Place to be Network Rewind Series: WCW Bash at the Beach 1996

From the fine folks at Place to be Nation, listen to the podcast that discusses one of the most influential PPV’s in the history of professional wrestling. This podcast also features Scott Keith as a special guest so click on the link below and give it a listen.






Indys on the Network?

Hey Scott,
This is regarding the sudden change occurring in the company with showing independent promotion footage with Balor, letting Joe use his name, interest with working with Evolve, etc. Do you think there's any chance they are setting up a similar deal to what UFC is doing? For anyone that doesn't follow MMA, the UFC also has their own network and has been signing other MMA promotions to exclusive broadcast deals to their network. They also have a working agreement that they could send fighters to these promotions or take fighters from them. In addition, the UFC has the entire tape library of these promotions in their fight library section. For how crazy this year has been, would you be shocked if this is in the future? Do you think it would be neat to see the business go full circle and have territories on the network? I would not be shocked at all.  There is literally no downside for anyone.  Indy guys get huge exposure, WWE gets reams of content they can run and probably buys up the library tapes anyway.  If one of these goofs suddenly becomes a huge star, WWE owns their footage and produces a DVD and everyone makes money.  Plus they lock up the competition into soul-crushing exclusivity deals and prevent anyone from going to Spike TV and launching a new hour of wrestling.  I bet it'll happen within our lifetimes, if not sooner.  

A Controversial Idea for the WWE Network.

What do you think would happen in the WWE moved RAW and Smackdown to the Network and just got rid of tv altogether?  Or maybe just producing tv recap shows like they used to showcasing Raw and Smackdown among other stuff on the Network (Think Prime Wrestling, WWE Mania, All-American Wrestling, etc.?)  Would they go out of business? Increase viewership to the site and therefore could increase their subscription fees? Nothing at all?

Given the ridiculous TV rights fees are what has been keeping the Network afloat while they find their way with it, I'd say "Go out of business" would be the optimal choice here.  

Network future

When news came out that no one is watching archived content on the network doesn't that spell trouble for them?  We are in one of the lowest interested periods in wrestling and they're are trying to market a wrestling exclusive network.  There is a reason netflix has 60mil subs and WWE is practically begging for less than 5 percent of that.  Netflix has options of choice depending what your in the mood for.  Movies/TV, comedy, action, romance, documentary, etc..The main selling point of the network is the PPV's. but wasnt the second selling pt the archived content?  There is only so much wrestling content a person could take.  every show that isnt actual wrestling is about wrestling.  if you were in charge would you double down and add more wrestling centric content or would you attempt to go for broke and branch out to add non traditional items?  Is there( a reason they cant put wwe studios movies on there?  I know nothing about the tv business but
 could it be feasible to buy old tv shows on the cheap not like seinfeld going for 800k per episode) but maybe something like married with children, wings, home improvement, night court something that is not on tv syndication anymore?  i know people made fun of hogans cartoon getting added, but i think that was a sliver of an attempt at total family service.  like i said earlier Netflix has something for everyone male, female, kids.  maybe they were trying female demo – total divas, male- everything, kids -hogan cartoon. Im sorry this got long and most if it was just talking out of my ass cuz im someone who will never run anything in my life. Thanks for reading.

​They have every right to put WWE Studios movies on there as long as they own the rights to them, which would be anything not distributed by a major studio AFAIK.  Even then if they wanted to put 12 Rounds 2 or whatever on there, I'm sure they could work out a cheap deal for it. 
As for TV shows, yes, there are bazillions of cheaply licensed shows available for distribution.  That's basically the entire Canadian cable landscape at this point and a big reason why I don't bother with cable anymore.  Learning the Ropes is just begging for inclusion, I say!  

WWE Network Question

On their website (and Mobile app updates) the WWE keeps referring to the "award winning" WWE Network.  What award?  And when did they win this?


Basically it's a BS award.  But we're probably going to hear about it for the next two years on every show now.  They're like when Owen Hart "won" those Slammys and then didn't shut up about it, but in corporate form.  

