NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #47

June 4, 2003
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
The show starts with a video package on Glen Gilbertti and the events that led him to become the number one contender to Jeff Jarrett’s Heavyweight Championship. Then it switches focus to Vince Russo and shows him interfering in Gilbertti’s match against Raven last week before showing various clips of Russo in TNA.


Jarrett arrives to the building and is approached by three security guys, wearing red shirts. The tallest guy introduces himself as Kevin Northcutt. He tells Jarrett about the NWA Board of Directors being pissed at his actions from last week and Jarrett blows them off, stating that he will take care of his own problems.
Gilbertti is in the SEX locker room, conducting a prayer circle. He thanks the lord for making SEX the greatest stable, bringing back Vince Russo, and giving him the strength to kick Jarrett’s hillbilly ass so he can make professional wrestling a better place for everyone. The circle breaks and Mike Sanders asks Gilbertti if he has been talking to Russo, because he hasn’t, and Gilbertti says that he has been talking to him every day. They made it seem like Gilbertti is full of shit and that Russo came back for his own reason, not to be with SEX.
Kid Romeo & Damien Dothart & Johnny Swinger vs. CM Punk & Matt Stryker & Frankie Kazarian
Stryker and Romeo start things off. Stryker is not the same guy who is currently in the WWE but a trainee of Les Thatcher who spent time in his HWA territory. They have a nice sequence that ends with Stryker getting a nearfall off a leg lariat. Kazarian tags ands works the arm. Romeo hits a bulldog and tags Swinger as West tells a story of Kazarian approaching Tenay six years ago at an autograph session in San Diego on how to enter this business. Kazarian hits a dropkick and a pair off armdrags before tagging Punk. He hits a few moves but Swinger catches him with a spinning side slam. They trade sleepers as Tenay mentions the passing of Freddie Blassie. Dothart tags and he and Punk engage in a fast-paced but sloppy sequence. Punk messes up a monkeyflip spot in which he was supposed to land on his feet then Damien tags Swinger. Punk briefly works the arm then tags Stryker. He hits a Thesz Press and knocks Romeo off the apron after a cheapshot. He and Swinger reverse holds until Swinger catches him with a sitout spinebuster. He hits an atomic drop and Romeo slingshots in with a clothesline as there is a lot of miscommunication going on here. Stryker hits an overhead suplex but Dothart tags and the heels neutralize Stryker in the corner. Northern Lights suplex gets two. Stryker gets a few rollups but Dothart takes him down and the heels continue their assault. Stryker leapfrogs over Swinger and tags Kazarian, who runs wild on Swinger until he is stopped by a jawbreaker. Dothart comes in but Kazarian hits them with a reverse neckbreaker and a DDT at the same time. Kazarian nearly kills himself with a tope on Swinger. Punk backdrops Dothart to the floor and takes everyone out with a sorry looking springboard plancha. Romeo dives out then Stryker takes them all out with a quebrada. Back in the ring, everyone take turns hitting their finishers until Kazarian hits Dothart with the Wave of the Future (Downward Spiral) for the win (11:11) **1/2.
Thoughts: An energetic but sloppy match. Kazarian really stood out the most and made a good impression in his debut. The announcers hinted towards a possible feud between Kazarian and Sabin, because they both go by the “Future” moniker. Stryker looked solid in his debut as well. Romeo continues to impress in the ring. Punk had a bad night, messing up a few times. Swinger was miscast in this match and did nothing of note. Dothart was not ready to wrestle on TV and looked lost out there. He was trained by Dusty Rhodes so that is probably the only reason he got in this match.
Goldylocks is with Raven. He feels insulted that he is not the number one contender. He calls Jarrett the David Hasselhoff of pro wrestling. He states that they were both on two hit shows and are delusional in that they believe they are the sole reason for their show’s success. I assume he means Nitro and RAW. He threatens Russo if he touches him again. Not the best work from Raven.
Backstage, James Storm approaches Chris Harris, who looks a bit down. Storm says he will respect is decision on which partner he chooses. Harris then wonders if all good things come to an end. It is quite obvious how this will end.
They show another video package on the Hard Ten Tournament
Hard Ten Tournament Match
Sonny Siaki vs. Vampire Warrior
Sanders has joined the announcers table. Before the match, Siaki cut a promo about the ladies getting wet when he takes his shirt off and declaring himself a badass. He calls Sandman a pussy, which beings him but he is stopped by security. Warrior spits his drink at Siaki then hits him with a frying pan. He goes up quickly 4-0 until Siaki sends Warrior through the table after whacking him off the apron with a kendo stick as Siaki is up 6-4. They trade shots then Warrior goes for a pin, like an idiot, after a DDT. Sikai is up 7-5 then gets the win after putting Warrior through a table with a neckbreaker (3:51) ¼*. After the match, Sandman whacks Siaki off the head with his Singapore Cane.
Thoughts: This tournament has been a giant flop. At least this was short. I have no idea what they are trying to accomplish by making Siaki a hardcore wrestler.
Mike Tenay has a sit down interview with Raven. He puts over his feud with Dreamer and Sandman among the top feuds in wrestling history. He talks about WCW paying him a lot of money to sit in the front row and drink beer with his buddies. He mentions how he quit WCW after Bischoff told him he could leave if he was unhappy. He says that the WWE shit all over him then talks about TNA, dissing Jarrett some more.
We are back in the SEX locker room where Don Harris refuses to partner up with Ron Killings, stating that he doesn’t work with “There kind.” Elix Skipper takes offense to this but both Don and Ron let him know that they like him but not Killings, because he cries about racism instead of taking responsibility of his own actions.
David Young w/Desire & Tracy vs. Ron Killings
Killings starts by dancing then locks up with Young. Killings gets a quick rollup then a powerslam. He hits a scoop slam then a top rope legdrop. Tracy then comes off the top with the Pie in the Sky (Thesz Press) and Young takes control of the match. Snap suplex gets two as this match is at a snails pace right now. Young tags Tracy, who gets in a few kicks before teasing Killings by lifting up her skirt. She tags Young and then jumps off the apron when Young tries to tag her. This match continues to drag as Killings is really looking awful. Axe kick gets two. Leg lariat gets two. Tracy comes off the top but Killings catches her with a sitout powerbomb. Nurse Veronica, the nurse from last week who now has a name, runs in an checks on Tracy. Desire is on the apron distracting the ref as Killings has Young pinned. Killings approaches Desire but Nurse Veronica hits him with a low blow, allowing Young to hit the spinebuster for the win (6:53) -*. After the match, Tracy jumps on Young but Desire pulls her off and they have another catfight. They are both wearing short skirts and thongs, easily making this the best part of this segment.
Thoughts: Awful match. This whole thing was wrestled in slow motion and was way overbooked. Nurse Veronica was also known on the independents as Simply Luscious. She was trained by Shawn Michaels. They are continuing the feud between Tracy and Desire. Speaking of Desire, she was with Young but not Siaki tonight.
Goldylocks is with Jarrett. She asks him about his title defense and TNA officials. He says that he is focused on Gilbertti and closes by stating how he is not going to let Gilbertti disgrace the TNA title. Erik Watts comes in and Goldy is pissed that he locked her in the closet in order to conduct the backstage interviews. Goldy then walks away.
A video package on XXX. Not bad but the graphics really make this look as low budget as possible.
Chris Harris is in the ring with James Storm and Chris Sabin, flanked by XXX. He is about to make his decision on which partner to use. He tells Storm that they should end it on PPV and that when they were put together, everyone thought it was a joke but they became the best and heads over to Sabin. However, he states that America’s Most Wanted as only just begun and he hugs and makes up with Storm. Sabin attacks but Storm fights back and they hit him with the Hart Attack. Sabin bails with XXX, who are pissed.
America’s Most Wanted vs. BG James & Konnan
Daniels is on commentary, saying that Harris made a terrible mistake and will pay. AMW dumps their opponents to the floor. Storm flies out with a somersault plancha and Harris hits a pescado. In the ring, Konnan attacks Harris from behind and BG takes control. He hits his trademark stuff as Daniels notes how they will face the winner of the tournament at the anniversary show in two weeks. Konnan tags and he and Harris collide. Hot tag to Storm, who cleans house. He then hits Konnan with possibly the worst hurricarana I have ever seen. The match breaks down, and it’s not very exciting at all. Storm gets a nearfall on James with a superkick then they brawl outside. Storm and Daniels argue and the ref goes outside, allowing the Harris Brothers to run in and hit Konnan with an H Bomb. Chris Harris then crawls on top of Konnan for the win (5:28) ½*.
Thoughts: BG and Konnan were just going to the motions here. The crowd is cold to AMW, mainly due to the horrible booking they have received for the past few months. The problem was that no one wanted to see them break up and they weren’t buying the constant teases.
A video recap on the Trinity and Kid Kash feud.
Goldylocks is in the ring and welcomes Kid Kash, who is dragging Trinity by the hand. He rips the mic away from Goldylocks and calls her a stick with a pair of tits. He then blames Trinity for  him losing the X Division Title and continues to berate her as the crowd starts a mild “Asshole” chant.  He orders Trinity to get on her knees and kiss his ass. She refuses then Kash grabs her hair. She fights back as Goldy pushes him back and says that she is sick of his shit. Kash then laughs and cracks some lame lesbian jokes before smacking Goldy across the face after she makes a small dick joke. Erik Watts then runs out and powerbombs Kash. They brawl outside and Kash hits him with the Smashmouth. He goes into the ring and corners the girls but Watts hits a chokeslam and a corner powerbomb. Watts then leaves with the girls as the crowd applauds. Does this mean Watts is a face now?
Gilbertti is on the cell phone with someone, presumably Russo, asking them to come here now. Sanders doubts he is talking to Vince as Glen says that tonight, the joke will be on everyone else after he walks out as the champion. No matter how hard they try, people are not buying Gilbertti as a credible challenger.
Backstage, AJ Styles and D’Lo Brown are talking about business. Goldy talks to them with Watts lurking in the background. AJ promises that they will tear the house down as D’Lo dares the roster to follow their match.
Number One Contender Match
AJ Styles vs. D’Lo Brown
They shake hands before the match. Both men duck each other’s attacks then trade chops. AJ counters a catatonic with a rollup then hits the Phenomenon. D’Lo clotheslines AJ after blocking the Styles Clash then hits a Quebrada for two. AJ ducks a clothesline and takes D’Lo to the floor with a springboard dropkick. AJ flies out but D’Lo catches him and backdrops him on the ramp. He climbs up top and hits the frog splash in a crazy spot. Raven and the Gathering come ringside as D’Lo rolls AJ back into the ring. AJ hits the Pele kick and both men are down. D’Lo catches AJ with a stunner in midair and that gets two. D’Lo gets crotched on top but D’Lo takes him down with the Sky High. The ref counts as Julio pulls the ref to the floor, allowing Raven to clothesline D’Lo. AJ then gets two off a springboard 450 splash. The ref is distracted an AJ hits the Styles Clash on a chair for the win (9:07) **1/2. After the match, Raven takes out AJ with a chair.
Thoughts: Decent match with some nice spots but in no way was it a show-stealing match. Both guys tried hard but as an actual match, it was lacking as it was a more of a collection of moves.
Tenay and West run down next week’s show, including the debut of TNA Talk. Announced matches are:
David Young & Tracy & America’s Most Wanted, with the winner facing XXX for the titles at the Anniversary show
Sandman vs. ???? in a Hard Ten Tournament Semi-Final
AJ Styles vs. Raven vs. winner of the Gilbertti/Jarrett match for the NWA-TNA Championship
We see both Gilbertti and Jarrett warming up for their match
World Heavyweight Championship Match
Glen Gilbertti vs. Jeff Jarrett (Champion)
Jarrett has a new intro video. They fight over a lockup at first. They do another sequence that ends with Gilbertti getting a hiptoss. He hits a few armdrags then they spill to the floor and start brawling. Jarrett uses the chair on the back of Gilbertti before whipping him into the guardrail. He roughs him up some more until Sanders comes out and superkicks Jarrett in a blown spot. The camera shows the Harris Brothers in the back of the arena watching the match then Gilbertti catapults Jarrett into the post. In the ring, Gilbertti attacks the leg of Jarrett. He puts him in an ankle lock but Jarrett eventually reaches the ropes. XXX is shown watching in the aisle and AMW are on the ramp. Jarrett trips up Gilbertti and puts on the figure-four but Gilbertti reverses the hold. Jarrett manages to grab the ropes. Jarrett hits a DDT and an enziguiri for nearfalls. Crossbody block gets two as the whole roster is now watching the match. Gilbertti catches him with a stunner but Jarrett kicks out. Gilbertti stomps Jarrett’s leg, which was between a chair. The ref is yelling at Gilbertti then Jarrett stuns him on the chair for two. Gilbertti hits Jarrett with the Stroke but that only gets two. Jarrett powerbombs Gilbertti but gets elbowed on a charge. Jarrett goes for a reverse rollup but Gilbertti is shoved into the ref. Both men are down as Vince Russo comes out with his bat and whacks Gilbertti on the back and Jarrett covers for the win (13:42) **1/2. Russo is shown walking away as the show goes off the air.
Thoughts: Not bad and probably the best you could have hoped for in this match. Gilbertti’s offense is not main event material. He sucks at brawling. There was a lot of smoke and mirrors in this match but it was for the best. Now that Russo has cost Raven and Gilbertti, a member of SEX, a match, it is unclear where his allegiance lies.
Final Thoughts:  The Russo deal is a bit intriguing but the rest of the show had nothing going for it. The Hard Ten tournament has been a waste, as has the Asylum Allegiance tag tourney. Bringing in more X Division guys has been beneficial but that was really the only positive sign for the company going forward. They are wasting too much time with people like Erik Watts and need to create some new stars.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #46

May 28, 2003
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
The show starts with a video package on Raven, focusing on the past two weeks.
Gilbertti is in the parking lot and he yells at Julio and Alexis, ordering them to tell Raven that he will kick his ass. I bet.

CM Punk & Jason Cross vs. AJ Styles & D’Lo Brown
AJ and D’Lo get attacked from behind and knocked out of the ring. Cross then flies out with an impressive twisting tope as his partner runs into a superkick from AJ. He springboards off the guardrail but Punk dropkicks him in mid-air in a mistimed spot. In the ring, AJ beats on both men until he eats a flying knee by Punk, who attacks AJ. They double-team AJ and get a few nearfalls in the process as Tenay runs down the show, which will feature Glenn Gilbertti vs. Raven as the main event. AJ turns Cross inside out with a clothesline and tags D’Lo, who cleans house. D’Lo catches Cross after a springboard ad flattens him with a powerbomb then D’Lo and AJ hit simultaneous moves (D’Lo frog splash and AJ a springboard 450) and get the win (4:29) **.
Thoughts: Good match while it lasted. Its really interesting to look back and see Punk here. He looked like a total indy geek. Anyway, he and Cross looked good overall.
After the match, D’Lo grabs the mic and tells us that his goal was to get respect when he came to TNA and to achieve that, its to become the world champion. D’Lo tells AJ that he has been the victim of politics and warns him that its happening to him as well. He tells AJ that they had to qualify for a tag tournament and just had to face two jobbers. He tells us that in the TNA, Jeff Jarrett is “The Game” as a “Triple J” chant breaks out. AJ speaks and says he agrees with D’Lo and runs down a list of potential challengers, including D’Lo, before stating that they should end the team the way the started it as they both hug it out and pose to the crowd to a 50/50 reaction.
West runs down the show:
Sonny Siaki & Sandman vs. ?????
Justin Credible & Jerry Lynn vs. America’s Most Wanted, but James Storm is not here
A Hard Ten tournament match
A video highlight package about Jeff Jarrett defending the TNA belt against Sting in Australia for the WWA promotion. It’s set to some really corny music and goes on for far too long. It ends plugging his title match against Glen Gilbertti, which will take place next week.
Jeff Jarrett comes out to the ring. He mentions that he hears boos and eggs on the Raven fans in the building. He then cuts a heel promo on the fans and says he is here for Raven, who he claims is in a corner somewhere shooting up. Raven comes out to mostly cheers. Jarrett tells him to speak first and he calls Jarrett a coward and a pussy. He compares him to DDP, but without the work ethic, and compares his political connections to that of the McMahon kids. Raven challenges him to a match but Jarrett says that he doesn’t have the power to make the match then states how on his worst day, Raven still cant beat him. Jarrett calls him an addict that is unfit to represent the NWA. Jarrett then states that he is going to protect Raven because he wants him to be in top shape when they have a match. Jarrett’s music hits and Raven leaves as Bert Prentice hands Jarrett an envelope. He opens it up and looks upset and heads over to Tenay, stating that he has been suspended. Tenay responds by stating they have to go out back. All signs here point towards a double turn, which makes sense since the crowd loves Raven and Jarrett is a much better heel than he is a face. The suspension deal seems idiotic.
Gilbertti addresses SEX in the locker room. He says that he got Jarrett suspended on TV and that he will beat Raven so bad that he would be wishing that he is detoxing. That’s quite the line. He runs down Siaki for looking dumb against a drug addict like Raven and says that he will have to prove himself tonight without the help of SEX. He then orders the Harris Brothers to bring him Chris Harris. That’s a lot of Harris’s.
Asylum Alliance Tournament
Sandman & Sonny Siaki vs. BG James & Konnan
BG is back, looking even more out of shape than he was before. Tenay notes that last time he was here, he was in SEX but came from the TNA locker room today. Sandman is drinking beer and holding his Singapore Cane and making masturbation gestures as the match begins. Konnan and Siaki start off with a fast-paced but sloppy sequence. Sandman stays on the floor as Konnan and BG work on Siaki. BG does all his trademark stuff and the crowd couldn’t care less. Sandman continues to avoid his partner then tells him that he is on his own. Siaki hits a neckbreaker and a flipping leg drop before tagging Sandman, who responds by spitting beer in his face and hitting him with a kendo stick as BG hits the pumphandle drop for the win (2:40) ¼*.
Thoughts: An uneventful return for BG James. The Asylum Alliance tournament has been a failure so far as no one is getting over as a result. This match was useless.
Goldylocks is backstage with New Jack, who is slamming water bottles through a table. He cuts a promo on Slash, stating that he will destroy him. Shark Boy comes out holding the Chutes and Ladders game and New Jack leaves to play. Tenay calls them the Odd Couple.
They rundown the scoring system of the Hard Ten Tournament combined with a video package of last week’s match.
Slash w/James Mitchell vs. New Jack
Mike Sanders is on commentary, attempting to be funny. Slash hits New Jack with a tope and they brawl outside. Slash then rolls Jack inside and they trade shots, tying it up 1-1. They go back outside and trade garbage can shots. Sanders makes fun of West’s sport card selling as these two brawl at a snails pace outside. Jack uses the lid but Slash uses it twice and gets in two shots with a garbage can, going up 6-3. Jack tosses Slash outside and gets a trashcan shot before rolling Slash into the ring. Slash uses the lid twice but Jack ducks out and hits him with a chair, cutting it to 8-5. In the ring, Jack places a tray on Slash’s crotch and uses the wood, making it 8-6. Jack ties it up 8-8 bring in two lids and they trade shots, making it 10-10. Slash goes up 11-10 and he needs to win by two. Its now 12-12 as the brawling looks awful right now and the crowd is just dead. Its tied 13-13 as New Jack goes up top but gets cut off. Jack blocks a superplex then throws Slash off the top to the outside, where is crashes through the table, and Jack wins 18-13 (7:07). DUD.
Thoughts: The scoring system makes these matches seem ridiculous. You’d think you would just knock someone down and hit them ten times repeatedly so you can win the match. Also, it makes the match slow and plodding.
Tenay is with XXX, sans Low Ki. Daniels proclaims XXX as the best team in the world and challenges anyone to come down and face them. He came across well here. Skipper mentions how he beat Kidman and Mysterio in WCW and as wrestled all over the world. Daniels cuts off Tenay after he puts down SEX, stating that tradition is filled with politics by people such as Jarrett and Dusty Rhodes. Daniels did well with the material he had to work with, which was very generic by the way. Its nice to see that after nine years, TNA finally let him cut loose on the mic
We go to the parking lot where the Harris Brothers are talking, then get beat down by Konnan and Ron Killings.
Goldylocks is with the Spanish Announce Team. She asks them about their cousin, the Amazing Red. They say that he isn’t here this week (he was in Japan) and put him over. They leave and Erik Watts comes up and whispers in Goldy’s ear.
XXX vs. Spanish Announce Team
The SAT’s haven’t been around since the beginning of the year. XXX jumps then to start. Daniels destroys Jose then tags Skipper. They hit a double suplex, getting two. Joel comes back with a sloppy crossbody but Skipper escapes by using the matrix and hits a spinning heel kick. XXX stomps a mudhole into Joel for a bit. Joel comes back with another sloppy move, this time a tilt-a-whirl into a rollup. La Majistral gets two. Skipper tosses him down and tags out. Daniels hits an uranage then gets the BME. He suplexes Joel on the ropes and tags Skipper, who hits a springboard leg drop. Joel dodges a charge and hits a springboard kick. He tags Jose, who cleans house. SAT’s hit a double bulldog on Daniels. SAT’s set up Skipper for a double team move but it was botched. Jose hits Daniels with a plancha then the SAT’s try the Spanish Fly on Skipper. The match breaks down as everyone hits each other with their moves. Daniels then crotches Jose on the ropes and tags Skipper, who does his ropewalk hurricarana for the win (6:19) *3/4. After the match, Raven comes into the ring and DDT’s the SAT’s before leaving.
Thoughts: The SAT’s didn’t look good here. This was there last appearance in TNA too. XXX continues to shine but this was a meaningless match.
We are back in the SEX locker room where Gilbertti wonders what happened to the Harris Brothers. Tracy walks in and demands to speak with David Young about their match next week. Desire said she can speak with her and Tracy slapped her across the face. The two women brawl then it spills to the crowd before ending up in the ring.  David Young walks out and hits Tracy with the spinebuster and checks on Desire as they continue to play up that Young is in love with Desire. Security checks on Tracy and they roll her out of the ring. The brawling looked bad but it was meant for showing skin and it was fine in that regard. Tracy’s ass is mighty fine by the way as the short skirt and thong confirm that for us.
Goldylocks is with Erik Watts. They are in a janitor’s closet as she didn’t want to do anything with him. However, she did acknowledge that they did screw last week. Watts sweet talks her and kisses her before he exits, leaving Goldy smitten.
Video package of the mysterious luchador costing Kash his tag match last week.
Kash is in the locker room when a girl walks in wearing a slutty nurse’s outfit, claiming to be conducting a pre-match exam. He tells her that he has a pulled groin then pulls her by the hair and says that she was sent by Tracy. She then hits him low several times as Kash is in pain on the ground.
Masked Luchador vs. Kid Kash
Kash comes out limping and holding his crotch. The luchador speaks and its obvious that it is Trinity. She then unmasks as Trinity and no one is surprised. She takes out Kash with a crossbody. Outside the ring, she hits a sloppy rana off the stairs. In the ring, she hits a missile dropkick for two. Sunset flip gets two. Kash reverses a whip then puts her in the iron claw. Trinity breaks it up and botches another move before getting a poor excuse of a crossbody for two. She powerbombs Kash for two then heads up top and nearly kills herself trying a moonsault. Kash saved her from a broken neck. He picks her up and hits the Money Maker for the win (2:17). -*. After the match, Kash calls her a bitch and threatens to kill her.
Thoughts: Terrible match as Trinity botched just about everything she tried. The crowd was dead for this and they have been into this feud since the start. No one wanted to see Trinity as the lucahdor either. This killed the entire feud.
Jarrett is backstage with Bill Behrens. He tells him that he needs to leave because he is suspended. Jarrett refuses to leave and threatens to wipe his ass with the suspension papers.
The camera cuts to the SEX locker room. The Harris Brothers are back and they look perfectly fine as they are joking around with each other. Chris Harris walks in and Gilbertti tells him that he believes Storm’s reason for missing the show (personal issues) is bullshit. Harris agrees and Gilbertti says that he pulled some strings and that tonight, his partner will be the X Division Champion, Chris Sabin. Harris shakes Gilbertti’s hand then threatens if he is double-crossed.
We finally get a bracket of the Asylum Alliance tournament. The winner of the upcoming match between Justin Credible & Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Harris & Chris Sabin will face BG James and Konnan in the semi-finals.
Asylum Alliance Match
Justin Credible & Jerry Lynn vs. Chris Sabin & Chris Harris
Sabin did not display any hint of a personality when he first came to TNA. The crowd did not react at all to the guy. Tenay again brings up that Storm is not here due to “personal reasons.” Sabin and Lynn start out with a clunky sequence of typical X Division counters. Lynn snaps of a rana and gets two off a German suplex. Harris tags in and Lynn takes him down with a headlock as the announcers note of Harris came out of the SEX locker room. Lynn hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and tags out. Credible gets taken down with an armdrag. Harris gtes a clothesline then gets two off a crossbody block. Credilbe floats over and gets two off an inverted DDT. Lynn tags back in but Harris regains control. Lynn dodges a corner charge with a leapfrog but Sabin yanks Lynn by the hair and that allows Harris to hit him with a spear. Sabin tags and beats on Lynn for a while. Lynn gets a headscissor takedown but Sabin backs him in the corner and lands an enziguiri. Lynn gets double-teamed then Harris grabs a chinlock. Back elbow smash gets two then they double-team Lynn some more as the announcers continue to hint that Harris is going to turn heel. Speaking of Harris, he hits Lynn with a delayed vertical suplex and that gets two. As Credible is yelling at the ref, Lynn escapes a double-team and somersault into  the corner and tags him. Credible hits a double clothesline and beats on Sabin. Lynn hits Sabin with a TKO and Harris gets clotheslined to the floor. Lynn goes for the cradle pieldriver but Credible stops him and states that he is the legal man. He gets Sabin up for the tombstone but its reversed into a rollup and Sabin gets the pin (9:04) **1/4.  After the match, Credible and Lynn argue then start brawling as the crowd starts a mild “ECW” chant. Security separates the two after a few attempts and this ends with Lynn yelling “Just like ECW, I’m going to kick your ass, you asshole” at Credible.
Thoughts: The match started off clunky but ended up being okay. The pull-apart at the end wasn’t much. The announcers continued to hint throughout the match that Harris would be turning heel. Seeing how as this is TNA, that probably wouldn’t be happening.
Erik Watts is now backstage, replacing Goldylocks. He plugs the main event in the most over-the-top way possible. Raven shows up and threatens violence towards Watts but states that he will not because he makes him laugh. Watts gets serious and tells Raven that he wants him to kick ass. They are wasting a lot of time trying to get Watts over.
West and Tenay mention the one-year anniversary that is happening three weeks from today. The brackets for the Asylum Alliance are shown. They mention how Chris Harris will have to make a decision on which partner to use going forward.
Glen Gilbertti vs. Raven
Raven backs Gilbertti into the corner, who then ducks outside. Raven ducks a chairshot and sends Gilbertti into the guardrail. He drags Gilbetti into the crowd and continues the beatdown. He suplexes him on the floor and drags him out back. The crowd is quiet as Raven uses a chair then drags Gilbertti near the ring. Gilbertti somehow gains the advantage (the camera went wide angle and we missed what happened) and they are now inside the ring. Gilbertti gets a chair but is knocked down when he enters the ring. Gilberrti fights back but whiffs on a clothesline and Raven puts him in a Cobra Clutch. After a struggle, Gilbertti escapes and hits a poor excuse of a short-armed clothesline. Raven punches away in the corner then goes back to the Cobra Clutch. Gilbertti breaks the hold using a jawbreaker and he stomps away. He sets up the chair but Raven blocks a drop toehold attempt and bounces the chair of Gilbertti’s head. He gets a nearfall after another chairshot then sends Gilbertti into the chair with a drop toehold. Raven continues to destroy Gilbertti until the Harris Brothers enter the ring. Julio and Alexis run in and they brawl. The Harris Brothers destroy them and they go to the floor. In the ring, Gilbertti assaults Raven with a chair, working on the ankle. He uses an ankle lock and Raven eventually makes it to the ropes, only for Gilbertti to put it on again. Raven escapes and fights back. He hits a discus clothesline and a running kneelift. Bulldog gets two. Raven is still selling the injured ankle as he pounds away. Clothesline gets two. Sonny Siaki is at ringside as Raven hits the Raven Effect. Siaki pulls the ref out of the ring before he counted to three and he yells at Siaki. Raven is disracted and Gilbertti hits a low blow then a stunner but that only gets two. The crowd is a bit louder as Gilbertti accidentally clotheslines the referee. He misses a clothesline and eats a superkick. Raven covers but Sandman runs out and nails Raven several times with the Singapore cane. Jarrett runs out and drags Sandman up the ramp, as he is Raven’s protector. After a struggle, Raven hits another Raven Effect but Vince Russo runs out and makes his return by hitting Raven with a bat as Tenay is going nuts. Gilbertti drapes an arm over Raven and gets the win (15:35) **1/2. After the match, the camera shows Russo leaving the arena.
Thoughts: The match was overbooked but it the psychology of the match itself was solid. Gilbertti’s offense looks awful and is not passable at all for a main event though. Russo’s return did not special and also did nothing for Gilbertti, who came off looking like a chump when being saved by Russo.
Final Thoughts: The promotion continues to show little in terms of direction. No one buys Gilbertti as a main eventer and the tournaments are largely terrible. They killed the Kash/Trinity feud, which actually had been getting a great reaction from the crowd. Russo’s return did not garner a big reaction but it did surprise me a little bit I guess seeing as Gilbertti put down Russo in an interview a few weeks prior. Jarrett’s suspension deal was lame too as no one bought that he would actually be leaving the building. Also, him as Raven’s “guardian” is another stupid idea.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #45

May 21, 2003


Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay

The show starts with a video package on last week’s show.
The main focus was on how they tried to make Glen Gilbertti into a main event

Graphics show all of the factions in TNA and Tenay reads as
a scroll runs down the screen. It says that since there has been too much
anarchy between the factions, there will be two separate tournaments. No explanation of how this will stop the “anarchy” or what these tournaments are were given.


Raven is shown sitting on top of a production truck. He
mentions how the “bullshit” chants erupted when he lost against Jarrett. He
runs down everyone for a minute then gets attacked. The beatdown isn’t shown
but it was supposed to be Jarrett as we hear his voice stating that he is here


A highlight of XXX helping Chris Sabin win the X Division
title from last week is shown.



Elimination Match

Jason Cross vs. CM
Punk vs. Kid Romeo vs. Paul London

Romeo hasn’t been in TNA since the days of the Dupps and Ed
Ferrara. Punk hasn’t been on since the tag-team gauntlet from September. All
four men are trying to draw cheers then argue about who will start out. Romeo
starts doing pelvic thrusts and he gets beaten down for that. Some
choreographed stuff happens next, some of which looks good. Romeo hits a
slingshot clothesline on Cross. London
hits him with a crossbody block off the top for two. Romeo taunts the crowd on
the top rope then manages to counter a splash mountain with a rana. Romeo gets
two off a bulldog. Punk trips up Romeo and sends him into the guardrail. Punk
lands on his feet after a German suplex from London and springs off his back, hitting
Cross with a knee. London
escapes a moneky flip and heads up top bu Punks hoves him off and he crashes
hard off the guardrail. Romeo and Punk trade chops until Punk hits a
backbreaker. Cross hits Punk with an enziguiri, getting two. Punk comes back
with the Devil’s Lock DDT for two. Punk blocks a tornado DDT attempt and Cross
hits a neckbreaker off the top for the pin (5:28). The crowd boos as Romeo
clotheslines Cross then puts him in the Gory Special. London kills Cross with a superkick and Romeo
drops him, getting two. London
gets clotheslined to the floor and Romeo takes him out with a plancha. Cross
then hit both men with a beautiful twisting dive. In the ring, Cross hits Romeo
with a slingshot rana for two but eats a spinning wheel kick. London crotches Romeo on the top rope but
Cross dropkicks him to the floor. Cross and Romeo battle on the top rope and
Romeo hits him with the Kiss Goodnight (Kryptonite Krunch) for the pin (8:35).
Romeo crotches London
on the top rope by shoving the referee and takes him down with a rana, getting
two. London
gets a small package then connects with an enziguiri, getting two. London’s eye is swollen
as Romeo has him up in the Torture Rack then hits a neckbreaker, getting two as
he pulled himself off. Romeo misses a splash off the top then London hits the
Waffle Face (Chicken-Wing into a faebuster) then the London Calling for the win
(11:39) ***.


Thoughts: Good opening match. Even though Punk was young,
him getting pinned by Cross was ridiculous. The crowd crapped on that. Romeo
looked the best out of everyone here. London
did some good moves too. Cross was alright I suppose but no one is buying him
as a threat. Good way to open the show.



Tenay says that Raven will be the “promoter of violence” in
the Clockwork Orange House of Fun match between Sonny Siaki and Sandman.


West then explains the two tournaments. The first is the
Asylum Alliance, which is a tag tournament. They have picked seven teams made
up of those from different factions and the eighth team will be the winner
between the America’s
Most Wanted vs. AJ Styles & D’Lo Brown. The second tournament is the Hard
Ten Tournament, which is a hardcore match tournament that is based on a scoring
system that will be explained later on today. No brackets were shown. Also,
they let us know that camera’s had been installed all throughout the arena,
giving us dozens of backstage segments throughout the show.  



Goldylocks is with Sonny Siaki in the SEX locker room. He
says that he is in charge tonight and tries to order around everyone and they
all blow him off, except his bitch, David Young. They play up how David Young
has a crush on Desire. The segment was a waste.



Raven is running down the Gathering. He threatens to pour
cleaning solution down Alexis’s throat then warns that they will not betray him



Christopher Daniels
& Elix Skipper vs. Slash w/James Mitchell & Justin Credible &
Amazing Red

This is 3 vs. 2 because the NWA is standing up to XXX,
according to Tenay, because Low Ki was hurt this past week in England. Skipper
and Red start out with a nice sequence. Red hits a few kicks as the crowd is
loudly chanting his name. Slash and Daniels are now in the ring as Slash goes
nuts. Daniels gets caught with a float-over and Slash hits the Eye of the
Hurricane. Credible tags and gets one off a back elbow smash. Credible works on
Skipper and clotheslines him to the floor. He follows him out with a pescado
then Daniels accidentally takes out his partner with a tope and that starts off
a car-crash sequence that ends with a running flip dive from Red. In the ring,
Slash hits Daniels with the helicopter slam but Skipper breaks up the pin.
During an Irish whip sequence, Skipper pulls down the rope on Slash and hits
him with a chair as Daniels distracts the ref. Skipper tags and gets two off a
sideslam. XXX double-teams Slash then Daniels grabs a chinlock. XXX uses quick
tags to neutralize Slash until he hits a bicycle kick. Tag to Red, who hits a
splash for two. He tries a Code Red but Daniels clotheslines him down. He tags
in and roughs up Red as Tenay says that Ki will be out for several weeks with a
dislocated shoulder. Skipper hits a few suplexes then tags Daniels, who hits a
pair of backbreakers as the crowd is loudly chanting for Red. They do some nice
double team stuff but Red keeps on kicking out. He dropkicks both men then
finally tags out. Credible runs wild as a faint “ECW” chant breaks out. He eats
boot on a charge but comes back with a kick on Skipper. Daniels grabs a belt
and hits Credible but Slash breaks up the pin. Up top, Slash gets crotched and
knocked to the floor. XXX has Red alone in the ring. They hit the Rockerplex
but Red kicks out. They toss him over the ropes but his teammates catch him and
roll him on the apron. He hits a springboard swinging STO on Skipper and
Daniels gets dragged to the floor, allowing Red to score the pin (12:11) ***.
After the match, Raven attacks Red and grabs the mic, telling Jarrett that he
will take out whoever he wants until he gets what he wants.


Thoughts: As dumb as it is for the faces to have the
advantage, this match turned out to be good. Credible struggled but everyone
else looked fine. Red is probably the most over face in the company. He does a
great job at selling too.



We are shown a taped segment that features Goldylocks in a
cellphone store, returning her phone because it does not work. It is supposed
to be a comedy segment, in the mold of Punk’d but it was horrible in every
single way and went on for far too long. It ended with Goldylocks smashing her
phone. I have no idea what purpose this was supposed to serve.



Goldylocks is with Mike Sanders. He says that he has beat
giants like Andre, Undertaker, and Sid since 1998. She brings up the Hard Ten
tournament and he turns it into a penis joke. He then mentions that he has a
match with Brian Lee and is sure that he can beat the “Underfaker.”



The Hard Ten scoring system is shown:


1 Point = Every blow with a strategically placed weapon,
which are placed in the hands of the fans at ringside.


5 Points =  When your
opponent goes through a table.


Also, you must win by at least two points.



Hard Ten Tournament

Mike Sanders vs.
Brian Lee w/James Mitchell

Calling Lee a giant right now is laughable as he weighs less
than Sanders. They lockup and Sanders avoids a weapon shot. Lee brings more
weapons in the ring then connects on a trashcan lid shot. He hits him with a
board and a cookie sheet. Lee grabs some more sheets and a chair and tosses
them inside. Sanders ducks out and a fan refuses to give him a weapon. Lee hits
him with a lid then wedges it into the corner. Sanders floats over and snds Lee
into it with a rana. He hits him with a lid, busting open Lee. He ties it up
4-4  then clotheslines Lee to the floor.
He takes the lead with another shot and places him on the table. He tries an
elbow drop but Lee hits him with a lid. In the ring, Lee goes up 7-5 then
slides the table into the ring. He struggles and threatens the ref with a
chair. He goes up 8-5 and places Sanders on the table. He hoes up top but
Sanders rolls off and Lee crashes through, losing the match 10-8 (5:50) DUD.


Thoughts: Awful match. Awesome has been a huge bust in TNA.
He is way out of shape. Sanders tried but this was a lost cause and the
psychology of the point system was lost with these two.



Raven is in the SEX locker room with Sonny Siaki, who refers
to the ECW as drug addicts and asks where is allegiance lies.



Goldylocks is backstage with New Jack and Shark Boy. They
are playing Candyland and Jack is treating. These two are tagging up in the



Goldylocks is now with Ron Killings. He is upset about
teaming with Don Harris then gets jumped by both Harris Brothers. New Jack then
throws a few punches at Killings, his opponent.



Ron Killings &
Don Harris vs. New Jack & Shark Boy

Killings is getting beat up on the ramp. In the ring, he
fights back but Shark Boy hits a dropkick. Harris has not come out yet as Jack
is working on Killings. He hits a belly-to-belly and tags Shark Boy, who gets
two off a missile dropkick. He hits a neckbreaker but gets crotched up top and
Killings hits a super fallaway slam. Jack is yelling at Shark Boy then the
Harris Brothers run in and destroy Shark Boy. They hit New Jack with an H bomb
and try the same on Killings but he escapes and clears the ring. Shark Boy
comes off the top but Killings catches him with a powerslam for the win (3:11)


Thoughts: A meaningless match that prolongs the feud between
Killings and the Harris Brothers.



Raven and Sandman are backstage. He yells at Raven, who
states that he was playing Siaki and would never back SEX. Sandman gives him a
beer then whacks him with the Singapore



Goldylocks is with Kid Kash and Trinity, who are teaming
together. He runs her down and talks about Trinity having a contract with him,
not TNA. He says that after he takes care of David Young and Tracy, he will
take care of him. He drags her away and Erik Watts comes in and does his deal,
pretending that Eric Bischoff is coming to TNA. He and Goldy play up that they
are sleeping with each other.



David Young w/Desire
& Tracy vs.
Kid Kash & Trinity

Tenay plugs Jarrett’s match against Sting on the upcoming
WWA pay per view. Kash and Young start out and have a nice back and forth
sequence. Kash gets two off a rollup then hits a few armdrags. The crowd hates
Kash then he teases a tag to Trinity before walking into a clothesline. Slam
gets two. Kash comes back with a double springboard rana and a DDT. Tracy tags and she slaps
Kash. He backs her into a corner but Kash tags out and grabs her hair. Trinity
hits a clothesline and a springboard armdrag. Young tags in and he chops
Trinity. He then folds her in half with a spear but that only gets two. Trinity
snaps off a rana and Kash tags himself in by yanking Trinity by the hair. He
chops Tracy
hard and the crowd is all over him. Kash hits a slingshot suplex and goes for
another but the arena goes dark and the mystery lucahdor appears on the screen,
stating that they will be revealed next week. After that happens, Tracy hits Kash  with a chair and Young gets the spinebuster
for the win (7:47) *1/2.


Thoughts: Not that bad. Kash is over as a heel and looks
like we will finally get some closure with the luchador angle.



Goldylocks is with AJ Styles and D’Lo Brown, who slams the
WWE for censoring him then talks about Jarrett, who says that it is odd that he
and AJ, two of the top contenders for his belt, have to team up and face
another team in a qualifying match. AJ says screw it and they head to the ring.



Raven is in the ring, demanding that Jarrett come out and
face him. He then grabs Borash and hits him with the Raven Effect DDT. David
Webber, the former Mortimer Plumtree, comes out and his the interim ring



America’s Most Wanted vs. AJ Styles & D’Lo

Only in this company would they take their two best teams
and put them through a qualifying match. AJ and Storm start off with a nice,
fast-paced sequence. Both men tag out as Harris and D’Lo lockup. Harris hits a
clothesline but D’Lo blocks a suplex and hits a stunner. He tags AJ and
hiptosses him onto Harris, getting two. Storm makes a blind tag but AJ takes
out both men. AJ gets caught with a superkick coming off the top rope and
Harris tags. D’Lo runs in and interferes but that allows AMW to gain the
advantage. They neutralize AJ with quick tags and double team moves. Double clothesline
by AMW then they take D’Lo off the apron. AJ counters a catatonic with a
crucifix then connects with a spinning heel kick as both men are down. AJ tags
D’Lo and he runs wild. Storm breaks up a pin attempt and hits the Swinging
Noose for a two count. AJ hits Storm with a sitout powerbomb for two. He tries
the Phenomenon on Harris but gets speared in mid-air. That spot looked really
bad. The match breaks down as Storm accidentally hits Harris with an enziguiri.
XXX and David Young run into the ring and try to get a double interference.
D’Lo gets stun-gunned, right in front of the ref, and Storm rolls him up for
the win (9:07) **1/4.


Thoughts: Not that great. These guys didn’t work too well
together. I have no idea why XXX was trying to get this to end in a double DQ.



