Yay! More Numbered Questions!

Holy shit, my sinuses finally un-swelled and my head no longer feels like someone is wrapping their belt around it, so let’s celebrate with another numbered list!

Scott, Long time reader, occasional commenter, occasional e-mailer. Questions : 1. Do you think Rick Martel gets his due as a performer?  I seem to remember him succeeding on a number of levels : (a) Lengthy reign as AWA champion, at the tail-end of the period when that actually meant something. (b) Great success tagging in the WWF, with both Zenk and Santana.  Over, and really brought scientific wrestling to the ‘Ricky Morton’ formula. (c) Impressive (to me) old-school heel run as ‘The Model’, as long as we discard the blindfold match. (d) Jaw-dropping (and unfortunately cut short) run in WCW at the TV title level.  Absolutely loved his matches here. 2. Who do you think would have been a bigger star if not for tragic events : Magnum T.A. or Owen Hart? 3. Did you ever do a rant for “Ringmasters.  The Great American Bash”?  I loved that VHS tape as a kid. 4. What could have been done to save Warrior and Sting’s aborted runs as babyface champions?  Was it just bad booking?

1.  I think he gets his due for the most part.  He made his money and got out at the right time, and he was basically a solid midcard guy who had good matches and put people over.  He’s not HOF-worthy or anything, but I think people have the right amount of nostalgic appreciation for him.  Plus his run as the Model was some really epic dogging it on his part for a long time there.  It was only during the brief Michaels feud that he really came to life again. 2.  Magnum would have certainly got the NWA World title by 1988 without the accident.  I’d argue he’s already the bigger star even with his career getting cut short, if you discount the infamy Owen gained for dying.  Plus TA was juiced in as Dusty’s guy and would have got a free ride for as long as he stuck around, ala Barry Windham, and probably would have ended up with a good WWE run, too.  Plus he was oozing charisma and Vince could have found a character for him ala Razor Ramon to hide whatever deficiencies he had in the ring.    3.  No, but I just looked it up on YouTube and it’s only 30 minutes long.  So here it is: 4.  Warrior’s problem was Hogan sticking around and Hogan-ing up the main events so that no one else could get over as a top guy.  Sting’s problem was a total lack of interesting heels to feud with once he had actually won the title.  Really, they had Sid and then nothing.  Probably should have kept Lex Luger as a heel and built to that for Starrcade. 

Yay, Numbered Lists

I know your readers love numbered lists! 1. Do you know the story on what happened with Alex Riley? He got one of the most massive reactions in recent memory when he face turned on Miz, was given great entrance music and main evented Raw for about a month, and then fell off the face of the planet. I know he’s doing commentary for their B-shows, so what gives? Did he suffer some sort of Nowinski-type injury or what? 2. I really have no interest in ever seeing Sting perform in a WWE ring, but I have to admit that even with their limited abilities at this point, Sting vs. Undertaker would be a pretty awesome spectacle. I know you’ve said Taker-Cena is a lock for WrestleMania right now, but if they somehow got Sting to work the event would they change their plans to give us Sting-Taker, instead? 2b. Sting-Cena seems like it would have money written all over it, too, but outside of Cena and Taker is there any other money they could milk out of Sting besides the inevitable DVD set? 3. Speaking of big money matches, the excitement for Lesnar’s return seemed to flame out really quickly, thanks in no small part to him having to put over the most over guy of the modern era and the guy who’s basically been over for almost 15 years now. Is there anything left on the table for Brock that would draw interest? Brock-Sheamus seems appealing to me, Daniel Bryan could probably make him look like a million bucks, but is there anything else? 4. Going back into the wayback machine, I have a nostalgic fondness for Ken Shamrock. They never really seemed to tap into what they could have gotten out of him. Were there ever bigger plans for him, or was he always intended to just be a sort of upper-midcard hand? 5. Final question: Carlito, MVP, Shelton Benjamin, and Mr. Kennedy: all of these guys were fairly well-liked by the Internet, all seemed as though they could have been viable main eventers, and all of them left WWE without even touching their potential. Which of these guys do you see as the biggest wasted opportunity, and which if any do you think we might see in a WWE ring again?

1.  He did (something) and fell into the doghouse, where (something) is an incident I don’t remember.  Unfortunately, once you’re there and you’re not a top guy, it’s incredibly difficult to escape it again. 2.  I presume that if Sting is available and willing to work Wrestlemania, we will get Sting-Undertaker, and otherwise we’ll get Cena-Undertaker.  I’m pretty sure Cena-UT was in the plans because they didn’t count on TNA falling off a cliff and Sting being a possibility, but given his age and limited options for matches you’d have to think Sting-UT is the only way they’d go.  2b.  I feel like doing Sting-UT, then having them team up and go against the Shield and/or Wyatts in some combination at Summerslam would also be a good use of him.  3.  I honestly don’t even know what they’re trying to accomplish with Brock anymore, but yes, Brock-Sheamus could be fun.  Ultimately I think we’re only getting Brock vs. “A+” guys, though.  4.  He was what he was.  I think they did about as well with him as they could, although Robo-Shamrock in 98 was a huge wasted opportunity.  He was never gonna be Goldberg or anything, though.  5.  I never saw the big deal with either Carlito or Kennedy.  MVP was just warming up when he got cut.  The biggest waste was Chris Masters, who got pushed based on his look, got told to lose the weight, did so, got mocked and de-pushed, and then got really good on his own before getting fired.  Both companies are idiots for not giving him another shot when he was pulling flaming tree trunks out of the ground like Superman.