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In another topic that hasn't been discussed much this morning, it's now come out of the Network conference call that break-even has moved from 500K to somewhere in the 1.5-1.7 million range.  So this thing has suddenly become a lot more expensive, probably with the added costs of worldwide expansion and shitty new Jerry Springer shows.  And that's 1.7M paying subs on an average daily basis, not 1.3M the day after Wrestlemania with a bunch of free month customers in there.  So no, they are not anywhere near making money on this thing yet.  

On a somewhat related note, I upgraded my internet connection from 10 megabit to 25 megabit, and THAT has finally seemed to overpower whatever issues the Network has been having, because the RAW I reviewed last night worked flawlessly for once on Xbone.  

WWE announces Network numbers, Wall Street unimpressed.

1.3 million subs for the Network, stock drops almost $3.00 as a result.  That's kind of a disastrous number, actually.  Unless Wrestlemania did about 700,000 regular PPV buys, there's not really any way to spin this as a positive.  Plus they're doing another free month in April.  I'm sure Chris Harrington will chime in shortly and I'll link there when he does, since he actually knows what he's talking about with this stuff.  

Sporting News: Quarterly Network numbers are out, and the news isn’t good.

I feel like they need to push John Cena even harder, and perhaps have the announcers wear "$9.99" t-shirts all the time to really emphasize the price point. If people only knew what a great value the Network was and how much John Cena they could get on the Network, they'd hit their million subs in no time!  

Abeyance’s title reign, by the numbers!

As of this writing, Abeyance has been WWE champion for 37 days (and will remain champion until at least day 41).
Previous Abeyance reigns:

  • 51 days in 1988 (vacated after Andre sold the title to Dibiase. Abeyance was later defeated by Macho Man Randy Savage)
  • 46 days between late 1991 and early 1992, when Jack Tunney stripped Hogan of the belt and Ric Flair eliminated Abeyance at the 1992 Royal Rumble to win it.
  • 3 days in 1997, after defeating Shawn Michaels' smile
  • 49 days in 1998, eventually losing the title to The Rock.
  • 5 days in 1999, Abeyance defeated the Chairman of the Board, only to be buried by Triple H at the PPV less than a week later. Typical.
  • 5 days in 2007, Abeyance defeated John Cena and put him on the shelf for four months. But once again, Triple H struck and Abeyance was buried for the 2nd time in a row.
  • 6 days, in 2009 after defeating Batista and injuring him much like he did John Cena. 2009 was the year Abeyance showed how vicious he could be in the ring. Later dropped the belt to Randy Orton.

Thus far in this title reign alone, Abeyance has been a more successful WWE champion than the following:

  • Buddy Rogers (22 days)
  • Ivan Koloff (21 days)
  • Stan Stasiak (9 days)
  • The Iron Sheik (28 days)
  • Andre The Giant (1 day)
  • The Undertaker (6 days) – 1st reign
  • Hulk Hogan (1 day) – 4th reign
  • Ric Flair (41 days…Abeyance will tie on Sunday) – 2nd reign
  • Yokozuna (1 day) – 1st reign
  • Bob Backlund (3 days) – 2nd reign
  • Shawn Michales (25 days) – 2nd reign
  • Abeyance (3 days) – this was Abeyance's 3rd time holding the WWE championship. Abeyance was defeated by Bret Hart
  • Bret Hart (1 day) – 4th reign
  • Sycho Sid (34 days) – 2nd reign
  • Kane (1 day)
  • Mankind (26 days) – 1st reign
  • The Rock (2)
  • Mankind (20 days) – 2nd reign
  • The Rock (41 days – Abeyance will tie on Sunday) – 3rd reign
  • The Undertaker (36 days) – 3rd reign
  • Mankind (1 day) – 3rd reign
  • Triple H (22 days) – 1st reign
  • Vince McMahon (6 days)
  • The Rock (21 days) – 4th reign
  • Triple H (35 days) – 4th reign
  • The Rock (35 days) – 6th reign
  • Kurt Angle (15 days) – 2nd reign
  • Triple H (35 days) – 5th reign
  • Hulk Hogan (28 days) – 6th reign
  • The Rock (35 days) – 7th reign
  • The Big Show (28 days) – 2nd reign
  • Edge (21 days) – 1st reign
  • RVD (22 days)
  • Randy Orton (1 day) – 1st reign
  • Triple H (1 day) – 6th reign
  • Edge (21 days) – 3rd reign
  • Edge (21 days) – 4th reign
  • Batista (2 days) – 1st reign
  • John Cena (21 days) – 4th reign
  • Randy Orton (21 days) – 5th reign
  • John Cena (1 day) – 6th reign
  • Batista (35 days) – 2nd reign
  • CM Punk (28 days) – 1st reign
  • Alberto Del Rio (35 days) – 1st reign
  • John Cena (14 days) – 10th reign
  • Daniel Bryan (1 day) – 1st reign
  • Randy Orton (28 days) – 7th reign
  • Daniel Bryan (1 day) – 2nd reign


  • Abeyance has held the WWE Championship an incredible 8 times. Only The Rock, John Cena, and Triple H have had more title reigns.
  • As of this Sunday, Abeyance will have held the title for a combined 206 days, making him 22nd on the all-time list of combined days.

Without a doubt, Abeyance is a Hall of Fame-worthy performer and will likely continue to win WWE championships long into the future.

a look at the numbers….

> Scott,
> Everyone is upset with Rock/Cena, cause they're sick of Super-Cena and don't want to see him win again and it's never going to end…. but I was thinking about this:
> – During the first ten WrestleManias, the biggest stars were Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, with Hogan clearly the bigger star. But he was done after WrestleMania IX and Savage done after Mania X.
> – The next ten WrestleManias, the biggest stars were Steve Austin and The Rock with Austin clearly the bigger star, and Austin was done after IX and the  Rock done after WrestleMania XX.
> – So WrestleManias 21 – 28 have featured John Cena and Randy Orton as the biggest stars at the time (maybe HHH instead of Orton, but I don't think so), with Cena the bigger star of the two. If the pattern holds, then this will be the last time we see Cena at a WrestleMania, and Orton will be done next year.
> I mean, probably not, but it's kind of comforting though if you really hate Cena.
> – Joe