Raw on the network

> Hey Scott,
> Have you heard any scuttlebutt on the new raw dump? They put up every 98 raw which is a good thing in a vacuum but it makes me wonder if/when they finish off 96 and do 97. Also since these raws are in a different section it makes me wonder if they will disappear like all the great black history month programs. For such a great service the lack of any information about archive updates can get frustrating.
> Thanks
> The scuttlebutt seems to be that the dump is permanent, but who the hell knows?  Missing all of 97 sets off my wrestling OCD, but I'll take whatever j can get. 

Network Editing WrestleMania

Just rewatched WrestleMania on the Network, and it seems to me like they edited the boos for Reigns in his match with Lesnar. It's one thing to edit Smackdown or a YouTube video, but to edit out boos from a live PPV is just ridiculous. I can't recall WWE going to these lengths with Cena. So why are they so insistent that Reigns must not get booed? Wouldn't it be easier to just change Reigns (either heel turn or tweak his character) than try to change everyone else's minds or change history altogether? 

​Haven't we all been watching for the past three months?  They're determined to tell the story of underdog family man babyface Roman Reigns, all evidence of that story not working be damned.  Editing Wrestlemania (and they apparently re-edited Brock's entrance to properly cue to the pyro, so it's not just this) is the least of it.  I'm pretty sure Vince is going to progress to simply paying every member of the audience a couple of bucks each to cheer by June.  ​

Network numbers

In another topic that hasn't been discussed much this morning, it's now come out of the Network conference call that break-even has moved from 500K to somewhere in the 1.5-1.7 million range.  So this thing has suddenly become a lot more expensive, probably with the added costs of worldwide expansion and shitty new Jerry Springer shows.  And that's 1.7M paying subs on an average daily basis, not 1.3M the day after Wrestlemania with a bunch of free month customers in there.  So no, they are not anywhere near making money on this thing yet.  

On a somewhat related note, I upgraded my internet connection from 10 megabit to 25 megabit, and THAT has finally seemed to overpower whatever issues the Network has been having, because the RAW I reviewed last night worked flawlessly for once on Xbone.  

WWE announces Network numbers, Wall Street unimpressed.

1.3 million subs for the Network, stock drops almost $3.00 as a result.  That's kind of a disastrous number, actually.  Unless Wrestlemania did about 700,000 regular PPV buys, there's not really any way to spin this as a positive.  Plus they're doing another free month in April.  I'm sure Chris Harrington will chime in shortly and I'll link there when he does, since he actually knows what he's talking about with this stuff.  

WWE Announces New Network Series

The WWE sent out the following listing of original programming that
will be coming to the WWE Network, and in that announcement was news
that the NXT brand will be doing monthly, two-hour specials. Here is the


CAMP WWE – COMING LATE 2015: WWE, in partnership with Seth
Green’s Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, will debut a new, animated short-form
comedy series entitled Camp WWE. Imagine WWE Superstars and Divas when
they were kids at their favorite summer camp…which happens to be run by
none other than Mr. McMahon – add in shock-value, slapstick humor and
social satire – and you have WWE’s first adult comedy, which will debut
later this year.

SWERVED – COMING IN MAY: WWE teams up with the Director of
Jackass and Bad Grandpa, Jeff Tremaine, to give you the hilarious
original series, Swerved. Swerved is a half hour series and will
premiere in May.

DIVA SEARCH – COMING THIS FALL: WWE spans the globe in search
of the most beautiful, athletic and charismatic women to find the next
stunning WWE Diva. This competition will give viewers the opportunity to
witness the challenges, trials, drama and rewards that accompany the
journey of these women, as they vie for superstardom. Coming this Fall.

Hosted by legendary talk show host Jerry Springer, this series will
re-introduce the WWE Universe to the most outrageous stunts and
cringe-inducing moments in TV history. The series will be chock full of
insane situations and racy romps from WWE’s past that will have members
of the WWE Universe asking, “Did they really do this?!” Springer will
inject his own brand of humor into each episode with themes such as
“Love Hurts,” “All in the Family” and “Weddings and Funerals.” The
half-hour series will be available beginning in April in WWE Network’s
video-on-demand library with new episodes weekly.