A sitdown interview with Glen Gilbertti. He says that NWA is
dead and SEX is where wrestling needs to go. He denies that he is a political
player and if he controlled the company, would call the show “SEX presents
TNA.” He says that Raven never got a fair shot in WCW or WWE and mentions his
143 IQ. When he mentions Vince Russo, he says that the vision of wrestling
should not be carried by a 43 year old father of three. He puts over Jarrett as
a great wrestler without a superstar look. Seems like Gilbertti was trying to
make Russo a face for when he returns.



Tenay and West mention that “TNA Talk” will start in the
coming weeks. Don West mentions that the one year anniversary of TNA will take
place June 18th.



Clockwork Orange
House of Fun Match featuring Raven as the Minister of Violence

Sonny Siaki vs.

Sandman takes forever with his entrance. Siaki nails him
from behind then bets him down with Raven watching from the corner. They brawl
outside the ring with Sandman grinding Siaki’s face against a fence. Sandman
tosses several chairs into the ring and punches Siaki, who is bleeding. This is
really slow-paced and the crowd is dying. Siaki whacks Sandman in the nuts then
places him in a tree of woe and continues to work on his testicles. Siaki
whacks him with a lid but Sandman fights back with some pathetic looking
chairshots. He puts Siaki in the tree of woe and dropkicks a trashcan into his
face as Raven continue to sit in the corner. Siaki hits Sandman with a kendo
stick and covers but Raven doesn’t even budge. Siaki is pissed and Sandman
rolls him up and Raven still wont move. Both men trade stuff as the crowd is
silent. Sandman attempts to make a table out of a steel cage door and chairs
but it falls apart when Siaki is placed on top. He misses a senton off the top
and Siaki hits a few chairshots. He grabs a chain but Sandman whacks him with
trashcan then hits a side Russian legsweep. Raven counts but pulls off Sandman
and hits him with a DDT. He does the same to Siaki then leaves the ring and
goes into the parking lot yelling for Jarrett as the match ends in a no contest
(9:35) -*. Out of nowhere, Amazing Red hits him with a hurricarana and fires
away. He drags him back into the arena and they go in the ring. He hits a
tornado DDT as the crowd goes nuts. He heads up top but Julio shoves him off.
He hits Raven with the 718 then the Code Red on Julio. Alexis comes in but Red
sends her into Julio’s crotch with a drop toehold. He goes off top as Raven is
on a table and hits a senton but the table did not break and he does it again.


Thoughts: A tired, hardcore match that was wrestled in slow
motion. Sandman is way too fucked up to wrestle here. There was no point to
this match either.



Final Thoughts: The
first two matches were good but this show was awful. The company is circling
the drain at this point and these two torunaments were nothing but a giant
clusterfuck. Gibertti is not close to being a credible main eventer and these
factions are largely dead weight, with the exception of a few wrestlers. At
least they got the Amazing Red over.  

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #44

May 14, 2003
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
The show opens with a video package on last week’s show. This focuses on how they made Glen Gilbertti into the number one contender, including him winning the “Anarchy in the Asylum” match and assaulting an injured Jeff Jarrett.
We see a stretch limo pull up with Glen Gilbertti getting out, wearing a suit and holding a wad of cash as he tips the driver. He speaks into the camera and states that he will do some Sports Entertainment tonight then tells the camera man to follow him around. In the background, we see Erik Watts getting out of his car.

Tenay tells us that the X Division and Tag-Team Titles will be on the line.

SEX are in the ring. Sonny Siaki is holding the mic and introduces Glen Gilbertti. The crowd starts a “Disco Sucks” chant. He tells the crowd he never connected with them and makes fun of their dialect. The crowd now starts an “Asshole” chant as he tells the crowd that he beat the shit out of their hero, Jeff Jarrett. Mike Sanders asks Glen if he is wearing the $3,500 suit but apparently Nashville only gets to see the $2,500 suit. He goes on for too long before stating that SEX will take over the entire building. He then starts “Gilbertti’s List,” putting Raven at the top because he is all about himself, even though he helped him win the match last week. Gilbertti says that you can either join them or be wiped out trying to stop them and gives a ten second countdown. The ECW guys come out and tell him to shut up. New Jack calls him “Glen Bershitty” and makes fun of his cheap clothes and big nose. Gilbertti comes back with bingo hall and bounced check references as Sandman spits beer all over his suit. New Jack tells us there is a third choice, which is that they can stomp their ass, and they run into the ring. The ECW guys clear the ring as SEX retreats. The ECW guys get worse by the week.
Teany and West run down the title matches, which includes Amazing Red vs. Chris Sabin and XXX vs. AJ Styles & D’Lo Brown.
Goldylocks is with Chris Sabin. He tells Goldy that this will be the biggest night of his career before he is interrupted by Jerry Lynn. He tells Sabin that he beat a bunch of stiffs and that he petitioned to the office to include himself into the title match, making it a three-way. Sabin says that it isn’t a good idea as Lynn bullies him around. Sabin came across like a huge geek and did a terrible job on the mic.
X Division Championship Match
Chris Sabin vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Amazing Red (Champion)
They start with an over-choreographed sequence that ends in a standoff. Sabin gets double-teamed and Red goes for the cover but Lynn breaks it up and pushes Red around. Red comes back with a rana and a dropkick before Lynn catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Sabin and Lynn trade shots before Sabin hits a backbreaker. Red hits Sabin with an ugly tornado DDT as XXX comes to the ring. Lynn puts Sabin on his shoulders and Red springboards in and takes him down with a rana. That looked great. Lynn then clotheslines Red for two. He covers again as we see a replay of the rana. Sabin blocks a cradle piledriver attempt but gets hit with a German suplex. Sabin hits Lynn with a sitout powerbomb and Red breaks up the pin with a dropkick. Red nails Sabin with a cartwheel kick. Sabin gets Red in position for an inverted DDT and Lynn does the same to Sabin and all three men are down. They now work a double headscissor spot as the crowd is quieting down. Sabin eats boot on a charge and Red hits Lynn with a tornado DDT after spinning off of Sabin. Lynn rolls outside and Red attempts to dive out but Sabin kills him with a Yakuza kick. He hits Lynn with a pescado and they brawl for a bit until Red takes them out with a running flip dive. The camera shows XXX talking as Sabin catches Red as he springboards into the ring. Red floats over then runs Sabin into Lynn, who hits him with his apron leg drop. Lynn slingshots in with a splash on Sabin but Red breaks that up with swanton bomb in a bad looking spot as the ref had to delay the three count waiting for Red. The crowd even starts a “that was three” chant. Red hits Lynn with a swinging STO but Sabin breaks that up. Sabin and Lynn hit each other with their finishers then Red slingshots in and hits Lynn with the Code Red, getting two. He goes up top but Skipper pushes him off as Ki distracts the ref. Skipper hits the Play of the Day and puts Sabin on top and he gets the win (10:47) **1/2. Ki grabs the belt from Sabin then they offer him a SEX t-shirt. Sabin ponders it for a second then takes the shirt and puts it on. They give him back the belt and they walk away to the back.
Thoughts: Some nice spots but too much of this was over-choreographed, which can be the case in three-way matches. The crowd did not react to Sabin winning and did not seem to care that he joined SEX. Speaking of SEX, they did not need to add to their already bloated stable. Red’s title reign lasted a whole two weeks.
Goldylocks is with the Extreme Revolution. New Jack cuts her off and yells at Sandman over him negotiating with SEX. They have a screaming match until Saturn interrupts and tells Sandman not to come back if he goes over to the SEX locker room. Jack and Credible yell at Sandman, who responds by smashing a beer can over his own head. A waste of time and why is Sandman going to negotiate with Gilbertti after they just cleared the ring of SEX fifteen minutes ago?
Tenay tells us that TNA has granted Gilbertti’s request for a camera. We are in the SEX locker room as they celebrate with Sabin then Gilbertti calls Sanders a giant killer and tells him to beat Mike Awesome tonight. Kid Kash comes in and says he has no problem with SEX and has a peace offering, the services of Trinity. Gilbertti asks what she can do for them as Sanders wants to know if she can do a rusty trombone. They accept and Kash grabs Trinity and tells her to be on her best behavior. If you’re a fan of blowjob references, this is a segment for you.
Tables Match
Mike Sanders vs. Mike Awesome w/James Mitchell
Awesome is getting fatter by the week. He hits a few clotheslines but Sanders escapes a running Awesome Bomb. In a horrendous spot, Sanders takes Awesome over the ropes with a rana. Awesome sends Sanders into the guardrail a few times as the crowd is behind him. They are in the crowd as Awesome picks up a table and charges at Sanders, who ducks out of the way. Man, that looked terrible too. They engage in some weak brawling as Awesome connects with a chairshot as Mitchell stomps away. Sanders is on the table after a chairshot then the Harris Brothers and the New Church come out and brawl. It goes outside where SEX is waiting for them and beat the crap out of the New Church. Back to the match, where they made it back to the ring. Awesome puts a table into the ring but Sanders hits him and sets up the table in the ring. He places him on top and goes to the top rope. Awesome crotches Sanders then sets up a table outside the ring. He goes for a top rope Awesome Bomb but Gilbertti runs out and hits Awesome with a pair of pathetic chair shots as Awesome falls backwards through the table, scoring the win for Sanders (5:31) DUD.
Thoughts: This match sucked. Most of the blame goes on Awesome. He is really out of shape and just a shell of his former self.
Goldylocks is with Chris Harris. He accuses TNA of trying to split up his team and says that James Storm will not return his calls. Its amazing to see how TNA tried to destroy this team with Harris’s teases heel turn. He says that he tried to interfere to help his partner and he requested a match with David Young so he can get revenge for him causing Storm to be eliminated from the Anarchy in the Asylum match last week. Harris showed a lot of intensity but stumbled over his words at times.
We are back in the SEX locker room, where Gilbertti requests two minutes alone with Trinity. Erik Watts barges in and says he has a problem with Gilbertti for what he did with Jarrett. Watts continues his insincere deal which is not funny at all. He then tells us that Eric from WCW, “DDP’s friend” is coming to TNA and will be the new director of authority. He leaves and Gilbertti tells Trinity that Kash is an asshole and she can have a spot in SEX whenever she wants. The Harris brothers then drag Alexis and Julio into the locker room. Awful segment and nobody at all is buying that Eric Bischoff is showing up to TNA at this point.
Kid Kash vs. Ron “The Truth” Killings w/Konnan
Before the match, Kash says he is fed up with everyone. He attacks Killings as soon as he enters the ring. He stomps him in the corner as Konnan joins the announcers. He says that he has no idea who the luchadore is but that it looks like a girl. It’s very obvious that a girl wearing shoulderpads is playing the luchadore.  He also suggests that Kash “keep his ho’s in check.”  Kash lands on the apron after a backdrop but gets taken off with a kick that splits his lip. Kash reverses an Irish whip and hits the Smashmouth before rolling the Truth back into the ring. Top rope clothesline gets two. He works a neck vise as Konnan talks about the Harris Brothers and mentions how Gilbertti hung out with a duck while in WCW. Kash gets two off a suplex but Killings goes low and hits the axe kick, getting two himself. He roughs up Kash until they mess up a springboard hurricarana spot. Kash gets two off a swinging neckbreaker. He shoves the ref, who pushes him right back. Kash grabs a chinlock then backs him in the corner. Killings fights back and gets two off a wheelbarrow slam. Killings charges but gets caught in a drop toehold. The Harris brothers then run out and attack Konnan. They beat the crap out of him as Killings gets two off a heel kick. He hits a super fallaway slam then goes up top and takes out the Harris Brothers with a crossbody but he gets roughed up before being tossed back in the ring. The mystery luchadore runs out and goes low on Kash before hitting a DDT and Killings covers for the win (9:07) *3/4.
Thoughts: Not much of a match and Kash blew a few spots. Too much was going on here between the luchadore angle and the feud between the Harris Brothers and Konnan & Killings.
Goldylocks is with Sandman in the parking lot. He sees Siaki sitting down and demands a meeting with Glen. Siaki brings out a case of beer and has Desire sit on his lap and they make sexual references before Sandman tries to make out with her. She is horrified and this triggers a fight between Siaki and Sandman that goes into the balcony. Bert Prentice attempts to stop the fight as Sandman is beating Siaki around the arena. It ends up in the ring but the Harris Brothers and Mike Sanders run out until the Extreme Revolution run out. A giant brawl breaks out with several security guys try to break it up. Saturn gets on the announcers table and grabs the mic, challenging Gilbertti to a match tonight. Gilbertti says he will change into his gear then beat his ass. Another brawling segment between these two factions and it wasn’t very effective at all.
We are shown a video package on Jarrett speaking on various topics. He says that he has strained ligaments as a result of his title match against Raven. He talks about WCW going under and how Vince became complacent without any competition. He says you don’t have to sit through a ton of filler in order to get to the PPV. He puts over the current TNA roster and talks about the SEX vs. NWA feud and Glen Gilbertti. A time-filling segment.
Kid Kash is going crazy in the locker room, throwing shit all over the place. Tracy runs in and grabs him, stating that she wants to be treated rough and knows her place, dancing in the cage and cheering on her man. She asks him what is wrong and he says he has tendinitis in the groin as Tracy puts lotion on her hand, which turned out to be Ben Gay and rubs it on his dick. He falls down and Tracy kicks him low, saying that she is his worst nightmare. Now Kash has another woman to beat the shit out of, because one wasn’t enough.
David Young vs. Chris Harris
They take turns backing each other in the corner until Harris destroys Young in the corner. He clotheslines him to the floor then goes out and beats on him some more. Back in the ring, Harris hits a top rope crossbody block for two. They fight over a suplex and Harris wins that battle by hitting a delayed vertical suplex for two as Sonny Siaki has now made his way to the ring. He hits a Thesz Press but Siaki pulls down the ropes after an Irish whip and stomps Harris on the floor. Young goes out and beats on him for a bit until he hits a quebrada that he overshot. Back in the ring, Young gets a nearfall then grabs a chinlock. This match has been slow-paced so a chinlock spot is not what it needed. Snap suplex gets two and Young goes back to the chinlock. Harris comes back with a clothesline and a DDT but Siaki pulls the leg of the referee, disrupting his count. Full nelson slam gets two. Young flapjacks Harris then turns it into a cutter in midair and that gets two. Young stops short of running into the referee then gets speared. The ref checks on Young as Siaki runs in and hits the Siakalypse on Harris. Young is slow to make the cover and only gets two. Siaki grabs a chair and wedges it in the corner as the ref just stands there watching. James Storm runs in and superkicks Siaki over the ropes and drags him through the crowd but gets jumped by SEX and dragged into the locker room. In the ring, Harris charges and Young tosses him into the corner and that gets two. Harris dodges a moonsault and hits the catatonic for the win (11:34) **1/4. Harris then asks the announcers where his partner is and runs toward the SEX locker room where they toss out Storm, whose clothes are ripped and covered in blood.
Thoughts: An average match. Young is a solid worker but void of any personality. They put over the fact that Harris is invested in teaming with Storm.
Once again, the camera focuses on Gilbertti. He is in the SEX locker room, telling Julio and Alexis that Raven does not give a shit about them. He offers them a spot in SEX and orders that they accompany him to the ring.
Glen Gilbertti w/Julio & Alexis vs. Perry Saturn
Gilbertti slugs away but gets caught with an overhead suplex. Saturn destroys Gilbertti in the corner as Tenay talks about Raven not being under contract. Gilbertti catches Saturn with an elbow smash then uses mounted punches. He uses more of his terrible punches on Saturn before clotheslined. Tenay breaks news that Harris has taken Storm to the hospital as Saturn and Gilbertti completely botch a spot in which Gilbertti was hanging on the ropes and Saturn takes him down with a springboard. Bothe men ended up falling to the floor and I have no idea what they were going for. Saturn rams Alexis into the guardrail but gets jumped by Julio. Gilbertti sells the knee but was playing possum and clotheslines Saturn. In the ring, Gilbertti works the knee of Saturn. Saturn dodges a splash and comes back with two German suplexes. Falcon Arrow gets two. Gilbertti gets shoved into the ref and the Gathering come in and attempt to hurt Saturn. After Saturn slams Alexis to the mat, Gilbertti hits a stunner that gets two. Saturn comes back with a backslide but walks into another stunner and Gilbertti scores the pin (6:29) ¾*.
Thoughts: A nothing match and this further exposed that Gilbertti does not have the offense that works in the main event spot. His brawling his horrendous. These guys really didn’t work well together either.
Goldylocks is with D’Lo Brown and AJ Styles. They declare that TNA is there home as AJ says that he didn’t turn down a WWE deal for nothing. He calls SEX a “bunch of nobodies” and says that XXX is at the top of their list.
Tenay and West talk about the whereabouts of Sabu and Raven then plug a PPV where you can catch up on the entire history of TNA on PPV for $4.95. West says that Jarrett will be there next week, which was the only thing announced for next week.
Tag-Team Championship Match
XXX (Champions) vs. AJ Styles & D’Lo Brown
Daniels and Skipper are representing XXX tonight. They jump the faces to start but get taken out easily. D’Lo holds AJ up for a sideslam and AJ hits a springboard leg drop for two. D’Lo catches a charging Daniels with a heel kick and tags AJ. They double team Daniels for a bit then AJ hits a clothesline. AJ gets whipped near Skipper but takes him down with a baseball slide then Daniels uses a basement dropkick on him. Everything has been fast-paced and crisp so far. AJ gets sent to the floor and XXX double-team him behind the ref’s back. Daniels gets two off an STO then places AJ on the ropes as Skipper takes him off with the ropewalk rana. Slingshot twisting press gets two. They distract the ref to beat on AJ as Daniels puts him in an abdominal stretch. AJ escapes then murders him with a sitout powerbomb. He tags D’Lo and he cleans house. Sudden Impact on Daniels gets two as Skipper breaks up the pin attempt. D’Lo hits him with a stunner out of a vertical suplex but Daniels breaks up that attempt. Double chop on Daniels and they try another move but Ki drags AJ outside and Daniels hits D’Lo with a flatliner and then puts him in the Koji Clutch. Ki beats on AJ outside the ring. D’Lo fights out of the Angel’s Wings and AJ hits him with a springboard dropkick. AJ kicks him to the floor then D’Lo backdrops AJ onto Daniels and Ki on the floor. Skipper gets tossed outside as D’Lo flies out with a plancha as the crowd starts a “TNA” chant. They counter each other’s move then AJ hits an invereted DDT. Gilberrtti runs in as AJ goes for the Styles Clash and Gilbertti botches a stunner on AJ before Daniels school boys him and grabs the tights for the pin (8:54) ***1/4.
Thoughts: This was great and all action. It easily could have been a **** match if given more time. AJ and D’Lo really worked great as a team.
After the match, SEX goess backstage and beats up everyone in sight, including resident dipshit Bill Behrens and David Webber, who was Mortimer Plumtree and called both names by Tenay. In the ring, XXX destroys AJ and D’Lo. The New Church run towards SEX backstage but get taken out as well. Gilbertti smiles and smokes a cigar, happy about all the chaos that SEX has caused.
Final Thoughts: This whole show was about Glen Gilbertti. They tried hard to present him as a credible main-eventer and a threat to the Heavyweight Title but it didn’t work. Gilbertti’s ring work is that of a mid-carder and the crowd still sees him as Disco Inferno. I’ll give him credit for doing okay with his new character but having him in the main event is not acceptable.

Any questions or feedback, email me at [email protected]

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #43

May 7, 2003
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
A video recap of last week’s show including Chris Sabin becoming the number one contender to the X Division Title, The alliance formed between Konnan and Ron Killings, the unknown woman (Tracy Brooks) who attacked Lollipop, Erik Watts giving Dusty the NWA Title Belt, Kid Kash suspending Trinity, Amazing Red winning the X Division Title with the help of the mysterious luchadore, and the World Heavyweight Championship Match between Raven and Jeff Jarrett, including a returning Sabu.  This lasted several minutes.

Tenay and West are in the ring, running down the show. They say that a number one contender to Jarrett’s title will be determined in an “Anarchy in the Asylum” match which is like their “Gauntlet for the Gold” in which people can be eliminated not only by getting tossed over the top rope and over the floor but by pinfall, anywhere in the building. Eleven slots are filled and four more slots will be filled tonight during the following matches:

AJ Styles & D’Lo Brown vs. Low Ki & Elix Skipper with the winning team advancing
New Jack vs. Sandman vs. Sabu in a Hardcore match
Chris Harris vs. James Storm
Elix Skipper & Low Ki vs. AJ Styles & D’Lo Brown
Skipper is absolutely ripped here. Ki and D’Lo start off the match. D’Lo hits a shoulderblcok but runs into a kick. The crowd is hot as D’Lo hammers away. He gets a slam and drops an elbow as Tenay mentions that Ki just finished a tour of Japan. Tag to AJ and he hits Ki with a springboard missile dropkick. Knee drop gets two. Ki hits a charging AJ with a rolling Koppu Kick then tags Skipper. He gets a slam but AJ kips up and takes him down with a rana. Neckbreaker gets two then he tags D’Lo, who drops AJ onto Skipper after a tilt-a-whirl. In a terrible spot, the ref falls down and Ki hits D’Lo with a springboard kick to the head. I realize that Ki was supposed to toss him down to distract D’Lo but the ref just sat there on his hands and knees like an idiot waiting for the move to happen. I swear, Rudy Charles was one of the worst referee’s off all-time. HE fucked up a majority of the spots he was supposed to perform. XXX beats on D’Lo for a bit until he hits Skipper with a suplex and a flapjack. Both men are down as D’Lo makes the tag to AJ. He runs wild on XXX. He tags D’Lo and Skipper tosses him outside. AJ suplexes Ki into the leg but Skipper trips him up and Ki attacks. They kick AJ in the corner and Skipper tries for the Play of the Day but AJ counters that into a sitout powerbomb. D’Lo comes in and destroys XXX. AJ is in the ring now as D’Lo hits a double leg drop on both guys. He take himself and Skipper to the floor with a clothesline. In the ring, Ki hits AJ with another Koppu Kick. He tries the cartwheel kick but D’Lo runs in and catches him and he and AJ hit a Sky High/Neckbreaker combo for the win and the chance to enter the gauntlet (9:02) **3/4.
Thoughts: Good opening match. AJ and D’Lo make for a pretty decent team. It was nice to see Ki return to TNA. His lack of height was very noticeable when he was in there with D’Lo. Both AJ and D’Lo are advancing into the gauntlet.
Goldylocks is with Glen Gilbertti in the SEX locker room. He rallies the troops and says that tonight, there is an “I” in team and that he has a chance to bring the gold back to SEX. He talks up his guys and calls Mike Sanders a giant killer before saying that he will “beat the shit” out of Jeff Jarrett.
Tenay and West talk for a bit until the camera cuts out back where we see Gilbertti attacking Jarrett in the locker room. Jarrett is wearing a knee brace and is on crutches, selling the effects from last week’s match. The brawl spills outside as several jobbers/security guys look on and do nothing. Gilberrti finally stops.
Hardcore Match
New Jack vs. Sandman vs. Sabu
Before the match, New Jack cuts a promo about how he Sandman, Raven, and Sabu used to run around drunk and pilled up in ECW and how Paul Heyman (who he called a cocksucker) bounced checks and never paid them for their action figures. He also refers to someone as a “faggot.” Jack was pretty fucked on the mic. After the five minutes it took for the promo and Sandman’s entrance, the match finally starts. Jack and Sabu fight in the ring as Sandman is drinking in the crowd. Sabu carves up Jack’s head as Sandman takes a cigarette break. We get a split screen shot of the parking lot where Gilbertti is again attacking Jarrett’s knee. Sabu bounces a trashcan off the head of Sandman, who was in the tree of woe position. Jack is busted open and he uses a fork on Sabu. Sandman slides a chair in the ring as Sabu throws a chair at New Jack. Outside the ring, Saub places Jack on the table and goes for the double springboard but Sandman hits him with the kendo stick in midair. Jarrett is shown being carried into an ambulance as all three guys are brawling in the crowd. Jack goes on a scissor lift as Sabu is on a table. He elevates himself as high as it goes, above the guardrail in the balcony. He leaps but Sabu rolls away and Jack crashes awkwardly through the table and Sabu covers for the win and a shot in the Gauntlet (6:11) ¼*.
Thoughts: This sucked. It felt like it lasted forever and the brawling was crap. The spot where New Jack almost killed himself was entertaining though. It took forever for this match to start and no one cared about New Jack’s promo as ECW was gone and Paul Heyman doesn’t even work for TNA.
Backstage, the mysterious girl is yelling at Bill Behrens for a shot in the Gauntlet. Beherens says that he is not impressed with her school girl outfit as it does nothing for him. Coming from Behrens, that is not surprising at all. The girl threatens him with a sexual discrimination lawsuit. Goldylocks comes as says that it gets old being “The chick holding the stick” as the girl then attempts to seduce Behrens, who now is happy with her appearance. He then asks Goldy to act more like her.
Video package on the tension between America’s Most Wanted.
Goldylocks is with AMW. She asks them about their match tonight. Storm asks Harris about which side he is on as Harris says he will prove to everyone that he is on his side but for tonight, they are putting everything aside for the shot of the title but that he will always be his friend. They shake hands before leaving.
Chris Harris vs. James Storm
The crowd is cold, because they killed these two guys by having them tease a spilt that no one wanted to see. They keep countering each other’s moves until Harris backdrops Storm to the floor. Tenay gets word from the back that Desire vs. Trinity vs. Tracy, who is the mystery girl. In the ring, Storm hits Harris with an enziguiri. Harris crotches him on the top turnbuckle then takes him down with a superplex. Harris goes up top and drops an elbow, getting two. They escape from each other’s finishers and counter some more moves before Storm connects on a superkick, getting two. Storm tries the Swinging Noose but Harris reverses into a cutter, getting two. He hits a DDT but misses on a top rope elbow drop. Storm gets the Eight Second Ride but Harris kicks out and Storm throws a tantrum. Harris ducks a kick and stops short on a catapult attempt. He tries a crossbody but Harris spears him in mid-air. They slug it out for a bit then Storm counters a sunset flip and hooks the legs, getting the win (7:35) **. After the match, Harris refuses a hand shake and walks away. He then comes back and pulls Storm off the turnbuckle and then shakes his hand and they hug it out.
Thoughts: The match was fine but TNA has almost killed these two guys with their idiotic booking. No one wants them to split up and the crowd did not want to see this match. The end shows that they look to be on the same page and the crowd responded well to that so hopefully they keep them together.
Goldylocks is backstage with Erik Watts. He is cutting a comedy promo, crying about how Jarrett stood him up. His phone then rings as he says that “Eric from when he was in WCW” is interested in the commissioner position. He holds Goldy’s hands and asks for a moment of silence for the recently injured Jarrett. A horrible segment.
Tracy vs. Desire w/Sonny Siaki vs. Trinity
Before the match, Kid Kash’s music hits and he tells Trinity that she can get her ass kicked and dragged to the back in handcuffs or her getting down on her knees and apologizing to him and all his fans. Trinity talks and chooses the first option then Kash knocks her down and beats the shit out of her before cuffing her to him. He is tossing her around as the females are shocked and security tries to break this up. In the ring, Desire knocks Tracy out of the ring with an enziguiri. She tries to go through the ropes and kick Tracy but she was out of position and Desire got stuck in the ropes, causing the fans to start a “you fucked up.” Siaki is on commentary and says that David Young is not a part of SEX but rather his personal assistant. Desire chops Tracy in the corner but eats boot on a charge. Tracy hits a clothesline then hits a spear. She goes up top and hits a Thesz press but Siaki distracts the ref and Tracy yells at Young. Desire sneaks in from behind and holds up Tracy for Young but she moves and Young hits Desire and Tracy covers for the win (2:00) -*. After the match, Young carries Desire out as Siaki couldn’t care less.
Thoughts: The crowd did not react to Kash beating the living shit out of Trinity. They just appeared to be displeased with the continuation of this angle. The match itself was really bad too.
The Interrogators segment is next, this time with the Harris Brothers. They refer to AMW as pussies and Lynn & Red as little pussies. They also make reference to the Aryan Brotherhood, stating that they run the pen and the streets. They also chose Clay Aiken over Ruben Studdard because he is white. I guess they are setting them up for a feud against a minority team.
Video package on the feud between Jerry Lynn & Amazing Red against XXX
Goldylocks is with Amazing Red and Jerry Lynn, who says that the new Jerry Lynn will not put up with getting screwed out of titles and wants a rematch against Red for the X Title. This was Lynn showing his aggressive side I guess. He was a lot more aggressive the first few weeks of the company when he was beating the shit out of AJ.
Tag-Team Title Match
Christopher Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn & Amazing Red (Champions)
Red and Daniels start things out but Daniels wants Lynn. They take turns beating on each other in the corner. Daniels hits an inverted atomic drop then runs into a clothesline. Lynn hits a clothesline and a dropkick before headbutting Daniels in the crotch. Tag to Red and he hits a top rope spinkick on Daniels, who was on Lynn’s shoulders. Skipper and Low Ki hand a chair to Daniels then distract the ref. Daniels attacks the knees of Red then puts him a single leg crab. Lynn breaks that up but Daniels hits Red with a Dragon Screw. Daniels misses the BME, allowing Red to hit the Code Red as both men are down. Hot tag to Lynn and he goes wild. DDT gets two. TKO by Lynn but Ki distracts Lynn. Daniels shoves Lynn into the ref but Red hits him with an STO. He goes up top but Ki shoves him to the floor. Skipper is in the ring with a chair but Lynn dropkicks him to the floor. Lynn takes out XXX with a chair and the ref rings the bell for the DQ, and XXX is awarded the belts as Tenay reminds us that the rule put in effect eight months ago by Bob Armstrong says titles can switch hands via DQ (6:20) *1/2.
Thoughts: Good god, they have the faces with a 2 on 1 advantage against a heel and they lose the tag-belts on a screw job finish. The rule is fine but they never mention it on TV and all of a sudden Tenay is explaining this as the ref places the belts on Daniels, who was lying on the mat. The fans did not seem to understand that rule was still in effect. I’m guessing this will lead to an eventual feud between Lynn and Red.
Anarchy in the Asylum
The rules are that a wrestler will enter every ninety seconds and the last two will then face off in a singles match. #1 is Brian Lawler, who hasn’t been seen in a month. #2 is D’Lo Brown. They go back and forth until Sonny Siaki is announced as #3, wearing black trunks and elbow pads, just like the Rock. He and Lawler double-team D’Lo until he hits a double clothesline. The action is virtually non existent as James Storm enters at #4. He actually shows some energy and pounds on Siaki until David Young runs in and hits Storm with a spinebuster. Chris Harris runs out and beats on Young then accidentally hits Storm, allowing Siaki to dump him over the top rope for our first elimination. Kid Kash enters the ring at #5. They triple team D’Lo, with Lawler elbowing his crotch. They try to pin D’Lo but fail and they fight each other as Rick Steiner enters at #6. He hasn’t been back since the Gauntlet on the debut show. He beats the fuck out of everyone then eliminates Siaki by clotheslining him to the floor. Steiner no sells everything then pulls Lawler back in the ring for some reason. This match is dragging and in dire need of some decent wrestlers. Mike Awesome enters at #7 and brings a table. Steiner beats on him in the corner until Kash helps him out. Lawler gets kicked in the nuts by D’Lo as Justin Credible enters at #8. He whacks Kash with a kendo stick then gets choked out by D’Lo. Steiner is destroying Kash as Awesome and Credible are fighting on the floor. #9 is Ron Killings, who immediately runs in and breaks up a pin attempt before Steiner boots him in the face. Credible and Awesome are in the crowd brawling as Steiner suplexes Killings on his head. #10 is Tracy and she signals for the belt but Lollipop attacks her from behind and they have a catfight on the ramp, which Kash breaks up by tossing Lollipop off and rolling Tracy in the ring. The men surround her then Steiner rams Kash in the corner. Kash eliminates Tracy with the moneymaker then the luchador runs in and tosses Kash over the top rope, eliminating him. Its evident that this luchador is a female wearing shoulder pads. #11 is Saturn and he chokes out Steiner. This match is dragging badly as there is no one at all resembling a star in the ring. Glenn Gilbertti enters at #12, flanked by the Harris Brothers, who run in and eliminate Steiner and Killings. They then double-team Lawler as Konnan is #13. He runs at Gilbertti and looks good for about a minute before wearing himself out. There is too much going on, inside and outside the ring. The Harris Brothers attempt to put Konnan through a table but it does not break so they do it again. Gilberrti covers for the win as Buff Bagwell makes his return as #14. His offense looks as terrible as ever. The Harris Brothers toss Killings out the door and into the parking lot. Buff eliminates Lawler but then gets eliminated by Gilbertti. AJ Styles is #15 then Mike Sanders runs out and eliminates Awesome by super-kicking him off the apron, causing him to crash through a table. Sabu is the final contestant at #16. He eliminates Credible then beats on Gilbertti in the corner. D’Lo holds up Saturn for AJ but he escapes and gets eliminated inadvertinely by a springboard missile dropkick. The final four are now AJ, Gilbertti, Sabu, and Saturn. Sabu takes Saturn to the floor with a rana and crashes out as well, then goes immediately into the ring, but they say that since Sabu initiated the move, he is not eliminated. The crowd knows that Sabu fucked up on that as is turning into an embarrassment. All three men are brawling on the floor. Sabu uses the spike on Gilbertti and he bleeds like crazy. He tries the double springboard from the ring into the crowd and crashes and burns badly. Holy shit that has to hurt but at least he is not eliminated, you know, because he initiated the move. In the ring, Gilbertti counters a powerbomb and backdrops AJ to the floor, as Sabu and Gilbertti are the last two left (28:10) DUD.
Thoughts: What a horrible match. AJ was the only one worthy of winning and he was eliminated. Sabu fucked up badly and the rules were moronic as initiating a move that has you end up going over the top rope and onto the floor does not get you eliminated but getting tossed by someone who is not part of the match will.
Number One Contender’s Match
Glen Gilbertti vs. Sabu
Sabu uses the spike and opens up Gilbertti some more. He tries a springboard leg lariat but Gilbertti pulls the ref to him. Sabu uses a chair shot then Raven runs in and hits Sabu with the Raven Effect on the chair. Gilbertti covers and wins the match (1:38) DUD. After the match, SEX comes out and lifts up a bloody and dazed Gilbertti as Tenay mentions that Raven is not under contract.
Thoughts: The whole segment was a waste of time. First off, no one at all is buying Gilbertti as a credible threat to the title. Second, having Raven run out to cost Sabu the match made sense, since Sabu interfered with his match last week, but Tenayt mentioned how he was not under contract. At the time, I remember that Raven’s contract expired the night of his title match but I do not know if that was true or part of a work.
Final Thoughts: This show quickly went to shit. The theme of trying to make Gilbertti into a viable main-eventer was just a waste of time. Instead of having Raven win last week and having Jarrett chase him for the belt, which makes the most sense, they instead killed Raven as a challenger and moved Jarrett in a feud with Glen Gilbertti.  The “Anarchy in the Asylum” match was awful too, with all of the screw-ups making TNA look even more bush-league than before. The tag-title switch was anti-climatic and they are doing the best they can to kill their most successful tag-team. TNA is really circling the drain right now, with a lack of main event talent.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #42

April 30, 2003
Lots of hype for tonight’s title match between Raven vs. Jeff Jarrett.
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay


