Goldberg. I guess that is a big accomplishment. Yang drops his head and Siaki lands a punch. He gets a cutter out of the scoop slam position for two. Yang turns a backslide into a neckbreaker and goes up top and hits the Yang Time for the first fall (3:22). Yang goes back to the hanging figure-four necklock but Siaki flips him over. He then tosses him over the guardrail then suplexes him back over. Siaki rolls Yang back in the ring and gets two. Spinning neckbreaker gets two. He gets a chinlock then breaks and the two trade chops. Siaki sldies underneath Yang and holds the arm before hitting a really sloppy pumphandle suplex, which gets two. Siaki beats on Yang in the corner then gets a legdrop for two. Surfboard by Siaki as the crowd chants “Yang Time.” He is able to counter with a backslide, getting two, but Siaki takes him down with a lariat. Siaki eats boot off of a charge and Yang comes back with a top-rope spinning heel kick, which gets two. Siaki blocks a suplex attempt and gets the Money Clip neckbreaker to capture the second fall (8:20). Shoulderbreaker by Siaki gets two. Yang rolls through and gets a single-leg crab but Siaki gets to the ropes. Yang works the leg but Siaki breaks and puts Yang up top for a superplex but Yang pops right up to his feet and gets a shining wizard. Yang counters a hiptoss with a corkscrew spin then gets a short-armed clothesline. Another clothesline gets two. Yang with a mule kick then a moonsault kick in the corner. Mounted punches by Yang but Siaki counters a rana with an alley-oop into the turnbuckle. Yang manages to crotch Siaki on the top turnbuckle then hits a super swinging neckbreaker but doesn’t go for the pin. They trade punches until Yang gets a small package for two. Estrada is on the apron yelling at the ref about his counting as Siaki counters a Yang rollup by holding on to the ropes and gets the three count (14:01) **1/4.
Thoughts: This match wasn’t that good due to a conflict of styles and lack of chemistry. Siaki used more power moves and Yang actually was pretty bad at selling around this time. The crowd didn’t seem to care much about this other than some occasional pops for Yang.
Immediately after the match, Jeff Jarrett runs out and demands the music be stopped immediately. He calls out Bob Armstrong and says he doesn’t care about the surprise as no one will stop him. Brian Lawler then runs out and attacks Jarrett as security breaks it up. A loud “Jerry’s Kid” chant breaks out. Lawler goes into the ring as Goldylocks comes out and asks him about his problem with Jarrett. Lawler orders Goldylocks to leave the ring and is about to tell everyone what Jarrett did but Slash comes out from underneath the ring and attacks him.   
Brian Lawler vs. Slash
According to Tenay, this was a scheduled match. Slash tosses Lawler on the ropes then dropkicks him to the floor. Slash chokes him out with the camera wires as Tenay states how James Mitchell was upset with Malice last week for bumping fists with Don Harris. Slash pulls up the floor mats but Lawler counters the piledriver attempt with a backdrop. In the ring, Lawler flips off the crowd with both hands then clotheslines Slash to the floor. They go up the ramp and Lawler grabs a sideheadlock and delivers a few punches before hitting a bulldog. Lawler rolls him back in the ring and attempts to grab a chair from a female fan then spits at her. Slash knocks Lawler off top and gets a superplex for two. Helicopter slam gets two. Lawler floats over and gets a DDT but panders to the crowd and dances instead of going for the pin. Enziguiri by Lawler and more pausing. They trade low-blows and Slash puts Lawler on top. He gets knocked off and Lawler gets the Tennessee Jam for the win (5:53) *.  Immediately after, camera cuts backstage as Bob Armstrong and Jarrett yell at each other.
Thoughts: A nothing match. Lawler is supposed to be fuming and upset yet he reverted back to his dancing and constant pandering to the crowd. It doesn’t fit the character he is trying to use at all. Slash is fairly useless as well but its funny to hear West constantly state how he is the scariest man in TNA.
NWA-TNA X Division Title Elimination Match
Low Ki (Champion) vs. Jose Maximo vs. Joel Maximo vs. Amazing Red
Ki gets mobbed by the SAT’s but manages to kick them all down. He absolutely kills Jose with a kick to the back of the head. Red springboards in but has to land on his feet before dropkicking Ki. Joel and Red are in the ring. Joel with a basement dropkick for two. Tag to Ki who chops Red. Elbow smash gets two. Bionic elbow drop gets two. Red escapes from the muscle buster position and gets a step-up enziguiri for two. Jose tags but Ki chops him in the corner. Tornado DDT by Jose gets two. Joel tags and they double-team Ki. Joel with a clothesline for two. Springboard rana by Ki then rolling Koppu Kicks to both Joel and Jos, beforee getting the Tidal Crush to both men in the corner. Red tags and gets a standing shooting star press for two on Joel. Tag to Ki but he is caught in the torture rack position by Joel. Jose off top with a stomp and Red follows but manages to get a rana on Jose. Red goes on Jose’s shoulder’s but gets knocked off with a springboard kick from Low Ki. SAT’s with the Maximo Impact to Ki. Red with a tornado DDT to Joel and a spin kick to Jose. He dropkicks Jose to the apron in a completely mistimed spot. Red takes him off the apron with a rana, knocking him onto Joel. Ki kicks Red as he tried to re-enter the ring. He picks up Red for the Ki Crusher but instead runs across the ring and tosses him onto Jose & Joel. That looked cool. Ki follows with a twisting moonsault as the crowd yells TNA. In the ring, Ki and Joel are going at it until Joel knocks him off the apron. Jose grabs Red and gets a facebuster out of the cross-armed powerbomb position, which gets two. Joel then hits the Maximo Overdrive (double underhook facebuster) on Jose for the pin (9:06). Ki grabs Joel by the hair and kicks him in the face repeatedly while dragging him around. No wonder people hated working with him. Red then gets a springboard STO on Joel before getting the Infra-Red for the pin (10:02). Ki dodges a kick by Red and fights back with palm thrusts. Red tries for the sunset bomb but Ki counters by slingshotting him hard into the turnbuckle, getting two. Ki goes for the Ki Crusher from the top rope but Red escapes. He kicks Ki and climbs up top but Ki fights back and ends up hitting the Ki  Crusher off the top for the pin (12:01) **3/4.
Thoughts: They tried hard but there was a lot of botched stuff here. The match was a “spotfest” but it had its moments and the last few minutes with Ki and Red was pretty damn good. I really don’t know how much these elimination matches help make the X-Division Title seem more prestigious.