Podcast host Chris Jericho challenges his guests in provocative, candid
conversations about their careers, their lives, past controversies and
the overall state of WWE. The monthly series kicks off Monday, April 6
immediately following Raw, with its first one-hour episode featuring WWE
Superstar John Cena.

Renee Young interviews WWE Superstars and other pop-culture celebrities,
covering just about everything, except what they are famous for. In
this short-form series, Renee’s guests include Grammy Award winner Wiz
Khalifa, five-time Grammy nominee Skylar Grey and WWE Superstars Roman
Reigns and Seth Rollins. Unfiltered will debut in May.

commentator Corey Graves reveals a variety of unique venues, customs,
music, food and people as WWE’s tour travels around the world. From
Marvel comic headquarters to a tattoo shop on the lower east side of
Manhattan, Graves examines the local culture with his unique perspective
and style. This short-form series will premiere in June.

WWE THE LIST – COMING IN JUNE: WWE The List is the best, the
worst, the most bizarre and interesting of everything and anything WWE.
If it’s amazing, outrageous, sexy or just plain fun, it just made

NEW EPISODES: In addition to the eight new original series,
WWE Network will also debut new episodes of the highly-acclaimed
docu-series WWE 24 as well as WWE Countdown and Rivalries. WWE will also
add more children’s programming by bringing back the popular 1980s
animated series, Hulk Hogan’s Rock ‘N’ Wrestling. In addition, WWE
Network will produce compelling specials and short form content, while
continuing to add 1,000 hours to its robust video-on-demand library,
which currently has more than 3,000 hours of content.

WWE 24: The acclaimed 30-minute docu-series takes you on a
lightning-fast journey through a day in the life of WWE’s most
intriguing Superstars and groundbreaking events.

WWE COUNTDOWN: WWE Countdown settles the great debates across
WWE history. Who was the most dangerous Diva? Who had the best
catchphrase? This one-hour series allows the WWE Universe to determine
the top 10 in each category and have the final word on who tops each

RIVALRIES: This docu-style series takes a look at the greatest
rivalries in WWE history, as never told before. Get the real stories
behind WWE’s most exciting matches and entertaining feuds through the
eyes of the Superstars who created them. Each one-hour episode leaves no
story untold.

HULK HOGAN’S ROCK ’N’ WRESTLING: Harkening back to 1985, this
Saturday morning cartoon, which originally aired on CBS, features Hulk
Hogan, Andre the Giant, Junkyard Dog, Captain Lou Albano, and Roddy
Piper in a series that is both nostalgic and entertaining, 30 years


WWE Network will look back at this epic David vs. Goliath encounter at
WrestleMania 24 (2008) and its shocking conclusion coming just in time
for Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, which is expected to be one of the biggest
boxing matches in history.

is here. WWE’s hottest up-and-coming Superstars compete to prove they’ve
got what it takes. More than just evolution, it’s a revolution! Witness
these WWE Superstars of tomorrow as they take over WWE Network with
live two-hour specials.

So we have a bunch of shows most people won’t watch, Takeover going monthly, new episodes of shows they already have, and Jerry Springer hosting something that sounds like Are You Serious but without the puppet.  But we can’t get 1997 Nitro?

AWA and the WWE Network

Any idea if there are any issues that might prevent AWA from airing on the WWE Network? I know the rights issues are a bit crazy due to ESPN having a clause that give them exclusive TV rights to the AWA's show but does that cover streaming websites like the WWE Network? 

​No, their exclusive rights only cover specific airings of the ESPN TV show.  WWE owns the master tapes of everything else that AWA produced and they can do whatever they want with them.  AWA used to produce all sorts of syndicated repackagings and secondary market shows and such and as far as I know there's literally nothing preventing any of the AWA footage from airing on the Network.  ​We've already seen hours of ESPN footage on DVD releases from WWE as well, so clearly even that isn't an issue.  

How the network is programmed.

Help me understand something.

Why are the same episodes of shows constantly replayed during the day? For example; a couple days ago Nitro was on the schedule 3 times that day……but it was the same episode each time !!!

Also, since it's WrestleMania month, you'd think they would show a different Mania each day up until WM 31. No. They show the SAME ONE 3 times in a day. And why, when there are 30 to choose from, I've only seen the same 10 or so?

