Mike Reviews – Pro-Wrestling NOAH 20th Anniversary Show (22/11/2020)

Hello You!

Because why not eh?

I was a big NOAH fan in the 00’s and hoovered up any stuff from the company that I could, even going to see the company live on three occasions when they toured over in the UK at different points.

The death of Mitsuharu Misawa and the retirement of Kenta Kobashi played their part in my interest for the product waning and I haven’t watched a NOAH show for a very long time. However, there was a thread up on the Blog noting that this show was going up on FITE with English commentary, so I decided to throw some coins NOAH’s way for old time’s sake seeing as the card looked like it would be fun.

It’s been so long since I watched the product that I’m going into this one totally blind, but Lawrence Talbot has kindly allowed me to post his previews from the live thread on the Blog. Head over and give him a like for putting the work in for us.

If I enjoy this I might even try and stay up to date with the product going forward. Anyway, let’s watch some chuffing wrestling!

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Pro Wrestling NOAH bought by tech company Estbee

Tokyo Sports reports that Pro Wrestling NOAH has been bought by Estbee, an IT company whose executive is former AJPW owner Masayuki Uchida. The deal was made in the space of three weeks after Naomichi Marufuji met privately with Uchida on October 10th and the sale was finalised yesterday.

Estbee acquired the trademark, titles, and roster of NOAH. The wrestlers and staff were told yesterday and no schedules have been changed.

Estbee’s statement: Estbee have been looking to raise funds and get into new areas of business. While we have no business history with pro wrestling, Mr. Uchida has a connection to NOAH and decided to breathe new life into the company.

Takaaki Kidani, the president of Bushiroad (owners of NJPW and stakeholders in NOAH), tweeted: I was completely surprised to hear news of NOAH’s acquisition. On behalf of the industry, I hope this heads in a positive direction.

All information and translations via Enuhito and Chris Charlton

KENTA’s Farewell to NOAH (5/17/14)

KENTA & Naomichi Marufuji vs. Takashi Sugiura & Katsuhiko Nakajima

I know we’re only a couple months away from when he debuts as Kenny “The Jet” Velasquez in NXT, but until then I’d like to remember the guy more like this. Marked when he came out to “What You Know” instead of “Enio”, crowd kinda lost it too. When he signed that last shirt, for the last time.. damn, we aren’t gonna see that for a while.. All in all, a fitting send off and a nice exclamation point on a memorable era.