Backstage, Goldylocks is with Ron Killings. He says that Monty Brown should be out here right now kissing his “black ass.” He says that while Abe Lincoln freed the slaves, 150 years later he freed the “African-American sports entertainers.” I did not make that up. He finishes by telling Brown that he will have to kill him if he wants the belt. TNA seems set on making the title reign of Killings seem important and even though he really isn’t that good in the ring, he is a way better choice than Shamrock.
The camera cuts to April Hunter, who Tenay says is a “noted fitness model” as she sits in the crowd with a black male (Her boyfriend and wrestler Slyk Wagner Brown). Says she accepted the challenge from Bruce for next week.
NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Monty Brown vs. Ron “The Truth” Killings (Champion)
They start by getting into each others faces. Brown wins the lockup and shoves Killings. He mocks his dancing then slaps him down. They trade punches for a bit as Brown wins that battle. Corner splash by Brown is followed by punches. Shoulderblocks by Brown gets two. Killings lands on the apron following an Irish whip then pulls down the ropes on a charging Brown. Killings flies out with a plancha. He whips Brown into the steps. and delivers some stomps. Killings drags him in front of the announcers table. On top of the table, Killings slips out of an Alphabomb attempt and takes him off with a clubbing forearm. They trade punches on the floor until Brown catches him with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Brown the rolls him in and gets two. He chops him against the ropes but Killings gets an STO. He goes up top and gets a legdrop for two. Killings goes for a chinlock as the announcers go on about who is in line for the belt. Brown gets a sunsetflip for two. He gets an elbow smash but gets caught with a leg lariat. Killings tells the crowd that he is the “hottest thing since grits” before going for the pin. Both men are tired as Brown blocks a suplex and hits one of his own. Brown knocks him down with punches. He gets a running powerslam then a splash for two. After some reversals, Killings gets the axe kick for two. After a struggle, Brown goes for the Alphabom but Killings escapes. He tries it again but Killings counters into a rollup, which was the result of a botched sunsetflip, for the pin (10:06) *1/2. After the match, Jarrett runs in with a chair and lays out the ref, Scott Armstrong. He goes for Killings but gets kicked. Lawler comes in and they double-team Jarrett as Brown is just standing around. Lawler goes for a chairshot but Jarrett pushes Killings in the way.
Thoughts: The match itself wasn’t very good as Brown is green and Killings isn’t good enough to carry lesser workers. Also, this was another segment that was interrupted by the Lawler/Jarrett feud, which no one seems to care about. The fans do not buy Lawler as a face, nevermind a top threat.
Goldylocks is backstage with Lynn. She asks about his feud with Styles but AJ ambushes him shortly thereafter, leading into their second match.
 No Disqualification Match
AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn
Bell rings as AJ is beating on Lynn. They dodge each others moves until AJ kicks Lynn and rolls him in the ring. Lynn lands on the apron after a backdrop and hits AJ with a neckbreaker. Lynn drags the table form underneath the ring but is attacked by AJ. A “we want tables” chant breaks out. Lynn tries a sunsetflip powerbomb on AJ but its blocked. Lynn turns the table over then ducks a splash by AJ. Lynn places the table near the apron and brings a chair into the ring. AJ sweeps the leg then legdrops the chair on Lynn’s face. AJ wedges the chair in the corner. AJ counters a powerbomb with a sunsetflip for two. Lynn catapults AJ face first into the chair, getting two. AJ sends Lynn into the corner then lands on the apron after a backdrop. He tries a shoulderthrust but Lynn counters with a legdrop. Lynn tries to send AJ through the table with a tornado DDT but he blocks that and clotheslines him back into the ring. He barely connects on a slingshot corkscrew splash as a “you fucked up” chant breaks out. Both men then clothesline each other and land on the chair. AJ grabs the chair as Lynn gets a sunsetflip and breaks it up with a chairshot. He goes for the pin and gets two. AJ measures him for a chairshot but Lynn ducks and dropkicks it onto AJ’s face, getting two. Lynn places AJ up top and gets a DDT but it doesn’t hit the chair. He places him up top again as a “tables” chant breaks out. Styles fights back and knocks Lynn down but gets crotched afterwards. Lynn climbs up the rope from the apron and puts AJ through the table with a rana as the announcers yell how AJ is unconscious. Back in the ring, Lynn gets two. Lynn grabs a chair and they fight up top. AJ tries a sunset bomb but Lynn blocks that. However, AJ then turns it into the Styles Clash onto the chair for the win and the second fall (11:33) ***1/2.
Thoughts: Really good match and the best of the night. Not much more to say other than that.
Ten Minute Ironman Match
AJ Styles vs. Jerry Lynn
As noted by Tenay, this match starts immediately after the second fall. AJ covers and gets the pin (0:11). Another pin by AJ (0:19). He tries again but Lynn kicks out. Lynn floats over on a suplex attempt and gets a neckbreaker for two. AJ counters a sleeper into one of his own as the crowd chants for Lynn. He escapes but AJ takes him down with a hairpull. AJ grabs a chinlock until Lynn fights out. AJ tries a rana but Lynn counters into a facebuster for the pin (3:47). He tries another pin but AJ kicks out at two. Lynn with a corner clothesline but AJ blocks a piledriver with a backdrop. AJ beats on Lynn in the corner but misses a charge. Legdrop by Lynn gets two. He goes up top but AJ cuts him off. AJ gets him into the Razor’s Edge position then drops him face first for the pin (6:28). AJ is up three falls to one. He stomps Lynn then takes him down with a spinning heel kick for two. Low Ki is shown on the entrance with a ladder as the two minute warning hits. Lynn gets a tombstone piledriver for the pin (8:03). Lynn cant get the cradle piledriver but hits AJ with the Styles Clash for the pin (8:47). It’s now tied at three falls each. AJ gets a backslide for two. They have a pinfall reversal sequence and time expires with the match tied at three each (10:00) **1/4. Low Ki comes in and raises the arms of’ both men before kicking them down. He goes up the ramp and says that the X Division is not about Lynn or Styles, but it’s about the belt. He then says that they will have a triple ladder match next week.
Thoughts: Dull match and an idiotic ending to a poor feud. This feud has flip-flopped several times and they have a 2-out-of-3 falls blow off match end with a tie. What a payoff. It does set up for a really nice three-way ladder match for the next show but this whole feud was not done well at all.