Is it pure laziness or is there actually a legit reason for this?

Excellent question, Shelton!

They're actually programming in an 8-hour block and repeating it 3 times a day to give them their 24 hours, which accounts for differences in time zones across the world so that if you miss it in the morning, you can still watch it in the afternoon.  And I understand about VOD and all that, but they're trying to make it a channel first and an internet streaming service second. 

WWE Network

WWE Network seems to have been free quite a lot this year, how long can Vince and Co© keep this thing alive with it making no money 65% of the time? Also before investors realise the figures are inflated by these offers and that the 1m PAYING subscribers is still a way off?
​I feel like they'll let it play out and see where it goes.  ​

WWE Network removes Canadian Geo-Blocking

So for anyone who doesn't know yet, if you already have a WWE Network account in Canada, you no longer need DNS changers or Hola or whatever to access it.  With the Rogers deal now finalized, they have unblocked it for Canada, assuming you already have credentials.  You still need either Canadian Rogers account or a fake US billing account to actually get access, but once you do it's available without Unblock-US or whatever. Which means I can now watch on my iPad or phone outside my house!  I'm still using Unblock-US for Netflix and Hulu, but it's nice to have more options for the Network now.  

My night of Network viewing!

So in between writing my gruelling and extensively researched piece for Sporting News tonight, I also checked out some stuff on the Network because reasons.  And it was a pretty good night! First up, the Santino Royal Rumble special, which was pretty fun, as Santino is always entertaining hosting these kind of fluff pieces.  Basically an extended version of the “by the numbers” video packages, with extra stuff like highlighting funny moments and showing all 39 of Kane’s eliminations and such.  I’m of course a huge mark for the Rumble so this was a breezy 40 minutes.  Also, Santino mispronouncing “John Cena” is never not funny.  Thumbs up! Second, I was digging through the “Beyond the Ring” section (basically the documentary portions of a bunch of home video releases) and decided to check out the “History of the World title” one from 2009.  I actually have the DVD on my shelf to complete the set of “History of WWE title” and “History of IC title” ones (because the packaging looks the same and I’m a bit of an obsessive collector…shocking I know) but I’ve never sat down to watch it before.  I actually really enjoy when they venture into the old-timey history stuff, moreso for the fascinating nostalgia than their ridiculous attempts to connect the Gotch-Hackenshmidt era to the modern big gold belt.  But given they have hundreds of hours of the classic 70s NWA era that never get put to use and big names like Terry Funk and Harley Race who were in their prime, I’m shocked we don’t get more excuses to use that footage.  It’s so cool to see stuff like the Funk brothers winning the title and Gene Kiniski still kayfabing 30 years later.  Fun fact:  My dad grew up in the same neighborhood as the Kiniskis and went to school with Kelly and Nick. So that stuff was all great, and then the documentary completely goes to hell once it gets to the NWA – WCW transition and loses all semblance of reality or a timeline that makes any sense.  But the 1900-1980s history portion for the first 3/4 is all really great.  I believe the DVD set has a hell of a matchlist as well, so check it out if you find it cheap like I did!

Network Show – VH1 I Love… Style

Hi Scott,

I hope you're doing well. The BoD is influential and gets ideas out there, so what are your thoughts about a new WWE Network show in the style of VH1's old "I Love the 80s/90s"?? They can easily pull out every year of the modern era (80s, 90s, 00s) and have current/past stars comment on that particular year with clips shown from all their content. For example, "I Love 1991" — Have superstars choose favorite angles from all of the promotions that year, worst angles, best new gimmicks, biggest flops, etc. It feels like this type of show writes itself; they own the footage, and it is technically NEW programming. VH1, years ago, re branded itself with these types of shows and it brought in great ratings (it eventually led to Bret Michael's type reality shows though; so that's the bad).  Your thoughts??

Best, Anthony Viggiani
New York, NY

Come on now, Bret Michaels Rock of Love was great trashy fun.

As for that idea, I love it.  Hopefully they could resist the temptation to make every episode about the Attitude Era, but it's exactly the kind of fresh take on the talking head and recycled footage formula that would be fun.  I can see Dolph Ziggler and Zack Ryder being all over this kind of thing.  