Disciples of the New Church w/James Mitchell vs. Harris Brothers vs. Justin Credible & Perry Saturn vs. America’s Most Wanted
Saturn and Lee start out as Tenay and West tell us that over a thousand people were turned away for tonight’s show. Credible tags and poses before Don boots him down in a terrible looking spot. Storm tags in and they hit a double elbow smash on Don. Credible offers a hand but Storm clotheslines him. Slash tags and he and Storm have a nice sequence of moves. Slash tries a helicopter slam but Chris runs in and hits him with a spear. Lee tags and attacks AMW, looking as pale and skinny as ever. He tosses Harris outside where Ron bounces a chair off his head. In the ring, Chris is getting destroyed. He gets a small package on Saturn for two but gets killed with a clothesline. The ECW guys double team Harris for a bit. Chris tries to hulk up but Saturn sends him down with an elbow smash. Chris blocks a super kick from Credible and hits him with a DDT as both men are down. Hot tag to Storm and he goes after everyone. Bulldog on Saturn gets two. Enziguiri gets two as Slash breaks up the count. The Harris Brothers hit Slash with the H Bomb and that gets two. In the ring, AMW hit Credible with the Hart Attack then Storm hits Saturn with the Eight Second Ride but Slash breaks that up. Everything breaks down then Saturn hits Storm with the Death Valley Driver for the win (8:06) **.
Thoughts: Decent match. They were smart to have AMW stay in the ring for a majority of the time. Those guys were clicking so well at this time. Slash continues to look well and everyone else at least looked competent.
Goldylocks is with Glen Gilbertti. She applauds him for taking control of SEX but asks about Raven’s defection to Team Extreme. Gilbertti says he is not above slapping a woman who deserves it and calls Team Extreme a “bunch of drug addicts from the bingo hall.” Gilbertti promises that the NWA-TNA Heavyweight Championship will end up back in the SEX locker room.
West and Tenay run down the show, which features Raven vs. Jeff Jarrett for the NWA-TNA World Title and Amazing Red vs. Kid Kash for the X Division Title.
Goldylocks is with Jerry Lynn. He says that he is sick of being the doormat of NWA-TNA and orders everyone to watch his match as they will see a whole new Jerry Lynn.
Christopher Daniels vs. Jerry Lynn
Before the match, Daniels accuses Lynn and Amazing Red of fooling the fans in thinking that they are the X Division dream team and says that if he wins the match tonight, Lynn will have to face all three members of XXX. Lynn says if he wins, they will defend the titles against one member of their choosing. Lynn knocks down Daniels immediately. He outsmarts Daniels for a bit then as Daniels skins the cat, he pushes him to the floor and takes him out with a pescado. In the ring, Lynn hits Daniels with a rana. Backbreaker gets two. Daniels sends a charging Lynn into the ropes with a drop toehold and takes control. Standing moonsault gets two. He stomps on Lynn in the corner until he fights back. Daniels escapes from a firemans carry and hits an enziguiri. Slingshot legdrop gets two. He covers him a few more times but Lynn keeps kicking out. Daniels then works a neck vise for a bit. Lynn escapes and hits a dropkick. He spears Daniels and uses mounted punching. German suplex gets two. Daniels hits a STO and both men are down. Daniels puts Lynn on top and flips him over, getting two. He goes for the BME but Lynn rolls away. He charges at Lynn but gets caught with a TKO and that gets two. Daniels counters a cradle piledriver attempt with a backdrop. He tries for the Angel’s Wings but Lynn rolls him up for the win (7:06) ***.  
Thoughts: Really good match that could have been great if given more time. Lynn did not appear to be any more aggressive than usual, so we didn’t see the new Jerry Lynn as promised. They seem to be re-establishing Lynn as a major player in the X Division.
Video package on Team Extreme.
Team Extreme and SEX argue about who Raven is with. I guess both sides forget that he has his own stable, the Gathering. TNA hopes that the viewers forgot about this too.
Sonny Siaki & David Young w/Desire vs. AJ Styles & D’Lo Brown
An insert promo of AJ pops up. He states that he will become the heavyweight champion. AJ and Siaki start things off. AJ hits a German suplex for two. Young tags and AJ takes him over with an armdrag. He hits a back suplex but walks into a right hand from Young. AJ dropkicks Young then D’Lo takes him down with a top rope clothesline. D’Lo beats on Young for a bit then AJ takes D’Lo off the top rope with a rana and he lands on Young. AJ covers and gets two. Rollup gets two. Neckbreaker gets two. AJ misses a dropkick and Young tags Siaki. AJ hits him with a dropkick but Desire slaps him. AJ fights off Siaki and hits a Phenomenon, which AJ Saved at the end from being completely botched and that gets two. Young takes down AJ with a clothesline from the apron and tags in. Powerslam gets two. Siaki tags and hits a half nelson suplex that gets two. The SEX guys use quick tags to neutralize AJ for a while. AJ hits a DDT and hot tag to D’Lo. He cleans house until Young hits a spinebuster. AJ breaks up the pin then hits Siaki with the Pele kick. Young hits him with a swinging slam as everyone is down. Young gets hit with a Sky High/neckbreaker combo. As Young is on the floor, AJ hits him with an incredible springboard shooting star press. That was perfect and a crazy move for sure. Desire grabs D’Lo but Siaki accidentally knocks her off  the apron. D’Lo backdrops Siaki and AJ catches him the Styles Clash followed by a frog splash from D’Lo for the win (9:13) **3/4. After the match, an insert promo of D’Lo airs and he states that he will beat whoever wins tonight’s title match.
Thoughts: Good match that was all action. AJ, who was hurt last week, looked awesome tonight. His springboard shooting star press was perfect too. The team of AJ & D’Lo is random and they work well as a duo but they are being pushed as threats to the Heavyweight Championship, not in the tag division.
Tenay is with Kilings and Konnan in an interview from earlier today. They hint at racism as Killings drops the f bomb a few times. Konnan asks why there are no black announcers in wrestling as Tenay brings up Jonathan Coachman. Konnan re-iterates that he said “black.” Tenay says that Konnan has to prove it in the ring. Konnan promises Tenay that they will see how he rolls as Killings swears some more before the segment ends. Konnan’s TNA character was so much better than what he was in WCW.
Security is shown carrying away a woman dressed in a school girl uniform who is near Lollipop’s dancer’s cage.
A Raven promo airs from the dark room with his candles. He talks about SEX and Team Extreme wanting him in their faction as he will soon be the champion. He then switches his attention to Jarrett, telling him that after he is praying for divine intervention after feeling the Raven Effect that it will hurt him inside. Great stuff from Raven.   
Elimination Match
Chris Sabin vs. Jason Cross vs. Sharkboy vs. Jimmy Rave
Rave and Cross start things off. They go back and forth for a bit until Cross flattens him with a super kick. He tags Sabin and Rave rolls him up and hits a clothesline. Running knee gets two. Shark Boy makes a blind tag and backdrops Rave to the floor before hitting a pescado. Sabin tries a running springboard move but he overshoots the ropes and slips and falls outside. Cross files out with a twisting planhca. In the ring, Rave eats boot on a charge and Shark Boy hits the Dead Sea Drop for the pin (2:44). Cross leaps off the top but gets dropkicked in mid-air. Cross then hits Shark Boy with a Test Drive for two. Shark Boy counters a suplex with a small package. Cross gets two off a brainbuster then roughs up Shark Boy some more. Cross floats over but Shark Boy hits a neckbreaker then tags Sabin. Cross gets a kick but is taken down with a boot for two. Sabin eats boot on a charge as Cross hits him with a corkscrew neckbreaker off the top. Cross misses the Crossfire and Sabin hits the Futureshock (Fisherman Buster) for the pin (6:24). Shark Boy hits Sabin with a jawbreaker and goes up top. Sabin rolls through a crossbody block and hits a catatonic into a  backbreaker, which gets two. Shark Boy manages a dropkick and gets a sunset flip for two. Sabin eats boot on a charge but hooks the rope on the DSD attempt and hits the Future Shock for the win (8:11) **1/4.
Thoughts: It was all action, although it was rough in spots. Sabin looked good and it’s nice to see him get a win but the crowd does not respond to him as they were rooting for Shark Boy.
Goldylocks is with Erik Watts. He has a bunch of weapons as says that his friend and drinking buddy, Jeff Jarrett, saved him last week. He talks up Jarrett as his best bud. Dusty Rhodes comes out and Erik calls him the man. Dusty says that Watts is full of shit and wants the NWA title. Watts puts it on his shoulder and praises Dusty, with no mention of Watts throwing a duffle bag off his neck two weeks ago. Watts was doing comedy and it wasn’t that great.
Highlights from last week’s number one contender match between Amazing Red and Jerry Lynn are shown as well as Kid Kash going up against Trinity.
Goldylocks is backstage with Kid Kash. He says that he owns Trinity and that she is at home in New York City suspended without pay. He guarantees that when she comes back, her attitude will change. Kash then hits on Goldy before calling Red a “little prick” before comparing him to a hemorrhoid that will not go away. Kash is one awesome heel.
X Division Championship Match
Amazing Red vs. Kid Kash (Champion)
West questions if Red can ever get the belt. Both men lock up and end up spilling out onto the floor. They brawl for a bit before going back into the ring where they engage in a sloppy looking sequence of typical X Division moves. Red dodges a baseball slide but misses a plancha and Kash bounces a chair off his head. He tosses Red back in the ring and gets two off a top rope clothesline. Swinging neckbreaker gets two. The crowd chants for Red who then runs into a clothesline. The crowd is all over Kash as he has Red in a Boston Crab that he ends up turning into a powerbomb. Kash goes outside and swears at the fans before going back and beating on Red, who ends up fighting back. He connects on a spinkick but Kash catches him in a wheelbarrow and turns that into an overhead suplex, which gets two. The crowd is really into the match as Kash is destroying Red. Kash locks on the Camel Clutch and gouges the eyes. Kash starts to yell at the crowd some more then they do a pinfall reversal sequence. Red hits a cartwheel kick as both men are down. They nearly botch the Code Red and Red gets two on that. Red lands on the apron after a backdrop and hits a springboard missile dropkick. He gets the 718 then a springboard elbow, which gets two. Red eats boot on a charge and Kash hits a double springboard senton and takes out Red and the Ref. They fight over a backslide as the ref is woozy. The masked luchador runs in and hits Kash with an inverted DDT and Red has him rolled up for about twenty seconds as the ref finally comes to and counts to three. (9:18) **1/4. The crowd was deflated after the botch finished.
Thoughts: The match had a lot of heat although both guys were sloppy. The ending was atrocious as the ref fucked up badly and was way out of position, which happened an awful lot in early TNA. Red finally winning the belt should have been an awesome moment but the fans were completely turned off by the botched finish.
Various TNA guys are asked their opinions on the Raven vs. Jarrett match.
The same girl from earlier drags Lollipop out of the cage and starts to dance. Lollipop says she has had enough and grabs the mic from Borash. She calls the girl a “two dollar ho” and cuts a pretty bad promo on her, stating she knows all about T&A and wants a fight. The girl stops dancing and heads towards the ring. They then have a catfight as the refs break it up, to the fans dismay.
Another video on the Raven and Jarrett feud.
Teany and West plug “Anarchy in the Asylum” next week, which is another name for the “Gauntlet for the Gold.” West says that pinfalls will count anywhere and that the winner will face the winner of the main event for the title. Tenay says that wrestlers from WWE, WCW, ECW, Mexico, and Japan will be in that match.
Split-screen shot of Raven and Jarrett warming up in the locker room.
Video package on Jeff Jarrett.
NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Raven w/ Alexis & Julio vs. Jeff Jarrett (Champion)
Both men lock up to start. Raven hits a shoulderblock and a hiptoss, which causes about two-thirds of the crowd to applaud. The action goes outside as Jarrett is flinging Raven all over the place. Back in the ring, Alexis distracts the ref as Julio comes into the ring with a chair. He accidentally hits Raven then Jarrett sends him to the floor with a clothesline. Jarrett then takes out Julio and Alexis with a pescado but that allows Raven to hit him with a pescado of his own. He sends Jarrett into the steps with a drop toehold as we see blood pour from his forehead. The Gathering set up a table and Raven set him up as both men are now bleeding. Raven goes up top but Jarrett escapes and rolls into the ring. Raven hits him with a forearm smash that gets two. Both men continue to bleed buckets as Julio hands a chair to Raven. Jarrett fights back but gets sent into the chair with a drop toehold and that gets two. He drives his knee into Jarrett’s back then puts on a chinlock. Jarrett fights out but runs into a knee. Raven stomps away then catches him with a sleeper. The crowd is still split between both men as Jarrett is on the mat. He gets to his feet and uses a jawbreaker to escape the hold. Both men are down for a bit and when they get up, Jarrett wins a slugfest. He dropkicks Julio off the apron then catches Alexis and slams her on the mat. Oh man, that looked painful. Jarrett escapes a DDT attempt and hits an enziguiri, getting two. Jarrett catapults Raven into the corner and rolls him up for two. That looked bad. Raven hits a superkick and gets two. They hit their finishers but cant put each other away. Jarrett clotheslines Raven to the floor and falls outside with him. He positions Raven on the table but Julio cuts him off at the top. Jarrett shoves him off and he puts Raven through the table with an elbow. Back in the ring, Jarrett hits a DDT but Julio pulls the ref out of the ring. The ref kicks out the Gathering but then gets knocked off the apron. Raven goes low on Jarrett as the ref is out on the floor. All of a sudden, SEX and the New Church start brawling on the floor. Team Exreme come out and beat on Jarrett with weapons shots. Saturn gives Raven handcuffs as they cuff him in the middle of the ring. New Jack and Sandman hold chairs up to Jarrett’s head as Saturn and Credible hit him with superkicks, resembling a Conchairto. Raven waits for the still handcuffed Jarrett to get up as the lights go out. When they come back on, Sabu appears and hits Raven with a chair and then Poetry in Motion. Sabu takes out Team Extreme with a double springboard senton. Raven hammers away on Jarrett then grabs the chair. Jarrett dodges a chairshot and Raven gets hit with the chair as it rebounds off the ropes. Jarrett covers and gets two. Bill Behrens brings out a universal as the ref tries to unlock the cuffs. Raven takes the keys and unlocks Jarrett. He hits the Raven Effect on the chair but Jarrett manages to kick out. That is fucking ridiculous. Raven goes out of his mind and tries it again but Jarrett reverses and hits the Stroke for the win (17:33) ***1/2. Some of the fans start throwing garbage in the ring as they are not satisfied with the finish. Dusty comes in the ring as Jarrett and him celebrate together.
Thoughts: Terrible ending aside, this was a good match. Some of the brawling was sloppy but it was all action and never dull. The ending was just the absolute worst thing they could have done. Booking Jarrett like Superman will never, ever get over. It also made Raven seem weak, having Jarrett kick out of the Raven Effect on a chair was ludicrous, and sets him up for a feud with Sabu. The wrong man definitely went over and the crowd made sure to let them know.
Final Thoughts: The end of this show left a bad taste in your mouth. Also, they almost killed Raven as a serious threat to the title. Now, they are stuck with D’Lo Brown and AJ Styles as the main contenders. At least Styles is worthy but D’Lo is a poor choice to say the least. With no viable main eventers in the heavyweight division and no heels left in the X Division, the champs have no credible challengers for their belts. This company is going in the wrong direction.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #41

April 23, 2003
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
The show opens with a video package on the happenings over the past few weeks. In then segues into a taped promo with Raven, who is sitting on the floor of a dark room that has two candles. He says that he will be the champion next week, counting it down to the exact amount of minutes and hours. He then says that tonight, he will drop the mother of all bombs on Jarrett and will achieve his destiny next week. Solid promo.


We are back to the live show as Goldylocks is in the parking lot with Glen Gilbertti and Mike Sanders, who is now dressed in a pair of shorts and wearing a doo-rag. Gilbertti says that he plucked him from the Power Plant but now he is “BA” Mike Sanders, which stands for below average. The rest of SEX shows up as Gilbertti chides them for arriving late then slaps Siaki across the face, causing David Young to get right up in his grill. Gilbertti yells at them to go into the locker room then AJ Styles and D’Lo Brown attack Sanders and Gilbertti from behind and this leads to their tag match.
Glen Gilbertti & Mike Sanders vs. AJ Styles & D’Lo Brown
Tenay says that AJ had nine stitches in his head as a result of the street fight match last week but also hurt his knee in another match last week. In the ring, D’Lo and AJ do some double team stuff. D’Lo hits Gilbertti with a top rope clothesline then gets two off a leg drop. AJ tags but Gilbertti dropkicks his knee and tags out. They target the knee of AJ, frequently making quick tags. Elbow drop from Gilbertti gets two. Sanders goes back to the knee for a bit. Gilbertti tags but misses a top rope elbow drop and D’Lo tags. He cleans house then all four men enter the ring. AJ hits Gilbertti with a German suplex but hurts his knee in the process. Sanders hits D’Lo with a neckbreaker but D’Lo comes back with the Sudden Impact. He heads up top and hits the frog splash but Gilbertti breaks up the pin. D’Lo hits him with the Sky High but Sanders breaks that up. AJ kicks Sanders in the back of the head then goes up top but Christopher Daniels runs in and knocks him up top for the DQ (6:30) *1/2. Skipper runs in too but Jerry Lynn and the Amazing Red run out for the save. AJ and Gilbertti are brawling in the stands then David Young and Sonny Siaki run out and destroy Lynn and Red.
Thoughts: Basic match. The end of this had Red and Lynn, the tag-team champions who are facing each other tonight for the right to face Kid Kash for the X Division title, get laid out by SEX. After that, I totally forgot about the match itself. Too much shit going on in one segment, which is the theme for tonight and most Russo shows in general.
Goldylocks is with Jeff Jarrett. She asks him about Raven but Jarrett says he doesn’t care about Raven’s “Cryptic bullshit” then promises to go even more hardcore than Raven. Erik Watts comes in, wearing a Brian Urlacher jersey, promitng peace and love and promises to find Raven and talk to him. He tells Jarrett that he has his back as Jarrett says he will get killed and it will be the best thing for him. One week after Jarrett goes out of his mind and throws barrels at Watts, he now just casually dismisses him as a lunatic.
West and Tenay run down the show, including:
Jerry Lynn vs. Amazing Red in a number one contender match for the X Division Title
XXX vs. AMW in a number one contender match for the Tag-Team titles.
The camera cuts out back and shows Chris Harris laid out in the locker room as James Storm is pissed off about what happened.
XXX vs. America’s Most Wanted
Skipper apologizes to the XXX fans stating how there will not be a match tonight and they poke fun at Storm for being a dumb hick. Storm runs out by himself and takes on XXX. He gets dumped but skins the cat, dodging a sliding Daniels in the process, and backdrops Skipper onto his partner. Storm takes out XXX with a running flip dive and we get a replay of that. In the ring, Storm is beating in Daniels. Dropkick gets two. Skipper tags and Storm takes him down. Daniels runs in and Storm tosses him out. Flying forearm gets two but Daniels hits him from behind and tags himself into the match. They double team Storm, who comes back with a crossbody block. Skipper immediately hits him with a double underhook suplex. Daniels tags and gets two off a leg lariat. They double team Storm some for a while as Chris Harris slowly comes to the ring, holding his head, as the crowd starts a “Wildcat” chant. Daniels and Storm clothesline each other and are both down. Storm goes for the tag but Skipper knocks Harris off the apron. Skipper tags in and gets a nearfall on Storm. He floats over on a backslide attempt but walks into a superkick from Storm, who makes the tag to Harris but the ref did not see it and orders Harris back on the apron. The crowd went nuts for that tag too. XXX double-team Storm as the crowd starts a “bullshit” chant. Storm then bulldogs Skipper and leg drops Daniels at the same time. He tags Harris and the arena awakes. He cleans house on XXX. Full nelson slam to Skipper gets two. XXX pancakes Harris and that gets two. Skipper hits a twisting slingshot splash for two. Storm hits Daniels with the Eight Second Ride and that gets two. Storm heads up top but Skipper dropkicks him off and he goes to the floor. XXX hits Harris with a double team move and Daniels hits the BME, getting two. XXX sets up for a Rockerplex-type move but Harris counters the suplex into a small package and that gets two. Skipper accidentally knocks Daniels off the apron then goes for a springboard crossbody but gets speared in mid-air by Harris. Daniels breaks up that pin attempt at two. All four men are in the ring and the ref checks on Storm. Harris picks up Skipper for the catatonic but Daniels gives him the low blow and Skipper gets a small package for the win (11:06) ***1/4. After the match, Storm helps up Harris then walks away, looking pissed off.
Thoughts: The match was good. However, after weeks of hinting towards a Harris heel turn, they all of a sudden make Storm look like a dick after leaving his partner in the ring.
Goldylocks is with Alexis, who has apparently dropped her last name. She tells Goldy that she will rip of Jarrett’s ball sack and throw it down her throat but says they have already been there. She walks away as Goldy follows her. Alexis goes into the ticket booth and harasses Sara Lee, eventually pushing her against the wall. Jarrett comes in and grabs Alexis then beats the shit out of her. They go into the parking lot where he throws her in the bed of a pickup truck. Nothing like having your champion beat the shit out of women on a weekly basis.
As West and Tenay are about to talk about the Ultimate Sin match as Erik Watts runs out and asks if they have seen Raven. Some fan swears at him then several start an “Erik sucks” chant. Tenay does not buy the new outlook of Erik Watts. There has been way too much of Erik Watts on this show.
James Mitchell in a taped promo talks about the Ultimate Sin match, which he says is more fun than the Spanish Inquisition. He says there is real barbed-wire, unlike the kind in ECW. There are kendo sticks on a pole, trash cans, tables, ladders, and a baseball bat suspended from the ceiling. He promises the world of Extreme Wrestling will be over.
Ultimate Sin Match
Brian Lee & Slash & Mike Awesome w/James Mitchell vs. Saturn & New Jack & Sandman
West warns us not to try this at home because it is “too violent.” New Jack takes a sickle to Slash’s forehead then switches to a fork. Lee and Sandman are brawling on the outside. New Jack grabs a staple gun and a dollar bill but Slash hits him low and staples the dollar bill to his forehead. Slash is already wearing a crimson mask. Lots of slow-paced brawling is going on at the moment. Sandman hits Lee with a beer can as Awesome and Saturn are in the ring and Awesome gets kicked into the barbed wire then Saturn suplexes him onto it as Awesome quicky pulls it off him and eventually powerbombs Saturn onto a trashcan. Sandman grabs the kendo stick off the pole and hits Awesome on the head before beating the shit out of him with it until Lee bounces a trashcan off his forehead. Saturn takes down Lee and New Jack places the thing you squeeze out mops in on top of Slash’s head. Awesome sets up a table outside of the ring as too much is going on right now. In the ring, Saturn gets a nearfall on Slash. On the apron, Awesome puts Sandman through the table with a sitout powerbomb, hurting himself more than his opponent. Saturn goes up top and elbow drops Lee through a table. New Jack comes off the top with a chairshot to the head of Slash and that only gets two. New Jack sets up the ladder and tries to get the bat but Slash pushes him off the table and New Jack crashes through the table outside of the ring. Slash climbs up the ladder and the lights go off and when they come back on, Justin Credible appears yet again and fights with Slash. Saturn powerbombs Slash and Credible gets the bat. He hits Slash off the head and Saturn covers for the win (9:36) ¾*.
Thoughts: Lots of blood and garbage brawling, which is more of the same between these guys. They can call it any style of match they want but it is all the same. The crowd does not care one bit about Justin Credible either. He is not worthy of being the payoff after the lights come back on.  
A video package of the feud between Trinity and Kid Kash is shown.
Tenay is in the ring with Kid Kash, who gets booed loudly by the crowd. Tenay brings up how Kash was a coward for leaving Trinity to get destroyed by the Harris Brothers last week. Kash tells Tenay that is his opinion and that no one realizes how he discovered Trinity and before him she was jerking the curtain with two jabronis from New York City (Divine Storm). Kash also tells us that Trinity does not have a TNA contract but has a contract with him. The crowd is all over Kash, calling him an “Asshole” and starting a “Bullshit” chant. Kash says that he owns Trinity then she comes to the ring. She talks to him and her voice sounds like Fran Drescher’s, then Kash slaps her hard across the face and calls her a bitch then Trinity slaps him right back. Kash says he will make Trinity’s dream or wrestling men true and orders a ref to come down but gets slapped by Trinity. Kash became the biggest heel in the company after that slap. The crowd fucking hated him as the jealous guy who beats his woman for becoming more popular than him. Kash does a great job playing this type of heel. At least this man on woman beating has a point to it.
Kid Kash vs. Trinity
Trinity ducks a clothesline and takes down Kash with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. She fires away and they do a sloppy counter spot before Trinity gets two off a rollup. Trinity takes Kash off the apron with an enziguiri then goes up top and hits a moonsault block as the fans are going nuts. Trinity chops Kash down but gets sent into a guardrail then Kash bounces a chair off her face. Kash chops the shit out of her as the crowd starts another “Asshole” chant aimed at Kash. Back in the ring, Kash hits a top rope clothesline but pulls up Trinity at two. She fights back but Kash hits a swinging neckbreaker then the Bank Roll. Kash toys with her some until he misses a charge. Trinity goes up top and gets two off a senton but runs into a clothesline from Kash but Trinity kicks out. Kash argues with the ref then yells “is that what you want” in her face. Trinity comes back with a hurricarana then hits a double springboard seated senton that also takes out the ref. The Harris Brothers and Mike Sanders come to the ring and head towards Trinity but goes to Kash and the Harris Brothers hit him with the H Bomb this time and Sanders puts her on top of Kash and Trinity scores the pin (6:33) **.
Thoughts: They made this match work and it cemented Kash as a strong heel, which is something this company is lacking. When you have a majority of the roster consisting of tweeners or hinting at turns, it is refreshing to see a clear-cut heel and he got massive heat as a result.
Goldylocks is backstage in front of the New Church dressing room and we hear Slash and James Mitchell argue.
Shark Boy heads to the ring but Slash comes out, holding a dagger and still covered in blood, and hits Shark Boy with an inverted DDT on the ramp. Slash puts the dagger to Jeremy Borash’s neck and calls out Justin Credible, who attacks Slash from behind with the kendo stick.
Slash vs. Justin Credible
Credible chops Slash in the corner but gets knocked outside and Slash takes him out with a somersault plancha. He throws Credible off the ramp and into the guardrail then hits him with a clothesline. Credible catches a charging Slash and hits a powerslam. He tosses Slash into the guardrail then hits him with a dropkick, sending him into the post. Slash catchs Credible and catapults him into the post before bouncing a chair off his head. They go back in the ring as they struggle before Slash hits the helicopter slam. Credible catches Slash with a superkick as he comes off the top then he whacks him on the head with a kendo stick. The crowd doesn’t give a shit about this and Slash tosses powder into Credible’s face and beats on him with the stick. The stick is now broken as they head through the crowd and into the parking lot. Saturn and New Jack come out then Sandman hits Slash with a flaming kendo stick then the New Church and Awesome run out as the match is ruled a no-contest (4:40) *.
Thoughts: The match was heatless and this feud will never end.
Erik Watts comes to the ring with his straight jacket. He asks for Raven and his music hits but Julio comes out. Watts says he is here for peace and love and tries and fails to be funny, calling Julio the “Chickenator.” He insults Julio and walks away but catches Julio with a clothesline then hits a chokeslam. Julio fights back and powerbombs Julio in the corner as West mentions how Watts is doing Jarrrett’s dirty work. Alexis runs in and hits Watts with a low blow and they both beat on him as the crowd is dead. Jarrett runs out and beats on the Gathering. He puts Julio on the table and goes up top. Laree cuts off Jarrett and tries a rana but Jarrett catches her and powerbombs her on the table. He walks off and goes to the locker room. Watts was intolerable and the segment died a painful death.
Video package on Jerry Lynn and the Amazing Red.
X Division Number One Contender Match
Aamzing Red vs. Jerry Lynn
Konnan comes out for commentary. He says that Red will win because he is Puerto Rican, even if he doesn’t act like one. Tenay asks him about the mystery luchadore and he is does not have a clue as to it is and threatens to stick is foot up Tenay’s ass. Both men struggle to get an advantage as Konna goes off how there are no Mexicans in TNA. They trade some more moves before ending in a standoff. The crowd starts a “TNA” chant as Konnan says the arena should be called the “Dick House” because it is full of just that. Lynn and Red shake hands as Konnan says if a bitch got in his face, they would be cleaning up the stench of fish for two weeks because of how badly he will tear into her. Lynn catches Red with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Back suplex gets two. Lynn puts on a Boston Crab the pulls Red towards the center of the ring.  Red escapes but Lynn ducks the 718 and clotheslines Red to the floor. Red floats over on a suplex attempt and dropkicks Lynn to the floor. Red puts on the breaks after a diving attack and hits a rana off the apron. Red snaps off another rana as Konnan goes off about racism in TNA. Back in the ring, Red hits Lynn with a spin kick and gets two. Lynn gets a backslide but Red hits a clothesline and beats on Lynn in the corner. Lynn lands on the apron but Red dodges the apron leg drop. Red tries a slide but Lynn catches him and drops him throat first on the guardrail. They go back into the ring and Lynn gets two. After a struggle, Red hits the Code Red and gets two. Lynn catches Red with a powerbomb and that gets two. Red escapes from the TKO and gets two off a small package. Lynn counters a piledriver and gets two off a vertebreaker. Red escapes from a cradle piledriver attempt and hits a spin kick. Red goes off the top and hits the ref. He charges at Lynn but misses and flies to the floor. Ron Killings runs out from the crowd and hits Lynn with the Truth Conviction. He then tells Konnan that they need to talk. Red eventually climbs the ropes, unaware of what happened to Lynn, and hits the Infrared for the win (14:04) **1/2.
Thoughts: The match was alright but it never really got going and it was much slower paced than you would have expected. Killings returned and seems to be looking to start a minority faction with Konnan.
Goldylocks is with Erik Watts. He says that Jarrett helping him out was monumental then goes looking for Raven, saying that he knows where he is then does a poor excuse of a poor excuse of an Elmer Fudd impression before Raven beats the shit out of him. He asks him about Jarrett’s whereabouts. Please, no more Erik Watts on my TV.
West and Tenay run down the history between Raven and Jarrett and plug their match next week. Tenay tells us that Jarrett is still here looking for Raven then shows us a video package on Raven
Jarrett runs into Raven and beats on him. They head towards the ring as Jarrett grabs the straight jacket. Jarrett uses a chair on Raven and rolls him into the ring to deliver some more chair shots. He tries to put on the straight jacket and hits him with a chair again but the lights go out and when they return, New Jack, Saturn, Sandman, and Justin Credible are in the ring. Jarrett tries to fight them but gets outnumbered and they put Jarrett in the straight jacket. Saturn wraps him in barbed wire and hang him upside down from the ropes as Raven beats him with the kendo stick. They powerbomb Jarrett as the ECW alumni celebrate together.  
Final Thoughts: First, the wrestling was not as good as the past two weeks but still okay overall. They established Kash as a heel and make you want to see him get his ass kicked. They still did a good job in promoting Raven vs. Jarrett next week but the Erik Watts stuff was horrendous. The overall lack of strong heels and faces is killing the product. I didn’t care for the end with all of the ECW guys joining up with Raven and apparently turning heel in the process. Seeing Raven and Sandman join up, especially without an explanation, is ridiculous. In TNA, if you hint at turning you don’t end up turning so we can get these swerves that no one cares about. If you love Erik Watts, this is the show for you.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #40

April 16, 2003
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
A video recap of last week’s events start things off. This includes the alliance between Nikita Koloff and Dusty Rhodes, the conflict between AMW, the feud between AJ Styles and Glen Gilbertti, David Young turning on Athena and joining SEX, Conflict between Kid Kash and Trinity, and Jeff Jarrett acting paranoid and accidentally knocking out Dusty Rhodes to close the show.


Tenay runs down the show which will include a tag-title match between XXX and Jerry Lynn/Amazing Red.
Dusty Rhodes is shown pacing the parking lot, awaiting the arrival of Jeff Jarrett
Raven is up in the Raven’s Nest. He introduces Alexis Laree and Julio Dinero then tells Jarrett that he will not allow him to turn TNA into an 80’s wrestling promotion. He says when he grew up, he threw away all his toys and that he should do the same. Crowd starts a “Raven Sucks” chant as Raven tells Jarrett that fate can be a cruel mistress then tells D’Lo Brown that he will be a victim of the “Raven Effect.” Solid stuff from Raven, who is easily the best on the mic in this promotion.
Raven w/Alexis Laree & Julio Dinero vs. D’Lo Brown
D’Lo is now a babyface but the crowd doesn’t care. They trade shoulderblocks as the crowd is jacked tonight. D’Lo sends him to the floor with a clothesline and follows that with a suicide dive, taking out everyone. Back in the ring, D’Lo fires away but charges and gets caught with a drop toehold and spills to the floor. Julio rolls him back in and Raven drives him to the mat with a knee for two. D’Lo blocks a DDT and hits a stunner as both men are down. D’Lo is up first ad hits a few clotheslines. Headshake leg drop gets two. He hits the side effect and heads up top. He hits the frog splash but Alexis distracts the ref and Julio hits D’Lo with a superkick. Raven rolls him up but he can only get two. The camera shows something in Julio’s hands as D’Lo collides with the ref. D’Lo tries a reverse rollup but Julio throws powder in his eyes. Alexis runs in but D’Lo hits her with the Sky High. He hits Julio with the catatonic as the ref is still out and Raven sits in the corner. Raven waits then hits the Evenflow DDT for the win (5:59) **1/2.
Thoughts: Good match that was all action. It was like watching a “Sunday Night Heat” match from 2002 except they went all out. Around this time, I recall that the WWE instituted the “More is less” policy regarding high impact moves and highspots. For this match, and really every other match on this card, they did the exact opposite. They are building nicely towards the title match between Raven and Jarrett for 4/30/03, which will be the biggest NWA-TNA title match to date. .
A video package on Raven airs.
Tenay tells us that he sat down with America’s Most Wanted before the show and it will air later on tonight. West then says that Glen Gilbertti will face AJ Styles in a street fight and Kid Kash will defend the X Division Title against Mike Sanders.
Goldylocks is in the SEX locker room. They are all in good spirits as Gilbertti proclaims that tonight will be their night. He says he will not be wrasslin’ AJ tonight but rather fighting. He orders Ron Harris to wrap a towel around his hand and punch him. After the first shot, he calls him a pussy and orders to hit him again. He does and this fires him up more for his match. Glenn Gilbertti + Being a badass = NO BUYS. 
Glen Gilbertti vs. AJ Styles
They start trading punches, with Gilbertti’s looking terrible. He hits AJ with a clothesline then knocks him to the floor. He drops AJ on the ring steps then whips him into them. He flings AJ over the guardrail then whips him into the railing. He does it again but AJ fights back and hiptosses Gilbertti into a wall. Mike Sanders comes out of the SEX locker room and roughs up AJ, who is now busted open. Gilbertti charges but AJ ducks a clothesline and hits a superkick. The match is slowing down as AJ fights out of a powerbomb and hits Gilbertti with a snap suplex. Sanders assaults AJ but D’Lo runs out and makes the save. The crowd isn’t really nito this match as AJ is wearing a crimson mask. Styles then runs and leaps over the guardrail, hitting Gilbertti with a forearm. Both men are now in the ring as the crowd wakes up. AJ hits a pumphandle gutbuster then goes out and grabs a chair. Gilertti ducks a chairshot but eventually runs into a spinning heel kick. AJ wedges the chair in the corner then rams Gilbertti face first off the chair. AJ hits him on the back with the chair as the crowd is solidly behind AJ. The chair is standing up and Gilbertti hits the chartbuster, dropping AJ’s throat across the chair, and he covers for the win (7:49) **1/4. The crowd groaned for that finish.
Thoughts: The action was fine but having Gilbertti go over AJ was a horrible decision. No one is buying him as a major threat, no matter how hard they try, and of all people to use to put him over, they use their most talented wrestler. The crowd took a giant shit on this finish.
Goldylocks interviews Dusty, who is still in the parking lot waiting for Jarrett. He says he will wait to Jarrett arrives as he wants to speak to him face-to-face. He puts over the prestige of the NWA Belt as Erik Watts walks by and calls Dusty the man as he wears a “Jeff, You’re Dead” shirt. Dusty yells at him then does Bret Hart’s “Best there is….” Routine. As Dusty turns his back, Erik throws his duffel bag off his head and threatens to whip him but Goldy runs over to Dusty and shields him. Dusty sold that duffel bag like it was filled with bricks.
X Division Championship Match
Kid Kash (Champion) w/Trinity vs. Mike Sanders
Before the match, Kash apologizes to Trinity and says that he will support her in whatever she does. Trinity accepts as the crowd boos. Kash hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors then sends Sadners to the floor with a clothesline. Trinity gets in the face of Sanders and gets pushed away as  aresult. In the ring, Sanders drops Kash throat first on the ropes. They go back and forth for a bit as Sadners hits a side slam off a tilt-a-whirl from Kash. The crowd is chanting loudly for TNA. Sanders gets two off a bunch of elbow drops. Snap suplex gets two. Sanders drives an elbow in the throat of Kash. Clothesline gets two. Sanders looks better than usual tonight by the way. After a pinfall reversal, both men clothesline each other. Trinity climbs up top but gets shoved down by Sanders. Kash gets caught in a wheelbarrow and Sadners tunrs it into a uranage in mid-move, getting two. Sanders runs into a boot and gets hit with a springboard twisting moonsault block for two. The ref checks on Kash, who has been legitimately hurt the past few weeks, as Trinity runs in and hits a few highspots. Kash tries a rana but Sanders catches him and flattens him with a powerbomb. Trinity hooks the leg of Sanders and that allows Kash to take him down. Kash goes to the other side of the ring and hits the springboard somersault kick for the win (7:07) **. The Harris Brothers run in and Kash flees. They grab Trinity and hit her with the H Bomb.
Thoughts: Sanders looked pretty good out there but Kash’s legit hurt knee is really hindering him. He blew a lot of spots. No one at all bought Kash’s apology to Trinity at the beginning of the match so they were not at all surprised when he left her alone to get beat up by SEX. After a week break, they are back to beating up women again on TNA.
Goldylocks is with the Disciples of the New Church. Mitchell tells Goldy that since Sandman rejected his offer of friendship and blames it on Perry Saturn. He references ECW a bunch of times and states he has a surprise waiting for Saturn tonight.
Saturn vs. Mike Awesome w/James Mitchell
Awesome is a lot heavier than usual here. Things start off with both men trading suplexes. Awesome hits a clothesline but eats boot on a charge. Saturn gets one off a clothesline. He hits an exploder then grabs a table fro underneath the ring .Awesome runs out and sends him into the guardrail as Tenay states that Jarrett has just arrived to the building. Awesome flies over the guardrail and hits Saturn with a clothesline. Saturn floats over on a powerbomb attempt and rolls Awesome into the ring. Legsweep by Saturn who applies a cross armbreaker. Awesome reaches the ropes but gets suplexed onto the ropes. Saturn charges but Awesome hits a shoulderblock, getting two. The crowd is dead for this match. Saturn hits a German suplex as both men are down. Saturn hits another German suplex then a springboard dropkick. Awesome gets a kick then drops Saturn across the ropes. He heads up top and hits a clothesline, getting two. Awesome is gassed. Saturn hits a superkick but gets slammed. Awesome goes back up top and hits a splash for two. Sandman and New Jack then run into the ring  and attack Awesome as the ref rings the bell for the DQ (7:54) *1/2. The New Church runs in and cleans house, with Lee looking disturbingly thin and not having slept for a week.
Thoughts: The crowd didn’t react much at all to Awesome, which was strange because they were loud all night loud, even though it was usually just a bunch of random “TNA” chants. Awesome was not in shape and the match suffered as a result. I guess Awesome is part of the New Church, taking the role previously held by Malice.
Goldylocks is with Jarrett, who is going nuts in the production truck, tossing shit all over the place. Jeff is still crazy and paranoid. 
Tenay shows his interview with AMW. He asks about them not being on the same page as Harris refutes that, stating he just asked for a few singles match. When asked about SEX, Harris says there is nothing wrong about talking with the guys as Storm says that he was brought up not to chill with the enemy. Harris goes on and on, with the point of this being that kayfabe is stupid and old. Harris seems to be getting worse on the mic.
Goldylocks is with David Young. She talks about his upcoming match with James Storm then about Athena. Siaki interrupts and calls Goldy “Goofylocks.” He says he has no time to wrestle a nobody like Storm. Young cuts a promo but gets interrupted by Siaki, who makes fun of his Southern twang and says that SEX is cool and he will now do is talking for him. There was no need for him to join the bloated SEX faction to begin with and they are already making fun of him.
David Young w/Sonny Siaki & Desire vs. James Storm
Both guys go back and forth, hitting fast-paced stuff. Storm dodges a baseball slide by skinning the cat and hits Young with a pescado. Storm hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors but runs into a powerslam. Back in the ring, Siaki tries to interfere but Storm fights out. Young hits a clothesline then gets two off a dropkick. They dodge each other kicks until Storm finally connects. He stomps Young in the corner but eats boot on a charge. Young tries to climb but is hit with a superkick and Storm takes him down with a top rope hurricarana. He hits a swinging neckbreaker but Young rolls through a crossbody block and gets two. Young blocks the Hanging Noose but Storm is able to hit the Eight Second Ride. Siaki pulls the ref out of the ring and tries to tell the ref that it was a fan and not himself who did this. Desire hits Storm with a low blow and Young his the spinebuster for the win (5:57) **.
Thoughts: This was all action. It didn’t get over much with the crowd but they tried hard. Harris did not show up as they tease even more friction between AMW.
A video package on the feud between the New Church and the ECW alumni. 
Goldylocks is with New Jack and Sandman, who are playing chess. There are several empties on the table. Sandman is royally fucked up here and can barely hold up his head or open his eyes. New Jack is shitfaced too. They both argue over the game and New Jack threatens to stab Sandman with a pen because he cheated. Shit, the drug scene seemed quite rampant in TNA at this time.
Disciples of the New Church w/James Mitchell vs. New Jack & Sandman
New Jack gets destroyed in the corner until Sandman comes in the ring. He takes Slash down with a tope rope rana. New Jack and Lee are brawling around the ring. Lots more sloppy brawling takes place. Slash chokes out Sandman with a cable then hits a helicopter slam for two. New Jack is biting Lee but gets tossed outside and put on a table. Sandman hits Slash with the cane as Mitchell is in the ring. Lee takes down Sandman with a big boot and they drive a sickle into the forehead of Sandman. Saturn runs out but he gets outnumbered. New Jack climbs up top with a chair and flattens Slash. Awesome runs out and everything breaks down. Awesome sends New Jack through the table with a powerbomb as the crowd chants “holy shit.” That was a crazy bump. They roll him inside and Slash covers for the win (6:14) ¼*. The lights then go out and when they return, Justin Credible is standing in the ring with a Singapore cane. He clears the ring of the New Church as the men celebrate with beer.
Thoughts: Dull stuff and the garbage brawling between these guys is starting to get really old. Adding Justin Credible, another recent WWE reject, to the group isn’t much at all but he can at least wrestle competently. Sandman and New Jack looked awful here.
Jarrett is outside the production truck yelling at the ring crew when Watts walks from behind him. Jarrett flips out and throws a trashcan at him, which is ducked by Watts. They get separated after that.
Tag-Team Championship Match
XXX vs. Amazing Red & Jerry Lynn
Red is now wearing a cape to the ring. Tenay states that Red is the best wrestler in TNA who has never won a belt. West also adds that XXX was irate over the fact that Tenay called Lynn & Red the “Dream Team” of the X Division. Lynn and Daniels start things out with a sequence of counters and reversals. Tenay says that Lynn and Red will face each other next week, with the winner beating the number one contender to the X Division title. Red and Skipper tag in as the crowd is cheering for Red, who lands on his feet after a German suplex attempt. Red hits a Mexican armdrag and a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. He then hits Skipper with the 718 but is caught by Daniels after a springboard. Red escapes then puts on a armbreaker after a tilt-a-whirl. All four men are in the ring now as Lynn alley-oops Red onto Daniels and he hits a rana. Skipper hooks the leg of Lynn and Daniels hits him with a dropkick. Leg lariat by Daniels and a tag to Skipper, who hits a twisting slingshot splash for two. Lynn manages a rollup in the corner for two. They do some counters and float-overs until Skipper hits an inverted suplex for two. Tag to Daniels but Lynn ducks a double team move and hits a double clothesline. He makes the hot tag to Red, who hits Skipper with a missile dropkick. He hits both men with spinkicks then gets his swinging STO on Daniels. All four men are once again brawling in the ring. Lynn backdrops Daniels to the floor, who takes out his own partner. Lynn takes them out with a springboard somersault plancha and Red then takes them out with a somersault tope. The crowd is going nuts at this point as this match has been great. Daniels sends Lynn into the guardrail as Skipper and Red are in the ring. Red gets two off a knee smash but he gets killed by a clothesline from Daniels, who yells at the camera “That’s amazing.” Daniels hits a suplex then gets two after a split-legged moonsault. He suplexes Red on the ropes and tags Skipper, who takes him off with a legdrop. Skipper pauses then covers Red, getting two. He tears off the bandana of Red and chokes him out. Red comes back with a rana as Skipper uses the matrix to get up. Red hits the Code Red but Daniels breaks up the pin attempt with a dropkick. Skipper slams Red then puts on a single leg crab. Red gets double-teamed and Daniels puts him in the Koji Clutch. West is amazed that Tenay can remember the names off holds in a match like this. Red fights back with kicks and makes the tag to Lynn. Lynn cleans house then plants Skipper with a tornado DDT, getting two. Lynn puts Daniels on his shoulders and Red hits a springboard rana in an amazing spot. Skipper breaks up the pin attempt at two. Red climbs the top rope but Skipper distracts the ref and the masked lucahdor comes in and shoves Red off the ropes then hits him with a DDT on the ramp. Daniels rolls up Lynn and puts his feet on the ropes but can only get two. Angel’s Wings gets two. Tag to Skipper and he places Lynn across his shoulders as Daniels comes off the top with an elbow and that only gets two. Daniels yells at the ref then heads up top but Lynn takes down Skipper and catapults him into Daniels and that allows Lynn to rollup and bridge Skipper for the win and the tag-team belts (14:15) ****1/4. After the match, XXX attacks the new champs until Jarrett comes out and takes them out with a trashcan lid.
Thoughts: Awesome match. Everything went smoothly and the story of XX wanting to prove that they were the best of the X division worked quite well. It will be interesting to see where they go from here as Red and Lynn face off next week for the right to face the X Division champ, Kid Kash.
Jarrett grabs the mic and tells Raven that this is Jarrett’s House of Clockwork Orange. He tells Raven he has three seconds to get Julio and Alexis to the ring as the crew is setting up for the Clockwork Orange House of Fun match. He goes to the locker room looking for Raven but gets hit with a trashcan lid from Alexis. Jarrett takes it from her and whacks her on top of the head. Julio comes out and he gets destroyed. He tosses a dozen or so chairs at Julio then heads to the ring. Julio and Alexis fight back as the bell rings.
Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match
Jeff Jarrett vs. Alexis Laree & Julio Dinero
Laree and Dinero beat on Jarrett in the stands. Julio tosses him over the guardrail and Alexis hits Jarrett with a trashcan lid. Julio beats on Jarrett with a kendo stick and Alexis uses a baseball bat. Julio puts him in an abdominal stretch as Alexis hits him with the kendo stick. He stomps Jarrett and they beat on some more. Jarrett fights back and powebombs Alexis onto Julio. He beats on him with the kendo stick then uses it on Laree. He nails Julio with the trashcan and then with the steel cage door. He hiptosses Laree into the door then hits a running powerslam but takes out the ref in the process. Jarrett sets up a table and places Laree on top. He grabs a chair and uses it on Julio then puts him on the table. Jarrett heads up top and grabs atrashcan lid but rAven coems out and hits him with a lid then suplexes him on the table. Julio ends up falling on top of Julio and gets the pin (6:11) *1/2. After the match, Raven hits him with the Evenflow DDT as the crowd starts a “Raven sucks” chant.
Thoughts: This was worked well, although having a face beat up a girl seems foolish. Raven won this battle and has some momentum heading into the championship match in two weeks.
Final Thoughts: The show itself was good. The matches were solid for the most part. However, with very few clear-cut heels and faces, you don’t have much at all in terms of building feuds for the future. I will say that they have done a great job of building up to the Raven/Jarrett match. However, SEX is completely played out and watching the ex-ECW guys is just sad as they are broken down or in some cases, completely messed up on substances.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #39

April 9, 2003
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
The show opens up with a video recap of last week’s show. It did a good job of making the show look a lot less horrible than it actually was.