West sells next week’s show like he did for Ken Griffey Jr. rookie cards.
Referee Scott Armstrong is outside is dad’s door pleading with him to not fight Jarrett.
Jarrett comes to the ring and demands his surprise be revealed. A man comes out dressed as “Bullet” Bob Armstrong, who is obviously not a sixty year old man. They are trying to convince everyone that this really is Armstrong. Jarrett beats on him but Bullet gets the upper hand and Jarrett retreats and in doing so, runs into the real Bob Armstrong. Tenay and West scream about who was under the mask as the show goes off the air.
Final Thoughts: Probably the best all-around show TNA has produced at this point. The absence of the Dupps and Jive Talkin’ made it a lot more tolerable. Even though the Jarrett/Lawler feud is going nowhere, the show focused on wrestling. Storm & Harris are starting to gel as a team and get over with the crowd and the push for Killings is working well, despite his limitations in the ring. However, TNA had major financial concerns at this point. Wrestlers like Apolo and Malice along with manager James Mitchell have been dropped without explanation. The production values are also worse than ever, as the lighting seemed non-existent at points. TNA taped next week’s show right after this one and didn’t return for a live show until September 18th.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #9

August 14, 2002
Video recap of Ron Killings beating Ken Shamrock for the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship from last week’s show.
Your hosts are Ed Ferrara, Don West, and Mike Tenay

Killings comes down to the ring with the belt on his shoulders. States that this is “his house” and that it will be known as the “TNA Asylum.” He says that he came to TNA as a bitter man as he wasn’t sure he would get the opportunity he deserves, due to the color of his skin. Says he was told by a WWF “senior official” that he couldn’t make the same mistakes as white people. He then says he is a “damn legend” then says prejudice is all over, regardless of color, but you must make the most out of any opportunity you get. The crowd is behind him for the most part. Jeff Jarrett comes out and calls Killings “Walt Disney” and says he got the belt due to reverse racism on the part of TNA. Jarrett then says he has been robbed each week and asks Truth for the chance to get the title. Truth says he became friends with him but the ring is all business and he can bring his ass to the ring. Generic country music hits as Bill Behrens comes out with security wearing a white cowboy hat. He tells Jarrett that there is a new sheriff in town and calls Jarrett “slapnuts.” Behrens says he is back with a vengeance. Behrens is overly confident here and its different than his usual act but still sucks. He is replacing Steamboat tonight and tells them they can brawl all over the arena tonight but it won’t be sanctioned by the NWA, thus making it a non-title match as Ferrara rants about Jarrett getting screwed. All of a sudden, Brian Lawler runs out and attacks Jarrett. He wrestles a chair away from a fan sitting ringside but security breaks it up. They brawl for a bit until security breaks it up as Lawler yells “You know what you did” at Jarrett. All this did was set up a program between Lawler and Jarrett and who really wants to see that.     
Kid Kash & Shark Boy & Slim J vs. Spanish Announce Team
The TNA debut for Kash and Shark Boy. Slim J is just 17 years old here and comes out looking like an Eminem wannabe and is constantly grabbing at his crotch. Jose and Kash start out and trade go-behinds and armdrags for a bit. They then trade slaps and Jose offers a handshake as Kash replies with a middle finger. Joel tags and Kash catches him with a drop toehold. Joel is backdropped to the floor and Kash slingshots out and hits a rana. Shark Boy whips Jose, who flies out on Kash with a tope. Shark Boy with a somersault placnha. Slim J takes Red down with headscissors and goes outside with a moonsault. Red flies out with a corckscrew plancha and Kash with a springboard senton. Kash and Joel are now in the ring. Tag to Slim J and they double team Joel for a bit. Joel holds J in the torture rack position as the rest of the SAT’s come of the top with double stomps. Red was supposed to finish his with a rana to Kash but it wasn’t even close. Joel and Jose have a cool camel clutch/Boston Crab combo on J and Sharkboy. J with a top rope spinkick to Red and tags Kash. He teases a piledriver to Red and gets a spinebuster then elbow drop for two. Up top, Kash powerslams Red but Jose breaks up the pin at two. J tags and gets an enziguiri but misses a phoenix splash. All six men are in the ring and it ends with Kash hitting a double springboard rana on Jose but Red breaks up the pin. He jumps off top and hits a flatliner-like move for two. Sharkboy gets the Explosion (Later known as the Deep Sea Drop) on Red for two as Jose breaks up the pin with a very soft forearm. Kash hits Red with a double underhook piledriver but Jose breaks up the pin attempt. J botches a tilt-a-whirl headscissor attempt on Joel and gets a swinging neckbreaker instead. J climbs up top but Shark Boy is whipped into him and he falls down. Joel with a vertebreaker-type move to Shark Boy as he and Jose then hit J with the Spanish Fly and Red gets the infrafred for the win (10:36) **.
Thoughts: A mediocre spotfest. Kash was by far the best wrestler out of the bunch. He was a hundred times better than Red, who was the second best worker. Shark Boy barely even wrestled and Slim J should not have been on TV. He connected cleanly on like two of his moves. Funny, as Don West proclaimed that this wouldn’t be the last time we would see Slim J on television and I’m pretty sure that it was his only TV appearance.  
Goldylocks is backstage with the Dupps. They state how MTV has the show “Cribs” and they will have their own show called “Sh-ee-ee-ee-ters.” They show Goldy and outhouse that their Grandma died in five years ago. Goldy almost vomits and Bo promises the chocolate inside the toilet won’t taste like a Hershey bar. About as entertaining as it reads.  
Bruce comes down and runs down the women in the crowd and talks about his own beauty and grace. He says all of the married men in the world, including Mike Tenay, are secretly fantasizing about what they can do to him. A faint “you suck dick” chant breaks out as he issues an $5,000 open challenge to any woman in the crowd. After insulting several women, he orders them to bring an overweight, short haired woman in the ring. She is wearing a sweatshirt and shants.
Miss TNA Title $5,000 Open Challenge
Bruce (Champion) vs. Tina Hamilton
Tina spears Bruce then hits him with a slam. She gets a legdrop for two, nearly breaking it in half in the process. She tosses Bruce to the floor and then slams him. She rolls him back in and goes for a suplex but Bruce gets an ugly looking small package for the win (1:50) DUD.
