RAW and Nostalgia

Vader's nostalgia pop on RAW kind of reinforces a point that I've made before:  They're doing the wrong nostalgia acts.  Given that Jerry Lawler still thinks that the kidz these days care about Gunsmoke and I Love Lucy references, I'm not surprised that they trot out 70s and 80s legends to an audience that wasn't even alive at the time.  Think about this:  The audience that they're appealing to, 14 year old boys, weren't even ALIVE when Vader was debuting on RAW in 96.  The people that the current audience is nostalgic for are the 90s Attitude guys.  Bring in DDP, Buff Bagwell and Scott Steiner for a couple of nostalgia shots and it would get over way better than putting Sgt. Slaughter out there for the millionth time.  X-Pac might even get a reaction after all these years, who knows.