Armed Asylum Match
Sandman & New Jack vs. Disciples of the New Church w/James Mitchell vs. Harris Brothers
New Jack jumps the Disciples before the Harris Brothers enter the ring. The Harris Brothers beat Sandman as he was drinking and smoking in the crowd. Everyone is now in the ring and using weapons, such as a cheese grater. Slash is pouring blood and getting attacked with a stapler gun from New Jack. Don chokes out Sandman with a rope and New Jack misses a running dive with a chair and falls into the guardrail. They are now brawling in the back as Slash nails Don with a trashcan. Lee and New Jack are fighting over a machete as there is too much going on, making it difficult to focus. Slash climbs up to the balcony then hits a senton on Don Harris through the table, causing the crowd to go nuts. Lee and New Jack climb the stairs and New jack backdrops him off the balcony and through a table. Lee awkwardly hit the table. Ron Harris uses a fork on Sandman as Slash and New Jack are fighting and the Harris Brothers are beating on Sandman. A loud “TNA” chant happens as New Jack goes to the upper level and elbow drops Slash through the table. Sandman is wailing on both Harris’s with the Singapore cane until Don boots a trash can in his face. The Harris’s then catch Sandman with the H Bomb for the win (8:32) *.
Thoughts: Lots of garbage brawling but there was too much going on at once to focus. At least there were a few nicely done crazy spots. New Jack and Sandman appeared to be completely wasted (not exactly a shock and New Jack admitted he was fucked up during his entire TNA run) and did some terrible brawling. Slash stood out above everyone else here. He was by far, the best worker out of the six. The announcers speculated that New Jack went into business for himself and left Sandman alone to get pinned.
Goldylocks is with Mike Barton. She mentions his match with Perry Saturn as he lists off all the guys he beat during the “Brawl for All.” D’Lo interrupts and yells to Gilbertti. He says that he has a problem with Mike Sanders. Gilbertti goes into the SEX locker room and sees Chris Harris hanging out. He asks him to get Mike Sanders, and he agrees. By the time this ended, I forgot half of what went on. Cramming several things into a single segment does not give you enough time to focus.
Don West is sitting alone, stating he will have answers about Chris Harris tonight. He then throws it to Tenay, who states that a four team tag match will take place tonight with the winners will face off against each other at a later date for the right to face the X Division Champion. XXX is in the match and if they lose, they will have to give the winning team a title shot.
Teany now welcomes Hermie Sadler and Jeff Hammond. This interview goes on forever as they babble about NASCAR and briefly put over TNA. Those two are nowhere near important enough to give TNA is big-time celebrity rub. The crowd didn’t seem to care about them either.
Raven is shown entering the arena with Alexis Laree and Julio Dinero.
The Interrogators Segment with Dusty Rhodes. He calls Ted Turner “Daddy” and makes a fart sound to describe WCW. Nothing else really stood out.
Ladder Match
Brian Lawler vs. Dusty Rhodes
Lawler oversells Dusty’s offense to start. On the floor, Lawler rams Dusty’s head off the announcers table then rams the ladder into his face. He taunts the crowd and yells at Tenay before heading into the ring. Dusty is bleeding from the forehead as Lawler sets up the ladder. Lawler stalls as the crowd chants for Dusty. He climbs as slow as humanly possible to allow Dusty to get into the ring. He bumps the ladder and Lawler falls on the ropes. Dusty takes Lawler down with a bionic elbow then pulls a stepladder from underneath the ring. He uses it to hit Lawler a few times then sets it up and hits him with an elbow drop. Dusty sits down for a bit then sets up the ladder. As he climbs, Lawler hits him with a low blow then climbs up top but decides to go down and punch Rhodes. He climbs back up but misses a leg drop. The crowd chants for Dusty as he climbs up but gets cut off by David Flair, who climbs up and tries to get the belt but Nikita Koloff shakes the ladder. He climbs and grabs the belt then kicks Lawler down. Dusty doesn’t trust Nikita at first but he takes the belt that was handed to him for the win (7:35) ¾*. As both men are celebrating, Erik Watts runs in and steals the belt. Nikita and Dusty raise hands on the ramp.
Thoughts: Nowhere near as horrible as I expected. Lawler did a fine job and they laid out a good match. Sure, the action itself sucked but this was not embarrassing or anything, even if some of the spots were contrived. The stuff with Nikita did not get much of a reaction. The feud over the belt remains ridiculous.
Goldylocks is chasing down Chris Harris. She asks him about SEX and he blows her off until they run into James Storm. He questions as to why he was in the SEX locker room and Harris says they are not bad guys and he could have been asking for a title shot. They have a heated exchange until Storm leaves. Sanders arrives as Harris gives him the message. Sanders throws out words like “having heat ever since I started” and not caring about “the boys in the back” before insulting Harris, who calls him an “Asshole.” Sanders says he will appease him by meeting with Gilbertti. Harris’s acting, to be kind, was fucking terrible here. Completely wooden and it sounded like he was reading off of cue cards that were placed out of his field of vision.
Glen Gilbertti vs. AJ Styles
Gilbertti brawls to start but AJ takes the advantage. He hits a dropkick and a rana. German suplex gets two. He snaps Gilbertti’s neck off the top rope but is met with a dropkick in mid-air after a slingshot crossbody attempt. Outside the ring, Gilbertti trips up a charging AJ, who crashes into the stairs. In the ring, Gilbertti hits a uranage and a dropkick. AJ does a somersault sell for a clothesline then gets hit with an inverted atomic drop and a side Russian legsweep. Elbow drop gets two. Gilbertti whips AJ into the corner as a “Disco sucks” chant breaks out. AJ counters a swinging neckbreaker and fights back. Disco dodges a Phenomenon attempt and gets two off a neckbreaker. AJ catches him with a gutbuster off a pumphandle then hits the Phenomenon, getting two. AJ floats over on a backslide attempt but walks into a DDT. AJ lands on the apron after a backdrop and hits a kick. He misses a springboard 450 and Gilbertti rolls him up and puts his feet on the ropes. The ref counted to three but saw his feet and says it was two. AJ gets him with the Styles Clash as he was arguing and uses his feet on the ropes for the win (7:24) **1/4. After the match, Disco argues with the referee and pushes him and the ref pushes him back. Gilbertti attacks him from behind and bets him up some more. He tosses him over the guardrail and hits him with a chair. The ref is bleeding as someone from the crowd does the Chris Tucker “you got knocked the fuck out” bit from “Friday.”
Thoughts: Match was fine, although it was one of AJ’s weaker outings. Gilbertti looked good here, almost better than AJ if you can believe that. Crowd was not into this that much and the fact that there was two heels going against each other is a major part of that. At this point, I’d say 80% of the roster is made up of heels, tweeners, and others hinting at turning heel. Its too much.
Goldylocks is in the SEX locker room. Gilbertti looks to be yelling at Sanders but focuses his anger on D’Lo Brown, saying that he is not one of them and orders him to beat up D’Lo and promises that SEX will have his back.
Sonny Siaki & Desire vs. David Young & Athena
An auction winner accompanies Siaki & Desire. He looks profoundly depressed. Siaki grabs the mic and calls Young fat and ugly but says it doesn’t matter because the fight started between Athena and Desire. The men step out and the women now have a singles match. Just as this starts, Young hits Athena with a spinebuster and Desire covers for the win (0:41). Young is then given a SEX t-shirt and hugs Desire.
Thoughts: Young only really became a face for two weeks when he came to the aid of Athena but there was no need for him to join an already bloated SEX roster. Even though the crowd loves Athena, they didn’t seem to care much that Young turned on her.
Goldylocks is with Perry Saturn. He says that he was told you needed to be in 500 fights before you could be called a tough guy. He babbles on some more until Jarrett interrupts and alerts Tenay that he will be available for an interview. Mike Barton attacks Saturn and it leads into their match.
Perry Saturn vs. Mike Barton
Barton is wearing tights similar to Taka Michinoku. Saturn is opened up as Barton roughs him up. He hits a top rope shoulderblock. Saturn hits a few German suplexes and a clothesline. Dropkick gets two. Saturn puts on a cross armbreaker for a bit.  He runs into a boot and gets killed with a clothesline. Barton hammers away as the ref warns him about using open fists. Saturn is pouring out blood as he has a gash above his eye. Saturn fights back and hits a T-Bone suplex. Barton drops him with a right and yells at the ref to check on him. That is a cool spot, actually. He holds Saturn up for a vertical suplex as his blood is pouring onto him, then turns it into a brainbuster. Saturn gets knocked down as the crowd is behind him. Saturn ducks a clothesline and hits a superkick. Elbow drop gets two. Blue Thunder bomb gets two. He floats over on a fireman’s carry and hits the Death Valley Driver but that only gets two. Barton gets up and kills Saturn with a punch but sells the effects and Saturn sees this and applies a wristhold for the win by submission (7:24) ***. The announcers sold it as Barton broke his hand.
Thoughts: Good match. These two beat the crap out of each other. Barton looked great here and I wonder what happened because he was never seen in TNA again. He was bigger than a majority of the roster and looked like a threat. The crowd was into Saturn although they seemed confused by the ending as I don’t think they had an idea that Barton was selling an injured hand due to constantly punching Saturn.
Goldylocks is backstage with New Jack. He yells at her then Sandman cuts in and says that he strayed from the plan. As they argue, the New Church hit Sandman with a fireball then destroy New Jack. They yell “Evil” into the camera.
Mike Sanders vs. D’Lo Brown
D’Lo runs in and fires away. He hits a back elbow smash and stomps him in the corner. He tries to play to the crowd but they are quiet. D’Lo is on the apron and Sanders takes him down with a sweep. He then hits him with a moonsault from the apron and tosses him into the guardrail. Snap suplex on the floor and he rolls D’Lo back inside. He gets a few nearfalls then hits a pumphandle toss. Sanders runs into an elbow but hits a backdrop. He mocks D’Lo’s headshake legdrop and gets two. He puts on a Cobra Clutch for a bit until D’Lo escapes. He hits a few clotheslines and a spinebuster. Legdrop gets two. Jumping calf kick gets two. Sanders is able to get the Double Shot for two but D’Lo counters a move into a slam. Siaki runs out and cuts off D’Lo as Desire distracts the ref. Sanders hits a superplex but only gets two. They do some counters until D’Lo hits the Sky High for the win (7:04) **. After the match, Gilbertti runs in and stomps D’Lo along with Siaki and Desire. They hold up D’Lo for Sanders and he hits him with a superkick.
Thoughts: The work itself was solid but this had zero heat. Sanders looked better than usual. The problem again is that you have a member of a heel stable who is hinting that he might turn face and another guy who is a tweener hinting to join that same stable so the crowd doesn’t know who to cheer for. It took less than a month for the crowd to go cold on the ex-WWE guy who they were red hot for when he debuted.
Tenay in an interview with Trinity from earlier today. She talks about her athletic background and how she rides for a motorcycle stunt team. She has been wrestling fro one year and mentions training with Amazing Red and the SAT under Mikey Whipwreck. She also mentions her work as a stuntwoman when Kid Kash interrupts. Tenay refers to him as “Dave” as Kash runs down Trinity for stealing the spotlight and complains that he has to face Raven tonight because of her. He orders her to stand in his corner and to not move a muscle. Kash is doing the best heel work in this company.
Raven w/Alexis Laree & Julio Dinero vs. Kid Kash w/Trinity
They exchange counters to start. They screw up a spot in which Raven was supposed to get clotheslined to the floor so Kash just dumps him. Kash still has an injured knee. Back inside, Kash hits an enziguiri that was off by a mile. He misses a springboard dropkick and Raven stomps away. He hits a clothesline and a running kneelift. He rolls him up after a slingshot in the corner and that gets two. Laree grabs Kash by the leg and that allows Julio to hit him. Raven covers and gets two. Backdrop gets two. Raven gets a chair but Kash reverses a whip and sends him into it with a drop toehold. Kash fights back and messes up a springboard rana. Tornado DDT gets two. Raven catches him and hits a powerbomb but that only gets two. Kash messes up a springboard and hits a crossbody for two. Rollup gets two. A terrible looking leg lariat gets two. Raven cuts him off the top rope but gets tossed down. Kash misses a dive but Trinity hits a rana. Laree charges but accidentally hits Julio, taking him off the apron. Trinity takes them both out with a moonsault then heads outback as Raven hits the Evenflow DDT for the win (7:25) *.
Thoughts: Kash botched almost everything he tried but he was legitimately hurt and probably should not have been out there anyway. This will lead to more friction between Trinity and Kash.
West plugs the main event, which is Jerry Lynn & Amazing Red vs. Jason Cross & Shark Boy vs. XXX vs. Jonny Storm and Chris Sabin. The winners of the match will face off at a later date with the winner getting a shot at the X Division Title. If XXX lose, the winning team gets a tag-team title shot.  Also, Tenay plugs the interview with Jeff Jarrett.
Tenay welcomes Jeff Hammond to the booth
Elimination Rules
XXX vs. Shark Boy & Jason Cross vs. Jonny Storm & Chris Sabin vs. Jerry Lynn & Amazing Red
This is the TNA debut for Chris Sabin. The theme song he came out to is what he ended up using for a while, minus the “Hail Sabin” part at the beginning. Lynn and Storm start things out. The do a bunch of counters until Red and Shark Boy tag. The crowd chants for Red as these two pick up the pace. Shark Boy hits Red with a dropkick after a springboard move and gets two. Red hits a powerslam for two. Tag to Daniels who beats on Shark Boy for a bit. Shark Boy comes back and bites Daniels in the ass before tagging to Cross. He hits Daniels with a few armdrags and a dropkick then tags to Sabin. Skipper tags and these two are going at a rapid rate. Skipper lands on the apron and flips in and hits a clothesline on a charging Sabin in a really cool spot. Sabin comes back with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and a release overhead suplex. Shark Boy and Daniels are now in as Hammond babbles on about Hardcore Holly suplexing him in a Stacker commercial. Ah, the good ol’ days of frequent Stacker commercials on RAW. Shark Boy clotheslines Daniels to the floor and follows him out with a pescado. Sabin is in and suplexes Cross before hitting a springboard plancha on Shark Boy. Red follows out with an amazing looking somersault tope then Storm finishes it off with a double springboard somersault senton. In the ring, Cross hits Daniels with an Unprettier but Skipper distracts the ref. As Cross climbs the ropes, the masked lucahdor pushes him off and Daniels hits the Last Rites for the pin (7:16). Daniels hits Storm with a heel kick but misses a charge in the corner. Storm botches a rana but that gets two. Lynn is in and hits Storm with the TKO. Red hits a rana on Daniels but Skipper hits him with the Play of the Day. Sabin runs in and rolls through a crossbody block and in one motion, picks him up and hits a backbreaker out of the catatonic. The masked luchador runs in and hits Sabin with a tornado DDT and that allows Lynn to hit him with the cradle piledriver for the pin (9:00). Daniels crotches Lynn on the ropes and Skipper takes him off with the rope walk rana. He hit that perfectly. XXX double teams Lynn for a bit until he fights back. Hot tag to Red who takes out XXX with a double dropkick. He then hits them with more kicks for nearfalls. Skipper gets two off a uranage. Lynn comes in and powerbombs Skipper off the top rope for two. Daniels then hits Lynn with the BME for two. XXX hits Lynn with the Rockerplex but Red breaks up the pin. Lynn puts Daniels on his shoulders and Red hits a top rope spinkick for two. Skipper runs in with the belt but Lynn kicks it in his face. Daniels hits Red with an STO for two. Red floats over on a suplex then gets a small package out of a tilt-a-whirl for the win (13:37) ****.  
Thoughts: Excellent match. Just about everything here was performed smoothly, with the exception of a botched rana from Storm. Sabin impressed in his debut and he sold like a motherfucker. The team of Red and Lynn is interesting and one the crowd can get behind, seeing how TNA has ruined AMW at this point. The future matches have not been given dates so a tag match between the winners and AMW as well as the singles matches between Lynn and Red will be coming up in the next few weeks.
Immediately after the match, they cut backstage to Goldylocks who is with Erik Watts. She mentions how he stole the belt from Dusty. He says that it is not an issue and he doesn’t care about the belt, but rather he cares about Jarrett. Watts tells Goldy that Jarrett sent him emails stating he was sorry for choking her last week. He is massaging her shoulders and talks for too long about the past (which is what a majority of those watching have no clue about but he talks like everyone does). He ends by throwing it back to Tenay.
Tenay is in the ring and calls out Jarrett. He comes out and Tenay asks him about his heelish behaviors over the past few weeks. Jarrett asks Tenay if he wants the WWF version of him or the NWA good guy. Tenay tells him to rise above the pressure and Jarrett yanks the mic out of his hands. Raven’s music hits and he comes out with Dinero and Laree. Raven tells him to beat up Tenay if it will make him feel like a man but says it is really all about himself. Raven says that in 21 days, he will take away his title. The crowd starts chanting that Raven sucks as Jarrett tells him to shoot his “drug induced ass” into the ring right now. Security steps in front of Jarrett then scurry away as Raven and Jarrett and staring at each other with chairs in their hands. The luchador runs out as does Dusty but Jarrett accidentally hits him with a chair as the announcers speculate that Jeff is paranoid.

Final Thoughts: The show itself wasn’t bad at all but the overall direction of the company is not improving. The roster is made up of a majority of heels and just about everyone else is hinting towards a heel turn. The only clear-cut faces are Red, Lynn, James Storm and Dusty.  The main event was awesome and we finally have a date for the Raven vs. Jarrett title match so those are two positives. Adding Sabin to the X Division gives it the new blood that it needs and he looked great.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #38

April 2, 2003
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
Glen Glibertti is in the ring. He says that tonight is the most important night of D’Lo Brown’s career because he is fighting for the NWA-TNA Heavyweight Championship. He asks D’Lo to come for a pep talk, but he does not appear. Glibertti runs down the crowd then goes on about Jarrett being an egomaniac. Gilberrti compares Jarrett to Annaken Skywalker then tells D’Lo that SEX has his back. AJ Styles then runs into the ring. He beats the piss out of Gilbertti then tosses him over the guardrail. AJ jumps off the steps but Gilbertti hits him with a chair. Gilbertti then pulls AJ’s shirt over his face and whips him into the guardrail. I like that move, actually. AJ comes back and beats Gilbertti as Raven enters the ring and sits in the corner. Several security guys try and fail to hold back AJ as Raven grabs a chair. AJ gets escorted outside and Raven yells at Gilbertti. D’Lo comes out and gets into Raven’s face and the rest of SEX comes out. Everyone is fighting with each other, which is the norm in TNA


In an interview from earlier today, Tenay sits down with Konnan and Lynn. It starts out with the same thing as always, Konnan accuses Lynn of ripping of Lucha Libre and Lynn defends himself stating that he respects that style of wrestling. After Lynn tells Konnan he and X Pac studied Lucha tapes to improve Konnan switches is tone and respects Lynn. H ereaches into a duffle bag and pulls out the yellow costume that the man who attacke d Lynn wore last week. Konnan confesses that he was behind the attack and promises it wont happen again. Sure.
Goldylocks interviews Raven. He will not let anyone interfere with his destiny. He will walk through hell and even Nashville to achieve that.
 Video package on the Dusty Rhodes feud against the NWA Next Generation
Brian Lawler vs. Chris Harris
Tenay puts over how Harris wants to prove himself as a singles wrestler. Crowd starts a “Jerry’s Kid” chant towards Lawler. Harris hits him with a few punches then a flying clothesline. He sends Lawler to the floor with a punch as Flair distracts Harris from the apron. In the ring, Lawler gets an eye rake but misses a crossbody block. Haris hits a top rope crossbody for two. Flair chokes out Harris as Lawler distracts the ref. Neckbreaker gets two for Lawler then he chokes out Harris with his boot. Lawler comes off top but Harris hits a punch. They slug it out until Lawler rakes the eyes again. Harris runs into a superkick but catches Lawler with a powerslam. Flair up on the apron again but Harris hits Lawler with a spear, getting tow. Lawler tries to hit Harris with the belt but he ducks and hits Flair and Harris rolls him up for two. He hits the catatonic on the belt but Flair distracting the ref again. Harris knocks him off the apron but walks into a belt shot and Lawler gets the win (6:56) *3/4. After the match, Flair and Lawler rough up Harris for a minute until Dusty Rhodes comes out and hits bionic elbows in a terrible sequence. Dusty grabs the belt but Lawler sneaks in from behind and yanks it back. Dusty grabs the mic and tells them about tradition and recalls a tale of when Fritz Von Erich put him in the iron claw. He mocks them for being a “Daddy’s Boy,” which the crowd starts chanting. Dusty then asks the crowd to be a part of his posse as Lawler makes a joke about Dusty not getting any pussy and that he is an old fat man. After a few more minutes of this, Dusty agrees to face Lawler in a ladder match next week.
Thoughts: The match itself was fine but the post match stuff was pretty bad. A ladder match featuring Dusty Rhodes is a horrible idea though and this whole feud over the NWA title is a bit ridiculous. If they are trying to build Harris up as a singles wrestler, having him lose to Lawler is not the way to go.
Goldylocks is with Perry Saturn and Sandman. She asks about their third partner against the Harris Brothers and Christopher Daniels. James Mitchell offers up either Lee or Slash as Sandman tells him that they have the situation covered. Saturn threatens them and they leave. Mtichell clearly has something planned.  
Alexis Laree vs. Trinity
Trinity backs Laree into the corner. Laree shoves her away then complains of a hair pull. Trinity takes her over and works the arm in a nice sequence. Trinty gets a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and Laree ducks outside. Laree lures Trinity into chasing her around the ring then kicks her in the gut. Laree continues the assault by kicking her and pulling hair. Basement dropkick gets two. Suplex gets two. Trinity’s shorts really are showing off her ass nicely. They start brawling, which looks terrible, then Laree sidesteps a charging Trinity, who splats on the floor. Back in the ring, Laree gets two then complains to the ref. Enziguiri gets two. Laree punches away then things fall apart when during Trinity’s comeback sequence as everything she did looked terrible, including a pathetic attempt at a spin kick. Trinity goes up top but Laree cuts her off. Trinity pushes her off but misses a moonsault. Raven comes in the ring and sits in the corner. Kid Kash is now on the ramp as Trinity catches her with a kick then hits a standing shooting star press for the win (6:30) ¼*. After the match, Raven hits Trinity with a DDT then drags Laree through the crowd. Kash looks on and does nothing.  
Thoughts: The first few minutes were fine but the end completely fell apart. Trinity continues to get exposed as just someone who can only do highspots. The announcers were all over Kash for not coming to the aid of Trinity as they continue to play off friction between the two. Raven dragging off Laree is a bit intriguing I suppose but every woman in TNA takes abuse on a regular basis.
Goldylocks is with Jeff Jarrett. She asks him about his change in attitude as Jarrett wants to know who is saying that. Goldy says that she heard from “some of the boys” and Jarrett goes off on Goldy, grabbing her by the neck and telling her to watch her “cute, little ass.” Is every face in this company in the process of turning heel?
Christopher Daniels & Harris Brothers vs. Perry Saturn & Sandman & New Jack
The lights went out and when they came on, New Jack was in the ring and he cleared the ring of Harris Brothers and Daniels. Tenay points out how all three men were in ECW together. The match starts with Saturn beating on Daniels. He kills him with a release German suplex but Daniels shoves him into his corner and the Harris Brothers throw in some punches. Daniels hits a kick and gets two off the BME. Saturn catches Daniels with a spinebuster then a blue thunder bomb. The match breaks down as everyone brawls outside the ring. In the ring, Don and Saturn are now brawling. Saturn gets two off a springboard dropkick. Don takes him down with a big boot then hits a chokeslam. New Jack and Ron are brawling backstage as everyone else is now in the ring. New Jack heads up to the balcony and attempts to jump but Brian Lee shoves him off and he crashes through a table awkwardly. Lee then beats on Ron Harris. Daniels pulls the ref out of the ring in the middle of a count. Slash runs into the ring with a chair but Saturn hits him with a superkick then hits Don Harris with the Death Valley Driver for the win (5:08) ½*. After the match, Mike Barton (The former Bart Gunn) comes into the ring wearing a SEX t-shirt and roughs up Saturn before hitting him with a powerbomb and a Death Valley Driver. Tenay puts over his work in Japan before he leaves the ring.
Thoughts: Mostly garbage brawling but it was at least fast-paced. The fans went nuts for New Jack, who during one of his many shoot interviews, stated that he was high during his entire TNA run. Mike Barton got zero reaction, mainly because he is not recognizable. Thee guy is not a big name. The New Church, which have been portrayed as faces, we acting as tweeners, because every face in this company has to tease a future heel turn.
Goldylocks is with Kid Kash. She asks him where he was for Trinity. He tells her that he is the X Division Champ, not Trinity, and that her place is in the corner and not in the ring. He accuses her of trying to steal his spotlight. As Kash walks off, you can her AMW arguing in the background, with Harris asking Storm were he was during the attack from Flair & Lawler.
Sonny Siaki w/Desire vs. David Young
Desire is looking fine tonight. The rules tonight state that she has to be handcuffed to the rope. Young comes running out of nowhere and hits a rana from the stairs. He beats on Siaki outside of the ring, killing him with a spear. He tosses him in the ring and gets two. Tilt-a-whirl headscissros gets two. Young runs into an elbow and gets suplexed in the corner. Siaki hits a split-legged moonsault, getting two. They trade chops until Siaki knocks him down. He hits a downward spiral for two. Siaki gets some mounted punches in the corner but Young turns that into a Ligerbomb. Both men then hit each other with their own finishers. Young misses a moonsault then Siaki dropkicks the leg. He goes for the La Magistral cradle but Young blocks that and falls on top for the win (4:33) **1/2. After the match, Athena comes out with handcuffs and they cuff Siaki to the ring. They unlock Desire and she goes to Siaki. Young dangles the keys in front of her and then hits her with a spinebuster.
Thoughts: Good match for the time they were given. Young is a good wrestler but has no look. This sets up for a future tag match.
Video package on Ron Killings entire TNA run.
Elix Skipper vs. Ron “The Truth” Killings
Skipper attacks Killings from behind. Skipper hits a few shoulderblocks until Killings comes back with a flying forearm. Powerslam gets two. He dumps Skipper then flies out with a plancha. He roughs up Skipper for a bit then they go back in the ring. Killings climbs up top but Skipper shakes the ropes and he falls. Skipper beats on Killings then kicks him in the corner. He puts him in a single leg crab as a few fans are starting a “Truth” chant. Skipper goes outside and drapes Killing’s head over the apron then delivers an axe kick. Killings reverses an Irish whip and Sends Skipper into the railing but misses a kick and crotches himself. Skipper kicks him off with  a spinning heel kick and rolls him back inside. Missile dropkick gets two. Killings lands on his feet after a tilt-a-whirl by Skipper and hits a suplex into a stunner. Both men are down then they start brawling on their knees. Killings fires away then hits a backdrop. Suplex gets two. Axe kick by Killings as Daniels is now ringside. Killings knock him off the apron but Skipper hits him with a belly-to-belly suplex, getting two. Both men are up top and Killings hits a sitout gordbuster for the win (9:03) **1/4. After the match, Daniels goes after Killings but Nelson Knight (The name they are giving Mabel) runs out and beats on XXX.
Thoughts: The match was solid but I’m dreading the fact that this will probably lead to a tag match involving the former Mabel. The fans were dead, seeing as Killings keeps on turning so they didn’t give a shit even if he was playing face. He should be back to playing heel next week knowing this company.
We are shown a video tape of Erik Watts. He is not at the show tonight and is hanging out athletes such as Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher, golfer John Daly, and former quarterback Mark Rypien. He would trash talk Jarrett throughout the clips. A waste of time.
West runs down next week’s show which includes:
Hermie Sadler making an announcement regarding a TNA/NASCAR relationship
Dusty Rhodes vs. Brian Lawler in a ladder match
Perry Saturn vs. Mike Barton
Sandman & New Jack vs. Harris Brothers in an “Armed Asylum” match
That is one sad lineup.
X Division Title Match
Jerry Lynn vs. Kid Kash (Champion)
Trinity is not accompanying Kash tonight, who is limping to the ring as the announcers put over the fact that he hyper-extended his knee a few days ago. They trade off stuff before ending in a stand off. They proceed to do another sequence of rapid moves and that ends with Lynn getting Kash in the Gory Special. He hits a clothesline but Kash shoves him into the corner. Lynn misses his apron leg drop then Kash hits a rana off the apron. Kash his limping around and looks to be in a lot of pain. Lynn floats over on a suplex but Kash hits him with a swinging neckbreaker and then the Bank Roll, which gets two. Kash puts on some wacky submission hold that works the arm but Lynn escapes and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for two. Kash stunguns Lynn then chokes him out. Moonsault block gets two. Kash snaps Lynn’s neck off the ropes but gets caught with a dropkick in midair after a springboard move. Middle rope legdrop by Lynn gets two. Sitout powerbomb gets two. Kash hits a slam but Lynn blocks a Moneymaker attempt and Kash hits another slam, getting two. Lynn floats over and hits a DDT, getting two. Lynn hits the TKO but he hit the ref in the process. A luchadore wearing all black runs in and hits a tornado DDT on Lynn, allowing Kash to cover for the win (11:41) **3/4.
Thoughts: Solid match that was hampered a bit by Kash’s knee injury, which was legit. He suffered it a few days prior during a match that took place in Missouri. The luchadore angle continues.
Video package on the three week history between D’Lo Brown and Jeff Jarrett.
Tale of the tape between D’Lo and Jarrett is shown.
NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
D’Lo Brown vs. Jeff Jarrett (Champion)
The match starts when D’Lo attacks Jarrett backstage. They fight through the crowd and D’Lo is destroying Jarrett. Jarrett fights back and uses a chair. They slug it out in the crowd as Gilbertti comes out and holds up Jarrett for a bit. D’Lo drags Jarrett towards the ring and rams him into the steps. They are finally inside the ring where D’Lo is firing away. Spinebuster gets two. Gilbertti is ringside as D’Lo is stomping Jarrett in the corner. He tosses Jarrett to the floor and continues his assault outside the ring. He misses a chairshot and Jarrett fights back. He throws D’Lo on the announcers table then grabs a chair but Gilbertti blocks that and Jarrett walks into a DDT. In the ring, D’Lo puts Jarrett in a sleeper. Jarrett escapes then hits a vertical suplex as both men are down. Jarrett hits a backdrop and a dropkick but D’lo catches him with the Stroke. That only gets two. Jarrett then catches D’Lo with the Sky High and that gets two. Jarrett his the ref by accident and Gilbertti lays him out. D’Lo covers but that just gets two. D’Lo runs into a charge but ducks a crossbody and Jarrett hits the ref again. Mike Sanders runs in and hits Jarrett with the belt. That only gets two. They do the double clothesline spot and both men are down. Raven comes into the ring and sits in the corner. Jarrett ducks a superkick from Sanders and he accidentally hits D’Lo. Jarrett then hits D’Lo with the Stroke for the pin (10:00) **1/4. After the match, Raven gets into Jarrett’s face and security runs in to break things up. Jarrett then orders everyone to leave the ring, except Raven. They face off and Alexis Laree runs out and pulls Jarrett away from Raven and gets hit with a chair as the show goes off the air.
Thoughts: Alright match but the brawling gets old and the run-ins were too much. Jarrett is really getting tiresome as the focus of the show. A few fans started a “Jarrett Sucks” chant. D’Lo did about what you expect. He is an okay worker but should not be in the main event picture. Of course, the show ends with a man assaulting a woman, which was the theme of the night.
Final Thoughts: The wrestling itself was decent enough but that was about it. Jarrett as the champion is really stale and they hinted at several faces turning heel tonight and teased a breakup of its most popular tag team. The X division is in desperate need of new blood as well. Add that to the constant man on woman violence and you have a company going in a bad direction.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #37

March 26, 2003
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
The show opens with Jeremy Borash introducing Goldylocks, who is singing “America the Beautiful” in honor of the U.S. Soldiers. After last week’s show, the first strike against Iraq occurred, setting off the war. The man with the guitar next to Goldy is Dale Oliver, who is responsible for many of TNA’s theme songs.
A video package is shown recapping last week’s show. It did a good job putting over what happened.
AJ Styles is shown heading towards the SEX locker room with a chainsaw. He yells at Gilbertti for costing him the title shot last week then runs down SEX for being a bunch of nobodies and says that they suck a few times. He then challenges Gilbertti to go to the ring within the next thirty seconds before he saws off his body parts. He then calls him a “Faggot” as the rest of SEX acts like high school kids reacting to a fight. Gilbertti talks to his group, stating that AJ did not challenge him but rather challenged all of SEX. Mike Sanders speaks up to Gilbertti and tells him that AJ called him out, not the entire group. Gilbetti runs down Sanders for losing to Duggan last week then tells him to step up and face AJ, as he does not have his gear with him. Sanders accepts but tells Gilbertti that after he wins, he will never get up in his face again. The part with AJ and the chainsaw was idiotic, and calling Gilbertti a faggot should not have been said. It just makes the company look bad.

AJ Styles vs. Mike Sanders
AJ attacks Sanders as he enters the ring. Sanders lands on the apron after a backdrop attempt and slingshots back in with a headscissors. Styles manages a rollup for two but gets tossed out of the ring, taking a nasty bump as his feet got caught in the ropes and he nearly landed on his head. Tenay says that Raven is not here this week as AJ regroups and hits the Phenomenon. Sanders was way out of position there. In the ring, Styles gets two. Sanders then catches AJ with a wheelbarrow then turns it into a uranage in mid-air. That looked sweet. He kicks AJ down and gets two. Sanders chokes him out with his foot then gets a pumphandle suplex for two. Sanders grabs a chinlock but AJ fights back and takes Sanders down with a clothesline. He hits a few more clotheslines then gets a dropkick for two. AJ throws several kicks then goes for the Styles Clash but Sanders is able to grab the ropes. They do some reversals and counters, which Sanders does in slow-motion, until Sanders hits a backbreaker. AJ gets a pumphandle suplex but runs into an elbow. Sanders gets in a few shots before AJ lands a superkick. AJ goes up top as Siaki and Gilbertii run out. The ref is tied up with Gilbertti as Siaki holds up AJ. Sanders accidentally hits Siaki with a superkick and AJ rolls up Sanders for two. Gilbertti is back on the apron and tries to hit AJ with a foreign object but he gets knocked off by AJ, who rolls up Sanders for the win (8:11) *3/4. After the match, Gilbertti yells at Sanders and gets shoved. Siaki breaks things up as Sanders ducks out of the ring.
Thoughts: A below average match. Sanders struggled to keep up with AJ and he screwed up a few moves as well. It looks like they are setting up Sanders to leave SEX and turn face. Also, with AJ feuding against SEX, he might be turning face as well.
A video package on the Konnan/Jerry Lynn feud, specifically focusing on the “Luchadore Invasion.”
Konnan vs. Jerry Lynn
Before the match, Konnan asks where his “Inbred, white trash, rednecks” at before declaring that the X Division will end tonight. Konnan attacks Lynn as he enters the ring, showing a lot of energy. He puts him in a painful submission hold then punches away before tossing him to the floor. He follows him outside but Lynn sends him into the guardrail. He charges at Konnan but gets caught and powerbombed. Konnan is winded now and assaults Lynn in the ring. Konnan goes up top but Lynn meets him. Konnan takes him down with something that best resembles a uranage. Whatever it was, it was botched. He goes back up top and jumps but Lynn gets his foot up. God, that looked horrible. Lynn gets a dropkick then a rollup gets him two. Konnan is gassed right now. Lynn rolls through a rollup and gets a basement dropkick. Konnan rolls through a leapfrog and gets two off a rolling clothesline. He blocks a tornado DDT attempt from Lynn but gets caught with a regular DDT. Konnan goes for a backdrop off the cradle piledriver attempt but Lynn manages a rollup and gets the win (5:29) *1/2. After the match, a lucahdore dressed in all yellow attacked Lynn. Konnan says that he has no idea who that was as the crowd starts a “Konnan Sucks” chant.
Thoughts: The match itself fell apart at the end but Konnan did a great job getting himself over as a heel.
Mike Tenay interviews Jeff Jarrett from earlier today. Tenay asks him about all of the challengers for his title as Jarrett puts over the belt’s prestige. The interview is starting to drag then Jarrett calls Erik Watts a joke and says that David Flair is an even bigger joke. Tenay brings up Russo and the video with his kids that he showed him. Jarrett gets pissed at Tenay for bringing that up as the interviews ends with Tenay stating that Jarrett will be at a charity event tonight. In other words, Jarrett will be here tonight.
A video package airs about Raven. The video itself is fine but the graphics are low budget, to say the least.
The New Church hit the ring. Malice, who came out last week during the tag match, is not here tonight. He puts over the Sadistic Madness match tonight, saying the only rule is that the referee cannot start a count unless the wrestler is bleeding. Mitchell cuts a great promo until Christopher Daniels, Elix Skipper, and the Harris Brothers interrupt. The theme song they use is cool, an old school rap theme. Daniels says that SEX is a better religion than his because there followers outnumber his, two to one. Daniels challenges them and they brawl. SEX outnumbers the New Church then Sandman runs in with his cane. All of a sudden, the lights go off and we see an entrance video for Perry Saturn. He is in the ring and suplexes SEX until they leave the ring. The crowd gives him a decent reaction.
Dusty Rhodes is at his ranch. He talks about David Flair and that he does not respect the past. He says he will take back his NWA belt in a Bunkhouse Stampede Match tonight. Typical Dusty promo, passionate and you are unable to understand half of what he said. They are playing up that Flair stole the NWA belt from his dad.
A video recap of last week’s altercation between Siaki and Athena, with David Young running out for the save.
David Young is in the ring. He calls out Siaki for hitting Athena, and invites her out. He calls Athena is friend and says that he “stepped in shit” last week and he is going to feed it to him. Athena walks out wearing a neck brace but does not sell anything as she looks pain-free. Young is not very good on the mic and this did not come across well.
David Young vs. Sonny Siaki
Young beats on Siaki and hits a few atomic drops. He gets nearfalls off a clothesline then a crossbody block from the top. He hits a pair on enziguiris then suplexes Siaki into the corner. Siaki rolls outside and Young tries a rana off the apron but gets caught and Siaki swings him into the steps. Siaki takes off his belt, as it look like it broke, and his pants are starting to fall off. In the ring, Siaki hits a Northern Lights Suplex, exposing his G-String, and gets two. The ladies in the crowd are going nuts as Siaki hits a flapjack. Legdrop gets two. Siaki catches him with a sleeper as the crowd is chanting for Young. He breaks away and hits a dropkick, getting two. Neckbreaker gets two. Young hits a spinebuster and it didn’t look good. Siaki’s lack of belt is affecting his movement. Athena gets in the ring and kicks Siaki low. All of a sudden, Desire returns after a two week absence and attacks Athena and the ref rings the bell, ruling the match a no-contest (5:46) *3/4. Young gets Desire off Athena buck she goes low on him and Siaki hits the Siakalypse Now. Desire pulls out handcuffs and they attach Young to the ropes then Siaki hits Athena with the Siakalypse.  
Thoughts: Match itself was fine. Young is a good wrestler but has no personality and a bad look. He does power stuff but is well under six feet tall and it only works against the smaller X division wrestlers. They post match stuff was fine I  guess but there is an awful lot of man against woman stuff in TNA and that is not going to do anything in the long run.
Goldylocks is with the Amazing Red. She asks him about Kid Kash and Trinity and there upcoming mixed gender tag match.  An unnamed woman (Alexis Laree, or Mickie James before her boob job) walks into focus and takes control of the interview, saying that Trinity is nothing more than “Garnish,” much like Goldylocks. She then says that she will “know her role and shut her hole” then tells Red to follow her as they are about to leave together until Goldy asks her name and Laree replies “Screw you, bitch.” Laree’s interview came across as forced and did not feel natural. When they come back to the announcers table, Tenay identifies her as Alexis Laree and puts over her appearance in the Week 2 Lingerie Battle Royal match.
NWA Next Generation come out to the ring. Watts says he came to apologize to Jarrett, while sarcastically complementing him on his interview and attire. He then says that he never came to TNA for a title shot, but just wanted to get inside of his head. He says he wants to apologize and be his friend, then the lights go out. When they return, Jarrett is in the ring with a guitar and smashes Watts as he turns around. Flair and Lawler retreat as Jarrett calls out Ron Killings, AJ and SEX. He wants Gilbertti to bring his “Yankee Ass” out to the ring. He asks Raven if he wants to come out then D’Lo Brown’s music plays. He comes to the ring as the fans chant. He says that he listened to him bitch and complain about being a marked man. He says he ran everyone down, but him. He asks Jarrett if he remembers calling him that he can guarantee a level playing field and a title shot. D’Lo complains about facing Chris Harris tonight then says since Jarrett’s schedule is open tonight, they can face each other tonight. Jarrett accuses D’Lo of asking for a handout then challenges him tonight. SEX comes to the ring and Gilbertti tells Jarrett that isn’t the WWE and that we do not check our brains at the door when we enter the building. He says that Raven won the number one contender match last week and he gets the shot. He is 100% correct. A “Disco Sucks” chant breaks out as Disco tells D’Lo that Jarrett is rotten and he will get a title shot next week under one condition, SEX will be in his corner. D’Lo then tells Jarrett that his ass will get “down with the brown” Jarrett then goes over to Gilbertti and tells him that he and SEX will learn why his old slogan used to be “don’t piss me off.” They are making it a mystery as to where D’Lo’s allegiance will lie. No offense to D’Lo, but TNA should not be putting a WWE lower midcard worker like D’Lo in their main event plans.
Bunkhouse Stampede Match
David Flair vs. Dusty Rhodes
Flair has a red bandana tied around his neck, which makes him look dead gay. No offense, but that is just how he looks.  Dusty drags him out from the ring and punches away. He throws stuff in the ring and whips Flair with a riding crop. Dusty puts his hat on the ref then Flair take the advantage with a punch. He uses the shovel on Dusty then mocks him with a strut. He misses with the cowbell and Dusty fires away. He hits the bionic elbow then uses the cowbell and gets the win (2:26) DUD. After the match, Dusty grabs the NWA belt but Lawler runs in and steals it from him. Dusty goes after him.
Thoughts: Awful match and this angle with the belt is really terrible. No one cares about David Flair at all. Flair looks incredibly uncomfortable in everything he does. Seriously, whenever he steps into the ring, he looks like he is about to shit his pants due to fear.
Goldylocks is with America’s Most Wanted. She asks Harris about his singles match against D’Lo. He says that he requested this match but not to worry because he is still part of the team. He says its just one match and to not make a big issue. He acts a bit arrogant as Storm looks suspicious of his motives. Funny how times change as at this point, Harris was clearly the breakout star of AMW. They were hinting to a future heel singles run with this promo.
Amazing Red & Alexis Laree vs. Kid Kash & Trinity
Kash and Trinity are already arguing. Kash overpowers Red to start then they engage in a counter sequence, ending with both men dropkicking each other at the same time. That all looked very sloppy by the way. Kash spits in Red’s face, then Red returns the favor as he has Kash in an armbar. They do some more reversals then trade armdrags. Kash gets into the face of Laree, and she gets pissed. Kash gets an eye poke then a press slam. Laree tags in and slaps Kash, who slaps her back. Trinity tags and Laree catches her with a drop toehold. Trinity comes back with a dropkick and a rollup then works the arm. Red pushes Trinity down from behind and that allows Laree to attack. She gets a suplex and Kash comes in and breaks up a pin attempt. The girls then do the double clothesline spot and it looked awful. They tag out and Red hits Kash with a crossbody from the top rope. He chops away but gets killed with a clothesline. The girls are in the ring fighting now and everything breaks down. Red alley-oops Laree onto Kash. She spears Trinity as Red and Kash are up top. Red uses a sunset bomb and they just sit there until Trinity hits a moonsault on Laree for the win (7:32) ¾*. After the match, Kash is pissed that Trinity scored the pin and leaves alone.
Thoughts: Bad match. Trinity only looks impressive when she does her highspots and this exposed her as being a terrible wrestler. Laree did not stand out here either and even the guys had an off night. It looks like the Red and Kash feud has ended but the feuding between Kash and Trinity has escalated.
Goldylocks is with Jerry Lynn. She asks him about the masked man who attacked him and he has no idea who he was and tells her to ask Konnan. A useless segment.  
Chris Harris vs. D’Lo Brown
They shake hands before the match then lockup. Tenay plays up how Harris is not a singles wrestler as they trade armdrags and even work in the double dropkick spot. They really do love that spot in TNA. D’Lo grabs a side headlock but Harris takes him down with a clothesline. Delayed vertical suplex gets two. Harris hits an atomic drop but D’Lo ducks a clothesline and flapjacks him. D’Lo gets a kick and scoop slam, then uses the headshake leg drop for two. They duck each others attacks and Harris gets a Thesz press. He gets a backdrop and a clothesline as the crowd is chanting for Harris. Crossbody gets two as Harris complains about the count. Harris reverses a catatonic attempt and hits a DDT, getting two. D’Lo sidesteps a spear attempt and Harris hits the referee. D’Lo gets a spinebuster and heads up top. Harris rolls away from the frog splash then heads up top, but misses an elbow drop. Gilbertti enters the ring and hits Harris with a neckbreaker, allowing D’Lo to cover and get the win (6:47) *3/4.
Thoughts: Match was fine and they continue to push the idea that D’Lo might join SEX.
Tenay announces that D’Lo will face Jarrett for the Heavyweight Title Next week with the stipulation that if D’Lo wins, he will join SEX. West says that TNA will have a very important announcement regarding NASCAR. They then show a replay of Jarrett hitting Watts with a guitar.
Sadistic Madness Match
Harris Brothers & Elix Skipper & Christopher Daniels vs. Disciples of the New Church w/James Mitchell & Sandman & Perry Saturn
The rule is that you cannot be pinned unless you are bleeding. Tenay points out how Sandman is a moron for smashing the beer can into his head, causing him to bleed before the match even begins. And they said that the WWE is where you leave your brains at the door. Skipper and Saturn start things out. Saturn beats on Skipper in the corner then kills him with an elbow smash. He gives Daniels a release German suplex then gives XXX a double suplex. All eight men are now brawling, outside and inside of the ring. The Harris Brothers powerbomb Sandman on a chair but Lee breaks up the pin. In the ring, Skipper catches Saturn with a heel kick as the camera is all over the place, making it really hard to focus. Slash is now bleeding as XXX is in the ring working on Saturn. Slash struggles to get into the ring as Sandman and Ron Harris are brawling through the crowd. Mitchell hands Slash a spike and he busts open Daniels with several shots. He continues to dig into Daniels as Ron Harris is now busted open. Harris Brothers hit the H Bomb on Sandman then double chokeslam Lee. All eight men are in the ring brawling and it is one giant clusterfuck. Daniels hits the BME on Slash for two. Only Saturn and Daniels are in the ring. Saturn hits a powerbomb then a Blue Thunder Bomb but Ron Harris breaks that up. Slash hits him with a chair but that just gets two. Saturn runs into a boot then Daniels gets an enziguiri. He misses the BME then Saturn kills him with a superkick that gets two. He hits the Death Valley Driver but Skipper breaks up the pin. Killings runs in and starts beating on the Harris Brothers. So, last week he turned heel and now he just turned back to a face? In the corner, we see MABEL make his way into the ring. Tenay nearly has a heart attack, listing him as 6’10 and 500 lbs. Anyway, he hits Daniels with a sitout chokeslam then Saturn rolls on top for the win (11:21) *1/2. After the match, Gilbertti and Siaki run out and join the rest of SEX in beating on the faces. They set up tables in the ring but Jarrett runs in with a chair and cleans house. D’Lo runs in and gets in Jarrett’s face. He walks away then Jarrett turns him around and uses the chair.
Thoughts: The match was all action but the problem was that there was way too much going on and it was difficult to focus. Saturn was stiff with everyone, especially Skipper. I have no idea why Mabel needed to be here but there he was, with Killings who turned back to being a face after turning on Jarrett last week. This D’Lo/Jarrett feud is not exactly setting the world on fire, either. D’Lo’s crowd response is getting less with each passing week.
Final Thoughts: Not a bad show but it doesn’t really have any feuds that are worth a damn. There was nothing embarrassing on the program but it didn’t really make you want to go out and buy next week’s show. The main problem remains and that is the lack of talent in the heavyweight division.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #36