Thoughts: A waste of time. This angle of Bruce being “Miss TNA” just makes this promotion even more embarrassing than it is at this point.
Goldylocks is with Jarrett. She asks him about Lawler and he says he did nothing and talks about Killings. Jarrett says he won’t take crap from anyone then goes in the bathroom and yanks Behrens out of the stall and tosses him down as his pants are down to his ankles.
Bo runs in to Teo, and says he will see him in the ring. Per the rules of the Dupps, once you bump into someone, you have a match in the ring.
Last Man Standing
Malice w/James Mitchell vs. Don Harris
Tenay says that the New Church have been barred from the building. Malice punches away but gets caught with a sideslam. Harris with a few chairshots to the head and Malice gets up at eight. He then throws powder at Harris and knocks him to the floor. He throws more powder at Harris then hits him with a chair. Harris gets tossed into the guardrails repeatedly then thrown off the stage. Malice goes underneath the ring and pulls out a long chain but gets knocked down. He then gets chokes out and Harris uses the chain some more. In the ring, Malice is bleeding from forehead as he beats on Harris. Harris boots the chair into Malice’s face and he sets up the table, almost breaking off one of the legs. Malice then powerbombs Harris. He tries for chokeslam but Harris gets a DDT. Both men are down for a bit until Malice puts Harris on top and hits a super backsuplex, crashing through the table. Harris gets up just in time and wins the match (7:05) *. After the match, Harris offers a fist bump to Malice, who accepts.
Thoughts: The booking of Malice by TNA is awful. They make him out to be a monster, yet he loses all of the time. How many times do you see a guy portrayed as a badass lose a Last Man Standing match when they go through a table suplexing a guy off of the top rope? The end with Malice and Harris respecting each other is somewhat intriguing but guys are turning constantly in this promotion.  
Goldylocks is with the Dupps. Stan is deathly afraid of midgets and Bo tries to console him with positive thoughts, which are all redneck stereotypes.
Dupp Cup Invitational Match
Teo vs Bo Dupp
Teo crotches Bo using the ropes then hits Borash with a headbutt to the groin. Once again, West does the announcing solo with the microphone at ringside. He hits Bo with a trashcan lid then with a chair. Teo rides Horsey-Poo and crotches Bo, who pulled down his pants. Stan is shown split-screen hiding near the announcers table. Stan lost 5 points because he “screamed like a pussy.” Bo knocks down Teo and hits a splash. He grabs a chair and toilet seat from the audience. He bounces a pan off of Teo’s head then hits him with a chair. Having West yell the score on the mic is grating. Bo takes Stan’s board, which reads “No lil’ peepl” and Teo thrugh. Stan gooses West then goes to Sara the Ticket Lady but gets beat with a broom. The outhouse is wheeled out to the ramp and Bo opens it up only to see Puppet, who hits him with a kendo stick. Teo then dunks Bo’s head in the toilet for the win (4:24) -**.
Thoughts: At least it was shorter than last week but the whole “Dupp Cup” process is a fucking catastrophic mess. No one remembers the scoring and West just yells the score out loud all the time and you can barely keep track.
Video recap of feud between Elix Skipper and Monty Brown
Detroit Street Fight
Elix Skipper vs. Monty Brown
Skipper cuts a promo before the match saying how this is his house and that he will throw him out the door. Weak stuff. Skipper waits for Brown to come out the ramp but gets caught from behind. Brown rolls Skipper down the ramp and press slams him through the middle ropes. In the ring, Brown chokes out Skipper with his shirt. He tosses Skipper to the floor but gets caught with a shot to the mid-section with a chain. Skipper chokes out Brown with the chain and throws him into the guardrail. Skipper tosses a stop sign, chain, and trash can into the ring but Brown hits him and rolls him inside. Skipper uses the trashcan lid and gets two. Brown goes for a crossbody but Skipper uses the matrix and Brown hits the trashcan and falls outside. Skipper places the can on Brown and hits a slingshot corkscrew splash for two, hurting himself in the process. In the ring, Skipper uses the stop sign until Brown stops it with a punch. Huh. Alpha-lution (Catatonic out of a powerslam position) by Brown sets up the Alphabomb on top of the trashcan for the win (5:42) *1/4.
Thoughts: Not very good. Skipper isn’t the best brawler on the planet either and he and Brown had little chemistry. Also, this match just followed a Last Man Standing and a Hardcore match so the Street Fight stuff was really old at this point. The crowd felt the same way too.
Goldylocks with the Flying Elvises. Siaki has his back turned as Yang and Estrada use Elvis mannerisms and show black armbands to aknowledge the anniversary of Elvis pasising away. Siaki breaks it up by stating how Elvis died while taking a dump on the toilet and how this team is about one thing only, Sonny Siaki. He says kids should look up to him instead of a bloated mess like Elvis. Segment was alright in the sense that it made sense storyline-wise as it furthers the separation of Siaki from his group.
NWA-TNA X Division Championship Elimination Match
Low Ki (Champion) vs. Sonny Siaki vs. Jorge Estrada vs. Jimmy Yang
Siaki tosses Ki, who lands on his feet. Siaki blocks a whip but Ki comes back with a rolling Koppu Kick. Siaki catches Ki out of the Tidal Crush and hits a powerbomb. Estrada tags himself in and gets a running shooting star press for two. Trip to Graceland (rolling fireman’s slam) by Estrada but Ki gets feet up on a moonsault attempt. Ki with some vicious kicks to the chest. He then gets the Bite of the Dragon but Siaki breaks it up. Dragon applied to Siaki but he dumps Ki and Estrada gets a split-legged moonsault for two as Siaki breaks up the pin. Yang tags and gets a shoulderblock and spinning heel kick. They then trade shots as Ki picks up Yang and places him in the corner. Yang with a kick and hanging neck lock. Yang catches Ki in the sleeper but that is countered to back suplex. Tag to Estrada and he and Yang go at it. Estrada takes him outside then follows out with a springboard senton. Yang lands on his feet after a DDT and gets a dropkick. Yang with Boston Crab and Estrada submits (6:38). Ki and Yang are in the ring. Yang with a clothesline then a missile dropkick gets two. Backbreaker by Yang and he heads up top but Siaki knocks him off and Ki gets the Ki Crusher for the pin (7:53). Siaki in with a Samoan Drop for two. Both men then clothesline each down. Ki with a forearm and springboard kick. More kicks to the chest by Ki until Siaki breaks it up with a punch.  Siaki then gets hit by Yang, which is barely shown on camera, and Ki rolls him up for the win (9:21) **1/4.