WWE Network Receives CRTC Approval

Basically this means that all the other service providers in Canada (all 2 of them) are now free to buy the channel from Rogers and provide it to people, and they don't have to worry about Canadian content or anything.  Kind of funny that there was objections due to the channel not being internet-based like the US one and not having all the same content, and Rogers response was basically "Yeah, well, too bad." and they still approved it anyways.
Canadian TV, ladies and gentlemen.  I shall remain a citizen of Lafayette, LA, for the forseeable future.  

wwe network UK

Hey Scott,

I'm a WWE fan currently based in the uk that has signed up for the network I watch it through my Xbox 360 normally and have to use unblock us to access the content. Over the last week I've noticed that I haven't had to use unblock us at all at the network works no problem could that mean that the geoblocking for countries has now been lifted? Maybe worth putting it out the BOD'ers who are based in the UK and Canada to see if they can also do this because it's not been officially announced yet by the WWE.


Yeah, I saw your post on Reddit.  I think it was just lifted for testing or some other minor purpose, because no one else has mentioned it.  It's definitely still geoblocked in Canada.  Or maybe they're just keeping it on the QT, I dunno.  Awesome for you if so, although I use UnblockUS for Netflix and Hulu anyway so it wouldn't really matter to me if WWE was unlocked up here because I'd still be paying the $5 a month for Unblock.  

There's a plug for the WWE Network subreddit too.  

Was the Network too much too soon?

Hey Scott, I've been reading your comments and those of others for a while, and one of the main points you and many others have made is that the WWE has the diehard fans locked in no matter what, and their current number of subscribers is probably that group (or near enough). So, hindsight and all that, but couldn't the WWE have launched the Network WITHOUT the PPV's (maybe make them available months later) and probably done roughly the same amount of business, without cannibalizing their PPV revenue? I mean, logically they'd probably have ended up with somewhere around 500K buys instead of 775K (or whatever the actual number is), but they'd still be drawing better PPV numbers, they could do all of the crazy marketing and experimentation they've been doing to try and make it profitable, and once it worked and was a desirable product, THEN they could say "Oh and by the way NOW we're going to start showing all the PPV's live on the Network!"

Counterpoint: if they decided to stop showing the PPV's live on the Network, save for the NXT ones obviously, how bad for them would that be, do you think?

​You know, I was fine with them ditching all the B-shows onto the Network, because who gives a shit about Battleground or TLC or whatever, but putting Wrestlemania on the Network was suicide.  They could have had the best of both worlds, with 700K subscribers for the April-Dec PPV cycle, and then 600K buys for Rumble and 1M buys for WM and basically doubled their revenue for the year.  Everyone would have still happily bought Rumble and Mania.  Fuck, I basically stopped watching wrestling from 2006-2011 and I still bought the Rumble every year!  ​
If they went back to PPV, it would go very, very badly for them and I think they know it.  InDemand is already on the verge of dropping them and if they abandoned the Network now, you can bet the cable companies would suddenly demand 70 or 75% of the revenues to let them continue airing their PPVs because without the dish networks WWE basically has zero leverage now.  WWE has deliberately scuttled their own PPV business and there's no going back now.  

Network tactics

Hey Scott, once they announced Rusev vs Sheamus for the US Title was going to air exclusively on the Network after RAW it was pretty much a given that Rusev was going to win the title in that match so they could say "Hey look, you missed out on this 'prestigious' title switch, get the Network FreeFreeFree!!!"

How long before they start doing things like putting the end of RAW on there? Or right before the next quarterly report they put Daniel Bryan's return (unlikely) or start a really good main event match and pull a WCWish "We're out of time, turn to the Network for the conclusion!"

It would be a way to artificially boost their subscription count right before quarterly report, but would the backlash be too strong and/or would USA have a fit?

USA would have a fit, I assume.  But frankly I'm shocked they haven't been doing all of those things, because it's long been a tradition in wrestling.  And really, they SHOULD be doing whatever they can to think outside the box and drive people to the Network.  Shoot big angles on Main Event now and then!  We're wrestling fans, we know the deal already and we're already preconditioned to put up with bullshit like the above without worrying about it overly.  