March 19, 2003
Hacksaw is in the ring, giving a pro-USA speech about war then leads crowd into the “Pledge of Allegiance.” After that, Duggan says his kids asked him if they are safe and he did not know how to answer them and says it is the land of the free, and the home of the brave before saying they are behind the troops 100%.
A video recap is shown of various clips from the past few weeks including Brian Lawler, David Flair, and Erik Watts attacking Jeff Jarrett. Also shown, are clips from the Russo interview from two weeks ago where he announced that he was leaving pro wrestling and AJ Styles attacking Jarrett. Glen Gilbertti is shown leading SEX and D’Lo Brown debuting in TNA.
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay


SEX members Sonny Siaki and the Harris Brothers are heading into the ring, led by Glen Gilbertti. He calls out D’Lo Brown, saying that he wants to correct a mistake from last week and that they both share a mutual friend, Vince Russo. D’Lo heads to the ring, holding a chair and looking suspicious. Siaki apologizes for last week but D’Lo remains skeptical. Gilbertti’s mic cuts off for several seconds then says how he heard him talk about the glass ceiling in the WWE but that in TNA, there is a concrete ceiling made by Jeff Jarrett, who he refers to as a “paranoid schizophrenic.” He tries to convince D’Lo that Jarrett is up to no good and that he trying to be his friend and will end up stabbing him in the back, like he did to Vince Russo, and that SEX will offer him true friendship and asks him to reconsider the offer to join. Jarrett’s music hits and he says that if D’Lo believes Gilbertti, then he will believe that Vince McMahon just got off the phone with him and is now ready to make him a star. He asks D’Lo to trust him, who says trusting people for several years have gotten him nowhere and that he wants his title shot. Jarrett says that he seems to want a handout then Jarrett is attacked by Watts, Lawler, and Flair. D’Lo helps Jarrett and SEX beats on Jarrett when he is rolled into the ring. Dusty Rhodes then AMW run out and they all continue to brawl in the ring. SEX gains the upper hand until Ron Killings comes out and cleans house. He hugs Jarrett and raises his hand. Good segment and Gilbertti shined on the mic.
Tenay and West plug tonight’s matches, AJ Styles vs. Raven in another number one contender match and Jarrett & D’Lo & Dusty vs. Lawler & Flair & Watts (now called the NWA Next Generation)
Raven gives an interview in an empty ring from earlier tonight. He calls out AJ for interfering with his fate and bangs on tables with a Singapore Cane. There is also a ladder in the ring. The same as every other interviewer Raven has done in TNA.
NWA-TNA Tag-Team Championship Match
Disciples of the New Church w/James Mitchell vs. XXX (Champions)
Fans start up with the “Evil” chants. Low Ki and Skipper are representing XXX tonight. New Church clears the ring of XXX then take them out with planchas. They continue to beat them up on the outside. In the ring, Lee is beating on Ki and he tosses him back outside. Slash and Skipper are now in the ring as Lee is beating up Ki and Daniels on the outside. The action finally stays in the ring as Ki attacks Slash from behind. They double-team him for a bit the use quick tags. They use some cool double team moves and taunt Lee as the fans start to chant “Evil.” Slash catches Ki off the top then folds him up after turning a rana attempt into a sitout powerbomb. Slash makes the hot tag and Lee runs wild. Skipper and Lee botch an Irish whip then Lee catches him with a slam. Slash tags but Skipper distracts him to hitting their finisher. Lee tosses Ki into the ref and goes for a tombstone but Daniels comes off the top and uses the belt. Slash hits Daniels with the bicycle kick then counters a Play of the Day attempt from Skipper. Helicopter slam on Ki but the ref is still out. Skipper hits Slash with the belt then gets the Play of the Day onto the belt. The ref awakes and starts counting but Malice runs in and powerbombs Daniels and Skipper before hitting Ki with a chokeslam. He also chokeslams the ref and the match is ruled as a DQ, with XXX getting the win (10:06) ***
Thoughts: Good match and the return of Malice seems interesting (although he did not appear again). Between these teams and America’s Most Wanted, the tag division shows promise.
Mike Tenay is with Erik Watts from an interview that took place earlier today. He talks about how everyone knows his accomplisments then blames everyone for holding him back in wrestling, as they we all mad that his dad fired them. Watts says that Tenay is the “Barbara Walters of Pro Wrestling” then compares himself to Michael Jackson and this question to when he held his kid over the railing and wore a mask. He tells Tenay to wear a nicer jacket next time. Not the greatest interview as the fans do not remember 1992 like it was yesterday and no one ever cared about Erik Watts that much to begin with.
Goldylocks is in the SEX locker room as Gilbertti is berating the other members. Sanders comes in and mocks Siaki, prompting Gilbertti swears at him, with the words bleeped out, then calls Holly Wood a slut and orders her to show us Athena’s boobs tonight. More dissention between SEX.  
The Interrogators ssegment with Tenay and West. Konnan is the guest. He is pretty funny, refers to Bischoff as an asshole and says AJ Styles can toss his salad and peel his potatoes.  Tenay then asks him about the Luchadores win/loss record against the X Division, which causes Konnan to go off and storm out.
Konnan & Juventud Guerrera vs. Jason Cross & Jerry Lynn
Juvy and Lynn start out. They exchange a bunch of moves and end in a standoff. Juvy backs Lynn into the corner and that leads into a pinfall reveral sequence. Juvy hits a superkick but Lynn catches him in a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker then grabs a chinlock. Tag to Cross, who hits a spinning wheel kick. They trade chops in the corner then Cross hits a brainbuster, getting two. Juvy rolls away from a 360 and hits a basement dropkick. Konnan tags and beats on Cross. They double team Cross for a bit until he dodges a corner splash from Juvy. Hot tag to Lynn and he runs wild. Konnan holds him up near the ropes and Juvy springboards in to hit a sunset powerbomb, which gets two. Cross hits Konnan with a missile dropkick and hits a sloppy Crossfire but that only gets two. Shocked Cross didn’t break his leg on that move. Juvy hits Cross with a botched 450 but Lynn breaks that up. Konnan and Lynn go at it for a bit until Konnan rolls him up and uses the ropes for leverage and gets the win (9:23) **.
Thoughts: Disappointing match. Juvy and Lynn did not work well here and Cross looked bad. He should probably change his finisher (shooting star leg drop) as he has nearly broken his leg the last few times he tried the move. Konnan blew up after a few minutes and was really gassed at the end.
Video package of last week’s confrontation between Amazing Red and Kid Kash and Trinity.
Goldylocks is with Kid Kash and Trinity. She brings up ho she plays a key role in his success. Kash says he is the champ and will not allow Trinity to talk. Red interrupts and says he has no respect for him and wants to wrestle Trinity. Kash calls him a little prick and says Red suggests a three-way match. They are establishing Kash as a heel, having him act cocky and disrespectful towards Trinity.
Glen Gilbertti & Mike Sanders vs. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan & Moondog Spot
Gilbertti and Sanders jump Duggan before Spot is announced. They take it into the ring until Spot waddles out, with his bone in his hand. Gilberrti asks Tenay if this is a joke (having to wrestle Spot and Duggan) then calls him an asshole before storming off. Sanders is in the ring and Duggan pins him with a knee drop (1:56) DUD.
Thoughts: Terrible, but at least it was short. They certainly jobbed out Sanders here. The kneedrop that finished the match was the lamest thing I have ever seen.
Tenay breaks the news that the three-way between Kid Kash, Trinity, and Amazing Red will take place tonight.
Goldylocks is with the New Church. Mitchell challenges the Harris Brothers and Gilbertti to a “S&M” match, which he tells us stands for Sadistic Madness. They then storm off, presumably to the SEX locker room.
X Division Championship Match
Amazing Red vs. Kid Kash (Champion) vs Trinity
Kash and Trinity argue before the match. Kash alley-oops Red, who dropkicks Trinity out of the ring. Red gets a springboard elbow drop on Kash for two. Kash takes the advantage and works a Boston Crab before turning it into a slam. Kash chops Red as the camera shows Trinity slowly getting up. Red gets a legsweep and hits the Red Star Press. Trinity gets on the apron but Red reverses an Irish whip and sends Kash into her, knocking her back to the floor. The crowd is dead for this. Kash hits an enziguiri then gets the coast-to-coast dropkick for two. That looks like it hurt him more than his opponent. Bank Roll gets two. Kash yells at the ref before heading up top. Red cuts him off and goes up but Kash hits a low blow and goes for a super powerbomb. Red turns that into a rana in mid-move then goes up top but gets knocked off by Trinity. She hits him with a top rope rana then a tornado DDT. She goes back up top but Kash rolls up Red then hits a German suplex for the win (5:55) *3/4.
Thoughts: At least this was booked well, with Trinity staying out of the match until the end so she can hit her moves. Trinity has yet to work a long match in TNA and has just been using highspots.
Goldylocks is outside the locker room waiting to hear from Jarrett, who can be heard arguing with D’Lo.
Video package of the NWA Next Generation attacking Jarrett and Dusty.
David Flair & Brian Lawler & Erik Watts vs. Jeff Jarrett & D’Lo Brown & Dusty Rhodes
Flair angers Tenay by placing is replica NWA belt on the announcers table. Lawler, wearing his Ecko Unlimited pants, starts off with Brown. D’Lo hits a few atomic drops and works in some of his signature moves. Lawler rakes the eyes then dances before running into a spinebuster. D’Lo beats on everyone then hits the Sky High for two. Flair tags and D’Lo hits a few armdrags. Flapjack gets two as Watts breaks it up. He tags in but D’Lo gets a drop toehold and works the leg. Watts gets out and hits a chokeslam. The heels beat on D’Lo behind the ref’s back for a bit. Flair tags and gets a suplex before tagging Lawler. He hits a superkick and a clothesline and tags Watts. He taunts D’Lo, who fights back but he ends up getting suplexed on the ropes. Several fans start a “We want Jarrett” chant, which infuriates Lawler. D’Lo catches Lawler with the catatonic and both men are down. Hot tag to Jarrett and he destroys everyone. Dusty comes in and they toss Watts to the floor. Dusty continues his assault outside of the ring and Jarrett hits Flair with the Stroke for the win (8:25) *1/2. D’Lo heads to the back as Ron Killings comes in to celebrate then powerbombs Jarrett, who was standing on the turnbuckle. He hits him with another powerbomb as Watts grabs a rope and puts a noose around Jarrett’s neck. He beats him all around the arena and throws him through the doors. In the ring, Lawler and Flair beat on Dusty. Watts is then shown tying Jarrett to the back of his SUV as Tenay and West are going nuts on commentary. Watts teases driving away then tells Jarrett he has something better to do and they drive away.
Thoughts: The match wasn’t as bad as you would think. Luckily, Lawler worked a majority of the match, which is all you need to know about the wrestling ability of Watts and Flair. Watts, who needed to look like a star in the ring, was terrible and wrestled in a shirt. Flair looks as anxious and lost as ever inside of the ring. The post match stuff was fine, Watts really does come of well in the backstage stuff, and it will be interesting to see where Killings goes from here.
The New Church are headed towards the SEX dressing room but they get ambushed as they enter. They beat the crap out of Malice for a bit. Good job making the faces look incompetent though. Then Gilbertti orders Siaki and Hollywood to get into the ring. Siaki calls out Athena, who runs right in. She attacks Holly Wood then Siaki asks her to show her tits. He insults her and gets slapped then Siaki hits the Siakalypse Now. David Young runs out and Siaki leaves. Great, now a Siaki/Young feud. No offense to Young, who is a solid worker, but he looks like the exact opposite of a star.
Don West runs down next week’s show, including:
New Church & mystery partner vs. XXX & Harris Brothers
Jerry Lynn vs. Konnan
Video package of the Raven/AJ Styles feud.
Number One Contender’s Hardcore Ladder Match
Raven vs. AJ Styles
AJ attacks Raven from behind. He hits him hard with the trashcan on the head a few times. He places Raven on the ladder, which is leaning against the second rope, and hits a double springboard moonsault. He hits Raven with his drop toehold spot then uses him as an ottoman. AJ DDT’s Raven on the chair and climbs up the ladder. Raven stops him by throwing a chair at him then picks up the ladder and swings it around. He continues to use the ladder as a weapon then slams the trashcan li over his head, busting AJ open. Raven puts AJ’s leg between the ladder and stands on it until AJ uses the trshcan lid to break it up. AJ flings the ladder in his face, as Raven is now bleeding from his forehead. AJ uses the lid some more, laying into Raven. He heads up top again as Raven fights him off. AJ hits a rana off the ladder and goes back up but Raven picks him up and throws him on the ropes. He uses a staple gun and hits AJ a few times then slams him with the lid. Outside the ring, Raven sets up a table then pulls AJ out from the ring. AJ fights back with a superkick and lays Raven on the table. He hits him with the lid and climbs the top rope. Just as AJ is about to jump, Raven pulls the ref on top of him and AJ hits a leg drop. AJ goes to climb the ladder but Gilbertti runs out to interfere. AJ fights him off for a bit but Gilbertti ends up powerbombing him through a table on the floor. Raven get up and sets up the ladder and grabs the contract (10:38) ***1/4.
Thoughts: Good match. Gilbertti really killed AJ with that powerbomb. Raven hasn’t really been aligning himself with SEX lately but Gilbertti made the save anyway. Raven is the number one contender to for the heavyweight belt.
Final Thoughts: Not a bad show. There were some good interviews and matches that took place, although the lack of talent is what’s holding this promotion back. The storylines are fine now but Flair, Lawler, and Watts should not be near the top of the card. A Raven vs. Jarrett match sounds promising, whenever it will take place, and Killings turning is interesting, along with the allegiance of D’Lo Brown. The X Division is in need of new blood too and that will be coming in within the next few months.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #35

12, 2003


Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay


The show starts off with a video recap of last week’s
events, focusing on Russo supposedly leaving wrestling and the trio of Erik
Watts, Brian Lawler, and David Flair attacking Jeff Jarrett, as well as AJ Styles
demanding another title shot.

Jarrett comes out with a baseball and heads towards
the SEX locker room and calls out Erik Watts. No idea why he went there to look
for him. Security orders him back then Jarrett goes oer to Tenay, asking him to
call out Watts.


Tenay says that there will be a number one contender’s
match tonight between AJ Styles & Raven, with the winner getting to face


Konnan comes down to the ring and speaks Spanish,
which Tenay translates for us as Damien and Halloween are his new protégés. Tenay
puts over the fact that these two, along with Psicosis, are the EMLL Trios
Champions. They are wearing the belts to the ring.


& Halloween vs. Jerry Lynn & David Young


Tenay informs us that Paul London was
supposed to be Lynn’s partner but was unable to compete due to an intestinal
virus. The luchadores jump their opponents and work on Young. He comes back
with a double clothesline as Konnan is dissing him on commentary, saying he
should ask for a refund from his wrestling school and apply for “Tough Enough 4.”
Halloween fights back and knocks Lynn off the apron. The luchadores double team
Young some more as Konnan is now insulting the fans on commentary. He is doing
great on the mic tonight and works in a Dusty impression. Young catches Damien and
hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Hot tag to Lynn as he goes nuts.
Hurricarana on Damien and he tosses Halloween to the floor, where he gets taken
out with a pescado from Young, who sells the knee. Konnan says he is going to
check on him and dropkicks the knee. In the ring, Damien hits Lynn with a
muscle buster, getting two. They double team Lynn then Damien proceeds to do
one of the worst giant swings of all-time. Young gets helped to the back and
Lynn manages a rollup out of nowhere on Damien to get the win (4:24) *1/2. After
the match, Konnan berates his men until Lynn comes back. He turns his back and
Konnan jumps him. The others try to pull him off but Konnan gets in his shots and
leaves by himself.


Thoughts: Match was fine for what it
was, even though the luchadores seemed to wear down towards the end. Looks like
Konnan will eventually face Lynn to further along the feud.


Goldylocks attempts to interview Erik
Watts but he is immediately attacked by Jarrett then they are swarmed by
security, who break up the melee. Watts is laughing as Jarrett is being taken
away. Watts looks just like Brian Adams here.


Watts heads to the ring with his bat as
Tenay runs down all of his credentials. He tells the crowd he is not here to
fight the Jarrett runs out with a bat and they briefly swing them around until
security runs out again to break it up. They are playing up that Watts has
gotten inside of Jarrett’s head.


Kid Kash and Trinity are with
Goldylocks. She mentions how he has been on a role of late and he says he will
take everyone down one by one. Amazing Red comes out and says everyone knows
that Trinity is why he has the belt and challenges him to leave her backstage
during the match. Kash blows him off.


We are shown stock military footage and
a voiceover reads “Taken Hostage by an Oppressive Dictator” and “After Five
Years, the Handcuffs are off, the Chains of Captivity are Broken, Tonight, he
is Free.” After that, D-Lo Brown comes down the ramp and the crowd is
receptive. According to Tenay, he has a title shot built into his contract. D’Lo
says he has been asked for the past month what are you going to tell about the
WWE when handed a mic? He says he doesn’t give a damn about them and says since
1997, he gave 150% effort every match and got told he couldn’t get the job done
and was not a team player. He claims he was the hottest up-and-coming star in
this industry three years ago and was told he couldn’t cut a promo but was told
to go to OVW and teach them how to do it. He goes on about backstage politics
in the WWE and says he is now in NWA-TNA, prompting the crowd to chant “TNA,”
because of a level playing field and no backstage politicking. He promises the
crowd he will be nothing short of a superstar while in TNA. Sonny Siaki comes
out to the ring without Desire, as Tenay tells us there was an illness in her
family. He introduces himself to D’Lo then says he will only be a superstar if
he joins SEX. He offers him a spot but D’Lo says he is not here to join a
clique and politely declines. Siaki respects his decision then brings up the
racist angle with Teddy Long and calls him stupid but D’Lo attacks him and hits
the Sky High. He poses on the ropes and the fans go nuts. D’Lo was really over
with the crowd and cut a passionate promo but all of the WWE stuff gets old
quickly. Plus, D’Lo was one of the lowest wrestlers on the totem pole before he
left. Not sure I’d go making him into a upper card wrestler right away.



Division Championship Match

Storm vs. Amazing Red vs. Kid Kash (Champion) w/Trinity


Kash gets attacked by both men to start.
He fights them off then they all trade off a bunch of stuff. They all throw
dropkicks at the same time then kip right up and have a stand off. Storm did a
really sloppy job with his. They all applaud each other but Red flips Kash the
bird after he extended his hand. They all go after each other then in a cool
spot, Storm hits a Frankensteiner on Red, who then gets caught by Kash and is
powerbombed. Tenay asks for a replay but it does not get shown. Kash hits Storm
with the Bankroll but Red breaks up the pin. Red beats on Kash then hits the
Code Red. Storm hits Red with a cartwheel kick and places him up top but is
taken down with a swinging STO. Kash breaks up that pin attempt. Red poses up
top but Storm takes him down with an inverted rana as they announcers fail
again to get the replay that they asked for. Storm and Kash trade chops until
Kash Irish whips him and Red catches him with a drop toehold. 718 on Storm but
he walks into an enziguiri from Kash, who then flies across the ring and hits a
somersault dropkick on Storm. Kash and Red Collide and all three men are down. All
men are up top and they do a double German Suplex spot, with Red flying across
the ring. Storm manages to DDT Kash as he was in a wheelbarrow. Kash rolls out
of the ring and Red hits him with a running flip dive. Trinity goes up top and
hits a moonsault but Red did not catch her and she splats on the ground the Storm
flies out and kills her with a somersault senton. Kash rolls Storm back in the
ring and hits a springboard moonsault block for two. Red sells the knee outside
as Storm botches a rana. He tries another rana but Kash catches him and hits
the Moneymaker for the win (9:38) **1/2. After the match, Red and Trinity get
into it the Kash whips Red into the guardrail.


Thoughts: they hit some cool moves but
there was a lot of sloppiness, especially on the part of Storm. He did some
nice things. This all sets up a feud between Red and Kash.



Goldylocks is with Siaki in the SEX
locker room, who was ailing. Goldy asks where is backup was as they all bicker
until Gilbertti takes control, saying they are all here because of Russo. HE
tells them to bring their “A” game and together, they can take over TNA. I
guess Gilbertti is now the leader of SEX?



Brothers vs. Steve Corino & Sandman


Sandman pours a beer in a fan’s mouth as
Tenay can’t believe that Gilbertti is the voice of reason for SEX. Sandman goes
into the crowd as Corino gets beat down in the ring. He fights back but is
caught with the H Bomb and gets pinned (0:29). After the match, Sandman finally
gets to the ring and uses the cane but the Harris’s drag him into the stands
and beat the piss out of him. Corino comes in and he gets destroyed as both men
are left a bloody mess at the hands of the Harris Brothers.


Thoughts: They really jobbed Corino out
of the company. This was his last appearance, to my knowledge. This was to put
over the Harris Brothers, and SEX as being a threat again.



Goldylocks is with Mike Sanders and
Holly Wood. Sanders is cocky and says that he will beat whatever “enhancement
talent” that TNA gives him tonight. Gilbertti interrupts and says being Kevin
Nash’s buddy doesn’t mean you have accomplished anything and that if he really
was his firend, he would be with him right now. He orders Sanders to beat
whoever he faces and if he lsoes, he better not return to SEX. He tells Holly
Wood that she does not get camera time and that she is here just for tits and
ass and to get the job done tonight.



Dusty Rhodes comes to the ring. He calls
out the “NWA New Generation,” Erik Watts, David Flair, and Brian Lawler. Only
Flair and Lawler come out but Dusty talks about Watts anyway. Dusty then states
some analogy that only makes sense to himself then addresses Flair and his
replica NWA belt. He then tells him that on an interview earlier in the week,
he called his daddy an asshole and says that he is now like his daddy. He runs
down Lawler the slaps him across the face and says he can king of “deez nuts.”
He gets jumped from behind until D’Lo runs in for the save. Watts comes in and
they take control until Jarrett runs in for the save. The faces stand together
in the ring at the end. Dusty saying deez nuts was the highlight for me.



A video package of AMW is shown



Goldylocks is with XXX. Low Ki speaks
and says that AMW will be in a world of hurt tonight and that they are the true
champions, traveling all over the world. Basic stuff, which is all you can
expect from Ki on the mic.



Mike Sanders heads to the ring. He grabs
the mic and says that SEX is a tight as ever and dedicates his victory tonight
to Vince Russo. Hacksaw Jim Duggan then comes to the ring as his opponent.



Sanders vs. “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan


Duggan goes around the arena and to the
announcers booth. He is wearing overalls and is probably the heaviest he has
ever been. Sanders had been dissing Duggan for several weeks before this match,
referring to him as a cartoon character. Sanders bails as Duggan picks up the
2×4. Duggan works the crowd for a bit. He no sells some punches and hits a few
clotheslines. Sanders bails then comes back in and his punched several times
and geos back out. Duggan hammers away and rolls him back inside. Sanders
attacks but Duggan doesn’t sell much of anything. Sanders works a chinlock as
Duggan escapes but runs into a knee. Sanders covers twice but only manages a
two count. Sanders uses a half nelson as this is dragging badly. Duggan escapes
and punches away in the corner. Sanders fights back but misses a moonsault and
Duggan hits a running clothesline for the win (5:58) -*1/2. After the match,
Gilbertti berates Sanders then they both get taken out by Duggan. The heels use
a cheapshot to gain the advantage as the referees come out to break things up.


Thoughts: Who the hell thought that this
should go on for six minutes? Sadly, we will not see the end of this feud.



Goldylocks is with AJ, who is in the Raven’s
Nest spot of the crowd sitting in a chair. Raven comes out but AJ throws the
chair off his head and the Harris Brothers restrain him and tell him to wait
for the match.



A video package of the NWA-TNA Tag Title



Tag-Team Championship Match

Most Wanted vs. XXX


Representing XXX tonight is Daniels
& Low Ki. Both teams brawl to start. Storm and Ki are brawling on the ramp
as Harris is tossing Daniels around. In the ring, Harris hits a crossbody on Daniels,
getting two. He hits a running clothesline and AMW double team Daniels. They
then take out both men as Skipper distracts the ref, allowing Daniels to hit an
enziguiri. Ki tags in and beats on Storm. XXX neutralize Storm, using double
team moves. Storm tries to fight back but Ki kicks him down. XXX continues to
use heel tactics and get several near-falls. Daniels grabs a chinlock as the
crowd finally wakes up. Storm escapes but runs into a dropkick. Ki tags in but
Storm ducks a springboard attack and hits a running clothesline. Daniels runs
in and cuts off Storm but he eventually eludes XXX and makes the tag. Harris goes
wild on XXX. Full Nelson Slam on Daniels gets two. Running powerslam is broken
up by Ki. Harris catches Ki and hits a powerbomb, getting two. AMW hit the Hart
Attack on Daniels then they hit the Death Sentence but Ki pulls out the ref
before the three count and Skipper hits the Play of the Day on Storm. The ref
goes back in but Storm just kicks out before three. Ki goes for the cartwheel
kick but Harris hits him with a spear. He takes down Daniels and puts him in
the Sharpshooter. Skipper comes in with a chair but Storm takes him out with a
superkick. The ref goes outside to yell at Skipper as Daniels is tapping out. Ki
comes in to break up the Sharpshooter but Harris catches him with the catatonic.
He then blocks a belt shot from Daniels but the ref comes in and takes the belt
away from Harris, allowing Ki to attack from behind with the other tag belt.
Daniels rolls on top for the win and the belts (11:51) ***1/2.


Thoughts: Really good match. The crowd,
which died during the Duggan match, took a while to get into this. All four
guys worked their asses off and the match was awesome. This feud seems to be
going forward.



Backstage, D’Lo and Siaki are brawling.
Jarrett makes the save for D’Lo.



Gilbertti and Holly Wood enter the ring.
He says that Russo had a dream and a vision to take SEX out of Nashville
because it is too good for the fans. Gilbertti runs them down for being idiots
and hillbillies and how Russo wanted SEX to go to Hollywood and wrestle in front
of a live studio audience. He says that Holly Wood is issuing an open challenge
to any women who will get into the ring and show her goods. After berating
Athena, the fans chant for Lollipop and she comes down to the ring. They have a
catfight that goes back and forth as West tells us that this is for adults
only. Lollipop wins then gets her shirt ripped off by Holly, exposing her tits.
The crowd goes wild as Borash runs in to cover up Lollipop, who’s tits were
easily the best thing about the segment.



Tenay and West hype the number one
contender’s match and let us know that Jarrett will join the booth for the
match. Jarrett coms out and puts over the prestige of the NWA belt.



vs. AJ Styles


They start with a shoving mat then Raven
spears Styles. Raven escapes from a Styles Clash and they go outside. Raven
crotches AJ on the railing after he tried a springboard then they go back in
the ring. AJ charge and Raven sends him to the floor with a drop toehold. Raven
busts him open with a chairshot and attacks the wound. In the ring, Raven uses
a clothesline and a kneelift. Raven boots him in the head then uses a
facebuster. He grabs a side headlock but AJ reverses and puts on a sleeper
hold. Raven escapes and both men are down. AJ fights back and takes him down
with a discus clothesline. Inverted DDT gets two. AJ is covered in blood and
gets caught with a sitout powerbomb after a springboard attempt. AJ ducks an
attack and comes back with a superkick and that gets two. The crowd is quiet as
AJ snaps off a rana for two. Raven pulls him into the corner and hammers away.
AJ gets a DDT as the announcers talk about the whereabouts of Ron Killings. Raven
rolls out and gets the knee up off a pescado. He then pie faces Jarrett, who
attacks him. Jarrett switches his focus to AJ as security cannot hold back Jarrett.
In the ring, Raven dodges a missile dropkick and hit takes about the ref. He
hits the Evenflow DDT as another ref runs in and counts but AJ still kicks out.
The other ref gets taken out as AJ hits the Styles Clash. The first ref comes
to and counts but Raven kicks out. Raven grabs the chair but AJ superkicks it
into his face. Both men are down with each having an arm across the other man’s
chest. Both referees count to three but we still don’t know the winner and the
show goes off the air (10:02) **1/2.


Thoughts: Dear lord, this ending again.
They have done this crap way too often, last happening a month ago during the
tag-title match. Why not have this be a DQ and set up a three-way for the belt.


Final Thoughts: The show was fine until
the ending of the main event, which was poorly done. The Duggan match sucked
something terrible but everything else was sensical and the other matches were
generally fine, including a great tag match. Nothing was announced for next
week’s show.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #34

March 5, 2003
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
Raven does a promo from the crowd, quoting Pete Townsend and says that the Clockwork House of Fun Match will be his “Hiroshima.” He then says he has a destiny to become the NWA-TNA World Champion and neither Sandman or Jeff Jarrett can stop him. Camera shows that the words “Ravensnet” is written above him. It was of the same quality as a Middle School Dance banner. Someone says “whoa” are few times then technical dificutlies take place. When we are back, Kevin Sullivan was into the ring. He runs down Raven, stating that he took down legends and did not do it in a bingo hall. Sullivan says that he heard the Clockwork House of Fun match is the most dangerous of all time and says that he demanded NWA-TNA to make him an observer, not a referee of this match. He wants Raven to destroy Sandman and says if he does not, the gates of hell will open up and it will belong to him. Raven says he respects Sullivan then welcomes him to the asylum. Someone levels Raven then we see the Sandman in the crowd, pounding beers. Production problems galore here. 

Tenay apologizes for the technical difficulties and runs down the rest of the show, including a special interview with Vince Russo that was conducted by Tenay earlier this week in Georgia. He says his announcement will shock everyone.
Konnan is introduced into the ring. He has another luchadore to face Jerry Lynn. He runs down their credentials and brings out Super Crazy.
Super Crazy w/Konnan vs. Jerry Lynn
Lynn armdrags Crazy as Tenay applauds Lynn for putting off his title shot and taking on the “luchadore invasion” led by Konnan. They then have a fantastic reversal sequence, ending with both men trading armdrags. Both men take turns playing to the crowd and they respond well to both men. Crazy clotheslines Lynn but Lynn reverses a powerbomb with a rana. Lynn takes him down again with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and Crazy regroups outside with Konnan. Lynn dropkicks Crazy off the apron and takes him down with a rana from the apron, coming dangerously close to hitting his own head off the floor. Lynn misses a charge in the corner and Crazy gets some mounted punches. Lynn gets a springboard Tornado DDT for two out of nowhere then beats on Crazy in the corner. Crazy gets whipped towards the corner but slides out of the ring instead. Lynn chases him around and back into the ring, where he runs into a spinning heel kick. Lynn rolls outside and Crazy hits a quebrada, springing off of the top rope. Back in the ring, Lynn cuts off Crazy but he blocks a superplex attempt and gets two off of a springboard moonsault. Crazy is in disbelief then runs into a TKO, which gets two. Konnan jumps on the ring apron and distracts Lynn as he has Crazy set up for the cradle piledriver. Crazy  flips over and hits Lynn with a basement dropkick. Springboard moonsault gets two. Lynn floats over on a suplex attempt but Crazy hits him with a tornado DDT. Sitout powerbomb gets two. He places Lynn on top for a rana but Lynn rolls through and gets the win (9:07) ***1/2. After the match, Konnan is pissed at Crazy for losing then slaps him in the face.
Thoughts: Awesome match. Crazy could still go and he and Lynn had really good chemistry. The Konnan angle with the luchadores is getting fun.
Another video recap of the Jarrett/Russo feud. It focused a lot on the stuff about Russo’s family from last week.
We are shown the so-called exclusive interview from earlier this week with Russo. Tenay asks him to speak and Russo goes on about working under McMahon and then feuding with Jerry Jarrett for six months in TNA before talking about his family. He says he has been a terrible father and husband and should spend more time with his family. He brings up that the other wrestlers should do that as well and brings up Curt Hennig, stating that one day he is gone and asks how many days he spent away from his family. Russo says he is leaving the wrestling business then Tenay questions the validity of that statement. Russo says that Tenay is too involved in wrestling and promises it is not a “work” or “an angle.”
The Hotshots w/Glen Gilbertti & Mike Sanders vs. Disciples of the New Church w/James Mitchell
New Church jump the Hotshots right after the bell. The camera shows Sonny Siaki and Desire coming ringside, and orders Gilbertti and Sanders to go back to the locker room. In the ring, Slash fights off a double-team and tags out. Lee boots down O’Reilly then drops a bunch of elbows. Camera cuts to Killings in the bleachers, again, as Slash takes down both Hotshots with a clothesline. O’Reily makes a blind tag and holds Slash in place, allowing Stevens to hit a missile dropkick. They both work on Slash in the corner for a bit. Stevens misses a corner charge and Slash hits a helicopter slam. He makes the “hot” tag to Lee who runs wild. This crowd is dead right now. They do a spot where all miss top rope moves that ends with Lee getting two off of a kneedrop. Stevens cuts off Slash and gets two off of a running sitout powerbomb. O’Reilly hits an ugly top rope clothesline on Lee. Mitchell hooks the leg of Stevens as Lee places him on his shoulders and Slash comes off top with a missile dropkick for the win (6:09) *. After the match, the Harris Brothers push around the Hotshots then beat the crap out of them. Tenay is pushing the idea that without Russo, SEX has no direction or leadership.
Thoughts: Not that bad but the having the Hotshots, a jobber tag team, join SEX is just a waste. They did not need to join their bloated faction.
Goldylocks is with the Sandman backstage. He is slurring his speech and talks incoherently about his history with Raven and about their upcoming match. He smokes his cigarette and cracks open a beer as Goldy is disgusted. Sandman was obliterated here.
Video package of Erik Watts, Brian Lawler, and David Flair destroying Jeff Jarrett last week.
Tenay welcomes Jarrett into the ring. He asks him about Russo’s comments and Jarrett says it his hard for him to believe but said he brought Russo’s kids on the show last week as an attempt to change him to how he was in the past. He then mentions how Russo has “big balls” but became obsessed with sports entertainment and resented the thing that he loved, pro wrestling. Tenay then switches topics to his challengers, AJ Styles and Raven, but gets interrupted by Erik Watts, Brian Lawler, and David Flair. Watts said he came out to explain why he put Jarrett through a table last week. He goes down memory lane, both being sons of promoters and meeting as kids. Watts brings up his college football career and wrestling all over the world and how Jarrett called him to give words of encouragement. Watts brings up how he was given a contract to train Karl Malone and Jay Leno in WCW. Says they crossed paths in the WWF and they held Watts down, but Jarrett did not make any calls. Watts then says how it took Jarrett ten years to make it to the “big leagues” and got his first contract after twenty-one days of training. What the hell? He then says how he is 6’6 260 lbs but Jarrett had to work hard every day to become a heavyweight. A “we don’t care” chant breaks out as Watts continues to go down memory lane. Watts then closes by stating he will regret what he did to him as Jarrett looks completely perplexed. Watts promo skills are a lot better than his in-ring ability but this segment went nowhere. Erik Watts is not someone who the crowd cares about. I will say this though, he can cut a decent promo. Sure, the material was weak but he delivered it as best as anyone could have.
Disgraceland w/Mike Sanders & Glen Gilbertti vs. Jorge Estrada
Sanders and Gilbertti go to the announcers table. Estrada ducks a clothesline then hits Disgraceland with a flying forearm. Sonny Siaki and Desire come out and tell Sanders and Gilbertti that they need to come out back for a meeting. They all leave and Disgraceland gets distracted. Estrada gets up and hits him with a superkick. He heads up top but misses a frog splash. Rollup by Disgraceland gets two. Slingshot suplex gets two. Elbow drop gets two. German Suplex gets two. Estrada fights back and gets a dropkick. Rollup gets two. Disgraceland gets a bridging rollup for two then a slam. He goes up top but is caught with a fist after a double axehandle attempt. Estrada then hits him with a really cool move. He picked him up like a shinbreaker then spun him around like an Angle Slam (3:35) ¼*.
Thoughts: The match was a backdrop for the SEX drama. That is not a bad thing as what was shown looked pretty bad. Estrada’s new finisher looked cool though.
Goldylocks is with SEX. Sanders and Siaki are arguing then slap each other. Gilberti takes over control and introduces us to “Holly Wood,” a blond with big tits. The former Mortimer Plumtree comes in but the Harris Brothers toss him out. More dissention between SEX.
We are then shown cage dancer Lollipop then some guy from the TNA auction a few months back who won a bid to become a dancer. He is in the cage with a superhero suit and a cape. What a clown.
The “Interrogators” segment is next and we have another technical problem as the audio from Tenay’s interview with Jarrett from earlier tonight is played. Kid Kash is the guest this week. He has a goofy smile, probably stoned, and pauses a lot between answering. He says winning the X Division is the highlight of his life and calls Amazing Red, “real short.” He also says that Paul Heyman is Jewish. Riveting stuff. Kash was acting a bit heelish here.
X Division Championship
Amazing Red vs. Kid Kash (Champion) w/Trinity
Kash shoves Red off of a lockup. Red catches Kash with a kick then they do a bunch of counters. Neither men can gain the advantage and they end in a standoff. Red works the arm for a bit until Kash escapes. They trade armdrags for a bit until the end in another standoff. They do some more counters until Red gets a rana (which looked horrible) and a flapjack. Kash rolls outside and Red hits him with a running flip dive. Red chops him a few times then switches it up to kicks. Kash sends Red into the guardrail and eventually bounces a chair off of his head. He rolls Red back into the ring and gets two off of a top rope clothesline. Red gets two off of the Code Red and goes back on offense. Kash catches him and hits the Bank Roll for two. Kash goes up top but Red meets him up and hits a superplex. He covers and gets two as the crowd starts a “TNA” chant. Red lands on the second rope after an alley oop then Kash jumps up top and hits Red with a Super German Suplex, getting two. I think Red was supposed to land on his feet but the momentum send him into the turnbuckles. That was a crazy bump but it only got a two count. Red comes back with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and a super kick. He hits the 718 but that only gets two. Kash lands on the apron following a backdrop but Red knocks him down with a spinkick. He flies out with another running flip dive but Trinity moves in the way and gets squashed. Back in the ring, Kash eats boot off of a charge and Red hits his swinging STO. Red Star Press gets two. Red gets caught and fights out of the Moneymaker but Kash gets him again and hits it for the win (9:34) **3/4.
Thoughts: Some really awesome stuff but there was zero psychology in this match. It felt like an exhibition. The opener was a lot better but these guys did bust their ass.
Goldylocks is with Jeff Jarrett but AJ Styles busts into his locker room. He demands a rematch. Jarrett tells him that he is crying like a bitch and will give him a shot on his terms before shoving him out.
Tenay is with America’s Most Wanted in an interview that was recorded earlier today. AMW is wearing matching leather jackets and baseball hats. Harris says that he and Storm have busted their ass to show how they are the best tag-team today. Harris lists Bret Hart and Curt Hennig as his idols growing up. He says they are the number one contenders and will face anything Russo throws at them. Harris says the only concern with their opponents tonight (Sanders & Gilbertti) is that viewers at home will get up and leave the room.
Mike Sanders & Glen Gilbertti vs. America’s Most Wanted
Storm and Sanders start things off. Tenay says that AMW will face XXX for the belts next week. They mess up a monkeyflip but Storm takes him down with a rana. They take turns beating on each other in the corner as we see Ron Killings sitting in the bleachers, looking sad. Gilbertti tags and gets a hiptoss after some counters. He looks horrible in the ring. Storm nails him with a superkick then tags Harris. They double-team him  and knock Sanders down from the apron. Gilbertti gets an atomic drop but walks into a Thesz Press. Gilbertti looks really mechanical and stiff. Sanders gets a cheap shot on Harris and Gilbertti knocks Storm off the apron. They try do double team Harris but he tosses them to the floor. He elevates Storm onto both men and they brawl around the ring. Back inside, Harris holds up Sanders as Storm hits a missile dropkick, which looked terrible as Storm nearly dropkicked Harris. They double team Sanders for a bit until he gets a dropkick on Storm, which sends him into Harris who then falls to the floor. They double-team Storm for a bit. Disco misses an elbow drop and hot-tag to Harris. He beats on Sanders and knocks down Gilbertti. Storm comes in and they hit the Hart Attack but Disco breaks up the cover. The camera then shows Moondog Spot at ringside, looking to weigh about 350 lbs. Back to the action as Harris accidentally shoves Disco into the referee. Harris puts Sanders in the Sharpshooter but Elix Skipper runs in and breaks it up with a hard chairshot to the back. That Sharpshooter looked fantastic. Skipper shoves Storm off the top rope then hits Harris with a very, very weak looking chairshot and Sanders covers for the win (8:49) **.
Thoughts: The match wasn’t much but Harris really stood out here. Disco looked awful but wasn’t in the match too much, luckily. Its amazing that Harris did not end up being the breakout star of AMW.  
Goldylocks is in the SEX locker room as everyone is fighting. Sanders and Siaki then fight in the crowd and go to the ring, where the crew is setting up for the Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match. They are now in the ring and Desire jumps on Sanders. Holly Wood hits Desire and they catfight. The rest of SEX breaks this up and Sanders and Siaki make up. Holly Wood and Desire try but Desire picks her up and flattens her with a Rock Bottom. The crowd popped big for that and SEX heads back to the locker room.   
Video Recap of the Raven/Sandman feud.
Raven’s Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match
Sandman vs. Raven
Sullivan is the “promoter” of this match. He has a referee’s shirt painted on his torso. Raven makes his entrance from the parking lot. The ring is filled with weapons and one side has a steel side. Sandman enters with a 12-pack of Milwaukee’s Best. Raven nails Sandman with a trashcan lid as soon as he enters. Sandman goes low then hits a dropkick. He tosses Raven to the floor and moves apart the guardrail. He drapes Raven over the rail and hits some poor excuse of a running leg drop. He pulls out a table and slides it into the ring as Raven is already bleeding. Sandman dodges a drop toehold but Raven gets catches him with a DDT in a terribly sloppy sequence. Sandman gets whipped into the fence and Raven beats him with a chain. Raven sets up the table then hits him with a realtor’s “For Sale” sign. Sullivan hands Raven chairs that he uses on Sandman, then finishes it off with a drop toehold. Sandman is a mess out there. Raven has a crimson mask and puts Sandman on the table. The crowd gets restless as Raven goes up top and hits an elbow drop through the table. Sandman goes for his 12-pack and uses it to beat Raven. He then switches to the Signapore Cane as Raven is bleeding buckets. They now head up to the crowd and brawl. The camera shows three tables stacked up near the balcony. They go to the top level and Raven uses the fire extinguisher, which blinds the Sandman and he falls through the tables, giving Raven the victory (8:19) *1/2.
Thoughts: Sandman was god-awful but Raven carried him enough to make it passable. Sandman has been a major bust in TNA as his matches sucked and the crowd didn’t even react much to him at all.
After the match, Raven is in the ring and demands his title shot and tells Jarrett that he is a bloody mess and now is his only chance that he has to defeat him. Raven demands Jarrett, stating he has a destiny to fulfill as Jarrett runs to the ring and beats on him. The crowd barely reacts, except for some lady screaming. AJ runs in but Jarrett ducks a chairshot and it hits Raven. Lawler and Flair run in and Jarrett easily disposes of them. Erik Watts then runs in and beats him with a bat. The others get up and attack him.Flair places the burlap sack on Jarrett’s face as Lawler hits his top rope legdrop .Flair pulls out a replica title belt from the sack and they continue to destroy Jarrett with Tenay screaming on commentary until the show ends. So, Watts is a bigger threat to Jarrett than AJ or Raven?
Final Thoughts: The show was decent, but the Watts/ Jarrett stuff is a waste of time. After Raven winning the match, they have him get destroyed by Jarrett to set up an attack for the trio of Brian Lawler, David Flair, and Erik Watts? No one cares about Watts, although to his credit he cut a pretty good promo. It looks like SEX is disbanding soon, which is a good sign. The opening match was excellent and besides the Disgraceland/Estrada match, nothing else was embarrassing.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #33