Thoughts: Match was alright. However, instead of the X-Division title, the focus was on the Flying Elvises. You’d think that they could have had some other type of match to further along their conflict.
Pre-Taped footage from earlier today as Goldy and cameraman go with Lynn into his car. He says he has to take care of business somewhere. Goldy asks him about AJ and he says that they will be on the same page and get the job done. He parks the car at a store and ambushes AJ. He knocks AJ into a tub and calls him a “punk.” This storyline is completely played out.
Jive Talkin’ with Disco Inferno. He welcomes actor Dean Baldwin, who he states is part of the Baldwin family. Dean is actually Shark Boy without the mask. He has a martini and cigarette and promotes is film “Urban Heartthrobs” with actors Frank Stallone, Carrot Top, and Jason Priestly. This drags on painfully and Lawler comes out stating how he doesn’t “give a shit” about this show and bitches about Jarrett. Dean asks Lawler if he wants an autograph then tells him to beat it, stating he is busy. Lawler kicks his ass and security comes out to break up the melee. Terrible segment. Disco spent the interview asking Dean to give gossip about the Baldwin family and the comedy featured here did not garner any laughter.
Stan is with Goldylocks says he will never come back to TNA while Bo is beside himself. Thankfully, this will be the last appearance of the Dupps in TNA.
NWA-TNA World Tag-Team Championship Match
Jerry Lynn & AJ Styles (Champions) vs. Jeff Jarrett & Ron Killings
Lynn comes out solo as Tenay notes how AJ has not been seen at all today at the arena. Truth and Jarrett beat on Lynn until AJ runs in the ring. He kicks his opponents as the crowd is silent. Lynn charges and AJ ducks, allowing him to clothesline Killings. Lynn with a plancha on Killings and AJ dropkicks Jarrett. Slingshot corkscrew splash by AJ gets two. Jarrett charges and gets taken down with a drop toehold and rolls out of the ring. AJ with an Asai Moonsault and almost kills himself as Jarrett barely catches him. Killings and Lynn brawl outside then take it in the ring. Lynn ducks an axe kick as Jarrett beats the crap out of Styles outside the ring. Lynn floats over then gets a monkey flip. AJ fights back against Jarrett and the camera is showing both fights in the same shot. Lynn bulldogs Killings from the top rope but Jarrett breaks up the pin at two. Lynn ducks a discus clothesline by AJ and it hits Jarrett. AJ & Lynn try a double back drop on Truth but he stops that and AJ goes for a springboard moonsault but in a fucked up spot Lynn puts his hands up as AJ overshot it by a mile and he sells the move. Jarrett beats on Lynn then gets a sitout slam for two. Tag to Killings, who gets a wheelbarrow slam for two. Lynn manages a rollup for two but Truth goes low then gets the axe kick for two. Tag to Jarrett who knocks AJ off of the apron and beats on Lynn. He goes for the Stroke but Lynn counters and attempts a backslide. Lynn then catches Jarrett in a sleeper but Jarrett reverses and gets a sleeper of his own. Lynn escapes and tries a figure-four but Jarrett reverses and Lynn grabs the ropes. Killings tags and gets a slam for two. Leg lariat gets two. He places Lynn up top but takes too long and Lynn gets a tornado DDT and both men are down and they eventually tag out. AJ kicks Jarrett in the chest then gets a spinning heel kick. Jarrett tries a rollup but AJ rolls through and goes for the Styles Clash until Truth breaks it up. All four men are now in the ring. AJ and Lynn use double team moves and AJ is looking sloppy as he was supposed to get a springboard flying forearm but ended up hittng Lynn instead, by accident. Styles charges at Jarrett but he leapfrogs and AJ takes out the ref by accident. Lynn gets the cradle piledriver on Killings but the ref is still down and Jarrett breaks it up. He gets the Stroke on Lynn and shortly after that, AJ comes off the top rope with a Spiral Tap on Killings. The ref crawls over and counts to three as both men have made the cover (12:20) **1/2. Two refs are now arguing over who won until Bob Armstrong comes out and takes the belts, stating they will be held up until further notice. He tells Truth he will defend the Heavyweight Championship against Monty Brown next week then says that AJ and Lynn fight in a #1 contender’s match for the X-Division title. Lynn then asks for a Falls Count Anywhere but AJ wants a No DQ match. Bob says that they will both have their matches next week and will have a ten-minute Ironman match as the third fall if necessary. Jarrett says that he wants his title match but Armstrong says he has a surprise for him and that he better lace his boots tight.
Tenay runs down next weeks card until he turns it over to West for the hard sell. West explains to us how a two-out-of-three falls match works and that Low Ki will have an elimination match against the SAT, similar to the match with the Elvises this week. Also, Sonny Siaki vs. Jimmy Yang in a 2-out-of-3 falls match. West is more out of breath at the end of this than Vince from F4W is at any point of his broadcasts. Cameras then cut out back as Lawler is choking out Jarrett stating that he will kill him and that ends the show.
Thoughts: Match was the best of the night. The crowd was dead up until the end as they had no idea who they should be cheering for. The AJ/Lynn storyline is a complete clusterfuck, as both men keep ambushing each other and Jarrett is the top heel. The finish wasn’t bad as it gives them a chance to focus on tag-teams instead of partners who hate each other.
Final Thoughts: The day after this show, TNA lost their financial backer, which was HealthSouth. This caused them to cut back on talent, which is noticeable next show. For this show, it was another subpar effort. The Dupp segments, Miss TNA, and Jive Talkin’ were embarrassingly bad. Plus, having three hardcore-style matches in a row got tiresome and booking a pair of two-out-of-three falls matches for next week is going to do the same thing. I didn’t mind them essentially resetting the tag-division though.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #8

August 7, 2002
Live from the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville, TN
Your annoucers are Don West, Ed Ferrara, and Mike Tenay
The Dupps and Apolo are shown standing outside of Steamboat’s door with Goldylocks standing around holding her microphone.