WWE Network “Customer Service” Story

Hey Scott,

I never e-mail you, but I'm a reader of your work for going on 10+ years now, and felt compelled to share my experience interacting with @AskWWENetwork on Twitter with the fellow Blog-ites (or whatever name you have for us).

A few weeks ago, when the Network was doing the Smackdown anniversary deal and was uploading all that Smackdown-related material, I went to go pull up the 2004 episode they uploaded/aired, which had the Eddie Guerrero-JBL cage match that I never saw before.  I didn't catch it on the live stream, but that's one of the best things about the Network, right?  Everything is available to watch on demand, IMMEDIATELY!

Not exactly.

I went to the year filter under "Smackdown Replays" and noticed that 2004 was not available to choose.  "OK", I figured, "I can just use the search engine and pull the episode up that way".  Well, I think all Network users know how well that probably worked out (side note – I mean, really, it's been 8 MONTHS and you can't get the search feature working at least somewhat properly?). 

My next thought was to reach out to the @AskWWENetwork handle on Twitter and let them know of what I perceived to be a minor, easily-fixable issue.  All you have to do is add a filter…it can't be that big a deal.

@AskWWENetwork Just a heads up, 2004 isn't available from the Smackdown Replays drop-down menu filter, so you can't access the 2004 episode.

@JFratt Hey there! Thanks for letting us know. We'll send this information to our tech team for further analysis. ^AW|

Fair enough. Again, this shouldn't be a major issue, so hopefully the filter will pop up in the next day or so.

Two days later, I decided to sit down and watch the Network…but it was kind of sticking in my craw that I couldn't pull up a show I wanted to watch. So again, I decided to reach out.

@AskWWENetwork Noticed this still isn't fixed. Any update?

The reply I received wasn't very helpful.

@JFratt Unfortunately, we have received no further info, we hope to have an update soon! Thanks for your patience. ^JS

OK. Well it was a holiday weekend in the States, maybe they just need the right person in to take care of this…say it with me…minor issue.

Well, a week passed. Two weeks. Three weeks. Finally, today, a MONTH later, I decided to ask again, just out of morbid curiosity as to how something so simple to fix could be neglected so easily. I replied to the thread from a few weeks back so whoever was responding could see what I was referring to.

@AskWWENetwork Is there an update on this? This seems like a pretty minor issue that should be easily fixable.

The response didn't seem to make a ton of sense.

@JFratt Thanks for reaching out. We have no further info on when those episodes will be available. Stay tuned for a future update. ^SO
Did you read the question I originally asked before you inserted your typical, blow-off response that you've been sending out to quite a few users about quite a few topics? (Check their timeline and see what I'm talking about.)
@AskWWENetwork You didn't read the problem correctly. There is an episode already available that you can't access because the drop-down…

@AskWWENetwork …menu doesn't have the year listed to choose from. I'm not asking for info as to when episodes would be available…

@AskWWENetwork …this is regarding an episode that already aired that subscribers can't access.

Alright, I aired my grievances, and spelled the issue out pretty well, methinks.

@JFratt Unfortunately, we do not have an update regarding when these will be available to view. Sorry for any inconvenience. ^SO

So this whole deal was…"helpful". Look, I've been a subscriber since Day One. And I'll probably continue to be one, because I love the idea behind this product. Lord knows it satiates my appetite for wrestling better than today's lousy product does. And again, I know it's ONE little episode of Smackdown and it's definitely not as in-demand as the Nitro episodes were, or the ECW material, etc, but to me, this is a great illustration and a microcosm of how disorganized and poorly executed this has been, in many ways.

Anyway, I know this was long and maybe drawn out, but I figured it was worth sharing…I'm sure other readers have had experiences that are somewhat similar in nature.

Keep up the great work, Scott. Always been a fan and will continue to be one!

​Thanks, I'll pass your concerns on to the blog technical staff and get back to you once we figure out the best way to respond to your positive feedback.  
If it helps, everything I've heard about people who are involved with the Network is that they're just as frustrated as we are due to budget cuts overriding any other consideration, so I wouldn't hold your breath for things to improve any time soon.   ​