February 26, 2003
A video package of last week’s AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett match airs. Jarrett retained as AJ got distracted by Sonny Siaki after getting pissed at SEX for interfering on his behalf.
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay

NWA-TNA X Division Champion Match
Jason Cross vs. Kid Kash w/Trinity
Tenay says that Cross has been out for the past month with a broken thumb. I have no idea how he got a title shot seeing how Jerry Lynn, who won a number one contender match two weeks ago, has yet to challenge Kash. They start by trading arm wringers and do some other counters. They have a nice, fast-paced sequence that ends in with both guy shaking hands. They go back to trading off arm wringers until Kash walks into a superkick, which gets two. Cross counters a hiptoss and Kash lands on the apron. Cross takes him off with a dropkick and slingshots onto Kash with a somersault plancha. Kash reverses an Irish whip and send Cross into a guardrail. They throw the chair at each other but Cross misses a kick and Kash bounces the chair off of his face. Back in the ring, Kash gets two off of a top rope clothesline. Cross floats over on a brainbuster attempt and gets two off of the Roll of the Dice. Somersault leg drop gets two. Trinity bangs the mat to get the crowd going as Cross grabs a chinlock. Kash fights out then escapes from a backslide attempt before hitting the Bank Roll. Cross ducks a clothesline and gets an enziguiri. The camera zooms in on Trinity’s ass then we see Cross go up top. Kash rolls away from the Crossfire and Kash goes wild. He hits a top rope rana then gets the win with a tornado DDT (6:39) **.
Thoughts: These guys did some nice stuff but this was just a collection of moves and featured no psychology. At least it was an entertaining way to open the show.
Goldylocks is backstage with Jeff Jarrett. She begs him to talk about last week’s meeting with Russo at his own home. Jarrett refuses to speak and walks away. They are acting like Jarrett has been dodging everyone since last week.
Russo heads to the ring. He is wearing the same ring jacket that the “Natural” Dustin Rhodes used to wear. Russo acknowledges the jacket, saying it was given to him by his friend Dustin, then says tonight’s theme is “Family and Friends.” Russo insults the crowd before talking about his best friend, Jeff Jarrett. He talks about going to Jarrett’s home last week as the crowd changes from “Russo Sucks” to chanting “Uncle Vince,” after Russo said that is what Jarrett’s kids call him. He then says that he talked with Jarrett through the night and it ended with Jarrett agreeing to join SEX, complete with a contract signing that will take place tonight. Russo then says that even though the crowd is “Scum,” they are all invited. He then extends an open invitation to the entire NWA-TNA locker room to join SEX. AJ Styles music hits and he comes out and insults Russo, calling him a “Yankee Bastard” among other things. AJ’s mic cuts out a bit and when it is back, AJ recalls how Russo told him that Jarrett would screw his on mother for the title. AJ then says he tried to do the right thing last week, but it cost him the belt and now its time for a change. Russo smiles as AJ, as he asks Russo if he can give him the blackened heart that he has given Jarrett, he would join SEX. Russo, who towers over AJ by the way, questions AJ if he is ready to dedicate his life to SEX. AJ asks for the pen and the contract as Raven makes his way to the ring. He tells Russo that he was brought from the WWE by him to face Jarrett for the belt, then insults AJ. Russo tells Raven it is about him, not Raven, then refers to the WWE as a “Hell-hole” and go on for a while until Raven mocks AJ, saying that the Sandman would destroy him. AJ tells Raven he might last in the X Division for a minute if he lost some weight and Raven tells AJ that he wouldn’t last at all with the Sandman. Russo then says that AJ will face the Sandman and that Raven will go up against a member of the X-Division. America’s Most Wanted come out and wants to know when they are getting their shot at the titles against XXX. Harris tells Russo that they are not like his “WCW rejects” and will not kiss his ass, but rather kick it. Russo insults AMW then brings up the 30 day rule for defending the titles, but Storm says that if XXX is not here, then “sorry about your damn luck.” I’m almost positive that at least one member of XXX was in Japan at this time. AMW then run into the ring but Russo bails. AMW go at it with Raven until The Hotshots run out, wearing “SEX” t-shirts and beat on AMW until security runs them off. The Hotshots go through the crowd and are welcomed by SEX. We had to sit through all of that to see the Hotshots join SEX?
Goldylocks is backstage with Vader and Dusty Rhodes. She asks them if they believe that Jarrett has joined “Sex Entertainment.” Man, did she fuck up that line or what. Dusty says that if you went to a man’s home like that in Texas, you would get “buckshot out of his ass” then accused Russo of stealing that jacket from his son. Vader makes his hand signals, looking heavier than ever while doing so. Dusty rambles on then Vader says its Vader time.
Simon Diamond & Johnny Swinger vs. Disciples of the New Church w/Father James Mitchell
The Disciples are now acting full-fledged faces. The crowd starts an “Evil” chant. Diamond hits Slash with an armdrag. Slash takes down Diamond with a shoulderblock but misses an elbow drop after yelling out “Evil.” Diamond misses an elbow and Slash beats on him in the corner. Swinger runs in and he gets tossed and beat down as well. Slash whips Swinger towards Lee, who backdrops him to the floor. Ouch, Swinger took quite the bump. The New Church beat up their opponents outside of the ring for a while. Back inside, Slash gets hit with a superkick/clothesline combo. They hit Slash with another double team move and Lee runs out but gets restrained by the referee. Swinger gets two off of a back suplex then tags Diamond. He hits rolling suplexes, ending with a gordbuster and that gets two. He covers again and gets two. Swinger tags and they hit a double elbow smash. Slash counters a sleeper hold with a back suplex and both men are down. Slash makes the tag but the ref was distracted and did not see the tag and orders Lee back on the apron, after he already took out his opponents. Swinger is outside the ring and nails Slash in the head with a chair. Diamond covers but only gets two. Lee breaks up a double-team move as the ref is distracted by Mitchell. Lee is handed the spike by Mitchell, which was right in front of the referee mind you, and Lee hits Diamond with the spike and Slash hits the hangman’s neckbreaker for the win (6:33) *1/4.
Thoughts: Match was okay. It was a bit funny watching Slash as a total bayface, clapping and cheering at times, as he supposed to be this evil character. With the New Church as faces, they are still cheating.
Goldylocks is outside of Jarrett’s locker room. Jarrett invites her in and Goldy questions Jarrett. He tells her that he has known Russo for 12 years and that people think negatively of him. Jarrett says that he is a man of conviction and just trying to save the jobs of everyone involved in wrestling. He then opens up his jacket, revealing a SEX t-shirt. Yeah, no one believes this to be true.
The camera goes to West and Tenay at the booth, acting shocked about Jarrett supposedly aligning with Russo. West gives Tenay some words of encouragement. This then segues into an Tenay interview from earlier today with Glen Gilbertti and Mike Sanders. Tenay asks Gilbertti about his being the Director of Character Development for SEX and how many characters that he has actually developed. Gilbertti says that since SEX has been at TNA, ratings and buyrates have gone up. Tenay then asks Sanders about his role. Sanders tells Tenay that he does not care for his condescending tone and on the behalf of Vince Russo, will slap the taste out of his mouth. They go back and forth, with Tenay representing “Traditional Wrestling” and Gilberrti and Sanders representing “Sports Entertainment.” This goes on for way too long and it’s the same thing that has been going on since SEX came on the scene. Gilbertti says that they made David Arquette a wrestler, then adding how it was just as good of a decision as putting a wig on Kurt Angle. My god.
The Hotshots w/Mike Sanders & Glen Gilbertti vs. America’s Most Wanted
AMW charge into the ring. Harris destroys Stevens outside of the ring and Storm monkey flips O’Reilly. Storm kills him with a clothesline and tags Harris. AMW makes quick tags and eventually clear the ring of the Hotshots. Harris then elevates Storm over the ropes and onto the Hotshots. Back in, Harris hits Stevens with a delayed vertical suplex, getting two. O’Reilly hits Harris from behind and Stevens hits him with a dropkick. Stereo dropkick gets two by O’Reilly. Moonsaut gets two and the Hotshots double team Harris for a while. Fisherman’s suplex gets two from O’Reilly. Stevens now beats on Harris. Snap suplex gets two.  Hotshots use more double team stuff but Storm is getting sick of it and takes down Stevens. Harris makes the tag as Storm cleans house. Storm then boots O’Reilly right in the face after dodging a legsweep, getting two. Stevens comes in and dumps Storm. Harris picks him up but O’Reilly nails him with a superkick. Strom comes in and eventually catches O’Reilly with a superkick after he comes off the middle rope. Storm gets dumped again and Sanders sends him into the guardrail. In the ring, Harris catches Stevens with the catatonic but the ref is distracted. Gilbertti then comes off the top with an elbow drop and drags Stevens on top. The ref turns around and counts but it only gets two. Gilbertti then holds up Storm for Stevens but he moves out of the way and eats a clothesline, allowing Storm to hit the Eight Second Ride for the win (8:13) **1/4.
Thoughts: Easily the best Hotshots match in TNA. It helped that were with AMW though. Speaking of AMW, they are really on a role and by the end of the year, they were one of the best teams in wrestling.
Goldylocks is with Sonny Siaki. He is dressed in a zebra printed suit. Siaki tells Goldy that he is the “Ace in the Hole” then yells at the Harris Brothers, telling them to beat Dusty and Vader tonight. They ignore him. The rest of SEX walks in and they all blow him off as well. At least Siaki shows a little bit of personality in this role as the pretending to be in charge.
Raven vs. Julio Dinero
This is Dinero’s TNA debut. He comes out to the SAT’s theme song. Raven backs Dinero in the corner to start things off. Raven pushes Dinero the takes him down with a shoulderblock. Dinero uses his speed to avoid Raven and takes him down with a flying headdscissors. He hits a few European uppercuts then gets two off of an STO. Spinkick gets two. Dinero gets a swinging neckbreaker but misses a moonsault. Raven takes Dinero down with a clothesline. He sends Dinero over the top rope with a running kneelift then takes him into the guardrail with a Russian leg sweep. Back in, Raven works the back and puts Dinero in the Camel’s Clutch. Dinero hits Raven with a low blow but eats boot on a charge. Dinero fights back and both men are down. Dinero takes him down with a discus punch then a flying forearm. A pumphandle into a Samoan drop gets two. Dinero goes for the three point stance but Raven moves out of the way and he hits the referee. He gets a superkick but the ref is out cold. Dinero goes up top but AJ comes out and pushes him off, allowing Raven to hit the Evenflow DDT for the win (5:59) *1/2.
Thoughts: Match was fine but the crowd was silent throughout. Dinero looked good in his TNA debut. Raven has yet to have a match that felt even the slightest bit important.
Goldylocks is with Konnan. She brings up the SAT’s failing against Jerry Lynn. Konnan promises a real luchadore will be here tonight. He says he has the real thing tonight as Juventud Guerrera walks in. Konnan runs down his credentials and says that everyone else in the X Division was watching tapes of Juvy, ripping off his moves. Konnan speaks in Spanish then Juvy pinches Goldylocks in the ass before walking off.
Juventud Guerrera w/Konnan vs. Jerry Lynn
Tenay mentions how Juvy was a three-time WCW Cruiserweight Champion. Juvy gets the crowd going and they start chanting “juice.” They do some matwork to start as Tenay brings up how Juvy was his broadcast partner in WCW and that he knew eight words of English, stating how it was a Russo idea. They then engage in an awesome fast-paced sequence, ending in a standoff. Konnan goes on apron and gives advice to Juvy. They do some more counters until Juvy chops him in the corner. Juvy takes Lynn down with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors but gets caught with an inverted atomic drop. Lynn puts him in the Gory Special but Juvy gets out and snaps off a rana. Lynn catches him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker that gets two. Juvy crushes Lynn with a spinkick and taunts the crowd. After a struggle, Lynn picks up Juvy and crotches him on the ropes. Juvy rolls through a sunset flip and kills Lynn with a basement dropkick. Juvy gets a tornado DDT and Lynn goes outside. Juvy feigns a dive and hits a springboard somersault dive. Very nice. Lynn floats over on a suplex then hits an inverted suplex, with Juvy landing on the apron. Lynn gets his apron leg drop then gets two off of a dropkick. Lynn tries a tornado DDT but Juvy turns that into a Northern Lights suplex then attempts to segue into the Juvy Driver. Lynn floats over and starts a series of float over attempts that ends with Juvy getting an inverted gordbuster for two. Konnan yells at Juvy to finish him as both men are down. The crowd is chanting for Juvy. Juvy gets two off of a sitout powerbomb. Lynn gets two off of a rollup in the corner and that triggers an awesome pinfall reversal sequence. Juvy lands on his feet after a German suplex then gets two off of a bulldog. Lynn, out of nowhere really, gets a bridging rollup for the win (9:10) ***1/2. After the match, Konnan gets up in Juvy’s face and pushes him around. They then walk up the ramp together.
Thoughts: Really good stuff. Juvy brough his “A” game in the ring, but spent a lot of time doing babyface antics, when he should have been the heel. The best X Division match in quite some time.
Goldylocks is back with Siaki. She asks when Russo is getting back and Siaki is pacing around nervously. Moritmer Plumtree walks up looking for Vince and Siaki pushes him away. Total throwaway segment.
AJ Styles vs. Sandman
This is a no DQ match. Sandman stops off to grind with TNA cage dancer Lollipop before entering the ring. He then pours a beer down a fan’s throat while smoking a cigarette. Sandman looks more trashed than usual. AJ stops the Sandman’s routine with a somersault tope. He tosses him back inside and grounds him using some matwork. Sandmn also tries to wrestle and it’s really terrible. AJ murders him with a kick to the chest and gets two. Damn, that was stiff. AJ tosses the garbage can in the ring and tries to drop toehold the Sandman into it but he jumps over and grabs the can, smashing it off of AJ’s face. The camera cuts to Lollipop, who looks enamored with Sandman, then cuts back to the Sandman. He lays the table across the ring apron and guardrail but AJ knocks him down with a baseball slide. He tries to splash Sandman through the table but he moved away. AJ ducks a pair of Singapore Cane shots, one of which nearly took out the ref, and crushes Sandman with another stiff kick. AJ wedges the chair into the corner. He tries to hit he Styles Clash but Sandman breaks that up with a cane shot. Sandman catapults AJ into the chair and hits him with mounted punches. Raven then runs in and breaks that up with a chairshot and AJ hits a top rope Styles Clash for the win (5:56) **
Thoughts: AJ was a miracle worker here, making this match very entertaining to watch. Sandman hasn’t seemed the slightest bit sober in TNA and has swinging the cane wildly, more so than usual.
Don West runs down next week’ show:
Kid Kash defending the X Division Title
Raven vs. Sandman in a Clockwork House of Orange Match. Funny, as neither announcer had a clue as to what the stipulations are for that type of match.
The lights then go off and the spotlight shines on Raven. He says that Sandman sidetracked his quest for the gold and will put that off in order to fight him. Raven says that we will have to wait until next week to see the set-up of this match as his words will not do it any justice.
Video package of Dusty Rhodes in TNA.
Dusty Rhodes & Vader vs. Harris Brothers w/Sonny Siaki & Desire
Before the match, Dusty references how he trained Siaki and broke Desire into wrestling. Ron and Vader start things off. They slug it out for a bit until Vader hits a corner splash. He hits an overhead suplex then a splash for two. The camera shows Ron Killings standing in the bleachers, looking unhappy, as Dusty and Don tag into the match. Tenay mentions how Dusty’s son, Cody,  just won the Georgia State High School Wrestling Championship at 189 lbs. Harris Brothers double team Dusty and Siaki hits him with a cheapshot. Dusty is bleeding as the Harris Brothers take turns punching Dusty. Eventually, Dusty starts to hulk up but the Harris’ double team him. Dusty gets an elbow smash then a low blow but cannot make the tag. Dusty fights back and hits the bionic elbow and makes the tag. Vader cleans house and Dusty knocks down Don with an elbow. Siaki runs in and dusty hits him with an elbow and the ref rings the bell for the DQ (5:43) ½*. Vader hits Siaki with the Vader Bomb and Dusty belts Desire on the ass. She escapes as Nikita Koloff sneaks into the ring but Dusty hits him with the bionic elbow.
Thoughts: I have no idea why this match couldn’t have had a clean finish. Vader looked okay in the ring, even though he looked twice the size of Dusty.
Goldylocks is outside with Sandman. He is drinking with Simon & Swinger as they recall staying in WCW until the end, unlike Raven.
Vince Russo comes down to the ring, which has a “Welcome Home Jeff” banner hanging off the ropes. There is a table and a bottle of champagne in the ring as he calls for Jarrett. A tape plays with Russo’ sons. They say that they love him and they are now going down memory lane, how Russo was consumed with his work and not available. They show an insert of Russo at the bottom corner as his oldest son talks about his obsession with his work and how he is a shitty father in general. Russo is shown wiping away a tear then tells Jarrett he went low with and calls his son a “little shit.” Saying he could have poker games after school and watch Howard Stern after their mom went to bed. Vince promises to beat the crap out of his son then Jarrett’s music hits. He tells Russo that his family used to be his life but now he is obsessed with SEX. Jarrettt removes his SEX shirt and tells the crowd that Russo was met with a shotgun and ran away like a bitch then runs down to the ring. He beats on Jarrett until Brian Lawler and David Flair run in and attack Jarrett. Erik Watts then runs in and chokeslams Jarrett through the table. Watts grabs the mic says he is here to let Jarrett know that he will regret what they did to them.
Final Thoughts: The show had a really good match but the SEX stuff and the Russo/Jarrett feud need to end ASAP. It consumes the entire show. No one watching live or at home believed that Jarrett actually joined SEX either. The group of Watts, Lawler, and Flair would have been cool if it was comprised of their fathers because these three are all terrible. If Lynn continues to wrestle luchadores each week, I have no problem with that and the AJ/Raven feud seems promising so there are at least some positives to the show.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #32

February 19, 2003
We see video clips of Raven in TNA starting from his debut. “Quoth the Raven, Nevermore” appears in red letters across the screen. They then switch over to AJ Styles and is focus on getting a shot at the Heavyweight Title. It then focuses on the never-ending feud between Jarrett and Russo. The package was lengthy and they use the worst music possible for the videos but it did a good job summarizing the key feuds in the company.
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay

Goldylocks is in the parking lot looking for AJ Styles. A car pulls up and AJ gets out of the passenger then driver gets out, revealing himself to be Vince Russo. Tenay and West are in shock.
Harris Brothers vs. America’s Most Wanted
Winner of this match gets to face XXX for the titles next week. The announcers continue to be in shock over AJ being with Russo. Wildcat and Don start out trading punches. Wildcat gets a Thesz Press then gets mounted punches in the corner. Don charges but Wildcat holds down the ropes. Wildcat assaults him some more and Ron goes out to his brother. Storm takes them down with a pescado and they regroup for a minute. Storm and Ron are now in the ring and Ron hammers away. Storm gets a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. Ron stops a baseball slide but Storm manages to get a dropkick. Superkick gets two and tag to Wildcat. Bulldog gets two. Don pulls out the Wildcat and holds up the chair, allowing Ron to boot it into his face. Sambo suplex by Ron and he tags. Don gets two off of a suplex. Big boot and tag to Ron. He hits a bunch of corner clotheslines but Harris is able to come back with a spear. Both men down and Harris tags but the ref did not see it happen. Harris’ double-team behind the ref’s back. They hit a double big boot and Ron hits Wildcat with a few knees until he gets a rollup for two. Wildcat continues to get assaulted and Don starts to taunt the crowd. He goes over to Storm, who drops him throat first onto the top rope and Wildcat gets a small package for the win (7:02) *1/2. After the match, the Harris Brothers are pissed off.
Thoughts: Probably the best Harris Brothers match in the entire TNA run. They didn’t look bad at all but the match itself was one-sided until AMW got the win out of nowhere.
Goldylocks is out back with Vince Russo, who is irate at the Harris Brothers for losing. He pushes them around and tells them he will kick both of their asses. Yes, he said that. Having Russo as a badass is not going to help out your wrestling company.
Back to Tenay and West, who are mad at AJ for aligning himself with Russo. Tenay yells at AJ, saying they have been promoting him for eight months and supported him when he spurned the WWE. For those who do not know, AJ declined a developmental deal with the WWE a few months before TNA was formed. Russo comes out and tells Tenay he is sick of listening to him demanding answers about AJ and orders him into the ring. Russo says the truth is that he told AJ about the real Jeff Jarrett, the one with a blackheart and who will do anything to get the title. He says that he even hit an old lady over the head with a guitar and does not give a shit about tradition. He then says he made Jeff Jarrett, along with The Rock, Steve Austin, D-X, and Vince McMahon. He says Vince is an old man who had no clue about attitude until he came along. He also says that he makes “chicken salad out of chicken shit.” Dusty Rhodes music then hits. He takes his time getting into the ring. Russo wonders if he has something to say or is he just going to pose. Dusty says that he is not going anywhere until he makes Russo understand about tradition. A loud “Russo Sucks” chant breaks out and Dusty says that he better stand back because he is an old man who didn’t bring his Viagra. Dusty says that he will ruin AJ’s life, just like he did the midget who was beating off in a trashcan. Christ, he is bringing that up again? Russo says he always wanted to know why Dusty hates him and says he thought about it. He brings up Nikita Koloff, but says that wasn’t it because Dusty was still too bitter. He says it is two words “Dustin Rhodes.” Dusty warns him not to go there as Russo brings up his sons “Natural” persona, saying that the crowd did not give a shit about him. He says that he came along and created Goldust, who he claimed was a bigger star than Dusty himself before saying he was the father to Dustin that he never had. He tells Dusty that he was never there for him and Dusty gets angry. He says he loves his children more than his own life then brings up how Russo’s dad should have whipped him with a belt. He then takes his belt off and approaches Russo. The Harris Brothers run in and attack Dusty until Vader comes out and makes the save. Vader looks a lot heavier than when he was last in the WWF, that’s for sure. Heck, I’m surprised he was able to get into the ring. Dusty challenges the Harris Brothers to face him and Vader next week and they accept. Tenay warns that it will be an “all out brawl” next week between these two teams. Another long-winded, worked shoot promo by Russo.
Backstage, Goldylocks is with Jerry Lynn and NWA-TNA auction winner, Lorenzo Papa, who gets to conduct the interview. He asks Lynn about his being the number one contender to the X Division Belt then brings up how Paul London is getting a title shot tonight against Kid Kash Kash. Lynn says he has unfinished business tonight against the SAT’s and especially, Konnan, who he calls a threat to destroy the X Division. Why did they even bother having the gauntlet match last week if the winner wasn’t going to face the champion?
Joel Maximo vs. Jose Maximo vs. Jerry Lynn
Konnan is with the Maximo’s. This is billed as a triple threat match. SAT’s assault Lynn to start as Konnan joins the booth. Lynn fights back and puts Jose in a Boston Crab. Konnan is having audio problems and Lynn takes out Joel with a pescado. Lynn moves out of the way and Jose accidentally takes out his partner with a quebrada. Konnan goes off about everyone stealing from Mexican wrestlers as Lynn stays in control. Lynn goes up top but Jose hits him with an enziguiri. SAT’s get two off of a superplex/top rope elbow drop for two. Lynn gets a tornado DDT as Konnan promises he will bring luchadores to TNA. SAT’s get two off of a superkick/German Suplex combo. SAT’s are really sloppy tonight. Double Bulldog gets two. SAT’s rough up Lynn in the corner but he dodges a charge. He tries the springboard sunset bomb but takes down Joel with a headscissors. He ducks a crossbody from Jose, who hits his partner. Lynn jumps Joel then hits the TKO, getting two. He goes for the cradle piledriver but Joel breaks that up and Jose turns into a bridge getting two. They set Lynn up for the Spanish Fly but he ends up taking both men down. He covers Joel and gets two but Lynn’s music starts to play. He tries a cradle piledriver on Jose but Joel blocks that by holding up his brother. Lynn lets go and dropkicks Joel, who inadvertently hits his brother with the tombstone piledriver. Lynn then hits the cradle piledriver on Joel, getting the win (6:39) *. After the match, Konnan runs into the ring as Lynn heads to the back.
Thoughts: This was wrestled like a handicapped match, even though it was billed as a triple threat. The Maximos were really sloppy here and the match itself was dull. Konnan was pretty good on commentary and has been great on the mic since joining TNA.
Goldylocks is backstage with Raven. He is sitting on the floor and grabs the microphone. He says that is childhood was torturous and that he was the accident that his parents never wanted. He says he met the love of his life, Lori, and is upset that the Sandman took her back. He wants Sandman to know torture and pain and wants him to walk through Raven’s Clockwork Orange House of Fun.
Backstage, Russo takes off stating he has some personal business to take care of and orders Sonny Siaki to be in charge, calling him the “Ace in the Hole.” As Russo he leaves, he is confronted by Mortimer Plumtree, who is dressed in street clothes. Russo refers to him by his real name, David, then blows him off before leaving.
Glen Gilbertti is in the ring. He talks about traditional wrestling characters and how they are not based on real life characters. He mocks Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s gimmick and asks Tenay how is a masked wrestler supposed to cash a check. That was a decent line, actually. He then introduces us to his new Elvis character, Disgraceland. He is an obese man who was known in WCW as Luther Biggs. Mike Sanders is now at the announcer’s title with several peanut butter and banana sandwiches, which is what Elvis liked to eat.
Disgraceland vs. Shark Boy
Shark Boy ducks a chop then hits a few dropkicks. Disgraceland catches him and hits a backbreaker before tossing Shark Boy to the floor. He stops to eat a sandwich then chops Shark Boy down. Tenay goes off on the gimmick as Sanders talks about a proposed SEX reality show. In the ring, Disgraceland hits a double chop then nearly chokes on his sandwich. He goes up top but misses a leg drop. Shark Boy hits a springboard flying forearm as Tenay runs down Gilbertti’s idiotic ideas in WCW, including Martian wrestlers and an Invisible Man. Shark Boy goes for the Dead Sea Drop but Disgraceland blocks that and gets a swinging neckbreaker for the win (3:08) DUD. After the match, Sanders puts over Disgraceland as the truthful Elvis, who he calls a fat drug addict, but Jorge Estrada runs out and hits Sanders and Disgraceland from behind with a top rope move. He nearly fucked that up too. SEX outnumbers him quickly then drags him into the locker room. They then take him into the bathroom stall and give him a swirly.
Thoughts: It boggles my mind that someone could think that people would actually be entertained watching purposely bad wrestling and gimmicks. This was a giant waste of time.
A video package of Jeff Jarrett airs. It shows him on the first ever TNA PPV and the beginning of the promotion, when he attacked Shamrock, Toby Keith, and the Tennessee and when he won the title from Killings.
Goldylocks is backstage with JJ Dillon, who feels sick from seeing AJ aligning with Russo. Zbyzsko runs out and asks what is going on then promises to get to the bottom of everything.
NWA-TNA X Division Championship Match
Paul London vs. Kid Kash (Champion) w/Trinity
London now has Lynn’s old theme song. Both men do a series of counters and reversals. They trade armdrags and pinfall attempts before ending in a standoff. Kash gets a few chops but Lonoson works the arm. Tenay states how London has been watching Kash tapes all week long in preparation of this match. They do some more counters and Kash hiptosses London over the ropes. He slips off the ropes trying to skin the cat but recovers quickly enough. Kash dropkicks him down to the floor then follows out with a double springboard plancha. London blocks a baseball slide and spins Kash around before taking him to the ground. He hits a standing shooting star press then both men brawl around the ring. London gets whipped into the guardrail but manages to catch the chair toss and throw it back at Kash. Back in, London slingshots in and gets a rollup for two. Spinning wheel kick hits him right in the face and that gets two. Kash then sends London to the floor with a springboard dropkick and follows him out with a running flip dive. He rolls London back in the ring and hits a top rope clothesline for two. He chops London hard then flips him off after catching his foot. He tries to flip him over but London lands on his feet and gets a dropkick. Enziguri gets two. They trade forearm smashes until Kash chops him some more. Sunset flip gets two and that starts a reversal sequence. London blocks the money maker attempt and gets two off of a twisting neckbreaker. They fuck up an Irish whip then London ducks a springboard attack. He then slingshots in with a flying headscissors but Kash gets right up and hits a springboard rana, getting two. Kash gets pissed at the ref then ducks a clothesline and they counter backslides until Kash kills him with the Money Maker for the win (8:17) **1/2. After the match, Kash and Trinity raise the arms of London.
Thoughts: Decent match but certainly not great. Once again, London did fine but did not impress. After all of his work in Ring of Honor around this time, you would expect better. He might have been nervous. Also, Kash isn’t the best worker on the planet. He doesn’t really sell anything at all. Speaking of Kash, seemed legitimately pissed off after London nailed him with the spinning wheel kick. He was chopping the shit out of him afterwards.
Goldylocks is with Sonny Siaki, who is in the SEX locker room. She asks where Russo went as Siaki demands everyone’s attention. They all fight about who would be left in charge and Siaki tells Sanders that winning is the only thing and says they will bring home the gold. Sanders asks him what he should do against his opponent, Jonah from Tough Enough III. Siaki tells him to beat his ass and if he has any gold, bring that home too. That line was kinda funny.
Tenay is with Jonah from Tough Enough III, which is what they are calling him, for an interview that took place earlier today . He says that he is from Natick, MA and played college football at Union College in NY. He says that he has been training under Killer Kowalski. Tenay asks about Tough Enough. Jonah says that it taught him that he wants to be a pro wrestler and says he will fulfill his quest in becoming a professional wrestler. Jonah seemed nervous here but didn’t do a terrible job or anything.
Sanders comes out to the ring with Gilbertti and a blond chick. West brings up that Jonah was robbed from winning Tough Enough due to the Cappotelli/Holly incident. Sanders talks to Jonah, stating that he is a loser, noting that he didn’t even come in second place. He  then offers him the chance to fondle the blond chick as long as he joins SEX. Jonah says that he is tempted, as a guy in the crowd calls him a “fucking faggot,” but says his dream is to become a pro wrestler and declines the invitation. Whatever. Sanders then hits him from behind and the match starts.
Mike Sanders w/Glen Gilbertti vs. Jonah
Jonah reverses a hiptoss then hits a few armdrags. Sanders sends him into the ropes with a drop toehold then works on the back. Sanders with a running kick then a dancing kneedrop, getting two. Back elbow smash by Sanders as West is getting a bit heelish on commentary towards Tenay. Sanders grabs a headlock as the crowd is behind Jonah. He ducks a clothesline and hits a crossbody for two. Sanders comes right back with a leg lariat and covers multiple times, getting two. Crowd is behind Jonah again as Sanders beats him in the corner. Scoop slam but Jonah dodges a knee drop and gets a rollup for two. Sanders clotheslines him down then gets another slam. He misses a moonsault and Jonah hits a few clotheslines. He gets a slam and a dropkick but eats boot on a charge. Jonah catches him in a powerslam, getting two then goes for the STF. The blond chick jumps on the apron and plays with her tits, almost exposing them completely. Jonah then heads over to her and that allows Sanders to hit the inverted headlock backbreaker for the win (5:33) ½*.

Thoughts: Jonah had some rough spots for sure but did show some flashes of potential. He was less embarrassing than Jorge Estrada, anyway.
Its time for the Interrogators segment. This week’s guest is the Sandman. A complete waste of time as Sandman seemed more loaded than usual and did not give a straight answer to any question. He sat there smoking a cigarette with his speech slurred.
Raven & Low Ki vs. Sandman & Steve Corino
Sandman and Corino come out on the ramp then go through the crowd before heading to the ring. Raven and Ki leave the ring and head into the crowd and are met by a diving Sandman. They brawl into the crowd as they are playing tennis with Ki. Corino takes out both men with a trashcan then Sandman beats on Raven some more. Ki sends Corino into the guardrail then Raven hits Sandman with the trashcan. They set up Sandman on the table and Raven puts him through it with a piledriver. Corino beats on Ki with a trashcan lid as Raven is in the ring. Corino goes in and beats on Raven. Ki comes in and Corino beats on both men. Sandman remains in the crowd somewhere as Ki hits Corino with a cartwheel kick. Sandman is shown crawling down the ramp with his Singapore Cane as Corino is hit with a sweep/clothesline combo. Raven hits a suplex and sets up the chair. Corino reverses the drop toehold but Raven puts on the breaks and grabs the chair. He slams it off Corino’s head then Ki kicks his ass. Corino is busted wide open but manages to simultaneously hit Ki and Raven with a stunner and a DDT. Sandman bangs the trashcan to get Corino’s attention and he makes the tag. Sandman cleans house using the trashcan. He wedges it into the corner then catches a charging Low Ki with a drop toehold, sending him into the trashcan. Corino takes Raven to the floor with a clothesline. Ki gets a nearfall on Sandman, who gets tripped by Raven. Sandman uses the Singapore Cane Russian Leg Sweep and gets two but Raven comes in and hits the Even Flow for the win (8:07) ¼*.
Thoughts: This was all garbage brawling and Sandman seemed in no condition to perform. There was no flow at all to this match and it was terrible. It really killed the crowd. Sandman has had two straight terrible performances in TNA.
A black and white video package on AJ Styles airs. He mentions how Ricky Steamboat told him he was going to be great when he won the X Division belt. AJ then puts himself over as being not only great, but phenomenal. A really good package putting over AJ as a major player.
NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett (Champion)
This match gets the boxing-style introductions. Jarrett shoves AJ into the corner. They trade go-behinds and do some reversals. The sequences all look crisp. Jarrett hits a clothesline and AJ regroups. AJ hits a kick then they do a fast-paced Irish whip spot that ends with AJ getting a dropkick. Spinning wheel kick gets two. Basement dropkick gets two. Jarrett catches AJ with a punch then stomps him in the corner. Dropkick by Jarrett and he clotheslines him to the floor. Jarrett then hits him with a pescado and whips AJ into the guardrail. He tries it again but AJ reverses. Jarrett gets rolled back into the ring. AJ gets a slam then a running senton that gets two. Suplex gets two. Clothesline by AJ as some in the crowd chant for AJ. Jarrett catches AJ with a boot but AJ punches away. He then catches AJ and turns it into a sitout powerbomb. Jarrett comes up firing then sends AJ high in the air and drops him on his knee. Jarrett eats boot on a charge as Zbyszko is shown at ringside. Larry holds Jarrett’s foot on a superplex attempt and AJ turns it into a sunset flip powerbomb, getting two. AJ gets backdropped but lands on the apron. Jarrett tries to suplex him back in but Larry holds the foot again and AJ falls on top, getting two. AJ floats over and crushes Jarrett with an enziguiri. Larry hits Jarrett from behind with the brass knux, prompting West to call him a “dirty bastard.” That only gets two as JJ Dillon comes out and sends Larry to the back. AJ tries a figure four but Jarrett turns it into a small package, getting two. AJ springboards off the second rope and gets a sleeper hold. Jarrett almost goes out but fights out. Jarrett ducks a flying forearm but it ends up hitting the ref. Jarrett hits the Stroke but the ref is out cold. Another referee comes out from the back but Jarrett only gets two. Bill Behrens comes out and takes the ref to the back.  AJ sweeps the leg then puts on the Death Lock with a bridge. Jarrett fights out but AJ goes back on offense. Jarrett manages to get a monkey flip but he sends AJ into the referee, knocking him to the floor. The Harris Brothers come out and hit Jarrett with the H Bomb. Vader and Dusty waddle out and take care of the Harris Brothers. They brawl on the floor. AJ climbs on top of Jarrett and the ref awakes. That only gets two though. AJ keeps on trying to get the Styles Clash and finally hits hit but Jarrett kicks out. AJ goes up top but Jarrett catches him with a clothesline. Siaki  runs in the ring and hits the Siakalypse twice as Desire is distracting the ref. AJ gets upset for some reason and hits Siaki with the Styles Clash. He is on the second rope yelling at Desire and Siaki, allowing Jarrett to hit the Stroke off of the second rope for the win (16:04) ***3/4.  
Thoughts: The match was excellent. The runs in did seem unnecessary, especially having the Harris Brothers in yet another segment, but both guys did great. Speaking of run-ins, why wasn’t Raven involved? He has been feuding with both guys. I also do not understand the AJ/Russo stuff. Why would he come to the arena with Russo and get pissed when his faction interferes on his behalf?   They booked Jarrett like Superman, having him kick out of everything.
Russo is in his car. He says that he needs to talk it out. He also mentions how he is in Jarrett’s driveway and wants to talk to his wife, Jill, and that his kids want to see Uncle Vince. He also wants to wait for Jarrett to come home so they all can talk together.
Final Thoughts: Well, this was a one-match show. The Russo/Jarrett feud is beyond tiresome and consuming way too much time as is the entire SEX storyline for that matter. The weekly 15 minute long Russo segments are killing the product. They are also struggling to get any other feuds going too. The X Division is stagnant and with a lot of guys who are touring in Japan, its tough to really build a feud within that Division. They have three clear-cut top guys for the World Title, Jarrett, Raven, and AJ, and everyone else is either an X Division guy or nowhere near capable of being a main player.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #31

February 12, 2003
The arena is dark as photo of Curt Hennig, along with his wrestling boots, are placed in a chair. He is given the ten-bell salute and a graphic reading “Curt Hennig 1958-2003” comes across the screen. For what its worth, the WWE on RAW two days prior only put up a graphic for him at the start of the show then never mentioned is name once during the show.