Flying Elvises vs. Spanish Announce Team (Amazing Red, Joel Maximo, Jose Maximo)

Tenay tells us that the Spanish Announce Team is here to protect the Spanish announce table, which always gets destroyed at WWE events. Then why are they at TNA, where there is no Spanish announce table present? The SAT’s go after the Elvises right as they enter the ring. Tenay messes up and refers to Red as Jose as he gets clotheslined down by Siaki. All three Elvises are beating on Joel as Estrada gets a split-legged moonsault. Triple powerbomb to Jose then he is tossed outside. Red enters and Siaki brushes off his teammates. Red with a dropkick but charges and gets backdropped outside onto his teammates. Yang & Estrada pose and Siaki tells them to knock it off and orders them to stand on the apron. Siaki rolls Joel into the ring and stomps away. Spinning neckbreaker by Siaki gets two and he brushes off his teammates again and they go to the announcers table. The SAT’s are now triple teaming Siaki as Yang says that they left the ring because Siaki says he is “TCB’ing” (Taking Care of Business) by himself. Standing shooting star press by Red gets two. Yang is awful on commentary but things get worse when Estrada starts to sing like Elvis about Siaki getting his ass kicked in the ring. SAT’s get Siaki in the SAT stretch (surfboard, inverted headlock combo) then Red comes off the ropes with a stomp. Yang and Estrada continue to be anything but impressive on commentary as the SAT’s beat on Siaki some more. Siaki finally gets the upper hand and catches Red in a pumphandle suplex as Yang returns to the apron. Joel gets two off of a suplex as Yang goes back to the announcer’s table and says that Siaki looks lke a “Big ol’ hound dog.” Dear lord. They are using Elvis quotes quite frequently on commentary and it is grating. Red with a spinkick to Siaki when he is up top as Joel & Jose get the Spanish Fly on Siaki and Red gets the Infrared (corkscrew moonsault) for two as Yang & Estrada break up the pin. Yang & Estrada clear the ring of the SAT’s and Yang follows them out with a plancha. Red gets the Code Red to Estrada for two but Yang breaks that up. Jose gets a piledriver on Yang after botching a double team move. Estrada turns the Spanish Fly into a double DDT. Red charges at Yang and gets spinkicked. Yang & Estrada with a top-rope splash/legdrop combo and they pose as Siaki rolls in the ring and gets the pin (11:43) **.  After the match, Yang & Estrada look at each other in disbelief as to what just happened.
Thoughts: The whole angle about Siaki being all about himself is fine but this match went on for way too long. It had a few decent moves and got a lot better towards the end but this dragged. Yang & Estrada are awful on the mic and having them quote Elvis didn’t help them out either. The Siaki storyline is okay but he really doesn’t carry himself as a star. He has the look and is okay in the ring but lacks the charisma and mic skills.
Tenay plugs tonight’s Triple Main Event: Jeff Jarrett vs. Apolo in a #1 contender’s match. Low Ki vs. Jerry Lynn vs. AJ Styles for the X-Division Championship and Ron “The Truth” Killings vs. Ken Shamrock for the Heavyweight Championship.
Tenay sits down with Apolo in a pre-taped interview. Apolo, in broken English, is angry about being overlooked for the title. Says respect is everything in his country and that he no longer respects Ricky Steamboat for “giving his spot” to Killings. He calls Steamboat “corrupt” and demands respect from Steamboat tonight. Apolo did not come off to good here, mostly due to the language barrier, but at least the segment made sense   
Camera cuts backstage to Goldylocks as Apolo runs into Steamboat as he exits his office after talking with AJ Styles. Apolo demands to speak with him as Steamboat tells him he will have to wait. The Dupps chase after Steamboat and Lynn jumps Styles, prompting Goldylocks to yell “Holy Shit.” After a good brawl, security breaks it up. Lots of stuff going on in a short amount of time.
Steamboat is heading to the ring as the Dupps chase after him. Steamobat, not wanting to be bothered, says they can do whatever they want. Dupps are now ecstatic.
Tale of the Tape between Shamrock and Killings.
NWA-TNA World Heayweight Championship Match
Ken Shamrock (Champion) vs. Ron “The Truth” Killings
Steamboat is on commentary. Shamrock tries a leg lock but Killings reaches the ropes. Shamrock ducks a clothesline and nearly falls down before kicking the Truth. Steamboat is on commentary telling us that promoters play favorites, blaming “them” as a reason he didn’t get a World Title shot in the WWF as Shamrock gets the figure four neck lock. Truth floats over and gets a leg lariat. Shamrock breaks a chinlock but is hit with a flying forearm that gets two. Shamrock completely botches a sunset flip attempt and takes down the Truth with a leg lock as Ferrara states the match is early in the show so that they can accommodate the 60 minute time limit. Truth with a clothesline and gets a legdrop for two. Killings with mounted punches in the corner but Shamrock counters with a powerbomb and both men are down. Shamrock with some punches then catches Truth in a powerslam that gets two. Back elbow smash by Shamrock and then a really shitty looking leg lariat. Shamrock tries a rana but they fuck up that spot as well as Killings appeared confused and held him up there before selling the move. Shamrock gets an ankle lock but Truth quickly grabs the ropes. Truth gets clotheslined to the floor as we see the New Church looking on from the ramp as well as Monty Brown. Don Harris comes down with a chair. Shamrock works on Truth but gets suplexed.  Truth rolls Shamrock back in but is met with punches. Cross armbreaker by Shamrock as a faint “Shamrock sucks” chant breaks out. Truth charges but gets backdropped to the floor. Shamrock goes out and they slug it out until Apolo runs out and is joined by the New Church, Brown, and Harris. Steamboat tries to clear people out as Apolo goes to superkick Truth but he ducked and hit Shamrock instead. That was not even close to connecting. Steamboat then roles Shamrock in the ring as Truth walks around in a daze for a few seconds until he hits the Truth or Consequences (cutter) for the win and the championship (9:17) ½*.  Truth celebrates after the match and most of the crowd is cheering. Tenay then compares Truth to other greats in the NWA’s history and says he is the first “black man” to win the title.
Thoughts: Match sucked as Shamrock kept fucking up and the two had zero chemistry. Still, the change was good and needed to happen as Shamrock was a failure as the champ. For that reason alone, the segment was successful.
Steamboat enters the ring and calls out Apolo. Says he might have made a mistake last week by not giving him a shot at the title. He then tells Apolo that running around like a maniac is unacceptable but he will get a title shot. Jeff Jarrett interrupts and is upset that Steamboat told Apolo that he earned a shot at the title. Jarrett then states that this is reverse racism because he is being looked over due to not being a minority. Steamboat says that the “bullshit” will stop tonight as Apolo will get a shot at the belt if he wins and that Jarrett will get “the truth” if he wins tonight. Steamboat isn’t finished as he says he will be the special guest referee and promises no false winner. Jarrett says that Steamboat is fair game because he is stepping into the ring. Seeing how they already announced this as the #1 contenders match earlier in the show, this whole segment made zero sense. Add in another race angle and it gets even worse.
