The post-PPV world of the near-future.


Let's assume that 5 years from now, most or all WWE PPV/"Special Events" are not on Cable or Satellite but exclusive to The Network.

In such a scenario is there any reason for them to keep having so many "Special Events" a year?

The entire reason they started doing monthly PPVs was to compete with WCW, and that was 20 years ago!

Why do they not adjust their business model to reflect the fact that once "real" Pay-Per-View is dead, there is no reason to have events every month?

Once "real" Pay-Per-View revenue has finally dried up to nothing, there's really no incentive to spend the money on producing them every month, is there? 


​Yeah, but TNA did that approach and look what happened to them.  They lost all focus in their storytelling and turned into a bunch of week-to-week TV that didn't lead anywhere.  It frequently happens with WWE as well if there's too long between shows — the writers spin their wheels for four weeks and then do two weeks of build once they realize that they HAVE to.  Look at how much better NXT has become now that things build to quarterly specials, for another example.  The booking needs a target, an endgame, something.  It's become the nature of the business now.  ​