A somber Mike Tenay shows us what happened after the show went off the air last week. He apologizes for the language that Don West and himself uses during this segment. After Jarrett unmasks revealing himself, SEX beats down Jarrett, who is tied up on the ropes, prompting West to ask “What the fuck is happening here.” The f-bomb was bleeped out as Russo and SEX take turns whipping him with a belt. They zoom in on Jarrett’s back as it is covered in nasty-looking welts. This was a very good segment and I have no idea why they didn’t close out the show with this.
Don West introduces us to the show and directs us to the ring as Mike Tenay is about to speak. He informs us that “Bullet” Bob Armstrong has asked for a leave of absence, citing that it has become “too personal” for him. Tenay says that the NWA has found a replacement and it is someone who was a former high-ranking WCW and WWF official as J.J. Dillon is introduced. The SEX theme plays as Russo and the Harris Brothers enter the ring. Russo says he came out to give an update about his friend, Jeff Jarrett, but cannot believe that Dillon, who he refers to as a “piece of shit,” has the audacity to enter this building. He tells the fans that Dillon attempted to get him fired to WCW, which automatically makes Dillon a face with the crowd. Russo says he grew up admiring the Four Horseman but said when they met in the WWF, he was a minion of Vince McMahon and had his head up his ass so he went to WCW. The crowd engages a dueling SEX/Russo Sucks chant but only a handful of people are cheering for SEX. He babbles on some more about WCW, calling Kevin Sullivan a “politicking, piece of shit” and accuses JJ of trying to put him out of the business then threatens to have the Harris Brothers beat the crap out of him. JJ says that Russo still suffers from selective amnesia and when he left the WWF it was on his own terms and told McMahon in person, unlike Russo who skipped out right before a TV show via phone call. He says that the problem was Bischoff was not a wrestling person as Russo starts lying down in the ring, acting bored, as JJ said Russo called him looking for a job. Russo asks the audience if they are bored as the Harris Brothers head towards JJ. All of a sudden, The Sandman comes out with his Singapore Cane and beats them down. Sandman looks more drunk than usual and is swinging it around uncontrollably. A lengthy and dull opening segment, basically your typical Russo semi-shoot. The crowd did not respond much to Sandman at all either. Speaking of the crowd, they were tough all night long. Can’t say that I blame them though.
Back to West and Tenay at the table who talk about Jarrett. The say that he is not booked on the show and will update us on his condition later. They then talk about the Tag-Team Titles and show us a video of last week’s match between XXX and the New Church that resulted in the title’s being held up. They will have a tournament that will have the winner face XXX for the belts. Tonight, the Rock & Roll Express will face AMW and face the winner of the New Church vs. Harris Brothers match next week.
Rock & Roll Express vs. America’s Most Wanted
Harris and Morton start out. Harris takes him down with a shoulderblock. Harris then gets a hiptoss and a clothesline before knocking Gibson off the apron. Gibson pulls the rope down on Harris but he didn’t fall over so Morton flips him outside. Gibson beats on him outside and it did not look convincing at all. In the ring, they double-team Harris for a bit then make quick tags to neutralize Harris. The Rock & Rolls look terrible tonight, doing everything in slow-motion. Harris hits a clothesline and makes the hot tag to Storm. The crowd doesn’t react at all as Storm runs wild. He skins the cat then flattens Morton with an enziguiri. He hits the Swinging Noose but the ref is yelling at Harris outside the ring so Gibson hits Storm and Morton rolls on top. That only gets two though. Storm dodges a double back-body drop and dumps Gibson. Double dropkick to Morton as Harris hits the Perfectplex on Morton for the win as Tenay goes off about how that move should always be called the “Perfectplex” (4:57) ¼*. After the match, Low Ki lays out AMW with the tag belt and blows a snot rocket before leaving.
Thoughts: Bad match, all due to Morton and Gibson, who were in no shape to perform. They were in their mid 40’s at this point, which isn’t that old, but they seemed gassed before the bell rang.
Tenay takes us backstage to the parking lot as Goldylocks is asking who he is waiting for. He is pacing around and yells at Raven, who just arrived, about the Sandman being here tonight. Raven had no idea that he was around then Sandman comes out and beats him with the Singapore Cane. He then goes into the crowd for a beer and a smoke.
Harris Brothers vs. New Church w/ James Mitchell
Both teams start out brawling around the ring for a bit. In the ring, Lee hits Don with a big boot and a DDT before tagging Slash. He gets beaten on quickly and Ron tags. He chops him in the corner but Slash fights back. He gets a dropkick then does the bicycle kick in the corner. Don trips him up and drags him outside. He sets up the chair and Ron boots it into the face of Slash. Tenay breaks the news from JJ Dillon that Jarrett will defend the title against AJ Styles next week. Also, the main event tonight will have Raven vs. Sandman. Back in the ring, Slash takes a chairshot before Ron hits him with repeated corner clotheslines. Slash comes back with a big boot and makes the tag to Lee. He runs wild until Low Ki comes out and distracts him. The Harris Brothers hit Lee from behind and hit the H-Bomb for the win (4:50) ½*.
Thoughts: Match was nothing, but above average for a match involving the Harris Brothers I suppose. Brian Lee is looking scarier by the week. He is rapidly losing weight. They are trying to book Low Ki as a cheap-shot artist, which is a terrible idea.
A video recap of the feud between Kid Kash and Sonny Siaki. This showed a lot of clips of the mixed tag match but not the match from last month in which Siaki beat Kash.
X Division Title Match
Kid Kash w/Trinity vs. Sonny Siaki (Champion) w/Desire
This gets the Boxing-style ring introductions. Desire also gets the biggest reaction by a mile. They start out by countering their moves and trading armdrags. West proclaims Kash as the “King of a Million Moves” as Siaki kills him with a short-armed clothesline. He presses him over his head and turns it into a fallaway slam, getting two. He sidesteps as charging Kash, who tumbles outside. Siaki chops him hard but Kash reverses a whip and sends him into the steps. Siaki ducks a chair toss but Trinity feeds Kash with another chair and he connects with that. Desire whips Trinity into the guardrail as Kash is in the ring covering Siaki and gets two. Trinity is selling her back as Kash chops away. Desire distracts him then the women chase each other around. Everyone is running around until Siaki throws a chair at Kash. Tenay puts over Trinity’s work as a stuntwomen in the “Daredevil” movie as Siaki rolls Kash into the ring. Kash hits an enziguiri then tries a springboard move on the apron but Desire yanks him down. Siaki goes out and swings him into the guardrail. Back in the ring Kash manages a sunset flip but Siaki comes back with a sweet half nelson suplex for two. Siaki ducks his head and Kash kicks him before hitting a double springboard rana. Tornado DDT gets two as Desire breaks up the pin. Trinity enters the ring and has a catfight with Desire. Her pants are falling off too. Desire crotches Kash on the top turnbuckle and the women eventually spill outside. Siaki goes up top but Kash shoves him down and Kash tries a springboard moonsault and falls down, nearly breaking his neck, but covers gets the win and the belt (7:10) *. Kash and Trinity celebrate with the belt for a bit and the fans applaud.
Thoughts: Bad match and the finish looked awful. It was a miracle that Kash didn’t break his neck. Too much of this revolved around the women. At least they took the belt off of Siaki though. He can go to the heavyweight division now. He was a major flop as the X Division Champ.
Tenay welcomes us to the debut of “The Interrogators” segment, which is a bunch of word association and other general questions that lasts for sixty seconds. This even gets a graphic of West and Tenay, which is unintentionally hilarious to say the least. The first participant is Ron Killings. He refers to Vince McMahon as an “asshole,” says that Jeff Jarrett is “crazy as hell” and prefers Trinity over Desire. He also states that his favorite finishing move is the “Hat Rack Crack.” Tenay asks him if he approached Russo about joining SEX and Killings swears at him before storming off. Not bad, actually, but the storyline about whether or not Killings is trying to get into SEX is getting played out, especially when the crowd sees him as a heel. Ever since Killings lost the belt, he has really been floundering.
Goldylocks is with Mike Sanders and Glen Gilbertti, who has a calendar. Sanders tells her to refer to them as their titles. Gilbertti tells Goldy that she can be perfect for his “Bitch Slap Faction” and suggests names such as “Cameltoe,” Moose Knuckle,” “BC Alley,” and “Ku Klux Anne.” He then tells that he can put anyone in gimmick and even shits on the Crimson Dragon character from a few months ago. They talk about character development and acquisitions until BG James interrupts, calling them goofy bastards then tells them to take on “Elvis and the black guy” as he will take on “Gimp Bizkit.” A terrible attempt at humor and this was as entertaining as hit reads. Its sad they were charging people money for segments like this.
Ron “The Truth” Killings & Jorge Estrada & Tenacious Z vs. Mike Sanders & BG James & Glen Gilbertti
Estrada has ditched the Elvis gear and is now wearing black trunks and rocking a huge afro. After some bickering between both teams, BG and Killings start things out. BG gets a few kicks in the corner. Killings fights back and gets the ax kick. Sanders tags and eats a leg lariat. Estrada tags and they get do some double team stuff. Estrada is hit from behind by Gilbertti and Sanders hits a leg lariat. Gilbertti tags and beats on Estrada in the corner. Estrada comes back with a springboard crossbody then a running Shooting Star Press that gets two. That didn’t hit cleanly at all. They do a clumsy sequence that leads to Estrada getting a superkick. He misses a frog splash and gets hit with a DDT. Sanders tags and hits a neckbreaker, getting two. Suplex gets two. SEX neutralizes Estrada, using a lot of double-team moves, most of which involve dancing. Estrada rolls away from an elbow and he tags Tenacious Z. He hits a springboard dropkick that wakes up the crowd. He dropkicks the rest of SEX but BG pulls him off the ropes after a springboard attempt. BG rolls him back in and Gilbertti drops an elbow. Tag to BG, who flips off the crowd. He punches away then gets two off of a big boot. He tells him to tag then kicks his leg out. He mocks Z some more as Scott Armstrong comes down the ramp. He gets distracted and that allows Z to hit a moonsault. Hot tag to Killings and he fires away. He hits Sanders with a back drop and the match breaks down. Estrada takes out Disco and BG with a pescado and Killings hits Gilbertti with the Truth Conviction for the win (7:40) *1/4.
Thoughts: Not great by any means, but it was mostly all action. Tenacious Z did some impressive stuff and was really the only highlight of the match.
Goldylocks is backstage with Raven. She asks about wrestling Sandman and he cannot understand why he is mad at him. He says he took his wife from him after she had left and that its “Bullshit” that Sandman follows him everywhere as AJ Styles runs out and attacks Raven. Security breaks that up as Goldy finds the Rock & Roll Express laid out with hoods over their heads. The AJ/Raven stuff was okay but it cant imagine that anyone is confused as to who the attacker of the Rock & Roll Express was .
Mike Tenay in a pre-taped interview with David Flair. He continues to rock the Ecko Unlimited gear. Tenay asks him about guys like Arn Anderson, who Flair acknowledges as a big part of his life. He says that Russo gave him his first shot. He asks about Stacy Keibler and he says at time, he didn’t know “which head was working.” Tenay asks about his dad. David says that his dad worked 365 days a year and was never around for him. He says that he was providing for a mark like Tenay but was never a father. He says his goal is to become the best wrestler as Tenay asks about the burlap sack. Flair says that he will know when he wants him to know as the interview ends. Flair is only marginally better at interviews than he is in the ring.
Low Ki is in the ring as the camera goes backstage with Goldylocks, who is with Steve Corino.  He starts off mentioning his time in Japan with Ki, thinking that they were friends but puts down Ki for hanging around with Russo, therefore dissing the sport of pro wrestling. He lists off the NWA legends and says that he will beat the respect back into him and says he is in TNA to destroy SEX, starting with Low Ki.
Low Ki vs. “King of Old School” Steve Corino
Corino comes out to the music that Abyss would use as his theme when he joined TNA. Crowd starts a mild chant for Corino as he beats on Ki. He knocks him down but Ki shoves the ref and hits Corino with a Koppu Kick. Ki chokes him out against the ropes then chops him in the corner. Corino fights back and tosses Ki to the floor. He beats on him outside the ring until Ki fights back. Ki pulls up on a dropkick attempt by Corino and goes back on offense. Suplex gets two. He chokes out Corino in the corner with his boot as West notes that Corino was part of the Gauntlet for the Gold on TNA’s debut show. Ki continues to beat on Corino, using chops and punches. Ki gets in some kicks but Corino hulks up and makes a comeback. He knocks Ki down with a forearm. He sidesteps a springboard kick and gets two off a T-Bone Suplex. He sends Ki to the apron with a leg lariat but Ki comes back in and locks on the Dragon Sleeper. Corino breaks that up by ramming Ki into the corner. Ki charges but gets caught with a superkick and that gets two. Ki gets a crucifix then turns it into an armbreaker. Corino counters that and hits the Old School Expulsion (inverted neckbreaker) but Ki kicks out at two, with his hand hitting the ref in the face. Referee Scott Armstrong sells it as if he was eye-rake don purpose and calls for the DQ (6:54) *3/4. Wow, what that a horrible looking finish or what. Ki barely touched him in the face. After the match, Corino attacks Ki and knocks him outside. AMW come out and beat on Ki as well until he escapes. He runs into the New Church and they run him off before having a staredown with AMW.
Thoughts: The match was fine but the finish was really awful. I don’t understand the booking of Low Ki on this show as you have one of the stiffest workers in the company using basic, cheap heel tactics throughout the show. The crowd was behind Corino for a bit but cooled off quickly. The crowd was not vocal tonight.
Goldylocks is with Jerry Lynn, who apparently requested this interview. Lynn wants to give Russo is props, for getting him out of focus. He says that he and AJ packed this arena over the Summer because people wanted to see wrestling. He wants to re-establish the X Division, stating that wrestling is the way to get back at Russo and his Sports Entertainment. He then says he will win the gauntlet match tonight.
Tenay runs down the competitors for the gauntlet. It will not be a battle royal style gauntlet but it will start with two men in the ring, with the winner moving on. The competitors include: Shark Boy, Jose Maximo, Joel Maximo, David Young, Tony Mamaluke, Jimmy Rave, Paul London, and Jerry Lynn.
X Division Gauntlet for the Gold
Shark Boy vs. Jose Maximo vs. Joel Maximo vs. David Young vs. Tony Mamaluke vs. Jimmy Rave vs. Paul London vs. Jerry Lynn
All of the men surround the ring. West says he is excited to see the debut of London. The order has been pre-determined. Shark Boy and Jose Maximo start off. They engage in a lot of counters then exchange rollups. Jose hits a suplex for two. He beats on Shark Boy in the corner but runs into a boot and Shark Boy gets the Deep Sea Drop for the pin (1:00). Joel Maximo is in next and he chops down Shark Boy. Suplex gets two. He gets a scoop slam then heads up and hits a Swanton Bomb and that only gets two. Joel runs into an elbow and Shark Boy gets the Deep Sea Drop for the pin (2:13). Jimmy Rave is in next and he gets a few chops. He gets two off of a Northern Lights Suplex but Shark Boy comes back with a neckbreaker. He gets some mounted punches in the corner and caps that off with the Shark Bite. He tries for another Deep Sea Drop but Rave blocks that and hits the Northern Lights Driver for the pin (3:20). Mamaluke is in next as the crowd boos Shark Boy’s elimination. He blocks a tornado DDT and puts on the Fujiwara armbar. Rave makes it to the ropes but Mamaluke kills him with a release back suplex for the pin (3:59). Young comes in and kills Mamaluke with a clothesline. Mamaluke escapes from a press slam attempt and puts him in a sleeper. Young escapes but Mamaluke clips the knee as Tenay brings us his previous reconstructive knee surgery. Mamaluke hesitates then goes to work on the knee. He grapevines the leg as Young is doing a fine job of selling. Shinbreaker by Mamaluke but Young blocks a DDT and tosses Mamaluke in the corner. Young then catches Mamaluke off the top with an inverted atomic drop and immediately hits the spinebuster for the pin (6:04). Jerry Lynn is next and gets the TKO. Young dodges a clip attemoptut sells the knee as he lands on his leg. Young gets a spinebuster but continues to sell the knee and is unable to cover quickly. Slam by Young, who then heads up top. He misses a moonsault and Lynn goes to work on the leg. Single leg crab by Lynn as Young tries to make it to the ropes. Lynn pulls him in the center of the ring and applies the STF. Young tries to escapes but taps out (8:11). London is the final entrant. He gets caught with a drop toehold as Mamaluke is shown helping Young up the ramp. They have a nice reversal sequence that ends with Lynn getting an armdrag. The crowd applauds as London fights out. He snaps off a rana but gets caught with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, which gets two. Lynn attempts a Boston Crab but London blocks that and reaches the ropes. He floats over on a slam and hits Lynn with a twisting neckbreaker, which gets two. They trade punches but London wins and gets two off a springboard sunset flip. Spinning heel kick gets two. Gutwrench gets two. London gets frustrated and heads up top. Lynn cuts him off and takes him off with a springboard sunset bomb, which only gets two. He tries a piledriver but London counters with a backdrop. West continues to put over London as both men struggle to get up. London runs across the ring and hits a forearm smash then gets a rollup for two. Lynn runs into a boot and London goes up top. Lynn gets his knees up on the London Calling (Shooting Star Press) and that gets two. They do a few more counters until Lynn hits the cradle piledriver for the win (15:04) ***.
Thoughts: Solid match. Nothing really stood out but Young did a good job selling the leg and London looked good, although not great, in his TNA debut. They got over Shark Boy’s finisher too. The match was fine and didn’t have any blown spots. The outcome was obvious as no one bought the other competitors as threats, unless you thought London would debut with a surprise win.
After the match, the rest of the competitors, besides Young and Mamaluke, come up and congratulate both men. Konnan comes out and asks Lynn “what’s poppin.” He said should he call him Mr. JL, saying taht they had Lucha Libre matches in WCW before he was in the nWo. He then tells Lynn that the X Division is not his to establish and speaks in Spanish for a bit. Lynn said he wrestled in WCW and was the only American who could hang with the luchadores and make them look good. Konnan accuses him of stealing all of his moves from Luchadores as Lynn said that he turned all of the styles across the world into the “X style” before telling Konnan that he was bitter and jealous for not being a high flyer, like Juventud, Psychosis, and Mysterio. Konnan said that he does not need to do that in order to sell out arenas and says something in Spanish as the SAT’s attack Lynn. They walk off together through the crowd and into Russo, who thanks him for sticking up for him in WCW. He also tells Konnan that his attack last week on Siaki caused him to go into his match hurt and ask Konnan where his allegiance lies. Konnan says that he doesn’t have to tell him shit as he and the SAT’s walk away. The segment was decent, Konnan did great on the mic, and if it leads to Konnan bringing in Luchadores to the X Division, it will be even better. The SAT’s don’t cut it as a major threat though. They are far too hit-and-miss in the ring.
Goldylocks is with Estrada. She mentions how he is a singles wrestler now and he talks about that until Killings interrupts. Estrada has been a singles wrestler for months so I don’t understand the point of the interview. Killings says that he has already answered the questions from the NWA and will now refuse all interviews. Goldy chases after him and sees Sanders and Gilbertti laid out, wearing masks. Tenay says that the mystery attacker might be the Sandman while West thinks it might be Russo himself. Its pretty obvious to anyone watching who the attacker is and this segment was a giant waste of time.
West plugs AJ Styles vs. Jeff Jarrett for the NWA-TNA Heavyweight Title next week.
Falls Count Anywhere
Raven vs. Sandman
Sandman is still busted open from the opening segment. Raven kicks him before he enters the ring. Sandman sends Raven into the guardrail and tosses a guardrail into the ring. He sets it up near the ropes and sends Raven into it with a drop toehold. He crotches him on the guardrail on the second attempt and knocks him off with a clothesline. Sandman is sloppier than usual tonight. Raven is busted open but he is able to send Sandman into the guardrail. They brawl into the stands and Raven drags him up in the bleachers. Raven knocks him down and drags him near the ramp. He slams his heads off the dancers’ stage and gets two. Suplex on the ramp from Raven then gets a trashcan. He slams it off his back and rolls him into the ring. Raven tosses two trashcans and a chair into the ring. He gouges the Sandman then grabs the chair. He sets it up in the middle of the ring and grabs another, wedging it into the corner. He whips the Sandman into the corner and gets two. Sandman reverses a whip and sends Raven into the chair with a drop toehold. He bounces a trashcan off of Raven’s head a few times until he goes down. Sandman covers and gets two. Raven gets tossed to the floor and the brawl into the crowd again. Sandman drags him around and places him on a table. He heads up to the balcony but gets hit from behind by Low Ki, who then tosses him through the table. Raven then covers for the win (7:29) *.
Thoughts: A garbage brawl, which was played out in 2003. Sandman did not look good here. The fans were not that responsive to the match but were probably more vocal during this than any other match.
After the match, Corino comes out and beats on Low Ki until Raven hits him. Sandman comes into the ring and hits Ki and Raven with the cane. He and Corino take control until the rest of SEX comes out. Russo orders for Corino and Sandman to get hogtied. They start to tie them up until Jeff Jarrett runs out and beats on SEX with a Singapore Cane. He wrestles a chair away from Russo but AJ Styles runs in and gives Jarrett a Styles Clash onto the chair as the show ends.
Final Thoughts: Not much of a show. A bit better than the past two weeks anyway. They did advance the AJ/Raven storyline, put over AJ’s title match next week, took the X Division belt off of Siaki, started a feud between Lynn and Konnan, and had a decent X Division match. The tag-tournament had two bad matches though and having Jeff Jarrett booked as Steve Austin is a failure. The SEX stuff is horrible too and it dominates the shows. The debuts of Sandman and Corino didn’t exactly get things going either. The promotion continues

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #30

February 5, 2003
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay.
West and Tenay run down the show, which includes Amazing Red vs. Sonny Siaki for the X Division Title, Jerry Lynn vs. Ron Killings vs. Mike Sanders vs. David Flair, and the New Church vs. XXX for the Tag-Team Championship.
Larry Zbyszko is in the ring, holding Jarrett’s NWA title belt over his shoulder. He says that AJ Styles has held his own against Jarrett and that he has come to respect his talent and ability. He demands that Jarrett put his belt up against AJ. Jarrett’s music hits and says he is the champ so if AJ wants a shot at the belt, he can come up to him face-to-face and ask. Jarrett demands that Larry give him back the belt and says he can do it the easy way or he can go in the ring and take it “out of his ass.” So, Larry apparently keeps the real belt up his ass?  He goes to the ring but gets jumped by AJ. He beats on Jarrett in the ring as Zbyszko attempts to hold him back. Jarrett fights back but several men dressed in fatigues and wearing black masks run in and beat on Jarrett before taking him away, through the crowd and near the SEX locker room. It was obvious that the attackers were SEX, even without Tenay’s screaming. The segment wasn’t much and it makes AJ look a bit pathetic in that the has to go through all of this shit to get a title shot.  


Jorge Estrada vs. Glen Gilbertti
Gilberrti is wearing his fatigues as Sanders, who is dressed in a commander’s uniform, is still wearing his mask. Tenay asks Sanders to join him in on commentary. Gilbertti starts on offense but Estrada take him down with a headscissors. TCB gets two. Gilbertti lands a few shots until Estrada ducks an attack and hits a springboard dropkick, which gets two. Sanders talks about how Russo has everything figured out then talks about Estrada, saying SEX is interested in the Elvis persona. Gilbertti tosses Estrada, who comes back with a neck snap. Gilbertti gets his knees up on a split-legged moonsault as Sanders refers to Gilbertti as “gifted.” He gets an inverted atomic drop then Estrada does the somersault sell off of a clothesline. Neckbreaker by Gilbertti then he mocks Estrada with some Elvis moves. Swinging neckbreaker by Gilbertti as Sanders talks about character development. Gilbertti continues to beat on Estrada then pose and taunt afterwards. Gilbertti hits a clothesline then a Russian leg sweep. He misses an elbow drop and Estrada comes back with a crossbody that gets two. Springboard moonsault gets two. He ducks his head and Gilbertti spikes him with a DDT and that gets two. Estrada fights out of the Chartbuster and gets a rollup for two. Sunset flip gets two. Sanders calls West and Tenay suck-ups as Estrada catches Gilbertti with a backslide and gets the win (6:52) ¼*. Sanders runs in as he and Gilberrti beat on Estrada. They rip off his Elvis suit, leaving Estrada in his underwear as he walks up the ramp.
Thoughts: Bad match. Gilbertti did a lot of stalling and Estrada is a terrible wrestler. The part about SEX wanting the Elvis gimmick was a giant waste of time. Possibly the worst opening match to date for this company.  
Goldylocks is with Bob Armstrong. She yells at him about finding Jarrett as he says that SEX will not get away with this and he is working on finding him. Typical useless segment where Goldylocks tries to get info and Armstrong is frustrated and just yells at her.
The lights go out and a spotlight shines on Russo in the bleachers. He is wearing “F U” on his face in black paint as he welcomes us to “Operation SEX.” He tells us that Jarrett is not in any danger and says that he loves Jarrett, saying this is all for his own good. Russo says he is the uncle to Jeff’s kids but he is sick of people taking from him, saying how his dad was trying to live his life through him. Russo brings up character development then once again runs down Jarrett’s various characters in the WWF. Russo says Jarrett does not know what he is but he does, and that is Jarrett is his friend. He says he is letting Gilbertti come up with a character for Jarrett that swears, talks about T & A, and hates traditional wrestling. As Gilbertti walks away, Dusty Rhodes comes out and beats him down. Dusty is in the ring as Russo yells how he will not rain on his parade. Dusty says that Bob Armstrong called him up and that this bullshit has to stop. He calls out Truth, Jerry Lynn, Amazing Red, and AMW to the ring. He calls Truth one of the most talented in the industry and that Lynn is tradition. He calls AMW the best tag team in the world. He tells the Truth that a black man did not win the world title, but rather a man and asks if Truth is down with being a leader. He says that need to take care of the building as he goes looking for Jarrett. Dusty’s promo was passionate and he did great but Russo did a terrible job and this “Character Development” talk is a garbage angle.
NWA-TNA X Division Championship Match
Sonny Siaki (Champion) w/Desire vs. Amazing Red
Red did not get an entrance as he was already in the ring from the previous segment. Siaki mocks Red then backs him in the corner then tosses him down. Siaki drops to his knee and taunts Red but ends up getting kicked. Siaki chases Red and ends up falling through the ropes. Red flies out with a tope con hilo. Back in the ring, Red hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. He hits a dropkick then gets two off of a spinkick. Missile dropkick gets two. Siaki catches Red and hits a Fireman’s Carry Slam. Stungun gets two. He covers again and gets two. Siaki gets a bearhug as the camera shows Desire’s cleavage. Red fights back and gets another spinkick. He dropkicks him to the floor then fakes a dive. He gets caught trying a rana then gets swung into the announcer’s table. Siaki slams Red’s head off of the belt then rolls inside to break the count. Back in the ring, Siaki gets two off of a neckbreaker then puts Red in a surfboard. The fans chant for Red as Siaki drops him on the rope after a suplex, getting two. He hits a corner clothesline then places him up top. He delivers a few chops but Red pushes him off and hits the swinging STO, getting two. Code Red gets two as the crowd is awakening. Desire grabs the leg of Red and Siaki gets the Siakalypse but takes too long before he covers and only gets two. He sweeps the leg of Siaki and gets two off of a Red Star Press. He goes up top signaling for the Infrared but Desire crotches him and Siaki hits the Siakalypse Now for the win (9:44) **1/2. After the match, Desire pushes Red, who pushes her back. Siaki hits Red but Kid Kash and Trinity run out and clear the heels from the ring.
Thoughts: This took awhile to get going, due to a style clash, but it got a lot better towards the end. Red is really improving as a worker and he becoming more than a guy who can only do aerial moves. Siaki remains a flop as the X Division champion and no matter how hard TNA tries, they cannot get him over.
A video package airs of Konnan and all of his run-in attacks on the X Division wrestlers from the past three weeks.
Tenay in a taped sitdown interview with Konnan. Tenay mentions again how Konnan does not have a contract with TNA. He asks why has he been doing these attacks but Konnan says that he will not be made to look like an idiot and will terminate the interview if he wants. He asks Tenay who holds the all-time gate in Mexico, main event in AAA while they were beating WWF and WCW in LA and San Jose, producing TV, and biggest crossover wrestling star in Mexico. Tenay answers Konnan for all of those questions then Konnan asks if WCW attempted to push him as a star to the Latino population, to which he replies no. He brings up “When Worlds Collide” and how that helped Tenay get a job in WCW. He calls Tenay a “corporate kiss ass” for stealing the Lucha Libre style and calling it the X Division. Konnan calls promoters racist and that they would rather fail than push a Latino star. He says that there are no Latino’s in positions of power as Tenay brings up how Americans are no longer looking down to Lucha Libre as Konnan says they are stealing and calls Tenay a racist before saying he will instill fear and not promote fun and will make sure Latino’s will never get “fucked over”again. The last part was bleeped out. Great interview from Konnan and this seemed like a set up for him to bring in luchadores to TNA.  
Goldy catches up with Bob, who doesn’t have time for her. BG James comes up but the audio went out so we could not hear what he said. His music hits as Bob tells him that he has a surprise waiting for him in the ring.
BG heads to the ring as Tenay says that BG will have a major surprise. Boeash introduces us to Tenacious Z, as a kid who looks to weigh about 140 lbs limps to the ring. He stops to take off his warm-up pants and when he does, he removes his prostetic leg and tosses it to Athena.
BG James vs. Tenacious Z
Tenay tells us that Z lost his leg from cancer as BG cannot believe his opponent. BG beats him in the corner and yells at Tenay, who says that this is not a rib. Z gets a dropkick off a flapjack attempt then kicks BG in the corner as he holds on to the ropes. BG tosses him down then hits a clothesline as Tenay brings up how Hulk Hogan met him in the hospital and that made him want to become a wrestler. Z ducks a punch and sends BG to the floor with a leg lariat and follows that up with a quebrada and lands on his leg!. The crowd is into Z as he rolls into the ring. The show a replay of the quebrada as BG hits him from behind. Big boot gets two as BG pulls him up. BG slaps the ref, which is his brother Scott. He hits a suplex and again taunts his brother. He gets pushed and Z rolls him up for two. Scott ducks a clothesline from BG and kicks him low and that allows Z to get a small package for the win (3:56) ½*. After the match, Raven comes in and beats on Z. Security then drags out Z and walks him to the back.
Thoughts: For those who do not, Tenacious Z wrestled as Zach Gowen in the WWE. His highspots were impressive, especially the quebrada, but the match was really too short to mean anything. Still, it was an impressive showing from Z and he won over the crowd at the end.
Raven is still in the ring and tells AJ that he has property that belongs to him. He says that he needs to bring it back to him right now. He talks about his usual stuff (sacrifice, death, blood) as AJ is on the ramp wearing a belt. Raven says that unless he is a “pussy of the highest magnitude” then he will come to the ring and go through Raven’s Clockwork Orange House of Fun then calls him an “arrogant pussy” as the two brawl in the ring. Raven gains the upper hand early but AJ fights back. They are having a good fight but Raven hits the low blow then starts to break AJ’s fingers, similar to what he did with Tommy Dreamer back in ECW. He takes the belt and flees the ring as Zbyszko comes to the ring with a chair. AJ is withering in pain on the mat. Segment was fine.
Goldy is again out back with Bob Armstrong, who is talking with the New Church. He tells her that he has a wife at home that does enough bitching as AMW comes out pissed wanting a rematch against XXX. Mitchell promises that they will have a rematch after his team wins and that they will bathe in his blood as Harris wants to fight now and the two teams get separated. Armstrong tells AMW that they have a rematch no matter what. So much for that “last match ever” stuff between these two that took place last month.
A video recap of the events leading up to the four corners match
David Flair vs. Jerry Lynn vs. Mike Sanders vs. Ron “The Truth” Killings
The rules of the match are elimination style and two men in the ring at a time. Crowd starts a “SOL” chant at Sanders. Lynn and Sanders start things off. They engage in a nice, fast-paced sequence until Flair tags. Lynn works the arm then delivers some stomps. He slams Flair and tags Killings, who punches away. He floats over and catches Flair with a leg lariat. Flair gets a punch and tags Sanders. Killings gets a drop toehold then a scissors kick for two. Lynn argues with Flair on the apron and Sanders reverses a whip, sending Killings into Flair. SEX double teams Killings and Flair covers for two. Suplex gets two then he covers again. Sanders tags in and kicks the Truth. He knocks Lynn off the apron but Killings beats him in the corner. He floats over and sets up for his leg lariat but Lynn runs in an accidentally takes out Killings with a clothesline. SEX double-teams Killings  as the ref is with Lynn. The announcers hint that Lynn purposely clotheslined Killings as Flair chops the Truth in the corner. They do the double clothesline spot and the fans stay silent. Both men tag out and Lynn hits a huge backdrop. Powerbomb gets two. He puts on the Boston Crab as Flair runs in to break up the hold. Lynn works on Flair as Killings beats on Sanders. Killings gets backdropped to the floor but Jorge Estrada runs in and hits Sanders with a missile dropkick and Lynn covers to get the pin (7:31). Flair clotheslines Lynn and chops away. Lynn comes back with a jumping back elbow and a dropkick. Flair stop short on a dropkick then works on the leg but Lynn reverses into a small package for the pin (8:27). Lynn ducks a flying forearm from Killings, who accidentally takes out the ref. Flair runs on the apron and nails Lynn with the burlap sack and Killings hits the Truth Conviction for the win (8:55) *. West wants to know if Killings is aligned with Russo as he walks over to Lynn, who pushes him away. They argue then push each other around before the Truth leaves.
Thoughts: This crowd was dead for this entire segment. The action itself wasn’t great or anything but it could have been worse seeing that Flair was part of the match. TNA has managed to kill all of Killings momentum with the angle of him having his allegiance questioned as the crowd treats him like a heel so they aren’t going to care if he does turn on Lynn and TNA.
Goldy is backstage with Elix Skipper and Low Ki. She says that they robbed AMW of the belts. Skipper says she should hang with him in order to find out about robberies then sings “We are Family.”  Ki speaks, using his deep voice and says nothing of note. Interviews are not his strong suit. Desire walks out and taunts Goldy before insulting her boob job, stating that her nipples are pointed in the wrong direction. Yep, she really said that.. Goldy then flips her off as she leaves for her match and calls her a bitch.
Desire w/Sonny Siaki vs. Trinity w/Kid Kash
Trinity ducks a clothesline and hits a dropkick. She chases Desire around the ring until Siaki takes her out with a superkick! Desire is in the ring and covers Trinity for two. She slams her off the mat then hits a clothesline for two in a botched spot as Trinity clearly ducked her head but got whacked. Desire grabs a chinlock then throws her to the mat. Tenay alerts us that there is still no update on Jarrett. Trinity gets a springboard crossbody for two. Desire works a headscissors on the mat. In another botched spot, Trinity runs into Desire, who then covers her for two. The crowd is getting restless as this match is dragging. Trinity gets tossed to the floor as Siaki delivers a few stomps. Kash isn’t doing a thing by the way. Back in the ring, Desire gets two off of a suplex. Trinity fights back but Siaki trips her up. Desire gets an enziguiri then a back elbow smash as the crowd is chanting for Athena. Trinity gets tossed to the floor as Siaki stands on her hands while pulling her hair. Kash finally moves toward Trinity but the ref stops him and that allows Siaki to slam her head off of a chair. In the ring, Desire gets two off of a clothesline. Trinity ducks a clothesline and hits a Northern Lights Suplex for two. She fights back and hits an enziguiri and a dropkick. She gets a clothesline but Kash holds her on a monkey flip attempt and she then goes up top and hits a moonsault for the win (8:23) -*1/2.
Thoughts: Why on earth did they give these two over eight minutes? You had AJ, Raven, Jarrett, AMW and others not wrestle tonight so this could take place. Desire is just terrible and cannot even perform basic transitions and Trinity was pretty much exposed as someone who can only do highspots.
NWA-TNA Tag-Team Title Match
Disciples of the New Church w/James Mitchell vs. XXX (Champions)
Daniels is not with XXX tonight as I believe he is in Japan. Also, Belladonna is nowhere to be found either as she is apparently gone from the promotion. Both teams brawl on the floor to start. The New Church gains the advantage quickly. Brian Lee looks scarier with each passing week. His face is sunken in and he looks to weigh about 225 lbs. Tenay is screaming as Lee slammed Ki right behind the announcers table. Slash then hits Ki with a Michinoku Driver on the ramp. They brawl some more and XXX finally gets in control as Tenay screams for the guys to get in the ring. Skipper and Lee roll into the ring as the crowd starts an “evil” chant. Skipper chokes him out with his knee but Lee escapes and catches him with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Lee drops an elbow and tags Slash. Skipper rams his head into the buckle and tags Ki. He chops Slash hard then dropkicks him in the corner. He hits some European uppercuts but gets caught with a press slam. Skipper breaks up a pinfall but Slash goes back on offense. He ducks a springboard kick as Ki sells the knee. The ref checks on him but Ki was faking and he rams the ref into Slash. Tag to Skipper and they then use quick tags to assault Slash. They choke out Slash and Skipper covers, getting two. He works the leg and both men switch off on an ankle lock. Slash escpaes and tries the Helicopter Slam but Ki gets him in the Iron Octopus. Ki is bleeding from the mouth as he works a cross armbreaker on the mat. Skipper tags and works a chinlock as the camera shows the blood dripping from Ki’s mouth. Skipper holds back Slash from making the tag and Ki comes off the top with a stomp. Double clothesline by XXX gets two as Ki made the cover. Ki with his kick combo but Slash catches him in midair and gets the Helicopter Slam. He eventually tags Lee and the crowd is silent. Lee uses clotheslines then tosses Skipper onto Lee. Slam to Ki then he tries a chokeslam. Ki fights off and goes up top but Mithcell grabs his leg. Lee goes up top and Skipper hits him with a chair, causing Ki to fall on top of Lee. The ref counts but Lee is able to kick out. Skipper brings in a chair but Slash hits him with the Eye of the Hurricane and gets two. West tells us that this match has been so good he almost forgot that Jarrett was kidnapped. Ki tries the Tidal Crush but Slash catches him ad tosses him onto the ref. Skipper goes low on Lee and heads up top but Slash cuts him off. He hits a reverse neckbreaker from the top and Skipper lands in the Tree of Woe position right as Ki lands on Lee after a powerbomb attempt. The ref stares at Ki and waits until Slash gets Skipper into position before counting as a second ref comes in and they all count to three, with each team scoring the pin (15:32) **1/2. Holy shit, did that look bad. Scott Armstrong comes out and declares the titles are now held up.
Thoughts: The match was fine but the finish looked awful. The referees (Andrew Thomas & Rudy Charles) are awful. I have remembered them fucking up finishes and being out of position on numerous occasions. They really did a bad job here. The action was good and Lee did okay in the ring. However, having the tag belts held up for the second time in this promotion is a bit much.
Immediately afterwards, AMW runs out and attacks XXX until SEX runs out and destroys them. Russo is wearing an army helmet and yells into Tenay’s mic that we have a war. SEX continues the assault for a long, long time. Jerry Lynn runs out to help but gets his ass kicked too. This brawl will not end as people are brawling everywhere, ringside and through the crowd. Someone comes out of the SEX locker room as Estrada and Storm are getting destroyed in the ring. This still is going on and it is a chore to watch. Trinity runs in and attacks Desire. Harris attempts to dump Ki from the balcony and everything is blending together. Bob Armstrong and lays out some of SEX, throwing better punches that 75% of the roster. He unmasks his son and kicks his ass. Raven is in the ring with the belt by himself as a “Russo Sucks” chant breaks out. Russo orders Raven to take out Lynn and to lock the SEX locker room, which apparently contains the TNA roster. Russo is in the ring and calls for “Colonel Sanders” and “Corporate Disco,” who is clearly not Glen Gilbertti. He promises to attack the fans, calling them jerk-offs then tells “Glen” that he wants him to tell the people that Jarrett is okay and the only thing that happened was that is character was “tweaked a little bit.” He tells Glen to take off the mask and we see Gilberrti on the ramp in his underwear. The mask is removed and it is Jarrett and he attacks them as the show goes off the air. This brawl lasted over ten minutes. It was way too long.
Final Thoughts: This was a terrible show. A couple of the matches were decent and some of the promos were good but everything else sucked and no one cares to see Jeff Jarrett booked as Stone Cold Steve Austin. The direction of the product is a total turn off, as the SEX vs. NWA feud dominates everything and just continues to stay in neutral. There are no compelling feuds to speak of either. A complete waste of ten dollars.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #29

January 29, 2003
A brief video package of the XXX vs. AMW tag-title match from last week is shown.
Your hosts are Don West and Mike Tenay
The arena goes dark and then the spotlight shines in the stands and we see Raven, wearing the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Title belt that he stole from Jarrett last week, sitting on the balcony stairs. Raven runs down the previous NWA title holders but says that a change is going on and Jarrett doesn’t seem to understand. He then says that some might call him mad, twisted, an evil genius or perhaps insane but says it doesn’t matter as the fans are degenerates and cockroaches. He says that he will show Jarrett the errors of his ways by “urinating in his bone marrow” and “ripping off his neck and using it as a latrine.” He quotes a wise man, saying how you remember the things you survive more than the things you enjoy. Raven then welcomes us to his “Clockwork Orange House of Fun” and says “Quoth the Raven.” Right after he finishes, Jeff Jarrett nails him with a trashcan. He drags Raven towards the ring then reaches underneath and pulls out a table. He nails Raven with a chair then follows him in the ring. Jarrett then removes the belt from Raven’s waist and rams it against his face. He lays Raven on the table and grabs a trashcan before heading up top. All of a sudden, Vince Russo runs in, wearing is Yankee jersey, and cuts off Jarrett. Raven climbs up top and suplexes Jarrett through the table. After that, Jerry Lynn, Ron Killings, and AMW run in as Raven and Russo bail, with Russo grabbing the belt. A decent appearance from Raven but it was far from memorable. I believe the WWE had some sort of gag order on him at this time but don’t hold me to that as I am totally basing this off of my memory.