Disco Inferno is out for “Jive Talkin.” Disco disapproves off his set that features a chalkboard. The Dupps come out to announce the “Dupp Cup Invitational.” Bo has his cup and explains how it was passed down from his family. Bo says that this will be the new Hardcore Division in TNA because “Ricky Steamship” says they could do what they wanted as long as they stayed away from him. Explain the rules on the chalkboard. Need 10 points to win. Here are the rules:
Put opponent through table: 2 ½ pts
Put opponent through burning table: 5 pts
Put opponents head in a toilet: 2 ½ pts
If it has shit in it: 3 ½ pts
If you goose a woman: 2 ½ pts
If you goose a man: 3 ½ pts
Nail Jeremy Borash: 2 ½ pts
Nail Sarah the ticket lady: 2 ½ pts
Use a farm animal: 2 ½ pts
Spank opponent with Horsey Poo: 2 ½ pts (Stan came out with a wooden horse, similar to Chavo’s Pepe in WCW)
If they like it: -2 ½ pts
Introduce opponent to Jay: 2 ½ pts
Cry like a pussy: -5 pts
Put opponents head in a cotton candy machine for one full rotation: 10 pts
Hit opponent with fan-brought weapon: 1 pt

This lasted forever and was anything but comical. Stan challenges Disco but Paulina from Tough Enough steps in between the two. Ferrara enters the ring and says he will win in order to get a night with Fluff and decks Borash, getting 2.5 points.
Dupp Cupp Invitational Match
Bo Dupp w/Stan Dupp vs. Ed Ferrara
Borash jumps on Ferrara but gets dumped over the guardrail. Don is doing the announcing by using a microphone and standing up near the ring. Stan hits Ferrara with a chair and Bo hits him as well before tossing him out. Ferrara is getting hit by stuff that the Dupps are grabbing from the crowd as Disco, still standing on his set, and West are yelling the score, despite being on opposite sides of the arena. Stan brings out a blow-up doll and throws it at Ferrara. Bo then attemtps to go after the Sara the Ticket Lady but she hits him with a broom. Stan breaks Disco’s lamp and goes after him but Paulina gets a low blow and hits him with the chalkboard repeatedly. Ferrara with a few chairshots on Bo and no one can keep track of the score. Ferrara gets “Horsey-Poo” and hits Bo, who likes getting hit, so he grabs a table but Bo chokeslams him through the table and gets the win (5:43) -***.
Thoughts: An abomination of a match. I realize that this was an alleged “comedy” segment but good lord this was brutal. Having Disco and West announce the match with microphones on opposite sides of the arena and struggling to keep score made it seem even more bush league than it already was at this point.
Tenay interviews Monty Brown in what appears to be a picnic table outside of an office park. Brown tells us his football and academic background but says he is now a wrestler. Tenay asks him about politics in the NFL and in wrestling. Brown says you control your own destiny. He talks about the Truth until Elix Skipper ambushes him and hits him with yellow paint and says Brown is a “chickenshit.” A continuation of the feud between the two. The segment was fine.  
Tenay says that Ferrara has been carted out of the arena and will not return tonight. Well, that’s good news.   
First Blood Match
Malice w/James Mitchell vs. Don Harris
The two start brawling on the ramp. Malice grabs a chair but Harris boots it into his face. Malice gets whipped into the guardrail as Mitchell joins the booth and talks about the “Blood of the Audad.” They fight near the concession stand as two seemingly planted fans spaz out over the action. Harris grinds Malice’s head on the guardrail then hits him with a chair. Malice fights back and shoves Harris into the bleachers. More token brawling as they now fight on the ramp. Harris counters a powerbomb attempt with a backdrop. He tosses Malice off of the ramp and onto the guardrail. Slash jumps Malice and takes out a shank but Harris takes it away and hits Slash on the head, causing him to bleed. Mitchell is on the ramp as Harris beats on Slash. Malice runs in and rolls him down the ramp. Malice grabs a chair as Harris kicks the blood out of Mitchell’s hand and it spills all over him. In the ring, Harris catches Malice in a sideslam as all of a sudden Harris is visibly bleeding. Malice shows it to the ref and the match is over (6:29) DUD. New Church destroy Harris as Mitchell grabs the mic and calls Harris “weak.”
Thoughts: The match sucked. The brawling was terrible and we didn’t even see how Harris bled. That was the whole point of the match, whoever bled first would lose and it ends with Harris bleeding all of a sudden. The “Blood of the Audad” stuff is corny and does the promotion no help in trying to be a viable alternative to the WWE.
Goldylocks is waiting to interview Taylor Vaughn when Siaki grabs the mic asking for Steamboat. He exits by stating “Sonny Siaki has left the interview.” Bruce walks into the female dressing room and Vaughn beats him. They will be fighting tonight in an evening gown match. Camera cuts to AJ Styles and Low Ki fighting in the locker room. Security breaks that up.  
Special Guest Referee: Ricky Steamboat
Apolo vs. Jeff Jarrett
Lockup to start as Steamboat breaks it up when they reach the ropes. Steamobat stops the men when they try closed-fist punches. Jarrett gets the advantage but Apolo gets in some chops. Inverted atomic drop is followed by a clothesline and Jarrett rolls out of the ring. Apolo, on the apron, kicks Jarrett. Apolo in the ring jaws with Steamboat as Jarrett trips him up. Apolo gets a spinebuster for two. He floats over and gets a cradle for two. Apolo lands on the apron after a backdrop and takes down Jarrett. He chops Jarrett on the ramp but gets whipped into the steel steps. Jarrett does it again and keeps on rolling in and out of the ring to break the count. Steamboat orders Jarrett back inside but he rams Apolo’s head off of the table, drawing blood. In the ring, Jarrett stomps Apolo. They trade off chops but Apolo misses a charge into the corner. Apolo tries to go up top but Jarrett kicks him down and puts him into the tree of woe. Jarrett with a flying chopblock and gets the figure four. Eventually, Apolo reverses but Jarrett gets to the ropes. Jarrett misses a charge and crotches himself on the ropes. Jarrett ducks his head in a backdrop attempt and gets hit with a jumping DDT. Both men are down and Apolo gets up fist. He hits a few corner clotheslines then follows with mounted punches. A reversal sequence ends with Apolo getting a superkick but Jarrett is able to put his foot on the ropes at two. Apolo with a German Suplex and bridge but Jarrett gets his shoulder up before the three count and gets the win (10:06) **. Apolo is furious and grabs Steamboat on the ramp. He explains why Jarrett has won as Apolo puts his hands on Steamboat then gets escorted to the back by security. Steamboat then tells Jarrett that since he won, he gets “the truth” and that he is a man of his word. However, Steamboat never said he would get a shot at the title but rather “The Truth” will be is tag-team partner against AJ Styles & Jerry Lynn next week. Crowd starts a mild “bullshit” chant. Jarrett is pissed.
