Fearless Nikki?

Hey Scott,

Big fan, and I have a question you might be able to answer. 

Getting straight to the point, where the hell did the whole "Fearless Nikki" slogan come from? What makes Nikki Bella so fearless? I can't help but think Brie got the "Brie Mode" thing, and it worked that they needed something for Nikki too, and pulled that out of their ass. Anyway, any ideas how they got to that? I don't watch the weekly shows anymore, so I wonder if I missed something at some point.


​I think that even the people that watch the weekly shows generally feel like they've missed something while trying to figure out the storylines.  What are we at now, two weeks in a row where they've advertised a Bryan/Ziggler v. Barrett/Sheamus tag match for Smackdown and then changed it at the last minute?  If it makes you feel better, I don't really get the "Brie Mode" thing either, so "Fearless Nikki" is probably some other stupid Total Divas nonsense.​