Goldylocks is backstage with Jorge Estrada. Goldy asks him about his exchange with Mike Sanders last week. Estrada plays it off as if nothing happened, stating how Sanders extended an olive branch and offered him a job in SEX. Goldy asks if he took the job and he doesn’t give an answer. He then says that nothing has been going his way lately and asks Goldy what she would do in this situation. I have no clue why they are wasting time on Estrada. He sucks out loud.
A Video package airs, featuring SEX. It mixes clips from the past several weeks along with black and white lettering saying things like “SEX Sells” and “You Can’t Live Without SEX.” It also said how tradition, Bullet Bob, and even “You” all suck. It then says all proceeds of the SEX T-Shirt will go to Vince Russo and that if you do not buy one, XXX will kill you. This goes on for a few minutes before it segues into clips of Nikita Koloff, Dusty Rhodes, and Rave joining TNA. A long video that can easily make a fan tune out and lose focus.
Amazing Red vs. Jorge Estrada
Both guys engage in a series of decent reversals and counters before ending in a standoff. Estrada fucks up an armdrag spot then Red takes him down with another one before hitting a dropkick. Estrada bails as Tenay tells us that a former associate of his will be here tonight to answer his plea to stand with the NWA. Red teases a dive then kicks Estrada before moonsaulting off the apron. Estrada dodges the 718 and snaps his neck off the ropes. He misses a split-legged moonsault and Red climbs up top. Estrada also goes up and cuts Red off before hitting the All Shook Up, which gets two. Estrada flapjacks Red and gets a single leg crab. Red reaches the ropes then dodges Estrada. He lands a few kicks but gets backdropped on the apron. Estrada knocks him down with a springboard dropkick that did not appear to make any contact. He follows that with a leg drop to the back of Red’s head and that gets two. Estrada works on Red in the corner then grabs a chinlock. Red escapes but gets taken down with a clothesline, which gets two. Estrada charges at Red in the corner but he is able to hook himself onto Estrada. He tries the Code Red but Estrada drops him then picks him up and Red hits the move, getting two. Red goes up topbut comes up short and Estrada turns it into a Northern Lights Suplex, which gets two. Estrada tries for a superplex but Red shoves him off and hits the Infrared, followed by the Red Star Press for the win (6:17) ¾*. Mike Sanders then enters the ring and offers Estrada a spot in SEX, saying he has what it takes and needs an answer. Estrada says no then pushes Sanders then knocks him down. He has Sanders in the corner but Disco Infernno runs out and beats Estrada with a chair. Sanders welcomes Inferno as the Director of Talent Development, but refers to him as Glen Gilbertti. Tenay referred to him as a “Jackass.”
Thoughts: The match sucked, primarily due to Estrada, but the main focus was on Estrada and his relationship with SEX and the re-introduction of Gilbertti into NWA-TNA.
Backstage, Goldylocks is with Bob Armstrong. She asks him about all the problems in TNA, specifically the title belt getting stolen. Jarrett then runs in and pins Armstrong against the wall, demanding that he get Raven and Russo in the ring. Killings then runs in and pulls Jarrett off as the two yell at each other.
David Flair vs. Jerry Lynn
Flair comes out with his burlap sack, which Lynn takes as he enters the ring. Flair bails as the ref throws it on the steps. Lynn chases Flair around the ring to start. In the ring, Lynn hits a dropkick. He gets a corner clothesline and a bulldog, getting two. He beats the crap out of Flair, who spills outside after running into the post. Lynn chops Flair against the guardrail but Flair ducks a punch and crotches Lynn on the guardrail He chops Lynn and rolls Lynn back in the ring. He covers and gets two. Slam by Flair who heads up top. Lyn cuts him off and slams him off the top. Jumping back elbow smash gets two. Legdrop gets two. Lynn works the leg then puts on the Figure Four. The crowd is dead at this point, with Flair breaking the hold then throwing Lynn into the referee. He goes for the sack but Lynn cuts him off. Killings comes out and grabs the sack. He swings it at Flair, who dragged Lynn into his path and Lynn gets nailed. Flair covers and gets the pin (5:11) ½*. 
Thoughts: Flair is probably the worst wrestler in the promotion. He cant wrestle and doesn’t show even a hint of personality. Lynn tried really hard here to not turn it into a complete embarrassment.
A video recap of BG James turning his back on his family and aligning with Russo.
Tenay is with BG James in an interview that was taped before the show. He starts by asking James about his upbringing in a wrestling family. James said it was great, because he wanted to be a wrestler, but he is also a Sports Entertainer. He then brings up Jarrett and him in his first WWF stint, playing up that as a conflict. James says that his gimmick then sucked but he became a star in WWF with the help from Vince Russo. James says his family is jealous of him for selling out MSG, having dolls and his fame from the WWF. All of a sudden, Scott Armstrong comes out and is pissed that BG thinks his family is jealous of him. Tenay then asks for the camera to stop rolling and the segment ends. This segment did a great job at accomplishing nothing.
AMW grab the mic from Borash and go into the ring. Harris says when TNA first started, they were known as “America’s Most Unknown” tag team. He then says they always give 110% and eventually won the belts, holding them for 16 weeks. He yells at Russo, stating that they lost the belts last week because the match was 3 vs. 2 and demand a rematch tonight. Storm says he and Harris have busted their asses for nine years to get to TNA. He calls out XXX and promises to kick their ass, before saying “Sorry about your damn luck.” All of a sudden, BG James comes out with SEX, but informs us that XXX is not here tonight. BG makes some really corny puns before telling them they will get a lesson in “Group SEX” as a 6 on 2 beatdown occurs. All of a sudden, the Rock & Roll Express run out with chairs and clear the ring. After SEX escapes, the Express turns on AMW and bash then with chairs. The refs come out and clear the ring of the Express. Tenay is having a Don-West like moment in regards to the Express aligning with Russo. The Rock and Rolls look terrible and are sporting beer guts. Zbyszko looks a lot better than they did.
Mike Sanders vs. Ron “The Truth” Killings
Some of the crowd boos Killings as Tenay questions were his allegiance lies. Sanders punches away in the corner. Killings hits a hiptoss and an armdrag before getting two off of a wheelbarrow slam. Sanders works the leg for a while and puts on a leg lace as Killings reaches the ropes. He then grapevines the leg as Tenay brings up his “former associate” who will be here tonight. Truth gets up and hits a Downward Spiral but Sanders goes right back to the leg. The crowd is just dead right now. He places Killings up top then carries him and drops him in the middle of the ring and puts on a single leg crab. Killings reaches the ropes then fights back but Sanders dropkicks the leg and goes back to work. Sanders plays to the crowd and Killings hits a missile dropkick. He hits a flying forearm and a backdrop. Powerslam gets two. Killings floats over but sells the leg when he lands. He ducks an attack and hits a leg lariat as David Flair comes down to the ring. Jerry Lynn also runs down and beats on Flair and takes his sack. Killings sees this as Lynn goes on the apron but he knees him for some reason and Sanders rolls him up for the win (7:31) *3/4. Tenay sells this as Killings and Lynn “collided” with each other but that clearly did not take place. After the match, Lynn and Killings argue then shove each other. Lynn then walks away.
Thoughts: The match wasn’t bad but the crowd was dead. The deal with Killings possibly joining SEX is okay, as SEX needs someone capable of becoming a star in the group, but the fueding with Lynn is going nowhere.
Goldylocks is with the Rock and Roll Express in the SEX locker room. She asks why the turned their backs on the NWA. Morton tells her that back when they had to work for their meals, and when the girls’ tits were real, they knew what Sports Entertainment was all about. Says they were the first with a pyro and lights. Armstrong cuts them off and tells them to screw themselves for crossing the NWA and that they will have to face AMW tonight.
AJ Styles comes out to the ring in his new shirt, which says “The X Styles,” spoofing the “X Files” show logo. The crowd starts an “AJ Sucks” chant as he states how he is not with Mortimer Plumtree, Vince Russo, or SEX. He also says that he is done with the X Division and wants the shot at the NWA-TNA championship, naming off all his accomplishments and people he has pinned, including Larry Zbyszko. He then says he will not leave the ring until he has the belt in his hands tonight. Raven interrupts and asks AJ if he has been paying attention, because he has the title. He then tells AJ to go back to the X Division as he is not ready or even the same league as him. AJ disses Raven, asking if that’s a syringe in his skirt or is he just happy to see him. Raven retaliates tells AJ that he looks like “Elton John’s life partner wearing an N Sync starter kit.” AJ then tells Raven to go to the SEX locker room and shoot up heroin. Raven drops the belt and the two have an intense stare down. They get in each others faces and a few referees come out to separate the two men. Jeff Jarrett then runs out and beats up both men before taking back his belt. He then walks away as his music hits. This segment didn’t click and we did not need Jarrett to play the hero again, either.
The camera cuts to Tenay and West taking about Jarrett until Larry Zbyszko walks out in his ring gear. AJ is getting himself off the mat as Larry gets a mic. He tells AJ that he sees a lot of him in AJ. He says that he didn’t have the knowledge then, like AJ, but he had the talent, like AJ. He tells AJ he can the life of a “wrestling star” but needs to go to the school of hard knocks. He then says if AJ can beat him twice in ten minutes, he will do everything in his power to get a title shot. He even “double dog” dares him and AJ rejects but gets slapped. AJ fights back and the bell rings.
AJ Styles vs. Larry Zbyszko
AJ beats on Larry in the corner as West ells us that if AJ fails to beat Larry in ten minutes, then Larry gets to be his manager. He gets a slam and a standing senton before showing off to the crowd. Larry catches him in an abdominal stretch then turns it into an inside cradle. He stretches AJ on the mat, who gets his foot on the ropes. Larry takes him down with a snapmare and uses the Stump Puller. AJ kicks out of that but Larry gets a backdrop. Larry puts him in a full nelson for a bit. Slam by Larry who uses a standing figure-four, using the ropes for leverage. Back suplex gets two. Larry goes for a chinlock as part of the crowd starts his name. Larry works a hammerlock as AJ cannot escape. He stretches out AJ some more until getting a nearfall on a small package. AJ then floats over on a slam attempt and hits an inverted DDT for the pin (5:53). A clock pops up on the screen as AJ slaps Larry. AJ misses a corner splash and Larry eventually puts him in a Boston Crab. Mortimer Plumtree runs out and cheers on AJ. He gets into it with Larry  then speaks AJ some brass knuckles. Larry kicks him down and the knuckles go out of the ring. Clock is down to two minutes as Plumtree is on the apron. He throw powder at Larry, who ducks, and gets taken down with a forearm. Larry gets a swinging neckbreaker on AJ for two. AJ fights back and hits a dropkick as one minute remains left in the match. Plumtree wedges a chair in the corner but both men collide and hit the mat. Larry reverses a whip and AJ goes into the chair. Larry rolls him up and gets two as the final seconds run off and the match ends (10:00) **. After the match, Plumtree is in the ring irate and on the verge of a breakdown.
Thoughts: This was much better than their first encounter. Zbyszko did fine and can move around well for a guy who is almost 50 years old. As far as him pairing up with AJ, it doesn’t appear to be helpful to AJ.
Goldylocks is in the ring and introduces Percy Pringle. Goldy says she has done her research and calls Percy a pioneer of the business. She then asks him how it felt to be humiliated by Russo a few weeks ago. He says the first week in April, he will be at the Cauliflower Alley Club receiving an honor. He says that unlike Russo, he has worked hard and will never know what it’s like to be honored at that club. He says when he was bleeding all over the stairs, he could see Russo’s face in every drop of blood. He promises that he is not going anywhere then Tony Schiavone comes in the ring, wearing an ugly orange Hawaiian shirt unbuttoned, exposing a t-shirt of the band “Kiss.” Tony sucks up to Pringle for a bit until he says that watching Pringle kiss Russo’s ass made him sick and he would never stoop that low. Tony asks why has he not had a job in wrestling in two years. He asks Goldylocks for an interview and asks why is she with TNA then answers because it is “tits and ass.” He tells her that she makes Pamela Paulshock look like Diane Sawyer then tells her she should be holding something else besides a microphone. Tenay is fed up on commentary as Schiavone invites him in the ring. He says that he drove Tenay around in WCW then asks how his family is doing. Schiavone says that he was in NWA in 1983 with Harley Race  and there for Magnum TA’s car wreck while he was in Vegas writing dirt sheets. Schiavone says that Jarrett never returned his calls and that he was told by others that Tenay didn’t want to work with him because he felt that he was being held won in WCW. An irate Tenay says he went out of his way to make Tony’s job easier. Schiavone says “bullshit” to the fact that Russo cost him is job in WCW and that Russo “jumped on the Titanic” and it was going down anyway. The crowd starts a “shut the fuck up” chant at Schiavone as he is listing off things from different eras that Tenay would have buried. Russo then interrupts and wants to talk facts with Tenay. All three yell over each other until Russo pulls Tenay. He tells Schaivone that Tenay has “bullshit” between his ears and does not listen to any word he has to say. He says he only gives a shit about himself then runs down Tenay before telling him to blow him as Russo welcomes Schiavone to the SEX family and offers him a job. Tenay isn’t surprised and recalls Schiavone’s motto of “anyway the wind blows,” how he will kiss anyone’s ass. Tony calls out Tenay and says that Scott Hudson could do his job and he is sitting at home in Georgia. Tony and Russo walk out as Tenay tells Tony that he is and always was all about politics. Why would anyone care about any of this? The crowd didn’t and basically crapped all over this stuff.
Video of last week’s confrontation between Sonny Siaki & Desire against Kid Kash & Trinity.
Desire & Sonny Siaki vs. Trinity & Kid Kash
Kash and Siaki start off by trading armdrags. He chops Siaki in the corner but Siaki catches him on a crossbody attempt and turns it into a fallaway slam, getting two. They trade chops then Kash gets a double springboard rana. Kash leaps off the top and Siaki hits him with a clothesline in a mistimed spot. Kash ducks a kick and catches Siaki with a roundhouse. Kash then hits the 130 (springboard somersault kick) from across the ring which sends Siaki to the floor. Trinity then hits him with a moonsault .Siaki goes back in and blocks a jumping DDT and sends Kash into the corner with a Northern Lights Suplex. The girls tag in and Desire shoves Trinity into the corner. Trinity comes back with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and turns that into a cross armbreaker in an impressive sequence. She catches Desire with a drop toehold and an armdrag. Dropkick gets two. She hits a few European uppercuts and gets two off an enziguiri. Desire escapes from a go-behind and boots down Trinity, getting two. Vertical suplex gets two. Tag to Siaki and he presses her above his head then drops her on the ropes throat first. Clothesline by Siaki and he taunts Kash. He hits an overhead belly-to-belly and tags Desire. Athena comes out and jumps on the apron, getting into it with Desire. Trinity then rolls her up from behind and gets the win (6:16) *1/4.
Thoughts: The match really broke down at the end. Trinity did some impressive stuff and Desire worked much better with her than she did with April Hunter.
Immediately after the match, Schiavone comes out and gets into it Tenay again, mocking him for knowing the names of the moves. He refers to Athena as a slut. Schiavone goes to interview Siaki, who is irate. He tries to calm him down and wants to know about his match with Red next week. Konna then comes out with a kendo stick and beats the shit out of Siaki. He goes out to Tenay and yells at him, stating that he is the problem and will give him an interview next week. Tenay yet again mentions how Konnan does not have a contract with TNA. The cops and Bert Prentice drag him away.
Goldy is out back with Jarrett. He says he doesn’t care who he has to face and tells Russo he will regret the day he ever met him.
Rock & Roll Express vs. America’s Most Wanted
Not to stray off topic, but I always felt that Robert Gibson looks inbred. Anyway, AMW attack the Express as soon as they enter the ring. The Express bail and Morton enters against Storm. Morton cant get Storm over for a hiptoss and eats a clothesline and a superkick. AMW double team Morton for a bit and Harris dropkicks Gibson off the apron. The Express regroups outside again and Gibson tags and faces Harris. Gibson gets a shoulderblock but gets caught with a slam. Morton enters and he gets slammed. Tag to Storm who hits Gibson with a missile dropkick as Harris holds him up. Morton gets dumped outside and Gibson gets hit with a double clothesline. Morton trips up Storm and tags in. Double clothesline by the Express and Gibson tosses him outside then roughs him up as the ref is with Harris. Back in the ring, Storm fights back against Morton until he gets caught with an inverted atomic drop. He gets taken down with a clothesline and Gibson tags in. Storm cannot get him over for the sunset flip and Gibson roughs him up. Elbow smash and he hits Harris, who complains to the refs, allowing the Express to double team Storm. They work on Storm and they appear gassed. Storm misses a corner splash and Morton teases Harris, allowing the Express to cheat. Storm hits a double clothesline and tries to make the tag. He finally does and Harris goes wild. Gibosn gets knocked to the floor and they set up for the Death Sentence. In a very, very contrived spot, the ref looks at Harris, who then goes over to Gibson as he attempts to head into the ring, ignoring the pin attempt. Elix Skipper then leaps off the top and hits Storm with the belt, allowing Morton to get the pin (8:48) ¼*. After the match, the Disciples of the New Church attack Skipper as the crowd starts an “evil” chant. Mitchell is not with them.
Thoughts: Terrible match. The Rock & Rolls could barely move and were reduced to stalling and using cheap heel tactics the entire match. Morton also seemed tanked. The referee stuff all looked bad and the finish played out awkwardly. Looks like the New Church is going to be the babyface team against XXX but not sure about their role against the rest of TNA.
Don West runs down next week’s show:
Elimination Match: Jerry Lynn vs. Ron Killings vs. Mike Sanders vs. David Flair
Amazing Red vs. Sonny Siaki for the X Division Title
New Church vs. XXX for the Tag-Titles
The camera goes out back as Schiavone is in the SEX locker room with Raven. Russo then wants to add a match for next week, Raven vs. Jeff Jarrett. Raven grabs the mic and wants the match now and says if he has any balls, he would put up the belt right now. Jarrett busts through the door and beats on Raven. He drags him into the ring and beats him with a chair. Russo tries to stop but he gets shoved. Jarrett then walks into the ring and Raven hits the Even Flow. Raven sets up the chair and hits a drop toehold as Russo pushes a table into the ring but the leg is open and it gets stuck on the ropes, taking forever. Raven sets up Jarrett on the top turnbuckle but Jarrett blocks the superplex attempt and puts Raven through the table then hits him with the belt. Jarrett calls for the microphone and calls Russo in the ring but AJ Styles comes in and hits him from behind. AJ hits Jarrett with the Stroke onto the title belt then grabs it and walks away. West and Tenay, again, speculate as to what is going on and Tenay yells at Russo and Raven to stop.
Final Thoughts: A really bad show and a complete waste of ten dollars. The wrestling stunk and the Schiavone/Tenay stuff took up way too much time, as did the rest of the nonsense. The Schiavone thing was just a one night deal so he will not be back again. The Raven segments were disappointing to be honest, but still easily the best thing on the show. They look to be building towards a three-way with Jarrett going up against Raven and AJ, which is fine because those are easily the two best heels on the roster. SEX is taking up way too much time. Adding Raven helps but the rest of the faction, besides XXX and maybe Sanders, is lacking. There are a dozen members in the group and they are still recruiting. Every heel on the roster seems to be aligned with SEX as well, besides lower level X guys like the Hotshots, David Young and Tony Mamaluke among others.

NWA-TNA Weekly PPV #28

January 22, 2003
Jeremy Borash is shown from location somewhere, welcoming Australia to TNA. They will now get to watch TNA in their country. Borash puts over the Australians as being great wrestling fans. Whatever.
Your hosts are Don West & Mike Tenay

David Young & Shark Boy & Jimmy Yang vs. Amazing Red & Spanish Announce Team
Red and the SAT’s get jumped from behind but quickly turn things around. They Irish whip all three men into each other then go up top and hit elbow drops, barely getting a one count. Joel assists Red with a somersault tope onto Young and Yang. They then triple-team Shark Boy and try some cool stuff but none of it hit cleanly and Red really fucked up something at the end. The SAT’s put Shark Boy in a surfboard/Dragon Sleeper combo as Red comes off of the top rope with a stomp. That looked off, too. Jose hits Shark Boy with a corner clothesline, getting two. Shark Boy ends up hitting Jose with a weak looking Codebreaker then tags Yang as the announcers tell us that Russo will name the opponents in the title matches tonight as part of last week’s stipulations. Yang hits a springboard missile dropkick and chops Jose in the corner. Moonsault kick by Yang then he follows that with several shoulder thrusts. Jose floats over on a suplex attempt and kills Yang with an enziguiri. Tag to Joel and beats on Yang. He then runs across the ring and nearly decapitates Yang with a running Yakuza kick. German suplex gets two. He covers again and gets two. Yang gets a spinning heel kick and tags Young. Joel gets a few shots but gets tossed in the corner. Joel comes back with a dropkick and tags Red. Red gets a tornado DDT for two but then gets caught with a swinging facebuster. Tag to Shark Boy and he punches Red in the corner. The crowd chants for Red as he is dropkicked in mid-air. Red flips over Shark Boy and kicks him before landing an enziguiri. Jose tags and he gets a backdrop for two. Blind tag by Yang and he hits Jose with a clothesline then tosses him outside. He whips him into the guardrail then into the steps. He rolls him back in the ring and tags Young as they get two off a double suplex. Young hits a lariat for two then tags Shark Boy. He slugs it out with Jose until hitting a hangmen’s meckbreaker, which gets two. Crowd chants “SAT” as Jose hits a tilt-a-whirl headscissor then a back suplex. He shoves Shark Boy away with his feet and tags Joel. He hits a few enziguiri’s then kills him with a brainbuster. He goes up top but misses the Swanton Bomb. Young tags and they exchange reversals until he hits a back suplex. HE jumps up top and hits a moonsault for two. They do an awkward looking double clothesline spot as Yang and Red tag. Red gets a Mexican armdrag but is then flattened with a powerbomb, which only gets two. Yang gets him a fireman’s carry and tries a tilt-a-whirl but Red reverses it into a nasty looking armbar. Young breaks that up and hits a spinebuster. Joel comes off the top with a missile dropkick as the announcers point out how Jose is still on the floor. Shark Boy hits the DSD but Jose comes in and clotheslines him to the floor then follows with a quebrada. Red kicks Yang in the corner. He tries a tornado DDT but Yang flips out of that and lands a kick. He signals for the Yang Time, which the crowd cheers, but he gets crotched by Joel and Red goes up and hits the Code Red from the top for the win! (12:29) **1/2.    
Thoughts: Decent match. Young probably stood out the most with his power moves. Red was uncharacteristically sloppy here. He didn’t have a good performance, nor did the SAT’s for that matter. They just came back from Japan so they could have been tired. 
Immediately after the match, Konnan runs in the ring and beats the losing team with a kendo stick as Bert Prentice comes out again and orders the police and security to take him away as Tenay tells us that he doesn’t have a contract with TNA. Konnan’s yells as Tenay says he has no idea what he is upset about.
Tenay tells us that Percy Pringle is recovering from his beating last week by SEX. Also, “In the Pit” from Roddy Piper will happen tonight. West then holds up a copy of “Pro Wrestlnig Illustrated” that features Nikita Koloff and Dusty Rhodes on the cover. He then channels Casey Kasem as he tells us that a fan gave him this magazine and told him about the feud.
West runs down the card:
AJ Styles vs. Larry Zbyszko
Ron Killings & Jerry Lynn vs. David Flair & Mike Sanders
Also, Russo picks the challengers for all of the titles tonight
SEX comes out to the ring, without Ron Harris for some reason. Russo grabs the mic and calls out a fan for his “Russo is a Virgin” sign and tells him he needs to have a talk with his mother. Russo tells Tenay that the PPV buys for last week’s show were up by 22%. He also tells us that the #1 t-shirt is the SEX shirt. He tells Tenay that this is his night, SEX’s night, and the night of champions. He starts off with the tag-team titles, calling AMW the “Cowboy and the Underwear Model” and then asks his men who would want to face them tonight. Russo then names Elix Skipper and Low Ki as the challengers. Up next, the X Division belt. He tells Siaki at all is fair in war and love and he will not book him in a cakewalk. He says it will be a three-way dance with “anyone of the future” (Rick Santel or Chris Vaughn) then says that a three-way needs a woman and picks Athena, as she always brings her knee pads. Tenay is irate with Russo for destroying the X Division like he did the cruiserweight division in WCW. He tells Jarrett that the offer to join SEX is off the table and that he will defend in a four-way match with gauntlet rules against Christopher Daniels, BG James, and Don Harris. Russo then says that he has one very important phone call to make then hands over the mic to Mike Sanders, the SEX “Director of Acquisitions.” The fans chant “S-O-L” as Russo orders everyone else to leave the ring. Sanders promises us that he has acquired two of the hottest commodities for SEX. Next week, we will meet the new Director of Talent Development and this week, he has acquired the SEX Australian Heavyweight Champion, because Vince Russo said so, Ashley Hudson. This was not his debut as he teamed with Ron Harris against AMW during the angle when Ron couldn’t beat AMW and would attack his partner  when he lost the match.
Ashley Hudson vs. Jorge Estrada
The two measure each other before Estrada gets a school boy for two. He hits an armdrag as Tenay tells us about his tenure in WCW and West brings up his previous appearance in TNA. They do a hiptoss reversal sequence ending with Hudson getting tossed to the floor then Estrada almost kills himself with a pescado. He rolls Hudson back in then stands on the middle rope and moonsaults in, barely connecting, getting two. Hudson ducks out as Tenay talks about Russo. Back in the ring, Hudson catches a flying Estrada with a knee. He chokes out Estrada with the middle rope then stomps away. He tosses Estrada to the floor then into the steps. Hudson hotshots Estarda on the steps then rolls him back in the ring. He slingshots in the ring with a legdrop then poses on the top rope. He puts his feet on the ropes during his pin attempt but only gets two. This match is so uninteresting that Tenay and West talk about everything else in the promotion. Hudson tries a suplex but they manage to fuck that up as Estrada lands softly on his feet and just covers Hudson, getting two. Estrada gets a backdrop then the TCB gets two. Quebrada gets two. Estrada goes up top but Hudson shoves the ref into the ropes. Hudson goes up top but gets shoved off. Estrada hits a crossbody but Hudson rolls through and gets the win (5:00) DUD. After the match, Sanders approaches Estrada and extends his hand but Estrada rolls away.
Thoughts: Terrible match. Hudson is dull and Estrada gets worse and worse each week. Even the announcers couldn’t be bothered to call this drek. Its pretty obvious that they just had Hudson go over to appeal to the Australian audience.
The camera shows TNA cage dancer Lollipop, who pulls up her shorts and exposes her ass, which has a temporary tattoo of the Australian flag on each cheek. Best thing on the show so far.
Video recap of the AJ Styles / Larry Zbyszko confrontation from last week.
“Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko vs. AJ Styles
Styles mocks Zbyszko by walking down the ramp like an old man. Tenay brings up Zbyszko’s match against Scott Hall from “Souled Out” in 1998. Crowd chants for Larry, who actually looks decent for his age. Lots of stalling from Larry until he gets a single leg takedown. AJ taunts Larry, who then grabs the arm and grounds him with a headscissors. AJ reaches the ropes with his foot but gets taken back down again. Back to the headscissors for Larry. AJ breaks out and takes Larry down with a shoulderblock but gets caught with a hiptoss. Larry goes back to the arm for a bit. AJ escape and hits a running knee smash. He beats on Larry as a “Living Legend” chant breaks out. AJ delivers a superkick, which sends Larry to the floor. The camera shows Mortimer Plumtree on the ramp observing the match. Larry is now standing on the top rope and motioning like he is going to jump to AJ, who is on the floor. The ref gets him down for some reason then AJ pulls Larry down and beats on him. Larry gets a spin kick then a backdrop, getting two. AJ blocks a suplex attempt and hits one of his own before heading up top. Larry crotches him by shaking the ropes, causing AJ to fall on the mat. Larry goes to AJ but his taken down then AJ puts his feet on the ropes and gets the win (5:49) ¾*. After the match, AJ goes over to Tenay and yells about wanting a title match.
Thoughts: Why waste AJ with this garbage? The SEX vs. Traditional Wrestling thing should not go this far. I understand they want to transition AJ into the heavyweight division but they can do that without having him face Zbyszko.
Goldylocks is backstage with Jerry Lynn and Ron Killings. She brings up their match between Flair & Sanders then asks Lynn about what will happen if Russo gets his way and he is out of a job and cannot support his family. Killings is shown walking away in the background as Lynn says that this is about his livelihood and he is here to support his daughter.
Mike Sanders & David Flair vs. Ron “The Truth” Killings & Jerry Lynn
Flair has his burlap sack with him. Lynn and Killings run in an immediately attack their opponents. Killings and Flair pair off and they have some rough looking exchanges, mostly due to Flair. Killings pulls Flair to the floor and brawl outside the ring and in front of the two guys in the ring. Lynn rolls up Sanders, getting two. Crossbody gets two. Flair and Sanders double-team Lynn until they run into a boot and Lynn gets a double bulldog. Good lord, does Flair look awful out there. Lynn beats on Flair in the corner as the crowd does the “Whoo!” calls. Sanders sneaks behind the refs back and guillotines Lynn. Tag to Sanders and they hit some basic double team stuff. Sanders covers and gets two. He beats on Lynn in the corner and tags Flair, who gets in some weak stomps. They double team Lynn behind the refs back as he deals with Killings. Suplex by Sanders gets two. He covers again and gets two but Lynn fights back. Flair catches him with a knee but Lynn shoves him off the apron. Sanders catches him with a kick that gets two. Flair tags and Tenay actually apologizes to the viewers for not paying attention to the in-ring action as they have been talking about everything else in the promotion. Flair hits a shinbreaker on Lynn and works the leg. He tries a figure-four but Lynn rolls him up for two. Flair gets a clothesline and chops Lynn in the corner. Crowd starts a “David Flair Sucks” chant but Sanders gets the to stop that by extending his arms, causing the crowd to go “Hey!!!!” Gotta give Sanders credit, the man can work the crowd. His only weakness was that his offense sucked. Sanders tags and stomps Lynn in the corner then Flair chokes him out behind the ref’s back. Sanders tells Lynn that the crowd doesn’t want him here as they are chanting “Hey!” Sanders goes towards the Truth but Lynn trips him up and makes the tag. Truth goes wild and beats on both men. He hits Sanders with the ax kick, getting two. Lynn tags and they a double hiptoss. The ref goes to Killings as Flair hits Lynn with the sack and Sanders gets the pin (7:49) ½*. After the match, Sanders tells Killings that when they talked earlier, the answer is that the talent roster is full and says thanks, but no thanks.
Thoughts: The match sucked, due to David Flair of course, but the post match comments from Sanders was at least intriguing
Its now “In the Pit” with Roddy Piper. This is pre-taped. Piper is shown in a ring with the local “WB” affiliate banner in the background. He tells TNA that he has never heard such an uprising until he mentioned Owen Hart. He refers to him as his cousin again, then points at a row of empty chairs, stating he used to be there, next to the Junkyard Dog and Kerry Von Erich. He tells Russo that he slapped him upside his head then calls him the worst kind of coward. He says that Jeff Jarrett comes from his school and rambles on for a while. He tells that Russo underestimated his enemy then mentions the “WB” logo and that he has a new show for young talent and rants on like a lunatic again. He will never go to Nashville again and now has his teeth into something and can come into spirit. He calls Kid Kash a new young guy and that the saddest thing he has ever seen is someone killing the soul of Kid Kash and he will take a flame thrower to Russo for that and is sending everyone from “WB 32” to him. A pathetic, rambling mess this was.  
NWA-TNA World Tag Team Titles
Elix Skipper & Low Ki w/Christopher Daniels vs. America’s Most Wanted (Champions)
Tenay tells us that if you want to hear more from Piper, you can go on “Pipervision” which is on the internet. Ki and Storm start things off. They do some counters and reversals then end up hitting each other with stiff chops before there was some miscommunication as Storm looked to be expecting a leapfrog and Ki did a dropkick instead. Ki hits Storm with some stiff offense as the crowd chants “Monkey Boy” at Ki. Storm hits a monkey flip then kills him with a lariat. Tag to Harris, who comes off the top with an elbow. Backdrop by Harris and tag to Storm. Harris lifts Ki up and Storm hits a missile dropkick. Harris then catapults Ki in the corner and they throw Ki at Skipper, who was entering the ring. XXX regroups outside for a bit then Skipper enters. Storm hits him with a bad looking tilt-a-whirl headscissors then tags Harris as they double team Skipper. Thesz Press by Harris and Storm tags. Double backdrop gets two. Daniels grabs the leg of Storm, allowing Skipper to hit a belly-to-belly. Ki tags and chops Storm in the corner. XXX neutralizes Storm in the corner, going behind the referee’s back whenever possible. Skipper holds up Storm as Ki hits a springboard kick. Skipper puts him in a Boston Crab then works the leg of Storm. Skipper applies a chinlock as the crowd rallies behind Storm. He tries to escape but Skipper takes him down then tags Ki. He mocks Harris then hits a running elbow smash, getting two. Storm blocks a suplex and tries to make his way towards Harris and makes the tag, but the ref was distracted by Skipper and orders Harris back to his corner. Daniels gets a cheapshot on and XXX is beating him down. Skipper tags and trips Storm, allowing Ki to hit a running basement dropkick for two. Storm tries to fight back but gets cut off. Tag to Skipper and he covers for two after hitting a knee drop. They dodge a bunch of kicks until Storm kills him with a roundhouse. Both men tag and Harris goes wild. Tilt-a-whirl slam to Ki gets two as Skipper breaks that up. Storm hits Skipper with a swinging neckbreaker and that gets two. Ki springboards off the middle rope but Harris catches him and hits a sitout powerbomb but the ref is out of position. Harris unloads on Skipper against the ropes. Things slow down a lot as Harris is beating on Skipper until he rolls out. He focuses on Ki and looks at him for five seconds before getting kicked in the face. Skipper hits a Tiger Suplex for two. Ki then hits the Shining Wizard on Harris for two. Harris hotshots Skipper but Ki chops him hard. Harris catches him and goes for the Catatonic but Ki turns it into an armbreaker. Storm dropkicks Ki and he falls down. Harris hits Skipper with a crossbody and he uses the Matrix to escape the cover, only to walk into a super kick from Storm. They set up Skipper for the Death Sentence but Daniels jumps up on the apron and Harris gets off the top rope and goes after him, allowing Ki to kick Storm in the face. Harris catches Ki off a cartwheel kick attempt and hits the Catatonic. Daniels distracts the ref and Skipper hits Harris in the head with a belt and Ki covers, getting the pin and winning the titles (15:18) **3/4.
Thoughts: The match got better towards the end but the heat segment on Storm went on for way too long. Also, these guys weren’t that crisp, especially in the beginning. So, AMW loses the belts two weeks after retaining them.
Lollipop once again shows us her ass and shakes it rapidly.
Tenay says that the future of TNA rests solely on the shoulders of Jeff Jarrett. Goldy is backstage with Bob Armstrong. Goldy asks him about Russo and Armstrong yells at her then rambles before walking away
X Division Championship Match
Athena vs. Chris Vaughn vs. Sonny Siaki (Champion) w/Desire
Siaki beat Vaughn in a squash match a few months ago, which West recalls. Siaki boots down Vaughn  as Athena runs away. Siaki suplexes Vaughn on the ropes then grabs Athena. She slaps him and Vaughn gets two off a rollup. He gets another rollup but Siaki catches him and hits a Death Valley Driver. He hits the Siakalypse but pulls Vaughn up at two. He goes to Athena and she kicks him low. Vaughn hits a pair of clotheslines and a dropkick. Athena and Desire engage in a catfight outside the ring as Vaughn gets a bulldog off of a wheelbarrow. Cutter gets two. Siaki then gets the Fire Thunder Driver, which is now called the Siakalypse Now and gets the win (1:24) ¼*. After the match, Siaki grabs Athena and Trinity hits Siaki with a missile dropkick. Desire runs in and gets taken down with a tilt-a-whirl headscissor. Siaki grabs Trinity as Kash runs out and hits Siaki with a rana. Desire gets her shirt yanked off, exposing her bra before Siaki wrestles her away.
Thoughts: Match was meaningless but used as a platform to give Trinity a feud, which is with Desire as well as a feud between Kash and Siaki.
Tenay gets word that Goldylocks was invited into the SEX locker room, for a party. When she enters, SEX drenches her with champagne. Sanders even pours it directly on her shirt. Russo interrupts and says that they still have Jeff out there tonight and that they will party when he says the party and orders them to finish the job as the crowd starts a “Russo sucks” chant.
West and Tenty talk about the title match as West quotes Yogi Berra.
Dusty Rhodes is introduced to the ring, carrying a bullrope. He tells us that Russo has everything going his way but that he didn’t account for the NWA blood running through the veins of Jeff Jarrett. He calls out Nikita Koloff, who eventually comes out through the crowd, but has to wait a minute for security to untie the guardrail. He says he remembers when he was the “Baddest cat in town” he never took orders from everyone and “whored” himself to Russo and the almighty dollar. He then brings up Magnum TA’s accident and how they were rivals. He says he came to Nikita, when he “didn’t speak no English” and told him to take TA’s place. Since no one in the crowd seems to remember this, they barely react when Dusty asks him to re-form the super powers. He has Tenay give him the magazine and Nikita looks at it for a while until Russo and XXX run out. Russo tells that Nikita that he is here to save wrestling and then goes back and forth with Dusty about Sports Entertainment vs. Traditional Wrestling. Russo demands a decision as he pushes Russo aside and goes into the ring, joining Dusty but cheapshots him and XX attacks as Russo tells Dusty to “blow him.” Koloff walks away on his on, without SEX. Tenay then leaves the booth and heads out back. A total waste of time and why the fuck would I care were Nikita Koloff’s allegiance lays in 2003?
Before Jarrett heads to the ring, Tenay is backstage pleading with him to think about tradition and the NWA. Jarrett tells him that he is going to kick ass and to go back to the booth.
Gauntlet Match for the NWA-TNA World Heavyweight Championship
BG James vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Don Harris vs. Jeff Jarrett (Champion)   
Rules for this match mean that you can be eliminated by either pinfall, submission, or by getting thrown over the top rope. Jarrett runs into the ring and attacks everyone. He tossed Daniels over the top rope but he skins the cat then runs in and hits an enziguiri. BG and Daniels attempt to toss Jarrett but that fails. Jarrett gets beat down and rolls outside. He reverses a whip and sends Daniels into the guardrail. He delivers chairshots to Harris and James. BG tries for the care but Referee Scott Armstrong grabs it from him. Jarrett gets busted open as all three men takes turns beating him down. Harris bounces a chair off of Jarrett’s head as they now all beat on Jarrett in the crowd. Once again, Scott Armstrong takes the chair from his brother. Jarrett grabs a chair and fights back but the numbers game catches up with him. Daniels goes up the stairs but Jarrett rolls off the table and Daniels crashes through. He beats everyone with a chair as he heads towards the ring. BG and Harris crotch him on the guardrail then rolls him into the ring. Fans chant for Jarrett as BG is punching away. Harris is also bleeding as he looks into the camera. Big boot by Harris and BG dances around before covering and that only gets two. Inverted atomic drop by BG then the pumphandle but Jarrett gets his foot on the rope. BG tosses his brother as Harris powerbombs Jarrett and that only gets two. BG slaps his brother, who takes off his shirt and kicks BG in the nuts and fires away. Jarrett fights back and backdrops a charging Harris to the floor (7:55). He then elminates BG via backdrop (7:59). Rudy Charles is now in the ring as Dusty is beating on BG. Daniels finally makes it to the ring as the camera shows the brawling around the arena and then Dusty beating up everyone in the SEX locker room. Daniels has Jarrett in the Koji Clutch as several wrestlers are watching the match. BME by Daniels gets two. Daniels goes back up top but Jarrett catches him and hits the Stroke for the win (10:24) *3/4. After the match, several wrestlers run out and put Jarrett on their shoulders. Borash goes into the ring to talk with Jarrett. Before that happens, Raven runs out from the crowd into the ring and beats on Jarrett, with all the wrestlers just standing there. He hits him with the Even Flow DDT and takes the belt before backing into the corner and ducking out before he gets touched. He holds the belt as he walks up the ramp then Russo yells for him and he goes with him as he yells “Fucking Raven” and Raven holds up the belt, with Tenay screaming as the show goes off the air.
Thoughts: The match was about as good as you really could have hoped for. At least the booking was competent. However, the match was all about the end and the debut of Raven, who debuted just two days after wrestling his last match with the WWE. Having him appear so soon was shocking.
Final Thoughts: Well, this show was largely terrible but the surprise debut of Raven at least made for a good ending. The main problems are the constant focus on the 1980’s, with Zbyszko, Koloff, and Dusty getting lots of time, and the overall lack of depth in the heavyweight division. Raven will obviously help the latter but the former is really starting to get old and I really do not get how it is supposed to get people to buy the PPV’s, let alone actually create a new star.