Thoughts: So much for establishing a #1 contender. The match itself was passable. However, setting up a tag-title match for next week with partners who hate each other is idiotic.
Evening Gown Match
Taylor Vaughn vs. Bruce
Bruce is wearing a blond wig and red dress. Vaughn ducks a charge and gets an inverted atomic drop then a regular atomic drop. Bruce with a back scratch then gets aggressive. He catches her with a knee then a delayed vertical suplex, exposing her ass to the crowd. He pulls her up by the hair and rams her against the turnbuckle. Tilt-a-whirl front slam by Bruce, who then slowly takes off her dress for the win (2:02) DUD. After the match, Bruce grabs the mic and says that he will make everyone happy and asks for his music. Bruce then proceeds to strip, revealing a thong and garter.
Thoughts: Just as embarrassing as the “Dupp Cup” stuff. I give Vaughn credit for taking some nice bumps though. That is the only positive thing I can say about this segment
West plugs next week’s show and merchandise on TNA.com. He is in all his glory and it is like he is back to selling Ken Griffey rookie cards again on Shop at Home.
NWA-TNA X Division Championship Match
AJ Styles (Champion) vs. Low Ki vs. Jerry Lynn
Lynn and Low Ki lockup as AJ watches. They see that and double team him for a bit until they start trading punches. Lynn catches Ki in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for one. Low Ki with a basement dropkick to Lynn and then kicks the piss out of him until AJ breaks that up. Lynn clotheslines AJ and punches away. AJ gets a powerslam on Lynn but neglects to cover. Low Ki charges at both men but they backdrop him. Spinning Gory Special by Lynn is broken up by Low Ki. Ki with a scoop slam to AJ then drops an elbow for two. Crowd loves Low Ki and he is the most popular wrestler they have. Ki pulls up on a dropkick but AJ with a kip-up headscissors then a facebuster. AJ catches Ki with a spinkick but Lynn attacks him from behind. Spinning neckbreaker by AJ as he stomps Lynn then Low Ki. Lynn counters a rana by AJ into a facebuster but Ki breaks up the pin. Ki and Lynn slug it out and Ki wins that battle. Ki lands on the apron after a backdrop by Lynn but gets leg dropped after ducking his head. With Lynn behind Styles, Ki slingshots in with a cradle as Lynn hits AJ with a German suplex. That looked sweet. Ki is beating everyone until Lynn fights back. Ki takes him down but AJ throws him against the ropes. A counter sequence ends with Ki putting AJ in the Dragon Clutch. Lynn tries to break up but Ki breaks the hold himself and pushes Lynn and gets him in the Dragon Sleeper. Lynn escapes and gets a DDT for two. AJ catches Lynn with a moonsault kick but gets put on top and Lynn gets a DDT that Ki breaks up. Snap suplex by Ki to Lynn gets two. Ki knocks AJ down with a forearm then beats on him in the corner. Double underhook gets two but Lynn breaks up the pin with an elbow. Lynn catches AJ’s foot and flips him over but AJ manages to hit Ki with the Phenomenon. Another cool looking spot. Lynn places Ki up top and goes up for a superplex but gets shoved off. AJ goes up top for a superplex and at the same time, Lynn springboards off the middle rope and powerbombs AJ as he hits the move. That was great. La Magistral caradle by Lynn to Ki gets two. Loads of roll-ups in rapid succession follow as the crowd goes nuts. Lynn breaks a roll-up by shoving Ki off and AJ catches him and tries a Styles clash but Lynn breaks that up. AJ tries a double DDT but gets put on the top rope. Hanging Dragon by Ki until Lynn breaks it up with a dropkick. Ki gets booted after a charge but blocks a tornado DDT and gets a dragon sleeper but AJ breaks that up with a moonsault. Neckbraker by AJ to Lynn gets two. Ki tries to get AJ in the Ki Crusher then hits him with a Styles Clash instead. Lynn then gets Ki with the Ki Crusher and AJ breaks that up and gets Lynn with a cradle piledriver. Fun sequence that got over with the crowd. Lynn ducks the Tidal Wave and Ki accidentally hits the ref. Ki is backdropped to the floor by both men. Lynn and AJ collide in the ring. AJ grabs a chair and heads in the ring. He crushes Lynn and goes up top. Ki crawls in and covers Lynn as the ref counts to two AJ hits the Spiral Tap but Ki ‘s arm goes back on Lynn and he gets the win (16:17) ****1/4. Immediately, the camera cuts to the back and shows Jarrett challenging Killings for the belt. In the ring, AJ attacks Lynn and they start to fight. Jarrett is now backed onto the ramp by security. Jarrett is now in the ring and challenging Killings as the show goes off the air.
Thoughts: Match was awesome. The ending looked a little bit hokey but the action was fantastic and it featured loads of innovative spots. Ki was easily the most over wrestler in the match and having him win the belt makes sense. Throwing in the Jarrett/Killings stuff at the end seemed a bit much though.
Final Thoughts: Well, lets start with the positives. The X-Division match was fantastic and they got the belt off of Shamrock, who was a failure as the champ. Also, Shitlocks never returned back to the booth. Unfortuantely, everything else ranged from mediocre to cringe-worthy. The Miss TNA stuff and the Dupp Cup angles were embarrassing. The First Blood match was awful and the rest was entirely forgettable. They crammed way too many things in each segment (Lets guess as to who was behind that) and tried and failed miserably with their comedy stuff. Also, having Steamboat supposedly defend the “tradition” of the NWA only to look like a fool and have the show feature the terrible segments that it did shows a lack of focus in the company.