Mike Reviews – On The Mat (17th March 1981)

Greetings Friends!

This week we’re going back to On The Mat, an NWA affiliated show from New Zealand that was mostly built around “Maniac” Mark Lewin. I enjoyed it well enough last time and the episodes are only half an hour long, so it’s not like it’s going to eat into too much of my time.

If you’d like to watch along you can do so by clicking right HERE

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Mike Reviews On The Mat (01/03/1983)

Hello You!

Last week I looked at some classic British Wrestling and today we’re going to look at some from New Zealand. I stumbled across “On The Mat” by accident on YouTube, and from doing some digging around I’ve found out that it was an NWA affiliated show that aired on the channel “TV2” between 1975 and 1984.

Seeing as the episodes are under 30 minutes I decided I’d have a bash at reviewing one of them just to have something new to watch. It’s essentially your typical studio wrestling shoot, ala Mid-Atlantic or Memphis, except sometimes the venues aren’t traditional TV studio’s and instead in things like sports halls and YMCA’s. The presentation is similar though. How can that not be good eh?

If you fancy watching the show, you can do so by clicking HERE.

So let’s head over to the other side of the world and watch some chuffing wrestling!

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