Ninja Turtles

Hey Scott,

With the new Ninja Turtles trailer recently out, I was curious if you (or the BODers) had any interest in the franchise in general and/or the upcoming film. I'm a proud Turtle fan (can't be any more embarrassing than being a wrestling fan, I suppose), and I don't know about anyone else but I'm more than excited for the new film. I have a love/hate relationship with Michael Bay, but here he seems to have something interesting going.

I'm currently reading through the Ultimate Visual History book than just came out, and I encourage any Turtle fan to pick it up.

​I'm not really in the right demographic to be super-nostalgic about the Turtles, as I was a bit too old for the movies and a bit too young to get into the original comics.  My daughter really likes the TMNT movie from a few years back, though.  ​